D'y ever wonder why its ALWAYS this time of night when we start a new thread!!

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Still searching the shag pile for my Faliraki flip flops!!! grin

triplets Thu 31-May-12 23:20:50

ha ha...............two new threads on the gogrin I know why its always this time of night cos its usually down to me and thee as the young uns are in bedgrin

What??? shock have both of us started a new thread......awwwwwwwwwww grin

Awwwwww we only have grin - do you want to flip a coin Trips? Awww, Awww and thrice Awww xx

ChopstheScarletduck Fri 01-Jun-12 06:41:48

Looks around, <<anyone here?>>

<<detects faint whiff of lavender and wee>>

Aha! <<sinks into shagpile, and immediately falls asleep face down in the kedgeree>> I've just been painting the red cross on our door. Dt2's turn last night. Vomiting every half hour, over the carpet, his bed, dt1's bed. I am SO tired.

Morning girls xx

Oh Chops I hate the 'night time throwing up' its far, far worse than during the day. Hope things improve rapidly at your house.

When my alarm went off I told it to 'eff off' much to DK's amusement.....as he turned over and went back to sleep - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

triplets Fri 01-Jun-12 10:00:50

Morning...........poor you Chops really hope it clears up, I hate sick!! Off to see Mum, apparently she played up y/day, she is sooooo bored poor thing. Looking forward to abit of a lie in the next 10 days and no packed lunches!! Back later xx

Hiya Trips. xx

ChopstheDuck Fri 01-Jun-12 20:24:40

How'd it go trips?

Im hoping for a lie in tomo. Mine are all in bed now and I'm so glad it's Friday. Dt2 has been I'll on and off all day. His temp went rather high this afternoon and he was half asleep, giggling and twitching - strange boy! Seems fine now.

rubyrubyruby Fri 01-Jun-12 21:10:50

Yuck Chops! - just 'yuck'

Mine are all out at parties and I am sat here sober as I have to pick them all up. I am glad it's half term smile one of the advantages of me working now is appreciating the weekends and holidays.

triplets Sat 02-Jun-12 00:08:54

Just got to bed, checked my emails and have one from the head at school. Apparently James was very upset today as some boys threw water over him and were being horrible to him. She has had a word with them and hopefully it will stop. He was sitting his 2nd GCSE today too............poor James he is always the victim. Had an upsetting afternoon visiting my mum. She was very down, very tired and not at all herself, it has scared me. It breaks my heart to see her like it, just 4 weeks ago she was fine in herself. Today is the 2nd June and everyone is celebrating the Queens Jubilee................its the date I hate, Matthews "remember day" as Shabs calls it.Eighteen years ago my life changed forever............miss you my special boy, I miss you xxxxxxx

ChopstheDuck Sat 02-Jun-12 08:22:35

Aww trips {{{hugs}}}

How old would Matthew have been now? Wishing you a peaceful 'remember day' xx

I have a rather ominous stomach ache sad please don't let it be the d&v bug!

rubyrubyruby Sat 02-Jun-12 08:36:51

Thinking of you today Trips xxxxxxxxxxx

Morning girls xx

<<holds Trips close>> Thinking about you my dear friend xxxx

ChopstheDuck Sat 02-Jun-12 15:27:45

Someone pass the sick bucket, please! sadsad fecking kids. Was so looking fw to getting out of the house today.

triplets Sat 02-Jun-12 21:25:16

In my bed...............cannot keep my eyes open for long. Matthew would be 33 on the 9th July, I got angry at the cemetery this morning. Everything looked overgrown and neglected, I just sat there pulling out weeds and grass, my hands got all muddy and I was in a right mess. H just sat in the car and watched mesad it was sad. Mum was much brighter today so that has made me happy smile Gawd I am tired.................zzzzz zzz zz z

rubyrubyruby Sat 02-Jun-12 22:22:25

Night Trips xxxxxx

Hope you are better tomorrow Chops sad

Morning girls xx

Was thinking about you yesterday Trips xxxx

Lew woke at 5am - he had a sleepover!!

triplets Sun 03-Jun-12 07:32:52

Well done Lewgrin Woke up to gale force winds and rain, just love Sundays.....
Hope you are the last in the line for the bucket Chops, sicky bugs are horrid. Quiet day today, not going to see Mum, kids have no arrangements..........yet! Went to sleep early last night, was shattered, next thing James bursts in the room to show me pics on his ipod from the tattoo he had been at all day, he didn`t get back until gone 11pm. They always say there is no peace for the wickedgrin

Its freezing here Trips - central heating is back on!! Very windy and pouring down!!

I read your message too quickly and thought you said James had got a tattoo grin

triplets Sun 03-Jun-12 12:11:38

That will Rebecca`s first the way she is going!! Just lit the fire here.......miserable!

triplets Sun 03-Jun-12 22:36:03

So what you all up to then?

triplets Sun 03-Jun-12 22:36:57

<<Trips lures them in with cucumber sandwiches, coronation chicken, Victoria sponge and champers>>

triplets Mon 04-Jun-12 06:42:24

Bloody wind and rain...............grrrrrrrrrrrr

Morning smile

rubyrubyruby Mon 04-Jun-12 08:31:14

Morning smile

...... rain stopped here.

Morning girls xx

Rain stopped here - sun trying its best but it is so cold!!!

ChopstheDuck Mon 04-Jun-12 16:02:59

Been mostly dry here, think its the only day this week though. And we have thorpe park book as a treat for the older two on thursday, and archery on Friday. Will prob round this week off with colds!

The sickness bug was nasty, spent most of sat in bed, now starting to feel a bit more normal.

Morning girls xx

triplets Tue 05-Jun-12 23:33:20

Posted long message on her this morning and crap machine would not send it so I chucked it to the bottom of the bed...................now on Becca`s! Just watched the big concert we recorded last night, skipped through some bits but thought it was amazing.................how about the Robmeister Shabs? Gary Barlow did a brilliant job didn`t he? Who was that lovely young lad playing the guitar, looked about 15 and had the sweetest voice? Chucking it down here, great weather for the school hols isn`t it? Off to see Mum tomorrow, she thinks she is coming home..................she can`t and I dread telling hersad Night night xx

ChopstheDuck Wed 06-Jun-12 07:21:53

Morning girls

That was Ed Sheeran, Trips. I really like his music. Love Gary Barlow too, would take him over Robbie any day! grin

It's dry atm here, really hoping forecast changes for tomorrow. I really want to go see my parents at the weekend too, not seem them for 7 months. No point in driving all the way up there if it is going to be horrible weather though. Would like to make a day of it with the kids.

How long is your mum likely to stay there trips? Is it more of a long term thing now?

Morning girls xx

I am not a Barry Garlow (thats what we call him in our house) fan at all. Yes he did put on a great concert but <<shudder>> he is so smug. Robbie?? <<swoon, faint>> OMG I love him - think it is because he is a bad lad grin

We have had a few days of drama here. Dan & Em were having the room at our local golf club. They have a lady who does all the functions and she was going to do everything for them......food, dressing the room, DJ etc etc. Danny went to pay some money off the wedding reception to find that she has 'done a runner!!!' She is the only one who has all the contact details so the poor blokes who run the golf club are dreading every weekend. They have already had two wedding parties turn up to nothing!! Luckily Dan had given her a post dated cheque for half of the money and he has cancelled the cheque with the bank. We have a cricket club about 3 minutes walk from our house and we have managed to book his reception there - the 18th of August was the only date they had available. BUT now we have to dress the room, organise the DJ etc etc etc. Dan & Em are in a blind panic running around like headless chickens. My lovely best friend, Chelle, is doing the night time buffett for them. <<deep breathing, nice thoughts>> It WILL be alright on the night grin

.....and the mighty Lew is 4 on Friday grin

rubyrubyruby Wed 06-Jun-12 08:23:39

Oh Trips - it must be awful sad your poor Mum.

We didn't do much over the weekend so I need to be a bit more active with the kids this week. We are quite tied up with family stuff atm and the woofer was ill so we couldn't leave her for long or take her with us iyswim.

DCs seem to do there own thing now anyway. We have an exciting trip to the dentist planned today followed by hair cuts hmm

triplets Wed 06-Jun-12 09:02:31

Morning cloudy and grey...........bit like my head really confused

ChopstheDuck Wed 06-Jun-12 09:28:44

Barry garlow shock ... Smug? shock. <faints>

I've finally got the news I've been waiting for since Easter - ds1's DLA has been renewed [grn] phew! So today we're off car shopping, currently one contract expires in 5 weeks.

LOL @ Chops. Glad you got the DLA renewed - they have been very slow with the renewals this year - its so worrying when you are waiting xx

rubyrubyruby Wed 06-Jun-12 10:23:40

That's good news Chops.

X-posted with you earlier Shabs - it will all be alright and a good ole knees-up I bet! grin

grin yes it will Rubester....Dan & Em have a fantastic bunch of friends and at least we found a venue!!!

Em had a massive bridezilla moment ROFL....I dont blame her to be honest. They were so thrilled to have a wedding planner - they just didn't know (and I dont know how they could know) that she was going to 'do a runner.' If needs be I told them we could get loads of folk in our house - even though its a two up two down grin Then we could have ordered a takeaway for 120 people grin That did not help with the bridezilla moment but I did try!!!

ChopstheDuck Wed 06-Jun-12 17:35:46

We have ordered a galaxy! grin mm def not kidding about slow, been worrying so much about it, really couldn't afford to lose it.

Really hope they get it sorted, Shabs. They must have been furious. Is there a Costco up there for the food? Cheap and easy to get stuff in bulk.

Chops we only have 'cheap' shops up here hmm More pound stretchers and stuff like that than anything else!!!

I know it will all be brilliant in the end but it was so much easier for them when they had somebody who was supposed to do everything for them. No worries its not a crisis - just was a drama for a few hours grin

ChopstheDuck Wed 06-Jun-12 20:13:38

<<Looks at stupid poncy hat shops down ascot high street and packs bags for Bolton>>

triplets Wed 06-Jun-12 22:10:44

<<Trips finds hat in loft, stillettos and handbag to match, order taxi and writes note to buy confetti and lucky horseshoe>>

triplets Wed 06-Jun-12 22:16:21

Had horrible afternoon over at the home with mum, she had made the staff bring her trolley walker down as she was going homesad We have to await an assessment by her social worker who might be over to see her this week! I spoke to the physio team who have only been out to her once, they have also promised to go this week. No result from the swab taken over a week ago, I bravely unbandaged her leg to see what was going on and could have heaved, I won`t tell you its that bad. I just don`t know what to do for her, how can we just leave her with a rotting foot? She is very low in herself and its depressing me to see her. sad

rubyrubyruby Wed 06-Jun-12 22:16:43

I'd bloody love to go to a Wedding.
We have been invited to one but DH isnt keen sad

rubyrubyruby Wed 06-Jun-12 22:17:39

Sorry Trips - x posted x

ChopstheDuck Wed 06-Jun-12 23:14:40

Your poor mum, trips sad still, you are doing the best thing you can for her. Xx

We got invited to a wedding too, and an Indian wedding at that. I was getting all excited, and online sari shopping, but then the invite arrived and it was no kids! And on the last day of term, when dd finishes at 1.30, boys 2.15, so no chance. <<disappointed>>

triplets Wed 06-Jun-12 23:15:50

I have 10 saris in my cupboard, direct from India!

Oh Trips I am so very angry for you and your precious Mam. How can they do that? Thats beyond Victorian times. I wish with all my heart I was closer, in miles, to you. Me and thee have kept each other going for so many years but now I have no idea how I can be of any use to you or how I can show my love for you to help sort 'stuff' out. xxxxxxxx

ChopstheDuck Thu 07-Jun-12 07:24:06

Morning girls x

Wow trips, how come? Do you find problems with the length of them? I've got The punjabi suits but no saris, one day there will be a wedding I can actually go to, and I SHALL have a sari and go to the ball

rubyrubyruby Thu 07-Jun-12 08:08:05

That's a shame Chops - could you arrange childcare?

Our wedding invite is in The States and I really want to go! <<stamps feet>>

Trips - regarding your Mums care, sometimes you do need to get a bit pushy. I don't mean rude of course, but insist on some action and solutions. If you don't ask you mostly don't get. I have a funny memory of my dear Mum chasing a consultant along a long hospital corridor. He was so tall and was striding along with everyone moving from his path. My little Mum was weaving through the crowds and running but still wasnt gaining on him grin I should have gone but she just dumped her bags on me and ran when she spotted him!

ChopstheDuck Thu 07-Jun-12 09:11:33

Unfortunately not, no one around. We also have another invite to one in India which would be lovely but def can't afford to go to that. Whereabouts in the US is yours?

Agree about being quite demanding. I had to go to one of DH mums appointments to try to get some help for DH mum. His family are quite reserved. She has multiple sclerosis and was getting no help. She is very ill now, can't do anything for herself.

triplets Thu 07-Jun-12 09:30:09

Morning lovely ladies, Shabs ...........you are such a star xx
Just going to start making phone calls to se if I can get anywhere today, first port of call is Deal Hospital where I am hoping the vascular team who had her admitted to hospital 4 weeks ago will be able to advise. Just can`t sleep for endlessly thinking about her and what I can try to do.
Another dreary day here weather wise, kids in bed still, H in and out of the loo, thats something that doesn`t improve!
Shabs posting Lews card this morning hope it gets to you in time .xx

rubyrubyruby Thu 07-Jun-12 09:35:40

Chops - Boston

Trips - good idea to phone. Get names of everyone you speak to and follow up with email if poss. I always think people respond better when you ask for their name and you then know who to ask for when you call back to politely check on progress.

bubby64 Thu 07-Jun-12 13:12:27

Hi All, finally had time to get back on line, and found you all again.
Trips - Everyone is right about being pushy- just keep phoning them until they get fed up- my friend actually went and sat in her consultants clinic and kept pestering them when she was getting no answers, however- you may find that there is no real solution if she is not fit for surgery.
Chops - glad you are all over the puking, pity about the wedding, is there no way you can get someone to look after the kids?
Shabs- I'm sure it will be "alright on the night" but what a shock for Dan and Em, Our friends had something similar last year, but it was the venue which went bust, not someone doing a runner - suddenly all these expensive booked and paid for weddings had no venue, food, music, nothing!
Rubes - nice to see you.
News here - course was good, well worth going to, came home to a house that looked like a bomb had gone off, and a mile high washing pile - Jubilee weekend- street party sunday a complete washout- everyone got too cold and wet and went home about 2pm- but my cake came 2nd in competition!
DH pontiac still has not got engine back in- he is v pissed off with bloke supposed to be doing it, and taking his frustration out on me and kids, so we are avoiding him as much as possible at the moment. will miss another show Sunday, but forcast says heavy rain, so we wont miss much. Going away again on yet another course up on London next week, go up Wed night, back Friday night. Obviously my boss has a training budget she has got to spend very quickly, havent been anywhere for 2 yrs, now 2 in 3 weeks!!

triplets Thu 07-Jun-12 23:20:03

Hi Bubs..........what an exciting life you leadgrin
Well quite a day. Phoned to speak to the vascular nurse who was the one who had mum admitted into hospital exactly 4 weeks ago today. He is on holiday. Spoke to his secretary to find out if any appointments as promised had been made for mum to see him. No. Then I got a call from Social Services, mums care manager and I told her my huge concerns and what exactly had been going on. She immediately said Mum must come home, was very concerned to hear how her leg had deteriorated etc. Most of the equipment mum will need is already in place at home, but she suggested getting a hoist as well. She also is setting up a care package of two carers in three times a day. Then I went over to see Mum with my brother, found her in her bed, she had had a very bad night with pain in that foot. She said she rang and range the alarm and no one came for almost 2 hours. Eventualy one of the young male nurses came and called a nurse, mum said she told them to get a doctor as she couldn`t stand the pain. This was at 6am just turned, the doctor (the homes local one) turned up at 11am! He just looked at the foot and gave them a prescription for some stronger pain killers and some antibiotics. It would also appear the the swab result we have been awaiting on has gone astray.............so two new swabs were taken today. I left her at 6pm and the new prescription had not turned up. So, good and bad news, hopefully once the rest of the equipment comes we can get her home, back under our excellent district nurses. Its all so horrible.

Morning girls xx

Oh Trips I despise the way we treat our elderly people in this country. The care system is crap.

My Mam is just given these tablets and pushed out of the surgery. She is gradually, very gradually, forgetting 'stuff.' Its not good to witness. xxx

triplets Fri 08-Jun-12 08:33:10

Morning Shabs, morning girls...............yes it must be awful for you to watch Shabs, there is an old girl in the home with vascula dementia, so sad to listen to her, she was a GP. I almost dread what today is going to bring, everything seems to change from day to day. Off to Dover this morning with H who has an appt to get his belt fitted for the hernias, only waited 7 weeks for it, it was of course an urgent referral! Kids all got eye tests this pm, so another exciting day!!

Oh my word Trips - sounds like you are living the dream like me grin

I am up to my eyeballs sorting out royal blue chiffon to put on chair covers, balloons for the tables, seating plans etc etc etc.....wish they would just elope to Gretna Green ROFL.

Card just arrived Trips - will be seeing them later so will pass it on...many thanks grin

triplets Fri 08-Jun-12 17:42:48


Awww thanks Trips - he is a delicious little lad grin

bubby64 Fri 08-Jun-12 20:19:48

Shabbs - Wish Lew a very happy birthday from you cyber friends over in Suffolk, he will have no idea who we are, but best wishes and a bearare going his way Trips- Yes, v v exciting life herehmm, Friday is meant to be my day off, so at least its 12hhrs overtime- they wont give me anything towards the extra childcare needed tho! So sorry about what is happening to your mum sad you need to speak to the care home manager and put in an official complaint, they have to investigate and give a reply, if you are not happy with that reply, you can take it a step futher with the licencing Authority. I must admit, I have done agency work in quite a few care homes, and many leave a lot to be desired when it comes to basic nursing care, often because the pay is so poor, they havent got either enough staff, and the staff that are there are either young and inexperienced, or from abroad and have some language problems. I have already said if my mum finally goes into a home, I have a very long list of "she goes there over my dead body" places, but social services think it will be cheaper to have her stay at her own place with 24hr a day care than go into a specialist home anyway!shock !

triplets Fri 08-Jun-12 23:49:31

Hi Bubs...........I think really caring, well run homes are indeed few and far between. I am surrounded by them where I live, there are 5 within a 5 min walk, and all have their problems. Its a hard one as I think its going to be very hard on everyone to look after her at home, but......she is deteriorating where she is, both physically and mentally, in just over two weeks. My gut feeling is she should be in hospital for a few days in an intravenous drip of AB`s, I am terrified of this new infection getting a hold. The home want her to stay, say they can treat her, I have no confidence in them at all. I think we just need to get her home, get the DN in and let her decide whether this infection can be treated without going back into hospital. Todays other not so good news is about dh. He got a call from the Mac nurse today to say they had got the histology report on the tumour he had removed 3 weeks ago.The consultant removed 25% of his lung to make sure they had got it all this time. The histology shows that the tissue contains cancer cells right up to the margin, meaning that it is likely there are cells in the remaining lung. The team at Kings are going to look at all the results again, we go back to the onc in two weeks time for the outcome. It is likely he will be put back onto chemosad He is very upset and worried, I am trying to remain and keep him positive but we both were convinced that because they had removed such a large margin that nothing nasty was left behind. What next?? Kale Nits xx

sad Oh my dear friend...we need to talk. xxxx

Morning girls xx

triplets Sat 09-Jun-12 07:24:26

Morning Shabs............sun is shining and the ind has dropped, fancy a jog to the pier, followed by their mega breakfast?

triplets Sat 09-Jun-12 07:26:08

ind? See going doo lallygrin

Its so cold here Trips...cold, windy, pouring down and grey - totally fed up with it....I need sunshine!!

bubby64 Sat 09-Jun-12 11:54:50

Oh Trips sad what can I say.... my thoughts and prayers are with you at the moment.
aftergale force winds and storms overnight, it is overcast, cold and windy here - where is our summer!!!!!

rubyrubyruby Sat 09-Jun-12 15:48:53

Hope Lew had a lovely birthday smile

trips - so sorry you have so much sadness and uncertainty at the moment. I am thinking of you and you know we are all here to listen and help out wherever we can.

I went out to dinner with some lovely MNers last night. It was nice to get up to London and catch up. We should all do that.

PissedOffBubby Sat 09-Jun-12 17:43:43

I know it sounds trivial with all the thing happening to you all, but I have just has the mother of all fights with M. All I asked him to do was tidy his room and put his washing away! Ended up with me smacking him hard on the leg after he had 1)broken his bedroom doorhandle, 2) thrown a £1coin at me and it hit me in the eye, 3)hit his brother and I so hard he left bruises, 4) bit me, 5)took out all his clothes and threw them in a big heap down the bottom of the stairs!! Finally calmed down when he saw me filming him in full rant, and doing a comentry about how he was behaving, and threatened to send it to his class teacher. She thinks the sun shines out of his backside, and would never believe what he can get like unless she saw it for herself! Now drinking the only alchohol in the house (Baileys!) R is away doing his car where else, and I am left to cope whilst also trying to work yet again!

triplets Sat 09-Jun-12 22:55:13

Oh dear Bubby..........I don`t blame you, they are little sods these days. We all know they have far more than we ever did, most want for nothing, yet ask them to do something for you? No.I can never ever remember speaking to my parents the way these three speak to me, it all seems to boil down to respect I think. One of mine told their Dad 24 hours after he came out of hospital that he wished he didn`t have to have old parents!!! Well he has, and they gave him a life!! Went to see Mum this pm, she was very sleepy when we got there but perked up after a while. I took my hair tongs etc and did her hair for her which cheered her up. Dh is still very down about his news, he got a letter from the onc today asking him to go and see her next Thurssad Rebecca wore contact lens for the first time today, she looked stunning. Have agreed to 10 pairs a month for social days and glasses for school, just can`t afford more. The optician said anyway that at 14 she wouldn`t recommend her wearing them all the time. So thats it.............another day in paradisegrin

triplets Sat 09-Jun-12 22:55:44

Oh yes we should meet up Rubester!

rubyrubyruby Sat 09-Jun-12 23:09:50

Lovely of you to do your Mum hair Trips. I wear contacts - have the monthly disposables.

bubby - we have a rule on this thread that nothing's trivial if it upsets us. We all have our ups and downs and this is the place to offload. It's horrid when things 'kick off' and it affects the whole family - I hate it.

Just back from Chelles - relatively sober grin We raided her daughters bedroom and found fantastic bright pink weights...her daughter is 22 and almost 6ft tall with an amazing figure. Chelle put on, over her clothes, a new bra and pants set she got - bright pink with white polka dots on. I rolled my pants up to my knees and we did a keep fit class for my Tom and her Morgan! They DID NOT appreciate our efforts - in fact at one point I thought they may both vomit!!

Bubby Im so sorry you have had an awful day. Trips I feel your frustration with the kids....being an older mum is not all that these celebrities make it out to be. Its bloody hard work. I know being a mum of any age is very hard work but an older mum is also very, very frustrating.

<<whispers>> about 8 weeks to Dans wedding and to Greece!!!!!!!!!! OPA!!

triplets Sun 10-Jun-12 06:58:05

Morning all, last chance of a lie in before school starts and up with the squawking crows.............suppose you would like some breakfast?
<<Trips opens fridge, takes out kippers, cold spuds and baked beans, takes skips thru cook book to get inspiration>>

ChopstheDuck Sun 10-Jun-12 08:53:50

Ooh just gimme the kippers! <<produces a fresh loaf to butter to go with it>> I had a lovely day yesterday, went up to Norfolk for the day, to visit my parents. Took the kids down the pier to play on the arcade machines - they thought it was the best thing ever!

Sorry to hear you are having rough times, bubby, and trips. I do think the video thing was inspired, bubby!

I wear contacts just for social and when it's sunny (so can wear sunglasses) trips. I think ten pairs a month is plenty. smile

I'd LOVE a meet up. Never made it to the last multiples one, so much was going on back then.

Are you going to Greece this year Shabs? I missed that! Woohoo!

triplets Sun 10-Jun-12 09:09:35

<<Grills kippers with butter and lemon, sets alarm for others>>

Morning girls xx

Yep we are going home grin....beyond excited xxx

rubyrubyruby Sun 10-Jun-12 11:41:57

Shabs. Has Tomster got his shoes for the Wedding yet? If not what size is he?
I have just found a pair of smart black shoes DS2 wore to our wedding last year - never been on his feet since and now too small. I could send them.

That is so kind Rubester. Tom is a 6H fitting!!! He has square feet - like me grin I will check with Danny but I am almost sure that the suits are brown. I will get back to you later when I have talked to him. I appreciate the thought very much though smile

triplets Sun 10-Jun-12 17:56:18

And I`m a size 8 if you`ve got anymore floating aroundgrin

rubyrubyruby Sun 10-Jun-12 20:04:03


They are a 7 and similar to this but plain not perforated.

triplets Sun 10-Jun-12 22:09:45

Feeling fat, old and fed up.................

Oh Trips - come and help me find my bloody flip flops please....AND my knitted bikini xxx

Ruby I know they wont fit Tom sad he tried some on like this for school and he couldn't fit into them. He either has to have Clarks shock or a very round toed shoe.....I wish they would fit him they are lovely. Thank you for thinking about him xxxxx

triplets Sun 10-Jun-12 23:02:50

Aww thank you Shabs, just feeling abit sorry for myself, out of interest what size shoes are you, bet you have tiny feetsmile

Tiny??? Errrr I am like Tom - if I got a wide fitting shoe I would be a 4 BUT if not I am at least a 5!! Cant get my feet anywhere near all the lovely dainty summer shoes - especially the strappy ones!!!

Morning girls xx

triplets Mon 11-Jun-12 22:52:36

Evening all.............awful quiet on here. Anyone know how to mend the x key on here, it was stuck last night and I thought it would pull off and its errrrr broke and H will kill me.........
Just to add to all my mega problems I saw my mums next door neighbour in the town ths morning and she told me the horrible low life of neighbours on the other side of my mum had a huge bonfire in the middle of the night. She woke up coughing as the smoke and smell was coming into her window. When she went out into the garden this morning they have burnt down a whole fence panel of mums. My mum is terrified of them all, she spent £3000 in April and had her whole garden fenced in to give her some privacy. I phoned my brother who went straight round there and took photos before he knocked on their door. They had been burning God knows what in an oil drum 3ft from mums fence. They said sorry it had never happened before and they would replace it. I have reported it to the police and to the council, they were moved from their previous address because of their behaviour. My brothers went back round there this evening and they have put up a new panel, totally odd to all the 22 others!! What worries me more than anything is that my brother said mums sitting room was stinking from the smell, she has two air bricks in there.This is the room she has the new hospital bed in ready for her to come home, what if she had been there last night? I have to go to mums on Weds pm as the police are coming to take a statement, weust don`t need this sort of hassle! Night night girls x

Oh Trips thats utter crap!!! I have very noisy neighbours on one side - they are not bits of kids but I could easily choke them!!!

I dont know how to fix it but will ask Tom in the morning. I am almost sure you can get new ones on places like ebay and amazon. Will let you know as soon as I find out. xxx

Night sweetheart xx

ChopstheDuck Tue 12-Jun-12 06:12:28

Morning girls.

You are on a laptop aren't you trips? There is normally a hinge underneath which clips in, but they can be fiddly. Providing it hasn't snapped, it's just a case of clicking it back in. its easily done, especially on laptops. At least you don't need 'x' much - our one is missing an 'N'! grin

Your poor mum! Hopefully after having to fork out for a fence panel, they won't do it again! Are the council not helpful at all with dealing with them in general?

Morning girls xx

Ems music for 'walking down the aisle'

Sat here crying into my cornflakes smile Dan just let me know the music they are having for the wedding. When he was about 5 they asked them, at school, what job did they want to do when they were grown up. My lad answered 'I want to be a Daddy and a Husband.' Even when the teacher laughed and said 'No I mean a real job,' Danny repeated what his biggest dream was. <<sniff>> So looking forward to seeing them get married.

ChopstheDuck Tue 12-Jun-12 09:55:49

That's beautiful, shabs!

I can't wait to see the pics, you must post them all on FB.

Oh dont worry - think you will be sick to the back teeth of them grin

triplets Tue 12-Jun-12 22:48:40

Never..........haven`t been to a wedding for 9 years! I have the police coming here at 4pm tomorrow re my mums fence, that will have the neighbours talking! Kale Nits

rubyrubyruby Tue 12-Jun-12 23:03:22

I can't do your link Shabs.

I'm knackered, not sleeping well, early starts, full on day at work and a course tonight.

Day off tomorrow smile

Morning girls xx

rubyrubyruby Wed 13-Jun-12 17:17:53

I like that Shabs!

ChopstheDuck Wed 13-Jun-12 17:23:52

Ooh me too!

Lew has been helping me to look at dresses on t'internet, but Chelle found this one today!!!

Lew: No Andma, too young, too short, too long, 'orrible colour, are you going to shave your moustache for the wedding? etc etc etc

'Now thats very beautiful Andma, and fink you will look very lovely'

I love the colour xxx

what colour shoes and bag do you reckon girls? Have seen some beautiful shoes - believe the colour is called nude??? I am not one bit girly and need some help grin

ChopstheDuck Wed 13-Jun-12 17:38:32

Well, he has excellent taste - move over Gok Wan!

[scared face emoticon] Oh Chops dont encourage the little bugger LOL. He has a strong opinion on everything....even if he knows nowt about it!! LOL.

Trips - thank you for Lews card and birthday money....he loves money!! Told me today that he had 'taken' Mummy and Daddy to Toys R Us and got himself a Captain America shield and sword (I think it was a sword) AND a Captain American dressing up suit!!!! Em said he 'fleeced them' in the shop <<snigger>> hmm

...he was telling me about how he spent your birthday money Trips 'Andma you know my other Andma who lives a long way away (thats you my friend!!) she sent me some money and I bought allsorts of stuff and we got to the paying thing and Daddy said something about last time we are going shopping for my birthday!!!' grin

ChopstheDuck Wed 13-Jun-12 17:46:50

Aww, how sweet!

What kind of shoes? I'd go for maybe gold to match the embroidery. Def a tricky one though, the dress is quite ornate so def needs fairly plain accessories.

I am not great with heels prefer a wedge heel. I agree that both things have to be very plain and not clumpy in any way. I am off to have a nosy on t'internet again.

rubyrubyruby Wed 13-Jun-12 18:08:26

Have you tried a platform shoe before Shabs?

They give the appearance of being higher but are much easier to walk in, like wedges really. Definitely neutral and not clumpy or fussy.

Oh used to wear platform shoes all the time in the 70's grin never thought of them to be honest. Although they dont get married until about half 3 I wil have to be in the reception room - dressing it!!! hmm Am planning to go with Chelle. We will have to be there by about 8am. Got to make sure it is spotless before we even start dragging the tables and chairs around. Then down to mums to make sure they are all sorted, then back to mine to get ready. We wont actually sit down properly then till at least midnight......going to be a long day - so I need something thats really comfy - will probably leave some flat shoes somewhere in the reception room for later on in the night wink

ChopstheDuck Wed 13-Jun-12 19:51:39

The embroidery of that dress looks almost Indian in style to me, and would be worn with something quite strappy. Plain, strappy, platform, wedge would be perfect! Hidden platforms are great for height. Wot sort of size do you need, and do you need wider fit?

I actually have clown feet, so need either 9eee or 10! I actually bought a beautiful pair of shoes this week, but they are an 11 shock

I lurve shopping!

So what about the bag? What sort of thing do you like, clutch, shoulder?

ChopstheDuck Wed 13-Jun-12 19:54:25

this could even work!

ha ha ha ha I hate shopping grin I need a 5 but a wide fitting would help so that I am not lame by the end of the night LOL. We go away a 3 days afterwards so not enough time for blisters on heels to heal up!!! Was thinking maybe a small shoulder bag then I can use it again.

Ooooh I love those shoes. They are really the kind of thing I like....I might venture out into Bolton tomorrow for a nosy round <<shudder>> OMG I hate shopping so much. grin

ChopstheDuck Wed 13-Jun-12 20:01:06

Another gold one here tho this not wide

ChopstheDuck Wed 13-Jun-12 20:01:48

I do think the first thing could tie in nicely with that dress, with the whole spot theme going on.

ChopstheDuck Wed 13-Jun-12 20:02:07

First one

ChopstheDuck Wed 13-Jun-12 20:05:04

feminine but def not as comfy.

ChopstheDuck Wed 13-Jun-12 20:05:45

I shall have to google bags tomo, dh is moaning about me STILL on the iPad grin

Morning girls xx

Bubby64 Thu 14-Jun-12 12:20:42

Hi All, AWOL with no excuse except been too busy to sit at computer!! Trips - your poor mum! I had dog poo smeered over my car windscreen last week I'm sure by our horrid neighbour who thinks its our dogs pooing in his front garden, its not, and even if it was, I would always clean up, that why I carry baggies! I felt like bagging some up specially and posting it through his letterbox, but wouldn't dare!
Shabbs - like the outfit and colour- Chops is right, 1st set of shoes I think, and wonderful news about holidays!
Thanks for listening to my rant. Boys (and DH!) have been on best behaviour since, even came home Monday to find they had all got together, cleaned the kitchen, tidied and vacuumed the living room and hallway (including stairs) and put the rest of the washing away! I think my meltdown had some effect. Minfd you, everytime they look at me, they see the bruise over my left eye where the compact hithmm.
Bloody car STILL not ready, missed a show last weekend, going to miss one this weekend. so called "friend" helping has not turned up for 4 nights now, even though he promised he would, and we now find out its because he has dropped a nut down into the newly re-built engine, and was worried about getting it out. Once we knew that, I and DH got a magnet on a bendy wire, and just hoiked it out (phew!) DH rekons it will only take about 2 hrs work to finish now, but he hasn't the expertise to do the last few jobs on his own.
Off to the Smoke tonight and tomorrow for my next course, back tomorrow night.

triplets Thu 14-Jun-12 16:25:22

Hello and goodbye Bubs!
Appt this morning with the oncologist re H`s histology result. She didn`t seem too worried about it and has suggested routine blood test and ct scan mid July. If any problems then then things will be reviewed. Just need a break, appts galore for H, and boys have 2 weekends booked with ATC. Last minute hols are soooo difficult to find. I have posted in the travel bit but no one has come up with anything. I have found a few but they are way out of budget. Suggestions please on a p/c. Same old needs, fishing, nature, and a hot tubgrin

rubyrubyruby Fri 15-Jun-12 03:10:13

Glad DH and the boys rallied round Bubby, it sounds like you work so hard and obviously don't deserve any extra hassle. The occasional meltdown can work wonders I find!

So did the appointment with the oncologist go better than you expected Trips? It seems like there was some positive news in there. Hope your Mum is doing ok xxxxxx

Let us know when you have got and tried on the dress Shabs - we need progress updates!! smile

rubyrubyruby Fri 15-Jun-12 03:11:17

<<blows Chops a kiss>>

Morning girls xx

Another 3 whole hours of sleep hmm

triplets Fri 15-Jun-12 23:15:50

Evening girls............AIBU one of the boys just came home from ATC starving Told him there was plenty of food left from supper, just re heat it. Instead he has scoffed 4 rolo yogurts at a cost of £2............. I shall never have any money! Her am I sat in bed with nothing but a ramekin dish of cashews, Tesco value ones..................I never thought I`d see the day.........grin

triplets Sat 16-Jun-12 07:27:02

Morning girls......................ah woken up to another lovely day, grey sky and a chilly wind..................oh to be in England grin

Morning girls - freezing here Trips! xx

Bubby64 Sat 16-Jun-12 12:24:57

Trips- sounds a little more hopeful about you DH. Shabs, yes- have you tried the dress on?
Got back at 8.30 last night to find M in full meltdown mode again! This time DH was the target. He can just hold him in a bearhug until he gives in, Im not strong enough do that! J was also raiding fridge/freezer last night, told him to get himself cereal, found he had rated packet Doritos, whole packet of salami slices, choc mousse and a fab lolly, mostly bought for our picnic lunch Sunday. Now got to buy more, no, I'll never be rich either Trips sad Oh, and laptop got to go for repair again, so just got iPod to browse at the moment sadsad

Bubby64 Sat 16-Jun-12 12:26:57

<<<Rated?? i meant to say Eaten flipping auto correct again!

triplets Sat 16-Jun-12 16:37:33

Girls where can I get cheap waterproofs for the boys, need coat and trousers by next Frid.............and I am broke!

HarrogateMum Sat 16-Jun-12 16:57:45

Hello all! Trips - Ebay!

Shabs - did you receive the card?

I did HM and have forwarded it smile xx

triplets Sat 16-Jun-12 18:48:37

fed up...........big time.............bored out of my mind................

triplets Sat 16-Jun-12 23:58:13

and now very angry....ended up with 7 x`s 14yr olds here. Dwindled it down to 4 by 9pm. Then madam and her friend disappear. Phone rings at 9.30pm, they are in the park do they have to come back.................yes, NOW! 10pm no sign of them, phone............no reply. H now very very angry and bawling at me. 10.15pm they come back, then as if Alice can stay over. No its not fair to as at that time of night and Dad is very tired . Then told she has to as she told her Mum she was and Mum is out and won`t be back until very late. So z bed dragged out, then they ask whats for supper angry Its now midnight and they are carrying on in the room next door...........tiny house disturbs everyone. How do you cope with this age group, someone tell me please.......

Oh Trips I am so angry for you. I dont think our children will understand all this until they are parents themselves. Its hard being an older Mum....dont get me wrong Tom is, on the whole, quite well behaved...but he dosent have friends outside of school. That worries me a lot. At his age I had loads of friends. He seems happy in his own company. I hope your night has settled down a little - I cant sleep - again!!! xxx

Morning girls xx

Have had horrendous nightmares all night - the same one - I know I cant have had them all night BUT it feels like it. Woke up because of them about an hour after I went to bed. Finally have given up on the sleep idea!!!

ChopstheDuck Sun 17-Jun-12 20:33:04

Evening ladies!

Just checking in really, been so busy. Dd and ds1 are now BOTH in double figures! When a busy weekend though and rather odd, as they both had their own things on and their birthday whizzed by. They are def growing up!

Trips, you are being too nice! We don't do sleepovers, kids do not help themselves to food without asking, and do Not put me on the spot with uninvited guests. No doubt tho in two years time I will be screaming in the same situation!

I have a rather odd situation actually. Dd best friend seems to have a crush on dd, which is slightly getting out of hand. She seems to want rather more from the relationship than dd does! It's funny actually, cos I did say to dd, jokingly before that the girl seems a bit too keen, and then shortly after dd got some rather suggestive SMS. Dd doesn't know I read them, and I think is too embarrassed to tell me, and I really feel for her!

Bubby, hope comp is fixed soon, and the car! Hope the boys are still behaving.

Shabs, how is the planing going? Sorted shoes or bag yet?

<<blushes and blow rubes a kiss back>>

Hello HM, long time no see, you must drop in more often!

HarrogateMum Sun 17-Jun-12 21:30:14

Hi chops, I am ok, soooo busy but nice to be on here wih you ladies again!!! How is everyone tonight?

ChopstheDuck Sun 17-Jun-12 22:25:51

HM! <<hugs>>

rubyrubyruby Sun 17-Jun-12 22:50:23

Evening smile

I am soooo tired. I have taken on lots of extra work a) because its there and b) because I love it. Not sleeping too well either.

Lovely to see you HM x

Trips - sound like you need these thanks

rubyrubyruby Sun 17-Jun-12 22:51:15

Chops - that is a tricky one!

triplets Sun 17-Jun-12 23:28:34

Sniffs flowers and sighs at kindness.....................
3am they shut up, 3am!
We were up and out by 10am this morn, Fathers Day and not one child up. So we went to Sandwich, lovely hidden gardens with very nice tea room by the river and acted like adults.......................lovelysmile
Now totally knackered and dreading tomorrow, collect my mum from the home at 11am...............its going to be so hard.
Night night all............night night xx

Morning girls xx

Bubby64 Mon 18-Jun-12 12:32:49

Hi Chops - they are not supposed to raid for food, but J took permission to have one thing (cereal) as permission to have everything he wanted!
Hi HM - saw you had a win in competitions the other week- well done!
Trips- glad you had a bit of a break yesterday, your DD is taking the pee me thinks! Good luck with your mum today.
Shabs- sorry about nightmares- they can be horrid.
Ruby - nice to see you too- know what you mean about extra work tho.
Nice day out yesterday, went to an open day at local american airbase. amazingly, not too busy, and not at all expensive (£5 per adult, under 16s free). M & J behaved themselves and R forgot about the damm car for a few hours. At work today- supposed to be filing, but, as I am covering the whole week for colleagues holiday, I am sitting here on MN instead wink.
Oh, forgot to say, got flat tire Saturday, very nice young man stopped, who turned out to be the grandson of an old gent from the village I have helped out a couple of times. He changed tyre, looked at the bracket holding tire cage up, and saw it was broken, he took that and the tire away with him, fixed both, and bought them both back last night and re-fitted them to my car, wouldn't take anything for his good deeds! There are some very nice people out theresmile

ChopstheDuck Mon 18-Jun-12 14:47:33

aww, that's lovely bubby!

What did HM win?

I've not had much lately. Some tickets, hoping to go to the Good food show on friday, have VIP tickets which include champagne and food tokens! Had £100 cheque last month, which was handy to pay off some bills. Most of the other stuff has been rather less exciting - a bag of crisps! a towel, a book, leggings.

ChopstheDuck Mon 18-Jun-12 14:50:10

Oh, and I won a breast pump! It jsut turned up! I nopt quite sure what I was thinking when I entered that one hmmgrin

Bubby64 Mon 18-Jun-12 16:07:28

£100 waitrose vouchers, posting about dinner parties I belive, since we have not had a dinner party since the boys were small, there would be notheing I could contribute to that subject!!

ChopstheDuck Mon 18-Jun-12 16:19:42

Very nice! I must have missed that one. Not that I really do dinner parties neither!

triplets Mon 18-Jun-12 23:51:14

Evening girls..............one day I`ll come on here with good news, even to win a pkt of jelly babies would be nicesmile
So sad and fed up, collected Mum from the home at 12pm, she was sooo pleased to be back home. Tucked her up in her fav chair and she watched the birds in her garden, made her some decent food, veg from the allotment, byshe loved it.At 2pm the district nurse came out, I had phoned them early this morning asking for a visit as I was sooo worried about the smell from her leg. The home told me last week the second lot of swabs had come back all clear, they lost the first lot! I could smell infection, the most awful smell. Anyway it didn`t take the dn long to ask us to take her straight back into hospital which we did. So poor Mum, back in hospital by 5pm, the vascular team came and did some tests and by 6pm we were told that her condition had rapidly deteriorated. So they have kept her in, on a/b`s, and will review the infection. A by-pass is out of the question, the only real answer is amputation, but how far would they have to go? Its so terrible for her........

Oh Trips - I personally think that she cant be at home. Can you imagine how guilty you would feel trying to nurse her while, at the same time, not knowing what to do??? I know that I could not nurse my Mum through such a complicated medical problem. Its not fair on either you or your Mum to expect you to just manage. Totally not fair. I hope you dont take offence at what I have said - it was not meant that way. They need to use their extensive medical knowledge and help her properly. Oh my god I dread getting to a stage like this with my parents. <<sigh>> growing old is crap!!! xxxx

ChopstheDuck Tue 19-Jun-12 07:21:38

morning girls!

I agree with shabs, trips. I think your mum needs to sit in hospital, and you need to start insisting that something is done. sad

have either of you seen this post here Perhaps you could point them int he right direction? sad

triplets Tue 19-Jun-12 23:02:29

Too tired to type more but mum is coming home on Thurs. The surg team have said no form of surgery is possible. Everything we need is being put in plus 2 carers 4 x`s a day.Her foot must be kept uncovered all the time to enable it to dry up, then is will come off...........it smells so terrible . I am so bewildered by it all, seems such an unreal situation. She will be on a form of permanent bed rest, no pressure to be put on the foot at all. She was very upset this afternoon, very tired and fed up......she told the nurses that she (me) will have to come down everyday to look after her. She also unkindly said that I would be happier if she went in a home........
goodnight girls x

triplets Wed 20-Jun-12 06:38:57

Morning girls..........wonder what today will bringconfused x

Morning girls xx

Oh Trips - am searching around in my brain for the right words to say - and, I cannot find them. It all sounds barbaric. xxx

rubyrubyruby Wed 20-Jun-12 08:00:33

I'm so sorry Trips sad

You have enough on - you cannot care for your Mum every day. She must realise this but is probably scared and obviously upset. Carers have been put in place and I know from experience that if you make yourself available to do it they will take that facility away. Start as you mean to go on xx

Totally agree Rubester. When Gareth was in hospital I took Danny every day to see him. I would lie them next to each other in the cot. Bit by bit, without me noticing, the nurses (who were run off their feet) left me to it. Even though I had no idea about any of the machinery etc etc. I ended up getting no sleep whatsoever and nursed my seriously ill little lad. Dont get drawn in Trips. I think also that your Mum is scared. Dont let them 'teach you' how to do medical stuff because Rubester is right - they will, bit by bit, withdraw their care.

triplets Wed 20-Jun-12 22:40:40

What an awful day.......how diff she was from y/day. We got to the hosp at 2pm to find her in her bed with the sides up, she was very restless. She was in pain and said it had started last night in her foot, at 2am they gave her some morphine but it did little to help. We asked if they could give her something more and they said they had upped the morphine at 12pm. She was very distressed, they came back and gave her something else which had her asleep within 5 mins. Whilst she was asleep one of the vascular team came to speak to us. He said there was now no question of her going home until they had controlled the pain, at least Monday. He said she had multiple problems and that he had spoken to her and told her if they were unable to get on top of the pain for her then amputation of the whole leg would have to be a last resort. We asked did he think she would survive the surgery and his answer was she is very frail and is "hanging on like a thread" sad Got home at 6pm feeling sick and upset to a house full of selfish people who only wanted to know what time dinner was.sad

Oh sweetheart - there are no words I can say other than 'I love you with all my heart and wish I could change things for you and your Mum.' xxxx

Morning girls xx

ChopstheDuck Thu 21-Jun-12 07:13:02

Trips sad xxx I hope she is having a better day today. isn't there something else they can give rather than morphine if the morphine isn't working? Are they giving it via IV?

I'm rather stressed too. The whole thing with dd is getting totally out of hand. She is only 12 and has being trying to make secret plans to 'have sex' with her friend. Bloody Miley Cyrus has a lot to answer for! I don't know how to deal with it. Thankfully I had already said no to this girl coming around the house anyhow, for other reasons. I have no idea what dd thinks girls do get up to together, though she already seems to know far too much.

DH read text messages on dd's phone. She doesn't know we know yet, and I'm worried about confronting her, because then she will know I have been reading it, and will probably clam up and I will never be able to spy on her again will not know when she is in trouble another time, and it could be something even more serious.

Oh shite poo Chops....scary stuff!!! Tom was having massive problems at school with verbal bullying. I only found out because he left his facebook open and in I waltzed to read the messages that were on there. They were from boys who he didn't even know who were a couple of years older than him. Telling him all kinds of revolting stuff. I didn't know what to do.

Watched Supernanny on telly the same day and she had an amazing idea. I got an writing pad and wrote down how I felt and admitted that I had snooped in his FB but that I was glad I had done. Told him how much he meant to me...etc etc. That night, when he was going to bed, I told him I had left our diary message book in his room and, if he wanted to, he could write something.

It worked so well. He named names and told me what had been happening. We still use it sometimes when things are getting on top of him.

I dont know if that will work for you but I suppose it would be worth a try. I hope you soon get it sorted out - girls are so scary!! xxx

Oh yes - he decided to keep those messages on and they are still there some 2 years later. He is keeping them (in his words) for evidence that may have to be used at a later date....hmm he certainly is like me!!

ChopstheDuck Thu 21-Jun-12 10:20:37

Oh I can remember the marvellous FG suggesting a similar thing! When dd was struggling before, we wrote little notes to each other.

We've sat down and had a huge chat, and hopefully dd isn't going to do anything she isn't ready for. She is very confused atm.

I will send her a little note later. Thankfully she did open up when we chatted, and I've been able to try to advise her, and without me owning up to checking her phone! She didn't tell me all the details, but we were able to discuss what was upsetting her.

I'm going to have to send her a note later. She needs plenty of reassurance atm, and starting the notes again might keep her talking. smile

ChopstheDuck Thu 21-Jun-12 10:21:24

she is off school btw. It came to a bit of a head, she said she couldn't be bothered to go to school, and it was really clearly all getting too much for her.

sad horrible age to be. I remember that confused feeling. Tom kept getting called 'fat, gay boy' (and that is the most polite thing he was called. He kept saying to me 'do you think I am gay?' I just replied over and over again 'I dont care what you are I love you no matter what. I will support you whatever road you chose to go down. I only expect, from you, compassion for other people, to do your best in everything you do and to never knowingly hurt other people.' He said a few weeks ago...'I know Im not gay Mum but I am rather chunky grin'

ChopstheDuck Thu 21-Jun-12 10:54:58

It seems so much harder for them these days too, than what it ever was for us!

Poor dd is totally bewildered. She doesn't know if she is gay or not, and was so scared! She seems so much happier and relaxed for getting off her chest though. I think looking back she has been a bit quiet for the past couple of weeks, and it must have been bothering her. I dont think she is gay, jsut hormonal and confused. But I have reassured her that I love her, and it's ok for her to be whatever she wants to be and makes her happy.

Awww well done Chops. See we never knew the word 'gay' when we were that age. My only knowledge of anything like that was when my dad used to say that I couldn't like Cliff Richard because 'he is a Jessie!!' Im sorry but I just nearly wet myself at the word 'Jessie.' I am soooo mature hmm

ChopstheDuck Thu 21-Jun-12 11:41:16

maybe that's it - we didn't have to think about it so young, when all the hormones are kicking in and confusing them!

I really can't remember how I learned about it! Def not at 12 though. <sigh>

Bubby64 Thu 21-Jun-12 20:58:13

Trips - So sorry to hear about your mum, but please, please do not get drawn into caring for her. I did this with my mum, even to the extent of going there straight after work, and only seeing my family for a few minutes thos evening. It wasn't until I withdrew, and let the carers take over and do their job that I realised what a detrimental effect it had had on my family. I will not let this happen again.
Shabs/Chops - As you know, I have been having problems with my own pre-teens. I spoke to a psychologist friend about it, and she says, yes, they are getting these bursts of hormones flooding their systems, and they are not mature enough to cope with them. Oh, and Mike has been called a "fat gaybo" as well, he said he understands the fat bit, as he is overweight, but he has had a girlfriend, so how could they call him gay!
Had more problems with him again yesterday. James had been really horrid to him and winding him up, even giving him a split lip on Tuesday, and M didn't want to go to school with him . Anyway, they were sent off by the childminder to school, but M never arrived, the school phoned to ask if he was sick, and then, concerned, the CM set off from home and the school secretary set off from school to search the route looking for him. In the mean while, CMs 16yr old son called to say M had been hiding in CM's back garden. Upshot of it all was M was taken back to school, and we had a meeting in afternoon with teacher and headmaster to discuss the whole business, M was told how irrisponsible his behaviour was, and J was told about how his behaviour had effected his brother, and how he was to behave in a more "brotherly" manner and not like a little shit!
I hope that this will have the desired effect for a while at least hmm

Bubby64 Thu 21-Jun-12 21:02:30

Oh, and Pontiac is finally back on the road, so i will no longer be like a single parent most of the time. DH said why did I not cheer when he gave me the news, and I said it was because after all the problems, it all seemed like a bit of and anticlimax confused

ChopstheDuck Thu 21-Jun-12 21:43:18

Bubby, your boys so sound like my dts all grown up! Dt2 atagonises dt1 to hell. Glad the pont is sorted, hopefully that will be one less worry.

Dd has had boyfriends and is still confused, I think it is just a sign of the times!

Trips, where are you? How did today go?

Shabs, I luff u! Thank you for talking to me earlier! I'm so relieved, dd seems more her normal self, and a huge weight off he shoulders.

triplets Thu 21-Jun-12 22:41:49

I am here................just reading all your woes. Teens today are a totally diff ball game to what they used to be. Shabs and me have a good comparison wth our darling lost boys and gaps between kids. Matthew was never never like these three, far more considerate to us, not demanding, not rude..........oh how I miss him. Hope you all get things sorted, just remember that nothing stays the same. x
Mum was a lot better today, the sisiter said she had had a very good night, though we know they had dosed her up. She was asleep when we went in, looked very frail but when she woke up she was my Mum again and very funny at times. I have no idea how its going to go, she is very much up one day and down the next. Its exhausting.
Just spent the last hour packing the boys stuff for tomorrow, they are off to Somerset with the cadets for the w/end to a big air show.............weather permitting! So hope its not cancelled they will be so disappointed. So just the three of us until Sun night..................AND H and I have been invited for supper at a friends house 2 mins around the corner. We used to go out regularly to friends houses for supper, but since H has been ill its all stopped, so will be a nice change. Btw I had a sweet text from the mighty Frumpster a few weeks ago remembering Matthews special day, I was sooooooo pleased to hear from hersmile Time to hit the sack...............<<thud>> x

piximonplus5 Thu 21-Jun-12 23:00:21

sticks head round door. Hello girls, I'm drowning in coursework, but thought I'd drop by. Hello to the newbies and the oldies alike.

Chops I'm glad things are in the open, your dd must feel so relieved that she can talk to you. I've nabbed the idea of a notebook and have passed the idea on to someone else.

Trips your posts of teenage shenanigans fills me with dread, I suppose I can only keep on dying my greys and be thankful if I have any hair left by the time mine reach that stage.

Things are good in the pixi house, after 4.5 years of living here, dh finally has a local job (not in his preferred field but he can live with that for now). Means another period of adjustment for us, just as we'd gotten used to him being home full time, but so far, so good. smile

DS3 is gearing up for school in Sept. He cannot wait to join the others. I'm convinced the family is complete, but feeling slightly bereft at the thought of them all growing up and not being needed quite as much. Doesn't help that people around me keep having gorgeous babies grin.

Dts are going though a strange stage, they are not as close as before sad, at school dt1 is mainly interested in her female friends so dt2 has had to find solace elsewhere (mainly in the computers). Their teacher assures me that they seek each other out when they encounter something new but I miss the days when they were very obviously best friends. At home dt2 has teamed up with ds3 (to the extent that people assume they are twins) and if there is mischief to be had they'll be behind it. But on the whole they're growing and life is getting (dare I say it) easier. I'm contemplating the possibilities of work from Sept shock if anyone would have me hmm, for now I'm doing some voluntary work, to dip my toes in.

I really must try harder to keep up with the thread, only for some reason it doesn't work well on my android phone.

triplets Thu 21-Jun-12 23:42:50

smile smile smile Pixi how lovely to hear from you, been too long smile smile smile

Good to see you here Pixie.....do you mean Prince is going to school? grin Awwww not possible in any way!! Lew has his confirmation letter for school in September....AND, more importantly, his reading bag!!!! Will be amazing for him to start 'proper' school. Will be a welcome rest for me and DH...have looked after him every day since he was 10 months old.....and often one night at the weekend as well. He is a star...my firstborn and his wife (to be) made their very own firstborn!!!! Cant see there being anymore though grin

Morning girls xx

Bubby64 Fri 22-Jun-12 14:38:02

Hi all, Trips- glad your mumis a bit better today.
Shabs - Lew - ahh bless!
Chops- might pinch the notebook idea as well.
Better day here so far, taken Cleo to be spayed, amazingly, she behaved beautifully at vets, and all has gone well and she is ready to be collected. Boys are at school, no problems, and DH is taking Pont for MOT tomorrow.
Also, finally got all boys compulsory school uniform bits for high school, has cost just over £200, but at least it is done, Only trousers, shoes and trainers to get now, which I will leave to the summer hols.

triplets Fri 22-Jun-12 18:44:06

Oh girls.....didn`t go to the hosp today as my boys went off to Somerset. Just had call from my brother to say that Mum is now in a side room as she has MRSAsad

sad Trips what an awful situation for your Mum and you to be in. I feel sad, and angry all rolled together, for you xx

triplets Sat 23-Jun-12 05:45:38

Morning Shabs, morning girls. Can`t sleep for worry. Didn`t get in until gone midnight, was on here until gone 2am............a friend (Anna`s mum Shabs, Matthews friend)...........type his name and love that name.............seems so strong a name, yet they are not here.
I dread what today is going to bring, each day seems to bring more doubt over whether she will come homesad
Wonder how my boys are doing, bet they were tired last night, Thomas text me at 10.30pm to say they were just going past Stonehenge, they would have had at least another 2 hours after that to go, then they had to pitch their own tents. Reveille, wash. b/fast at 07.00hrs!! Still hope the weather is as nice as it is here this morn, big Air Show today. Sort of missing them....

rubyrubyruby Sat 23-Jun-12 09:22:21

I'm sorry about your Mum Trips sad
Keep posting, let it all out x

The boys will have a lovely time. My DS2 is camping too this weekend. DOfE.

Morning girls xx

Yes I do know what you mean about seeing their names - it feels lovely doesn't it?

Chelles daughter (she's nearly 23) is going to Kos tonight with her boyfriend. She has never flown before and never been abroad. She is beyond excited!!!

triplets Sat 23-Jun-12 22:56:17

Oh to be 23 and flying to a Greek island................

I am feeling beyond sad tonight.............I walked out of the hospital and just did not want to leave her. She is in a side room now because of the MRSA, she was awake when I went in, but not herself. We talked a little then she got very restless and was wanting to rub her awful foot. The nurse came and gave her a shot of morphine based painkiller, within 10 mins the was asleep, but she was frowning and would not leave her foot alone. When she came round she was hallucinating, it was so sad, so sad. They brought her her supper, a sandwich and a bowl of semolina, they said "try to eat something"...she couldn`t, not on her own. I got her to have 5/6 spoofuls of semolina and a few strawberry slices I had taken in. I feel sick, it seems all too quick, this time last week she was still in the home and was herself .I need to cry and I can`t, poor poor Mum. xx

triplets Sun 24-Jun-12 07:49:04

<<Trips rattles trolley, been negligent lately with catering.............special surprise..........homemade porridge, kedgeree (for the discerning diner) and fried egg butties............carafe of coffee and a pot of tea>>

Morning girls............peeing it down here big time, really fed up with seeing rain. Off to the hosp latersad

Morning girls xx

Freezing cold here Trips - cold and pouring down. Please give your Mum my love xxxx

triplets Sun 24-Jun-12 23:20:13

Thank you Shabs...............today was a turn around, if only for now. She was wide awake when we went in and was very snappy with everyone. She refused morphine twice, saying she could manage the pain she was feeling, said she hated the way the morphine made her feel. She had some of her lunch and has had much more fluids. The staff on today were not on the ball with her, not very helpful which doesn`t help. The sister herself when I asked how Mum had been said, "well all she does is lie there, makes no effort really to do anything for herself", I soon told her!! Must get some sleep, night night girls.x

Oh well done Trips - get the fuckers fools told!!!

ChopstheDuck Mon 25-Jun-12 07:59:48

Morning girls!

Had quite a nice weekend, did the family bike ride with two of the kids. It's ten miles, and DT2 came along for first time, and managed very well, although a pedal came off halfway round! Really not sure how he managed to do that.

Trips your mum sounds very up and down. Can't they offer her better painkillers? The morphine doesn't seem to be very good for her at all. I know what she means too, I hate the stuff, ended up just having paracetamol after my cesarean.

ChopstheDuck Mon 25-Jun-12 08:00:06

Lovely to see you, pixi!

Morning girls xx

triplets Mon 25-Jun-12 22:51:07

Evening all...............what a day! Spent 4 hours at my mums house this morn awaiting delivery from NHS loan service, also man coming with lifeline equipment From there went into town to do big shop as my cupboards look like Old Mother Hubbards! Got home, did big pile of ironing then went over to the hospital, its 15 miles away. Got there to be greeted by a very irate Mother who had had a visit from Social Services more or less telling her she will soon be coming home as everything now is in place for her! My brother turned up and we asked to meet with thej, he took us inro a side room and said that all they were waiting for was the nod from the vascular team she could come home. We pointed out that the team had not been to see her since Frid, and we felt as she was still in the Renal Unit (awaiting a bed in the Vascular Ward) that it was a case of "out of reach out of mind" He told my brother to go up to the vascular ward and kick up He did.......................big time when one of the team said someone had visited her every day, but it hadn`t been documented!! He said he knew that wasn`t true and that we want some answers, so its tomorrow morning they will speak to us...............somewhere between 9.30am-12pm!! Then came home at 6.30pm to the usual stressful chaos, my £80 worth of shopping had arrived and he couldn`t cope with grilling sausages and putting shopping away at the same time . He has had all day to himself, I have been running ragged and am truly exhausted. Tomorrow is another day.............confused xx

Morning girls xx

Hope that today is a better day for all of you Trips. xxx

triplets Tue 26-Jun-12 23:05:02

Hell my awd mucker.............today has been no better, in fact worse. We finally got to speak to the vascular team who have given us no hope of them being able to do something for her. So she will be sent home within the next few days and I am dreading it. The drugs to ease the pain send her off to sleep, but not a good sleep ifykwim. The carers will be in 4 x`s a day but not between 7pm -8am, that 13 hours left alone stuck in a bed.It is a huge worry, I dare not sugget me sleeping there, he can`t cope here now. Have no idea what to do, am completely shattered by the whole thing both mentally and physically. Just for punishment I am having a day off from mum tomorrow. Am going on a school trip with my tiny tigers, down to Dymchurch on the miniature railway! Night night xx

Morning girls - yet ANOTHER rainy day here!

Trips - can you imagine if your Mum had no children or anyone who could help look after her? It doesn't bear thinking about. The Government let our elderly people down - its disgraceful.

triplets Wed 27-Jun-12 22:29:50

Where is every one these days, course we know Shabs and me are always here together cos we were co-joined at birthgrin
Had a lovely sort of day off today from the hospital, went on a trip with my Tiny Tigers, was very hot and they were tired and mucky by the time we got them back to school! Walked in feeling happy and saw there was a message for me on the answer phone from the hospital. Apparently my mum had had an "episode" as they called it his morning. When the nurses went in to wake her they couldn`t, she was breathing ok but blotto They left her for a while then went back and she was the same. They called the doctors down to her and they couldn`t wake her, they did some tests and took blood and everything was normal. An hour later she came round herself, and like the last three days was completely disorientated and confused The doctors and Social workers have asked us to be there tomorrow at 1.30pm. What next? My poor brother had an awful shock today, he was going to see my mum when he finished work, he is a station manager at Dover. As he was finishing his shift a 60 yr old male passenger collapsed, Barry tried to resuscitate him but he died before the paramedics came, Barry said he kept thinking what it must have been like for my friends who tried to save Matthew that awful morningsad Well thats me for today, wish someone would pop in on here its getting lonely....................Kale Nits xx

Bubby64 Wed 27-Jun-12 22:30:16

Hi Trips - just caught up with what has been happening to your mum-disgraceful! I have a friend who is retiring from the NHS after 38yrs, and she has spent the last week doing full on risk assessments about things she has noticed amiss in her area, and it has stirred up a nest of hornets with her managers!! Your Boys will be having a fine time, don't you worry, they will come home, exhausted, filthy but happy.
Been lovely sunny days here since sunday night, the rain is passing us by, thank God. Boys had sports day Monday, and we have the school summer fete Saturday, so hope the weather holds, TBH, it is so humid here at the moment we are sitting with the back door and windows wide open to get a little air movement!! <<<ducks down behind the sofa in case Shabs throws something>>>

Its hotter than a sand dancers flip flop here in Lancashire...has been all day - combined with grey skies. I have a 'friendly' Mozzy (mosquito) that keeps flying past my eye line. Not half as impressive as a Greek Mozzy!!! I am waiting for it to bite me and then watch the bump grow!!!! I am (according to my Greek cypriot GP) very allergic to their bites. hmm If the little git comes much nearer I will bite it back!!

Trips - wonder what has happened with your Mum? How weird. Your brother sounds like he has had a horrible day as well. Are you totally sure there is nothing at all I can do to help...I know that many miles separate us but if there is anything you can think of I would gladly help xxxx

triplets Wed 27-Jun-12 23:24:39

That is so kind of you Shabs, will send DK up with a one way ticket grin

No probs Trips - your DK and my DK can keep each other company <<buys a one way ticket to Trips seaside abode>>

triplets Wed 27-Jun-12 23:35:03

Pick you up in Dover at 6.30pm wink

<<licks the end of her imaginary pencil>> <<makes a note of the time>> <<ties her spotty hankie to the end of a stick and sets off darn Sarf from Up t'North>> may get to 7pm Trips xxx

triplets Thu 28-Jun-12 06:27:11

less than 5 hours sleep...................I am going to be a wreck.
Morning girls smile

Morning girls xx

Morning girls xx You OK Trips? xx

rubyrubyruby Fri 29-Jun-12 21:57:00

<<crawls in>> I'm sooo tired.

Hows your Mum trips?
How was the dress Shabs?

Did I see Pixi?

Happy, happy, happy 28th birthday to my glorious Matty. Miss you more than words can say my dear boy.

Ruby I will private message you later on today.

Trips - sending my dearest love to you xxxxxxxxx

Morning girls xx

Thinking about you Trips xxx

<<waves to everybody through MORE rain>>

Morning girls xx

Morning girls xx

Thinking about you Trips xxx

Bubby64 Tue 03-Jul-12 23:16:38

Hi Shabs &Trips. You both have been in my prayers over the past week.Trips- how is your Mum this week? Did the boys have a good trip?
Ruby- you ok?

rubyrubyruby Tue 03-Jul-12 23:22:32

I'm ok thanks Bubby, you? I'm just manic with my job and not sleeping well at all. DS2's birthday today so that was lovely. Trying to book a holiday which is supposed to be pleasurable I believe hmm

Hope you are ok Trips - I'm thinking of you xxx

triplets Tue 03-Jul-12 23:29:52

Here I am..............my lovely Mum died at 12.40am this morning. My brothers and have not left her side since we were told she was dying last Thurs. It has been distressing as she has suffered alot of pain, I will never forget this last 5 days. Feel lost tonight. x

triplets Tue 03-Jul-12 23:31:48

xxx to you my dearest friend Shabs xxx

Oh my dear dear friend I am so very sad to hear about your Mum. I dread the day this happens to me, that sounds very selfish but I don't mean it to. I dont know how to help or what to say - other than I am very sad for you. Sending the most massive hugs across many miles. Always here for you, always xxxx

For you Trips

Oh Trips just a thought, she will have met up with your Dad again AND your Matthew. xxxxx

triplets Tue 03-Jul-12 23:48:28

I hope so Shabs, she was in so much pain, it can`t all be for nothing. Am in a daze, cannot believe this time last night I was stood holding her hand. Poor poor mum, I will love you forever. xxxx

I hope, with all my heart, that I do not offend or upset you when I say this (that would never be my intention) but if I was in as much pain as your Mum obviously has been I would not want to carry on. When my much loved FIL died I remember my DH saying 'I am going to miss him BUT its not my fault and I dont feel responsible.' He meant that losing his Dad was so much more natural than losing his sons. It didn't diminish his love for his Dad but he celebrated his Dads life. As I always say I dread the day this happens to me (very selfish!!) and I wish I was stood with you now to hold you and cry with you xxxx

rubyrubyruby Wed 04-Jul-12 08:14:39

My dear Trips - I am so sorry love x

You must feel physically exhausted and emotionally drained. It's so wonderful that you and your brothers showed such devotion until the end. She must have been an amazing woman and very proud of you - her work here was done.

Try to rest xxxxxxxx

ChopstheDuck Wed 04-Jul-12 09:46:34

Oh Trips, darling, I am so sorry to hear this. I've been lurking and checking in, waiting for news and thinking of you. I hope you get some rest now, and am thinking of you still xxx

triplets Wed 04-Jul-12 23:10:47

Hi........thank you girls, its been such an odd day............I have gone into auto pilot mode. Cleaning loos late last night, sweeping up the garden at 7am, worked worked all day. Have to keep my mind going, keep busy just like I did when Matthew died. I had a 90 min call today from Social Services who are starting their investigation into the care home on Frid. So terrible what they did to my mum.Still cannot believe she is gone. Night night. xx

Morning girls xx

Thinking about you Trips - all my family send their love xxxx

triplets Thu 05-Jul-12 09:18:57

Goodmorning Shabs..............feel so strange, its all unreal. Dreading seeing todays local paper. All I keep saying is "poor poor Mum". I had a 90 min phone call y/day from Mums care plan manager taking details of the so called nursing care Mum had in the home. She is going out there tomorrow to start an official investigation. Don`t need all this besides losing Mum and so much to think ofsad

ChopstheDuck Thu 05-Jul-12 09:28:20

Thinking of you trips xxx

Is there anything I can help you with Trips? Dont mind at all - maybe phone calls or emails to people? If you think of anything please let me know. OMG I wish so much I lived round the corner from you to help more. 'The miles are very frustrating.' xxxx

triplets Thu 05-Jul-12 23:07:31

Thank you Shabs, just nice seeing your message. Though what I wouldn`t give to have an apple juice and long chat with you. x
Thank you Chops, Bubs, Rubes, you are all such good good people who now feel like a family to me. x
A difficult and fraught day. Had to go back to the hospital this pm to collect the certificate, then back to the ward to give the girls a hamper of goodies for their support and kindness. We bumped straight into Mr Rix, mums consultant who spoke to us on Mon and said if he had been here he would have done things differently. Too late. Mums room was the first side room, someone else was in there, and all we could see was a foot........with gangrene. It made my heart turn over. Came back at 4pm and it was all hell here. Too long to explain but Thomas and Rebecca bot have been totally out of order, rude, slefish and in fact very unkind to me. I sat in my shed with Harry and we both could have cried with it all. Thank God for James. Tomorrow I have to go with my brother to register the death..............hate hate saying that. Then the funeral directors.........all unbearable. I just keep seeing her poor poor face lying in that bed and it breaks my heart for her. Could someone else do the trolley tonight? Night night. x

<<wheels trolley in, wipes away snotty tears>>

I have cider apple juice, ouzo, red and white wine, pickled onion monster munch, chip butties, onion barjees (sp???) chicken madras, rice, and big chunky home made chips (cause I is a posh bird!!) a massive dish of chocolate nuts, some tassels and.....<<small drum roll>> Nikos (the beautiful one) with a bunch of grapes, a small knife and the ability to peel them and feed them to Trips one at a time....<<wipes drool off the poppadums>> xxxx <<puts Zorba the Greek LP on the dansette and gets ready to snog dance with Nikos>>

triplets Thu 05-Jul-12 23:16:49

<<sprays under armpits in anticipation>>

<<shaves Trips legs - just in case>> My God Trips - you and the beautiful one would make very tall children together grin

Morning girls xx

ChopstheDuck Fri 06-Jul-12 07:35:46

Morning girls xx

We will have to meet up some time trips, I want to give you a big hug! Keep strong xx

triplets Fri 06-Jul-12 08:21:55

Morning girls. Yes Chops we will, that would be so nice. Pouring here today, out to the registry office and then funeral directors. I would rather my other brothers go but they are both working. Two of my three are being so awful atm, I can`t pretend its over Mum, there was no fondness on their side which is sadly the truth. They couldn`t have picked a worse time to be at their worst! I came back upstairs at 8am before they left, thought I would break down with stress. So just sat here, calming myself down. Wonderful trolley last night Shabs! x

So sorry two of the kids are playing up Trips. It makes it so very much harder. I was thinking the other day how hard it is to be an older Mum. I think its hard being a Mum at any age BUT sometimes I just want to scream. Teenagers seem so different to when we were that age. I would have got a slap from my Mam if I misbehaved - even when I was in my teens! Perhaps all this PC stuff about no smacking and try to reason is not always brilliant!

Its pouring here as well and cold. Feels like October - not July!!

I hope today goes OK Trips - there is so much to do isin't there? Walking by the side of you today, as always.

<<hides Trips tassels and any evidence from last night>>

ChopstheDuck Fri 06-Jul-12 09:09:28

Will they listen to anyone, trips? James even? Sit down and have a cuppa and take have a break before heading off.

It actually dry here! Doubt it will last though. I've been having fun and games with two of mine for the past week or so, too. DD is now in counselling and thankfully has split with the gf, but the whole thing has really blown up in her face. Kids can be so cruel. The counselling seems to be helping her though.

DT2 tried to throttle a child at school last week. My solution - to take him to jujitsu! grin I'm hoping it will give him an outlet and teach him some respect and self disciplin, though this could backfire very badly, we shall see, first lesson tonight!!

Morning girls xx

DH and Tom are off, with Dan & Lew, to have their fittings for wedding suits!! They are hiring them for the wedding day. As Lew said 'We are all having these suits Andma, Daddy says something about penguins and they are very lovely!!' The suits have tails on!! He has made an appointment at the tailors for 8.45am......you can tell which family has a small child in it just from the time of the appointment. I am now going to try and wake Tom up - NOT looking forward to this at all!

triplets Sat 07-Jul-12 22:08:59

Shabs.............thank you sooooooooo much, I cried tears of utter joy, such a lovely surprise...................your footsteps are never far away....xx

blush no problem sweetheart. xxxx

<<passes some chilli heatwave doritos to Trips>>

Tom went upstairs to watch tv in his bedroom. About 3 hours ago. It was very quiet. I went to check on him and he has fallen asleep.....the bottom half of his body in bed and the top half on his computer chair PMSL. As he is now taller than his dad (not hard DH is 5ft 4in) I cannot move him and am not even attempting to. grin

triplets Sat 07-Jul-12 22:35:21

Awwwww Shabs, you have no idea how uplifting it was smile
Woke up this morning with the most painful big toe on my right foot, its throbbing away. Makes me realise what terrible pain Mum was in sad
What date is the wedding again Shabs please?
How did the fittings go, love to have been a fly on the wall!

18th August is the 'big day' Trips!!! Em let me have a look at her wedding dress today. I was so pleased that she did - we have always got along well but I was suprised that she let me look. Its beyond beautiful and I couldn't fit even one of my boobs in it - its so tiny. DH said that Tom looked so grown up in his suit and Lew looks very cute. He has the same suit as the grown ups and the tailor said he has never measured a tinier waist than Lews!!! LOL

rubyrubyruby Sun 08-Jul-12 00:11:11

How exciting Shabs smile

Hope you are doing ok Trips and that your toe is a bit better. Sorry the DCs are playing up, stay strong x

Went to see 'the torch' today.

triplets Sun 08-Jul-12 05:30:58

Morning girls.............woken up by one soggy moggy! Someone left the kitchen door open..............grrrrrrrr.Its torrential out there, really fed up now hearing rain. We are desp for a holiday at some point but if the prediction is right, rain until Sept its not going to be worth it .Whats everyone doing this summer, I know what Shabs is up to, drooling and cavorting Shirley Valentine style wink......at least we live by the seaside. Oh no just remembered James is playing at the bandstand at 11am, its Royal Marine Family Day.............please stop raining. I am now wide eyed and legless, anyone for tennis?

triplets Sun 08-Jul-12 07:24:34

<<Trips loads up trolley, hot muffins stuffed with bacon dripping with butter, fried mushrooms, and pot of strong tea...............normal service has been reviewed>>

Morning girls xx

<<yawns, stretches, scratches and pumps very loudly>> xx

triplets Sun 08-Jul-12 23:04:29

<<Trips wafts in with Febreeze.........wafts out again>>

<<Shabs wanders in and sniffs everything>> Christ on a bike it smells right good in here.....

A LARGE DRUM ROLL......Ahem....Ladies - may I introduce to you my new Faliraki flip flops.......gaze at them and admire the wonder of the catalogue that is called 'Simply be'.....fashion for larger ladies dont you know grin

They sent me a shoe size thingeymebob. I found out that I am about a size 3 and three quarters but the widest fitting known to bleedin' man!!!! So for your delight and wonderment may I introduce you to my amazing pink and white striped flip flop bit at the front....FALARAKI FLIP FLOPS. I promise not to pee on them or put lavender on them to hide the stink of pee.

I cannot, however, promise not to pee directly into them whilst I am on my 'jollies'............<<elbows Cliff Richard off the double decker bus and sits in his seat singing>>

Morning girls xx

Trips - is it Matthews birthday today? I hope I have the day right. Wether I have, or not, just wanted to say I am thinking about him and you xxxxx

oooggs Mon 09-Jul-12 07:00:56

Morning ladies,

Trips I am so very sorry about your mum sad

triplets Mon 09-Jul-12 14:15:47

Awwwww Shabs yes it is his birthday, he is 33. We went to the cemetery this morning, seemed so strange to think that Mum will be there beside him on Mon. Everything feels sad atm.
On top of everything I have a very painful foot, I am so fed up with feet and their problems. Its the ball joint that is red and inflamed, very painful to walk on, not what I needed this week. Phoned the surgery 4/5 times and no-one will answer, its either arthritis or gout...............makes me feel oldsad

Happy Birthday Matthew - hope you are with my lads and making sure they are behaving!! You are missed every day sweetheart. xxxx

Trips - my two are buried next to my Grandma and Grandad - this made sound very odd but that brings me comfort. As if they are looking after them. xxx

triplets Mon 09-Jul-12 22:31:10

Thank you Shabs, their "special days" are sad days aren`t they? They used to be such happy ones, so so unfair and sad.
Spent an hour this pm with my brothers with the funeral directors, all so awful to dosad Poor Mum, this time last week I was with her for the last time, such a traumatic experience. Shabs I have to pm you. x

Message received and replied to Trips grin

I noticed that it was Nikos' birthday today and thought of your Matthew straight away. xxxx

triplets Mon 09-Jul-12 23:43:45

That is one of my all time fav`s, such meaningful words xx

triplets Tue 10-Jul-12 06:36:23

Morning girls.............its notraining and my toe is much better, a good start to the day!

Morning girls xx

Good and great Trips smile

DH has the window open in our room and I woke up cause I was freeeezing!!

triplets Tue 10-Jul-12 14:56:56

Toe sore again after a morning on my feet doing official stuff with my brother. Came home to find a water feature outside my shed, a present from dh (k) for me and my Mum..................sob x

Awww Trips <<sniff>> that was a lovely thing to do for you and your Mum xxxx

triplets Tue 10-Jul-12 23:28:48

Back to normal tomorrow, going up to school and looking forward to it. Night night girls x

Night Trips. 'Normal' is a good thing when you have lost someone you love/loved. xxx I hope you have a good day xxx

Morning girls xx Been wide awake since 5am - its going to be a long day x

Bubby64 Wed 11-Jul-12 14:10:49

Trips - have private messaged you- sad
I don't know what to say-go away for a week and come back to such bad news.

Bubby64 Wed 11-Jul-12 14:24:54

Well, we got to the Americana International Show, Richard finally got the car running on Tuesday and we went on Thursday, came back Monday night.
Rained on and off all weekend, but we had a good time, danced the night away on Saturday and Sunday. Boys on the whole fairly well behaved, athough M had a hiccup on Sunday night when he had an argument with DH over the something silly, and he walked off, into the dark and we didn't know where he had gone! DH and I had to go off and look for him which took us over 1/2hr on a very large, very busy showground. He scared us silly, and i hope he now understands how dangerous it was!

Bubby64 Wed 11-Jul-12 21:39:21

Me again! Boys got their SATs result today, very please with them grin, M got a 5B in maths(84%)shock, 5C in Literacy and 4A in written work. J got a 5C math, shockshock, 4A in Literacy, and 4B in written work.

ChopstheDuck Wed 11-Jul-12 21:42:33

Wow well done bubby boys!

Hello, trips and Shabs, been checking in daily but nowt much to post! Xx

rubyrubyruby Wed 11-Jul-12 22:03:39

Yes, well done to the BubbyBoys!

Hope you are ok Trips xxxxxx

Sorry I'm not posting much, so busy here, but I have my last day of work tomorrow. I also have now managed to book a holiday which was worrying me and taking up too much time.

triplets Wed 11-Jul-12 22:13:03

Hi...........feel a wimp thinking about the pain my lovely Mum was in, but my right foot is killing me. Managed to get a gp appt this pm, she thinks it is gout! Makes me feel so old............The ball of my foot is incredibley sore and I am getting reffered pain along my toes, its worse tonight than ever. Please let it be better in the morning as I need to go to Canterbury to find something to wear for Mon. We are having one hell of a thunder storm atm, lashing it down.............only 8 weeks to Sept and we are back to Autumn! Need some inspiration for readings on Mon, just can`t get my head around it, its all unreal. My brothers seem to be leaving that side of things to me! Oh my foot, just melted a bag of peas on it, will try anything.....

triplets Wed 11-Jul-12 22:14:30

Hello and welcome back Bubs, got your pm....thank you x
What clever boys, you should be very proud of them x

rubyrubyruby Wed 11-Jul-12 22:20:13

Sorry your foot is playing up Trips - last thing you need right now.
Hope you find something to wear, do you need something new? Is there something you have already that your Mum liked you in?

triplets Wed 11-Jul-12 22:28:11

Hi I have nothing, don`t have dressy stuff as I have got into jeans mode for years now, forever in trousers. Did think of looking for a dress but am now worried about shoes on this sore foot! What next?

'The Dash'

I know this is not a reading but it's a poem that Mars first put on here a few years ago xxx

triplets Wed 11-Jul-12 22:50:10

Hiya Shabs, I remember that, what a long time ago............

triplets Thu 12-Jul-12 05:55:32

Morning girls...........woken up to sun and sweet bird call, peace in my world for a while .....till the kids get up!

Morning girls xx

Morning Trips - its sunny here as well, but really cold...hope it soon warms up xxx

triplets Thu 12-Jul-12 20:00:57

Just typed up my eulogy for Mum sad

triplets Thu 12-Jul-12 20:05:18

Chops thank you for your lovely card xx

triplets Thu 12-Jul-12 22:23:04

Toe sore.............heart aching..........comfort food by my side.........a bowl of cashew nutssmile

Saturday is my Dads 80th birthday. My nephew and his wife are having a birthday party for him at their house......we are all going!!! They told my Mum but she has forgotten grin I know that is not funny but the way we are treating her 'illness' is to laugh at it!! My Danny and Nathan are going to go late tomorrow night and 'decorate' the front of my parents house!!!! Mum and Dad live on the main Manchester to Bolton road so it is always busy. I will wet my pants laughing if my parents ring the police to say they have intruders grin Danny & Nathan have made a massive banner that says my dads full name and then 80 today underneath. They are going to attach it to the fencing around the roundabout in our town...the roundabout has an enormous amount of traffic on it - the roads that lead off it go to Bolton, Manchester and Manchester airport. My Dad is a very, very shy man - not sure how he will take all the attention - hope he loves it. xxx

rubyrubyruby Thu 12-Jul-12 23:07:24

That's lovely Shabs smile I bet he will love it.

I finished work for the summer today grin

rubyrubyruby Thu 12-Jul-12 23:16:20

I thought of you today Shabs - I bought some new flip-flops!

LOL!!! Lew is going mad at me about the party!!!

Lew: Andma dont you dare talk to them other two kids at that party....you know that Grace and Elliot...you are my Andma not theirs!!

Me: I know love I am their Great Aunt!!

Lew: Oh no you are not you are my Great Andma.....IF you talk to them I will strop!!

Me: so whats new?

Lew: You are very cheeky Andma....My Mummy says I am a jealous pants AND I dont want Mummy & Daddy to have any more children cause I am ALL they need!!!

grin grin

ChopstheDuck Fri 13-Jul-12 05:43:34

morning girls.

yw trips smile Been thinking about you lots, hope your foot is better soon sad

Lew sounds soo cute! Do u think he will ever get a little brother or sister? I reckon he would be be brilliant with them if it did actually happen.

Not sure if I said, but dd is now in counselling and seems a lot more relaxed. I still want to really thump the other girl though angry She basically blabbed to the whole school, and made dd look like the nasty one. The counselling seems to be giving dd the strength to deal with it though, and thank god there is only one week left of school.

Had enuff of school full stop really, dt2 has been playing up a lot apparently, and is 'crying out for attention'. Well he doesn't do it at home! I really don't think the teacher this year has worked out for him, and hoping next year, plus new school will be better. Meeting with them next week anyhow to discuss.

But, on the good side, I'm on a bit of a roll atm, so taking three of the kids to see Jessie J tonight, which they are very excited about, then going to the Batman Premiere next weds, plus got a nice cheque which has covered childcare and the rabbits vaccinations! I can't wait for the Batman premiere, actually going out with dh, and get to ogle Christian Bale and Liam Neeson!

Morning girls xx

I think the only way that Lew will get a brother or sister will be if contraception fails!!! Em is still trying to get over the birth - it was traumatic for her. She is also terrified of getting PND again. She said she cant remember the first 6 months after Lew was born. Do think that if none of that had happened there would be at least 2 children now.

ChopstheDuck Fri 13-Jul-12 07:24:43

aww poor Em. At least Lew's position is secure then!

rubyrubyruby Fri 13-Jul-12 08:32:03

ooooooo Chops, Jessie J - get you! grin glad things are sorted with DD and hope she is ok.

I am not here, I am frantically cleaning <<bleurgh>> I had let things slip a bit domestically because I knew I had all next week before the DCs finished. Got an email yesterday from a friend asking to stay the weekend. I am in a mad panic now!

........ still going out with some friends tonight though smile

Bubby64 Fri 13-Jul-12 11:37:20

Hi All - Shabs - Lew-speak make me laugh!!
Trips - have they put you on any gout meds, ??Allopurinol, it works fairly quickly but you can get another attack as it starts working as the crystals are being broken down and attaching themselves inside the joint again, so be prepared. You can have Non Steroidal Anti Inflamatory (NASIDs) painkillers (ibuprofen, naproxen etc) to help. You can still wear trousers to the funeral, you don't have to wear a skirt/dress.
Chops - you lucky thing!! My two would LOVE to see that film! Glad your daughter is managing better.
Ruby- can you come and clean here please-my house looks like a tip, and I just cannot be bothered at the moment! Have a good holiday.
My News - the boys are on their trial day at High School today, M was excited, but J looked sooooo nevous when sitting on the bus! (I went down after them and peeped around the corner, as M said "don't embarrase us by waiting at the bus, Mum!).
I went to see my consultant about my ankle yesterday, I shattered it 5 yrs ago in an accident, and have had trouble ever since, but lately been having problems with my knees and hip due to it. He has said I have to have it permenantly fixated into position (foot in an L shape!) sad. It means I will be classesd as permenantly disabled, but it hopefully will stop the pain and deterioration in other joints. I have been trying to avoid this outcome for the past 2 yrs, but no longer have a choice but to have it donesadsad.
Won't be able to get my wellies or good boots on next winter, as I wont be able to flex my foot and point my toes down, so dont know what to do about that!!!

ChopstheDuck Fri 13-Jul-12 13:06:24

Oh no bubby! We shall have to have a think about what will work for you. First thought is Ugg Cardys, they would work! Timberland do roll top boots which I have for the school run - great for wet weather. Things like this are rather nice too.

Everyone goes to the bus stop on the first day, too! I can remember dd telling me though about one girl whose mum is very overprotective and is still waiting and waving madly to her not so little girl every day! The poor girl must be mortified. (No sn neither, the girl is very bright!)

triplets Fri 13-Jul-12 19:06:56

Hi ladies, sat here to rest my foot wink waiting for dk to get hisarse backside down here as I am waiting to eat. My brother arrives from Durham tomorrow so got to go to Mums to tidy as he wants to stay there, really dreading going. All feels so unreal, can`t get my head around it, no doubt it will hit me like a brick next week. Looking forward to the kids breaking up purely to have a lie in! xx

triplets Fri 13-Jul-12 21:52:13

The rot is setting in, feeling snappy with everyone and am soooooo bored staying night after night after night. Every nights the same, boring tv, I am coming to bed earlier and earlier, please tell me there is more to life than this? Just so fed up atm, and to top it all dk got a whacking tax bill today!!

triplets Sat 14-Jul-12 04:01:59

and now I can`t sleep, my head is full of everything and I miss my Mum sad

triplets Sat 14-Jul-12 04:38:15

Is it too early for the b/fast trolley..............I need something to do.........<<Trips whips up batter for pancakes to show her range of culinary skills>>

Morning girls xx

<<waits in anticipation, knife and fork in hand, for pancakes>>

ChopstheDuck Sat 14-Jul-12 09:32:54

Brings the syrup, blueberries a d whipped cream, and waits not very patiently.

I am knackered, I ache all over - getting too old for all this partying!

rubyrubyruby Sat 14-Jul-12 15:51:43

I am slightly jaded today too.

Sorry you are missing your Mum Trips x did you find something to wear for Monday?

Bubby - your foot/boot dilemma is tricky. Will it permanently have to be in the 'L'?

triplets Sat 14-Jul-12 23:41:12

Still awake awaiting ds to come home, he has been playing in the ATC band today at a concert at Leeds Castle, not due home until midnight, then he`s out again at 11am to play at our local bandstand with the Royal Marines. My other ds is out at 8.15am to a Battle of Britain fly past with the ATC. Dd is on a sleep over and I have had the whole family here tonight, 11 of us for a take away, it was a nice get together before Mon. And I wish I hadn`t drunk so much wine and I wish my foot would stop hurting...................night night x

rubyrubyruby Sat 14-Jul-12 23:45:19

Night night Trips xxxxx

Morning girls xx

Bubby64 Sun 15-Jul-12 22:20:10

Hi. Trips - glad you had a bit of relaxation time with the family, even though it was due to such a sad occasion. Hope your( and my!) foot stops hurting soon
Chops - thanks for the suggestions, I will take a look.
Ruby- yes, it will be a permenant fixation sad

rubyrubyruby Sun 15-Jul-12 22:25:34

<<wheels out the trolley>> choccy nuts and a night cap for all.

I hope you sleep well tonight Trips, I will be thinking of you and your lovely family tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxx

triplets Sun 15-Jul-12 22:54:21

Aw than you Rubester, choccy nuts went down a treat. I am absolutley worn out, couldn`t even face a glass of vino with my supper..........went to the bandstand this aternoon, felt a very proud Mum watching James up thereplaying to a crowd of over 9000 people! Very moving concert, the Marines mean alot to the people of Deal esp after the IRA bombng in 89. They were playing as a hurricane and a spitfire did a flypast................lovely. Now got my 9 yr old niece her for a s/over and big day tomorrow. I hope I do her proud..................night night my lovely Mum, miss you....xx

rubyrubyruby Sun 15-Jul-12 23:10:15

Night xxx

Night girls....night Trips. You will always do your Mum proud. I will be walking by your side tomorrow....if you feel you 'cant do it' just look to your side and think 'Oh shite poo Shabs is here I better get my smile pinned on and get on with this.'

Night Night Trips Mum - I know you will be heading straight for your darling grandson - will you give my two boys a kiss from me please? Thank you xxxx

triplets Mon 16-Jul-12 07:31:26

Morning girls, awake on and off since 5am, mainly due to a headache!! On a plus note my foot is alot better! At 5am there was a red sky and no rain, now its raining, please let it stop between 12-1pm. All very unreal. Thank you Shabs, thank you everyone for all "being" with mme through all of this. Love you all. xx

rubyrubyruby Mon 16-Jul-12 08:34:52

You are in my thoughts all day today Trips - Your Mum will be so proud.

There will be a candle lit at Rubester Towers between 12 and 1 xxxxx

Good idea Rubester - will be lighting one here for your Mum Trips - will let Lew help me xxx

Bubby64 Mon 16-Jul-12 11:25:32

All my love and prayers for you and your family today Trips. Can't light actual candle, as it will send work fire alarm off, but will crack a "glostick" instead, and take a few minutes in silence for you all. xxxx

ChopstheDuck Mon 16-Jul-12 11:58:19

Thinking of you, trips, have lit a candle xxx

triplets Mon 16-Jul-12 23:02:31

xx to you all xx
The day is over.........it was a very sweet service, so lovely to see so many people there for my Mum. I shall miss her forever and hope that I should be half as brave and as good a Mum as she was........love you Mum xx

You have been on my mind all day Trips. At the risk of sounding like my Nan - Im glad everything went well'. You are/will always be a great Mum - I know your Mum will always be proud of you xxx

Morning girls xx

triplets Tue 17-Jul-12 15:09:37

afternoon ladies............feel as though I should be doing something, its been so hectic and stressful the last few months I can`t believe that I can`t do anything for Mum anymore .Thats what it was like when Matthew died.Of course I could do the ironing, weeding, clean the bathroon, cooker, boys bedroom, my bedroom, prepare dinner.........etc etc etc.............hmm

rubyrubyruby Tue 17-Jul-12 15:59:32

I tell you what you can do Trips

You can head over to this thread and add your name.

and then we can bully the others into doing the same

triplets Tue 17-Jul-12 16:19:33

smile YAYsmile I`d love to, just what I need, just let me know when and wheresmile

ChopstheDuck Tue 17-Jul-12 17:05:03

Ooh a meetup, and in London! I can get to London verrry easily, and I should be free end of sept, hmmm!

I've never been to a meet up though, always chickened out!

ChopstheDuck Tue 17-Jul-12 17:08:28

this tends to be me!!

triplets Tue 17-Jul-12 23:25:38

<<Trips dawdles in, pinny on, match sticks in eyes, yawnsssssssssss...........lays out trolley, semolina, tinned peaches, and Birds Dream Topping..............what a spread.....>>

<<ignores the semolina but scoffs everything else>>


Morning girls xx

triplets Wed 18-Jul-12 22:29:40

Shhhh, its very quiet on here............I am very sad and tired and have to be up at 6am................................night all x

sad awww Trips - Im sorry you are sad and tired....sad and tired are a horrible combination. Thinking about you love xxx

ChopstheDuck Wed 18-Jul-12 23:43:07

Aww trips. Hope you are getting some sleep now.

I'm on the train, on my way home from the batman premiere in Leicester square, was fun!

Morning girls xx

triplets Thu 19-Jul-12 08:37:42

Morning girls hope you are watching the Olympic torch just left Deal pier in the sun!! Going out this morning for a change of scene, kids finish at 12.30pm for 7 weeks! Went to phone my Mum this morning, then rememberedsad

Bubby64 Thu 19-Jul-12 13:34:34

Afternoon Girls- depends on finances as to whether i go to the meet, bit dicey at the moment so can't justify the exepence, but things can changewink.
Trips - Hope you are feeling a bit better now, mine break up tomorrow - their last day as primary school kids, I am going to the goodbye assembly and I know I'll bawl my eyes out!
They had their trial day at High School last week, and are really looking forward to going, and I must admit, I was very impressed at the parent info meeting on Monday evening, as was DH, and it takes a lot to impress him!!

triplets Thu 19-Jul-12 15:10:39

angry[ angry] grrrrrrrrrrrr just had phone call from Thomas`s science teacher, he should have stayed behind to finish his b-tec, if I can find him he`s got until 4pm to get to school otherwise he doesn`t get his qualification and its a years work wasted angry] angry

Bubby64 Thu 19-Jul-12 16:10:57

Did he make it Trips?????

triplets Thu 19-Jul-12 16:22:47

Just got back................phew, he got a pass! I have just simmered down!

rubyrubyruby Thu 19-Jul-12 16:43:50

Great smile

Morning girls <<yawns and scratches her bum>>

Tom finally finishes year 10 today. Has been a very long haul.

Glad your Tom got sorted yesterday Trips - kids <<tut>> who would have 'em?

triplets Fri 20-Jul-12 06:32:09

<<Trips wheels in trolley.........asst cereals, muffins, kippers and scrambled egg, freshly squeezed orange juice and a pot of tea......wafts the smell up country to wake the lazy sods up>>

First day of the long holidays and awake at 5.45am.....

triplets Fri 20-Jul-12 06:32:40

Ha ha so you smelt the b/fastsmile

rubyrubyruby Fri 20-Jul-12 08:53:25

I have PM'd you Trips.

Mine all finish at lunch time today. We go away on holiday next week and I have no idea what we are going to wear! Desperately need to go shopping. I bought my 'essentials' yesterday of sunhat, cossie and cover-up but that's it.
<<panic>> at least we have a washing machine where we are staying smile

ChopstheDuck Fri 20-Jul-12 10:15:36

<<grabs a muffin in between doing three loads laundry, packing dd and ds1 for camp, taking rabbits for vaccinations, packing for ebay, going to the post office, collecting kids at bloody midday, cooking dinner and collapsing from exhaustion!>>

Don't u jsut LOVE the last day of term! grin

ChopstheDuck Fri 20-Jul-12 10:16:25

<<contemplates sticking washing machine on roof of car for holiday!>>

I am sat here thinking.........

Thanks to the bloody wedding planner doing a runner my son has now given me the task of dressing the enormous room AND providing a buffet for about 120 people at the night time reception...........seems he thinks I would do a brilliant job because I used to do this when we managed the pub in Middlesex. At the time I thought...yes, course I can, would be honoured to - then I think I must have sobered up or something. Have counted all the tables in the room and the chairs and done a seating plan...........now Im sat here thinking 'OMG...just OMG' I also have Lew & Tom at home until 4th September. Em will be working overtime every day because they are short staffed. I also have to get ready for hols and help my Mum sort an outfit for the wedding etc etc etc etc etc....I have to learn to say NO at some point - but I cant. Roll on the 22nd August - they can all bugger off the minute that plane takes off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<<rocks and sobs in a corner>>

rubyrubyruby Fri 20-Jul-12 11:40:11

Ok Shabs - let's think about this.

Is this just for evening guests?
Will another meal have been provided earlier or is this 'the meal'?
Is it all at the one venue or are you moving daytime - evening?

Its just one venue Rubes - a local bloke is catering for the meal earlier in the day. I am very lucky that Chelle and Linda are going to do the buffet for me at the night time. Dans friend has a cash and carry card so we are going to go and buy large joint of beef, massive piece of gammon and I think a turkey crown, plus the other food in bulk to cut the cost. The room dressing??? Am going to rope in anybody who is standing still at the time - including Tom. Once I have everything ordered I will feel better. Doing the room dressing ordering today off Amazon - they have great bargains on there. Friend is loaning me the chair covers for free so I will return them afterwards and as payment give her the royal blue chiffon we are going to put around them, so she can use it again. Have a big sheet of paper with everything on it - just looking at it feels overwhelming.

I know that I can easily do this - I think the secret is preparation and planning. Just cant believe how exhausted I am - every single bloody day. <<slaps own face hard>> right....onwards and upwards - get off the PC and get organising!!!

Cant afford to pay for someone to cater at the night time - even up here in the North the most basic, very basic buffet menu is at least a fiver a head

rubyrubyruby Fri 20-Jul-12 11:58:42

You sound wonderfully organised Shabs.

All in the preparation as you say and do everything you can in advance. Sound like you have some great support from friends smile

Bubby64 Fri 20-Jul-12 14:22:38

Trips - Thank God he got back in time, well done for the pass.
Ruby - Good luck with holiday packing - I havent got a lot to choose from for ours, but have decided that unless the weather improves dramaticaly, all I'll need is jeans and wellies!! Well, we have to holiday in England!!
Chops - know what you mean! Already been to school for leavers assembly (very proud, I shed not one tear!), been back with tee shirts for everyone to sign, pressie for teacher and choccy bars as class mate presies that the boys had left at home, then got another phone call from school, to say M had forgotten to tell me I owed for 1 school dinner (thought I had paid it all, but hey ho!) and could I bring payment down before 2pm, as they were banking up for the summer. At 3.15 I will collect them, take them to visit Nanna, then join friend and her twins to go out for celebration tea (by which time, hopefully, DH will join us!). Phew!!
Shabs - I and my work colleagues dressed my wedding venue on the morning of our wedding, you are right, organisation is the key, and you sound very organised. Also, we got quite a few ballons delivered in the morning which we put around the room which dressed it up very quickly and easily.

Bubby64 Fri 20-Jul-12 14:31:35

Shabs - forgot to say, friend of mine catered her own wedding buffet, and she got most of it a party platters at Iceland! All us guests were really impressed with her food, and it was relativly cheap and easy to do, so perhaps you can look at that option for the slightly fancier bits, especially for things like mini deserts etc, which are just defrosted and look and taste great. Hope this gives som ideas.

Ooooohhhhh yes <<said like the Churchill dog>> I had forgotten all about Iceland....and they will deliver for me as well.....<<slumps down on the settee in relief>>

rubyrubyruby Fri 20-Jul-12 17:44:25

They all got in from school and both DS's downed their 'end of term celebratory cheeseburger' and went out again within 20 mins!
DD and I did a smash and grab in tthe city and managed to sort all her holiday stuff in 2 hours exactly - I know this because I am a cheapskate with parking fees and have been known to sprint to the machine.

rubyrubyruby Fri 20-Jul-12 17:46:47

....... and I am supposed yobe down the park swigging wine <<classy>> with the other Mums but it's pissing down sad

I know the weather is picking up atvthe weekend but I am sooooo glad we are leaving the country - I am truly pissed off!

ChopstheDuck Fri 20-Jul-12 20:13:59

It's rather nice here, very sunny.

Finally sat down with a beer. thankfully it all got done in the end, though nearly forgot to take dt2 to kickboxing!

I'm the same with parking rubes! I get used to getting it for free with ds1's blue badge, and will drive round and round looking for anywhere to park where we don't have to pay!

Shabs you do sound very organised, I'm impressed!

triplets Fri 20-Jul-12 21:35:27

Evening all..............Shabs I wish I was nearer I could do the buffet for you, did my friends a few summers ago and very good it was too! You do sound amazingly confident y`know. I am still trying to find a holiday, feel so sad here, went to Mums today to remove some valuables because of the swines next door. I brought all her jewellery back and was not going to look at it......then did. I found an old locket, inside it was a photo of my Mum whe she was only about 18 with her Mumsad Do you know my Mum only ever spent two weeks apart from her Mum all her life, when she went on honeymoon. She loved her mother very much and she called for her when she was dyingsad Also found my mums engagement ring, haven`t see that for about 35 years................oh its all so sad.
Come on girls find me a holiday......................pleasesmile

ChopstheDuck Fri 20-Jul-12 21:47:10

Where d'y wanna go trips?

I'm so glad you fetched those things even though it is so hard, and bittersweet.

triplets Fri 20-Jul-12 22:07:26

Well I`d love 4 weeks touring the States...................but will have to settle for a week here cos of money and dh being ill as no one will insure him to cover cancersad I want somewhere where the trio are going to be out of my hair, somewhere really luxurious but with a Butlins price taggrin

Today is 30 years since Gareth died. Not sure how that happened. Have no idea to be honest. Would just like to thank all of you 'multiple mums' for inviting me to this special place and making me feel loved and welcomed. xx

ChopstheDuck Sat 21-Jul-12 06:24:07

Morning girls

Thinking of you, shabs xx

Trips, you don't want much do you? winkgrin

Morning girls xx

Bubby64 Sat 21-Jul-12 09:45:56

Morning All. Shabbs- thinking of you this morning, glad i could make a positive contribution to the wedding stress.
Trips- i booked a holiday by going on private caravan and holiday rental websites, Peale often have their caravan on the big parks with all amenities at much less rental than going through the big companies themselves. We are going to the Parkdean place at Hastings for just £350 in August, has huge indoor swimming complex plus loads of clubs, sports etc, and we pay an extra £10 per person for the week to use it all,bargin for a holiday in school hols time!!
Ruby- well done!!
Call this weekend, and first carer rang in sick at 05.30am, and, as usual, the office have left me no availability to cover!! Managed to pursuade 3 other girls to add the calls to their client lists, but nobody, including clients, happy!!

Bubby64 Sat 21-Jul-12 10:13:26

Thats meant to say "people" and "On call". Working on iPod, sorry!

Bubby64 Sat 21-Jul-12 10:14:19

Thats meant to say "people" and "On call". Working on iPod, sorry!

PissedOffBubby Sat 21-Jul-12 20:33:32

Sorry, just have to tell somebody or I will go mad!! DK has really done it! He went round his brothers house all day,(from 10am-4pm) and then went up for a "knap" as soon as he got home, 2hrs later he came down and I said to him the dog had got out again (she has become a bit of an escape artist over the past few weeks). I bought some additional fencing wire over 5weeks ago, and have been asking for help putting it up ever since, as this would involve climbing a ladder and holding it in place, which I cannot do on my own, especially at the moment with my ankle playing up. I only mentioned it as I hoped it would kickstart him doing th job tomorrow. He flew into a massive rage, saying I was "having a go at him", threw the poor dog across the floor by her collar, then grabbed J, who was sitting in his chair, by the wrist, and dragged him out onto the floor, he didnt even as the child to please move, and then stormed off, saying I had not stopped nagging him all weekend, and showed him no respect! I lost it, and told him to grow up or leave, and he then shouts at me for "shouting and broadcasting our business all over the village. At the moment he has gone back upstairs, leaving a pair of crying boys, a wimpering dog and me feeling absolutly furious with having to sort it out.angryangry TBH, at the moment, I would be quite happy to have him leave and not come backsad

rubyrubyruby Sat 21-Jul-12 21:04:29

Oh god Bubby - that's awful, I'm sorry.

I don't know what to say but just wanted you to know I had read your post and I am here xxxxx

PissedOffBubby Sat 21-Jul-12 21:18:56

Thanks Ruby - As you know, we had problems earlier in the year, and I though we had got over them, but his temper reared its ugly head again today, and, TBH I frightened myself with my response to it, rather than backing down, I lost control as well, shouting and screaming at him to leave, I didnt want what had happened in the early spring to happen again.sad

rubyrubyruby Sat 21-Jul-12 21:23:36

You are obviously wary after the lady time. That's understandable.

Had he been drinking round his brothers do you think?

rubyrubyruby Sat 21-Jul-12 21:24:15

last time

triplets Sat 21-Jul-12 21:31:37

Shabs xxxxxxxxx bless him xxxxxxxxx
I went back to the cemetery today for the first time, Mums lovely flowers fading already,so unbelievable, Matthews there, Dad there and now she`s there. Found a locket today of hers, inside was a tiny photo of her when she was about 17 with her Mum, it all breaks my heart.
I am angry with my two nieces, the day after the funeral the are already requesting things out of mums house, the washing machine, fridge freezer and the 40" tv. Am I being too sensitive, I feel its insensitive and disrespectful. Mum has already left them all money bless hersad
Bubs, I feel for you I truly do, you have been on here long enough to know I get very angry with my DKat times. They are selfish and unreasonables b`s at times. Go kip with one of the kids tonight, I have done that in the past, poor you {hug} xxxCould I have your honest opinions as to whether I am wrong about the nieces?
Dh is in a strop, we want and need to get away, we are strapped for cash, so it would have to go on c/c which rules out a private renting. He wants CP for a week, but I truly begrudge the price they are asking, around £1600 for a basic lodge. Oh Shabs got room for me at the Venezia??

PissedOffBubby Sat 21-Jul-12 21:43:22

No,he doesnt drink much. I've just spoken to Steve (BiL), to find out what happened over there, and they had been having a conversation about their mum, that always upsets them both. MiL is a uncomplient bi-polar, at the moment living in Spain (thank God!), its her 77th birthday tomorrow, and the 3 brothers are wondering if they should try again to have contact with her, as she has accused all of them and us DiL of all sorts of foul things, and we have had no contact for the last 5 years. This always puts him in a bad mood, he feels guilty for hating her, but cannot forgive her for allowing many things to happen to him and his brothers, both as children and again as adults (StepFiL related). Unfortunatly, this taints his relationships, but, for the most part, I understand and give him leeway, but it goes a little way to explaining his behaviour. I just wish he didnt take it out on us!

PissedOffBubby Sat 21-Jul-12 21:50:40

Trips- No, you are not wrong about the neices, it would upset me as well. Just say that, when you are ready, you are putting the whole lot on Ebay, and the funds will be split equally, and see how that goes down.

rubyrubyruby Sat 21-Jul-12 21:55:50

It is no excuse Bubby - but at least you have some kind of reason for his behaviour. I hope it all works out ok. Personally I would try to talk to him about his Mum but without compromising your own expectations of his behaviour xxxxx

Trips - your nieces do seem to be quick to jump in. I do understand that you are upset. I always try to think 'what would my Dad feel or think?' (in your case your Mum obviously). Would it be better for you it it was sorted quicker?

rubyrubyruby Sat 21-Jul-12 22:08:07

Trips - CP is extortionate and still doesn't include everything!