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AtLongLast Thu 12-Jan-12 23:35:12

OTT / self-indulgent I know, but Toddler Twin Tantrums..... aaargh! Just as well they're so cute too. Ds2 was v funny today wiggling his bum singing `uh, uh Bobby' in response to me dancing round the kitchen to `Bobby's girl'... grin

tartiflette Fri 13-Jan-12 09:13:24

Well done ALL !!

tartiflette Fri 13-Jan-12 09:16:24

Hmm. Rose bit me yesterday, I still bear the scars... She also fish hooked her sister leaving two slash marks across her cheek reminiscent of something out of a horror film (maybe I should cut their nails blush )

londonlottie Fri 13-Jan-12 09:39:43

The guilt never ends, does it? Them scratching each other = guilt that you should have cut their nails sooner grin

LaVitaBellissima Fri 13-Jan-12 15:21:02

Yes biting, painful, my two have left marks on each other sad

Still laughing about the "destroyers of worlds" comment Tarti, I can already imagine that I'll be spending the next few years apologising to people. I know that I'm a firm no nonsense type, I used to have a team of 82 at work, but these two look at me, then look at each other, laugh, & carry on with their mischief, god help me grin

londonlottie Fri 13-Jan-12 17:04:28

Girls I have been on a massive 'back to the UK' online spending spree, making up for 2 years away from such temptations. All arrived yesterday and today and I'm feeling that weird mix of shame and pleasure, staring at it all. Pair of Ugg heels in the sale, 4 pairs trousers, about 4 tops, trainers, bits and bobs... all in the sale but half of it doesn't quite fit due to my excessive gluttony and I'm keeping it anyway as an incentive. Oh dear....

LaVitaBellissima Fri 13-Jan-12 17:08:56

"Ugg Heels" isn't that an oxymoron? grin

londonlottie Fri 13-Jan-12 18:12:31

Here - come on fashion guru, be honest, what do you think? grin

londonlottie Fri 13-Jan-12 18:13:37

Mind you - angry - they've gone down an extra 10% in price from when I ordered mine 3 days ago!

LaVitaBellissima Fri 13-Jan-12 18:28:41

I like, I didn't realise they did heels! I'd return them, then re order, but I'm tight wink

Quick question, do you all do bath time if you're alone? If so, how? Although maybe this will be easier when they are a bit steadier on their feet confused

tartiflette Fri 13-Jan-12 19:15:25

I do do it but it tends to be a half-arsed effort of dunking them in for minimal time, plucking one out and doing that one's nappy, vest and pjs on the floor of the bathroom, then bung that one in bedroom (have safety gate across nursery door) and go back for the other one. The gate on the door is invaluable for when I'm on my own actually - I'd highly recommend it as a course of action. We don't have one across the top of the stairs.

This is totally pathetic but it's the tooth brushing I can't do on my own - only DH seems to be able to get them to open up... I end up a sweaty shouting mess with two wrigglers covered in toothpaste.

DH needs to work away Mon and Tues of next week, near where his parents live. I have a parents evening at school so would be an issue childcare-wise... so he is now taking them down to his mum's for the two days grin grin I will be able to have a LEISURELY SHOWER (at 6.30 am before work, admittedly).

Good shopping haul Lottie. If there's free returns I would prob send back and reorder too.

tartiflette Fri 13-Jan-12 19:16:45

Oh and yes Lavita it's definitely easier once they're on their feet (although with the added factor of them running hither and thither and being impossible to round up...) - plonk first one in cot while you go back for the other one?

AtLongLast Fri 13-Jan-12 20:26:28

Wow, `ugg heel' isn't what I imagined (trad Ugg but with a heel...). I do like them - much more elegant than Uggs. & another website with which to educate myself.

Luckily I've rarely had to do baths on my own but we had it easy anyway since ds2 wasn't mobile for so long so it wasn't really like having 2 toddlers. We could leave ds2 on the floor til he was 13 months & not worry about him getting into mischief/danger. Teeth tho... have to keep reminding myself we need to make more serious efforts. Both pretty good at it in the bath with one of us brushing our own teeth (while playing the fool of course) but I really have to get into a good morning habit too.

Result Tarti! Monday will be one of the rare occasions I have to do everything. In fact twice next week.... but at least dp will be home later.

Our minor disaster tally today: ds1 clobbering dd with Thomas Tank (I think, just heard the cries, ds1 looking v sheepish with Thomas in hand) shock; me managing to catch enough of ds1's wee in the potty to praise him wildly still had to clean poor teddy bear that bore the brunt.... but not quite quick enough to stop ds2 dipping his hand in... and putting his hand in his mouth shock (he wasn't keen) & numerous near-misses wrt dd being squashed by one or t'other sitting on her in her rocker or car seat shock. Just as well we were out all day really grin.......

Chesticles Fri 13-Jan-12 21:16:49

I win on the bad mother front today. D fell down the stairs sad. Not sure how far, I think about 3 steps as there wasn't really any loud thumps, he just started wailing and I found him at the bottom of the stairs with a bump on his head and a cut on his hand. No idea how he cut his had as there wasn't anything on the carpeted stairs that could have injured him. Maybe he was holding something. Anyway, feel rubbish about it all. Must be stricter about using the stair gate. They are so good on the stairs crawling up and down (supervised) that I suppose we have got a bit lax.

londonlottie Fri 13-Jan-12 21:58:12

Lavita - I've always bathed on my own, but we were lucky in that the girls room in Switz had an en-suite, so it was never much of an issue - I'd bath them both together, then dress one and put in cot (with bottle if necessary) while I got the second one out.

Chesty - sorry to hear about D falling downstairs... sad Hope he's okay now. We don't have stairgates here at mum's and I know we've been lulled into a false sense of security and need to be cautious too. It's easily done, we so want them to get the pleasure from doing things themselves and accidents are bound to happen.

Off to see the house in the morning. A bit fuming this afternoon though as I had a worrying phone call from our EA in London re. our buyers, who are turning out to be complete idiots. They've just switched solicitors (at this late stage angry) and appear to have only just submitted their mortgage application. They told the EA they had their mortgage offer, getting confused with that and the application (confused), and had no idea that a structural survey was different to the separate valuation survey done by the mortgage company. So we appear to be much further away from things than we thought. <takes deep breath>

LaVitaBellissima Fri 13-Jan-12 22:23:19

angry for you Lottie but thinking back to when I was a first time clueless buyer it really is complicated confused hope it gets better soon.

Maybe I just need to get on with it, I just get a bit scared as they are both such liabilities, can hurt themselves whilst sat on the floor laughing, as they through themselves back in fits of giggles and bang their heads on the woodenfloor.

LaVitaBellissima Fri 13-Jan-12 22:24:13

through = throw oops wine actually Port, I ran out of wine

londonlottie Fri 13-Jan-12 22:30:42

we had a large padded changing mat thing which we kept permanently in the bathroom (not as nice as this but similar) which I would line with towels and use as a 'holding station' for them when they were very small/not particularly mobile. I say just bite the bullet and do it, maybe the first time you try doing it on your own have an extra pair of hands there just in case you need them.

LaVitaBellissima Fri 13-Jan-12 22:33:51

* they aren't still for a second, they are as Tarti so nicely puts it, "destroyers of worlds" grin they are not still for a second, mostly cruisng/climbing around the furniture at speed, I have a marble bathroom and they would probably be knocked out flat within minutes aarrgghh...

londonlottie Sat 14-Jan-12 14:43:52

Ours was granite LaVita - throughout the whole flat (hated it for them) - but there were surprisingly few head-bounces and they soon learnt!

KateShmate Sun 15-Jan-12 12:15:53

Thanks for invite to thread LVB smile

Am definitely in need of this this morning - we had a delightful triplet meltdown this morning....
Mine are 2.6 (We have definitely hit the terrible twos X3) and will have a general strop a few times a day; but about once a fortnight/month they will have a a horrendously huge breakdown where they get so angry and frustrated that they bite themselves and head but things. So yes, they had one of them this morning. grin
LVB I do bath alone sometimes but the whole thing is performed with military precision ;) We have a bath in our en-suite so do baths in there as its just easier - before they get in the bath, I have books and milk at the ready. First one comes out the bath - is dried and dressed and then lies on our bed with milk and a book. #2 comes out, dried and dressed and does the same with milk and book. (This is the time when I need to watch them, or we have milk-splattered walls). Then after #3 is out and dried and dressed, we read a book together; and then bed.
Obviously it rarely actually happens like that as DD's often like to flatly refuse to get dressed/get out the bath/ read a book. I usually end up with only 1 DD at the end reading a book as the others have escaped..

LaVitaBellissima Sun 15-Jan-12 12:44:40

Yeay welcome KateShmate I knew you would fit right in grin

Other TTT ladies, bumped into Kate on another thread and told her our mantra
"One child is a piece of piss, but a least we don't have triplets!"
I think I'm going Kate's enjoy your posts, put it all into perspective smile

Now tell me what everyone is feeding said children, mine are at the delightful stage where everything gets spat out orr thrown on the floor. I think the current acceptable foods are sweetcorn, peas, blueberries, cherries and er that's about it!

LaVitaBellissima Sun 15-Jan-12 17:37:44

GG/Chesty Hope D is better, I keep forgetting to buy another stairgate for the bottom of our steps (we just gate of the top floor of our house and the 2 steps down to the bathroom, leaving the landing and ours and the girls bedroom) We don't normally let them into the hall, but it's their favourite game at the moment racing, along the corridor and clambering up the stairs at speed. Your post has given me a push so I'm off to order one now!

KateShmate Sun 15-Jan-12 18:37:19

LVB After Xmas has come and gone, all my girls ask for is ''Choc-it mummy, peas''
I have to be honest though, mine are pretty good eaters 'food wise' just not 'portion wise' - they will try pretty much anything, but just aren't hungry children. (Unlike DD1 and DD2) That said, triplets wolfed down a HUGE plate of roast today - was very impressed!
How old are your DT's LVB?

AtLongLast Sun 15-Jan-12 22:26:51

Welcome Kate! Luckily T works for triplet too..... Any quad+ arrivals & we may have to rethink grin

Oh no, Chesty... I hope you're both recovered now! I let ds1 go upstairs on his own at naptime / bathtime because ds2 is still rubbish at stairs & needs v, v, v close supervision and had a -heart-in-mouth moment the other day when he looked up at me & thought he was going to fall backwards. He also has a habit of stopping 3/4 way up as he can peek through the spindles to the tv at that point. One of these days.... We also have a bit on the landing that would allow a toddler to fall to the ground floor so dp needs to accept he isn't going to get round to sorting it ever really, really need to get someone out to board it in or something. At least it means I'm never lax unusual for me... about leaving the stairgate at the bottom open, or when we're upstairs.

Ours are pretty good eaters too Lavita but there have been times when it seemed unfeasible that they'd ever eat a `meal' (tho we did do blw). We went through months of peas & sweetcorn being offered at every meal as they were a def fav here too. I remember being v disappointed that ds2 wouldn't touch pasta up til way after 1 (ds1 loved it). Pleased to say it's a firm fav now & a staple for fast & filling! My big `problem' thing is starchy / fill-up lunch stuff as ds2 won't eat bread other than as toast (and only at `toast time'). I tend to give him lemon & raisin pancake. Not ideal, but he loves them. He's a recent convert to potato cake (don't understand, but not arguing!) so that's something.

Although we're not potty training as such, the boys spend so long out of nappies that we've had loads some `accidents' so potty is mentioned a lot. As in `where do we do wees and poos?' & the boys shout `in the potty' v emphatically but almost certainly with little true understanding. Ds1 taking his nappy off coincides with him needing one or t'other. Well, managed to catch the tail end of ds1's wee in the potty a couple of times now he's stopped backing away from it & he's enjoyed the huge praise for that. Yesterday he did a poo on the floor and........... put the potty on top of it!! Comprehension of sorts...........?grin

Went for a walk with the aim of plane spotting yesterday. Disappointingly few planes & boys pretty much missed 3 of the 4 we saw, so that went well. Ds2 walked really well tho. Ds1 insisted on being carried mostly so that was hard work but subsequently seeing the size of a cut/bruise on his knee after falling down, that was understandable. Did a pizza hut lunch which was OK except that ds2 spent the whole time facing the table behind us coveting the Thomas Tank engines the boys on that table had. Today we went swimming for the first time with all 3. Was fine.... if a lot of work for the 20-30mins actually in the water but we can improve that. Still, we did think we might be turned away due to adult/child ratio.

tartiflette Sun 15-Jan-12 23:21:07

ALL haaaaaaaa at putting the potty on top of the poo!! Amazing work swimming with all of them.

Lavita hmmm, food. Mine both still like any fruit except melon and M will basically eat anything although not keen on bread (random), but R is increasingly fussy, so for example vegetable-wise is now down to only eating peas, broccoli and cauliflower unless I smuggle other veg into a pasta sauce. No meat unless heavily disguised or in sausage form blush. Can often sneak a fishcake past her but not salmon... it's becoming a bit of an issue especially as I want to make the most of M's adventurous tastes and encourage that. Fortunately R is greedy by nature so although she has bland tastes I don't worry about her going hungry (quite the reverse...)

GG hope you've recovered after the stairs incident. That made me think about the fact I don't supervise ours on the stairs at all any more. I probably should be more careful.

Kate hi and welcome smile

Busy weekend: big baby meet up including a friend who's moved to London back up for a visit, this morning a trip to the aquarium, two lots of friends round for afternoon tea, dinner out with baby group last night, abs blast class tonight... I must go to sleep I'm nodding off as I type! Love to everyone

AtLongLast Mon 16-Jan-12 22:16:31

Wow Tarti, not surprised you needed your bed last night. That sounds like one full weekend!

When I think things (like swimming) might be difficult, I think it'll get harder once dd is mobile. Bit like twins are hard work, but next stage brings it's own challenges. So, if we don't do stuff now we'll never do it cos it'll just get more difficult logistically and also cos the kiddies won't know what's expected if they're not used to it. Or something like that anyway.

Thought we were going to have a no-sleep naptime today listening to the boys giggling together. Eventually they went to sleep. When I got them up I discovered the source of hilarity. Ds1 had managed to haul the mega box of wipes, containing (thankfully, only) 4x80 wipes, into his cot. Quite an impressive feat. As was getting all of said wipes back into the packets again.....

MonkeyMargot Tue 17-Jan-12 07:46:41

Hi ladies - good work on getting the thread up and running.
The funniest tantrummy behaviour i've noticed in our boys (19 months today) is when one has a meltdown (over for example me removing something from their grasp) the other one fakes a meltdown to compete for the attention. Hilarious.
I bath our 3 together (for the benefit of Kate, I don't have triplets - god I applaud you woman, but i have a 3 year old so a close age gap) and it is now actually good fun. They all blow raspberries on each other's tummies and bottoms. When I get them out and try and steer them into the bedrooms, Raff normally pees on the floor, which isn't an issue at present but we are about to fork out for expensive carpet so will have to get nappies on toute suite in the bathroom me thinks.

LL how are you enjoying life back in blighty? saw the high-heeled Uggs - a lot nicer than I imagined! I'm on a diet too having gained half a stone in December due to xmas lunches, heavy drinking etc. My new philosophy is 3 meals a day, no snacks.

any road up, those pesky twins are awake now so off to clean up some massively pooey bums. Laters!

KateShmate Tue 17-Jan-12 18:55:10

Monkey your DT's sound hilarious with their strops - mine do the same! If I've said 'no' to one, the others come running in to see what all the excitement is - then see Dtrip1 having a strop and so join in! But then I just laugh at Dt2+3 and they just collapse into fits of giggles, leaving Dt1 SUPER angry!

We have 2 older girls too (now 4 and 5) and occasionally they will all go in the bath together - is hilarious, but I have to sit covered in towels because I get so wet from the splashing! Older 2 love it for a while, and then get a little bit sick of being constantly splashed!
When Dt's are in the bath, they sit in a row, all facing the taps and wash the person in fronts back; then turn around and wash the other persons back!

Hmm high heeled Uggs?! Why have I never seen these before? Saying that, I have only very recently treated myself to a new pair of Uggs so not sure I could persuade DH that I need another pair!

AtLongLast Wed 18-Jan-12 22:39:38

haha, we have the fake meltdown too. Usually cos one or other wants picked up & the other is afraid they will be left out - a very whiny phase. I've tried encouraging them to walk with me to the sofa so we can group hug there but they'd rather strop in the hallway if I won't pick them both up. I've taken to getting down to their level explaining patiently that `there is no need for that noise. It is not necessary'. I can imagine them telling people things are not necessary, but it does work. Unfortunately dp was telling me earlier to tell the women on OBEM that the noise is not necessary. Think I'd better change my record grin.

Second day in a row that nursery have passed comment on the boys' inability to keep their clothes on. Oops...

tartiflette Thu 19-Jan-12 22:45:47

I like that tactic ALL - will pinch that for my own nonexistant repertoire of approaches. My two are very screechy at the moment, emitting a most irritating eeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh sort of noise when they want something or when the other has just snatched something away, which I find particularly grating as they are starting to be able to talk quite well so why they opt for this instead is beyond me. I am often to be found gripping one of them rather forcibly by the elbows and shouting saying pointedly WHAT DO YOU MEAN???? SAY WHAT IT IS THAT YOU MEAN etc etc. like a lunatic.

Have been thinking about activities for CP at half term - would anyone who's been before (GG / ALL ?) recommend anything for just-under-two's? Or is it best not to book yourself up with classes and activities and stuff? I am so holiday-starved I can't help over planning ahead grin
We've also booked two weeks in Brittany for the summer. Must shift this pesky stone so I can get excited about a holiday wardrobe.

londonlottie Fri 20-Jan-12 07:30:53

Welcome Kate (and hats off to you grin)

I'm currently living in purgatory Surrey at my mother's and GOOD GRIEF I cannot wait to get into our new house. Our buyers are turning out to be lovely but thick as mince and here we are, almost two months after accepting their offer, and we're still waiting for funds to clear with their solicitor so he/she can start the searches. FFS. Met them at the house on Weds, lovely etc etc but really felt like I was talking into the ether when describing to them how acutely we need this exchange/completion to happen, like, NOW. Looks like we'll be moving back into our London house in a week or two, so we don't outstay our welcome here. On the other hand, we went to see our vendors last weekend for tea, cake, and negotiation on the minutiae. All went well but still can't quite get my head around the fact we could be in there within a month!

Other than that, girls are being a handful but entertaining.

Lavita - remind me how old your girls are now? Re. feeding, I found it bloody hard work at about the year stage, and apparently their requirements for food hugely decrease and they can become ultra fussy. Mine did and I found it stressful, but it did improve.

By the way, talking of tantrums, went to the M&S cafe with the girls the other day and E had just the WORST tantrum I've ever seen. As part of it she ran like the wind through the store and I managed to lose her for about a minute - she's a crafty little bugger and as soon as I went the other way round an aisle hoping to be able to catch her the other side she dashed in the other direction and towards the bloody car park. OMG in that minute I was utterly terrified, busy store, near the exit, tiny girl on her own... oh dear we had a very tearful little girl as I carried her screaming back to our table.

KateShmate Fri 20-Jan-12 17:24:43

tartiflette CP is brilliant! We actually went for 4 days before christmas with our 5DD's and we had such an amazing time! They were fantastic with booking it in the first place, and trying to make it as easy as possible. Tried to book online (but wasn't going to work - holiday places dont really like make it possible to have more than 2 children!) so rang up and the woman was lovely . I explained that although I would technically need 4 bedrooms, our Dtrips refuse to sleep separately so would only need 3 - but that if it was a nightmare, we would be happy to just pay for the fourth. She was brilliant and sorted it all out for us, and made sure there were 3 cots in the one room; booked Villa as close to Plaza as possible - and just generally thought about everything for us, where to store triple buggy, who can help with us when swimming etc..

We did quite a few of the Xmas activities, and only a few crafty things that you book on the day (I think?!) - so cant really comment on which activities to do Im afraid!
But definitely go ahead and book it - we thought it would be a nightmare with ours, it turned out to be the easiest thing ever - have already booked again!

London I feel your pain! Those pesky public strops are the worst! My other Dtrips just laugh, really loudly (and screeching about how funny it is!), at the DT having the strop - making everyone stare more!
With a singleton, you can just grab them under your arm and march them out, but with multiples - its so much harder! Trying to grapple a stroppy 2YO and push triple buggy and listening to other DT's crying to come out, and forgetting to pay for things... ahhh!!!!

I hate those times when you lose sight of them, that feeling in your heart where it literally stops. Oh god, I hate even thinking about it!

AtLongLast Fri 20-Jan-12 21:05:11

Oh Lottie - it's lovely that your Mum is having you, but I don't envy you! I hope the buyers sort themselves out v soon. & nightmare with tantrum and missing all in the same outing!! Poor you!

Almost had a tantrum myself at toddler gp yesterday blush. Snack time is at the end of the session. Bit like `musical chairs' as there wasn't enough room/chairs for all kiddies & obv I wanted both boys together so I waited til everyone else was settled (well, it took me that long to round both up & get them in same place), got them a chair each & a mum took the chair from ds1 & sat on it herself behind her child!! Why would you? Toddler at toddler gp, not seated at snack time & carrying a chair. Is it me?? I was fuming. So we left and I'm kicking myself now for not saying something but I would have been v rude.

haha Tarti.... I cringe at it being my teacher side coming through...

I've not done CP as a family thing before so GG & Kate prob have better / more up to date experience. Think I might try ringing to see if we can have extra cots Kate.... we're wondering how/if to manage the boys at night in beds! You're right about the web booking.... more that 2 under 3s just isn't an option so I think we prob just have 1 cot for now. & if you're going at half term Tarti, you'll be able to tell me yours too as we're not going til end of Feb. I do remember trying to go to the pub for dinner when we went with work (yrs ago) and it was totally nuts & full of families. We've booked a table for us all to eat 1 evening, especially with there being 9 of us going & wanting a fairly early timeslot. We've also booked a session of bowling as I'm sure the boys will enjoy helping roll the balls. There doesn't seem to be all that much `stuff' for under 2s really. We plan to spend a lot of time in the pool & hopefully just `out & about' if the weather is OK. & dp has insisted I go off and do something a couple of times & he will prob do the same. We've hired a couple of bikes for our lodge along with a double trailer thing for the boys too.

We've now had potty on poo twice.. and on wee once. Not a coincidence then...

Chesticles Fri 20-Jan-12 22:34:09

Think the boys are moving into terrible twos already here. And they are only 20 months <wails>. I can't face it already. H took until she was over 3 before we got past the irrational tantrums. D particularly is going to try my patience. He is so naughty. Cute naughty, but if he doesn't actually get what he wants he quickly turns to devil tantruming child. Not good hmm

Hi Kate - kudos for having 5 kids and 3 at once! There is a triplet mum in the next village to me. I have never spoken to her, just bump into her in clarks shoe shop occasionally (tamba discount days normally) but she always seems to have some old lady wittering away to her about how her neighbours son's cousin has twins or something equally vague that I never feel I can bother her with saying hi.

Centreparcs, we didn't do any activities <cheapskates>. We normally go for 4 nights. By the time you arrive on Monday and get your bearing there is not much time to do anything. Other days are filled with a swim (which takes either a whole morning or afternoon) Going for a cycle. Stopping for cafe for a coffee/wine and kids in associated soft play (free). Playing at the park/adventure playground (free), feeding the ducks (free). The last time we were there we went off site for a day trip to the lake district (we were at windfell) and wandered round ambleside. Went to a lovely pub lunch in langdale etc. The ease of CP is that is is very child friendly. The kids just loved all the wildlife (ducks, pheasants, squirrels) that are fairly tame and come up to within 1meter of you. My tips would be to take a crate of toys with you for the lodge and to book the restaurants at about 10am in the morning otherwise you'll not get a table for 5-6pm! Although there is off season, the parks normally average 95% occupancy so they are always busy.

Better get off to bed as H is 4 tomorrow so we are having friends round tomorrow at 10am and then other friends round at 2pm, then granny at 4pm for birthday tea, then skype granny and granda at 6.30pm. Then kids in bed and opening the wine at 9pm!

LaVitaBellissima Sat 21-Jan-12 12:38:28

I need to berate you all ! grin

First you all get me addicted to lots of expensive websites, then I start imagining moving to the country, and now I'm feeling very left out of the Centreparcs shenanigans and have spent the morning reading up and convincing DP that is imperative that we should go grin

It's very reasonably priced out of season, think we may go in Feb whilst MIL is here. Which is better Longleat or Elveden?

ALL I'm loving the potty stories, as much as I am looking forward to the days the girls are out of nappies, I am really not looking forward to potty training. It's a while off yet. How old is Cora now? is she much better?

LL the girls will be 15 months on the 4th Feb, both have sort of started walking a bit, so exciting but ever so dangerous at the same time, they have no fear whatsoever and are forever falling off the sofa, sideboard etc.

MM Are you enjoying being back at work? I can't believe I'm saying it but I actually miss working in central London, even the commute. I've started doing bits though for our company, not much, but it doesn't really feel like work because I'm at home iyswim confused

Tarti I am shouting far too often, but it's so hard not to, how many times can you say no and move them, it feels like groundhog day, calm and colected doesn't seem to work.

Chesty Happy Birthday for Hazel tomorrow, hope you all have a lovely day. I really like the idea of Centreparcs now grin

Kate Love the triplets bathtime, so cute! Also love your children's name's stalked you via your profile Assume you must get asked all the time but it must of been a huge surprise, are they identical? <nosy and wants the full story wink>

tartiflette Sun 22-Jan-12 14:01:02

Chesty hope H's birthday yesterday was good - sounds like you had a packed schedule. And thanks for the Centerparcs info (Thanks Kate and ALL too)... we're going during May half term so this really is super advance planning blush. Probably right about not overbooking with activities.

Lottie you have needed the patience of a saint with this move..

Lavita grin at Centerparcs bandwagon. We're going to Sherwood Forest so can't advise.

I'm stationed in the sitting room with blood pressure rising as I listen to the high jinx upstairs - I cannot believe they're not asleep, we had a mammoth expedition to the big park this morning, which is a 45 minute walk - it's really blustery weather but we had a good go on all the stuff, fed ducks, shouted MAN! at every single man who walked past - the usual. Then I made them walk a good part of the way home to ensure they were worn out, they were both more or less nodding off by the time we got home, had lunch, into cots at 1.30 which is very late, and now they are WIDE A-FRIGGING-WAKE. Just went in to change a nappy and replace Maggie's grobag which she now removes at every opportunity and saw her get 90% of the way to climbing out of the cot. So it looks like I might have to think about beds much sooner than I would like. I just cannot imagine them ever settling in their own beds while they're sharing a room (or at all, actually).
Anyone done this yet or have advice about climbing. She couldn't clamber out with bag still on so I suppose I could literally sew her into it each night hmm
Tearing my hair out here! I've been getting around the afternoon nap-refusal for the last week by making sure we are driving back from somewhere at just the right time each day, so they have fallen asleep in car and I've transferred them to cots. But it turns out the problem is still there <grits teeth and goes back into the fray>

(sorry for the rant!)

londonlottie Sun 22-Jan-12 22:35:07

Forgive quick post, am now in Switzerland - have decamped here for a few days to get everything ready for packers. It's not a holiday but... here with DH and away from the girls for 4 days (FOUR! the longest ever sad ) so in a way it's the closest we're going to get to a 'romantic break' for a while grin

tarti - okay, BE STRONG. My advice - keep her in that Grobag for as long as possible. How is she able to get out of it? Is it the style with poppers at the top on the shoulders? These are useless as they get older - we've now got the ones which zip up from the top right down to the bottom, with the zipper covered up with fabric thus making it impossible for crafty little fingers to navigate - invest immediately!! If I were you I'd do whatever it takes to prolong the putting into beds. (This is based purely on my own fear of same btw...) Re. the nap - did they go down eventually? I often find it they're overtired it's harder for them to go down; they get into a mini-frenzy, especially during the day when they don't have the darkness to help them switch off. At the new house there is a 'perfect' room for the girls upstairs with two built in beds. Although they're very cute I am refusing to put the girls in there for a while as I can't BEAR the thought of having to settle them over and over again.

Very funny exchange with Great Grandfather the other day, who said to Eve "Hello then, what's YOUR name?". To which she paused to reflect, before shouting out "ME!" at the top of her voice grin

AtLongLast Sun 22-Jan-12 23:40:05

Lottie, get orf the `net and get romantic! haha @ Eve - `me' is pretty impressive though! Our boys are still a bit confused by names. They call each other by toddler versions of their correct names but if we ask them where the-boy-of their-own-name is, they point to the other twin (if you get me...). All dogs are also known by our dog's name. They've also just mastered `mummy'. Finally. They have known it is me for a long time but just disappointingly never been bothered to say it whereas every other toddler has been saying it forever. Ds2 says it very clearly whereas ds1 sounds more like `money'. Could be worse I spose...

Sympathies Tarti (but haha @ `man'.... we have that too to describe any adult). I have thought of you a number of times this week as we've had our most challenging week in terms of naps. Nursery days are difficult enough with having to fit lunch & nap in before dropping them off at around 1pm stupid idea going for pm rather than am sessions without having a daft half hour before they give in to sleep. Thursday we had a no-nap naptime. 90mins of listening to ds2 giggling (so not all bad), then he cried to get up. Sure ours aren't ready for dropping it yet. They can't be <wail> we've not been in the routine long enough for us to drop it yet grin. Dreading the bed thing too & we've seriously started `proofing their room in preparation. We're going away next weekend & won't have any night-cages so it will be interesting now they're no longer used to sleeping with us. No advice on climbing really. Spose we're lucky in that ours have so far cried on waking so not really spent much time in cots. Now they are playing more though, I suspect ds1 won't be long - he had his foot over the side the other day. Ours are in fleece all-in-ones now as they got v frustrated with having legs trapped in the Grobags when we tried to go back to them after the summer won't make that mistake with dd.

Yey Lavita, you can do CP musings too! No idea about which to choose tho I'd be tempted to go & do safari at Longleat. We're doing Whinfell & sort of had assumed Tarti was too. Where do we find free soft play GG? Is it just in the main centre place? Imagine it gets packed with toddlers since most children will be that age during term time? I am looking forward to introducing the boys to the wildlife on the patio as that's what we loved as a bunch of 20-somethings last time. I hope H had a lovely birthday.

Glad you're liking our non-potty-training-potty-training efforts. We've now had potty on wee too (ds1). This morning ds2 came to me (nappy-free) and said `wee wee'. Asked if he wanted to do it in the potty and he looked at me like this confused hmm, wandered off & came back with a clean nappy, lay down in front of me, legs up. I put the nappy on him, he wandered off, came back a few minutes later & triumphantly removed the now wet nappy. Again.... I was impressed. They are funny things.

DD is 10wks now shock and doing fab. Should get her weighed soon but she's def gaining OK judging by the size of her cheeks and thighs. None the worse for her illness though we do all have colds again so I've been nagged by Mum today not to leave it so long before taking her to hospital this time cos she'll get better more quickly if they start treatment sooner. Erm.. noo..... She had a virus & there is no treatment, just O2 support if needed. I give up....

tartiflette Mon 23-Jan-12 13:06:08

FOUR NIGHTS AWAY Lottie you jammy thing. We have two nights booked in Feb, can't wait. Will be my first two-nighter (I think - can't actually remember blush )
Yes it's the bags with poppers at the top - clearly this is the issue. What brand have this magical zip that you speak of? I am definitely not mentally or physically prepared for the move to beds, so will try anything. Mind you this is the child who can get out of any high chair, climb anything, unfasten her car seat etc etc so am not going to be able to put it off forever...
Ha ha at 'ME!'. They are so funny. I caught myself watching my two this morning, as they 'danced' around with floaty scarves at the music group we go to, with an inane adoring grin on my face - had to rearrange my face into normal hardened grimace or no one would have recognised me...

ALL the pils wanted to go to Whinfell but we've had so many rainy holidays in the Lake District with them (they live between Manc and Liverpool so it's conveniently halfway) that I fancied a change! Glad Cora is thriving. Lovely to have the opinions of family and onlookers when it comes to your own child's health, eh? hmm . 10 weeks though - how has this happened?? My bil became a father on Friday. They have yet to choose a name. This seems like a long time to deliberate to me, but no one else thinks it's odd.

Lavita that's impressive that you've started to do some work at home. I don't know how anyone manages it. I struggle to put some laundry on, let alone do any brain work. I can rarely even make myself do marking or planning once they're in bed, although I am exceptionally lazy, plus it's hardly work I enjoy or am passionate about!

tartiflette Mon 23-Jan-12 13:07:13

PS I don't hate my job but those are not the best aspects, to put it mildly. Plus I'm in a grump as am having to go in this evening on my day off, for the third time since Christmas, for an open evening. Grrr.

londonlottie Mon 23-Jan-12 14:11:39

tarti you're in luck. I bought two of the Grobag ones from a seller on Ebay and she still has them available. In my opinion they are the best design Grobag do and they've stopped doing it! Idiots. White with embroidered animals on, really well made, and with a zip down the middle. This seller has 5 left at £20 a pop, much cheaper than buying them from Gro Company, and last until they're 3yrs. Mine will be in Grobags until they're teenagers! grin

Will write more later, just sneaking peak on t'web in between sorting out the difference between belongings we want to keep and rubbish we need to leave. The difference is extremely slight.

Waves to ALL - 10 weeks! Agree, time flying past.... xxx

londonlottie Mon 23-Jan-12 14:12:00

Whoops, Grobags here

tartiflette Mon 23-Jan-12 21:10:33

Amazing Lottie thanks so much, have just bought one of those to try. Ooh enjoy your clear out, I so enjoy getting rid of stuff. We had a huge clear out of the garage at the weekend, I feel cleansed.

londonlottie Mon 23-Jan-12 22:10:28

Oh goodie tarti - let me know how your little Houdini gets on in it... grin

Meant to say ALL - it's all very well advising me to get orf the net and get romantic with DH, but too much of that sort of thing leads to... you know... EXTRA babies. wink

KateShmate Tue 24-Jan-12 13:37:12

LVB Sorry for late reply! 2 are identical, and 1 not - however they all very similar so people are usually surprised that the ID's are the identical ones - if that makes sense!
A lot less apparent at the moment though; 1 of the ID's was recently diagnosed with an illness and lost a lot of weight and is quite behind the other 2 (bit worrying now) because of this, so she is looking much different to her ID.
Other triplet mums I've spoken to often refer to theirs as 'Twins+1'; maybe its me, but I just feel like the '+1' is being left out - especially as, technically the '+1' and one of the ID's were first non-identical twins, but 1 split into 2 making ID's. Going on a bit, sorry!
But yes, was definitely a big surprise - we were first told it was twins which we literally could not believe! Then had another scan 2 weeks later as 1 twin was a bit smaller - the sonographer was looking at screen and then just said 'Um.. I'm just going to get a colleague to come and have a look'. We thought it was bad news and I actually burst into tears as thought we'd lost 1 - a couple of months before I'd had a miscarriage quite far into pregnancy, and I thought it was happening again. 'Colleague' came in (looked at me weirdly) and was just looking around for a bit, and then simply said 'Yep, definitely 3' and just smiled at us. Me and DH being total twats said '3 what?' grin D'oh!

tartiflette I cant even imagine putting mine into beds... Will be keeping them in cots as long as possible! They already lob teddies into other sisters' cots to irritate each other...

AtLongLast Tue 24-Jan-12 22:05:00

Interesting about the similarities of your 3 Kate. We reckon in a yr or so ds2 and dd may look more similar than ds1/ds2 (non-id).

Lottie... so is that how it happened??? I can heartily recommend it (#3, not romance) tho grin. We were musing about what it might be like to have a #4 grin grin

Wish I was good at clear outs, but I'm a grade 1 hoarder hmm. We were looking at houses at the weekend & acknowledging we'd have to chuck out most of our possessions in order to move to a new build house. I am getting better though. If dp asks if he can get rid of something, I put my head in the sand & tell him to decide, but not to tell me... I have put a lot of books / cds etc into storage boxes in the attic too, so it's a start. I'm finally making a start on dd's nursery. She has more clothes than me and we have nowhere to put them! Bought a wardrobe for her at the weekend and put it in boys' room for now but keep forgetting to get stuff out before we put them to bed

Love the Grobag link!! Think I may invest too.... We have a couple of M&P & they have a popper across the top of the zip & that worked better than the other zipped ones - those the boys just pulled at the neck til the zip came down. They are expensive tho and only go up to 18months. We just got them cos someone gave us M&P vouchers & I couldn't see anything else to buy!

haha Tarti, I agree with the naming delay not like you don't have months to think of possibilities but can't really comment as we were the same both times. Dp's fault entirely tho as he wouldn't even discuss names til they were here, particularly with dd, and then decided that he'd quite like to use my grandma's name which I really struggled with. I did have grand plans of doing the traditional `sex, weight, name' announcements. Boys we decided on after a couple of days as it was making my head spin trying to remember which was twin 1 & 2 - particularly as they switched position before they were born so W was dt1 throughout pg but born second & was suddenly ds2.

Boss rang me yesterday to say a new pile of marking has been collated for me. Like a fool I went in to collect it today. How did this happen........? Def not the highlight of the job Tarti... but when I'm on mat leave too???

londonlottie Tue 24-Jan-12 22:16:40

Oh give them a try ALL - there's no way I can see my girls getting out of them, they'd have to fiddle around at the bottom with loads of fabric covering the zip, and then zip it up all the way before unclasping it. And they love wearing theirs well, maybe not at the exact point I truss them into them and don't want to take them off in the morning. Although J has now taken to saying "no mummy, more sleep!" when I go in to get them up in the morning. She then falls to the ground of her travel cot and makes hilarious fake snoring noises while grinning at her spectacular 'joke'...

tartiflette Tue 24-Jan-12 22:16:55

Marking, ALL what the f??!?!?

Fascinating about your three being non id twins to start with Kate, and how they look different/similar. And lol at '3 what?' !!

londonlottie Wed 25-Jan-12 11:18:32

Marooned in the bedroom while packers remove all but the piles of junk we're leaving behind. DH flew back to UK this morning; I leave tomorrow. I seem to have about 200chf left over in cash after managing to sell a couple of bits of furniture yesterday, including our changing table... so am going to hit the duty free to buy some overpriced anti-aging cream to counter all the stress of the past few months!

KateSchmate - I can't believe you have five girls. And sound sane. Sorry to read that one of your DTr's was ill recently and lost weight. Is she gaining weight again now?

KateShmate Wed 25-Jan-12 20:49:42

Lottie Unfortunately is more of a long term illness so she's still quite a bit smaller than her sisters, and although gaining weight - it is a very very small amount, she's also missing out on a lot as she is just laying about on the sofa for most of the day. We are trying to get on top of it but just not as easy as it sounds!
Thanks for saying I sound sane - I have to disagree, I look back at other posts I've written and cringe because I sound like such a twat! hahaha
But yes, 5 lovely girls - I was watching '15 kids and counting' last night with the teenage girls all fighting, and me and DH thought 'That will be us in 10 years....'

Tartiflette I think its how most triplets are conceived, I'm not sure. I think its quite rare to have 3 separate sac's. But yes, very very strange to think about how it all started...!

londonlottie Wed 25-Jan-12 22:12:10

Sorry to hear that Kate. Don't worry - any talk of illness has all of us shuddering in our boots, let alone an ongoing one. Very very stressful to deal with alongside everything else. I have (just the) two girls and even their two year old squealing is making me nervous of the noise levels in 10 yrs time!

KateShmate Thu 26-Jan-12 18:39:36

Thank you Lottie - we know that in a few years she will have 'grown out of it', but at the moment we are just struggling to keep on top of it and manage it. The illness she has is quite similar to diabetes, and because of her blood sugar constantly going up and down, we have to do a finger prick (to draw blood) every few hours, and 3 or 4 times per night - so just leaving us all a bit tired. We thought that once we had the diagnosis, we would be able to manage it easily, but its been completely the opposite really. The consultant has told us how to treat it, but she isn't really responding to it much - but we have told it may take time to settle down.. fingers crossed!
Sorry, I hate to moan about it all - makes me feel so guilty when I think that some children will have this for the rest of their lives (or much, much worse illnesses).. we are bloody lucky that she will grow out of it by the time she is 4 or 5. We can cope with no sleep for 2/3 years grin

londonlottie Thu 26-Jan-12 20:07:31

How stressful for you all. DH is a Type 1 diabetic so am well-versed in dealing with it, let alone when you're trying to manage something ongoing like that with someone as strong-willed, desperate to be independent yet at the same time very much dependent on you. Great news that she'll grow out of it - admire your glass-half-full attitude. smile

Just landed back home... phew, one more leg of this journey out of the way.

AtLongLast Thu 26-Jan-12 20:42:18

How do you feel now you're proper back Lottie? Does it feel real?

Tarti hmm shock I know. Mug... moi?

I don't think it sounds easy at all Kate. I don't envy you. It's awful when your child is ill and you feel you can't do anything to help them and more so again, I guess, when it's a longer term thing.

Buoyed by your helpful CP lady experience Kate (I hate, hate, hate talking on the phone), I rang them yesterday to sort out an extra cot. hmm I must've got a different lady. Explained we were taking 3 under 2's but that since that wasn't an option when booking online & the boys will only be a month off being 2 when we go, the booking is for 2 children / 1 infant. Apparently more than 2 infants isn't allowed, which is why the option isn't there <oops>. So she couldn't book me an extra cot (not v unusual for 2yr old to be in cot??). But we can change the booking on arrival & order the cot then. So 3 infants in accommodation is allowed then...? Spose it's my fault for booking online rather than over the phone for a party that doesn't fit their drop menus.

londonlottie Thu 26-Jan-12 21:13:02

Bloody ridiculous that they think a 2 yr old will automatically be in a bed. <reverts to broken record> Mine will be in cots till they're about five! (Wearing sleeping bags...)

Feels good(ish) to be back, although put the girls down at 7.45 and they're still kicking off up there at 9.10. FFS. Takes the shine off coming home somewhat grin Felt quite emotional leaving, and had a nice leaving day yesterday. Might have a small business opportunity with one of the mums out there which I'm quite excited about, and have already decided to try and get some cheapie Easyjet flights and go and visit a friend in a few weeks time with the girls. Am I mad to consider flying with them alone??!

AtLongLast Thu 26-Jan-12 22:28:57

Haha, I missed a trick with the Grobags til 5 with the boys. Now they've been in onesies for a few months there's no going back to sleeping bags. Won't make that mistake with dd & am ordering from your link in preparation! The cot though - I know, I was a bit confused by that!! I think the only people I know who have their 2yr old in bed are those who have climbed out already or have young baby & want to use the cot. Still, they charge an additional £18.50 to hire an additional cot....

The girls are probabaly just made up to have you back - and demonstrating it in the least appropriate way. I hope they've flopped settled now. Looks like your not-goodbye was v accurate on more than one front & I think you'll feel like Supermum after surviving the flights - go for it!

tartiflette Fri 27-Jan-12 15:55:56

Kate - sounds like you're coping amazingly. Am seriously full of admiration. Thank goodness it won't be a permanent thing for your DD.

Lottie business opp sounds great. Go for it with the flights. You'll get help from the airline I'm sure. Just read back and had a rueful grin at Juliet requesting more sleep.... wish my early risers would adopt that attitude!!

ALL that is so irritating about CP. Could you call back saying you have discussed with a friend who was given a completely different answer - a different person may be able to find the solution you need... I probably need to ring them too as we need 3 cots for our stay (when ours will JUST have turned 2) due to bil's new baby. Also our house in France this summer - I had vaguely imagined they would be in beds by 2.3 but am beginning to see that was insanity!

KateShmate Fri 27-Jan-12 17:38:38

ALL I can't believe they said that! Clearly a different woman!
Im sure that we didn't pay any extra for another cot - the woman was so in awe that we had triplets, that she just sorted it all out.
It just wasn't an issue at all; in the end she had to leave the 'room issue' with someone else (probably same lady as yours!) who wasn't impressed with the other woman (who told us that it should be fine RE. having the 3 bedrooms, 1 room with 3 cots) and in the end we did pay for 4 bedrooms. We did think that we may have had to, and didn't really mind.
If we hadn't have had the super nice lady that we had, we probably wouldn't have booked it if she couldn't have sorted everything out for us.

Tartiflette and Lottie Ours are 2.6 and not coming out any time soon! Why move them if they still fit in? When they don't, they will just have to curl up.. !

Thanks for all the kind words ladies! Lottie definitely helps to have a glass-half-full attitude with this kind of thing; yes she's very poorly - but not dying, and all we can do is get on with it and manage as best as we can! I know it must be awful and such a nightmare for your DH, but at least he can understand why he has to inject and watch diet etc; but with a 2YO, how do you explain why mummy has to stab you with a needle about a million times a day?!

Lottie I hate that - when you come home from somewhere (where you've been for a few days or something) and are so, so pleased to see DC's, and they couldn't bloody care less, and act up for your benefit! Delightful! grin
FWIW, go for the flights! If its a nightmare, you know not to do it for another few years - I bet they will be as good as gold! Just take colouring/snacks/books/snacks/favourite toys, and they will be fine smile

AtLongLast Sat 28-Jan-12 20:44:30

Haha, I think that may be the difference Kate.... they didn't have your cash when you rang, but they already have ours wink. Odd that they don't accept more than 2 under 2's though. I think my 3 are less risky in terms of potential damage than many with 3+ over 2s, especially since we'll have their Dad and both sets of grandparents <eek> to keep order rather than our day-to-day norm of just me.... Unless it's fire reg stuff? Dunno. I'm assuming there will be a cot included for dd (who won't use it cos she'll be in with me) so I might ring back Tarti (if I psyche myself up enough!) to `check' that and try again in the hope I get the helpful lady. Stupid me imagined a cosy office with a nice lady having a cuppa / biscuits between calls. Like CP is small enough for that....

Out at lunch today & ds2 spotted a fish tank in the cafe. He got really excited & kept shouting `ds1, fish, ds1, fish'. It's the first time we've seen meaningful verbal communication from him to ds1 (ds1 is always barking instruction at him: `ds2 - shoes - car' while shoving shoes in ds2's face). Was so sweet & dp had tears in his eyes... bless...

londonlottie Sat 28-Jan-12 21:31:25

smile Evening everyone. I can't comment on the CP talk, but am taking notes! I seem to have seen about 1000000000 adverts for CP since getting back, their subliminal messages are slowly working on me...

Had 'one of those days' today with the girls - bro and family came over, including their daughter of same age. Who was very well behaved and sweet while my girls.... um.... were... <grapples for positive adjectives>... feisty ... um... high-spirited and... entertaining. A more realistic description would be that they were a bloody nightmare. Grumpy from the minute they got up from their nap, refused to even sit at the table let alone eat any dinner, grumpy about sharing their (minimal) toys. We've just had a discussion about how we handled their behaviour and the good news is that at least (for once) we were in accordance. They were such a nightmare at the table I told them to get down, then we basically gave them no attention until they came back with their tail between their legs. At this age (25 months) is it possible to do anything else when they're screaming at the table?

AtLongLast Sat 28-Jan-12 22:07:28

Uh oh... nightmare! Was niece the comprehending-Xmas-prodigy-according-to-SIL? I'd do the same in getting them down from table tbh. We've done it once with ds1 when he was going through his tantrum phase after dd arrived. We have a gate at the kitchen door so I dumped him on the floor on the other side in the hallway & let him get on with it while we had a jolly, lovely time in full view of him ate. I'd do it again.

Chesticles Sat 28-Jan-12 22:36:11

My God, we seem to be in tantrum hell here. J has turned into the devil child, who just screams. I'm pretty sure it is just temper, but earlier today he was having such a meltdown after having woken from an 90 minute nap (he woke naturally) that I actually was beginning to think he was in life threatening pain (sad angry confused shock - don't know which smiley to use so will just use them all apart from any amused ones!). D and J spend all their time fighting over the same toy. Was just saying to someone the other day that my boys are eventually beginning to tolerate each other and maybe even like each other and they revert to loathing each other. I despair. All the chat I see on other threads about how lovely it is to have twins and how special their relationship I the only one who has twins who hate each other? Actually maybe its a genetic thing..was speaking to my Dad about it the other day and he said none of the twins in his mum's (my granny) actually got on. My twin great aunts hated each other and were very competitive. The twin uncles were just not that bothered by each other, completely uninterested, and my granny and her twin brother never really had a chance as he was sent away at birth to be brought up by a maiden aunt as my great grand mother couldn't cope as she had 5 under 3 (twins, single, twins) and wasn't brought back into the family until he was about 5 sad. Anyway, I digress...
To add to the jolly air in our house, H, who has just turned 4 has entered a really whiny stage. No idea why, but she is just moaning about everything at the moment.

But must stop moaning about it. They are probably feeding off my grumpiness. I hate January, the lack of money, the lack of daylight. Roll on February smile. CP wise, although I like it, I hope I haven't got anyone's hopes up. It's great, but I can see why people wouldn't like it. They are rip off merchants in a lot of ways. to get round the cot situations, I would just take travel cots probably. The rooms don't have a hell of a lot of floor space to be honest, so it might be a squeeze fitting 3 cots in one room. I also forgot to mention that lodge location can make a huge difference. One time we were much further out than previously, and it was a really pain, having to trek for 20 minutes back to the lodge to pick up forgotten juice cups etc.

Kate sorry to hear that one of your girls is having a tough time. I hope that things become easier (well maybe more routine is a better way of putting it, blood pricks are not easy) with time and that she grows out of it quickly.

Apologies for moany post about moany kids. To add to the madness, we are planning going swimming tomorrow... glutens for punishment DH and I!

londonlottie Sun 29-Jan-12 08:31:13

Oh Chesticles you have my sympathy. Mostly because we're having similar tantrumming episodes these days.

I'm not sure what I think about twins who loathe each other, especially ones that go back in a family's history. I guess that's because I'm hoping rather selfishly that it's highly unlikely and can be avoided! I also wonder if in 'the old days' twin siblings were less likely to be close because the crucial resources like love and money were scarcer - so if you were a twin maybe it was more likely you'd view your other as a rival than as a friend, especially in an already large family where your presence - two babies at once - might be quite a hardship for everyone. All conjecture and I have no idea but am just hoping it's highly unlikely because I don't fancy spending the next 15 years as the family policeman settling pointless disputes about who got the bigger piece of toast.

We try as much as we can to get our girls to share, and are sometimes successful but bloody hell it's hard work with scant reward. My mother is slowly learning that if you're going to buy them something, you're much better off buying two EXACTLY the same things rather than slightly different. What a waste of money that can feel. I would say that E & J mostly ignore each other, show occasional signs of love and caring for each other, and occasionally fight/lash out at the other. Yesterday I asked E if she wanted to come and sit on my lap to have her milk, and Juliet leapt across the room declaring it was HER lap and jumped on me before Eve had a chance... <rolls eyes>

Chesticles Sun 29-Jan-12 08:59:41

Apologies again for indulgent post last night. Was just wittering on. I don't really think the boys are hard wired to hate each other, they are just so completely opposite personalities. I suppose I bought into the "twin connection" thing and am fed up dealing with "ooh twins, how lovely, are they inseperable/they must derive so much comfort from each other/are they cute when they sleep together" comments (I seem to have had a lot of late). On a nicer note D and H play nicely together sometimes. H says D is her best friend.

On the belongings thing, we are still finding our way, but think like LL that two identical things is probably the way forward. Though we have two identical trucks and they still squabble over the same one - though I'm blowed if I can tell the difference between them hmm

Right, wish me luck, we're off swimming!

AtLongLast Sun 29-Jan-12 15:20:11

How did the swimming go Chesti? Our session last week was a palaver & a half. Went through all the faff of getting us all ready, got in the pool ..........& it was freeeeezing! Boys were already grumpy (swimming usually cures them which is why we weren't put off) so clung to us like limpets; dd loved it. After a minute or two of us sitting huddled together we decided to cut our losses and get out. This morning was much better!

I was talking to dp about the mysterious twin connection after reading your post & he agrees it's not something ours have ever shown the vaguest of signs. They didn't register there was another baby there til 5months ish. I remember ds1 being desperate to catch ds2's attention at the table when they were 6months but ds2 used to lives in LaLa land most of the time so didn't respond. & it's only v v recently that we've seen them actually enjoying and seeking out one another's company.

Sharing is getting better here. They do mostly accept they can't take things off the other now (not that they like it), but can have the toy when the other has finished with it. If they take it, they will mostly give it back when asked. Ds1 is showing good thinking skills in conning ds2 out of toys. We have a Thomas Tank that plays the Thomas theme tune (ds1's fav toy). If ds2 is playing with it and ds1 wants it, he'll try giving ds2 random bits of crap toys in return. The other day he put a coin piggy bank toy that ds2 usually loves playing with near to ds2. When that didn't work he pushed the pig right up to ds2's leg. Ds2 then decided to play with that so ds1 took Thomas. Result!

Sharing attention - a different thing altogether! We have so many episodes of whingebagging totally because they both want cuddles at the same time, or they think the other might be about to get attention. Wouldn't mind so much if they were short on cuddles/attention but they are always on offer. We're now refusing unless they stop whining - with some effect. Ds2 seems to be getting it, but not ds1.

tartiflette Mon 30-Jan-12 21:55:51

Just dashing in to say hi to you all. Am full of cold and feel rubbish, have loads of work to do and am glued to this awful child protection programme about a poor neglected little boy, totally heartbreaking.
Have lots to say on the subject of twins fighting/hating each other but will have to wait till tomorrow night now. Nightie night all

Chesticles Mon 30-Jan-12 22:45:33

Swimming was ok. Not a complete disaster, but the kids didn't enjoy it as much as they have done previously. H was continuing her recent moany theme and pretty much refused to do much (go on slide, play in the bubble beds etc). D clung like a limpet to me for 90% of the time until he found the slide and then didn't want to leave. J had a fairly placid, not happy, but not unhappy time. Went out for lunch afterwards to a Harvester/Eating Inn type place. Was actually really good. Kids sat google eyed at the TV(Cbeebies) in the booth (they don't normally get TV at mealtimes) and robotically shovelled food into their mouths, whilst DH and I actually enjoyed a quiet meal! Makes me almost tempted to get a telly in the kitchen! Though I shouldn't have been scoffing food after having seen myself in swimming costume. Not good. Diet has stalled, must re-motivate myself.

Tarti don't know how you can watch a programme on a neglected child. Fact or fiction I just can't hope with it anymore. Even slumdog millionaire had me in floods of tears for most of it for the poor children. <sticks head in sand>

KateShmate Tue 31-Jan-12 20:28:16

Chesticles Good on you for going with them - its a nightmare near us, all the pools say that each child under 8 (who can't swim confidently) have to have an adult accompanying them - which means we can only take 2/5 girls swimming...
There is 1 place about 45 minutes away that just allows as many children as you want - its brilliant because its a childrens pool with slides and everything - but not so brilliant because then we do need 1 child each to help with the slides and to eliminate drownage risk! grin
We really should go more, try and make the effort.
DD2 is a nightmare to go swimming with - when she was smaller she just wanted to go off all the time! We would be in the deep end and she would just scream, wriggle and tell us that she could do it herself - so we would let go of her (only for a second) and obviously she would go straight under. We would grab her up spluttering around, and she would just wriggle off again! At the time, those buoyancy jackets were useless because she was too small. Now, at 4, she can't swim but we just chuck her in in the jacket and she just bobs around!
1 of the Dtrip's is the same!

Agree about the child abuse thing, don't know how you can watch it Tarti - makes me feel physically sick. I know if I started watching it, I'd have to carry on to make sure the bastards got time for it; but too scared to watch it in the first place.

AtLongLast Tue 31-Jan-12 21:33:48

We thought we'd have that problem once dd arrived Kate after hearing about 1:1 requirements / our pool has notices up saying under 8s must be accompanied by an adult. Then we realised ours mightn't mean 1:1 ratio so chanced our luck & it has been fine. V quiet pool though and no slides etc & the pool we go to now has a family changing room & v helpful staff. Def wouldn't fancy taking any more than 3 though & will be interesting to see what happens once dd gets older. The boys are happy bobbing around using armbands / jumping in from the side so sort of hoping they will be super-confident and semi-sensible by then...

Makes it really worthwhile when they appreciate your efforts so much doesn't it Chesti?! You have reminded me to bear in mind Harvester type places. We passed one recently & it occurred to me we fit their target gp these days.

Oh Tarti, I iplayered that programme today. It was so, so sad all round but really interesting too. I hope you're feeling better and less swamped by work <yeah right, like that's gonna happen...> soon.

Had another call from my boss yesterday.... they've got another load of marking for me to do hmm shock. Told them it would have to wait til next week before I picked it up. I drive such a hard bargain....

londonlottie Tue 31-Jan-12 22:17:43

How on earth do you manage 3 with 2 adults though ALL? I couldn't possibly cope! Unless we were in a paddling pool, and even then I'm not sure I'd trust myself... had a situation last summer where I was with the girls right in the middle of a large paddling pool, both fell over one after the other and I was terrified - E slipped and went under just as I was hauling J to the side and it took a couple of seconds at least before I realised.

Am with the others tarti - can't watch those programmes, not brave enough.

Went to look round the new nursery today, and as documented in fury on FB, my mother witnessed a little upstart pointing to E's face (as she stood there investigating some of the toys with the other kids while I chatted to the owner) and saying "what's wrong with her cheeks?" angry I know I'm being ridiculously over-protective, but I love her hamster cheeks! How very dare she! Was my first instance of something where I felt fierce protection in the face of external interference. Can't bear to think of anyone being horrible to her, to either of them, to any children in fact. Boo.

LaVitaBellissima Wed 01-Feb-12 11:08:31

Will post later but Centreparcs is booked grin

DP refused to pay extra to choose our lodge location, said it was rubbish, but I'm sure he'll be annoyed with all the walking. I really want to get bikes and a little trailer too, £75 for the week though confused

AtLongLast Wed 01-Feb-12 14:46:26

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't manage two on my own either Lottie, but 3 with the two of us feels far more manageable at the moment with dd being so small. Dp carries dd in car seat and walks whichever boy is calmer. I walk the other & carry our baggage. We use the family changing room & I keep kiddies in there while dp puts our stuff in the lockers. Then we all go have a shower & dp walks the boys to the pool while I carry dd/swimring/car seat. Although the boys are confident in the water, they obv can't swim yet so can't move at speed when out of their depth. I'll take dd in her swimring & one of the boys, usually ds2 cos he's a bit in love with dd atm, and he likes to use the heating element thing/ pool tiles as a train track so we spend lots of time just walking up & down it making train noises blush.... They like to jump in but largely accept they're not allowed out of the pool once in. Then to get out, I'll do dd at poolside & strap her into her seat then we sort the boys (or dp does while I feed dd). That's the hardest part really cos dp is in the water with both boys wanting to go in opposite directions. If it came to it, at least we'd know dd would be safe in her car seat if we both needed to attend to the boys. Taking it all week by week at the moment though. I'm more worried about going to softplay tomorrow with my 3 and my niece who has a 4month old biscuit....

Yey Lavita! Which did you go for in the end? We didn't choose our lodge location either but knew it would be an outer one with us getting it v cheaply.... and we weren't disappointed grin. We're not fussed, but not sure the grandparents realise how big the site is & how far they might have to walk. We have booked a couple of bikes for our lodge but my mum is not a cyclist. Still, they're getting a free holiday & get to spend time with their grandchildren....

Right... enough procrastination. DD is sleeping, dts at nursery & I should really just pull my finger out & get this marking out of my hair!

londonlottie Wed 01-Feb-12 14:58:50

smile You are extremely capable ALL smile

We went to soft play this morning; I was impressed actually - the one in Switz. we used to go to was rubbish in comparison. No chairs/tables anywhere near the soft play area so you were either standing by the soft play policing other people's brats your kids or sat in a separate restaurant room where you couldn't see the kids. This one was better, I was booming "this is GREAT!" to my mother as she stood there looking distinctly unimpressed at having to sit at cheap plastic tables and chairs drinking rubbish coffee while a variety of grubby children hurtled past her shrieking their lungs out. grin My idea of "GREAT!" has obviously deteriorated these past two years... give me the chance to sit down for 15 minutes while the girls can safely entertain themselves and I'm moderately content. The girls loved every minute, was brilliant. And all for £4.50 grin

AtLongLast Wed 01-Feb-12 15:48:01

Oops sorry Lottie... I think you were musing rather than expecting a blow-by-blow account of our swimming trips....

Gosh, the Swiss one does sound erm... not ideal?! Haha at your Mum / your revised expectations. Our local soft play sounds similar to yours though the coffee (and food!) at ours is actually rather nice if a bit cold by the time I get round to drinking it. I took my MIL once... she thought it was a bit rough hmm hmm. I think my reservations about tomorrow is that I'm travelling a fair distance to niece's so haven't been to this one & have visions of ds1 being stuck up high (I think the additional height dimension is the scary bit), ds2 being usual manic self & dd needing feeding all at the same time. Niece said she will help me but......?

Dd waking & haven't quite finished procrastinating yet. Oh well. A bit of maternity hospital it is while boys are out. Decided I should stop watching it the other week because the boys were shouting `baba, baba' when scenes of surgery were on TV during a report about the PIP implants recently... overexposure?

tartiflette Wed 01-Feb-12 21:05:45

grin ALL

Lottie I read your fb update about the cheeks comment. It gave me a horrible insight into how I will feel once they're at school and exposed to all manner of comments from peers... horrible to think we can't protect them from any kind of upset. Anyway I digress as obviously Eve wasn't upset by the comment (bet the child's mother was MORTIFIED) - and she is absolutely gorgeous in any case. But I echo your indignation!

Well we will need bikes and a trailer too at CP, as I think our lodge is also on the outskirts (not 100% sure as mil has booked). When are you going Lavita?

Loving all the swimming chat. We've still never taken ours, due to the fact that our local pools all insist on 1:1 ratio and DH won't entertain the idea of a 'municipal pool' (!!)... we haven't been away on a proper holiday yet so no swimming opportunities on that front either, but all that will change this summer. We'll probably find we've missed the window and they will forever hate the water or never manage to learn to swim or whatever blush

re. the child protection/social services prog - it wasn't child abuse as such (could never sit and watch something like that) just a woefully damaged couple who were ill equipped to deal with parenting. In the end they separated and the mother made the decision to give her 4 year old and baby up for adoption. It was so desperately sad, I really shouldn't have watched it, have been thinking about it all week.

My diet has stalled too Chesti (AGAIN). Really annoyed with myself.

Am still full of cold (or as I like to think of it, flu wink) and really feeling I could do with someone taking the girls away for 48hrs so I could recoup, do umpteen loads of laundry, deal with the paperwork mountain and catch up on work. Ha. It's not that I don't love spending time with them (!) but they are so full on and demanding. I was moaning to someone at work about a pile of assessments that need marking and she said 'oh you'll just have to do it tomorrow while you're off and the girls are playing' - I mean is it just me who finds that suggestion ridiculous?! Do anyone else's play nicely (together or apart) for any length of time? I mean to the point where you can get on with something... I seem to be required to participate rather more than I would like blush

Sorry for the completely self-involved post!

londonlottie Wed 01-Feb-12 22:15:04

Child's mother wasn't there tarti - it was just normal nursery set-up, with us looking around while the girls pottered with the others. I know in the grand scheme of things it's nothing, but as you say it's that thought that children will often try to find someone's 'weak spot' and pick on that. More likely at that age of course is that she was just commenting on my daughter's scrumptious cheeks, not knowing that they were scrumptious and that in fact her thinking IS COMPLETELY OFF THE MARK wink

Can't write much as DH is sitting on the sofa next to me ranting away at the news on TV and it's giving me a bloody headache.

Suffice to say tarti - forget the diet stalling, mine's gone bloody backwards at high speed. I am a great big fatty and very depressed about it. sad

tartiflette Wed 01-Feb-12 22:36:24

As IF. We do need to kick start it again though don't we. Where is the motivation going to come from??
I've just ordered some clothes with Christmas money that was burning a hole in my pocket, hopefully that will give me a kick up the (fat) arse...

londonlottie Wed 01-Feb-12 22:48:12

I don't know. sad I have put on <whispers> at least a stone and a half since losing all the weight. Managed to maintain it for about 9 months without any bother, went on holiday a few pounds heavier than I'd been... put on a few pounds. Lost a bit of that, but then Christmas came... put on a few more. And now a month of being at Mum's, drinking wine every evening and eating far too much... even more has piled on. On the one hand think I can't really get a grip on it until we move in, but that is going to be a month away and I can't bear another month of eating crap. Even insisted we drive to Argos the other day to buy some scales so I could begin to address it all. But as you say, where oh where is the motivation? I could talk about this subject all night, but will go to bed. In a nutshell, i need to key into some sort of um... self-esteem about eating well, being healthy, not wanting to eat rubbish. I don't want to fad diet any more, don't want to go on a big 'kick' to get down to a certain weight. I need to address something as a permanent change in the way I deal with food. And on that light-hearted bit of whimsy, goodnight! grin

londonlottie Wed 01-Feb-12 22:50:29

PS: I bought a few items in the sale - including some FAB Nicole Farhi black trousers, in a size bigger than my lowest weight, and even they don't fit. But they are a good incentive for me to get back on the bloody wagon. So where is my bloody mojo?!

AtLongLast Wed 01-Feb-12 22:58:13

I wouldn't worry too much about the `window' Tarti. For ages my parents took us swimming every weekend til my brother arrived when I was 6.... and I still couldn't swim! Sort of taught myself when I was 14 or so though my strongest stroke is doggy paddle much to dp's amusement. That's why I'm so keen for the boys to be confident.

My two can play really well together or apart.... until they spot that I'm doing something that they consider could be vaguely interesting, like look in the general direction of my laptop, or move. I discovered today that pile of assessment most definitely fits that bill too strange children so I agree - impossible while they're around. Though actually, ds1 would have fun scrawling all over the work, and the students would take as much notice of it as they do my feedback.... hmm hmm. I thought I'd try reading a book today while they were engrossed in Thomas Tank. Ds2 needed to hold the book & ds1 just wanted to draw fish in it. That worked well... grin

Sounds like you're enjoying having dh back to share your weekday evenings Lottie grin

I'm ignoring weight stuff, other than I need to buy clothing & that's always depressing. I was lucky both pg in that I didn't put additional weight on, but I could still do with losing my pre-pg excess. I think I can still ignore for a while yet after all, I will lose loads through breastfeeding biscuit

tartiflette Thu 02-Feb-12 07:01:27

ALL you definitely do not need to worry about it at the moment!

Right I am going to train my children to play by themselves. Maybe I don't have the right kind of toys... <throws money at the situation>

Lottie I do this every year, put a couple of pounds on over Christmas, then think 'oh I've only put a couple of pounds on, that's great' and continue to trough my way through January and Feb until I've undone any previous good work. MUST STOP!

Right, M is roaring, must get them up

londonlottie Thu 02-Feb-12 09:13:10

Right kind of toys? Right kind of television you mean grin

Actually we just threw money at the situation ourselves and bought the girls two of those Little Tikes bubble car things. They absolutely love them and seem to spend the whole time when we're at home getting in, beeping the horn, opening the door, getting out, filling it up with petrol (from a teapot of course), getting back in, etc etc etc. Well worth the £50 each although they were complete buggers to put together - next time I'm going second hand just to get out of doing that bit!

I do get tired sometimes of having to play with them and am hoping the independence will increase.

Btw I hope there's no 'window' either - the girls have probably been swimming about 5 times in total. Juliet terrified of it all still, or rather throws a complete fit if we try to put arm-bands on...

KateShmate Thu 02-Feb-12 17:45:11

Lottie am only on for 5 minutes so can't do write a long reply.
But my girls play for hours in the little tikes cars too - bring them in in the winter and they speed up and down the hallway - then do the same as yours (get out, petrol, back in, drive) and then all swap cars. When they start getting a bit bored, I suggest they 'Go to the beach!' and they all speed off again!
Mine will play by themselves nicely Tarti but they cannot physically do it without getting every single toy out.. then they will play on top of all the toys hmm but if I have things I desperately need to do - I'm happy for them to get absolutely everything out, will keep them busy for ages!
If you've got paper work to do, could you sit them in their highchairs at the table and give them some paper so they can 'copy' you?

tartiflette Thu 02-Feb-12 19:35:13

How old are yours Kate?
Mine do play better if they've got thousands of things kicking about the floor to choose from. I left them alone a bit today as an experiment. R no probs really although she comes back to boss me about a bit and tell me where to sit every so often. M fine for a short while but I think she gets bored without input, her solution then seems to be to wonder about opening drawers and flinging stuff about, occasionally resorting to bringing me things or getting up to mischief to get my attention... can they be taught (I know taught is the wrong word, ykwim) to occupy themselves more or am I overdoing it as usual ? grin

It doesn't matter about the work - expecting to be able to mark GCSE/A Level papers in French with small children knocking about is just pie in the sky; I can't even do it with the radio on! - but it would be nice to be able to flick through a magazine or, ahem, do something more worthy <scrabbles to think of anything> for more than seven minutes at a stretch...

I am painfully aware that 95% of my posts boil down to my desire to escape my children.... grin I do love them really wink

Might get some little Tykes for the summer. Our house is too small for two of them to be any good indoors. The wheelibugs are still going strong though.

londonlottie Thu 02-Feb-12 19:52:57

We've got them at my mum's at the moment tarti where there's no room for them to whizz around in them. In fact they haven't worked out how to manoeuvre them any way but backwards - assuming Kate that in time they'll enjoy scooting around in them?

Meant to say yesterday very funny moment with Juliet in the ball pit at soft play. She got in it for the first time, had been in it for about 30 seconds before a mum plonked her 1 yr old in to play with the balls. 1 yr old happily starts gently picking up a ball - Juliet immediately drops onto her front, splayed like a starfish in an attempt to assert her ownership of every single ball in the pit, grasping at every individual ball she can and with a steely glare stayed absolutely still until the mother removed her child. Even I was scared! This girl has a shock coming to her when she gets to nursery...

LaVitaBellissima Sun 05-Feb-12 16:57:41

I know we've touched on this before but schools!!!!

My local primary school that I'm in the catchment area of is Ofstead satisfactory and has 70% of the children with English as a second language, my only other options are to,

1. Become a practising Catholic (we're both Catholic but don't go to church) our other local school is Ofstead good but had 86 applicants for 26 places last year, and can you imagine if I started going to church each week for 2 years then didn't get in bashes head against wall!
2. Pay and go private
3. Move to a nice Village with an outstanding primary

Help please grin

LaVitaBellissima Sun 05-Feb-12 16:59:38

Lottie What size were the gold TTJ shoes you have? I bought the girls some this week as they are both now walking, sooo cute!

tartiflette Sun 05-Feb-12 17:34:16

Bit rushed now to post properly but Lavita I wouldn't personally distinguish between a 'good' and an 'outstanding' school - in practice the only differences are often to do with senior management ticking the right boxes and everyone using the right buzzwords. Satisfactory is different as this can mean there are real areas for concern. I'd be looking at the actual inspection report and picking out the bits that relate to your personal obsessions criteria (so for me might be things like quality of pastoral care and overall happiness of the students (they do comment on this), behaviour when walking around the school as well as in lessons, stretch and challenge for more able students...) rather than relying on the headline verdict.
The school I teach at is 'outstanding' (secondary) and I wouldn't really want mine going there, for all sorts of reasons - for example it's very innovative from a teaching and learning point of view, too much so in my view, but this goes down well with inspectors.
The Ofsted report can also give you interesting info about the profile of their intake of kids.
Our current catchment area sounds very similar to yours, the local primary - which is at the end of the road - is not an option as far as I'm concerned. I have dabbled with the idea of private but I would rather move to a nicer area with better schools since this benefits all of us as a family anyway.
It's pie in the sky at the moment though hmm

KateShmate Sun 05-Feb-12 20:58:49

Tarti DD's are 2.6
Probably the wrong word, but I do think they can be 'taught' to entertain themselves! When mine start getting a bit bored, I just invent something else for them to do; like with the cars - I ask them if they are going to the beach next. Then if they get bored 'at the beach', I will step in and be the ice cream lady - after a few minutes I suggest 1 DD is the ice cream lady whilst I do some jobs.

Lottie Your DD at softplay sounds absolutely bloody hilarious! I remember DD1 trying to do this at a party once, with balloons - only they would just 'bounce' off.. grin
Yep, DD's all went backward on ride-ons at first.. I guess its just instinct to 'push' - but they do soon learn to go forwards.. and thats when you have to start watching your ankles!

LVB I probably sound like a complete twat, but I hadn't even thought about schools.... blush / confused will they definitely get into the same 1?! Imagine having 5 DC's in 5 different schools, all starting at the same time... Arghh!
Our local primary is absolutely lovely - DD1 already goes, and hopefully DD2 will be going in September - she already goes to the adjoining pre-school.
Our local Secondary is just horrendous - would never send DD's there. DH is determined to send them privately for secondary; its just obviously the case of money. So unless we move before they go to secondary (highly unlikely..) we had better start saving!

AtLongLast Sun 05-Feb-12 21:31:03

Now that would be a nightmare Kate!

I've only had a brief look at our local schools & they seem OK despite the area. We are still hoping to move sometime & the area we have our eye on has pretty good schools, certainly at secondary. Agree with Tarti though... ofsted can be meaningless. Which is useful. Especially when it comes to your own child. I'm the complete opposite. My place was `inadequate' and within 2 yrs turned it round to v nearly `outstanding'. The difference... management biscuit. Totally biscuit. I'd have been happy for my childen to go there for most subject areas regardless of the inspection report (& actually chose to work there rather than at an `outstanding' competitor because of my experiences at both insitutions). Post-compulsary ed is a bit different to schools though (for now anyway!).

Dp has gone off to bed poorly so I'm on dd alert. & trying to get this bloody assessment done for work. They've asked me to drop it back early this week & I'm struggling to get through it. I'm trying to say sod `em, but it's hard so I'm stressing instead. & knowing there's another lot waiting for me. Gah!! I'm going to have to put my foot down & say no more I think.

Nice weekend otherwise. Decided to go to the zoo yesterday. Stupid idea considering the forecast. Just as well it started peeing down as we got into the car so we ended up going for a house-spotting drive then to Pizza Hut for lunch. Boys were so, so good. & we did the zoo today instead. Sans buggy & it was mostly OK. Took boys on monorail thinking they'd be made up with the choo choo ride. Ds1 spent the whole time like this hmm. He really is v unsure when it comes to new experiences / being out of his comfort zone. No doubt he'll talk about it non-stop now its over though. Like the other week when he would only watch the Skype session with gramps from the other side of the room..... and now constantly mentions `grandad, fish' `cos Dad was being daft with a Nemo soft toy.

LaVitaBellissima Mon 06-Feb-12 09:41:03
LaVitaBellissima Mon 06-Feb-12 09:45:50
LaVitaBellissima Mon 06-Feb-12 09:59:24

Thanks Tarti +All with your teacher wisdom, I am leaning towards going to church at present blush. Long term plan is still to move, but where? We need to be within an hours drive of SW London, not really sure what other requirements I have apart from good schools and a house I love confused

Lottie Love the ball pool story, shame you didn't get that on film grin, how is the move going? I saw your FB status about loving your London house, I feel like that too, that I'd be sad to lose this property as I know long term it is a great investment.

ALL Why are you working on your maternity leave confused?

Kate Where do you live <nosy>?

MM, Cerub, Chesty How are you?

londonlottie Mon 06-Feb-12 10:14:35

Oh girls, have been lurking here but too stressed to post. Came back to London at the weekend and immediately found myself having second thoughts about selling up. Very complicated thought processes and no idea what to do with myself at the moment, dreading the phone ringing with progress from EAs etc because I don't know what I'm going to say. blush

Lots to say on the school subject. LaVita - interesting situation in Matfield re. the local school, which was a failing school a couple of years ago. According to the locals I've spoken to, it's now had loads of money poured into it, a new head, small class sizes (because no-one wanted to go there!) and is rapidly turning into a school to be reckoned with. So the people I spoke to, who had children who were 7-9, had opted to go private because of the state of the school at the point of entry, but told me to take a look at it and give it good consideration because it might have turned round in 2-3 years. I've read lots on the subject and everyone says your starting point should be to go and look at all those you're considering - lots of people find themselves actually really liking a school despite its Ofsted rating. I am drifting more and more towards wanting to go private, but that's a whole other subject and more than slightly linked into my stress about selling up here.

LaVitaBellissima Mon 06-Feb-12 10:41:18

Oh Lottie sad big hugs for you, be kind to yourself, have a nice big cup of tea and take a deep breath. It is incredibly stressful moving house, let alone twice and you have also different Countries and twins to add into that equation.
Is it just because you like your old London life, the house, or is it the unknown of moving to another new place?
I love the new house and it looks like a fantastic family home and great new start for you. The school sounds good too, wish I could be more help <hugs>

tartiflette Mon 06-Feb-12 13:38:18

Hugs from me too Lottie. What are the factors making you feel like this? If you could be in the new house tomorrow, with some other minions having moved in all your stuff and done all conceivable donkey work, would you be happy? Is it just a wobble because it feels nice to be back in your London place versus upheaval/being at your mum's? Agree with Lavita, the new house is gorgeous and you were so excited about it - perhaps all the inevitable faffing and wrangling over details has taken the gloss off that excitement but the essentials are still the same (I'm presuming...)
Talk us through it, you know we enjoy a spot of counselling grin

Lavita I'd be putting my SUnday best on too wink - the Catholic one looks good. Only thing is it's one form entry so F and V would be in the same class. Depends whether that's a problem for you (I'm not sure for me, think I would rather they were separate but I know lots of people feel the opposite confused)

londonlottie Mon 06-Feb-12 13:41:36

I will bore you with it on FB... get your counsellor's glasses on! x

tartiflette Mon 06-Feb-12 19:46:12

Hi all.
Lottie you reminded me I needed to pick up the grobag from the sorting office where it has been languishing for the past week! Got it now, it's perfect thanks for the recommendation, I will get one for R too.

How are we all tonight? I'm supposed to be marking but instead am gearing up for a couple of hours' tv and a selection of curries. NO RICE, am being mildly careful about carbs in a half assed manner. Lost a whopping one and a half of the 6 I gained over Christmas and January. I've got a hen do to go to this weekend, then two nights away with DH next week, both of which I was hoping to be looking thinner for. Hmmm.

tartiflette Mon 06-Feb-12 19:46:31

Pounds not stone!!!!!!

AtLongLast Mon 06-Feb-12 21:22:10

Sounds like the local one might have been in special measures til before the last inspection Lavita? If so there will be loads of support / pressure to help them improve further so might be worth visiting / keeping an eye on. Tho if there's a chance you need to move or start going to church I guess that's not a great option either.

Lottie ishoos?? <tapping feet... waiting.... >

I have my marking out Tarti (no idea Lavita. Other than I'm obviously a mug....) but am mainly doing tv too (protecting children?) as chances of meeting the marking deadline are so remote I might as well not worry. Dp has gone to bed again as he's still poorly. He ended up with D&V since last night, as has ds2 hmm. They've both been v poorly today sad. I'm paranoid that dd might get it & have been really twitchy about dp going near her today not that he knows that of course.... On the plus side... we have chocolate & he's in no state to enjoy. Oh well grin

tartiflette Mon 06-Feb-12 22:07:57

Eeek, watched it again ALL. Not quite as harrowing as last time but still pretty sad. I did add to the atmosphere by intoning every so often to DH 'Of course this is the type of boyfriend R/M will end up with if we have to send them to THAT SCHOOL' etc etc

Hope your DP and DS2 perk up tomorrow. Nowt worse than D&V. Mmmm chocolate you bitch

AtLongLast Mon 06-Feb-12 22:27:29

So sad (& the clip from next week looks a difficult one). The happy ending was all nicely formulating in my brain then.... BAM! She was doing so well. I could have cried for him when he was <so politely> telling the SW how he didn't like her.. but not her.. but you understand...? & when he was singing to baby..

Seems there's a D&V bug doing the rounds at nursery.... but I don't think this one came from there so I hope it's not on the way too! DS1 had the runny bum on Saturday so prob started it here, but I blamed soft play for that. He's on top form at the moment & I even walked him home from nursery today. It's only a 5minute walk. Was it anywhere near a 10min round trip shock shock??

Chesticles Mon 06-Feb-12 22:37:20

Wrote huge post earlier but it got timed out so lost it all. The gist of it was apologies for lack of posting, have been lurking but not posting as have nothing nice to say about my children and they say if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at allgrin the boys tantrums are just horrendous .full blown rigid body, legs thrashing screaming for 15 minutes over a misplaced pea on j's plate. Would be funy if it wasn't happening 2-3 times a day each sad I know it is just a stage but it is sooooooo wearing. Doesn't help that h is going through a back chat stage. Really just need a night away from it all. Unfortately asking anyone to babysit 3 kids overnight is a huge ask. Shouldn't moan especially to you lot who are all in a similar situation - well hopefuuly with slightly les tantrums.

ll hope you are feeling more decided about whether to move or not. What does your dh think? Have you spoken to mm as she moved out of London quite recently?

Not thought about schools much here. Scotland has less choice, pretty much you just go to the local primary followed by the local secondary as any other option would require ridiculous amounts of traveling. A relief to have the decision made for me really. Though at the moment am thinking of deferring h who is due to start school in aug but as she is in the youngest 2 months of the catchment year (march - feb) she has the option to defer. Though with the kids behavior this week maybe we should be hoping for a lottery win and sending them off to boarding school. Think of the peace and quiet grin

tartiflette Tue 07-Feb-12 19:51:17

ALL I know he was v endearing wasn't he? Had tears in my eyes when he met his little boy. Omg though, that dog! shock

Chesti huge sympathy with the tantrums. Mine are pretty awful too, though they tend to take it in turns at the moment. My main problem is the back arching and screaming every time they get put in the car/buggy. I know it's petty but the bloody backache, not to mention the number I have bumped my head, broken/snagged a nail, clipped my own skin into the straps etc etc!
I would totally babysit for you if I was nearby. Sometimes a night away is the only remedy... ask whoever you can, someone might actually be pleased to be able to help and in any case they can easily invent an excuse if it's a deeply unappealing prospect. Do you have a couple of child free friends who could do it as a joint effort? Or could you send H to someone's and have someone else over to look after the boys?

Well my sister is in labour as we speak (with her first). She knows she's having a girl, I'm so excited for her and wish I was nearer so I could be at the hospital. As it is, the earliest I can visit is the weekend, when I am supposed to be away on a hen weekend... hmm

AtLongLast Wed 08-Feb-12 12:47:31

Exciting stuff Tarti! So you're an Auntie twice over in 2ish weeks? Any news? What are you going to do about visiting?

Aww Chesti, my sympathies too. Hope they move on from it pretty sharpish.

Stiil in the depths of D&V here. Thought ds1 had got away with it but he had some horrendous nappies yesterday. Thank God for dungarees. You know things are bad when dts are telling you there's poo on the floor & you know they're both nappied & trousered. Then ds1 started throwing up through the night & dd has had one big chuck up this morning. I'm onto my 4th change of clothes and have had Thomas on loop all morning. A little respite for now as the boys are sleeping & dd is feeding.

KateShmate Wed 08-Feb-12 18:20:05

ALL Sorry to hear yours have D&V - am so glad it hasn't reared its head here - definitely not welcome!!!
Havent been on for a few days as poorly DTrip been in and out of hospital with dangerously low sugar (scary blue-light journey..) and in the end her consultant decided to, last minute, fit a gastrostomy (PEG) tube.. Was in DD's best interest as she has turned into a different child in the past 6 weeks. She can barely get off the sofa the whole day, no energy to eat/drink, can barely walk to front door let alone out the house, and looks constantly seriously ill - eyelids half closed, pale etc. The amount of weight she has lost is ridiculous, even after being referred to a dietician; she is tiny - looks awful next to her sisters.. you would never think they were triplets. Before she was rushed to hospital last week, we were at a loss with what to do - and to be perfectly honest, I thought she had some underlying problem and was dying - she was that poorly.
Last night was her first night on tube feed - she is fed continuously throughout the night - and went brilliantly. She did have to be pricked constantly to check bloods, but because she didn't have to be woken up, she didn't even know - had the best night sleep for a good few months and woke up like a different child!
Tonight is our 1st night on our own - wish us luck! (And no leaks!)
Looking forward to having more than 2 hours sleep a night grin

AtLongLast Wed 08-Feb-12 19:57:30

Oh wow, def `good luck' Kate. Sounds v scary & I imagine most would have been having similar thoughts about underlying problems - puts a bit of D&V into perspective! Is the tube going to stay just til she's stabilised / another plan is made a bit or is it going to be a longer term solution? V, v good news that it's had such a positive impact so quickly.

tartiflette Wed 08-Feb-12 20:02:08

Oh Kate - what a few days you must have had. I really hope tonight goes well for you all and she starts to feel better poor little thing. And enjoy the 'luxury' of a bit longer in between wake ups smile

LaVitaBellissima Wed 08-Feb-12 21:09:21

Kate that sounds just awful, I hope she's on the mend and the next few days bring you so much needed rest <hugs>

I won't bore you all but I am obsessing over schools, bloody hell, it looks like I'm off to church this Sunday, and squirelling away money in case we have no choice to go private confused

Chesticles Wed 08-Feb-12 21:17:30

Oh kate sounds like your poor dt has had a tough few months. Fingers crossed that she has turned the corner and the peg will help her get the energy to be herself again soon. I hope the rest of your family is dog ok after having the stress of the last week. Thinking of you all.

Good news for me is that my lovely mum and dad are coming this weekend to babysit on sat night so that dh and I can have night out. We are not getting away (m & d are not that keen to do an overnight) but a meal out will be lovely smile

All, hope the d&v is a sort lived thing and everyone is back to full health soon.

tartiflette Wed 08-Feb-12 21:18:44

grin Lavita you're as bad as me... Although I must admit I have stopped short of squirrelling away any money. Unless buying new boots and a dress counts as an investment??

Yep twice an Auntie (although this one feels more real iyswim as it's my sister). Think I will sack off the hen weekend and go down to see her on Sat. Feel a bit bad but it's not a close friend so I'm sure she'll understand. My sis has torn quite badly and had to have a lot of stitches so another night in hospital tonight. Her dd is doing the whole lull-you-into-false-sense-of-security-by-sleeping-peacefully-for-the-first-24hrs thing. I have refrained from making any wry comments about enjoying it while it lasts! grin

KateShmate Wed 08-Feb-12 21:42:20

ALL She will have the peg for another 2/3 months and then have a 'button' put in - from what they've said, its like the blow-into bit on an inflatable, rather than the tube she's got now. Apparently its much easier, but they don't recommend going straight to a button for some reason. We're not really sure how long she will have the peg in for - maybe the next few years, maybe months? But when they think she's 'ready' then we just won't feed her for the night, and she if she can stabilise herself - if not, back to feeds!
I know what you mean about putting things into perspective, I do it myself - but I do have a lot of sympathy for you - children and D&V doesn't mix. I'm so glad that mine rarely get it, but I never know what to do, its just awful sad

Tarti Thank you smile I can't wait for tonight! She's gone down fine with it and although I'll still have to check her levels every few hours - she won't wake up (because she won't need to be orally fed) and so I can just check her and go straight back to sleep grin Definitely a lady of luxury!

Thanks LVB We're hoping that this peg will work so well that we might have our 'old' Emme back within a few days! Can't wait to see her in the morning - her sisters won't believe it - they haven't played together (or hardly spoken) for about 6 weeks, so it'll be lovely tomorrow.

Chesticles Hello! Twin boys sounds lovely smile How old are they? My triplets are 2.6 and fwiw, I hate those bloody 'arching' strops! It makes life so hard! When mine have got to that point, I know there is nothing I can do - all I can do is completely ignore, although even that sends them off on one!
Thank you for the message - has definitely been a tough few weeks, but after the last few days I'm actually feeling really positive and now I know everythings going to be okay smile

P.s congrats Auntie Tarti - what is your brand new DN called? Bet you can't wait to go and see them both this weekend!

Chesticles Wed 08-Feb-12 22:24:10

Just been watching one born every minute. Unfortunately H's birth was a lot like the forceps delivery.all seems so long ago now!

kate the boys are 20 months now. And dd1 is 4 years. Boys are fun, but surprisingly different to girls. They are SO physical.

LVB let us know how you get on at church grin

Got an appt through yesterday for j's next hearing check and speach therapy - on friday! I love the nhs hmm

LaVitaBellissima Wed 08-Feb-12 22:57:22

One born every minute shock Jesus Wept!

I've just had to pour a large glass of wine, I'm in shock, horrendous is not the word! If I ever have any more it's CS all the way!

tartiflette Wed 08-Feb-12 23:05:58

That has put me RIGHT OFF (as if I needed putting off...)
Poor bloody woman.
Chesti didn't realise you'd had such an ordeal shock shock

AtLongLast Thu 09-Feb-12 00:04:55

Makes me v grateful for my fairly easy, quick births! Just goes to show though, just cos you've given birth, you don't necessarily understand what it can be like.

Are you practricing your singing Lavita? Can't beat a resounding hymn (well, Ok...)

Haha Chesti - go NHS! Can you make it? Bet it'll be months for the next one if you can't hmm. Interesting about boys / girls. Wonder if we'll see the same? Or if birth order will make a difference? Dd has def worked out that similing at someone across a crowded room will get their attention but that is the limit of her talent atm....

Sounds like a plan Tarti. & good on you for not spoiling sis's `easy baby' joy. I don't think I had that with the boys ds2 so was a bit fooled when dd slept so much in the first 24hrs. Not that she's been bad since, but we didn't have it quite as cracked as we thought....

londonlottie Thu 09-Feb-12 08:27:31

I don't know how ANY of you can watch that programme, I've never so much as set eyes on it - I think I must be phobic of childbirth as if my insistence on a CS from day one wasn't evidence enough

Kate - so sorry to hear about your poor daughter. Hoping you all had a peaceful night and that with this new treatment she can start to be her old self again.

Funny when the girls were born they did sleep constantly but I think so many people had freaked me out about Having Twins that I was under no illusion that eyebags wouldn't be a permanent feature on my face.

Still having major wobbles about the house and have to say it's looking increasingly likely we're going to pull out. I don't know whether I'm coming or going really, all over the place with thinking about it all, but all I can find are lots of good reasons for staying put (at least just for now) and the only big reason for taking the plunge and going for it is that it's a lovely house. Thanks to tarti and LVB for the FB chats... watch this space.

Right, can hear cots rattling upstairs and shouts of "OPEN DE DOOR!" - best release the scamps smile

KateShmate Thu 09-Feb-12 19:11:11

I didn't watch OBEM but I heard they broke the babies clavicle?!
My 'midwife friend' said that they rarely, rarely do this and she can't wait to see if there will be an 'outcry' about it... seems so cruel - the poor baby sad

Chesticles Thu 09-Feb-12 20:45:03

kate, how is poorly dt? Have been thinking of her today, and hoping she had a bit more energy to play with her sisters.

I managed to get tomorrow off work so I can look after d and h whilst dh takes j to the hearing/speach clinic. Will be interesting to see what they say as he isn't very vocal at all compared to d and we're not sure how much that is to do with his cleft.

KateShmate Thu 09-Feb-12 21:02:14

Chesti Our little Emme is back! She slept for a whopping 16 hours last night and woke up as though nothing has happened in the last 6 months!
She walked downstairs (can't remember the last time she did this), got to the bottom step and announced 'I'm here!' grin - again, apart from yesterday, she hasn't had the energy to even talk for about 5 weeks.
We cannot believe how well this PEG is working - I don't care if she has to have this for a few years, its bloody brilliant!
E also got new medicines since being in hospital, and as they're so gross - they can just be 'popped' into her peg too! Life is so easy grin
We can't thank the Dr's enough - they were so quick to act on everything, and were just brilliant. Love for the NHS!

Other 2 DTrips found it really strange to have #3 around again!

Sorry to hear you've got to take one of your DT's to clinic tomorrow - really hope that you can get some answers for his lack of speech. Let us know how he gets on, and hope that he has a nice nurse too!
Emme is going to have to be assessed because of how far, developmentally, she is behind her sisters - we've really noticed, since becoming ill, how behind she is compared to other DT's.

tartiflette Thu 09-Feb-12 22:19:35

Wow, such fantastic news Kate!

Chesti I hope tomorrow's appointment is productive for you all. Will be interesting to hear what they say.

Lottie sad at the wobbles.

londonlottie Thu 09-Feb-12 22:24:28

Great news Kate - you must have been thrilled to see her walk down the stairs this morning smile Here's to continuing improvement.

Good luck too for tomorrow

AtLongLast Fri 10-Feb-12 13:18:09

That's fab Kate! Go Emme - she must be loving the boost it's given her, poor sausage.

Good luck today Chesti. Glad you managed to make arrangements at such short notice!

I'm sorry you're having house wobbles Lottie & you manage to come to a decision soon.

Boys thankfully back to their usual selves today tho still sloppy-bummed. As was dd this morning which I was pretty gutted about. I've tried sooo hard to keep her from getting it & thought we'd managed.

Ds1 `got' his first `joke' last night. They had ice cream for dessert so I was saying `I screeeam... aaaaargh' & he thought it hilarious. Kept pointing to the ice cream saying `ice cream........ I screeeeaaam aaaarghh' grin. Was very funny!

Cerubina Fri 10-Feb-12 13:52:47

Hello. First appearance on this thread, have been reading but feeling a bit blush about joining in when I only have static babies and not toddlers. I am so correct and formal sometimes!

On which note, how do you do Kate. My hat is permanently doffed to you managing with 5 children including triplets, including one with a chronic condition (I just have b/g twins coming up to a year old). You are awesome. It sounds as if you have had a terrible time with Emme just recently but how brilliant that the peg has had such an instant effect! It must have been so emotional to see her back to her old self after what sounds like a really long and worrying spell of lethargy and weakness. Poor little mite, I do hope she has turned a significant corner and will go from strength to strength now, and be able to join in with her sisters.

ALL how are your three now? There is not one thing funny about D&V, it's just misery on a stick. Hope they are all firm of stool again and you are getting a bit of time off from mopping up.

Congrats on auntihood tarti. Poor your sis with the tearing. My god, I watched OBEM and couldn't believe what I was seeing - that poor couple and their baby! It wouldn't have been long ago that that would have meant death to both mum and baby (and no doubt in many countries still does). Just ghastly. So glad she had a spinal! Was your first really that bad too Chesti? You were brave going back for a second (and third). Hope all was positive at J's speech therapy appt.

Lottie how is the soul searching about the house going? I hope you can get to a position you and DH are both happy with and feel free of emotional pulls one way or the other. House buying is such an exhausting business.

LVB how is the school thinking progressing? Have you brushed up your catechism and Sunday best? What's got you panicking about school now, may I ask? Is it something people generally think about early or has someone scared you about waiting lists etc? I have given such things zero thought, dealing with nursery seems like enough for now!

I'm into my last couple of weeks of mat leave now. The twins start their settling in sessions at nursery in 10 days and we have started forking out fistfuls of cash for that (I can't even think about how much of my salary will be gobbled up!). I took them to a soft play place yesterday oh the humanity and shan't bother again until they are considerably more skilled. I had expected a ball pool or something but there was awfully little that was suitable for babies. It just made for a morning where i had to change nappies and give them lunch somewhere far less convenient than home. And it screwed up lunchtime nap too because the 10 mins they got in the car rendered them unwilling/able to drop off again at home! Magic!

But they are truly gorgeous at the moment (no doubt because I am about to abandon them and go back to work). Lots of laughing, cuddles, babbling, bopping and, for once, no illness. DH and I are going out for dinner with friends tomorrow night - got a babysitter and hope this attempt is a thousand times more successful than the last when I had to send her home after 10 mins with full pay while I cleaned up puke!

KateShmate Fri 10-Feb-12 18:30:58

Thank you Tarti Lotti and ALL Sounds silly Lottie, but watching her walk down the stairs was very emotional! A whole huge weight had come off my shoulders, knowing that she is improving!
ALL - she bloody loves the 'magic juice' (thank you nurse hmm ) and I don't think she can believe that she can actually do something, finally!

That was a lovely post Cerubina thank you!
Firstly though, you haven't just got twins - a singleton is bloody hard work, let alone twins! So give yourself the credit that you deserve woman! Plus, IMO static babies are harder than toddlers - you have to get every single thing for them - if a toy is slightly out of reach, they will scream until you fetch it for them. But once they can move around, they become so much more independent and will want to do everything for themselves. You can also send them off to do little jobs for you

You're right about Emme - has been strangely emotional to watch her do things that she hasn't done for months. Even just refusing to hold my hand - standing there pouting and shaking her head; we've not seen her out of the buggy in months! (when we're out that is, she doesn't live in a buggy!)
I suppose normally with illnesses, it isn't long until you see them starting to get a bit better - but with this she has just got progressively worse. Well, until now - she has clearly turned a corner! Hoping she will put on weight quickly, she is still scarily small.

Your little DT's sound lovely smile It must be lovely having 1 of each, are they very similar in what they are currently doing?
FWIW, I bet they will love nursery - I know that in some ways you don't want them to like it, because you want to be at home with them; but it will put your mind at ease when you see how happy they are there.
Every time we go to Soft Play, it turns out to be a nightmare and vow never to go again - but I still do! Mine normally wedge themselves into a piece of equipment that hasn't been designed to have small children wedged in, and get completely stuck. Then I have to wrestle my way through other small children to drag DD's out.
We have also had to 'evacuate' the whole Soft play area numerous times because of angel DD's..
Dressing them similar is a total no-no when going there too, I will count the same DD five times over before realizing they aren't dressed the same (and I've lost 2/3 DDs) Fun times grin

LaVitaBellissima Sun 12-Feb-12 12:00:27

Been to church this morning grin

Will pop back later to chat properly.

Kate brilliant news about Emme, so happy for you all x

tartiflette Sun 12-Feb-12 18:51:33

Lol lavita !!

We are at mil's for a couple of nights as it's a convenient base for visiting my sister and her new baby, and from here we are off for a minibreak just the two of us on Tuesday, for TWO NIGHTS in a lovely hotel quite nearby. I cannot wait, we've only ever had one night 'off' at a time so it'll be a real luxury.

ALL how are all your lot now? We have had D without the V this week, which is infinitely preferable to the other way around, but bad enough!

Hi Cerubina! Hope you managed a lovely dinner out last night and that you have a lovely last couple of weeks maternity leave. Are you going back full time?

Kate I hope the upward curve is continuing with your DD smile

Chesticles Sun 12-Feb-12 20:18:12

Church grin LVB you must be serious about this schools issue. Though to be fair, although not religious, I quite like church services. The calmness of it, the music and singing, the hour without children grin. Like cerubina, can I ask what has instigated the school hunting already? Am I being really slow, or is it not ages away?

Auntie [tarti] how were the newborn cuddles?

cerubina, good to hear from you. Are you looking forward to going back to work?

Very busy weekend here. J's speech and hearing on Friday went quite well. (for those of you who don't know J was born with a cleft palate) He still failed his hearing test (he's only ever passed one) but only just this time. His speech, what they could tell is fine, no problems with p or d which is the sounds that require the palate. They are a bit worried though at his lack of words. He is quite far behind where he should be, so he has to go back in March for a babble group.
Whilst DH was at the hospital with J, the nursery school phoned to ask me to pick up H as she had been sick. Copiously all over the stairs outside the classroom. She was fine before nursery and spent the afternoon jumping on the bed so I thought it was a one off. Unfortunately, despite being pretty much ok all weekend, she has just vomed up her dinner. Great.
Other weekend highlights and lowlights include a puncture, witnessing a car accident (both drivers walked away but they were VERY lucky) having a police lady at the house this morning trying to take my statement, whilst the cat vomed in front of her, DH and my 5 year wedding annivesary, a meal out and too many cocktails, a hangover, DH roofing the vennel at the side of our house so we can store our bikes (only taken about 5 years!). And both boys have dreadful colds. Am shattered now so am off to bed.

AtLongLast Sun 12-Feb-12 20:58:22

I'm v slow Cerubina.... I think I assumed you were here already . All the threads must've merged together in my head grin!

Haha Lavita, where's [the saint] smiley when you need it? Like Chesti, I like churches / services too tho I'm pretty far from being religious.

How's the new family Tarti? Is dn still being a sleepy newborn? Sounds like you have some lovely plans for half term!

Lottie - where are you? I guess you're probably still in the midst of some tough decisions.

Chesti... blimey.... well, can't say you're not keeping yourself busy! Sounds like a productive appt for J. Sort of assumed they might just do the `develop at different rates' line so it's great that you've got the babble gp (fab name!) for him next month. Hoping he's just taking it all in & it'll all pop out one day in an eloquent sentence.

We thought we were over the illness here but ds1 had a very special nappy surprise when we took him out of his highchair today (aargh... more time off nursery!). God knows why he wasn't making a fuss... squelched out of top of nappy, over the chair (but, bizarrely, no smell??) etc etc etc... then another in the bath. He seems totally fine in himself though. Dd had a couple of interesting nappies today too & has been off colour. Unfortunately this was all after we'd been swimming assuming they were OK after being symptom-free for 48hrs...

Talking of which. New lifeguard on duty today & he tackled us about child/adult ratio. Apparently it's meant to be 1:1 for under 4s. He was nice enough about it (although don't think he believed we have absolutely no-one locally who can be the 3rd adult needed). A female lifeguard came to compliment me on our lovely family talk to me later & I mentioned it was a shame we'd not be able to go again & she said he wouldn't have meant that. Except he did. Clearly said the receptionist shouldn't have let us in but since we were already there we could stay this time. So she came up with lots of convoluted options about swimming each in turn with 2 out of water. I think keeping bored toddlers occupied around water while 2 siblings have 20mins each with Dad in the water is far more risky than us both swimming with all 3 for 30mins or so but hey ho, what do I know. So not sure what we're going to do now. Dp is usually a total stickler for rules hmm....

londonlottie Mon 13-Feb-12 00:43:24

I feel like I've done the proverbial ten rounds with Tyson. Decision made - we're pulling out. So tired, and off to bed. Phone calls to be made tomorrow. Back soon to update with cheerier and less self-indulgent news.

LVB - church! Whatever next! shock wink

LaVitaBellissima Mon 13-Feb-12 09:18:05

lottie big hugs, hope you slept ok. I truely believe things happen for a reason, it will all work out for the best, now we can obsess over renovating you old house. My plan when we win the lottery is to do a side extension on our kitchen and knock down an internal wall in our hall to open up our house. we can start discussing builders, curtains etc grin

I think partly my obsessing over schools is because I'm not going back to work so I need something to occupy myself blush but also because we live in SW London. The bad schools are just awful, and the Catholic school is massively oversubscribed, small classes and does siblings first, so f we don't want to pay privately our only option is to move or become regular churchgoers. I want to send the girls to nursery a couple of mornings a week though from next Jan when they'll be 26 months so we'll start them in the private nursery that links to the private school I like, but god private education will be soooo expensive if we go down that route sad

To be honest I was pleasantly surprised, the church was absolutely packed, 10am is family mass, and there were so many children there. I quite enjoyed the service, they had live music, and communion wine was sherry grin

Chesti great news about J, how is H today? there always seems to be some illness going, round V's temp was 38 last night but F seems fine. ALL how are your boys and Cora?

Kate are you on Facebook? I really want to see your DD's, pm me your name and I'll find you grin. However I'm not allowed to put any photo's on FB which is highly annoying.

Cerubina good to hear from you, don't worry they'll be toddling before you know it. I just wish we weren't having the tantrums, tears and squealling that are commonplace at the moment.

LaVitaBellissima Mon 13-Feb-12 09:19:39

Apologies for my punctuation and grammar. I can't get used to this bloody IPad sad

tartiflette Mon 13-Feb-12 10:59:11

Just rushing in to report that the Pils and DH are driving me MAD. I have had several childish tantrums and sulks blush they are just so infuriating and seem to bring out the absolute worst in DH - he reverts to silent teenager mode which drives me insane.

Anyway, hope everyone else's week got off to a better start!

ALL - so annoying about the swimming. I'd be tempted to chance it again and hope the staff are different and more understanding, seeing as you've been before and it's been fine... bit nerve wracking though.

Lottie decision made at least, now you can settle and plan calmly!

Agree about illness. This was the worst time of year for us last year by far - just as you start to think it's nearly spring and we're out of the woods it all hits. Not long now until things start to brighten up <deludes self once again>

Chesticles Mon 13-Feb-12 20:41:50

ALL, shock and angry at lifeguard. At my parents local pool they are very strict on the one to one ratio, apart from 9-11am on Saturday mornings when they have extra lifeguards on. You could ask them if they could run something similar? The other two options depending on how energised you feel about it all would be to a. just take your business elsewhere or b. kick up a massive stink, complaining to council & local papers, say you are discriminated against, get TAMBA involved. I always vow I will do b. in the wrath following something similar, but end up doing a.

LL glad you have come to a decision. Hope you feel better about it all now

AtLongLast Tue 14-Feb-12 13:06:26

We went into our local church last year as they had an open day & there was such a lovely friendly welcome that I could have been tempted to go just for the sense of belonging Lavita.Glad you enjoyed it - signing up might not just benefit educationally in the long term!

Thanks Chesti. I was almost tempted to do an `AIBU' but reckon most would say I am. Thing is I don't blame them really & I think most people would agree with the policy if they haven't done it successfully. The pool is a council one and v underused - the whole reason we go there as our most local pool is mad busy. There's a big general pool which might have 20 people max and the learner pool that we use. Prob 10x5m? & we're often the only ones using it. The lady lifeguard was saying the policy needed to protect those at the busier pools / those without child pools but they could be a bit more lax there. So, policy or no? We should be able to sign a waiver to say we take full responsibility for our children & won't sue them if anything happens. We're lucky in that there's ~15 pools in the city so we could try each in turn. I was looking at our neighbouring council's site earlier. Couldn't find their admission policy but they are getting rid of their lifeguards for most swim sessions!

Cerubina Thu 16-Feb-12 21:31:21

Quiet in here! tarti how was the mini break? Did it go well after the inauspicious start? How was it, being away for longer than ever before? Part of me would love a couple of nights off, but part of me would really fret.

chesti did the vomming turn into anything more or was it isolated? I hope so. Sounds like some good news from J's appointment, and positive that they have a plan to get to the bottom of the vocab issue. Did they say much about the impact of being a twin as far as you know? Supposedly that can be quite influential on speech, like if one twin takes the dominant role and speaks for the pair of them.

LL it must have been gut wrenching to have to make the phone call to agents and I hope it wasn't too dreadful. What's the position with your house - is it tenant-free and indeed are you living in it now? Anything much needing doing? Once the dust has settled I'm sure you will feel much happier having made the decision and getting used to being in the UK again. You can start obsessing over researching schools now that TW School for Girls is out of the running..! Sure LVB can give you some tips wink

ALL I would definitely advise against putting anything in AIBU unless you have a really thick skin or are a masochist... Annoying to have your swimming fun put in doubt - any decision on whether to try again in the hope of more lax relaxed staff? I hope the D&V has departed at last.

Kate yes, it's lovely having a pigeon pair. I think I am the only one of us here who hasn't got 2 the same, which seems like surprising odds. I get a lot of comments along the lines of "well done/you don't need to have any more now" etc but perhaps that is just twins in general! I bet you get some outrageous comments from strangers having 5 girls don't you?

I'll be going back to work 4 days a week, and one of those is at home. I reckon that will be about right in terms of earning a crust, still having some stay-at-homeness and being able to get the job done. I just need to get a lot bit more efficient at seeing tasks through from start to finish and do a lot less gratuitous surfing. I have total confidence they'll be really well looked after and it is nice to think that they won't be thrust into it all alone but have each other there to hold onto. Bit unsure about how I will feel, part of me expects I'll be tripping along with a smile on my face as I rejoin the adult world but I do think it'll be v v hard to leave them and not have them with me all the time.

The night out last weekend was a success - easy money for the babysitter and we had a good night with friends. Doing it again this Friday, such is our confidence!

AtLongLast Thu 16-Feb-12 22:13:53

Woo hoo Cerubina `tis v quiet. Everyone is obviously off doing far more exciting things than me.....

Work does sound like a good plan. I love doing only 3 days but could manage another if it was at home & in a `no endless hours of prep for no money' type job. I found leaving the boys OK (except on their first settling in session.... I cried then) to begin with but ds2 did take longer to settle so it got harder a couple of weeks in when it looked like he never would settle. Of course, he did, and it's fine now. I found it weird to think they were having this whole extra stuff/experiences in their lives that I wouldn't know about & felt a bit jealous of nursery blush. Not that I'm a control freak or anything grin....

D&V appears to be done though I did have to collect ds1 from nursery on Wed cos of a non-descript viral rash that appeared on his tummy hmm. & I escaped that bug but was hit with a fluey thing which resulted in the most horrendous headache. I thought my brain was going to explode & still have aching eyeballs if I move them too fast. Rather that than D&V though. My mat leave will be over / dd mobile before I manage to get anything useful done with my free afternoons at this rate.

I've been looking into pools run by our neighbouring councils & at least 2 have a `1 adult:2 under 4s must be in armbands' policy so at least we have the option of going there. Lucky to have so many pools locally I suppose, but a bit stupid that we'll have to cancel our membership that gives us access to one 5min walk from us. Going to email the local council anyway but don't expect anything...

LaVitaBellissima Thu 16-Feb-12 22:23:33

I'm quiet as the 38 degree temp that V had on Sunday they both have had for days, nasty virus going round. F was 40.8 at one point last night quickly went down by being stripped ff and some baby nurofen. Illness is just tough sad I' m still up at ths hour drying my hair, as I doubt I'll ave the opportunity for a shower tomorrow <weeps>

Centreparcs question I need something to look forward to, those of you who've been, where did you put the cots? Was there room to put 2 in the twin room, or did you have them in your room confused

Hope everyone else is well smile

LL Hope you are ok <hugs>

tartiflette Fri 17-Feb-12 20:16:33

Cake and hugs to all of you who are ill or have poorly DCs. DH has a bad headache/migraine which has been with him on and off for over a week now ALL so I wonder if it's a similar thing to yours... He is in bed now while I ignore M whinging for the dummy she flung out of her cot 20 mins ago - am trialling a new hardline approach after reading the now somewhat infamous French children don't throw food ... anyone else read it? I started off thinking it was great but by the end was less convinced. Some interesting stuff though about their different approach to parental authority and about various underlying cultural differences.
It has definitely made me think more about believing in my own 'in-charge-ness' and explaining rules and the reasons behind them a bit more, and giving them a chance to choose to comply and really expecting that they will, rather than accepting that I will have to spend all mealtime repeatedly putting M back in her highchair as she attempts to make a break for freedom across the table, or whatever.
(Have just read that back and it all sounds bleeding obvious but the book puts it all much more thoroughly and was convincing!)

Cerubina we did have a lovely two night break thanks despite blazing row over dinner one night - hotel was delightful and I didn't really miss the girls tbh, although I was ready to be reunited after 48hrs! They do ADORE the pils... when we got back I asked whether they had been upset at all or asked for us and the answer was no blush but that is a good thing as it means we could do it again without qualms. Would have to take out a second mortgage though - got a bit carried away with treats, room service, champagne, spa treatments etc etc... think we were trying to cram in two years' worth of leisure activities blush smile
Back to reality with a bump now as I try to ignore the mountain of planning to do for the next half term...

Lavita I hope your gorgeous girls are on the mend? 40.8 is scary stuff, poor you. Am watching out for the answer to your CP question: I've started to think about same.

You ok Lottie?

Chesticles Fri 17-Feb-12 21:13:00

H is still ill here so I have also been lacking MN time. Not sure if it is a continuation of the vomiting of last weekend, or whether it is a new illness. It all merges into one sometimes! The old lady in Boots today who helpfully quipped Oooh you have your hands full (original - no one ever says that to me hmm) got the reply that it's fine as long as none of them are ill. Which about sums it up. Hope the rest of you who are suffering are getting through it and the kids are well soon.

Re centreparcs , the first time we were there with just H, we had a 2 bed lodge and she was in the other room in the cot they provided (which comes flat pack! - cue the first argument of the holiday - you have been warned. And they don't provide bedding for it) and it fitted ok in the 2nd bedroom. The other times we have been we have been in 3 bedroom 2 storey lodges. These have a huge upstairs landing where we put the cots. (their one and our travel one). The only drawback is that the landing is open to the sitting room, its a sort of balcony. Our boys would sleep through a rave so not a problem for us but might be for others. The bedrooms are a bit tight though in general, so you might have to stack the twin beds one on top of the other, or move the bedside tables out and shift the beds or something to fit two cots in with any sort of floor space.

We are off to Whinfell forest a week on Monday. I just have the small matter of a 5 mile run that I signed up for next weekend to get through first. Training has gone to pot due to all the kids illnesses. Am off to help my training by quaffing some wine - well it is Friday!

londonlottie Fri 17-Feb-12 23:02:54

Hello girls. So sorry to hear about all the illness. It's anecdotal evidence but I think it's proof that us leading a hermetically sealed life means we are (for once!) devoid of it. No nursery for us at the mo >>> no illness!

Thanks for all the concern, and forgive me again for any self-obsessiveness. What a tough time this feels like it's been. We're currently living back in our house, on a skeleton kit of furniture and kitchen stuff left by our tenants. Bowed out of the house deal on Monday morning (sad sad sad - although I know it's the right decision). In fact I only realised this afternoon that our complex and heart-wrenching decision boiled down to two facts - to continue with the purchase of the new house meant a downside of us feeling disappointed at having not gone ahead. To continue with the purchase would have meant a downside of us feeling anxious about the commute and the extra financial commitment. And I realised that disappointment is much more palatable than anxiety... hmm - the disappointment will fade but the anxiety would have stayed unless we won the lottery.

Anyway. Here we are. I could blather on endlessly, fuelled in no small part by having had 3/4 of a bottle of wine this evening blush. So glad to be back though - to a land of convenience, of DH being home relatively early and well-rested not having to commute 90 mins each way. To be able to see friends easily and just feel... connected to life smile We are off out tomorrow having signed up to Sitters (anyone else use them - v impressed so far!!) - a freedom which felt so much harder in Switzerland. I even got a mid-week hair cut - my first since July shock because DH was able to get home from work. I am LOVING being back. And loving being back in our house, our home we bought to have a family in but never quite got around to having while we lived here. So all in all - v good.

One thing before I nod off. I had a Very Upsetting experience in the playground this afternoon. Went there with my lovely girls, who were merrily clambering up the slidey climby thing taking it in turns. Until the local nursery/pre-prep knocked off, at which point suddenly there were a few AWFUL kids there bullying my girls. Other parents nowhere to be seen, and two precocious little shits, prob 3-4 yrs old, blocking the top of the slide saying 'NO GIRLS ALLOWED!" and shooting imaginary guns in their faces. I know I sound ridiculous but my girls are so sweet and lovely and were literally looking at these children with a complete lack of comprehension as these boys tried to push them back down so they would have fallen off. I know I sound precious but what on earth does a sane normal parent do in these situations?! I was absolutely livid - it wasn't just these two but over and over little groups of bullying rude obnoxious children bullying the girls when the girls were so much smaller than they were. I of course became lioness mother and defended them splendidly - although anxiously not knowing if the other mums would be annoyed - but I can't bear bullying! sad angry

KateShmate Sat 18-Feb-12 20:22:15

So sorry to hear about all the illnesses around sad Fortunately we have all got over it, but it wasn't nice!
Cerubina Of course we get all the normal irritating comments.. Poor DH gets a lot of comments about him not being able to 'have' boys! But yes, many comments from people about wanting 5 'Princesses' - after the DTri's were born, an old woman said that she'd heard 'all about this' - (i.e. gender selection) and how disgusting it was that it was coming over from the States. I very quickly put her right. How bloody rude!
The most common comment is people asking 'When are you going to have the boy then?! Bet you're desperate for one!' - pisses me off completely, we couldn't be happier with having all girls.

With the swimming pool thing, its a nightmare around here - wish they did the Sat morning thing where you could take as many as you like. Its all about common sense - of course I wouldn't take all 5 girls on my own, I simply couldn't cope! But I could manage more than 1 under 8. DD1 and 2 (4 and 5) can both swim (DD2 with jacket for support) and they want to be left alone! We only ever go in the 'training' pool anyway which is about a foot deep so I doubt they would drown!

tartiflette Sat 18-Feb-12 22:23:49

DH has not risen from his sick bed all day today. Tyre has come off the buggy so it is unusable until someone with basic competence (ie not me) can have a look at it. Rain. Have been essentially confined to house with girls (well, I drove round with them a bit at lunchtime to get them to sleep...) trying to keep them quiet so as not to disturb the invalid - it has not been the best day to put it mildly.

Kate am completely shock at the gender selection comment. What is wrong with people. Also angry for you Lottie about the boys in the park. I've had a few moments recently where we've been around older kids and I've sort of wanted to shield the girls' eyes/ears because of silly/rude behaviour, fighting etc - I know I'm probably enormously precious but they are just so innocent at this age and every little thing like that which seeps into their brain kind of hurts me, if that makes sense. Ok, I know I'm ridiculous <has stern word with self>

Chesti am extremely impressed with your run next weekend. Have never managed any such thing, and I'm fairly sure I never will - well done!

Well it's another night on the sofa for me as I avoid DH. Am itching to get him out of that bed and change the sheets! <anal>

tartiflette Sat 18-Feb-12 22:25:24

God I really do sound like a twat - ignore!

LaVitaBellissima Sat 18-Feb-12 22:31:01

I'm semi drunk so shouldn't join in <hic> wine

I did the London Marathon many years ago, without any training for someone who had an I jury because I really am a twat grin

londonlottie Sat 18-Feb-12 23:07:26

You don't sound ridiculous at all tarti - or am I just saying that because I think exactly the same way? hmm The thing that got me was the look of sheer incomprehension on E's face when they were being horrible to her and pushing her - she didn't even get upset really she just looked totally bewildered as to why she wasn't allowed to go on the slide. It's also such a change from the children they hung out with at the nursery in Switzerland - the older kids there loved looking after / playing with the younger ones, so to see kids only a bit older than the girls taking advantage of the fact they were bigger and using it against them REALLY pissed me off.

We're having a tough time with E at the moment - not sure if it's teething but she is suddenly absolutely LOATHE to go to sleep in her cot. We haven't ever had her sleep in with us, but suddenly she will only go down if DH tells her a story and lies down with her till she drops off. I don't have the patience. We are both shattered, she woke up in the night and would NOT go back to sleep, just screaming and screaming. Eventually J woke up too and we had them both up for ages. Today also been very difficult with her and we ended up just leaving her to cry herself to sleep in desperation because nothing else was working. Hoping she just needs a good night's sleep to sort it out.

We got them those Mini Micro scooters yesterday and they are hilarious to watch as they gingerly step forward on them at a snail's pace. Can't believe my babies are on bloody scooters!

One last thing, I kept off the wine tonight but just went a bit bonkers buying stuff for them online - suddenly they don't seem to have anything that fits. Am having one of those moments where I am having a complete mental block about how to dress them. Tempted to start a thread about capsule wardrobes for toddlers but think that sounds slightly OTT! I just want a uniform that WORKS, no matter what, and then to have a couple of smart/funky outfits to see them through till summer when I'll get them a few summery things. Already spent a fortune this evening just kitting them out with new bodysuits, pyjamas/bathrobes, some winter coats in the sale for next year plus a few pairs of trousers/jeans/leggings in the sale from poncy shop. Wish I was better at this bit of it all!

tartiflette Sat 18-Feb-12 23:24:19

Oh God yes please start a thread and then link to it!
I waste a lot of money buying mismatched crap, even from not very expensive shops (was organised last winter and bought it all in one go and in a limited range of PLAIN colours so dressing them was easy, but have slipped into buying random bits here and there for s/s and can already see that I've wasted money because none of it works together). Actually when I say I've 'slipped into' it, what actually happened was that we arrived at Mil's house last weekend and DH realised he had left the girls' bag of clothes at home (3hrs away). So we basically had to buy a week's worth of clothes from Next and M&S - I let DH and Mil fulfil this brief and we have ended up with an interesting selection... hmm
Mine basically need full wardrobe refill. Got some good v v cheapy breton type sweaters in all different colours from H&M which will do nicely for nursery days. I'm thinking one pair normal jeans, one coloured jeans, one denim pinafore dress each (love denim as unlike leggings it doesn't seem to need washing after every wear) plus leggings and a few summer dresses (but not too many in view of shit weather), lots of plain jersey l/s tops and t-shirts, two cardies each, brown or tan leather shoes, trainers and summer sandals. They have been given these sort of gilet things and still fit into their all in one waterproofs for Spring trips to the park (wet swings etc) but will prob need a raincoat type thing too (?)

londonlottie Sun 19-Feb-12 09:33:51

Me too tarti (re. wasting money on mismatched things). It doesn't help that we seem to have been airlifted into a part of London full of kids who look as though they are perfectly dressed in brightly coloured Scandinavian stuff. When I attempt that look they just resemble bag ladies... confused grin

This time I opted for:
- lots of underwear/bodysuits/pyjamas from Vertbaudet, mainly in navy/grey.
- a few pairs of stripy leggings/cords/jeans, pref loose fitting. Just went a bit mad on Elias & Grace although in my defence it was all in the sale. <justify justify> I bought them some gorgeous jeans last year which they still wear, but every time we go to the playground I am reminded of the fact they can't move around as much as they need to in them.
- got them these lovely cardigans from JoJoMB - here - am hoping they're neutral enough and long enough (personal bugbear) to wear a lot. I am forever in search of chunky natural knits (almost jackets) which will go with everything.
- Now need to get a few long-sleeved tops from Next, well that's the plan, if I can get their bloody website to accept a credit card from me.

Gah, see - that cost a fortune and still I don't think it's a proper wardrobe.

Anyway, it wouldn't be a post from me about toddler girl clothes without a link to some outrageously expensive gorgeous shoes... how about these? grin

londonlottie Sun 19-Feb-12 10:00:55

PS: agree with you re. pinafore dress - must get them another one of these each. Anyone know where you can buy one that doesn't keep coming unclipped at the top?

Part of my issue is similar - my mum keeps buying them stuff that I don't really like (and doesn't go with anything else) - we then end up with loads of stuff and I don't buy more because it seems wasteful. But then I don't like anything they wear... Catch 22. I ought to have a look in H&M - used to get a lot of stuff from there in Switzerland because it was the only reasonably priced shop to be found.

Remember I bought those silver Kickers, they turned out to be a good buy.

LaVitaBellissima Sun 19-Feb-12 14:40:15

The girls got these Cardi's for Xmas Lottie

I have given my mum strict instructions in regards to clothes. Joules only, as they only have a small range and I like all of it. I'm still buying clothes from TK Maxx mostly, I hate the jumble sale approach to shopping but have found some amazing bargains and some gorgeous clothes. Only for children though, I can cope with 2 rails of clothes and a 10 minute rummage, but not thecwhole shop, it's too stressful! I bought F a Chloe blouse in clearance for £7 (RRP£80) they often have Petit bateau and lots of lovely stuff. Definitely worth a visit.

Ridiculously expensive LL love these though! grin

londonlottie Sun 19-Feb-12 15:18:33

I love the Pom D'Api sandals LV but think I'm going to get them the Saltwater ones I got last year - they look great and work in/out of the water... and are a third of the price grin here

Love the cardi but only goes up to age 2. E has shoulders like Geoff Capes and struggles to fit into stuff even age 2-3 now... I did see a beautiful hand-knit cardi on something like 'Not on the High Street' but can't for the life of me find it, was one of those small home-spun companies selling ridiculously overpriced stuff.

londonlottie Sun 19-Feb-12 15:19:11

PS: Thanks for TK Maxx suggestion, I must get myself off to one when I get a minute free... wonder where nearest one is?

LaVitaBellissima Sun 19-Feb-12 15:23:36

I'll keep an eye out for you on the Cardi front then. I've seen Kickers and little cute Diesel boots t TK Maxx too, definitely go and have a rummage, it's very satisfying when you find something good grin

LaVitaBellissima Sun 19-Feb-12 15:54:25

Lottie LOVE those Saltwater shoes! Will absolutely be buying those in the Summer grin

KateShmate Sun 19-Feb-12 16:13:52

Lottie How strange - I too have decided that our girls are going to have a capsule wardrobe this summer!
I tend to stick them in just leggings and tops every day, they always look nice, but nothing exciting.. they were bought some gorgeous dresses for Xmas and the amount of comments I've had in public saying how beautiful they look - and they really do!
They do have some lovely bits of clothing that I've spent a lot on, but I tend to put them in it for 'special occasions' - but then I'm not getting my moneys worth at all!
So decided that I would only get DD's really nice clothes, but only a few bits from Boden, JJMB etc; rather than spending ridiculous amounts on just crappy supermarket bits that lose shape and look awful.
Did spend a while last night ordering off Boden as I had a 15% discount code, managed to get some gorgeous main things like hoodies, skirts etc... Poor DH choked when he saw the Grand Total!! It really adds up with 5 DD's..

Already got a few lovely bits from M&S, but spent a while actually thinking about what they are going to go with and how I can 'mix and match', rather than just buying some random things.

Just been on your link to Elias and Grace... why have I never seen this website before?! Its like a whole new world!!

LVB Love love love those gladiators! Think I'm going to have some fun on E&G tonight!

You can definitely get some bargains from TkMaxx, have got some gorgeous bits from there before. Don't tend to get things for DTri's from there as I can rarely get 3 things in the same size; but have got gorgeous bits for older 2 DD's.

LaVitaBellissima Sun 19-Feb-12 16:20:14

Sorry Kate I really should have warned you never to click on Lottie's links, very dangerous for the bank balance wink

Have at look at Smallable another of her favourites!

KateShmate Sun 19-Feb-12 16:34:31

LVB Thank you for the pre-warning!
Just mentioned to DH that I have found some amazing websites for the girls' clothes.. he just sighed, rolled his eyes and said 'My wallet is in my coat' And then laughed! grin
He pretends that he couldn't care less, and says Im always spending.. but once the clothes come and the DD's are dancing around, he always gets a teency bit choked up and says how beautiful they look, and that they should wear 'nicer' things more often! wink

tartiflette Sun 19-Feb-12 18:50:59

Bloody hell you lot, pack it in will you? Am BROKE grin

tartiflette Sun 19-Feb-12 19:00:33

Oh yes forgot to mention, M jumped out of her cot this afternoon, landing with a sickening crunch on wooden floor. Have no idea how, she was still in her bag when I found her shellshocked face down on floor... hoping she terrified herself out of ever doing that again but a bit nerve wracking while we test this theory!

LaVitaBellissima Sun 19-Feb-12 19:04:14

Check out this link Tarti, there is a video of twins escaping from their cot, I was shock
You might be moving to big girl's beds quicker than you thought.

londonlottie Sun 19-Feb-12 20:47:17

Glad you liked the Saltwaters LVB - they are fab, the leather doesn't easily scratch and they looked as good as new (well, almost) after loads of use. Unlike the Clarks ones I got earlier in the summer, which looked like crap after a couple of wears.

Kate - I can't imagine the clothing bills with FIVE girls to dress. I keep meaning to get bundles from Ebay but just can't find anything that ever seems quite right. I had a couple of really good Ebay hauls when the girls were about 6 months old, but nothing much since. And I hate the way I only have to chuck a couple of pairs of trouser each into the basket somewhere like Boden only to find the total is over a hundred quid, so I rarely go through with buying stuff. I'm sure other people find this all simpler! I am very guilty of splurging on stuff from Smallable etc but still don't think I buy wisely... now only try to get very occasional nice dresses or coats/jumpers in the sale from such places.

We are having such difficulty with the girls settling to sleep in the past 2-3 days, it is driving me half mad. They just scream and scream when we leave the room, and the more we try to sort it out the longer it goes on. confused

AtLongLast Sun 19-Feb-12 20:57:49

Did someone mention something about it being quiet in here??? grin

Chesti - Whinfell, a week tomorrow??? Us too!!! Will have to look out for you in the pool! Good look with the 5mile run. I love the idea but am too lazy for the reality.....

I'm so glad you're at peace with your decision Lottie. It was a toughie but your relief at having made the decision is obvious. Now.... girle clothes shopping! I can enjoy browsing your links with intent now. Have to admit having just done a supermarket stock-up for 3-6month stuff for her though but I will be splashing out a bit more after the first yr or so when her growth slows down.

Haha was going to stop boring everyone let the swimming thing go now but... since you mention it Kate grin that's what I think annoys me - that they think I'd put my children at risk. We wouldn't do it if we didn't feel safe. I def wouldn't attempt even just the boys on their own at the moment but the 3 of them with two of us is OK. But then the other part of my brain acknowledges that most people feel safe til an accident occurs & perhaps those in the know have the rules for a good reason.... Sheesh to the boys comments too. We got the same after being `unlucky' enough to get two boys with the twins and are constantly told how pleased we must be to have completed our family with a girl so can only imagine the reaction you must get. Like we cared which gender any of them were.

Oh yes... big girl beds Tarti! We had a bit of a nerve-wracking time this weekend cos we've been to our house in Wales & have no cots there. Just 1 double bed, a double self-inflating mattress & a double air bed. Course the boys wanted the bed. Took 1 hour to get them to sleep on Friday. Ds1 on the SIM, ds2 on the bed. One hour later... sickening thud on floor and no crying. That was a scary trip upstairs but luckily he was just still asleep so dp put him on the SIM. Last night both boys slept on the bed & both were scarily near the edge at various points so I didn't sleep all that well. Dp wants to take sides off cots since they did actually sleep OK. I'm not keen. Why make things more difficult? & we'd have clothes turfed out of drawers every day etc & need to get other stuff fixed outside their room in case they get out. Nope, I'm not ready for it yet at all!

Our car journeys were lovely this weekend. First time we've done a long trip with them being able to communicate in any sort of proper sense of the word & they were a joy. `Green for go, go, go', `red for stuck' at traffic lights, sheep spotting, `fall' when people were up high (and a man up a ladder fixing a traffic light was almost too much for ds1 to bear..), `bike- car- stuck' (endlessly) after spotting a car transporting bikes on the back etc, really lovely stuff.

AtLongLast Sun 19-Feb-12 21:07:40

Oh no Lottie! Do you think they're feeling unsettled with moving or is it another phase we've got to look forward to?

Meant to say - poor you with the bullies in the playground too sad. I'd def want to get in there for the boys too but don't know if I would. Have used my teacher glare in softplay or asked a child where their mum was but actually ended up feeling like I was the bully myself! I can see ds1 doing the slide thing (he's really into pushing ds2 at the mo and is good at standing like the king of the castle holding up the queue at top of the slide at toddler gp) but I'd hope I'd be near enough to put a stop to it.

londonlottie Sun 19-Feb-12 21:13:18

Aw ALL - I know just what you mean re. car journeys now they're talking - we get constant commentary of "we've stopped!!" every time we come to a red light and the girls shrieking "BUMPY BUMPY!" every time we go over speed bumps. grin

I know what you mean re. the swimming - although I think it's just part of the rules being made to accommodate the lowest common denominator. I got equally riled while pregnant to be expected to believe the state dictate that I wasn't to consume ANY alcohol. Because apparently us women can't be trusted to know that one unit of alcohol ISN'T an entire bottle of wine... <eye roll>

Gah, the Big Bed issue. DH said tonight, as we watched J pretend to be asleep under our duvet, "I think she's trying to tell us she's ready to go into a bed". Er, no, she bloody isn't. Is it wrong to want them to be zipped up in straight jackets sleeping bags and in cots until they're about seven? hmm In all seriousness I think once the dust has settled we'll start considering it. I think you can get sheets that zip them in <realises is still talking about restraining them> from Bump to 3 to stop them falling out, and of course those side bar things. My main worry is, as you say, them not staying put once in and wanting to tear the place to pieces.

Btw, you're right re. the house decision. Now we are thinking of getting on with the thing we put off all along, ie. doing an extension and major renovation work inside the house. It would mean moving into a flat nearby for 6 months - can I be arsed?!

londonlottie Sun 19-Feb-12 21:15:59

ALL - I know what you mean about feeling like the bully. I think I was fairly close to the mark but they were actually in danger of pushing the girls off the top and down the steps, so I couldn't stop myself. I told them very sternly that they were NOT playing nicely and they should let the girls go on the slide. They refused, so I stomped up the steps myself and pushed my way through so that my girls (plus another littlie who was trying to get on) could get through to the slide bit. I then told them that no-one likes playing with nasty children, and that it's nasty to exclude others and especially to be mean to smaller children. Crikey, maybe I was a bit OTT?!!

AtLongLast Sun 19-Feb-12 21:39:53

I doubt you were Lottie. You need to keep your girls safe & if their parents aren't going to.... hopefully if enough people pull them up for it at their age, they'll turn into nice tweens and beyond <wishful thinking>. Or at least think twice about doing similar stuff. One boy I told off def seemed surprised & (I think) tried to scare me by glaring at me which my friend & I thought hilarious (not that we let him know that of course) but a small child would def have been intimidated. But def hard though. I think I need to think out my responses to such things before something similar happens with slightly bigger children.

More upheaval?! What are you like?? Def the time to do it before you get all cosy there tho I suppose. We did similar, hence the house in Wales still being a work in progress. This weekend was to sort someone to render the back of the house. Should have been done yrs ago but we kept putting it off as we had bigger plans then it was def going to be done before xmas... til dd. We've got loads I'd like to do to the house we currently live in too but we have plans to move so no point doing work. I really just want to feel settled somewhere tho & don't really mind if it's here or somewhere else.

londonlottie Sun 19-Feb-12 21:48:52

So will you move to the house in Wales once it's done ALL?

AtLongLast Sun 19-Feb-12 22:14:09

Probably not - will sell both houses & buy somewhere new/boxy/boring but on a `naice' estate somewhere. We used to live there but I moved to the NW with work and dp followed a while later. I was very attached to the house hmm it being our first one we bought together etc so didn't want to sell since we didn't need to. Prices were also increasing a lot at the time and we needed some jobs doing to make the most of the gains. Except the jobs didn't get done. Then there was a chance dp's work would transfer nearish our house so we kept it on. Now I just want to be able to stop treading water & move on whatever direction that takes us! My attachment has mostly gone now too as we've fallen on the wrong side of the neighbourhood matriarch busybody next door we previously got on well with. She wants us to sell & is making things difficult so I spend my time avoiding her when we do go down there. h

tartiflette Sun 19-Feb-12 22:43:06

Quite right too Lottie. Sounds like you did a great job.

Like the sound of all your restraining ideas for beds. I will be installing a row of barbed wire along the edge of the cot before I move to beds - it would be the end of daytime naps if we did and I am they are nowhere near that stage grin

londonlottie Sun 19-Feb-12 22:55:59

tarti grin Btw, sorry to hear about M climbing/falling out of the cot. I am beginning to wonder why mine haven't ever tried it. Is there something you can put down ie. duvet/cushions in case she tries it again?

ALL - pah to the busybody next door. Is she just grumpy because you don't live there any more?

tartiflette Sun 19-Feb-12 23:10:33

ALL how frustrating re the house(s). I know what you mean about wanting to feel settled. We should do some stuff to this house really - I am so desperate to move to a nicer area that I can't get my head around 'wasting' money on this place, however we definitely won't be able to afford a move in the next year so we really should invest in making life here a bit more pleasant.
Urgh though. Who can be bothered. Can't we just win the damn lottery and move in somewhere perfect?

Lottie have put a big towel down. Want a balance between making sure she doesn't break her nose upon landing, and not making it too comfy!

AtLongLast Mon 20-Feb-12 13:01:05

Yes - we need stuff doing in the house we live in too Tarti. A new kitchen for sure since we've got a damp problem in there and a couple of our cabinets are rat damaged. Sort of feel that if we're going to do it we might as well get some enjoyment from it while we're still here. But then we have fairly frequent rat problems so we could just end up having to repair more damage when we do come to sell...

Busybody lady.. well, I could go on all day. Her dh was born inthe house not long after it was built & she's lived there with him since they married. He died a few yrs ago & she livs there alone now, but with v supportive / close family v close by. Was one of the original streets in the town so she does seem to think she's the queen of the town. Things were great when we lived there but we knew it'd be easy to get on the wrong side of her because she's always gossiped about everyone else who she was `friendly' with too. We just didn't tell her anything & she especially doesn't like it now that she doesn't know what our plans are. She doesn't like our house being empty as she feels it makes her house less secure. Can't say I blame her wanting neighbours, and I know there are strong views about owning multiple houses etc but I do feel it's up to us what we do. The house next to us here has been empty for some time & I just don't think it's any of my business.

When we had the boys we didn't manage to get down for 6months or so (she didn't know I was pg). Morning after we arrived the police were at the door. She'd not been able to sleep thinking there was an intruder in our house who was about to break into her house too (err, surely you call 999 if you're really worried??). Had to wait for her & her mate to identify us as the householders. Hilarious. Then she was going on about how we'd not been for 4years (not true, we just try to avoid her...) & we always knocked to let her know when we go down. We've never done that! She softened on meeting the boys. & she informed the council the house was empty/falling down etc so we then had council trying to find out what our plans were (council have been lovely though). Last year one time I saw her & her opening line was `have you been informed yet?'. Turned out she's seen rats in her garden & has decided we have a rat nest somewhere in ours so has reported us to the council. They could be anywhere & her other neighbour has told her that too. She's had her son/grandson chop our trees in the garden cos she didn't know when we'd be back. & this weekend we discovered the render adjoining her house has mysteriously been removed fallen off. So now it'll look like we're having it done in response to that which pisses me off a lot bit.

Aaargh, like I said, I could go on for a very long time.

KateShmate Mon 20-Feb-12 19:48:20

Oh god ALL she sounds like a bloody nightmare! shock

Back to the swimming thing wink (I love to go on and on about things!) it really is ridiculous! It should be up to the parent, as we know our children best, but within a certain limit for the stupid parents who would go and not be able to cope.
I've lost count of all the times that people have said 'Bet you can't wait to have a boy!' and been rude about our girls!
That night sounded like a bit of a nightmare too! I suppose they just aren't used to being in a 'big bed', but also being 'free' with each other too - bet it was super fun for them! I remember taking the triplets, at about 18 months, to my mums for the night. DH was the one in charge of travel cots and ReadyBeds - complete twat forgot all 3 travel cots... We were 2 hours away from home and no one had any spares. We had to make 5 little beds for the girls - we put our older 2 in the same room and they were fine. The DTri's were a COMPLETE nightmare! They were at a seriously 'cheeky' stage, trying to push their luck as much as possible. Every 2 minutes we would see another little face at the door, giggling and shouting. We tried putting them in different rooms but they totally freaked out as they've always shared a room. We tried lying down with them, but even then, as we'd settle one back down - the other would jump up and run off! It was a constant battle until about 11pm, with the DTri's finding it just as hilarious. In the end me, DH and DM took a girl each and just lay down next to them; every time they moved we would just gently lay them down quickly. Finally they went down, but it was not something I want to do soon!

Me and DH were talking about it and wondering whether we should do 1 DD at a time? I think putting all all 3 into a bed at the same time would either make us or break us! They would either be little angels and not move an inch from their bed, or be total nightmares and not go to sleep until early hours...

AtLongLast Mon 20-Feb-12 20:57:23

She is, but I reckon she'd argue we are rubbish neighbours these days too grin. Annoying that I can see her pov... I'd love to threaten legal action etc. I'm sure it's not right that they are pulling bits off our house (tho we'd never prove it) and hacking bits of our garden. The garden is the bit we spent loads of time on. OK, it's a bit messy now but nothing a little work before growing season starts doesn't sort out every year. However, she's the sort of lonely old person with nothing better to do who gets incredibly stressed if her grass isn't cut twice a week. Needless to say, we were never in her league even when we lived there full time.

I don't envy you getting 3 of them sleeping without cages cots! Our boys were used to sleeping with us til dd arrived so it used to be far easier. However, dd was awake on Fri night too so I had her latched on my boob while trying to settle ds2 & dp had ds1. Except Dp just isn't firm enough & lets ds1 wander rather than keep lying him down, which disturbs ds2. So we swapped & once they were asleep it was OK. I went to bed early anticipating lack of sleep & wasn't wrong. Ds2 woke around midnight so I got into bed with him since dd was asleep. It was lovely cos he's so snuggly & cuddly & just kept sleepily pulling close for a kiss & declaring his love for me grin. Once he'd gone back over at around 2am, dd woke & was v unsettled - unusual for her so she was prob wondering where we were. Changed her nappy & she giggled & cooed on the lounge floor til about 4am - was v sweet. Then I slept downstairs on the sofa with her. Unfortunately the boys woke at ~4.30am but my star of a dp kept them coralled upstairs & quiet til 7am to let me sleep. I have no idea how he managed it!!!!

Do you have 1 dtd who is more likely to take to a bed easily? I'm sort of thinking ds1 is usually ready for sleep at bedtime & does lie down & go to sleep quickly at night. Perhaps if it works & we praise him loads then ds2 will want the same. Or we could resort to staying in the room/ loiter round doing jobs til they're asleep but it's def a long way off yet so I'm not really thinking about it.

KateShmate Mon 20-Feb-12 22:23:17

ALL Don't think I could manage with a neighbour so irritating! Im not keen on those old women who sit by their window every day, scowling at anyone who walks past. Don't get me wrong, we all love a bit of people watching ( grin ) but they take it to a whole new level.

Your DS2 sounds so, so cute! I love it when they are all cute and cuddly! Mine have a rule between them I think, if I ask for them to come and give me a cuddle, if 1 says no - the other 2 follow and they all run away! If 1 comes to give me a cuddle, the other 2 come legging it after them and jump in for a cuddle too!
Your little DD sounds gorgeous too smile How old is she? I miss the days where you can just sit cuddling them and they coo and smile at you for hours... [ talking about little babies makes my ovaries twitch ]
Pleased to hear that you have a lovely OH, it always helps so much. If we're having a bit of a tough day, DH can tell as soon as he walks in - instead of going to get changed and sort things out, he jumps straight in and properly entertains them for a while.
I do think that I'm lucky with DH, have so many friends whose P's do absolutely nothing. I physically could not cope without DH - although I am very independent and stubborn, DH needs to take over sometimes, and I appreciate that. I think its all about team work - if one does the bad night, the other does the early morning - its just how it works.

I am wondering the same about our DTri's - 1 would be a little angel (without anyone else tempting her to be a monkey!), 1 gets easily swayed, and the other is the total ring-leader (would swap her to a bed last!).
Was thinking that if we swapped them over 1 by 1, and showed #2 and #3 the reward that they are getting from staying in bed, they may want to follow suit. I'm hoping that by the time #3 goes into a bed, she will be used to watching the other 2 going to bed nicely, and it wont cross her innocent little mind to come out of bed and make an appearance! grin

KateShmate Mon 20-Feb-12 22:24:11

P.s, don't get me started on potty training.... the thought makes feel a little faint, to be honest..
Can just picture it now - me knee deep in puddles of wee!

AtLongLast Tue 21-Feb-12 21:23:50

Oh she is exactly one of those Kate. The houses on our street are set about 6ft above pavement level. She has plenty time to go out & sweep the street outside of her house. One day I needed to go out but knew I'd be there forever if she saw me so I watched at the window with dts til she'd gone in. Waited bloody ages while she swept the surface off the path, inspected an unknown car parked on the road, chatted to passer-bys, etc etc. Except she hadn't gone in so I still got got. Proudly told me how she'd spent a day scrubbing the garden wall cos it was that <points at our garden wall> colour. Ooh.. and the Sunday afternoon she rang us to say an alarm was going off in our house & was driving her mad. So we argued cos we have v little in the house and dp decided it must be the leccy meter since I'd cancelled our direct debits got ready to drive down to sort it. Then she rang back to say it was actually an old watch in a drawer in her house that must have suddenly started working when she dusted it. I'm v glad that she made that discovery before we started driving.... (though now reckons she doesn't have a contact number for us which is why she has to keep ringing the council).

Ds2 is a v,v affectionate boy - tis lovely! He kisses & hugs anything & everything - especially dd (14weeks) at the moment. Ds1 can be too, but strictly on his terms & he's quite prepared to push you away even if he does really want a cuddle wonder where he gets that from. I am v lucky to have such a great dp too. I do appreciate it, but need to remind myself that he is good. I know he doesn't always feel that he can do anything right appreciated....

Cerubina Tue 21-Feb-12 22:05:57

Watching the Brit awards to try and make up for the fact that I have completely ignored any popular music for the last year! I swore when young that I would always keep up with music but as soon as I popped out a couple of kids, look what happened. Is it just me, or is Ed Sheeran actually incredibly dull? Why do the young folk like him? confused

I met a horrid woman yesterday. Friend's baby's first birthday and some other mum was there who I introduced myself and S&R to, and she said "Are they twins?". When I said yes she said "Oh dear" in a very snooty way, and then "Whose are they?" - said they were mine and she said "Oh dear" again! She contrived to make it seem like having twins was not only a burden for me but that they were somehow not really the thing for a naice party. Bitch.

Today was the first settling in session at nursery - lots for them to get used to, loads of noise and new faces, and they found it a it overwhelming (especially R). Hoping it'll be less frightening for her next time! Gosh time is so short now, where has my leave all gone??

tartiflette Tue 21-Feb-12 22:48:26

Oh it's horrible at the end Cerubina isn't it - the time just flies by and you get increasingly panicked. Rest assured it's actually less bad once you're back, if that makes sense!
Agree Ed Sheeran is dire, he looks like a grubby sixth former.
What a grade A bitch at your party. What the hell was she getting at? Did you say anything in response? Vile.

ALL this woman sounds like a serious force to be reckoned with angry

londonlottie Wed 22-Feb-12 08:10:35

Agree Cerubina - what a bitch! Although I honestly don't even know what she was getting at... could she REALLY mean that having twins is somehow a bad thing? I know people do the whole 'oh, rather you than me - I'd never cope' schtick, but do people really think other negative things? My betting is that she is jealous. Twins are bloody brilliant and these people secretly wish they had them too... grin

Btw, thanks so much for the FB message re. architects. About to msg you back... smile Main thing we need to work out is how to 'extend' our mortgage, which is tricky since it's with Northern Rock who unsurprisingly are no longer authorised lenders...

We had our furniture/life's possessions arrive yesterday, having been in storage for a few weeks. So - looks like we're here to stay! (If 'here to stay' means surrounded with decades of detritus such that to go anywhere would send me over the edge with stress...). DH worked yesterday so my mother came to help a bit while I worked out what went where, and lots of leftover stuff then went onto a storage unit. So much stuff to get rid of, and no idea what to do with it. hmm

The girls have just been so fab during all this change. Was lovely for them to get their cots back, finally, after 7 weeks of sleeping in travel cots. They were delighted to get their toys back too... 7 weeks of playing with one box of lego and a wooden toaster was beginning to wear thin wink

Chesticles Wed 22-Feb-12 20:34:21

Suddenly all very busy here again! Took me most of my lunchhour to catch up and then I didn't have time to post. Don't have any time tonight either as I must buy a 40th birthday present for my brother and a 4th birthday present for my nephew, as if it's not bought tonight then they won't get them in time and I have no idea what to buy either of them [panic buying]

Hope everyone is doing ok. ALL maybe bump into at CP. It's impossible to miss DH - he's the whitest person in the pool! It's the only way I can find him without my glasses on, I just look for the palest person there.

tartiflette Thu 23-Feb-12 20:54:35

Did you manage to get pressies sorted Chesti? Don't envy you finding a 40th one for brother, I'm hopeless at buying for men.

Survived trip to shoe shop this afternoon (barely) - was very busy and I was very indecisive but eventually came away happy with two pairs of tan Bisgaard numbers for them (can't find link). Had to send DH away to 'fetch the car' so he remains blissfully ignorant of how £££ they were blush As per usual, there were millions of options in pink - although in fairness to the very nice shop, some of these were actually v nice.
Am not thinking about the fact that they will also need trainers or similar for nursery, plus sandals when weather gets warmer...

A job has come up at a school I would love to teach but it is full time, so am doing some soul-searching.

LaVitaBellissima Thu 23-Feb-12 21:40:07

like these Tarti?
What are your thoughts on going back full time? I actually miss work, I' already looking forward to next January when the girls will start at nursery 2 days a week!

Chesti & ALL I hope you guys meet up at Centreparcs, I often think how strange it would be if we all met up in RL?

Cerubina Are you in London? We could do a Richmond Park twins picnic meet up in the Summer with Lottie! Kate where are you?, Tarti you live up North somewhere, am I right? grin

I tried on a swimming costume today sad was horrendous! I even went for a run tonight, and had carrots and hummous for dinner, really desperate to tone up and slim down, I really mean it this time confused

Thankfully my girls are finally better after 10 days of illness, hope everyone else is well smile

KateShmate Thu 23-Feb-12 21:52:31

Me too LVB - yest had a serious binge after being good all day, and was disgusted in myself.. so today have been really good. I am really on the band wagon this time too - really motivated.
Hoping I might lose soon though - refraining from weighing as it just puts me off. Ate complete crap over xmas, just pigged out and ate everything - was a brilliant xmas though! So went on proper diet, 2 weeks solid of eating really healthily and doing exercise (zilch over xmas!) and weighed myself after the 2 weeks and I had gained .... how is that physically possible?! I actually cried .. I had been so naughty over xmas, that even if I ate remotely healthily, I should have lost - let alone being super super healthy.
But anyway, back on the band wagon; maybe if in a few months (if I've done well) I will make persuade DH to book another CP holiday.

Really want to start doing some more exercise, but after our team effort getting all the girls into bed, I just want to lie on the sofa all night - not get my gym clothes on and pop off to an aerobics class.

Really hope Chesti and ALL meet at CP, would be brilliant! Imagine if we all did a meet up at CP one day - walking through with our DT's and DTri's! Would be like some kind of circus act grin

I am down South btw LVB - are you in London?

Really glad to hear that your girls are better now, thank goodness smile

tartiflette Thu 23-Feb-12 22:34:08

I'm Newcastle, sadly, as would love to have a meet up. Don't even know who's nearest to me - Chesti ? ALL ?

Not those ones - I can't find them anywhere online but they are little lace up smooth leather boots in brown. I loved them in the shop but DH thinks they are really clumpy and masculine and after two hrs of him taking the piss I am starting to doubt myself...!

I've totally stalled too re. weight loss.

londonlottie Thu 23-Feb-12 22:36:22

I would LOVE a meet up! Now we can't do it in Kent LVB, Richmond Park sounds an acceptable substitute wink

I love Bisgaard shoes tarti - well done you. I confess to having bought some of those stupidly overpriced Bensimon plimsolls from Elias and Grace. The order turned up today - am having to send most of it back, either because I don't think it's good value or because it doesn't fit. Bought the girls two age 3 coats, neither of them fit (my 26 month olds) across the chest/arms. Already! And the cardigans I got from JJMB for age 2-3 yrs were too small, what's that about?!

Summer wear for girls, am starting to feel more sorted, am going to get them a few cheap tops/T-shirts from Zara and JJMB. Now have some lovely cardigans/hooded tops and some really nice leggings/jeans/etc from E&G (including these which I love. Am sending back the plimsolls but getting the tennis shoe variety, plus some Saltwater sandals, and think that'll do us. Or am I deluded?

Will also pick up a couple of dresses from JJMB. God, am so desperate for a 'uniform' for them...

londonlottie Thu 23-Feb-12 22:38:07

PS: LVB - we're about to book a holiday in Cornwall, one week away with the girls in a hotel with childcare. It's in Mullion, nr Lizard... good location or not, do you think? x

LaVitaBellissima Thu 23-Feb-12 22:49:53

Obviously I'm biased, I think all of The Cornish Coastline is just breathtaking.

You have to see Kynance Cove, homesick!

You will love the wonderful Cornish hospitality, make sure you have a couple of pasties and a cream tea for me smile

londonlottie Thu 23-Feb-12 22:52:48

You'd never need to do this because if you're there you'll be visiting rellies, but this is the place I'm looking at. Expert opinion? DH saying that the roads have improved so the drive down wouldn't be too bad....

LaVitaBellissima Thu 23-Feb-12 23:00:05

I don't know it as I'm a North Coast girl, but it looks lovely.

The roads have vastly improved, they have spent a fortune doing the A30 up over many, many years. Take the A303 though, it's a nicer road than doing the motorway the whole way. When are you going? Probably take you 5 hours no breaks, so make that about 7 if you split the journey with a nice pub lunch?

AtLongLast Thu 23-Feb-12 23:07:59

Everyone is always miles from oop norf <sob>. Tho I think Tarti & I are nearer one another's families than our own. Think we'll be up there for a week quite soon Tarti (or else our families are never going to meet dd hmm)..... Multiples-en-masse would be funny Kate - we get lots of comments when it's just a friend & I with a set of twins each.

Will look out for you (or dh..) Chesti but if you fancy making a more definite arrangement, I'm up for negotiation grin.

Uh oh for end of mat leave Cerubina. I dreaded it for ages but once I'd gotten my head around the fact it was happening I think I dreaded it & looked forward to it in equal measures (& am back to dreading it again... less than a year left. Ds2 took a while to settle & that was hard but they do get there in the end. & yes - what are your feelings on full time Tarti? PT is so nice & can't imagine doing FT for some time... but for a dream job? Would you be any better financially?

I don't think you're biased about the Cornish coastline at all Lavita - it is fabulous (& that looks great Lottie. I'd never been then we did a few years on the trot down there (after being v disappointed by Devon). I think it's a credit to Cornwall that it is so popular despite the roads & I've never done it in height of summer or before the improved roads. It does take forever to get around but that wasn't a problem for us pre-children & in holiday mode.

Right.. I was going to go to bed since my computer crashed but now I'm back up & running it looks like I've got more porn links to browse grin while dp makes a cuppa & raids our choc stash I'd hidden for hols grin.

londonlottie Fri 24-Feb-12 09:07:27

tarti - they might be the same little boots I bought Eve for her First Pair Of Shoes. (I love Bisgaard, did I mention that??) I don't think they're masculine at all, they are just traditional-looking and classic. I do think it means you need to go a bit more girly on the top half. As I desperately tried to get the girls to try on these new bits yesterday I was fretting that I dress them far too much in boyish colours and clothes - navy, cream, red. I bought Eve a lovely pair of navy cords but she already gets mistaken for a boy regularly confused

Also was too self-absorbed last night to respond re. full time job - what a conundrum. The way I feel at the moment (complete saturation re. time spent at home) a FT job doesn't sound that bad... grass is always greener eh. So much depends on what time you get back from work I think, and of course in your case you get school holidays as time spent with them which must help. God I so need to get back to work!

londonlottie Fri 24-Feb-12 09:08:00

PS: Come on you two, Chesti and ALL - we have to have our first Twins MN meet up!

tartiflette Fri 24-Feb-12 16:26:31

Oh yes go on - you HAVE to

Not sure about the job thing. I don't really want to be FT at the moment. And actually I've had a good look at the job spec and it's not quite as ideal as first glance... haven't ruled it out though.

Chesticles Sat 25-Feb-12 10:48:35

talk about peer pressure you guys! If we leave it to chance then we will either be in adjancent lodges and we will see each other constantly, or our paths will never cross. Both of which will be a bit odd grin. DH is a bit reluctant to make any definite plans as part of what he likes about CP is the lack of pressure to do anything at any specific time. Will you be online whilst there ALL? Cause if we don't naturally bump into each other naturally we'll have to arrange something for towards the end of the week. I know my mobile reception is patchy there, but DH will have his tablet with him.

Have my 5 mile race this afternoon. Am dreading it. I know I can run that far, but I also know that it is a very small race (200 people) with lots of club runners so there is a very high probablity I will be last. And not just last, but 5 minutes behind the 2nd last person. Signed up for it as it was something to aim for, but am not so sure now confused

AtLongLast Sat 25-Feb-12 22:09:57

Well done on doing the 5mile Chesti! Just completing it is far better than I'd be capable of just now.

I'm sure my mobile reception will be more than a bit patchy there too cos I have enough problems in civilisation stupid network. Dp should have better luck with his though. I'll pm you in a min grin.

Chesticles Sun 26-Feb-12 17:08:12

Wasn't last in the race, was 6th last. Am reasonably chuffed. Though the race winner (not that I was racing) did it in 24 minutes! What sort of freak can run 5 miles in 24 minutes! I took twice that.

Off to CP. House is in chaos. H is packing her must have stuff which seems to consist of everything including the (plastic) kitchen sink. Will have to sort through it all after they have gone to bed tonight.

I got a mumsnet email yesterday along the lines of your child is coming to an age where they you might want to think about potty training here are some tips. Seriously???? The boys are 21 months. I was planing on leaving it until they were about 3yo! Only a mad woman would potty train twin boys at less than 2yo. Deleted that email PDQ.

KateShmate Sun 26-Feb-12 17:55:19

Arghh what a scary email to receive... am not even thinking about potty training yet!

Seriously impressed with the race Chesti Well done!!!! Hope you are very proud of yourself smile

Have a lovely time at CP you 2, very very jealous!

londonlottie Sun 26-Feb-12 22:32:09

Well done Chesti - v v impressed.

Very busy weekend here, but had to share something that cracked me up today. J's new thing is to say that everything is BORING. She's just over two, FGS! But she says it for the most inappropriate things. Today she needed her nappy changed and was arguing against it. When I said she needed to because she needed to have a clean bum, she answered "I don't want a clean bum bum - clean bum bums are BORING!" grin

AtLongLast Sun 26-Feb-12 22:52:52

Haha Lottie, fab - they just get better and better grin.

Impressed here too Chesti. `Delete' sounds like an appropriate action for that mail <but wonders why I didn't get that one>. Wish my two would get the hang of the potty though since they rip off clothes and nappy as soon as I turn my back for a moment. Ds1 has worked out how to escape from both sets of doungarees we have too hmm

V V excited about CP! I'm even (almost) packed which is a rarity.

KateShmate Mon 27-Feb-12 16:34:55

Lottie My 4YO does that!

Its sooo annoying! Even just 'Tea time'
Indie: 'Tea is boooorring'
So I will tell her that its fine, she doesn't have to eat tea (she is a food machine!) and she will shout 'No, no, no!!! I do want tea!'

She says it to the DTri's too - they still look up to my older 2, and constantly showing them things, so will show Indie something and she just says 'That toy is so boring...'

Everything is boring - putting shoes on, going to bed, brushing hair, getting dressed, going to the toilet, going to pre-school... you get the picture..

DTri's pick up on it if Indie starts saying it, so whatever I ask them (even if I say 'Do you want some chocolate' - I have tried it!) they will scream 'Booorrreeeeeenn!!' grin

londonlottie Mon 27-Feb-12 16:38:46

Kate - do you think my two year old is gifted then, in that she finds everything boring aged just TWO. FFS! wink Today it was walking up the steps to our house: "I no want to walk up steps Mummy, walking up steps is BORING." Er, okay, stand outside the house all day then clever clogs! grin

Annoyingly the other one is picking up on it too.

Btw, I started a thread in Food topic today about fussy eaters - mine are becoming RIDICULOUS. I welcome anyone's input about how to deal with fussy eaters, I can't believe I have two one and don't have a strong strategy for how to deal with it. Each meal I just do the easiest thing, which is not leading to my maternal vision of one home-cooked meal for the whole family each night...

<wanders off to defrost shaped food items for dinner>

KateShmate Mon 27-Feb-12 19:02:40

I would say she is very advanced for her age ;) Loving the 'Walking up steps is boring'. Am impressed with her speech though - you said that she was only just 2, that is brilliant! DTri's sound about the same, speech wise, and they are 2.6 - think they just can't be bothered to talk! grin

It is annoying when 1 does something silly, within 2 seconds #2 is doing it, and then #3 joins in too!! I don't even attempt to stop them because its like they are ganging up on me already - when they are like this, they just stand and laugh at me! Cheeky devils! ;)
Was annoying when DT's started picking up on the 'boring' thing - they don't even know what it means to be bored!

Nightmare about the fussy eating. The only thing that I can suggest is to stay strong with whatever you would normally cook (not things that they want, IYSWIM) and just simply offer the dinner - if they refuse, thats fine. You can either send them away from the table, and give attention to other DT, or tell them that they still have to sit at table and wait until everyone is finished - but ignore them and just encourage the 'eating' DT.

If you don't want to go 'cold turkey' just yet, I would try making meal times more exciting. Take them somewhere to get new plates (paper chase does gorgeous ones) and cutlery - only for 'big girls'! ;) Whilst choosing them, talk positively about how they are going to be able to eat all their dinner up when they have 'big girl' things.
We have the Fun Pods in our kitchen too - its like an enclosed 'step' for children so they can help with cooking. Maybe look on mothercare or BabysRUs for them - they are absolutely brilliant, and means the girls can get involved with cooking without running off everywhere, and climbing up and down etc.
We also have some childrens knives - I think they were from Jamie Oliver? Its a brilliant knife that cuts through everything (like a sharp knife would) but the way the 'blade' is designed, it isnt sharp at all. I find that if I give them some veg to cut up, they will eat some of it too - works with other things too obviously.
Ohh, I lied - isn't Jamie Oliver,,r:0,s:12

I just find that if they make it themselves, they are more likely to eat it.

Fussy eating is definitely a stage that most go through, so hopefully they will go through it quickly!

londonlottie Tue 28-Feb-12 09:37:27

Thanks for those tips - they are great. I haven't ever heard of the Funpods - how many do you have?? Am imagining that unless I had two we'd have constant arguments, and they're pretty expensive - do you think I'd get much use out of them with the girls already aged 2.2?

Knives look brilliant, will definitely order.

Took the girls to a nearby nursery yesterday morning - well regarded, but in the thick of a very dodgy area... had to put all my stupid snobbery to one side as I got out the car. Seemed really good, nice staff, and they emailed me later to say they do have spaces. What to do? I really feel like I need a bit of space without the girls to get on top of everything here, but if I'm really honest it's not where I'd want them to go long-term. (Am I being stupid - when I got there they were all playing outside and loads of the kids had snotty noses, I am particularly averse to seeing kids with snotty noses that no-one wipes for them and don't like to think mine would be wandering around like that blush) I can get a space for them at a Montessori (or similar) nursery in September, is it bad to put them in this place for a few months and then maybe move them in Sept?

londonlottie Tue 28-Feb-12 09:38:29

PS: booked our holiday in Cornwall yesterday - at a hotel which was doing 'stay 2 nights get 3rd night free' - so we're staying 7 nights and paying for 5 - result! Looks really nice, has childcare and a spa - woohoo, can't wait.

LaVitaBellissima Tue 28-Feb-12 10:10:49

Hope All & Chesti are having fun at CP, wonder if they've bumped into each other at the pool this morning grin
It will be good to get some tips, when they get back. Some friends and their children are going with us, and Us girls have booked 3 hours in the spa, I can't wait!!

Lottie brilliant about Cornwall, the hotel looks lovely. I think DP is getting a bit fed up of always staying at my mums, so will await your opinion, as it looks great!

I love those pods too Kate they look fab, v. Expensive though, might see if I can twist DP's arm smile

Those on the diet thread will know, I am on a mission to lose a bit of weight and tone up, doing ok, did the Shred last night, gave up chocolate for lent, and have cut down on my wine consumption smile

KateShmate Tue 28-Feb-12 11:57:47

Lottie My older 2 DD's had a FunPod bought for them when they little, as a gift. They have lasted so brilliantly, and when the triplets were old enough to use them, it just caused huge, daily arguments as to who got to use them. In the end we decided to buy a 3rd - was a brilliant decision! I often plonk them in there with playdough/cookie dough/ fruit and veg with knives etc.
I would say that at 2.2, they would get more use out of them now, than when they were younger - it would be the perfect age. My eldest is 5, and often she will go in one and its still perfect for her. I hate them standing on chairs or stools - we've had too many accidents, and our kitchen floor is horribly hard.
The pod has a 'floor' that can be put up and down - we keep them on the highest for the triplets, but if we used it only for our older 2, then we would put it down a bit.
They are quite large though, if you have space in your kitchen to have them out all the time, then its perfect - but they aren't great for carting around. We have a large breakfast bar/island attached to kitchen and so instead of having stools there, we have the pods there all the time and just tuck them under the work surface.
Definitely look on eBay for some bargains - they aren't significantly cheaper on there (purely because they're brilliant!) but worth looking. We probably would have got one from there but at the time, wherever we got ours from (mothercare or babysrus I think) had an offer.
Just googled, and have the red for £79 - quite a bargain, they are going second hand for that price. Thats the good thing - you know that once the DD's are too big for it, we can sell them for a good price.

KateShmate Tue 28-Feb-12 11:58:48

LVB I gave up chocolate for lent too, but failed miserably today.. sad Do I just pretend that I've not had any?

LaVitaBellissima Tue 28-Feb-12 13:08:57

Yes Kate, start again, you can do it, I did it last year and would have either an apple or a Bonne Maman Madeleine instead, so always had a sweet alternative smile

LaVitaBellissima Tue 28-Feb-12 13:17:44

Ll. I would definitely use the nursery now, then change in September. In regards to snotty noses, sometimes I can't keep on top of wiping the girls, as it's a constant stream atm. Must be difficult with lots of children x

tartiflette Tue 28-Feb-12 22:53:10

Those fun pods look great. We don't have the space in our current kitchen, I'd be clicking buy if we did...!

Lottie yes I'd use the nursery available now until Sept. Ours is in a v dodgy area too (um, less than five mins from our house!) but the staff are really caring and just generally fab in every way, and the other children are not generally from round there anyway (if that's a concern - probably only is for me as I'm a horrendous snob) as it's used as a drop off for parents who live further out, on their way into work in town.
Re. the snotfest, bear in mind noses always run more when out in the cold - sure they'd have wiped them once they all came in. If you're really unsure maybe have another look round at a different time of day?

tartiflette Fri 02-Mar-12 16:16:12

Looking forward to CP/ meet-up feedback..... smile

LaVitaBellissima Fri 02-Mar-12 16:39:12

Aargh ate a chic chip biscuit at play group today, remembered I'd given up chocolate for lent, oops blush grin

Chesticles Fri 02-Mar-12 21:15:44

I'm back. Had a great time at centreparcs. Both boys have learned new words (wackwack (D) and DUCK (J) respectively). In fact I think that is all I heard continuously for the 3 hour journey home. Kids had an absolute ball there and consquently we ahd a good time too.

For those of you who are awaiting the big TTT meetup, after 3 days of peering at twins (my criteria were a brown haired lady, with blond toddler twins and a 3 month old girl) and boy, were there a lot of twins there, didn;t bump into her. Surprised as the previous time I was there at the same time as someone else I knew we bumped into them everywhere to the point it was getting really embarrassing. Anyway, texted ALL on Wed night. Only time our paths would cross would be in the pool on Thurs afternoon when DH & I were planning on being there with only H to give her some alone time with us as the boys seemed to be completely worn out from all the walking and duck enthusiasm and reverted to huge 2.5 hour sleeps from 1-3.30. So she didn't get to meet our boys. I can confirm that C is a real cutie - I'd forgotten how small newborns (well 3ish months) can be. The boys were also lovely, though a bit shy of mad woman in pool speaking to their mother. Didn't get to chat for very long, and had hoped to speak again but lost track of time and had to hot foot it back to the lodge to help granny with the boys.

The only down side to the holiday is that D has turned into a real bully. He constantly hits and pushes J and even H. Am worried that it is going to spill over into other children too. He is completely unafraid of any other children in soft play areas etc. A new parenting challenge for us as H was/is so timid that there was never any worry of her being a bully, always more likely to be bullied.

Lottie I would put them to the nursery. Sept is ages away.

On a completely different and upsetting note, DH who loves ice hockey and supports Fife Flyers, their player/manager's wife died this week. She was was expecting twins on the 1st April. Actually that was her 40 week date so she could have had them any day. She had a heart attack and both her and the babies died. So breathtaking sad. They have a wee girl too, only 3yo. sad Although DH didn't know them personally its really upsetting, particularly as you realise how badly it could have gone wrong for any of us.

tartiflette Fri 02-Mar-12 22:16:13

Oh God Chesti that is just awful. We've all been so lucky haven't we.

I've been sad this week too as the police officer found dead (shot and blinded by Raoul Moat, remember?) was father to two of my students, well one is now an ex-student but a lovely lovely boy who was in my first ever tutor group and whom I am v fond of. They were/are a lovely family. So heartbroken for them all.

Great that you met up Chesti and ALL. ALL if you are coming up this way you must give me a shout, maybe we can engineer a little rendez vous...

Chesti if it's any consolation I think the dynamic between twins has little resemblance to their interactions with other children (re. bullying etc). From my observations, anyway.
I've had nursery inform me again this week that M has bitten someone. Not 'out of anger or malice' they attempted to reassure me confused hmm

Chesticles Fri 02-Mar-12 22:29:34

Sorry, didn't mean to bring the thread down, but it just seemed so close to home (both physically and the same situation a 3yo then twins and she was mid 30s) that I can't stop thinking about it.

LVB how are the wedding plans? I only have about 4 weeks until I am a bridesmaid (matron of honor?) and have yet to loose the required 2 stone to look like I would like to. Fortunately the dress fits, but would look much better if I kept off the wine and lost a few lbs.

LaVitaBellissima Fri 02-Mar-12 22:55:31

Chesti I still remember being told that I had a 10% chance of losing one or both twins due of the risk of them being identical. It is always far to close to home sad, as well as talking to you lovely ladies, I did the mumsnet antenatal dec 10 thread, 1 mum, lost her baby at 37 weeks sad it still makes me cry every time I think of it, because I was so early(4thNov) the girls were so small when it happened and I felt such a mixture of sadness for her and the utter joy and guilt that my girls were ok sad. Miscarriage and stillbirth are just horrendous and imagine to lose your wife and twins, it is just heartbreaking, it sounds so archaic that it can still happen now sad

Wedding is still pie in the sky, am horrendously obsessed with how flat chested I am post breast feeding not even measured but poss 36a [crying emoticon] have convinced myself I have 2 options, diet until I'm a size 6 where flat heated looks good or get a boob job!

Cerubina Sat 03-Mar-12 11:13:08

That is a terribly sad story chesti, that poor husband and family. Stories like that tend to really get to you when there are similarities to your own situation. It's like when Magic8ball died last year - also heart problems, only 32, and leaving 3 young children. That still gets to me. Last year I also bumped into a woman in a shop who told me she was having twins and was asking lots of questions about my experience, so I swapped a couple of emails with her giving suggestions about what to buy etc. A few months later she saw me in the supermarket and told me that she had lost them both at 5 months when she had premature rupture of membranes, and was in Italy at the time. Her experience at the hands of Italian doctors sounded utterly dreadful, won't go into it here but it made a heartbreaking experience much worse for her. I can't imagine how you get over it. Sorry for your sadness too tarti, that poor man.

Anyway, lighter subjects - glad there was a meet up of sorts at CP. You were brave doing it at the pool - LVB and LL (and Kate?) I would definitely be up for a London meet and I think we can all agree we won't do it in swimsuits!

Bit late to the party on fussy eating but LL I would definitely advocate not making an issue of it if you can POSSIBLY help it. I speak as a lifelong pathetic fussy eater, and to be honest when people pressure you to eat it just makes you dig your heels in, and then you get to 39 21 and find you have forgotten the reasons why you don't eat certain things, you just don't... I would also agree just present one option to her, if she doesn't eat it then she doesn't get an alternative offered. I was a bit hmm at one of the comments someone made to you on FB about how you'll just do online research and read a book and it'll be fine - did she mean to be as dismissive as she sounded?!

So S&R have now reached single figures as of Sunday and it's very strange to look back over a whole year. At this point S was still in high dependency, and now there he is giving me back ache as I lug him up and downstairs.

Their start to nursery and my return to work wasn't very smooth sadly, as I have only managed a grand total of one day's work this week thanks to trigger happy nursery sending them home with sticky eyes. First R on Tuesday after I had been at my desk all of 90 minutes, and then both on Thursday when I had nearly got through the day. Each sending-home requires a day's quarantine, so all in all we have paid handsomely for nursery this week and I've still had to do almost all the childcare. I know I should have expected it but it's bloody embarrassing walking out of work quite so soon after getting back! And TBH I query whether the sending-home works anyway - they caught the infection there, therefore some child gave it to them, therefore the quarantining clearly has no effect! It's so frustrating when I've been keyed up for weeks getting my head round the idea of work and then having to switch back so quickly. Well hopefully it will settle down soon.

Poor LVB. Our bodies are wracked by twins in so many ways...funny how La Leche League don't advertise that side effect of EBF isn't it?

AtLongLast Sat 03-Mar-12 14:21:53

Aww Chesti, that's awful sad. When I was pg with the boys a friend lost her twins - one at 12wks and the other at 30wks, but she knew for a couple of weeks before she delivered. She was 6wks behind me & they were IVF too & from the same hospital. I was paranoid I'd end up in labour at the same time she was going in to have her dd though I was lucky enough to be able to talk the scenario through with the antenatal midwife & then it didn't happen anyway. It has destroyed our friendship gp tho sad. Then when I was pg with dd a friend & his dw lost their dd at 6months pg. Makes you so, so grateful and yes, a lot guilty even though we had so many problems before we managed to have the boys.

CP was fab. Was good to meet with Chesti <we did it!!>, if a bit brief! Our fault cos we were running late. Was not impressed at that and had just stropped at dp when he asked if I was going off to look for you when you found us. The only thing I had planned all week & still we couldn't do it hmm. Shame the boys weren't there - H is beautiful tho! Was loads and loads of twins, and pg ladies / newborns too. You're right about bumping into people. We were on 'hello' terms with one family cos we saw so much of them from the start. Tarti, will def try to arrange something with you to - think we're coming up at the end of the month for either a week or a long weekend.

Was so lovely to see the boys with all the grandparents & seeing the grandparents loving the time they had with all 3 kids. FIL wants to take us back next year grin. I'll be back to being restricted to school hol time only again by then tho so we'll see. We managed with only a few major tensions. Mostly over how we dealt with ds1's tantrums. God, was he trying it on!! Like yesterday am when he was whining at MIL's feet in the kitchen cos he wanted to be picked up & just doing that `floppy, whiny, cry' thing. So, when he wouldn't calm I picked him up & put him in his cot. To which both my mum & MIL said `I'm not saying anything'. Luckily I was busy cos I saw red at that!!! Apparently neither mums had any tantrums at all with any of their kids (though bizzarely MIL thinks ds1 is just like dp was, and both kept spouting stuff about waiting til we got to terrible 2s proper).

We were very impressed with the lodge. The layout was a really good use of space & it looked quite nice too - if a bit like living in an Ikea/Habitat-type showroom. Only downsides were that sound travels well, especially when the toddlers are up at 5am for the first couple of mornings (what time is `acceptable' for non-parents?? I forget that even 7am is fairly early...). & if you're planning on peeling potatoes for 9, or doing veg prep then your own peeler/knife might be a good idea. The ones in our lodge were crap.

Oooh.. nap over...

londonlottie Sat 03-Mar-12 16:32:10

sad for these sad stories. One of my friends in Switzerland just lost her baby at 23 weeks, so I too have been thinking about how lucky I was to deliver two healthy babies. I honestly don't know how one copes with such a loss.

We have no broadband this week so am using my iPhone - finally succumbed and got one. Have to admit that I have been strangely productive since we lost connectivity hmm - any correlation? grin

Thanks all for your thoughts re nursery. We are going for it; am going in to sign up on Monday.

Cerubina - laughed at your post re being a fussy eater grin - I was one too and was famously sent home from school once for having a ginormous tantrum because they dared try to make me eat pear or some such. blush

Am very up for a meet (and LOL re wearing swimsuits), quite a trek for me to head to Richmond Park but is there anything remotely convenient anywhere more central?

KateShmate Sat 03-Mar-12 20:27:48

Chesti Such an awful story, I just think its horrendous when both the mother and baby/ies die - can't think of anything worse for the husband, children and rest of family. I'm sure that they have a really supportive family as they will really need it. I know its not the same, but throughout my pregnancy I had to keep seeing this one consultant who kept saying that he thought it would be a good idea for me to terminate the smallest baby. Kept making me feel awful for saying that I would never terminate, and all he kept saying was that there is a very large chance that they will all be born too early and die, and then I would regret my decision. Total bollocks. I understand the strain on our bodies for carrying 2 or 3 babies, and that is quite often doesn't go to plan - hence the ridiculous amounts of appt's I had throughout my pregnancy - in that sense, I cannot fault them for my care, they couldn't see me enough!
Between conceiving our triplets and having DD2 I had a horrendous miscarriage very late on in the pregnancy - completely tore us apart and was one of the worst times of my life. Very rarely talk about it, even though we should, as we are still in denial and cant believe that our baby was taken away from us - we were all so excited at prospect of DC3. Was also such a horrific experience; I understand that no miscarriage is 'straightforward' but to be treated so awfully as well, just horrible.
Sorry for all the depressing crap ladies!

Cerubina I would totally be up for a meetup, but as most of you are in London and we are about 4 hours from London, it would have to be organised in advance!

ALL So glad you and Chesti had such brilliant holidays! CP is just brilliant! Re the strops - what did your mum and MIL expect you to do?! One thing I can't stand is parents trying to tell me that their children never had strops - thats ridiculous, no child NEVER has a strop. I would be worried if my child didnt have strops - it is normal . Saying that, a lot of children don't get the chance to have a strop because as soon as they start to whinge, they get whatever they wanted in the first place thrust into their face! DD's do the 'flingy whingy' thing to be picked up, but then whinge around even more - I tend to just kneel in front of them, hold them gently at arms length and say 'When you have calmed down and stopped making that noise, I will talk to you' - and then turn my head away. Once the whinging stops, I am all ears and cuddles! I would stick in cot, but I would be up and down our stairs like a woman possessed!
LVB At my last weigh in I had lost 4.5lbs! yay! And actually been quite naughty (chinese and sneaky chocolate), but the rest of the time really good so has paid off and spurred me on! Size 6 here I come! grin

AtLongLast Sat 03-Mar-12 22:52:01

Didn't like to ask what I was meant to do Kate. Anyway, how would they know not having experienced toddler strops confused wink. I don't use the cot a home cos I'm too lazy to go upstairs. Ds2 responds really well to demands to stop crying / stropping, but not ds1 - just makes him wail louder. I only really put him in the cot cos MIL/mum kept trying to interact with him despite us telling asking them not to. They're just not ready for the long rambling reasoning / negotiations/ explanations yet. I felt bad because the problem wasn't really him, but the grandmothers / out of routine / strange place. He calmed quickly though then sat on my knee (sniffling saying `calm now, calm now', bless him) & we had cuddles.

Another day the big boys had gone off to do an activity so my plan was that we just go out the back of the lodge to look at sticks / birds etc. Usually takes eons to get anywhere but they both seemed up for a faster wander so we decided to go meet the men. Except ds1 then decided he wanted MIL to carry him. He's too heavy for her (she's weeny) and had he had a carry then ds2 would want one too & my mum isn't up to it either so I said no. Cue falling to the floor etc. Luckily we hadn't gone far so I just tucked him under my arm & went back. He was upsidedown by the time I got back to the lodge (had dd in the sling so was difficult to carry him). They didn't like that much either. Especially as the people opposite were looking shock grin. A while of rolling round & ds1 was fine again. Trying to stop them from going on.... and on.... and on.... at him about it though, and then again when the men came back you'd think it was a major event that needed countless retelling in glorious technicolour hmm. Just not necessary. Think my `mother of the decade' crown is a little tarnished grin. No doubt they think I maintain control through abuse on a daily basis... or something. In truth, they're much easier to deal with when it's just me & them & I don't have a lot of crying or strops yet.

As dp said, there was 3 yrs between him & his bro (& my mum had big gaps between most of us) so MIL could probably afford to give in to dp a bit more at this age than we can with 3 so close together.

But still, we knew that would be an issue & it was a lovely week.

Pool meets are good - I think you could say Chesti & I met one another's heads only grin. Bodies safely under water unless you choose to get out. If you lot down south get organised & we can get somewhere close to camp etc over the summer then we'd see about coming too smile.

Glad you're liking your iphone Lottie. I was v, v tempted last year but figured any smartphone was so superior to my old brick phone that I'd be happy whatever. I am, but have used dp's HD Samsung a fair bit recently & hate to admit it's much nicer to use than my HTC.

tartiflette Sat 03-Mar-12 23:48:07

Definitely agree - easier to parent/discipline when on your own with them ALL. My mil flatly ignores requests not to pick them up on demand/indulge every whim etc. - does make things rather more tantrum-heavy!

Ooh yes keep us posted about a London meet up - I might try and make it too smile

Well done on weight loss Kate envy

KateShmate Sun 04-Mar-12 20:42:11

Tarti Don't be too jealous - have already put it back on grin
My body is ridiculously fucked up. How can I carry on eating the same, and put on weight (after losing)... angry
Tempted to ditch the scales, and start measuring myself instead? What do you reckon?

tartiflette Sun 04-Mar-12 21:12:06

Hmm - wish I could let go and get rid of scales but the very thought panics me. I weigh myself pretty much every day and when I stop, I put on weight. It is fucked up, I know that.
V annoying that you've gained when you've been eating the same. I find you do tend to fluctuate by a couple of pounds over the course of a week but 4.5 is a lot. Maybe just a blip today - weigh again tomorrow? <draws Kate into dark vortex of constant weighing...>

LaVitaBellissima Sun 04-Mar-12 21:25:13

Putting my hand up too for obsessive weighing before and after the loo anyone?

I love wine and food so much sad I made macaroons for the irst time this weekend and they are sooooo delicious, but not good for the waistline?

Centreparcs next week smile any top tips ?

tartiflette Sun 04-Mar-12 21:35:02

Respect for macaroons lavita - tricky aren't they (my knowledge comes from watching GBBO you understand, not actually making the buggers myself grin ) You do NOT look like you need to lose weight in any case.

I'm a greedy bastard, there's no hope for me. I'm destined to be a size 12 I think. Wish I could starve myself down to an 8 but I've never yet managed to summon the willpower and just seem to lose and gain the same half stone over and over so I might as well accept my fate sad

AtLongLast Sun 04-Mar-12 21:59:35

Sposed to be marking hmm <losing the will to live> but just had to say - wish I was destined to be a size 12!!

In other news, boys had sleepsuits/pjs/nappies off within 10mins of putting them to bed tonight. Will be investigating the possibility of converting fleecy sleepsuits into straighjackets this week. What is it with my 2 wanting to be nudey?? Given half a chance they de-nappy poor dd too.

CP next week Lavita - woo hoo! Will put thinking cap on & get back to you

tartiflette Sun 04-Mar-12 22:32:48

Ha Rose has taken to stripping too although she's yet to remove her nappy thank god. Chuckling at your two whipping off C's nappy! Comical.
Good grief, I'm not even marking and I'm not on maternity leave, talk about making the rest of us look bad - step away from the work woman!!
Must point out am only a 12 because I'm short grin

AtLongLast Sun 04-Mar-12 22:53:06

Glad it's not just ours then Tarti. Mum helpfully says to keep their trousers on during day / put nappy back on while they're sleeping at night. Simples. Just waiting for the first poo escape. It won't be long hmm. They are funny with C though. They love helping by handing wipes & stuff & ds1 has a doll who needs bum wiped / nappy / clothes on too (not that it lasts long on her either). Dolls at playgroup tend to have clean bums too thanks to ds2 grin.

Only marking cos I've not done the latest batch & have had it for weeks & said it would be there tomorrow not going to happen. Not doing any more after this cos it really is like a lead weight on my shoulders. Every time I sit down to do it, I'm needed elsewhere & I'm really resenting not being able to concentrate solely on family stuff (even though I know I'm extremely lucky to have such a generous mat leave).

londonlottie Mon 05-Mar-12 09:24:21

ALL yes but you are meant to be on leave ie not WORKING! No wonder you feel resentful.

Smiling at your nappy less boys. Never had anything like that here - should help with potty training eh? smile

Would love to write more but struggling to have the patience to type on this minuscule keypad. Two days and counting until that BT engineer sorts us out....

AtLongLast Mon 05-Mar-12 15:14:37

Ugh, can usually tell when I'm posting from my phone rather than the lappy - more typos and far more drivel!

Boys were nudey twice again before bed last night. Then I had a brainwave.... put fleecy sleepsuits on backwards so zip goes up the centre of their back <evilgenius>. Was almost willing them to strip again so I could try it - and they didn't disappoint. Slight tantrums when they realised they were truly stuck. Dp said it was cruel and they'd be uncomfortable. Not half as uncomfy as we'd all find wee/soiled matresses. He conceded that and I think was rather grateful when he changed ds2's nappy this morning. Did it for their nap today too & they were v keen to get in sleepsuits backwards. Allowing myself to feel a little smug for now. Bit like mosquito v human race tho.... just waiting for the comeback. Even if it's when they are in beds and can help one another out of sleepsuits... I am hoping potty training will be relatively pain-free <wishful thinking>

LaVitaBellissima Mon 05-Mar-12 16:23:49

I had to laugh too at your nudey boys ALL
I met someone who puts gaffer tape around her son's nappy and also puts him in his sleeping bag inside out!! He is hard work, he's only 2 and can undo the clasps on both his pram and the car seat shock
Kate that is so sad about the pressure to terminate one of your trips sad, we had regular scans at the fetal medicine centre, our consultant had delivered quads before. I remember talking to one of the doctors about higher multiples and he had said that they did advise reducing the pregnancy. DP and I walked away discussing the fact that we could/would never terminate 1 baby, very emotional at the thought of it.
I'm convinced that if we ever try to have more children I'll have triplets, quite scared at the prospect of having more children. I know that the expectation is there from DP's family as I am the last chance of producing a boy, DMIL has 6 granddaughters.
Still to tired to have any for a few years! Am thinking about getting a Mirena, anyone had this?
Cerubina congratulations on surviving your first year, hope you had a nice celebration too smile
Tarti macaroons were surprisingly easy actually, and utterly delicious, very sweet though as ALL had said, do you want the recipe? Must be a gazzillion calories each though blush

tartiflette Mon 05-Mar-12 17:10:01

Lavita I've just been reading about the mirena - it's what most doctors choose for themselves apparently. I don't love the thought of it personally but it's a sqeamishness issue on my part!
Yes please to macaroon recipe. Feel for you re. pressure to produce male heir! I thought when the girls were about 6m that I would have more, but now I'm fairly sure I won't. Only just feel normal(ish) - can't face going through it all again! Also as you say, imagine another multiple pregnancy (and the actual children that would ensue... grin)

Yes Kate I meant to respond to your post. Am horrified at that pressure from your consultant especially after what you had been through sad. No wonder you cherish all your lovely DC.

KateShmate Mon 05-Mar-12 17:33:13

LVB I remember commenting on a post ages ago about a woman who couldn't keep her son in pyjamas - can't remember what my idea was (cant have been that amazing!) but apparently it saved her life!
DD2 used to strip herself naked, only once in a bluemoon - but you would go in and check on her and then have to struggle pull-ups back on her! Couldn't wake her up though because she used to do this weird thing that if you woke her up, she would just go absolutely crazy - totally flip out, screaming, headbanging etc. Was like she was still half asleep as she didnt recognise us as would scream for us to leave her alone, and then cry for a cuddle - but seemed horrified when I asked if she wanted one.. all a nightmare when you just trying to put some pull ups on!

LVB and Tarti Looking back now, can't believe that the consultant told us some of the things he did. He claimed that it was for 'my safety'.. I think half of it was that I clearly can't hold onto my babies for long - both DD1 and 2 were prem for no reason, and they said that my babies would only come sooner and sooner. Unfortunately for him, the previous few triplet births he had done hadn't ended well, and I think that he just thought I would be going the same way. It sounds so wrong, but at the time we really started contemplating whether we were making the right decision (horrified now!). But you know when you know that something is wrong, but when someone drills it into you that doing the opposite is the right thing - you start believing it? He even discussed that it would be DTri#1 that he would terminate, as she was the smallest and weakest. Funnily enough #1 is the biggest and strongest now!

LVB What is it with even family wanting boys?! MIL said to me the other day that she has started knitting a few bits incase theres a 'DS' on the way....! I told her that I'm not pregnant, not planning on getting pregnant, and not even thinking about baby boys! IF I got pregnant again (which I would never do until the DTrip's are at school - even then, I doubt we would be thinking about another one) we would be more than happy with another little girl to add to our pink team! Obviously it would be lovely to have a boy, as we've not had one - but I wouldn't be 'expecting' it or wanting it to be a boy. DH is exactly the same. He always used to think that he would want a boy, but he's just so happy with our girls - I think he likes being able to treat them 'girly' and having daddies girls!

Can't comment on the mirena I'm afraid - Im too much of a wimp and just stick with my heavenly pills smile Am on mini-pill and not had a period for months.. bliss! grin

AtLongLast Mon 05-Mar-12 21:56:18

Haha - thanks for that! Compromise - boys have gone to bed with sleepsuits insideout. I think dp feels it's not quite so uncomfy for them but we'll resort to backwards if when they work the zips out. Ds1 loves buckles, clasps etc & I often go to put them in the buggy & find I have to undo the randomly attached straps before I can use it. He's not mastered undoing them yet though. There have been a few occasions where he's sat himself in the buggy & strapped himself in only to discover he can't get out again...

Kate forgot to comment too - horrible decision to have to make. Once the seeds of doubt are planted it's a brave decision to go against the `experts'.

We had Qs about when/if no 4 would be arriving last week. Half in jest... but not really. Lucky we have both genders now tho so proper pressure is off hmm!

Think I'm going for a Mirena but the dr who fits them is off sick. Have been given the number of a clinic to go to but it's in the city centre & appt times mean I'd have to take all 3 kiddies hmm. Slightly put off as I've had an ectopic pg previously so if it fails I'm slightly more at risk of another, though the risks seem less than I remember reading a few yrs ago. Think I'll wait til I've finished feeding dd.

I thought the maccaroons were ok to make too tho I think I need to try the flavoured ones. I need to expand my cake repertoire. Boys seem to be getting bored with fairy cakes. Shame cos I could make them in my sleep!

Chesticles Mon 05-Mar-12 22:47:40

kate what a horrible decision to have had to make, and at a time when you are hormonal as well which doesn't help. Pressure from constultant doesn't help. I remember thinking along the same times when I watched a programme about a lady with identical quads. Quads are high risk anyway but identical ones! She was told she would loose all of them if she didn't terminate one, but due to religious reasons refused. Fortunately she has 4 lovely girls (though if I rememeber was a bit crazy about keeping them identical!). Glad I never had to make that sort of decision. And never will. Barring a major contraceptive accident. Which leads me neatly to my next topic. The minera coil. I got one about 1 year after the twins. It works great for me. I didn't find it painful to put in (though it takes quite a long time so I probably wouldn't take 3 kids with me) and apparently a lot of people feel woosy afterwards so they don't reccommend going back to work that afternoon (I did - I felt fine). Initially had a little bit of spotting. And now haven't had a period in months. I think you are supposed to get light periods but mine have disappeared and I don't miss them! Feel free to ask questions or PM me if you want.

ALL laughing at your nude loving children. We have the opposite with D. He cries if you take his clothes off, and after changing a nappy and you haven't put his trousers back on imediately (ie if you are washing hands or taking the nappy out) he will run after you with the trousers wimpering hmm

No more chat of maccaroons please! Am desperately trying to be good this month. Unfortunately just the mention of diet makes me crave sweet things.

LaVitaBellissima Tue 06-Mar-12 08:05:46

Tiramisu Macaroons
*make coffee flavouring by melting 2 tablespoons of instant coffee with 2 tablespoons of boiling water and leave to cool
*beat 2 egg whites until shiny and stiff by hand
* slowly mix in 100g of Golden Caster Sugar, then 120g of icing sugar, then 120g of ground almonds, then 1 tablespoon of the cooled coffee mixture, mix together but don't beat it.
* line 2baking trays with grease proof paper, either use a piping bag or 2 teaspoons and try to leave as much space between them as you can, you should have mixture for 30 macaroons (15once sandwiched together)
*leave to stand for 30mins, preheat the oven to 140degrees
*cook for 30minutes, then leave to cool on wire racks
*filling is 100g of mascarpone, loosen it up by giving it a mix and add the other tablespoon of coffee mixture and 1 tablespoon of marsala(optional)
*put filling on one side of macaroons, sandwich together and devour (grin)

You could change the coffee mix and add food colouring/liqueurs etc, let me know how you get on!

AtLongLast Tue 06-Mar-12 12:05:45

Request for no more macaroon talk swiftly followed by..... the recipe. Love it grin. Will def have to try that Lavita. I did coconut ones & I think it was the texture of the dessicated coconut that the boys didn't like.

Useful info about the time it takes to fit the coil Chesti. I was imagining it was similar to going for a smear. Maybe I need dp to take half a day off then go shopping on my own afterwards.

KateShmate Tue 06-Mar-12 13:03:55

LVB Have got a lovely day at home by myself, and would soooo love to make those macaroons - But I know that I would be sneaky and cook them, eat them, and then hide all evidence and pretend I'd been healthy all day! grin

tartiflette Tue 06-Mar-12 19:16:38

YUM - thanks lavita. Now just need a three hour slot to make them in ... how on earth did you manage, superwoman?!
Also did you use a piping bag and if so what nozzle - I only have v small nozzles which are pointless, even for icing cupcakes: could do with buying another bag/nozzle set but no idea where to start.

Right, enough nozzle chat from me.

Have no further craic. This coil business is sounding very appealing what with the lack of periods.

AtLongLast Tue 06-Mar-12 20:03:31

Ooh, nozzles grin. I bought a set from Lakeland last year... and then discovered dd was on her way so they are still over there --> in the box unused.

Speaking of which.... pg /breastfeeding is also very good for ensuring lack of periods for a while grin wink

tartiflette Tue 06-Mar-12 20:31:46


LaVitaBellissima Tue 06-Mar-12 21:03:02

Tarti, I used tea spoons, made the mix whilst they were sleeping, filling them doesn't take long, I let the girls destroy a cupboard full of plastic bowls and tat whilst I cook. I was expecting it to be really difficult but it's surprisingly easy smile
ALL whilst I didn't have a period for the year I BF, I bled for 10 bloody weeks post birth (sorry TMI!) which kind of negated the year off really. No babies for me, back molars still coming through here, so fed up of this illness teething malarkey sad macaroons & wine do help though

AtLongLast Tue 06-Mar-12 21:11:47

mwahaha... maybe not at the moment... but consider - a boy wink grin wink. Anyway, surprises are pretty cool smile.

I do my best `I-can-cook-Katie' impression while baking. Just to see how ott annoying I can be of course. Boys love it.... dp not so much grin

cerubina sounds like you're having a tough time getting back to work! Hope they are being good about it. Annoying that they (apparently) shouldn't really exclude for conjuctivitis, esp after a couple of days of treatment but I guess a policy is a policy...

I had to sign the `accident' book again today. Ds2 has a lovely set of scratchmarks under his eye. Inflicted by ds1 hmm. Fighting over a police car while in the `den'. At least they keep it in the family I suppose!

AtLongLast Thu 08-Mar-12 14:30:09

<the threadkiller returns......>

Just a quick one cos I remembered something v important (!!!). We had no Cbeebies in our accom at CP Lavita. Luckily we had plenty Thomas DVDs (boys prefer now anyway)

Chesticles Thu 08-Mar-12 20:12:31

Sorry for absence, I have been completely tied up in organising the hen night for next weekend. It's the world's tamest hen night but still taking ages to organise. Am spending most of the evening on the phone/email trying to figure out who is coming when, and trying to get people to send photos etc. Ugh nightmare.

Hope all is going ok with everyone. cerubina, hang in there with nursery, it will get easier I'm sure.

Cerubina Fri 09-Mar-12 14:05:16

Chesticles too late but never EVER agree to organise a hen do or anything like it. And adding requests for photos (or payment) is like strapping on lead boots to wade through treacle. As you're finding. I am one of nature's born bossyboots organisers but you are a braver woman than me!

Loving the stories of inside out sleepsuits, straitjackets, gaffer tape etc but hoping we are a way off such things. R has figured out that she can open her nappy tabs, which has led to a couple of nice surprises in the morning, but so long as I spot them before the sleepsuit is done up we're OK (for now).

S has suddenly got a couple of upper canines coming through - no incisors, just canines. I have visions of a little vampire, will have to get him a cape I think!

Both have been so poorly this week - nothing more serious than sticky eyes/colds/coughs/teething/jabs, but clearly feeling rubbish for days. Vile nappies, puke, snot that they won't let me wipe off, loss of appetite, lots of crying. Poor little R is whippet thin because she has refused so much food shock sad. And of course it's done nothing for my attendance record. 6 days out of 7 now is the tally of partial or non-attendance at work. My boss is very understanding but as my other post suggested, I don't believe that is inexhaustible and am quite concerned about how twins can just pass things back and forth, as well as mine potentially just being susceptible to all bugs due to early arrival. I've got S at home now following vomiting incident at nursery. At least it's the weekend and perhaps they'll get a bit better until they pick something else up on Monday

Hope everyone else is well and ALL, do step away from the marking...bloody outrageous.

tartiflette Fri 09-Mar-12 14:58:26

Cerubina ours were constantly ill when they started nursery, it was really awful and I kept being called away from work because of sky high temperatures etc etc. It took about three months to completely settle down and since then they have been completely healthy (bar the odd gammy eye/dodgy nappy - but ime once nursery know you and the children well, and of course as they get older, they do become much happier to take them/keep them in even if they are a little under the weather).
Your work must know how mortified you are about it, and there's really nothing you can do so try not to feel too bad. It's a bad time of year for illness at the best of times, without all the exposure to new germs that nursery brings. Give it a month and it's be a totally different picture I promise!

AtLongLast Fri 09-Mar-12 21:06:24

Pleased to report that insideout sleepsuits work v well! Surprisingly difficult to work zips that way round. May be a bit of a niche for toddler clothing there oh' just my family then. Ds1 has undone the nappy through it tho, but at least mess would be contained I spose. Bit of a breakthrough with them repeating back (endlessly) 'nappy catch poo'. So hopefully they're getting the importance?

Marking now complete cerubina yey. Think that's why I was a bit giddy in my posting the other night. Such relief.

At Country Pile (Haha) for weekend & managed to avoid neighbour so far but won't last. Builder done loads this week so we have scaffolding up (how grown up does that feel?). He said he's got the measure of our neighbour after a few encounters so far grin. He needed leccy but our outdoor supply was disconnected cos we weren't expecting him to start so soon. He thought he'd ask lady if he could (pay) use hers. She asked for £10 and then spent ages deliberating whether it was enough or to charge more. Poor dp woke up this am feeling like he'd ranted all night. I assumed work, but no, the thought of having to deal With her.

LaVitaBellissima Sun 11-Mar-12 13:18:00

FFS in Cornwall, had a lovely time yesterday for my Nan's 80th, but V started getting a temperature at lunch, was 40 degrees again in the night, took her to out of hours doc and she has an ear infection, again.
We are off to Centreparcs tomorrow but she won't be able to go in the pool sad just crossing fingers that F diesn't get it.

Hope everyone else is well, are S&R better Cerubina?
ALL hope the nutty neighbour hasn't caused too many problems.
LL how are you settling in to London life? important question, what were the first outdoor shoes you bought E&J?

londonlottie Sun 11-Mar-12 13:46:44

Sorry to hear that LVB, god illness is just the pits with them, isn't it? You can be as organised as you like, as adventurous as it's possible to be, and it all goes tits up if they get poorly.

Sorry haven't posted much of late, we have now been reconnected to the known world and are back on broadband.... hmm there may be a concurrent decrease in my general levels of productivity...

Re. shoes, hard to think back, think I got them some TTJ 'sneakers' in navy, a bit boyish but they were great. Also bought them some cheapy sandals from local Swiss shop, which covered the toes well as I was phobic of them getting their toes all cut up as they were still crawling around a lot. This summer I'm definitely going to get them those Saltwater sandals again as they were a big hit and still looked good after months of wear and tear, and probably get some sort of sneaker again. Am currently lusting over bright yellow Spring Courts but must resist the Smallable lure!

Did someone on this thread mention 'French Children Don't Throw Food'? Was it you tarti or did I imagine that? Am reading it at the moment on my Kindle and it's v good, really enjoying it not least because it backs up my cod parenting philosophies grin

Glad a good time was had by all in CP. We're off to Cornwall on Saturday (LVB do we miss you? We're now going to Fowey although still south coast I believe...) and I can't wait.

Did I update to say girls start in nursery the week we get back from nursery, have a week's settling in and then we're up and running (hopefully). Cerubina - meant to say huge commiserations re. getting called back so much but do back up tarti's experience that it does get better. I am SO bloody pleased though that I'm starting them in nursery at the arse end of winter, might manage to stave off some of the illnesses going round. I have really enjoyed that part of them not being in a nursery, we've barely had any illness at all this winter - and I know damn well that's the only reason!

tartiflette Sun 11-Mar-12 21:59:18

Yes was me Lottie, keep me posted with your thoughts, I really enjoyed it too.

Sorry to hear that LVB sad - hope your CP week goes well anyway.

MUST go to bed, catch up properly tomorrow

londonlottie Mon 12-Mar-12 10:33:13

Am liking it so far, although not sure I'll be able to translate much of it into practice. Definitely agree re. sleep though, just feel so pleased we had twins which forced me to be a bit more hardcore than I might otherwise have been.

WELL - yesterday's post was definitely a case of Famous Last Words re. illness... J up with a fever last night, and me full of cold. Have cancelled appointments for today and we're having a sofa/duvet day. It's 10.30 and I'm already going a bit stir crazy... hmm

AtLongLast Mon 12-Mar-12 12:35:15

Oh no Lottie, what bad luck! I hope you're all feeling better soon. I've wishlisted `french children...' to remind me to have a read when I've finished reading the book ds1 kindly bought for me. Bloody one-click-buying.

I've felt v harassed this morning. Too many plans made, none of which worked out. Food shopping by 9am & pick up wallpaper while out. Back in time to feed boys / naptime before nursery then I'd be ready to start diy stuff this afternoon. We haven't been out of the house. I've lost my glasses, & coming to conclusion they were left at CP. Not a huge prob cos I only wear them for driving & even then don't need them to be legal, but I'm v annoyed with myself. Phone crashed & have just managed to get it up & running. Luckily managed to cobble together enough edibles to make something resembling a lunch that ds2 would eat. So now having a toastie & caffeine (& regaining some perspective since none of that actually matters) while all 3 are sleeping before the madness that is getting to nursery... and then grocery shopping.

Have fun at CP Lavita & I hope you are all well enough to enjoy!

Lottie - Fowey is lovely smile. That's the closest `civilisation' to the YH we stay in when doing field trips in Cornwall & we take the students there for a night out. We fell in love with Fowey the first yr & took the students every yr for a night out during the trip. Unfortunately the students are too used to clubbing in the cities & never appreciate it. Heathens.

londonlottie Mon 12-Mar-12 15:11:53

Thanks ALL - I can't believe in a few days we're driving down to Cornwall. Feeling very sorry for myself today, have to say. Had terrible nausea mid-morning and thought I was going to heave every time I had to pick the girls up/change nappy/etc. Put them down for early nap at 11.50 and they are still asleep! shock

Did find myself just Googling toddler beds though, could this be a sign that we'll make the big move soon??

Do all the other twins share a room? Ours do, but our 2nd and 3rd bedrooms aren't that big - think it'll be a squeeze with two single beds in any room to fit much furniture in afterwards. DH determined for them to share, they love it at the moment... but..?

KateShmate Mon 12-Mar-12 17:18:42

LVB So sorry to hear your DD is poorly sad Really hope that she doesn't pass it on to the other. Hope you can still have fun at CP - I'm sure it will still be brilliant!
Lottie I know slightly off topic, but I do love to talk about shoes! So hard to know what to put the DD's in at the moment! One minute it is scorching and I'm tempted to buy them sandals, the next minute its freezing and they are back in winter boots. I'm tempted to get them a pair of Clarks Doodles to get them through; sods law it will get even colder and they will only be able to wear winter boots for a while, and doodles wont fit! DH can't stand all the shoe faff, but I have reminded him that its slightly different than with 1 child - if they don't wear them, its not a large loss - with 5 children, its a pretty big expense!

Re: sharing rooms - DTrip's share a room. Is quite strange, but when I was pregnant we just assumed that we would have them in separate rooms. Decorated 3 gorgeous nurseries - after all the nightmare of the pregnancy, I threw myself into making the most beautiful nurseries with amazing matching accessories - each one really different; I think it was because we were still (subconsciously) worried whether we would have 3 babies to bring home, and so, again, subconsciously I put a lot of effort into the nurseries with the mindset that they had to be okay and come home. Anyway, after coming home and staying in our room for first few months - when we put them into their own room they just hated it. Was the most horrendous nights of our lives.. They just screamed for hours on end, and we had no idea why. Even with them now, I'm not the kind of person to get stressed over crying babies - we knew nothing was 'wrong' with them, but nothing would settle them. After 3 nights, we couldn't physically cope with the lack of sleep and ruined routine (so tired in daytime) so put them back in with us. Tried 2 weeks later, and got the same response. In desperation I looked on some twin/triplet website for some advice, and it suggested that they don't like being separated. Well, Bobs your uncle - we stuck all 3 cots in together and they slept from 7-7 grin . They refuse to be separated even now!
We are looking into knocking the wall down between 2 of the nurseries, soon. I can't imagine, until they are much older, that they will want to be separated. Could you knock through bedroom #2 and 3, or is that not possible? I suppose you could put them into those extendible beds until they are big enough for bunk beds? DD2 (very tall 4.5) has hers 2/3's extended, and my 8YO niece has slept in there before with plenty of room!

Chesticles Mon 12-Mar-12 21:23:01

LL sorry to hear you and J are ill. Hopefully a short lived thing and you will all be healthy for your upcoming trip.

My boys share their room and I think proably will for quite a while. When the day comes that I can no longer keep them in cots (the horror shock) I'm planning on toddler beds for them. Think they are a complete waste of money to be honest, and H just sent from cot to single bed, but we can't fit 2 single beds in that room and I can borrow 2 toddler beds for a while so will probably do that for a while. My friend with b/g twins put them in seperate rooms at about 18 months as they were disturbing each other, one was a night owl and stayed awake singing for ages (and liked a long lie too) whilst the other was shattered at night and just wanted to sleep but also like to get up early.

AtLongLast Mon 12-Mar-12 21:51:08

Boys share here too & most likely will until they request not to. Our 3rd big bedroom is in the attic so it would mean us being on a different floor to the children. I'm not up for that, especially not as we'd have to use the attic room because the staircase is open tread so we'd be well away from potential trouble. We'd get single beds in fine as things stand but we bought cotbeds so hope not to have to think about that for a while yet. and we are supposed to be moving house sometime this century.

I think we took the polar opposite to you with nurseries Kate! We couldn't see `babies' at the end of the pg (for no other reason than it was too good to be true) so did nothing in preparation. Then when it started to look like things might possibly work out OK (that'll be about 36wks then...), I was too knackered to do anything. So we bought cotbeds & then finished did nursery when we needed to put them in it at 6months. & even then it's more of a `room with cotbeds in'. Dd is 4months shock and we're about to start thinking about her room & buying a cot. Poor neglected children.

Shoes - I can't see us ever being out of wellies. Ds1 has worn his shoes twice since we bought wellies (Xmas eve) & one of those times was only because I was sly & had him strapped into the buggy & well distracted immediately before leaving the house. Every other time I put his shoes on, he's whipped them off & put his wellies on by the time we're ready to go out. I have enough trouble trying to keep clothes on. He can win Welly Wars grin. I was wondering earlier what I'm gong to do with them on days not suitable for wellies. I know. I have Very Strange Children grin.

londonlottie Tue 13-Mar-12 08:48:54

Mine also are addicted to wellies ALL but I hate them wearing them because they're always falling off when out and about. Or is that just my children, helping them come off and then affecting an innocent face and saying "oh no, my welly boop!" grin (Yes, J calls wellies 'welly boops'. And my boots are mummy's big boops"...)

Ours will share till they say they don't want to too, I think anything else will feel mean now. Either we split them when they were too young to know the difference, or we wait until it's their prerogative. DH is particularly keen for them to share. I'm starting to remember why we wanted to sell this place though because we only have 3 bedrooms, unless/until we do an extension and even then it's going to be hard to add proper bedrooms because we're in a conservation area and planning regs for 2/3 storey extensions are impossible.
Anyway, Chesti - I think we're going to have to do the same and get toddler beds and like you I also think they're a waste of money but to get anything bigger is going to be tricky.

Was doing drawing with them yesterday in a rare moment of them not watching Cbeebies and sighing at What It Is To Be A Mother Of Toddlers. We have two pots of crayons and two drawing pads. Somewhere amongst each pot of crayons is a white crayon, which obviously doesn't actually DO anything when they use it on the white pad. But every bloody time they do drawing they get really obsessed with the white crayon, saying "I want THAT one!" like that character from Little Britain. Then they get it, scribble it around a bit, look upset and say (as though it's happened for the first time) "white crayon no work mummy?". Sigh...

Am feeling a bit better today although last night I had a fever and took to my bed at about 8.30pm wearing two jumpers, joggers and socks... hmm

AtLongLast Tue 13-Mar-12 16:55:29

Def not Lottie - with you on wellies (and white crayons!). Ds1 had a strop this morning after I refused to put his wellies on for the 3rd time in the car & put him in the trolley in only his socks. I did relent in the end but spend the entire time pushing wellies back on along the line of feet. Then I left ds2's wellies in the car & carried him into the house rather than putting them back on again. Not so long ago they were both wrapped in their winter coats/hats/gloves..... with bare feet cos I'd given up with socks & wellies. One of my most oft used annoying Mum phrases at the mo is oh oh dear is for accidents, not for on purposes'. Honestly, I might as well have had octuplets with the number of times I have to dress my two for an outing.

Just hope both boys are in agreement & not that one (prob ds1!) wants out but the other wants to keep sharing. Though it seems ds2 and dd might get on quite well as they seem to adore one another now (well, as much as you can tell from a 4 month old) so maybe they will choose to share instead!

Glad you're feeling a bit better. That feverish feeling is horrible.

KateShmate Tue 13-Mar-12 16:58:47

Lottie That is so strange - my DD's do the exact same thing with the white pencil! The crayons we have are a bit cheapy so even the bright colours come out really really pale. The yellow and pale pinks and blues come out clear - and they know this, yet the first crayon they all head to is the yellow, blue and pink! They whinge for ages, and then 10 minutes later try it again 'still no work!!!!!' Sometimes if they are a bit emotional (you know those days!) the pale crayons will just tip them over the edge, and it turns into a major tantrum..

lottie and Chesti Why don't you get the IKEA extendable beds? They are gorgeous, but cheap and brilliant. They exend 3 times, from cotbed size, to 2/3 extended, then to fully extended. As I said, they can easily stay in the 2/3's extended for years - until at least 8! Saves a lot of space!

This one is gorgeous for a more girly room:

and this one could look gorgeous in a boys room, but also a girls room. They both extend to normal single bed size - so there is no reason why they couldnt, potentially, keep them until teenage years!

londonlottie Tue 13-Mar-12 17:35:52

Tip them over the edge, Kate? It tips me over the edge after the twentieth time. (As a note, how bloody annoying are crayons that don't work properly, what's the point??)

Ooh, which reminds me, we got some of these as a gift and they are BRILLIANT. They don't break easily, are really easy to grip, and the girls love stacking them into a tower, counting them, and the latest thing is to stick them on the end of their fingers and pretend they are monsters. (hmm) And they come in a sturdy box which lasts. God I'm dull grin

ALL not the season any more but can they get tights off? When we went through or go through difficult clothes phases I put them in a bodysuit at night and then just pop a pair of tights on in the morning. Worst comes to the worst you've got everything covered if they refuse other clothes (although of course your child does look bizarre but what's new IME..)

londonlottie Tue 13-Mar-12 17:37:06

PS: thanks for the Ikea links Kate - or rather NO thanks. They're just too good to dismiss, and there was me hoping to be able to convince DH into buying some poncey ones... grin

tartiflette Tue 13-Mar-12 21:33:01

Fantastic idea re. beds Kate (though mercifully am not at that stage yet) - I've seen both those in IKEA but not looked closely enough to get the whole extendable thing. Clever! Don't you need a new mattress each time though?

Lottie your link doesn't work - am enjoying speculating about what can be stacked, counted, gripped or used as a monster grin

Mine are welly obsessives too. I keep wellies in a bag in the car otherwise I'd never get them out of the house in any other footwear. And yes ALL many's the time they've been barefoot under their buggy snuggle bags. Which can get embarrassing when I realise a mile into our walk that they've decided to kick the bags off in sub zero temperatures... hm, that explains the tutting old ladies then.

I was poorly over the weekend, the inlaws were here and were fab, taking the girls out all day on Sunday and staying until lunchtime yesterday to help out too. Thank god - I felt horrendous (although on the plus side I did shed 3lb). But slept for NINE HOURS last night and woke up feeling great. Hope same happens for you Lottie! Am off to bed shortly to try and replicate the experience...

Wonder how Lavita is getting on...

londonlottie Tue 13-Mar-12 21:39:47

Here you go tarti, I know you won't sleep properly unless I link to them again hmm...

Friend has just recommended this one from JL - £100 and she's been very pleased with it Anna bed. Her 5 year old still sleeps comfortably in it and she thinks it'll have a resale value on Ebay. But she also advised to keep them in their cots for as long as possible. No idea why I'm starting to think about it really, I'm dreading the whole thing! Mine never try to get out of their cots so why rock the boat?

AtLongLast Tue 13-Mar-12 21:51:48

Oh, I've seen both those beds in Ikea but hadn't realised that about them either (and then didn't even think about the mattress Q!). I did wonder about the sides tho - presumably the <vino head can't think of word> `stoppy-fally-out-bars' are just removed once the bed is extended? Look great! I'm trying to decide on what to get for dd but think we'll just go for another cotbed.

Yes, boys can do tights Lottie. Despite their eagerness to be naked, they (especially ds1) loves to wear dd's clothes & are hilariously unchuffed that her tights won't come past their thighs. Found ds1 proudly wearing her leggings the other morning, without nappy, pedal-pushers stylee. Outfit completed with her 0-3month Hungry Caterpillar cardi/coat. No way did I think it would go on but he insisted. Skin-tight, but worn with pride hmm. Need to take more photos....

Stacking crayons looks cool - but.... out of stock! Another fabby website though - how do you find them???? Love the image of those days and tipping over the edge. Totally get it.

Get well soon Tarti! Thank goodness for fab guests!

Chesticles Tue 13-Mar-12 22:17:51

Please let me escape hen night hell ..... sad I love my friend and really want her to have a lovely night, but seriously do not have the time to organise people when they don't even bloody respond to my emails/texts. the friends that is, the bride is being ok (well a bit stroppy actually but that is only case she is pissed off with everyone too) By the way, my emails would be a lot easier if mumsnet smileys such as hmm wink and grin were available on email, might make my last minute chivvying emails seem a bit less stroppy!

Those beds look great (as do the crayons!). However am planning on keeping my boys in cots until they are about 5yo so will stick my head in the sand until then grin. Surprisingly neither seem to be trying to get out of their cot, even D who is a real climber. But then again D is like H and a complete teenager who has to be coaxed out of bed (apologies to those with early risers).

Hope LVB is having a good time, there was a thread on Chat the other night hating Longleat CP. Anyone know which one she went to?

londonlottie Wed 14-Mar-12 03:07:30

Omg E has not yet slept one wink. It's three a.m. sad I am shattered, we all have flu, so grim.

Chesticles Wed 14-Mar-12 15:43:52

Nightmare Lottie I hope the rest of the night was better. Roll on summer, sickness is the worst.

KateShmate Wed 14-Mar-12 18:29:01

Nope, no need for 2 mattresses - you get one like this:

Obviously start with the big square one when the bed is at its smallest setting, then add another mattress piece when you extend the bed further, and then the last piece when you put it to full size.

there are about 5 different mattresses in the 'extendable' range - ranging from £35 - £100.

They are truly brilliant ladies, definitely the way to go! grin
DD2 has the white metal one, but I'm tempted to go for the dark wooden ones for the DTrips. I'm not thinking about getting the beds anytime soon - I'm with Chesti - why cant they stay in cots til 5? But just thinking about bedroom ideas and how we can make it nice and girly with the wooden ones..

I have to admit, DTrip A has managed to get out of her cot a few times.. but it certainly doesn't mean that I'm getting her a bed. I know you probably all think its cruel because she could fall out - but shes like a bloody gymnast.. could get herself out of anything. Their room is above lounge and you can hear them all being silly - a few times we've heard the stairs creak, and a proud little face appears 'Im out mummy!' - by the time we've got up to put her back in the cot, she's legged it upstairs and climbed back in herself! Bearing in mind that DTrips are teeny for 2.5. Have 'tested' her to climb in and out, to see how she does it - and she is quite 'safe'. She has only done it about 4 times, mind you - normally if her sisters fall asleep and she gets bored without any entertainment!

Lottie So sorry to hear that you were up at Silly O'clock with DD - poor little thing, bet she is feeling very rough, as I'm sure you are too!

Those crayons you linked are bloody amazing, I want some for myself! DD's would love stacking them and stabbing or poking each other grin

AtLongLast Wed 14-Mar-12 22:31:29

Good old Ikea - they think of everything. Shame for them that I'm so lazy though. I've def looked at the Leksvig range but missed that feature. We've just gone `all Ikea' for storage for kid stuff so maybe for the best that we have the cotbeds! Loving the proud `I'm out Mummy'!! Really surprised ds1 hasn't tried climbing out yet.

Don't envy you the hen night arrangements Chesti. What have you got planned? Not sure which cp Lavita decided on? Think possibly Sherwood pipped Longleat? Missed the thread!

Better luck with sleeping tonight Lottie - and that you're all better soon. I can't work out of we're on the verge of something here or if we're just in a stroppy phase (though I think I've had tonsillitis for the last week or so self-diagnosed so is a possibility).

londonlottie Thu 15-Mar-12 06:56:08

Better night last night although I woke up at 5am regardless and couldn't get back to sleep, so here I am hmm

Sorry for whiny bleat before; I think half the reason I was so depressed was because I felt we were making things worse with our approach. She just wasn't settling back to sleep, and so we kept going in and bringing her down. She seemed so poorly and kept saying 'me no bocked!' (= 'my nose is blocked'; must work on that grammar wink) that we felt sorry for her, but in fact the best thing for her would have been to let her cry it out a bit and get some sleep. In the end she had about 4 hours sleep in total that night, didn't sleep again during the day yesterday, and was in a complete state by last night. We were a bit stricter last night because I just knew all she needed to get better was a good night's SLEEP. (She wasn't the only one.) DH is terrible for always thinking 'oh maybe she's got a sore throat, maybe she's got a hurty ear, maybe maybe...' whereas I think in most cases sleep is the best thing for them.

We're off to Cornwall on Saturday, I feel like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards but phoned the hotel yesterday to book myself a spa treatment for Sunday. (DH yesterday - "it's a spa hotel. A spa hotel? You never mentioned that!" Me - "oh, didn't I..?") As I sat huddled on the sofa surrounded by the detritus of illness nothing felt more distant and yet welcome than the prospect of a bloody spa treatment.

Can see buds out on our plum tree as of this morning; will be blossoming soon. Let's hope that heralds some better health for us all.

Am glad I raised the junior bed issue, if only because it has convinced me yet again to stave it off for at least another year grin

londonlottie Thu 15-Mar-12 10:23:57

Just a quickie - have taken the plunge and bought a couple of those Funpods Kate - can't wait! We made cakes yesterday (trying to keep J amused while poor E sat on the sofa all day with a fever) and I really wished I'd had one for it. Also bought a couple of those safe knives... ta for the tips smile

AtLongLast Thu 15-Mar-12 12:27:01

OMG, near-disaster averted. Just put boys down for nap and discovered ds1 didn't have a nappy on shock. We've been at playgroup all morning so the monkey must have taken it off (and hidden in toybox) & put his trousers back on while I was sorting the other two out. I did think at one point this am that nappy must have slipped a bit as he had a builder's bum thing going on but didn't occur to me he mightn't actually be wearing one! How bad is that?

I would be v tempted to get funpods if they would store under the table. Had a big discussion with dp about how easy they would be to make. Won't happen then...

Hope you are having a better day today Lottie - best get it out of the way before Cornwall I suppose. We're off to Wales again this weekend and then up to our folks next weekend.

londonlottie Thu 15-Mar-12 13:05:06

Sorry ALL - your boys are hilarious! They are nappy avoiders of the highest order! You deserve them to be VERY easy when you potty train them. Isn't it funny how quirky kids can be? smile E getting very upset about her sore nose, bless her. She's taken to wailing "I done a bogey" in the same manner as when she's done a wee or a poo, obviously assuming the same grammar applies grin

tartiflette Thu 15-Mar-12 20:10:54

wish there was a like button for these posts!
am not here really, you didn't see me, am supposed to be writing reports

KateShmate Fri 16-Mar-12 19:25:55

Lottie So pleased you got the fun pods! You will absolutely love them once they arrive! What colour did you get?
The knives are brilliant too - they do cut properly, but not sharp at all.

ALL We love IKEA too - could go there and spend £££'s every time! They definitely think of everything - don't think I've even seen extendable beds before. We'll definitely get them for the DTr's as will mean that they have more room rather than going from 3 cots to 3 single beds! They're nice and low too so don't need to worry about falling out.
Your boys are very funny ALL! Bet it wasn't so funny when you found him thouugh grin . When DD2 was potty training (but not dry at night) she used to go to bed happily with pull ups on, and then take them off once I'd gone downstairs. Would be so hard wrestling a floppy toddler back into pullups!

londonlottie Fri 16-Mar-12 21:29:36

I got the Buttermilk ones Kate. Can't wait to get them set up although it'll have to wait until we get back now. They arrived today; excellent service from Kiddicare - very impressed as they emailed me last night to tell me that the parcel would arrive between 1247 and 1347 hmm today. Which it did.

Another very difficult day here, mostly because I am feeling so unbelievably stressed and run down (along with hormonal, day one of period - didn't help). Non-stop whining all day from two tired, coughing, and very bored toddlers was not a good recipe for success. Now running around trying to pack for everybody so we can leave first thing.

tartiflette Fri 16-Mar-12 22:49:58

I hope things pick up once you're on your way Lottie. I'm sure they will. Packing is the pits, hope you're all done by now.

ALL I pm'd you back earlier but wasn't concentrating as had DH on at me in one ear - obviously we could come somewhere near where you're staying if that's easier/you can think of anywhere smile

AtLongLast Sat 17-Mar-12 21:45:42

Haha, I did laugh at discovering ds1's nappyless state, but in an incredulous non-believing we'd not had an accident sort of way. I guess that success would count as potty-trained in some circles though grin.

Tough couple of days here. The whingyness we've experienced lately was indeed the precursor to illness. They went to a creche for a couple of hours yesterday & ds2 crumpled as soon as he saw me & had a temperature. Decided to go for a quick lap of the safari park in the hope they'd sleep and ds1 threw up just after we got in. Poor thing, not a lot you can do when you're stuck in a car surrounded by wild animals. Lap was a whole lot quicker than anticipated though and he was happy to have an excuse to shower when we got in strange child. Today we've had a relay of crying & meltdowns & it has been hard work, not helped that I don't feel great, & dd is unsettled tonight. Tomorrow can only be better <fingers crossed>. We decided not to go away this weekend after all, but dp will need to go down to Wales on his own tomorrow. Joy. He decided we'd do mother's day today. Got as far as a local farm but it was v busy so we had a car picnic, then it rained so we came home to more crying. Apparently I didn't seem well enough to go grocery shopping so dp helpfully went to do it. Leaving me with 3 whingy kids. I know which is the easiest, esp as I would have taken dd with me hmm.

Thinking of you off on your jollies Lottie - have fun smile. Kiddicare's delivery is excellent! I do get a bit annoyed by their `fab offers' though.

pming you Tarti.

tartiflette Sun 18-Mar-12 18:07:05

Have messaged you back ALL with different options cos am staying over Sat night now, sorry <rolls eyes at self>
Your last couple of days sound hellish, hope you managed today with all 3 while DP buggeredoff went down to Wales smile

Update from Lavita post hol please!

londonlottie Sun 18-Mar-12 22:05:07

ZZZ zzzzz Zzzzz grin

We're on holiday! Loving it so far, this place isn't entirely what I'd choose if I was sans les kids but... with them it's not half bad. Childcare = good enough to drop them immediately for 2 hours. Pool = very child-friendly and warm. Spa treatments = very welcomed. Food good, staff nice and helpful, etc etc.

E still a bit grumpy/ill, which I'm hoping will pass soon because my patience is running thin a bit on that front. I was rather hoping to dine out on the 'aren't my twins cute' card but so far the cute factor has been rather lacking with a toddler who just runs around wailing 'me done a bogey, me done A BOGEY' over and over and over and over again.

tarti am 3/4 through the French kids book. Have so many thoughts on it, and this hotel is ripe for reflection. One family came down to the only 'non-kids' restaurant at dinner with.... their 2.4 year old, in her pyjamas and in the buggy. They obviously couldn't leave her in the room, or couldn't get her to sleep on her own, so insisted on bringing her down with them to dinner so they could wheel her buggy up and down while they tried to eat. Ridiculous. BUT I'm getting to the point in the book (you may have reached this point too) where you just want ANSWERS and tips, and it just seems to get more and more about point-scoring about how brilliant the French are at it all (let's gloss over the sexism of the M/F roles and how the women are just supposed to uncomplainingly be brilliant at everything) and how rubbish we all are.

I had been thinking, before reading this book, that I wondered what the generation of children we're all bringing up are going to be like. Most of my friends felt under-loved by their parents, and had parents who didn't express their feelings towards them. By contrast, most of my friends pride themselves on how vociferous they are with their feelings towards their children ("I tell her I love her twenty times a day!") - what will our children be like as a result? And discuss grin

LaVitaBellissima Mon 19-Mar-12 11:46:50

Hi everyone!

Centreparcs was fantastic, we did go to Longleat smile our apartment hadn't been cleaned that well and we had a broken kettle, but guest services quickly rectified and gave us £40 of restaurant vouchers. All good, the girls loved the pool and the ducks and squirrels grin, took MIL with us so had a bit of child free time, and enjoyed the spa!

Still plagued by teething/illness, DP says it can't be normal for children to be ill so often, we're just so bored of them whinging.

Shall I read this French kids book then? DP won't like it, his aunt is French and they have fought for years, she is always right and so is he grin the Italian version would be called "let's spoil our children and create monsters" we are not of the same cloth when it comes to parenting

Interesting point LL about this generation, I had a pretty good childhood, not much money but an abundance of love (although my parents are divorced now)
Not sure if there is any relation to this but I'm a very confident person, always been very sure of myself. Not sure if my waffling makes much sense, will think further and post later blush

AtLongLast Mon 19-Mar-12 14:35:41

Bugger. T'internet ate my post when mn went offline pfft!

So: Lavita - glad you had a lovely time. Had to smile at us when I found myself pushing boys in buggy uphill while carrying dd in sling on last day, despite us being 6 adults and 3 kids. Mostly cos things went pear-shaped when we discovered our car wouldn't start but was not amused.

Sorry as I am everyone else is having illness, v glad we're not alone! Ds2 threw up twice today though otherwise seems OK between bouts of whingyness. He's also discovering excatly how to wind up ds1 so we've had lots of falling out. Still, nothing like Saturday - that was the closest I've come to losing it!

Mum def thinks we're going to have a generation of delinquents Lottie. My sister is having problems with her 18yr old ds and Mum is vocal about where they have gone wrong. We weren't well off but only recently realised how stressful that was for Mum. She is a big believer in smacking but we also knew we were loved, even if it was never actually said. I'm always snogging ours & telling them I love them but dreading the time she attempts discipline with ours! Hopefully distance will mean it's not an issue. I hope that showing respect to children will be reciprocated naive parent of toddler.

tartiflette Mon 19-Mar-12 19:52:54

Hmm I do sometimes have thoughts about how our children's generation will grow up to be. Not so much the telling them we love them all the time - I remember that my mum did this, but we were also disciplined properly, by which I suppose I mean we knew where the boundaries were and were pretty terrified of a (rare) bollocking, whilst still maintaining normal amounts of cheekiness etc. If I could recreate the job my parents made of parenting I would be happy with that. But I sometimes come home from a parents' evening thinking that the majority now treat their teenagers as friends; there seems to be much less of a 'line' (of respect or whatever - can't quite put my finger on it) between adults and children - definitely see this in the classroom too and I don't just mean in terms of bad behaviour - even the nice kids are very ... familiar. Not that I necessarily want them to be any different, it's just VERY different to they atmosphere I remember from school and my relationships with teachers. Guess that's just my personal experience though. Someone else in a different school might well think otherwise.

I know what you mean Lottie about the sexist m/f roles business, however I am v susceptible to this for some reason and can't help but absorb it on some level and come away thinking I should be draped across the bed, lightly perfumed, in ruinously expensive lingerie when DH comes home, having killed it in the boardroom all day then come home and knocked up some intricate patisserie for everyone's gouter ... haaaa.
I talked to my French friend about the book (she hasn't read it) and she pronounced the gender roles stuff to be bullshit but said the subtle difference in attitude re. making them wait is definitely a feature - she is always saying it to her toddler. I think she is also more matter of fact about what she expects of him (in terms of sleep, table manners) than some other people I know with toddlers, who are either less consistent or less bothered. But that's hardly a big sample to generalise from!
The thing is, all the stuff about cadre - ie a prevailing culture whereby parents/adults are to be listened to/obeyed - well that can't be recreated if you're living in an Anglo/American culture. And I came away from the book thinking that cadre that she talks about is probably the single biggest factor. So it kind of means most of the rest of it is redundant information for British parents (albeit interesting to francophiles/parenting obsessives like my good self grin).

londonlottie Mon 19-Mar-12 19:57:05

Ugh, sorry to hear about the illnesses one and all. Some sort of hideous lurgey appears to be crossing the country.

LVB - glad to hear you had a good time at CP - good result how they responded to the bad clean etc. Re. the French book, I do think it's interesting, it's just all very anecdotal. We have had a Very Bad Day today with the girls, they are just not themselves (I bloody hope) and I'm finding every mealtime a complete ordeal. They wake up grizzling and go to bed grizzling and there's not much in between other than grizzling at the moment. Such hard work. And having just read that book is making me even more depressed about it, as though we're doing a bad job and this holiday is just highlighting it. Anyway I must stop whingeing and do whatever it takes to use this opportunity to relax.

ALL - yes, I'm sure my mother thinks similarly. We were smacked as children - although not that much. My main bone of contention was that things never felt FAIR in our house, and my parents were very good at that kind of 'just do it because I say so' approach, which never really washed with me and left me convinced (as a highly annoying child/teenager) that they were incapable of telling me the real reasons why we had to do things because the real reasons were stupid and unfair. (Crikey, this has obviously left a scar! grin). So my/our main 'thing' is that I want things to feel fair to my girls, and I always want to explain things to them so that they make sense. We don't do naughty step/similar yet, and I really don't want to have to start. But I can see how much there is ahead and if today is anything to go by I'm going to be a wreck by the time they're three hmm

tartiflette Mon 19-Mar-12 20:24:01

Think having multiples probably increases that intense awareness of being fair too, Lottie. Sorry you've had a shit day. Pressure always increases when you're away (I find) cos you feel you SHOULD BE ENJOYING YOURSELVES. Plus the public eating is stressful (with two ferals, in my case).

Healthy vibes to all, let's have a vomit-free week!

tartiflette Mon 19-Mar-12 20:53:46

Lavita what did you have at the spa? Did you book in advance?

AtLongLast Mon 19-Mar-12 21:23:33

Haha, fail already on that one Tarti!

Agree re pressure to enjoy on hols & thought we'd fall foul of that one. Not easy when the girls aren't themselves though. In the depths of despair over the last few days I've wondered if it's me too, but then see flashes of our `normal' & feel better. The boys have definitely upped the anti in testing boundaries though. I put ds2 out of the kitchen at dinner tonight cos he was only interested in throwing food/cutlery. He was much better when I brought him back in.

Sounds v similar to us Lottie. I probably wasn't smacked loads as we got older but we knew it was a possibility as it was freely dished out when younger. We had the `cos I said so' logic too & I hope I don't fall into that. Fairness rarely came into it & I hated knowing I was right about something but it not being acknowledged. I was the easy child & soo compliant & regret that now. As a teen Mum just wouldn't speak to me for days instead & it caused an awful atmosphere in the family & was prob worse than being smacked! I'm worse than useless at arguments / being confident of my opinion & I think some of it is because we weren't allowed an opinion. Mum is so proud that she could take us anywhere & know we'd behave &, admirable though that may be, I'd rather my children didn't fear me the way we did my Mum.

Our crappy car has broken down again today so dp had to be towed home from work hmm & I had to do a dash to nursery to pick up ds1 & do all the dinner/bath/bed stuff. Hope it is fixed in time for trip up home though I'm rapidly losing faith with it.

londonlottie Mon 19-Mar-12 22:34:21

tarti - sorry, x-posted earlier. Just reading what you've written - am too tired to construct intelligible reply now but will tomorrow - lots of food for thought. V interesting to read your verdict, given your added classroom experience; tis very valid.

<resumes The Position wearing ruinously expensive lingerie... grin>

Chesticles Tue 20-Mar-12 10:25:49

I'm back in the land of mumsnet. I can't believe the hen night took up so much of my time. All over now, and friend really enjoyed herself so all worth it.

No other news apart from the kids have all spent a lot of last week playing with some friends who I have just found out have now got chicken pox so awaiting the spots appearing on our 3. Though H has been exposed several times before and not gone down with it. Don't actually mind if they get it, gets it out of the way.

Off to catch up on all the posts.....

tartiflette Tue 20-Mar-12 12:00:15

Welcome back Chesti - glad it went well. Are you the worse for wear or were you well behaved?

Mine have twice in the last month been at close quarters with the pox but nothing has materialised I had been quite looking forward to five days off work

I am supposed to be perusing wedding lists: we have three to go to within the next month, all DH's friends/family <twitches> and another three before the year's out. All but one involve a stag/hen do, present, outfits and one or more nights in a hotel. £££££!!!!!

Swimwear for nearly/just turned two year olds. Went shopping with mum yesterday and she bought them swimming costumes from JL - all very nice but have got them home and there is no integrated nappy, plus the material is the kind of thin stuff you'd make a (cheap) adult's cossie out of, so a garish swim nappy is going to show through. What's the normal thing to put them in (I've no idea as never taken them swimming). Jojo have thicker looking costumes with nappy, we had the knicker versions last year and they were nice... am also thinking ahead to pool and sea in the summer - would they want little wetsuits for that?

tartiflette Tue 20-Mar-12 12:00:56

grin Lottie

LaVitaBellissima Tue 20-Mar-12 12:32:52

I bought a Jojo Swimsuit for CP, love them!

LaVitaBellissima Tue 20-Mar-12 12:35:36

The meadow colour, also wanted a ditzy or poppy one but I bought in store and they didn't have the other ones.

tartiflette Tue 20-Mar-12 12:48:22

Right you've convinced me Lavita, ditsy and meadow I think

tartiflette Tue 20-Mar-12 12:48:41

Really ought to do some work smile

londonlottie Tue 20-Mar-12 13:21:11

We had the JJMB ones last year but <ahem> I found they washed badly, with the colour running out and making them look v faded really quickly. Also I didn't really trust them without a swim nappy and didn't fancy clearing up a costume in case of an accident. Of which there were a couple last year. So I now buy them normal cossies (like these ones here - just looked at those prices though and I got them much cheaper than that in a sale - wouldn't pay £25 for a cossie for them! Having said that tarti - I have at least two cossies which are in excellent nick and are size 18m - 24m, or maybe just age 2y, which I don't mind posting on to you if you fancy them. They are Mitty James ones you can see in that link - one navy/white stripe with red trim, and one Sky Daisy. Or if you don't want them, anyone else??!

LaVitaBellissima Tue 20-Mar-12 13:28:04

Tarti I booked an afternoon spa session, 3hrs with my girlfriends (2other families came, and my friends sister also came for the last 2 days) then DP and I had the dual mud treatment which was on special offer. My skin felt great after but next I'd book a massage.

Chesti What did you do for your hen do?, I am currently jointly organising a trashy one for my best friend, theme is Big Fat Gypsy Wedding! We are doing it's a Knockout in the day, should be fun, anything for a night away!

I was smacked too on occasion, also my mum was very firm with boundaries, if she said no, we wouldn't ask again because no always meant no grin my dad less so, but he's a whole other story...

londonlottie Tue 20-Mar-12 13:57:36

Chesti - well done on the hen do. I have only ever organised ONE, for my bessie mate. I hated it. Despite the fact most of them weren't/aren't short of cash, I had never had so many emails with people bickering over the cost of it. The actual wedding was in Italy, so I decided to keep the hen quite cheap but even then by god did everyone have an opinion re. what to do/how to organise it. I am not really into hen nights, for my own one I had male friends there too... not really into girlie things like that blush. tarti - bet your upcoming weddings are daunting in terms of cost, I do get to the point where I really start to resent how much money it's sometimes expected that you spend. Hen + gift + outfit + travel + accommodation + childcare etc can easily become several hundred quid. Which is fine sometimes when it's a really close friend not when it's That Annoying Cousin You've Never Liked.

Holiday getting marginally better, although I'm still struggling to cope with the girls being so grumpy. DH actually said he's a bit worried about me, that I'm not switching off, not dealing with them very well. I don't know why, but he's right - every little thing they do is setting me off, not like me at all. Wondering if I'm a bit depressed or something...

KateShmate Tue 20-Mar-12 18:32:08

Sorry I haven't replied for a few days - just had a bit of a weird few days and weekend.
Its around 6 weeks since Emme had her PEG tube fitted, and it has just really affected me the last few days. When it was first fitted, we thought that that was it - it was over. She would be fine and we would get on as normal and pretend like nothing happened. Since friday night her feed has leaked everywhere in their bedroom - cot, carpet etc. Consultant appt yesterday, and he said that he wants to book her in to have a 'button' fitted - which will be easier than her PEG.. it obviously sounds like a brilliant thing to do, but its just made it so 'real'. I dont know, maybe I was expecting consultant to say that shes doing so well and can have her tube removed completely? I just feel like this condition is holding her back in so many ways, and I am just so gutted about it all that I've just had a little breakdown. It sounds so pathetic and stupid, but I just feel sick thinking back to how ill she was. I can't help thinking that this is going to rule her life for the next few years. We thought it would be so easy - that we would just 'plug her in' to her feed at night, and she would be back to normal in the morning.. but its just not. By having a button fitted, I can't help thinking that it will make it a more permanent thing; the way we saw it was that she would have it for a few months, at most, and then it would be taken out and she would be back to normal - but from what the consultant said yesterday, its going to be nothing like that.

Sorry if any of you have actually read this - I feel so ridiculous being so pathetic about this. I should be thankful that its nothing more serious; sorry for my whingeing.

tartiflette Tue 20-Mar-12 19:19:58

Oh Kate. Please don't ever apologise for offloading on here, it could be any of us going through what you are dealing with and it's not pathetic in the least, just totally normal response to a horrible situation. Can imagine how much of a shock it's been to have had to face more medical intervention after a period of relative 'normality'. And so hard when you have to hold it together during the daytime for them all. Huge hugs to you and please come on and whinge away whenever you need to. I wish I had something more constructive to say. Can you talk to the consultant a bit more about the implications of the new button and what the chances are of it being long term versus medium term etc? thanks brew

And Lottie big squeeze for you too. I would imagine (not knowing you at all...) that it's more just a case of the daily bloody grind of motherhood hitting home as it does from time to time. Whining children are deeply wearing (mine are bad at the moment too but they are fortunately in nursery 3 days a week so less relentless for me than for you) and I find for me personally holidays can actually be quite hard as subconsciously, part of me still expects a holiday to be, well, a holiday, whereas nowadays of course it is just normal life, with an extra toddler husband to factor in, and all normality disrupted etc. However, as my DH reminds me almost daily, I am a miserable sod and others may feel differently. Keep talking about how you feel, especially if you do feel you may be veering towards the big D (I know you don't need me to tell you this).

KateShmate Tue 20-Mar-12 20:12:39

Thanks Tarti - I just feel a bit stupid saying this to anyone in 'real life' (you know what I mean!). DH said that he knew this would happen as I took it all so well, and at some point I had to 'come back down to earth', and he is totally right - I wanted to be happy that everything was 'sorted' finally, but really its not. Consultant is brilliant, but just very blunt - I guess thats why he is such a brilliant DR, Emme wouldn't be here unless he had insisted on emergency op. But when we asked how long we think she would need to have it, we got 'Well, however long it takes of course'. You're so right, I try to hold it all in in the daytime - and make her PEG a really exciting 'cool' thing to have, when really we both know that she hates it. I go on and on about how 'special' E is to have her PEG, but then end up feeling guilty when other DTri's ask whether they are special too - and E doesn't even want to be special! I think the main thing is that I've finally realized that this is a bigger deal than we first thought - I just to give myself a kick up the arse! Just hate offloading all my shit as it makes everyone else feel down too!

Sorry Lottie in all my breakdowning, I completely missed your post! We can all feel like this sometimes - often I sit down after bathing DD's and feel like such a horrible mother as I've felt like I've just told them off all day long, and whinged about everything. I envy carefree mothers that just brush off dinner being dropped on the floor, or my tea being knocked over by an excited toddler - I end up just getting frustrated. Its mostly DD2 who is 4, but 5 in Sep, and I feel so guilty that I know I do it - but I can't help constantly thinking 'she should know better' and that I shouldn't have to keep telling her off. I have one friend in specific - I don't think I've ever heard her say that she was 'absolutely fuming' with her DS's, or even cross - she just seems to be constantly upbeat and happy; even if her DS's are dancing around with something and spill it everywhere, or break something, she will just reassure them that its absolutely fine and accidents happen - but when my DD's do something, I can't help telling them off for 'dancing around with their drink' and thats why they've done it. I will rarely have to get seriously cross with DD's, its just little things like that that frustrate me, and I feel like Im constantly niggling at things. I find it helps me to make targets for the day - sounds silly, but I will say that for tomorrow Im going to try, in particular, with DD2 and trying to keep her busy and happy tomorrow - if she starts being silly (v.hyper) then I might try a different technique to calm her down. Will remind myself all day that Im trying to be 'carefree' ( grin yeah right!) and normally it works. Either that or I imagine that there is a camera with friends watching my parenting, and it really helps me to stay calm. Hope you're feeling better soon lottie

Chesticles Tue 20-Mar-12 20:23:50

Big hugs to both kate and lottie. Sorry you are both feeling so low. I partly blame the time of year too, fingers crossed that the clocks going forward at the weekend will make it a bit more like summer time. thanks all round.

kate I'm really sorry to hear that dtrip is not doing as well as you had hoped. I hope the button makes it easier, even if it feels more long term. Kids are amazingly resilient and things can change for the better really quicky. Just keep on taking it a week at a time. I personally think you must be a superwoman just to cope with 5 girls never mind deal with health problems too. Please feel free to vent here, it's the least I can do to listen.

Lottie, you are also free to vent. You've had a really stressful year moving not just house but country. And holidays are stressful things too. I hope the girls get past the whingy stage soon.

Hen night wise, I feel bad complaining about the organising as it was just an evening. Invited everyone here for champagne, (so had to clean the house shock) then limo to restaurant, then to a local bar for cocktails. However 50% of the people wanted to drive and meet us there (runining the limo surprise) so had to persuade them to come to mine first and car share home. I decorated the house with helium balloons (a right faff), couldn't find a veil for the bride (the only dressing up I did on her) so spent an afternoon going round charity shops and ended up having to drive a 50 mile round trip on sat morning to a joke shop to buy one. The restuarant needed us to preorder as there were 12 of us so had to get that info out of everyone. And finally there was the "book" which required getting photos (and then sorting the printer so I could print them!) and anecdotes out of all her friends. Pre -children all this would have been a breeze, but I just didn't have the energy/time to do it properly. But the bride really appreciated it though so probably all worth it.

Wedding (local) in 3 weeks time. DH has the stag (edinburgh) this weekend, then the week after the wedding he has another stag (brighton) and then a fortnight after that we have another wedding (birmingham). Lovely, but expensive and exhausting.

Chesticles Tue 20-Mar-12 20:26:19

kate I completely understand where you are coming from. 4 year olds are hard. H is driving us up the wall at the moment!

tartiflette Tue 20-Mar-12 20:51:47

Chesti my DH's stag do this weekend is in Edinburgh too! God help him, think he is dreading it a bit (clearly not as desperate as I am for a night away as I would gladly get on board with fancy dress and go-karting if it meant time away!)

londonlottie Tue 20-Mar-12 21:10:29

Just a quickie, thanks for the support gals. Has been another horrid horrid day sad culminating with us deciding to take the girls OUT to eat somewhere else. They were good for about 10 minutes with crayons/colouring books but as soon as the food turned up refused to eat almost all of it, fighting over who got which coloured straw (angry) and spilling juice everywhere. Just at that point DH had a hypo (is T1 diabetic) and I had to run into the kitchen pleading with the staff to bring us sugar sachets ASAP because it looked like he was going to have a full on attack and he had his head slumped on the table. (While said twins were running riot/crying/etc.) THEN to top it all off J proclaimed she'd done a poo, took her off to the toilets to change her to find she had made it up to get attention, and then on the way back to the table whilst carrying her I fell over in front of the whole restaurant, landing really terribly as I tried to avoid her head hitting the ground (which it did anyway) and doing my knees in completely. I burst into tears as soon as I got back to the table and just thought OMG I just so cannot do this. sad

Kate - please never apologise for whingeing here. We all do it, particularly me and for far smaller worries. You seem to be coping brilliantly and as tarti I think said, I bet you're holding it together for everyone in the daytime but your feelings have to come out somewhere. I know just what you mean about trying to frame it for your Dtri so that she feels special but the guilt never goes away does it? You make her feel special and then worry that the others don't feel special, when all you're trying to do is make her not feel different in a bad way. Big hug to you xx

KateShmate Tue 20-Mar-12 21:25:08

Chesti I think its that 'inbetweeny' stage - DD is a september baby, and is sooo ready for school. She loves to be kept busy. But then other time I think that she still gets very hyper and excitable over little things, whereas other 4YO's same age don't act like this. Just like if we go for a walk and swing DD2 between me and DH, she just takes it too far and ends up gripping onto DH and climbing up him like some kind of chimp.. Feel like we can never do certain things as we know that its 'too much' for DD2, and she will get all over excited...
What is your 4YO like? DD1 was so different to DD2, so maybe I'm comparing them too much.

LaVitaBellissima Tue 20-Mar-12 22:12:23

Too tired to post much but just wanted to give out big hugs all round, it's too bloody tough isn't it!!!!!

Virtual thanks for everyone and sleep tight, let's hope tomorrow is a better day for all of us!

Chesticles Tue 20-Mar-12 22:25:54

Oh God Lottie what a nightmare meal out. I try to think that in a few 10 years time we will look back on all this and laugh, but at the moment it is just overwhelming and exhausting. I hope DH is ok, and you too. Send the twins off to childcare tomorrow morning and then go back to bed and indulge yourself in sleep. More sleep is always good.

Kate H is quite a shy 4 year old. Not amongst people she knows/in her own home, but does a lot of watching when we are out at baby groups/nursery school. She was a good baby, a nightmare from 2-3. Then she was lovely from 3-4 (the twins arrived at 2.5). But since she is 4 she has been a whingy moany nightmare. A horrible thing to say about your child, but at the moment is just being really trying. She is actually regressing. Every other sibling pair I know the older sibling brings the younger one on really quickly (speech etc) but with H she is being brought back by the boys and has started pointing and grunting a lot hmm. She complains about EVERYTHING. If you say black she says white. I asked her tonight why she is moaning so much and she sais she does it because it is fun and upsets mummy and daddy. I know it's all to do with attention and we should just ignore it, but it is so bloody infuriating.

DH and I were discussing the other day how all of our children would be better off as lone children. DH takes J to speech therapy once a week and he says on his own he is a different child. Utterly charming and revels in the attention. When the others are around he is very quiet and takes himself off to play quietly on his own, until D turns up and steals his toys that is. H is the same, the few times we get her on her own she is lovely. I wish I had a time machine!

AtLongLast Tue 20-Mar-12 22:26:00

Bloomin heck Lottie! Tomorrow has to be better, surely? How are you now? & dh? Nothing really useful to add other than my sympathies. & possibly the suggestion of car picnics for the rest of the week... I did smile at dh's comment about you not switching off. Surely for you it's more a case of `same crap, different location' smile

& Kate, I'm sorry. I keep meaning to ask how Emme is doing but post before remembering and have an embarrassing frequency of posts at times so promise myself I'll remember next time. I totally get that you feel others might have it worse but glad you're allowing yourself to acknowledge it is hard for you all.

Go you Chesti! Sometimes being social inadequates works nicely in my/dps favour so we tend not to have the hassle (or expense!) of organisIng stuff.

We're still having screeching joy. Both want `carries' constantly. Ds2 is OK as he's realised he doesn't get his way by wailing. Ds2 is provoking ds1 at every opportunity (prodding him, threatening to spoil his game/tower, or just being in his space) but ds1 is responding in such an ott way. Ds1 is also going through a bit of an attatchment phase - not content with being nudey himself, he's now not happy if his sheet is on his cot. Sorted it for a few days by putting a fitted sheet on, but then he realised it was there so gets uber-frustrated if he can't get it off. And then needs to bring it downstairs with him & sniggle under it. & both have eaten v little at dinner today as they were more interested in throwing cutlery / pushing plates around.

Car is costing us a fortune to fix & prob delaying our trip at the weekend (so now prob doing Fri - Tues am Tarti - will let you know). Works OK though as got a hospital appt through today to get dd's birthmark checked - for Thursday! On the plus side, I made swiss roll (boys turned noses up shock and lemon drizzle cake today. Yummy grin

Cerubina Wed 21-Mar-12 09:55:42

Oh dear, virtual hugs and chocolate cake all round. Sounds as though everyone's got some hard stuff to deal with at the moment.

Kate I feel especially sorry for you and FWIW it all makes total sense that you feel like this - after a period of coping with everything I think the pressure has to come out eventually. You've not only had these 6 weeks of getting used to the peg (and that's extra stress that no mum of multiples needs to fit into her day) but a long period before that of Emme being quite seriously ill, with all the strain that that brings into a household, and now an open-ended stretch ahead of uncertainty and non-normality. Sorry if that just rehearses the reasons why you felt down, but my point is to show that you've had a tonne of hard things to do on top of just running a household, being a mum of 5 etc etc. Many, many people could not do "the basics" of your life without huge amounts of help (or couldn't do it full stop), and you have extra portions on top.

So there's nothing wrong with feeling blue. I wonder if Tamba have some support for you and in particular might have some tips on how to manage the differences between your children without having to feel that you are a cheerleader for feeding tubes? Or perhaps on here there is a forum that can help. I can only imagine how difficult it is trying to make sure everyone feels OK about it while also getting to grips with what it means for Emme's long term health and your family life. Chesti very rightly said you mustn't feel bad about offloading on here. Maybe at the moment you should do a lot of it to help sort these thoughts through in your mind.

And Lottie I really sympathise on your night out. So sorry that the holiday isn't very relaxing so far but I think there's a lot of truth in the idea that holidays are more for dads than anyone else! For mums, it's just all the same stuff as normal to fit in, while in a less convenient, familiar and well set-up environment! I haven't found our holidays at all relaxing so far, though have appreciated a change of scene a bit. Mostly I just find myself thinking everything is less efficient than it would be at home what a tedious robot I am.

I reckon some time off from the girls would do you the power of good, and maybe someone else would knock the odd corner off them too. Do explore the idea of nursery, it sounds like a great idea to buy you all space apart and maybe make you glad to see them again!

Will try to get back on here later but better go and make sure I've got my shit together for the day. Just wanted to say something to you both as my heart was going out to you both last night catching up on things!

LaVitaBellissima Wed 21-Mar-12 13:33:07

Tomorrow is not a better day here, been vomited on twice so far, at 4am and just now. It's the first day that Florence seems to be better after 6 days of illness, now Vivienne is Ill too <wail, sobs, stamps feet sad>

Kate you are doing an amazing job! Poor Emme, keep offloading here, it's incredibly cathartic we all do it very regularly

LL I often question if I'm depressed, but find that after 7pm my depression lifts smile, so think it's just that children are so bloody exhausting, and a part of me still hankers after my youthful carefree years. I've given up the diet, chocolate and wine are all that's keeping me sane at the moment.

Agree with everyone's holiday coMments, we are currently planning a Summer drive to Italy shock sad hmm

Cerubina Wed 21-Mar-12 14:15:47

Sorry that you've got tag team ill ones LVB. Hope V's bout is short lived and mild - is it tummy bugs or colds or what? Something about vomiting is really soul destroying. I think it's that you have just enough energy to get through the whole day and none to spare for scrubbing carpet and changing clothes/bedding etc. Or that's how I see it anyway.

On which subject, I have also questioned my mental state lately (perhaps there's something in the air?) I have a real knee jerk reaction to the idea that I could be depressed - maybe you all do too - but a conversation with my GP did make me question it to myself. I told her I have no energy and feel very responsible for everything (meaning that if I'm not well, no one is really there to take the burden for me. My DH is wonderful but work doesn't really allow him to step in, and I've got no family nearby). When I've had some time to feel hard done by, I'll usually be alright again. So all this waffling is to say I have concluded I'm not depressed, but it's not an easy question and on some days you'd get a very different answer. Worth seeing your GP Lottie?

Good news about C's appointment, ALL, but v v bad news about the car. It's always the same with cars, as with plumbing - if something needs doing it's never cheap. Any sign of the pox Chesti?

londonlottie Wed 21-Mar-12 23:53:34

Another quickie as am shattered. Just back from lovely evening out after lovely day out. It's our anniversary today and DH surprised me with a meal in Padstow @ Rick Stein's restaurant. Earlier today we met his cousin who lives nearby and went to the Eden Project with her. Bizarrely it took a day of spending time with the girls and enjoying the good bits of them to make me appreciate them again. It does help that they are recuperating big time and are far less grizzly, but to see DH's cousin (who is lovely) cooing over them and seeing them at their magical best made me fall in love with them all over again. Back tomorrow but do now feel as though the holiday has turned a corner, and as it turned out I didn't need less time with my girls, but more. hmm

Chesticles Thu 22-Mar-12 20:51:55

Glad the holiday got better LL. Sounds like you had a lovely final day.

No pox here yet so we seem to have got away with it again. Though the grumpy behaviour continues. Why do they continually squable over the same toy? Even when there are 2 identical toys they still both want the same one angry

cerubina how are the twins getting on at nursery now?

AtLongLast Thu 22-Mar-12 21:38:42

What a relief you had a lovely day Lottie! What did the girls make of the Eden Project? I've done detailed study of all the refreshment facilites it a few times so good job I've had a break for a few years. Last time we went around the biomes in the opposite direction blush - surprising what extra stuff we saw doing that!

We <fingers crossed> seem to have had a bit of an improvement here, probably correlating to boys getting over whatever the latest bug has been. They're still testing & winding one another up, but in manageable chunks now. I was woken at 6.30am by ds1 having the screaming heebie jeebies. Turned out he couldn't get the final two corners of the fitted sheet off the mattress hmm. Thought I could con him by putting a flat sheet over the fitted sheet, but no, he saw thorugh my plan. They were rolling around giggling earlier & that was a joy to see again. Hopefully it'll last while we're up seeing the family this weekend.

Car fixed & yup Cerubina twas bloody expensive. It's at that point where I'm losing faith with it but we've spent so much on it lately we can't just get rid. I can be a little smug though as my aged go-cart car which dp hates flew through it's MOT a couple of weeks ago & our mechanic said what a fab car it is grin.

How are the girls now Lavita? A summer drive to Italy - that will be lovely....!

londonlottie Sat 24-Mar-12 22:20:35

We're back! Drove home today and after all my dramatic moaning earlier in the week, have to say have had a splendid couple of days and now wishing we could have stayed longer. Yesterday and today we went to fantastic beaches, girls barefoot in the sand and loving every moment. I really have learnt something this holiday, which is that the best times were had whilst we were all together and next time I think we'll choose somewhere which is a bit more focussed on that, albeit possibly with childcare options available for the odd morning/afternoon when you really do feel like having a total break from being a parent.

It did help that by the end of the week my grizzling girls had transformed back into their usual only mildly bickering selves, with people cooing over them a bit rather than shooting us pitying glances which always get my back up, with me defensively assuming they're thinking 'poor them, having twins'. I do feel a bit like I'm waiting for people to think that twins are a nightmare and perhaps put too much pressure on us all to be a good advert for twins. confused

LVB - have to say I completely swooned for Cornwall in general, not sure I'll bother thinking about going elsewhere for family holidays for the foreseeable. I know you can't guarantee the weather, and we were lucky this time, but the fact we could just get in the car and drive for 4/5 hours and be somewhere so lovely... pretty hard to beat. smile

londonlottie Sat 24-Mar-12 22:45:14

Sorry now caught up with posts blush

ALL - we loved the Eden Project, although I do think it'll get better and better as the girls get bigger. £23 per adult to get in though! I LOVED the set up of the cafe/restaurant though, so chilled out and relaxed system of payment... the whole place seemed very well run. Like many other things there though, I thought it would be very different (and perhaps nowhere near as nice) in high season.

Cerubina - it's interesting how many of us have thought at some point about depression. I always think back to some Tamba statistic or other which I read about whilst pregnant, suggesting that a multiple mum would be much more likely to suffer from it. I'm not sure I think that's necessarily the case - surely mums of 2/3/however many siblings have different but similar stresses - but it has meant I've kept an eye on how I've felt, particularly in the first year after they were born. I feel so much better today than I did a few days ago, and still can't put my finger on exactly WHY things felt so difficult. Although you all raised excellent points re. 'same shit different location', and the pressure to have a nice time on holiday which obviously in my case was counter productive.

Hope everyone's illnesses are lifting. I know so many families who have been ill in the past 2-3 weeks, it sounds as though a particularly nasty virus has been doing the rounds.

I'd better go, we have E upstairs who is STILL suffering regularly from constipation, and has now not been for 4 days and has tummy ache. It's so awful, she is phobic about it and also refuses to eat any vegetables or other kinds of food which might help. So every 3-4 days we have a huge drama, sometimes for a whole day before she builds up the courage to actually do it. Have been to doctors who prescribed Lactulose, she's been taking it for 2-3 months now and things aren't really improving. Need to go back, obviously. GP's tactic last time was to sternly tell her that unless she ate her veg she'd have the doctor to answer to, and wouldn't be allowed any pudding. I just can't do that kind of carrot/stick thing when it comes to their meals, it makes every mealtime a non-stop wail and unbelievably stressful. Also don't really believe in rewarding things with pudding. What to do, what to do...

Chesticles Sat 24-Mar-12 23:50:39

Glad the holiday ended up good Lottie. We are also on minimal holidays at the moment. Had considered a holiday in a villa abroad and then though about the constant stress of keeping 3 kids away from the pool (never mind the cost) so have ended up in a residential caravan in Eyemouth. hmm. glamorous. But it is right on an amazing beach so hopefully should be fine.

Food is turning into a nightmare in our house. DH is normallyreally laid back but the kids not eating just maddens him. He shouts and threatens and turns mealtimes into a drama. I'm getting at a loss what to so about it. I really don't want the kids to have food issues (I'm a comfort eater) and don't want them to eat if they are not hungry, and certainly don't want to reward finishing their main course with getting a pudding (making sweet things a reward and therefore good). But at the same time I so want them to eat the food that is put in front of them and al least try it and not be fussy. I also want them to eat so they sleep through the night! grin And not refuse a meal and then 30 minutes later complain of being hungry. Tis all a bit of a stressful mess at the moment. No consisency. I know DH and I need to discuss and come up with a plan, but at the moment with him being the main carer and having such strong views on eating what is front of you/clearing your plate, it's difficult.

tartiflette Sun 25-Mar-12 17:35:48

Just back from sheffield and only skim read, but would like to echo the concern about how to handle food issues (will come back and ramble more on this later!) and also say am glad Lottie that your week ended well, and that ALL I'm sorry we haven't managed to hook up this weekend, but hopefully will the next time you are up this way. Hope you've had a nice time seeing family and journeys were ok. I've just devised a very interesting system for straight-jacketing mine into their car seats, which they can now climb out of (makes journeys pretty hair raising since our child locks don't work and they have clocked on to this!). Anyway it involves strapping them in and then doing up their coats/cardis/body warmers over the top. Idiot/toddler proof!

londonlottie Mon 26-Mar-12 12:48:32

Sympathy to you (and your DH) Chesti - re. the food issue. I have started this post about 5 times but when talking about food re. the girls I don't know where to start with moaning about it all. I am at the point where if it was possible to pay someone to come and sort it out and tell me what to cook each day and what to do I WOULD GLADLY PAY IT. I honestly struggle to think of ONE meal I can make which they will both eat. I have:

J - eats veg, some fruit, carbs in general, very fussy about meat, refuses fish, won't eat anything in a gravy or sauce.
E - refuses all veg unless blended VERY small. Will occasionally suffer through a couple of tbsp of tomato soup. Eats lots of meat and fish. Occasional fruit. Very occasional carbs such as potato but no pasta or rice.
Both love bog-standard things such as toast and jam, cereal, ice cream and lollipops grin They won't touch things like spaghetti hoops and baked beans.

Because DH is diabetic I steer away from making things like pasta and risotto as he tries to eat a low-carb diet. I also try to eat a fairly low carb diet otherwise I put on weight.

The things that work best I have found are 'dry' meals such as roast chicken served with potato and veg. So bloody boring! And because the only person who really eats the potato bit is Juliet (if I'm lucky) I'm loathe to go to much effort with it, but at the same time trying to resist giving her chips too much. She won't eat mash, for example. But at least the meat and veg the rest of us will eat. Another route I've tried going down is to give them something completely separate to us (which means making them two different things) and then we eat later, but I don't like doing that because DH often isn't home to eat until 8pm. God this whole subject drives me utterly utterly insane.

LaVitaBellissima Tue 27-Mar-12 08:07:55

<wails even louder> sad sad sad

So V had D&V for 3 days, then F, now this morning I've been sick. It's so nice out and I feel bloody awful sad

So bored of it all!

londonlottie Tue 27-Mar-12 11:30:10

Hugs to you LVB. Hope it passes asap for you.

We had our settling in day (the first) at nursery yesterday. I turned up this morning for the second one and the whole place was closed due to a flood. confused Nice to have been alerted before dragging us all over there!

Chesticles Tue 27-Mar-12 13:40:42

LVB hope things improve soon. We must be near the end of the winter bugs now surely <hopes>.

AtLongLast Tue 27-Mar-12 15:33:03

Oh I agree - not for us in high season either Lottie! We went in May one year. Weather was fab & it was more than busy enough for us! Tis pricey though I managed to get a couple of uses out of my ticket since they're valid for a year, so not so bad (then work paid...). How crap about the nursery Lottie - settling in days are when they should be trying to impress you, no?

Sorry there's so much ickyness still hanging around, but can I be the first to say we've had a fabby, fantastic, icky-free weekend grin and are now hankering after a move back to the NE. Completely manic but we got around to see all the rellies we needed to & it was great. Went out on Sun evening to a Brewers Fayre place & were a bit hmm that it looked like various people weren't going to bother but at the 11th hour everyone decided to come & it was lovely. Boys were so, so good. 2 1/2 hours at table, charmed everyone, ate like horses & had enough energy to go mad in the soft play area after. Am looking forward to my own bed tonight though! Oh... and the car limped us home this morning & is in the garage again.

Back to unpacking while dd is having a mad 5mins in the jumperoo.

tartiflette Tue 27-Mar-12 19:29:40

thanks Lavita you poor love x

KateShmate Tue 27-Mar-12 21:16:30

Sorry to hear that your girls are still poorly LVB - poor them, and poor you sad At least they can play out in the garden, if they feel up to it, without passing bug onto anyone else. Really hope you all manage to get rid of it soon. If you get the D&V, be careful to stay hydrated as there is a nasty bug around here causing such bad dehydrated that people have had to go to hospital - dioralyte is selling out quick!

Lottie Back to one of your previous posts about having to 'look good with twins' - I totally get that, and am exactly the same with the triplets. I'd hate for anyone to think that I can't cope or that I find it really hard - even out in public, if one starts to have a strop then I think that everyone must look and think 'God, it must be so hard with triplets - poor woman, bet she cant cope'. And I would never say to anyone, other than friends, if the triplets had been naughty or going through a bad stage or whatever - even when babies - because it was like I wanted everyone to think that I was doing absolutely fine with DTri's - which I was, but I wanted everyone to know that I could cope with triplets. Weird the feelings we get! So different from having my older 2!

Can't believe the nursery was closed! What a nightmare! Bet you had got yourself all prepared for every eventuality, and been a bit nervous/scared excited - and then for it to be closed!?!

ALL Ahh bet you were really proud of the boys! Is so nice to be able to take them out to a restaurant and know that they will sit and eat nicely - DD's all love a sunday roast, so sometimes we'll all go out on sunday and they absolutely love it!

londonlottie Wed 28-Mar-12 08:58:12

Hope the LVB household is doing better today.

Kate - our KiddiKutter knives arrived yesterday, all the way from Oz, and they are a big hit so thanks for the tip. smile Also have built and started using the Funpods - have had to rearrange furniture in the kitchen to make room to store them but they are great and the girls are endlessly fascinated by being at the same height and able to help Mummy. Really having to make sure everything's safe up on the worktop though which is a new thing to think about!

Right, off to nursery today - and we're all wearing SANDALS. Whatever next!!

Cerubina Wed 28-Mar-12 14:22:49

Also sending get well soon vibes to LVB, V and F. Hope you are all emerging out the other side and that all these bugs will soon be a distant memory (for us all).

Glad you hear you sounding more chipper too Lottie and that the holiday ended better than it began. How are the girls taking to nursery so far - any anxiety when you leave the room? I was thinking a bit about your food dramas and wondering whether options like a stir fry, pad thai or fajitas might work for you - some meat, some veg, avoidable carbs for those who don't like them? And the girls can help with prepping the veg now they have their knives! In the long run I don't think you will thank yourself for cooking separate meals for everyone even though I know it must be hard to see either of them go without, so I would tough it out a bit and just serve up one thing (eg stir fry) and clear it away without comment if they reject it. Not having got to this stage with mine yet, feel free to reject this as fantasy talk.

Glad you had such a fab weekend ALL. Sounds like amazingly good behaviour from the boys, did you bribe them with something? wink Can C really be old enough to be in a jumperoo now?! Where did that time go?

How are you feeling about Emme's condition now Kate? Have you got to grips with it a bit or still struggling? Remember we have a comfy couch here.

Very much agree re: keeping up a good appearance of twin parenting. I really don't like the odd occasions when I have given away being a bit harassed and generally much prefer to breeze in and out of places looking totally under control. I always imagine people are clicking their tongues and saying that I make it look like hard work.

If they saw me at bedtime at the moment they might be justified in saying that. S is having what I can only describe as tantrums at the moment (13 months old!) From being such a placid, easy little boy he's suddenly become one who arches his back and flings himself around raving and throwing things away from him in anger. Apparently he is fine all day at nursery, so it's just with us that he does this! I started with the theory that perhaps it was sort of separation anxiety - only triggered once we were back together again after a day apart. But he's seemed a bit constipated recently so I took him to the doc's again today to see if he was 'backed up' - verdict was not really, so we are back to a behavioural issue. I actually dread bathtimes again now because there is so much screaming and he flails around in the water quite alarmingly. Does this seem early to you for tantrums to start? I should be grateful I suppose that R is going through a brilliant phase - normally quite a feisty girl and quick to upset, but she's being a delight.

Thanks whoever asked how nursery was going now - settling down a bit in terms of absence. I managed a straight week at work last week though R needed an early pick up again on Monday with a temperature. Somehow it seems much better doing that after I have at least shown my face a bit - the way it started was so bad that I felt I hadn't built up the credits to be allowed to leave early. Stupid me putting pressure on myself again. Is that a recurring theme with twin mums? Do they only give multiples to women who set ridiculous standards for themselves?

AtLongLast Wed 28-Mar-12 14:34:25

haha, boys have gone to nursery with suncream, sunhats..... and wellies. Going to have to take them shoe shopping to see if I can find something summery worthy of obsession. Did you find nursery open today then Lottie?

I meant to come back to your meal traumas too - sounds like a nightmare, and that's without the added complication of dh's needs! Our two have very different tastes but not so much that I can't just give them different proportions of whatever I cook. I'd def be lost without having pasta/rice/potato as options. I find lunch difficult for ds2 as he just won't eat bread & is now refusing hot cross buns / potato cakes / pittas too. He does make up for it at dinner though so not really too bad. Just worry that he's hungry in the afternoon.

On a lighter cooking note I thought having children would be a great excuse for lots of baking. I've made fairy cakes so often they're totally bored but they've refused swiss roll, lemon drizzle cake & Victoria sponge in the last week. I'm gonna be the size of a house having to deal with all this cake!

I think we were all happy to be in our own beds last night. Boys slept 7-7 - a first here!!

Hope things are better today Lavita?

londonlottie Wed 28-Mar-12 14:59:06

Yes, all open today thanks - went okay but I am a bit worried about it. It's a lovely place, brilliant outdoor space etc etc and the staff seem really nice. But every now and then I see a child wandering around crying and freak out internally that the girls will be doing that at some point and there'll be nobody immediately rushing to their aid. The staff are good with the kids, and watching them like a hawk as I did today they did approach and try and comfort those children. But there were times when the child couldn't be comforted (they were quite new and not 'settled' yet according to one person I spoke to) and I freeze inside to think I might do that to the girls. They had lunch there while I sat outside (gloriously enjoying a few minutes to read Chris Hitchen's autobiog - woo I think I can actually feel my brain reforming!) - until one of the key workers brought J sobbing through to see me. She was doing that thing where they're crying so much they can't speak without a sharp intake of breath (sad). I know I need to do the settling thing, but in a way I think it's worse when they know you're there somewhere but can't find you. Tomorrow we're going in for more of a full day and I'm going to leave them for an hour or so while I nip off to look at a Montessori place that has spaces for September. I do think that once the girls get settled here it's going to be perfect, and in an embarrassingly MC admission I am kind of pleased that it's a 'normal' environment with people of mixed backgrounds rather than somewhere a bit more uniform. I reserve the right to change my mind on a whim... wink

One thing I do like about it there is that they seem to provide all those things like sun hats, sun cream, waterproofs, wellies, lunch - the things that used to drive me mad about the previous place as I turned up armed with giant bags containing provisions for every weather eventuality. And it's open almost all year round...

Cerub - glad your ability to get to the office has improved. Re. the tantrums, not sure what to suggest other than to reassure you that often you get periods where they're like this and sooner or later you 'get' what was going on and it does pass. Does it come on specifically at bath time? Could he be getting more tired than his sister (maybe a growth spurt causing him to use up more energy or similar)? I do love the way that one often seems to compensate for the other and behave well when necessary... smile If he's suffering from constipation I wonder whether the bath makes him feel like he needs to 'go' or something.

Speaking of which, I am in the process now of making an appointment with a specialist to deal with E's constipation. It is getting worse and worse and I can't stand to see her go through it any more.

Re. the food, just had a classic one I witnessed at the nursery. They'd made roast lamb with gravy, roast veg, mash, and cabbage/carrots. Eve ate nothing other than about 14 slices of roast lamb. Juliet nibbled at the cabbage and wouldn't eat anything else because it had been touched by Evil Gravy....

londonlottie Wed 28-Mar-12 18:48:44

I meant to say the other day, in response to tarti's car seat escapees - we originally bought these Kiddy car seats which last until age 11/12. They don't have a traditional harness and are highly rated by Which. So we used them for a few months, went through a weird phase where the girls got very upset being in them (later realised it was because we were meant to remove a certain cushion when they got to a certain size and actually they were uncomfortable in them). On a whim, having been back to the UK and having had rental seats which had harnesses, we wasted loads of cash buying two traditional harness ones. WELL - fast forward a few months and lo and behold we had two girls who could extricate themselves from the straps within moments of being strapped in. We decided at the last minute before our drive back to the UK in January to revert back to the Kiddy ones and now they are an absolute dream. Easy to put the girls in, and they can't ever get out. Instead of a harness there's what the girls call their 'table' which sits across the front of them. We're very pleased we gave them another go (although do now have two Britax/Romer seats gathering dust!). Anyway if anyone's at that point of needing to change up to the next size seat (*Cerub*?) it's worth considering them....

(I do realise that is a very tedious post!) blush

KateShmate Wed 28-Mar-12 20:12:21

Ahh how weird lottie - we have the same carseats for the DTri's! Although ours are GuardianFix - don't know if thats any different to the GuardianPro's - but they look identical.
We were RF with the triplets in a Group1 carseat, but because they are pretty small, the straps were just ridiculously too big, but obviously a baby seat was too small. It took us ages to find a solution, but the kiddy carseat was perfect - we love them smile FWIW, did you ever look at the cybex ones? We really toyed between those and the kiddy ones. Have you got the kiddy aqua draw thing too? Is bloody brilliant for long car journeys!

londonlottie Thu 29-Mar-12 13:18:24

What's RF Kate? blush Yes, love the seats - although really did think we'd been sold a pup when the girls went through this phase of hating them. They would wriggle so much during the journey that they'd manage to almost be in the footwell of the car - so frightening. Until we realised that we should have taken the mini cushion out and all would have been fine hmm

Nursery settling in day went better today - I left them from 10-11.30 and then sat in the foyer from 11.30-12.30. Did spot J having a mini meltdown when they asked them to go through for lunch, but saw that the people working there soon sorted her out, albeit with a dummy, but still. Early days. They seemed to enjoy it there and were beaming when they saw me. Tomorrow we're going for a full day - but they expect me to sit in the foyer all day! FAT CHANCE IN THIS SUNSHINE

ALL - meant to say - congrats on the 7-7 sleep... smile Well done on all that baking, I just couldn't do it as I'm too much of a compulsive eater and can't be trusted. We made choc banana muffins yesterday and so far the score is Girls: 2 - Mum: 4 blush

AtLongLast Thu 29-Mar-12 14:17:33

Wow, Lottie, our nursery can't get the parents out of the door quickly enough! I've been having a wobble nursery recently but think it's mainly just me / boys not doing long days any more. Our place provides lunch - very glad I don't need to think about that & sometimes wish they did am rather than pm & they'd still get fed there at the moment.

Not sure I can be trusted on the baking either. Luckily we took stuff up home to share with the family at the weekend. & dp is keen to help, despite being less than enthusiastic about the prospect of Swiss roll. & of course I can pretend I'm immune to weight gain at the moment since I'm bf. Once I've found a few different things they'll eat I can lay off the experimenting smile.

Cerubina I'd say they go through phases with tantrums too. Ours have, esp ds1 and it does seem to correlate with when they need to try out new understanding etc. I think I expected a definite start to `terrible 2s' and then a prolonged period til it was all OK again but so far we've had periods of difficult behaviour, probably from a year or so (?), interspersed with loveliness. We're in lovliness at the moment & I thought that was over forever the other weekend when things were v tough.

Dd & jumperoo - I know, it's flying over (she rolled back to front for 1st time last night too!!)! Though boys are enjoying rediscovering jumperoo too. They can both climb in & are happy to spend ages in it. Going to have to dismantle one of the legs when dd isn't in otherwise they're going to break it. They can't get out at the mo tho so it's proving useful is keeping them contained for a few minutes!

KateShmate Thu 29-Mar-12 21:56:39

Sorry Lottie Rear-facing - after the baby seats, we wanted them to be rear-facing as its so much safer, but they were just too small for the bigger carseats.
Mine love not being strapped in - although think it will cause a bit of a fight when they have to use it as a highback booster with a proper seatbelt!
Glad nursery went a bit better - I've always found that my DD's are soo soo different at nursery - quiet ones are the loudest at nursery, and DD2 who has the answer 'No' or 'Never' to everything I ask, is apparently the most wonderful child who always does as shes told and never answers back.

ALL My diet has gone completely out the window and I've gone the other day! We made muffins today, but only eaten 1 so far as been busy.
Ahhh, I miss those jumperoo days! When DTri's were around that age and wanted to be entertained all the time, we had 3 'stations' and every 15 minutes or so (when they got bored!) I would swap them all round to a different station! grin We had ridiculous amounts of 'equipment' - could easily have made a nursery!

LaVitaBellissima Thu 29-Mar-12 22:08:32

Today was the first day of zero vomiting smile, still some very unpleasant smelly nappies though!

Will try and post something nice and positive tomorrow...

Chesticles Thu 29-Mar-12 22:37:35

Glad to hear that you are hopefully emerging from d+v LVB

Kate how is E, and you?

No chat here about car seats, the boys don't really fiddle with the straps/catches. However D does a great plank when you try to get him in

Diet wise I am actually doing ok. I have lost 1 stone since last sept. Glacially slow, but at least there is a stone less of me. 1 stone to go until an acceptable weight, 2 stone until ideal weight. It's all a bit on hold at the moment as I can't loose any more otherwise the strapless bridesmaid dress will fall down. It's already a bit loose - always glamourous when you spend the day hoiking up the front of your dress hmm. A week on Saturday until the wedding.

KateShmate Thu 29-Mar-12 22:38:55

Yay for the 'no vomming day' LVB !!! grin
Not so good for the nasty nappies still, but stay positive and I'm sure you will have a 'no nasty nappy' day soon!

londonlottie Fri 30-Mar-12 11:46:45

Phew LVB - hope today is even better. I feel like I've done 10 rounds with Tyson when we get to the end of a phase of illness, just so draining and demoralising. Hope you can nip off for a bit of a pampering haircut or manicure or just a small BREAK this weekend, whatever makes you feel a bit more human.

So nursery wanted me to sit in the corridor for SEVEN HOURS today <eye roll> - fat chance - nipped off after 20 minutes for coffee nearby and am just about to pop back. Girls are going to have a sleep there today so fingers crossed that all works. In other news my DB had a son yesterday (well, his g/f did), so I now have a NEPHEW smile

AtLongLast Fri 30-Mar-12 13:51:50

That's madness Lottie!?! Haven't they heard of mobile phones if they need to contact you? Our nursery takes the view that all most children settle eventually and do it better with a quick goodbye & then be left to it. I felt they prob thought I was being ott requesting settling in sessions at all & then all we got was a 1 hour followed by a morning session & then straight into their 3 full days per week.

Glad to hear things sound much better Lavita - long may it last!

Well done on losing weight Chesti! Slow is a good way of doing it though. Sounds like you might have to let go a bit to make sure you fit your dress grin

Thought we'd made the star biscuits inedible by having a icing/sprinkles session this am. At lunchtime ds2 took some convincing that they weren't just a work of art though Ds1 looked v proud when he remembered!

londonlottie Fri 30-Mar-12 14:39:57

It is madness. It's also completely arbitrary because some of the staff members have looked at me as if to say 'what are you DOING here?', whilst others looked aghast when I mentioned popping off to enjoy myself to leave them to it.

I left anyway. Have already been to a local curtain maker to discuss curtains for the girls' room. Anyone else having issues getting their kids to sleep since the clocks went back?? This week has been dreadful for us, although last night they finally dropped off at about 9, having spent an hour chatting away in their room. Always makes me laugh that even when it's dark they want to sit there reading a book in the cot... smile I also hear them saying 'quick! Mummy's coming!' as they hear me walking up the stairs to their room. It's as if they don't want to be caught doing something naughty when they're just sat in their cots having a chat grin Anyway I've got to get a better curtain/blind solution going in their room soon because it is so light in there and I want them to go to sleep earlier (7.30/8). They're not waking up till 8.30 at the moment which sounds great (it is...) but not very good for getting us to nursery for 9am.

Anyway ramble ramble ramble. Hoping to get a babysitter tonight so we can go out for dinner. DH so so stressed at work, and of course bringing it home with him which never makes for an easy atmosphere.

londonlottie Fri 30-Mar-12 14:40:40

Meant clocks going forward, obvs. hmm

AtLongLast Fri 30-Mar-12 15:06:48

We've got a blackout blind in the boys' room (& have in fact just bought one for dd's room this morning) so we're always in twilight. I have been thinking curtains today though. Got material to make for both rooms last summer but not got around to it yet so just ordered some headers tape today too. And some nets voiles for other rooms. One day we will have a home rather than just a roof over our head.

AtLongLast Fri 30-Mar-12 15:08:41

Have fun at dinner too. We're going to have to make an effort to interact me thinks....

tartiflette Fri 30-Mar-12 19:24:24

Yes we are going through a not so great patch at the moment too sad - DH and I that is, not the girls who are full of it as always.

Lavita great news that your girls are on the mend. Bagsie yourself a free morning this weekend if at all possible, you must need it!

Well I'm embarrassed to admit I shed a tear at teatime as my lovingly prepared tea was rejected without being tasted and hurled across the table. Although to be fair it was a spicy root veg and lentil casserole so one has to wonder what I was thinking. Hm anyway, no prizes for guessing what DH and I are will be having for dinner tonight.... R is getting worse though and just takes one look at things and pronounces NO and then starts whinging and trying to get down from her chair which I find odd as I've never tried to force her to eat anything. (Well, I supposed I have ahem 'encouraged' her to try stuff - should I really stop even doing that??)

Think my wobble at teatime was also due to feeling bit down about DH and I not getting on so well and also feeling overwhelmed by toys and mess at the moment. This is my ocd-lite kicking in, as objectively I can see that the house is clean and not that messy, although we do have a toy storage issue. But I want it to look like a magazine and also am EFFING SICK of picking up plastic farm animals/dirty cutlery/odd socks/bits of fake fruit ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY. I could be very breezy and positive if only I had someone to do that for me.

Aaaand breathe. Sorry everyone blush

Cerubina Fri 30-Mar-12 19:51:45

Tarti wine / brew & thanks

Chesticles Fri 30-Mar-12 20:37:30

Oh Tarti I can sympathise sad. It's really wearing and soul destroying with a constantly messy house. I dream of having a cleaner. It would be bliss.

AtLongLast Fri 30-Mar-12 21:07:51

I sympathise too - and that's from someone who didn't actually care about tidyness pre-children so I can only guess how bad it is if you're not naturally as slack as us! I care far more now & it takes so little for the place to look like a bomb has hit. Do the girls help tidy? The boys (well, ds2) are good at putting things away before dinner & that helps loads as at least it's tidy / hoovered etc each evening she says, surveying the post-dinner carnage that was dd's playtime.

Spicy root veg & lentil casserole sounds lovely Tarti smile. Do you have any way of removing R when she starts whinging? We've got a gate at the kitchen door which leads into the hallway & I've done it with ds2 a couple of times & it has worked well. Just sort of `well, OK. You don't want to eat with us, you can get down' & put him at the other side of the gate & go back to eating with ds1 making it sound like loads of fun & totally ignoring a wailing ds2 til he calms. Then give him the choice to come back & eat & he has done.

(& icing/sprinkles did destroy star biscuits for ds2. Gave him the one with least icing & discovered he'd eated around it & put iced portion in toy box. Luckily I thought he mightn't like it so left some uniced)

We're going on the choo choo tomorrow so hopefully will be fun but yes, we do need some grown-up time to reconnect too I think.

londonlottie Sat 31-Mar-12 00:22:11

tarti - join my club. Only 2 days ago I received an impromptu email from an old mail f/buddy friend who is travelling in Argentina. I wrote back with an email full of woe and missed opportunity and regret about the 'life I'm living'. It's bloody hard to feel buoyed full of pride about the choices we've made when the bare bottomed truth of it is that life with twins is pretty tough work - I don't think there's a man alive I could conceive of it being easy with. And I don't know what you're like but when I really think about it not many idiots men would put up with my twitchy ways either. hmm

I also think I suffer from similar magazine house envy. i imagine myself living somewhere entirely different to where I actually live. And ALL - I hear you re. finally living somewhere which is actually a home - if we get 'custom made' curtains for the girls' room it will be the first time we've ever invested in something like that. i want to start thinking that the things we buy are things we're buying for the long term and have made a strict NO IKEA policy from hereon in. Am sick of the stuff! <puts feet up on Ikea pouffe>

tartiflette Sat 31-Mar-12 19:24:12

Thank you all, lovely lot that you are. We've had two big arguments since yesterday lunchtime which has cleared the air nicely blush - feel I've been a bit over-melodramatic really, nothing dramatic is wrong, we've just been very irritable with each other and I am very fed up with some aspects of life - state of house being one of them. Have started a bit of a clearout/reorganisation of toys today which has made me feel bit better. And I'm off work this week with the girls in nursery for two days so will suggest lunch for the two of us somewhere nice on Tuesday maybe.

ALL was your train trip fun? I did what you said this evening as a fuss started to arise over tea - put R out in the corridor - and when she was allowed back in her chair she was better (not perfect but less horrendous!) so thanks... I'm just so disappointed she is turning out to be fussy.

Lottie how lovely though to be at the 'investing' stage re. stuff for the house. Mind you I'm such a ditherer I'd probably crumble under the pressure and never actually buy anything <hopeless> Did you enjoy dinner out yesterday?

We've been to buy a new car today (boring but necessary) and more or less decided on.... another Focus. I mean, DH can hardly fit in one due to tallness but he hardly uses it anyway as he walks to work, so I'm ignoring that. Only prob is for the summer holidays (drive from Newcastle to Brittany <freaks out>) - not only not very spacious in terms of leg room but also if we're taking the buggy (and I think we'd want to - any thoughts anyone? they'll be 26 months by then) no room for luggage in boot. Hmmm yes I admit thinking about it we need something bigger. I just sooo don't want a big long man's car. Am literally putting myself to sleep this is so dull!

Have started to record everything I eat on myfitnesspal - anyone else do this?? I've never been a big one for calorie counting but am finding it quite good and having low-carbed for ages it's quite nice being able to eat a more 'normal' range of food (albeit tiny portions!). But weight loss def slower than low carbing: 1.4 lb off this week (I know I know, slow is best but I like fast results).

I've bought (during a glamorous trip to the garden centre) some little plastic eggs which open up to use for an Easter egg hunt in the garden next weekend (providing it's not snowing...) to supplement the inevitable chocolate eggs with some slightly healthier bits [ voila]] - this is assuming it's not snowing by next weekend.....

Happy weekends to all, I'm off to make a dent in the gin bottle smile

tartiflette Sat 31-Mar-12 19:25:03

here - hopeless at links

Chesticles Sat 31-Mar-12 20:10:36

Tarti my mum has those eggs, she bought them a few years ago in Marks and Spencer. They are great. She fills them (with sweets of course) and hides them round the garden. The kids love it.

Did I mention just a few posts ago that we were chicken pox free? Well spoke too soon. H is covered with spots today. High temp too. But not particularly ill, just a bit whingier than usual (if that is actually possible!)

Chesticles Sat 31-Mar-12 20:16:35

No advice on cars tarti. We have a fiat Ullysses. It's shit. Big, but shit. All the trim is falling off inside, it's got loads of electical gadgets, but half of them don't work. Is is cavernous though.

AtLongLast Sat 31-Mar-12 20:24:08

Bah humbug, we're not doing Easter other than what we couldn't dissuade grandparents from buying.

Glad you had some success with that approach with R. Have to say ds2 not perfect either but he definitely gets the idea. Next problem is when they challenge that. Banging cutlery on table <insert other annoying behaviour> & shouting `out', defiantly challenging to see if that's bad enough to warrent The Ultimate In Punishment grin.

My problem with buying stuff is dithering too. Even when it comes to Ikea - which is where we've just invested blush. Just joined the pinterest (how unwanted did i feel having to go on a waiting list ) so now I'm going to plan forevermore. I've decided I'm assuming we're staying put til I see evidence to suggest otherwise so decorating the hallway is next on my hitlist.

We traded our lovely focus in for the crap thing we have now cos we couldn't get dog in for longer trips. Least said. Think we'd probably want the buggy too. May be making this up, but can't you hire big baby stuff in Europe? Or is that just part of some packages?

Train was great today. In fact: bus, train, lunch, boats (watching), beach, ice-creams, train, bus. & only 10min nap in buggy & no meltdowns. All lovely. Just had takeaway tea & opened the vino to catch up on obem so all good here tonight!

AtLongLast Sat 31-Mar-12 20:33:21

Uh oh Chesti - here's hoping it's a non-illy illness for you!

We said never again to Fiat after a couple of scary breakdowns.... now we have Multipla. Hate it but dp loves it, though I think that's waning after the expense of last month.

londonlottie Sat 31-Mar-12 23:31:58

Sorry for my slightly drunken message last night; pretty incomprehensible when I read it back.

tarti - I know what you mean though, it's actually more depressing for the arguments to be a continual 'drudge' rather than an occasional melodramatic flounce (think Coronation Street rather than Dallas wink). And the mess just gets you down. Since we moved back we are still not unpacked, and because we're now thinking about getting Serious Work Done on the house I'm loathe to buy anything which might then become pointless in a few months time. I'm the worlds worst ditherer but am trying to listen to something a friend said to me recently - stop worrying about trying to make your house be some perfect place and instead just make a pact to ONLY buy things you really love to go in it. And by that you can choose to go to local auctions, vintage shops etc - that's why those stupid bloody LivingEtc type magazines are such a fecking nightmare - when I read them I start gibbering thinking about how I can't buy XX because existing sofa doesn't go with it and how do you start matching X Y and Z etc etc etc. So even though we might decorate the girls room, or the girls room might move upstairs to a different room, I'm just choosing a pair of curtains that I actually really LIKE in themselves and thinking fuck it. And they're not some uber-cool Scandi fabric or unbelievably 'now' kids curtains, I'm getting something like the curtains in this pic but buying the fabric on Ebay and having them lined with french ticking - because I really like it! <will no doubt change mind tomorrow>

Re. cars - we've currently got an annoyingly big Lexus SUV car, but about 10 yrs old. Was a good call in Switzerland but now we're in London we're definitely going to sell it and get something smaller. I don't think I could go as small as a Focus/similar, I'm thinking we'll get an Audi or other 'we're not old and boring really and no this is definitely NOT an estate car' estate car. DH hates spending money on cars and refuses to ever buy one on credit, so no doubt we'll be getting another 10 yr old sturdy type vehicle. Weird to think that buggy days are not going to be here for much longer, I hardly ever use mine now. Freedom! But even going to Cornwall, was nice not to have the added burden of my OCD husband spending hours staring at the boot of the car trying to 'perfectly' cram everything in, whilst getting unbelievably stressed and grumpy.

ALL - what is your tactic with naughty toddlers during mealtimes? I haven't tried naughty corner/step or removing to outside. What I tend to do with a recalcitrant nightmare participant is just let them get down from their highchair and completely ignore them, focusing my attention on the other one. I have never had any success in convincing them to eat if they decide they don't want to, but maybe I ought to try removing them from the situation. I do find in general that if they start wailing 'I don't want XXX, it's too BORIN' (which they say to everything at the moment) - if I then say 'oh okay, I'll eat/drink it then' they immediately want it. God toddlers can be so frustrating!!

Anyone else have Crocs for theirs yet? Sorry if I've already mentioned this but ended up buying some for the girls a couple of days ago, after they spotted them in a local shoe shop. They haven't been off their feet yet, Juliet even wants to sleep in hers. I think they'll be wearing them all summer!

Chesti - sorry to hear about the lurgey. Had to smile at your mention of H getting even more whingey, but only because I know just how that feels.

AtLongLast Sun 01-Apr-12 08:37:26

Haha, will respond properly later but just had to say we're almost certainly buying crocs today in the war against wellies ! I <hangs head in shame> live in mine so we thought boys might like to be like mummy. Big downside is they're lethal on wet tile floor when worn but thinking shouldn't be such an issue with toddlers....

Curtains / blinds and crocs. Awaiting news of your next shop so I can look like a saddo shopping stalker. Make it big, expensive and exciting....

londonlottie Sun 01-Apr-12 13:12:58

Continuing the toddler moaning theme in our house, this morning Eve said that she didn't want to go outside and have fun, because having fun is BOOOORIN. hmm grin

AtLongLast Sun 01-Apr-12 21:19:06

Love it Lottie!!

I think our mealtime issue is more to do with pushing the boundaries on behaviour & we are lucky that actual eating hasn't really come in to it other than on occasion they just. Because I don't feel worried about getting food into them, it really is just about making sure they sit ok & don't lob stuff around for us & removing them from the situation does seem to work. I have only done it on a couple of occasions with ds2 & (possibly?) once with ds1 but I think I might feel differently about using a punishment purely to get them eating. Not that it's very helpful to you though it does sound like they maybe do use non-eating to wind you up on occasion if they are happy to eat if you don't seem bothered?

We got Crocs today. & a pair of Thomas sandals. Decided I'd take boys into shop singly while dp waited in car with others. Ds2 first. He loved it. Proudly held hands with Mummy on our way to do `our little job'. Totally in awe of all the shoes (especially the vast array of wellies helpfully positioned directly opposite the sandals). Happy to try lots on. Only 1 pair of sandals actually fit him (Thomas.. was so not getting character shoes!). Skipped to till & danced v cutely while I paid. Ds1 was in fear of losing his wellies & wailed, clutched wellies & scrunched his toes while I tried on shoes. Couldn't even convince him to look at Thomas sandals & only stopped crying when wellies back on. Then we got home & he desperately wanted ds2's Thomas sandals only a. ds2 was wearing them & b. his feet are 2/3 sizes bigger. Disaster. Sort of convinced him on the merits of crocs since they are a. squashy when stood on (?) and b. like Mummy's c. I can tickle his toes through them like he does to me. Thomas wars will recommence tomorrow.

KateShmate Mon 02-Apr-12 13:47:43

Came on a few days ago to check in - didn't have time to post Im afraid! Saw some croc talk which reminded me that I had promised myself to buy girls nice proper crocs - most years it suddenly gets hot so I rush to sainsburys/somewhere similar and just buy their own crocs.
Decided to go for the crocband ones just because I prefer them to the originals. Was sooo pleased - I managed to get 5 different coloured girly ones!

- Navy/pink lemonade
- Dahlia
- Dahlia/fuchsia (out of stock ones - had to order elsewhere)
- Fuchsia
- Pink lemonade/berry

Couldn't believe that I managed to get 5 different ones that I actually love!
Only problem being now is that its gone colder, but they are desperate to wear the new crocs... should have gone for the fluffy ones! Does anyone know whether you can buy the fur separately and put it in the crocs?

I know you ladies love your shoes, so has anyone got any ideas for some canvas type shoes? For the chillier days, crocs just aren't enough; yet winter boots are too much - so they need something inbetween.
Isla and Indy had gorgeous converses last year, but the thought of doing up 5 pairs of laces fills me with dread.. not great for the early morning nursery run!

tartiflette Mon 02-Apr-12 14:30:10

Kate for canvas shoes mine have ones from Jojo maman bebe - can't do link at the moment but they are the ones with two velcro straps, they do them in navy (which mine have), yellow, red and pink. Think they are £12, I love them cos they're so plain and have already bought next size up for later in the summer.

Coveting baby crocs now!

KateShmate Mon 02-Apr-12 15:02:59

Tarti You're right, they are really very cute! Love the simpleness! The yellow are my favourite!
They would fit DTri's but don't go big enough for DD1 and DD2, and really I would like something similar for them.
Despite me loving the simpleness of the JJMB ones, I think DD's would like something brighter!
Do they last well though? Im tempted to buy DD2 a pair for school in september (for PE) as she has quite triangular wide feet and Im sure a pair of normal 'daps' wouldn't fit.

tartiflette Mon 02-Apr-12 19:04:31

Yes I got them especially for hobbit feet too - R's are wider than they are long, so velcro adjustment very necessary! Haven't had them that long so can't really comment on how well they last. They seem reasonably well made though to my inexpert eye...

londonlottie Mon 02-Apr-12 21:52:05

The crocs work brilliantly tarti - firstly they LOVE wearing them, secondly they can wear them with almost anything, and thirdly they love wearing them. smile I've been putting socks on with them too (fashion wizard, me) when it's colder. I thought they'd slip off but even J's ones, which look far too big, seem to be really comfortable. She even wears them to sleep during her lunchtime nap....

I've had my eye on getting some Bensimon plimsolls for the girls, although now they have the crocs I'm really not sure we're going to need anything else other than some Salt Water sandals for when I want them to look a bit smarter. I'm a bit allergic to pink Kate and sometimes struggle to get nice colours for the girls that don't make them look like boys. I hate the pink, blue or mud brown options for many shoes - I wouldn't mind but often the pink these companies choose is a hideous bubblegum colour. J just chose some bright pink crocs and since I rarely put them in anything pink it's looked nice for her to be in navy/whatever and have these bright shoes on. E chose red ones smile I am aware by the way that I sound incredibly annoying grin - I can assure you that in RL I am marginally less so not.

We went to the pirate ship playground in Hyde Park this afternoon, was utterly rammed. Then had pizza and ice cream at the cafe there, and drove back. The girls were on exemplary form, actually had a moment of looking at them as they sat nicely on the bench eating their pizza and thinking they were unrecognisable from two weeks back!

KateShmate Mon 02-Apr-12 22:20:10

Crocs are just brilliant - the first pair of shoes that DTrip's can get on by themselves - all 5 are ready within 2 seconds... such a difference to the normal 20 minute whinges of 'Cant do itttt' / 'Mum can you help me with my zip' / 'My hands are broken today so I cant put them on' / 'I neeeeeed help' etc. etc.

Lottie I know exactly what you mean - believe it or not (after buying 5 pairs of pink shoes) I hate pink things too. The only reason I got 'girly' crocs were because they didn't have any alternative - the navy is a bit too dark for summer, but green/red/yellow were such colours that just wouldn't match with anything - so the pinks/purples were the only answer.
Bar the crocs, Im not a bubblegum pink lover either, and my pet hate is seeing all the baby toys in either pink/purple and then the green and yellow 'normal' colour - its not even like you have the boy and girl version, its just like girls can't possibly have the normal toy, they have to have a pink version.

Initially I was going to get some canvas pumps, and then some nice sandals - I normally spend quite a bit on proper fitting, but gorgeous, sandals that will last the whole summer. But because it was so hot, they had to have something fast - and there would be no point buying nice sandals now as they wouldn't last the whole summer - consequently crocs were the answer. But now its chillier some thicker canvas pumps are needed. Want something a bit more filled in than them though Lottie - don't think that they would stay on DD's feet. Would want something that could be worn for long walks etc.
Was looking at some Clarks doodles as DD1 and 2 have had them before. But just want something different !

londonlottie Mon 02-Apr-12 22:24:17

We are still using the girls silver Kickers for those colder days Kate. They do qualify as 'different' and the girls love wearing them, BUT they do have laces. I don't find them hard to get on but I only have to do 2 pairs and not FIVE!

God I could talk about shoes for hours... blush

KateShmate Mon 02-Apr-12 23:01:27

Oooh I like them Lottie - very different! Thats the thing, would be so easy to just go to Clarks and get 5 pairs of doodles, but every blinking child is wearing doodles - I want them to be in something a bit unusual!
DD's are obviously begging for Lelli Kelly's - but I refuse to give in yet

Silver shoes are the answer to everything - M&S did some gorgeous silver pumps, the same as the JJMB ones, but a bit chunkier, in a lovely distressed looking silver. I adored them for the girls - went with absolutely everything . But this year they are laced and sequiny sad

KateShmate Mon 02-Apr-12 23:02:50

P.s, I could talk about little shoes for days and days grin

KateShmate Mon 02-Apr-12 23:09:31

Next have loads of girls shoes!

Some cute pumps I've found:

And the open pumps (ones with a strap) - they have about 20 different ones. All exact same style, but different fabric - perfect for us!

tartiflette Tue 03-Apr-12 08:56:26

Ooh actually you've reminded me to look in Next Kate as I need something not too £££ for them to wear to a wedding (actually two weddings) next week and have a voucher to use up too smile. Might have to drag myself into town today.

Lottie your day sounds gorgeous.

londonlottie Tue 03-Apr-12 09:25:46

I had a massive splurge in Next last summer and got most of their day-to-day clothes from there... must take another look. The online site never works for me for some reason (think I must have an old account I can't remember and it won't let me open a new one) so I need to get to a shop, and of course that limits my options since the thought of trying to do that with a double buggy in tow is arduous in itself.

Hmm, just googling playgroups in the area, must get out more. Think I've found one in a local church hall so better get dressed and going.

Girls still loving Funpods Kate so thanks again for that tip.

LaVitaBellissima Tue 03-Apr-12 20:49:27

I saw how many posts there had been and had an inkling it might of been about shoes smile

I have just bought 2 pairs of the Saltwater Sandles LL was gutted when I got to the till and saw there was a £30 shipping charge!!!! Luckily I have a very pregnant American friend whose family are due out here in 2 weeks so I've sent them via Wisconsin grin

Love all the shopping talk although I hate Crocs, I know I'm the only one, still love he Kickers though and really like the Bensimon shoes. I was surprised how cheap they were on the Brora website (usually sooooo expensive!) they are twice the price on the Elias and Grace website.

So much to catch up on...

Cars we have an Audi A4 but it's not big enough really. Not sure what the perfect multiples car is, what do you have Kate?

Tarti When are you off to Centreparcs? We are going to Harrogate for the weekend after next (my birthday) has anyone been before?

Cerubina Happy Birthday to Seb and Rosie grin hope you had a lovely time, one whole year survived!

Chesti Hope the pox is gone, fingers crossed we only have runny noses and teething at the moment, still bored of the constant whinging though. I'm never quite sure if they are in pain or just like driving me insane.

I love hearing all the "Borin"comments, the older twins all seem to be coming on leaps and bounds with their speech, we just get "CAT" "BIRD" "MAMMA"&"PAPA" screeched as loud as possible here!

londonlottie Tue 03-Apr-12 20:54:01

Oh but Lavita - you can get them from with free delivery!! Sorry!

LaVitaBellissima Tue 03-Apr-12 21:00:54

Link? I can't find them smile

tartiflette Tue 03-Apr-12 21:18:24

Not until jubilee week Lavita. I've been to Harrogate many times, it is delightful. Have tea at Betty's and go to the spa in the baths if you have chance, it's really old fashioned and lovely. Are you staying at the Hotel du Vin by any chance?
I'm not a fan of crocs on grown ups but think cute on kiddies.

Chesti how are things? Any sign of spreadage or are the boys holding out?

londonlottie Tue 03-Apr-12 21:20:04

Here are the white ones - they also sell Bensimons for £24. Btw Smallable had some gorgeous colours which were exclusive to them but they're all sold out grrrr...

You'd love these LVB - just bought a few bits from Smallable including these dresses which I thought were great value and now they've arrived they are VERY pretty. I got yellow and grey ones, will do for some occasion not yet in the diary this summer.

LaVitaBellissima Wed 04-Apr-12 18:41:06

Tarti we are staying here - I won a 2 night break grin

LL love those dresses, I really like this one & also the one with pineapples on smile both sold out in small sizes, might fit your older girls though Kate

ALL Happy birthday to the boys, hope you are having a fab day grin

KateShmate Wed 04-Apr-12 19:04:18

LVB WOW! That hotel is amazing, so jealous!

Love those dresses - bird one is my favourite! How do you ladies find these amazing websites?! When DD's need something, my limited website ideas stretch to Next/Boden/H&M/etc..!! Decided that every time one of you links to an unusual website, I'm going to make a list of them!

Back to shoe issue - now its gone freezing, crocs are useless and I have had to force DD's to wear winter boots - so no desperate need for the pumps anymore really!

Are you sure you want to get me started on cars LVB ??... I can honestly say that trying to find a car to newborn triplets, a 2YO, 3YO and huge triple (occasionally quad) buggy in the boot, brought me to tears many many times. DD1 and 2 were still in group1 carseats, and for the triplets we decided that it was pretty much a necessity to have the isofix bases so that we could just clip them in and go.
It wasn't too hard to find a car that would seat us all - we worked out how to make it work.. but in every single one there was absolutely no boot space - not even for an umbrella fold buggy... let alone our titanic.
To cut extremely long and boring story short, we've imported 2 american cars in the past 2 years.
We went all out on a lovely 2011 honda odyssey (SP?) minivan. It was the best of the minivans, and was perfect with huge boot and loads of room - we could move the seats around and have a bloody picnic in the back!
But after 18months of driving a minivan I was totally sick with it and we started to look for more ideas. This was when the DTri's were going to be coming out of infant car seats, and we were planning to buy an ABC buggy - which folds up a lot smaller so we wouldnt need as much boot room. I do love big bad american 'SUVs' and fell in love with the brand new Ford Expedition (extended of course!) - which is what I drive now and bloody love. grin
We still have the honda for if we go away on holiday, or are carrying lots of baggage - because it has so much more room than the ford.
Having the ABC, and the girls in bigger (but smaller!) carseats, makes things so much easier!

Sorry its so long LVB sad Im actually quite a freak - I really love cars! Only the ones I like, but I could talk for hours about ours!

tartiflette Wed 04-Apr-12 20:56:24

God am feeling bad now about the car. DH wanted an A4, I told him it was too long and I was the one who drove it most of the week so pipe down blush. Sounds like even that wouldn't have been big by all your standards. So tomorrow we will be picking up our tiny focus. GOD KNOWS how we will manage driving to France in the summer. Roof rack I suppose, maybe will sedate DH and just fold him into passenger seat so no moaning.

Lavita hotel looks gorge. Aren't you always winning things? Love those smallable dresses, want the bird one for me.....

KateShmate Wed 04-Apr-12 21:34:06

Tarti Hope I don't make you feel worse by saying this - but an A4 is like driving a SmartCar in our 'big multiples cars' ... grin

Think you will want an A6 at least - an A4 has an averagey sized boot really. You need to think about room for buggy and shopping ;)

KateShmate Wed 04-Apr-12 21:36:42

Oh shit, sorry Tarti - just re-read your post and realized you'd bought a Focus..

You might love it of course, but if not - theres always time to swap before your France trip. Just blame it on us and tell DH that we've said you need a bigger car.. grin

AtLongLast Wed 04-Apr-12 21:54:59

...or fold dh into roofbox & put buggy in passenger seat Tarti wink

Wow, that hotel does look fab Lavita! Keep meaning to visit Harrogate but not made it yet. Looks lovely.

With you on not liking Crocs on adults but <whispers> they're comfy & convenient. Remember seeing them when my trendy friend got some when they first became trandy & wondering how a grown-up could be seen dead in them. Then somehow got sucked in. I do try not to go anywhere too public in them though don't always care. Mine are (of course) red so not exactly inconspicuous.Had a look at girls shoes in Next - how exciting are they?! What a fab selection. Then I made the mistake of looking at boys' stuff.

Thanks for the good wishes on boys' birthday. We've had a lovely day, if not quite as planned. Dp booked the day off work & we planned to go see the dinosaur exhibition in Chester zoo because they loved the previous one. But then dp had a job interview this morning. & then a stone chip (growing to 8inches long by last night!) in the car windscreen yesterday am. Since the car is non-standard, no new windscreens in stock so had to order it to be fitted... today. No prob, dp would go to work & I'd go on Safari (tho banned from the baboon enclosure on account of expensive car month) when done. Then today garage said couldn't fit the windscreen cos of the wind / rain (understandable) so we've been stuck indoors. Boys had new toys to play with / DVDs to watch though so we have had a lovely day &weather was too rubbish anyway. & we took them out for a birthday curry tonight & that was lovely too. Cake was a disaster too. Since they've not liked any of my cakes so far I did a last minute packet chocolate cake. Was fine but.... think we had another ratty visitor last night as the cake tins were on the floor (though choc cake was fine) & last of star biscuits gone. May just have fallen then the dog ate biscuits but we can't risk it sad.

Chesticles Wed 04-Apr-12 22:20:28

I'm still here, but between chicken poxy H (boys are fine), work being crazily busy, getting sorted for wedding this weekend and the campervan completely bombing its MOT, I'm not left with much mumsnetting time.

ALL Happy birthday to the boys. Sound like you had a lovely day regardless of the messed up plans. Cerubina belated happy birthday to your twins too. Tarti your girls must be next. If I remember they are about a week older than my boys? They are getting a set of football goals for their birthday. Not very exciting in my opinion but they will love them. They are ball obsessed. I try not to be gender stereotypical but am finding boys a complete different ball game pun-intended to girls.

londonlottie Wed 04-Apr-12 22:38:06

Chesti - sorry to hear you're still chicken poxy (or at the tail end of it). Someone mentioned a chicken pox vaccine to me the other day, has anyone considered it? I dread the day they get The Pox.

LVB - have a fab weekend away; hotel looks gorge. Love those Mini Rodini dresses, although I also bought a couple of the MR plain dresses in navy and pink and so far they haven't washed well <taps nose> My mother is very sniffy about the way I dress the girls and thinks I try to make them look too grown up. But then that's because they're not dressed head to toe in themed Peppa outfits. hmm

Right, off to bed. Had a friend round for dinner and embarrassingly had forgotten, so treated him to a shared ready meal. Oh the giddy heights of sophistication...

tartiflette Thu 05-Apr-12 09:51:19

I will love the new focus as we already have one which I love. But DH is right, it's too small for all of us plus luggage. It's just that when we only have one car I resent having one that I find too big to drive for most of the year just for the sake of a 2 week holiday! Plus we won't be needing the buggy for more than another 12 months <hopeful>
<ends tedious car discussion blush>

Nightmare ALL - rats, windscreen etc. I was chuckling the other week about yours not liking cakes and you trying to get one of them to eat a biscuit with the icing on. My fat bastards won't eat anything but. Must be genetic...

Chesti good idea about the footie goals. I'm tossing up between baby dolls with pram etc (they're obsessed with the ones at nursery) or my original idea of a dressing up box with some gear in it (a friend has already made them a peter pan and a captain hook outfit - they're amazing!!). Yes think mine are week before you - 17th of May here.

Lol at your mother Lottie. Someone commented to me that my two looked 'victorian' the other day... I think she was intending to be complimentary hmm

londonlottie Thu 05-Apr-12 10:57:57

You will love it tarti... BUT for next time, I think I could see you in an A4. They're not that big, really... wink

Girls in nursery. Time to stop thumb-twiddling. Off to the curtain shop.

Cerubina Thu 05-Apr-12 19:52:00

Thank you for the birthday wishes for the twins, however they are 13 months old! If my post on FB prompted them, it was marking a year since they came home (5 weeks in hospital, you see)...

Audi have obviously done quite well out of multiples as we have an A6 too. It's lovely to drive, even speaking as a complete jessie with regards to parking and tight manoeuvres. Will be interesting to see if it feels much bigger for trips away now that sterilising and a billion bottles a day are a thing of the past, so should theoretically need less stuff, but even though yours are that bit older tarti I still marvel that you can get what you need in a Focus.

Right, fish and chips beckon.

londonlottie Thu 05-Apr-12 20:04:44

Hi Cerub smile

I do remember though that at our Tamba ante-natal session, ALL the other twin parents-to-be had Ford Focuses, we felt like the odd ones out (at the time we had an old banger Saab convertible which obviously had to go!).

tartiflette Thu 05-Apr-12 20:06:25

I like to think of it as bijou wink

AtLongLast Thu 05-Apr-12 22:54:55

The Focus must have been our lucky charm then - we bought it the week we did the boys' ivf cycle not believing we'd end up with a viable pg, let alone twins.

Maybe the sweet tooth is a girly thing Tarti? Maybe Dd will indulge in a little cake eating. Othwerwise I may have to befriend the rats....

I keep tying myself in knots on gender-based toys Chesti! Was determined they could have what they wanted but I just feel like I'm trying too hard to pee off mil if I consider `girl' toys for boys. Should have seen the reaction when I put dd in a blue cardigan. & mil's horror that someone she knows has allowed ds to have a pink room. He will end up gay. Apparently. Not that there's anything wrong with that.... obviously.... but sometimes you just have to say no and not Take Things Too Far hmm.

We got the boys Ikea (yup, theme continues...) wooden train set & crane & they love them. Their fav pressie has been a plastic dishwasher with opening door / pingy/swooshy noises. Except we don't have a dishwasher so they have no concept of that. Instead it's a tea (ds1) / coffee (ds2) maker come microwave grin. Cup o tea Mummy? Milk? Kind? Was all coffeed out last night!

Off to Wales for the long weekend. We can't keep dd a secret from nosey neighbour this time surely? It's become a sad little challenge we've set ourselves in the face of her all-knowing nature.

londonlottie Thu 05-Apr-12 23:11:17

grin ALL at your trying to buck the gender stereotyping. I am obsessed with it but then got VERY upset at the playground when E knocked her head that the idiot woman who was there at the time said "he's okay, he just knocked his head on the bar". Even in the midst of my panic at her silently mouthing a scream and rolling around on the floor in pieces (I worry when they do something like that but can't even articulate a sound, they're so freaked out) I managed to wibble out "he's a SHE actually!" blush

The girls' fave toy at Christmas was a £5 wooden toaster which pinged up and down (and up, and down, and up, etc.) Sometimes you just can't predict what they're going to go crazy over...

LaVitaBellissima Thu 12-Apr-12 13:38:22

Very, very quiet here grin

I've been busy ebaying, it's quite addictive, I've sold some roof tiles that have been in my garden for the last 3 years since our loft conversion, and have lots of random stuff selling his week. All part of my New Year's resolution to declutter and generally be tidier and more organised!

Other news is that we've paid deposits for the girls to start nursery next Jan, only starting with 2 mornings a week but building up. It's a lovely private school and they as long as we can afford it will stay there until they are 7! I just couldn't face church every week smile

Off for the weekend to Harrogate so will catch up soon smile

tartiflette Thu 12-Apr-12 18:02:49

Was just coming on to say how quiet it is!

Have a lovely weekend Lavita - well jel of that delicious looking hotel.
Good stuff about nursery, I love that you've sacked off church smile I can't face it either, am pinning hopes on double lines on the lottery so we can move somewhere with suitably smug middle class state schools grin

Was fuming at nursery this morning as they hadn't added the girls to the register despite me agreeing today as an extra day (one off) ages ago. Fortunately they sorted it and the poor nursery girls were mortified but am really annoyed at the manager, we've had a few admin blips with them recently and it is very annoying not to be able to rely on them 100%. Makes me especially cross as the nursery workers are superb and care for the girls so beautifully - just let down by management.

I am off to my second wedding of the week tomorrow. Was brother in law's on Tuesday (I won't comment here as too public wink)

Cerubina Fri 13-Apr-12 08:48:44

I thought Lottie had killed the thread! grin

Hope everyone had a great Easter. We had MIL and my parents to stay, all good though my Mum has it firmly in her head that every time she sees the twins she catches a cold that turns into a chest infection, and very nearly didn't come at all on the off-chance that she'd catch something, FFS. If we worked on that basis, she wouldn't see them again until they are 18.

Have a fab time in Harrogate LVB. We went there about 8 years ago for a long weekend (stayed in Hotel du Vin - gorgeous) and thought it was lovely. Lots of interesting places around to visit and yes definitely visit the tea rooms.

I could do with ebaying some stuff too, we've got all kinds of junk lying around and big things like swings that the twins have got too big for. We just managed to get rid of a dishwasher that has been sitting in our garden for about 2 years and had become a big bogeyman in my head, worrying how we would ever get rid of it. Marvellous German engineering though as according to the recipients it apparently still works fine after a couple of cold winters!

Enjoy the wedding today tarti. Somewhat intrigued about Tuesday's experience... Going back a few posts I would second the idea of getting your girls a dressing up box for their birthday, fab idea. I would have loved one when little, and they'll have such fun being able to do it together.

Bit late to the party, but crocs... I always assumed they were terrible for children's feet because surely they have to really grip with their toes to keep them on? Or are they actually OK? It's funny how you turn into your mum eventually because I completely plan to keep mine in Clarks until they are about 15. As a tween I found my shoes so awful and humiliating to wear, and yet I am going to inflict them on my children! I can kid myself that these days Clarks is a lot trendier a brand than it used to be, right?

Chesti have you come out the other side of the pox now?

Chesticles Fri 13-Apr-12 10:49:23

It has been quiet on here. In my case that is because life has been hectic. Wedding last weekend was great. Everything went without a hitch. Until afterwards when on sunday morning I woke up with a-hangover a allergic reaction to the make up. (stupid grease paint like makeup that the makeup artist used) My face was swollen and peeling and everything. Very attractive. It's taken most of the week to calm down.

H was pretty much over chicken pox by last weekend, though the spot/scabs are still falling off. However just yesterday D developed spots. Just in time for DH to disappear off for a stag weekend in Brighton. Am not in the mood to look after 3 kids on my own especially if 1 has pox. So am sloping off to my parents for the weekend.

Have also been ebaying lately, but have just had a bad experience of someone complaining that the tops I sold were disgusting and stained. Felt ridiculously hurt by the allegation. I thought they were fine. Asked her to send photos of the stains whch she dis but I still couldn't see thm! It was my word against hers, so I just refunded her to avoid neg feedback. Has put me off though so I think I will just save the stuff for a NCT nearly new sale.

Reading this post back its pretty moany blush and I have the gall to complain about H being a moany sod. Begining to realise she might get it from me! Will try to be more positive. Hope everyone has nice weekends at weddings/holidays etc.

KateShmate Fri 13-Apr-12 13:07:22

Only just came on here to check up - hasn't been in my 'I'm on' for ages!

Hope everyone's had a nice Easter - we are definitely chocolated out! DD's now think its normal to have a bit of chocolate most nights for pudding!

Will catch up later tonight, but on the topic of Clarks Cerubina - I've always followed my mothers footsteps and agree that they do do some lovely shoes. Our school run is quite a walk, so I like to know that the girls have properly fitted shoes. My feet a weird - most shoes kill my feet, so I want them to be comfortable. After the whole 'canvas shoe' palava, I decided to just get the DTri's some Doodles (I just wanted something different!) - went well and they all got fitted and chose some cute ones. Wore them around for a few days and were fine; then decided to do the nursery run (is opposite way to school run so we always drive) and is quite a bit further than school run, but not on busy roads. Let them walk and they've been getting really good lately so didn't take the buggy. Alexa is the laziest when it comes to walking and is always whinging that her legs hurt. Well, she started 2 minutes after we left nursery for the walk home. We got the usual 'my legs hurtin' every 2 seconds, and after 10 minutes walking I got a bit cross and told her that I'd had enough of her whinging, and that I just wanted her to walk nicely like the others - she sulked the rest of the way home. We got in and everyone took shoes off etc, but Alexa just suddenly burst out crying and was sobbing her little heart out - she wouldn't tell me what was wrong, she'd said something was hurting, so I went through the process of saying each body part and whether it hurt. It was her feet. She finally let me take her socks off, and the poor little thing - basically, her whole left foot was one huge blister, and was actually bleeding. I've never seen her so upset; and I've certainly never ever seen a blister like it - her whole heel was covered in one big blister which went all the way round to the ankle bone; then she had 2 long ones going along the sides of her feet, and then 3 toes were blistered. I felt awful I actually cried
I had an hour or so the next day by myself (nursery/playdates etc) so I marched DD into big local Clarks and waved her bloodied, blistered foot around. I made it pretty obvious how disgusted I was. The staff there were all 'its nothing to do with us' type thing. Manager came out and agreed that it was quite bad and offered to replace the shoes - replace them?! Poor DD was terrified and refused to put her foot back in them! Then manager said she should be re-measured - used the handheld one, shoved her foot to the back which was obviously ridiculously painful for DD and she started screaming - manager had made her foot start bleeding again.
Normally I can always keep my cool, but we were both so stressed out that I just had to walk off. I rang main Clarks customer service who were just brilliant - apologised profusely and agreed that it was awful. She said that DD could pick any pair of shoes in the shop (although understood if DD didn't want to just yet) and would send a £40 voucher. Customer services lady was lovely smile

Sorry that story was so long - I'm still a Clarks follower, but I'm just very weary now of the fitter. Customer services think that DD hasn't been fitted properly - but she'll be re-fitted once her feet have recovered, and if so then they will be taking the case further with the fitter. I can't fault their Customer services; but even the staff instore just seem to hate their job, and even going to get the shoes from out the back is too much effort.

Thank god we did get the Crocs - A has had to go barefoot for a few days, but back in Crocs now smile

AtLongLast Sat 14-Apr-12 21:41:45

So much of so little consequence to say grin

Crocs - sure they're not the best for little feet Cerubina. My defence: must be better than trenchfoot-by-welly, feet are at least given lots of room & I don't feel I actively need to hold mine on with toes so I'll risk them. Boys are footwear-free at home anyway. I thought I'd be a `Clarks til teen' Mum but enough of a job to keep any clothing etc on so def picking my battles now. (As aside, Costco had genuine kiddy Crocs today for £12.99, tho not huge colour range --and ladies for £16.99 but NO red!!--).

& Kate, seems so inadequate but poor you all!!! I would have cried too. That sounds horrendous. & as for remeasuring when poor thing still had such sore feet sad. I hope she's a bit better now?

Hope Harrogate is going well Lavita! Another who should be ebaying & interested that you did tiles. We have a load of quarry tiles we dug out of the garden yrs ago. No use for them but know they have great salvage value so reluctant to chuck - didn't occur to me to ebay! I'm a seller-virgin tho & a bit scared! Also have lots of office furniture I keep meaning to get started with on no-insertion fee weekends but I'm a wuss!

Sounds like something our nursery wouls do Tarti hmm. How does it work with everyone else in moving up rooms/ contact with keyworker? I've not seen they boys' keyworker for erm... months? Not sure I've actually spoken to her since dd arrived. I drop the boys with whoever answers the door at nursery & dp picks them up from whoever gets them from their room. I asked a few weeks ago about moving to 2-3yr room thinking it might have happened & they've not told me. Turns out they won't be going til the new academic yr in Sept when they free places in the top age room with kids going to school. I don't know how I feel about that. Immediate reaction is that it's not acceptable for my then almost 2 1/2 yrs to be in baby room. Not just for them, but for babies. But then they're only doing 3 x 1/2 days so maybe it doesn't matter? I'd come to terms with that approach but then talking to friends this week, they think it's really bad. But if there's no room....

Not much exciting stuff here. I was inspired by the progress we made on prettying up our Wales house last weekend & have decided we're definitely sprucing up here. When we have a spare moment of course. Need to finish dd's bedroom first so have spent this afternoon finishing wallpapering her room & looking for a cot. She isn't going to fit the Moses basket much longer not that she does now really.

londonlottie Sun 15-Apr-12 21:09:31

Long time no post!

Hope everyone's well and had a good Easter. I am midway through a 2 week MIL visit <grimace> so time alone is scarce. We're actually having an alright time, although it's smarting a bit that my first two weeks with the girls in nursery (each Thurs/Fri) are spent entertaining her. She's great with the girls though, so that's all good. Interestingly though, she is VERY strict with them and it's bringing up loads of funny feelings, she's the only person I know who feels free to tell my children off in front of me... hmm We had a talk about it quite early on and I told her that she needs to understand that some of the things she thinks they need to be corrected on we just don't bother with, which is why they look at her like she's half mad... grin

Kate - sorry to hear about Alexa's grim shoe story! I am almost phobic of getting shoes which make the girls feet hurt, and me not knowing because they can't (or don't) communicate it. To answer Cerub's question re. Crocs, I resisted them last summer because I think the girls really were too young to be able to 'get' what they needed to do with their feet and therefore keep them on. This time round not only did they leap towards them in the shop (having barely even seen them around, I'm not even sure they knew what Crocs were) but they instantly wanted to wear them all the time, jumping around, scaling the stairs, running in the garden... and not once has a shoe come off, or they've tripped or fallen. I wasn't expecting that - they're not exactly averse to such accidents no matter what they're wearing on their feet. SO my boring conclusion is that they are very easy for them to wear, and don't require flexing of the toes/whatever to keep them on. I just don't think a young toddler is savvy enough to care to do that just for the sake of wearing something they want to wear. If that makes sense...?

KateShmate Sun 15-Apr-12 22:19:47

Hi Lottie - totally agree with the Crocs - every time mine have ever had new shoes (older DD's included) they always take a few days of tripping over every 2 seconds to get the 'hang' of the new shoes - with Crocs there was none of this! I always think they must be so much comfier as their feet can spread out as they would if they were going barefoot - which is supposed to be the best way for the them. Its funny because I'm a teeny bit obsessed with having the girls shoes fitted properly (like you, I think its because of them hurting and not being able to say) but with Crocs I wasn't bothered about that at all. We love them!

Glad to hear that the MIL stay isn't going too badly! Its so hard when you have people come to stay to help out with the DC's, and how they discipline them. TBH, I prefer it when other people do discipline, rather than me nipping up to put things away, and then come back down and they pathetically say 'Ohhhh, Kate, I hope you don't mind me saying, but one of the DTr's pushed the other... I had no idea what to do?' - I just find that annoying. I say this, but we've never had MIL to stay - she just wouldn't want to. If she did she would happily parent the way she would, i.e if she thinks something deserves a smack, then she would smack them and proudly say 'Well, I wasn't going to let her walk all over me like that!' - And yes, that would infuriate me, so I can see how you feel. I am quite glad that DH basically hates his M, she is just so strange. I don't really know what I'm talking about now! Haha, sorry!

londonlottie Mon 16-Apr-12 08:37:23

Nah, my MIL is strange too. She's really getting DH's back up, which means he's skulking off a lot, avoiding her. We've just been discussing it in the kitchen, because THAT means I'm left having to entertain her 24/7. Which is already driving me a bit mad, and we're only five days into a 2 week visit <blanches>

Was daydreaming over these sensible summer lovelies for the girls, or perhaps in a 'less me' fuschia. But what's going on with that price??! Surely Start Rite shoes are relatively reasonable?! Also one downside to Crocs - beware one and all - is that now they've got them, I seriously doubt my ability to get them into ANY other form of footwear all summer. ALL - I feel your welly pain now!!!

KateShmate Mon 16-Apr-12 12:11:29

Oh god, I hate the MIL entertaining - the few times that my MIL would come for the day, DD's would always be at nursery and DH would be 'called into work' hmm I feel your pain, but on a much lower scale! I can only think of shopping really!

Love the pink ones - but I can't work out if they've got a cork sole? We've had a hard sole like that before and because DD's can't bend their feet in them, they find it really hard to walk in. Can't believe how much they are for Start Rite!
And yes, whatever weather the girls beg for their crocs! I wish you could buy the woolly inserts separately!

P.s have any of you ordered from smallable before? Just want to check they are all okay? (I admit to getting a bit paranoid about shopping online from shops I don't know!) Have fallen in love with this dress for eldest DD

and this one maybe for whoever

Not sure on the sizes with that though - DD1 is a small 5YO, (6 in june) so the 4/5 would be too small but the 6/7 would drown her. I would normally get age 5 for DD2 aswell as she's so tall. Anyone know what the sizing is like?

londonlottie Mon 16-Apr-12 12:59:16

I've ordered from them far too many times to admit to DH and they are v reliable. I think they even have free delivery until the 19th... wink

Those dresses are gorgeous. One thing which is great for you is that you must get loads of wear out of the things you get for your eldest DDs - I never can bear to spend too much on a single item because once it's been outgrown, that's it. Do you think those taupe shoes are too boring? I fear that now the girls are in pink and red crocs I'll never be able to get them to wear the boring colours I prefer them in.

londonlottie Mon 16-Apr-12 13:00:32

PS: re sizing - I've been caught out a bit with this in the past. They are French and a lot of the sizing is quite small, but do check because they tell you on the site what certain brands call an 'age 2' or whatever. I bought loads of stuff in the sale for them in T2 only to find that for many of their brands, that means 86cm which in the UK generally means 18m...

tartiflette Mon 16-Apr-12 13:09:41

I like those shoes Lottie I'd get the taupe

londonlottie Mon 16-Apr-12 14:46:21

I like them too tarti but not sure I could ever justify the price. How did your two get on with the Start Rites they had before? I bought those Lottie ones but they were hardly worn, perhaps I should take my cue from that. They never liked wearing them and I think (once again) that I bought badly - they are beautiful shoes and looked good on, but once they had a pair of shoes that were a bit 'prettier', a pair of sensible navy ones were never going to get a look in. I see the future years of shoe-negotiation ahead and it isn't pretty....

tartiflette Mon 16-Apr-12 19:06:57

Mine wore theirs to death but the only other pair they had at that stage were velcro-fasten trainer types a la JJMB, so they didn't have much choice...
I think it's harder to stick to my Cruella style two-pairs-only approach in the summer as they also need a summery option to wear with dresses and without socks, something for schlepping about in the garden (crocs?), something for all the fucking incessant weddings and parties, something for the beach (crocs?) etc etc etc. Hmm looks like I'm talking myself into some crocs...

God, shoe-negotiation. We are experiencing the first rumblings of them having opinions about what to wear and it ain't pretty.

londonlottie Mon 16-Apr-12 21:46:53

Crocs are a good option but beware the fact that they won't want to wear anything else. A friend just pointed me in the direction of this lovely shoe site and I'm now thinking about getting some of those plimsoll type things, plus their Crocs, plus a pair of sandals - and that will be it for summer. I honestly don't know whether I'll be able to get them to wear anything other than Crocs though, Juliet still wants to wear hers in bed and she's had them over a week. confused

DH has just announced he needs to work v late every evening this week, which means it's MIL and me all day and all evening, EVERY DAY. I feel this is above and beyond the call of duty!

AtLongLast Mon 16-Apr-12 22:16:42

Haha, nursery have just put up a notice directed at me detailing shoe requirements for various weathers hmm. Still virtually imposible to separate ds1 from his wellies though he will (on occasion) give in to ds2's Thomas sandals (2 sizes too small). Ds2 is happy to wear his Crocs but ds1 isn't all that fussed.

I'm lucky in that MIL is lovely though we only have the children in common. I would be non too impressed at having to entertain full time & luckily dp understands how crap I am on that score. Way above & beyond call of duty. I hope you're getting lots of time to yourself at the weekend in compensation Lottie? Sounds like you need to flex your own skulking skills .

KateShmate Tue 17-Apr-12 14:38:38

Ooh love that website Lottie esp these

Esp as they go down to teeny sizes for DTr's - I do think I'm looking too far into them though... each sandal has 2 buckles... DTri's can't do buckles themselves - 16 buckles before we can go anywhere in the summer?! Am I over thinking shoes?!

Was expecting to be going back to Clarks for some convenient, sensible but still cute sandals... well this is what we are up against..:

We are all for comfort, but I'm sorry, I am not putting DD's in any of them.... better start thinking of other ideas before summer is here!

Wouldn't be impressed on the MIL front - even if shes lovely, thats a long time to spend with her! Can only suggest for the evenings that you rent some films in?
Glad you and your MIL get on okay ALL smile

LaVitaBellissima Tue 17-Apr-12 16:26:07

I had a lovely weekend in Harrogate for my birthday, ate lots, the girls were fairly well behaved, it was just nice to be somewhere new smile

Shoes, the girls Saltwater shoes arrive this weekend, absolute bargain at £20 a pair as we had them delivered in America and a friends parents is bringing them over. I think I might buy some canvas JJMB type shoes as well and hope that will be enough for the Summer.

I've done your links Kate, you just need to put [[ and ]] at each end of the address wink
I love the Vivi ones, perfect for my little Vivi grin god, it's just so expensive isn't it, and I only have 2.

LaVitaBellissima Tue 17-Apr-12 16:34:30

shock at the MIL situation, can't you just leave her to babysit and go out and paint the town red grin

londonlottie Tue 17-Apr-12 16:54:44


Just been to pick her up, she went for a walk and has fallen over and seriously hurt her ankle. Is it unbelievably selfish to already be thinking 'oh great, now I get to look after an incapacitated MIL for the next 9 days???' sad blush

Poor woman, she is very embarrassed and clearly in a lot of pain. <attempts to sound human>

KateShmate Tue 17-Apr-12 18:32:20

Oooh sorry LVB blush I still don't know how you 'rename' links (if that makes sense...

I'll try quickly on here before I make a fool of myself elsewhere

Clarks ones

But seriously - none of those are even half decent sandals sad

Vivi ones are super cute

Can't believe I can get the DTri's tiny sizes in such cute shoes.. shame they come at such price!

Lottie Oh god, how did she do that? I feel quite sorry for her! At least now you can leave her at home with it elevated and wrapped in ice to make it better whilst you go out shopping by yourself! grin

LaVitaBellissima Tue 17-Apr-12 18:43:38

I wasn't telling you off Kate blush smile

New Site for perusal has anyone bought anything from Half Pint Chic? They do designer children's clothes sales, worth keeping an eye on I think.

LL bloody hell, your MIL is going to be even more work now shock, I'd be getting you DH to take some leave wink

KateShmate Tue 17-Apr-12 18:48:08

I DID IT!!! grin grin

KateShmate Tue 17-Apr-12 18:50:06

LVB you wally, of course I didn't think you were telling me off! I'm always forgetting to link things - and have never 'got it' with the 'renaming' business!

Am signing up to Half Pint Chic as we speak... grin

londonlottie Tue 17-Apr-12 20:43:08

DH and MIL at A&E currently. Gah.

Signed up to that site. Btw Happy Belated Birthday LVB and glad to hear you had a fab time in Harrogate. I've never been on account of it being Too Far North wink

Right, off to make fish pie (anyone ever made the Jamie version with chili and lemon - it's divine - suppose I'd better make myself useful while Rome burns... hmm

KateShmate Tue 17-Apr-12 20:53:24

Oh shit Lottie What has she done to it?!

I signed up too - is a bit lame at the moment... is this just momentarily until another sale do you reckon?
Guess its like a childrens 'Secret Sales' smile

Oooh fish pie sounds yummy! + wine = grin

AtLongLast Tue 17-Apr-12 21:29:14

lol Kate - well done grin. Glad to see girls bring some of the shopping pain of boys. I thought they were so much easier to buy for but I think I might be in for an education...

Silver lining (?)... dh not working late tonight then Lottie... I hope she's OK. I really want to like fish pie but I just Can't Do Fish. Did do Jamie's chicken satay last night & it was yummy. Got home late so needed the 30 min meal timing to work. Dp asked why I didn't just nuke the emergency curry I bought for later in the week. Doh blush.

Made the mistake of pondering our luck with all being healthy for a few weeks. Ds2 has been a little off colour for the last couple of days & poor soul was up before shivering / fever/ vomming. Cleaned, calpoled & cuddled then told him I was putting him back in cot but would stay with him. He asked for his blanket as I put him down & waved me off with a cheery `bye bye'. Bless him, I nearly cried. So sweet.

londonlottie Tue 17-Apr-12 22:05:54

Have you got the 30 min book too ALL? I haven't made anything from it yet, always get grumpy about the fact that he says things like 'after you've chopped the veg, take the meringue out of the oven' so you can't decide to leave one dish/course out and know how long to cook each bit individually. I am a real latecomer to Jamie's food though, really resisted getting one of his books after a friend worked with him and told me he had minions to do everything for him, including coming up with all the recipes. hmm Having said that, I do now find his recipes strangely appealing, they DO work and I very often get lots of comments on those dishes.

<dons 50s housewife apron>

Top tips for all you other domestic goddesses - I made these two things over Easter and they were absolutely AMAZING. Bloody easy slow roast lamb with fantastic gravy here - seriously one of the best roasts I've ever made, and the easiest. On a slightly less healthy note - also made this incredible chocolate cake which was easy, v v v rich, and worthy of real celebration cakey type occasions here - it was the 5 stars from 660 reviews on BBC Good Food which got me!

Note to self: I am very dull blush wink

londonlottie Tue 17-Apr-12 22:08:51

PS: Thanks for MIL concern - it's looking like she's broken a metatarsel. I know this because I've done it myself and recognise all the symptoms/lumpy swelling. Just waiting for a doctor to confirm my findings wink... it could mean she goes up to stay with her sister prematurely. I do really feel for her, it is horrendous doing something like that whilst on holiday (she's here from Canada for a month) and if it IS a fracture, means she'll be in a cast for a few weeks.

londonlottie Tue 17-Apr-12 22:11:46

PPS: ALL sorry missed the bit about DS2 being ill. Poor poppet. Mine are making my heart swell too at the moment, they're just so incredible, our little soldiers, aren't they? Mine have both been ill and have horrendous coughs. They moan about it less than a certain male member of the household moans about his hint-of-a-sore-throat.......

AtLongLast Tue 17-Apr-12 22:40:46

Oooh, I have Lottie. I have some of his others but resisted 30mins cos he seemed so bossy about having to do the whole meal-with-no-alteration-deletion-amendment and I just don't respond well to such Rules shh, I don't bother with his puddings. Can def recommend the satay, piri-piri, jerk chicken & do mix & match the salad accompiaments. Total convert to his `smashed potato' fake roasties too. I was just really getting into it all when ms kicked in when pg with dd & I'm just getting back to it now after that. One of my other fave Jamie recipe from a different book which used to be a regular on our rotation was Lebanese Lemon Chicken & I often do cous cous using the same recipe (cumin, coriander, chilli & lemon).

I'm looking for a lovely choc cake recipe so will try that (and the lamb!) - thankyou! I got choc today so am almost prepared but <stupid> keep seeing buttermilk in receipes but have never looked for it, let alone bought it. Recently downloaded a kindle version of GoodFood cakes & there are some fab recipes on the web site. I have also Amazon-basketed some Mary Berry too but am desperately trying not to buy....

Dp has taken poorly ds2 to our bed as he's a shivery, hot little sausage. He's not been in with us since before dd arrived. Could be an interesting squeeze tonight so better go bag a space before dd wakes....

AtLongLast Tue 17-Apr-12 22:48:18

Thanks - they are amazing. Funny thinking other people think their children are as amazing as I find ours grin. Had a lovely moment in the car yesterday when dd was cackling away to herself & the boys were both laughing at her - even though only one could see her... and I was laughing at them all <heart-melt smiley>. I hope the girls are better soon too. & mil of course. Nasty bad luck on her hols & hope it's not as bad as you fear. Well sort of... it would solve a different problem <evil>

tartiflette Wed 18-Apr-12 21:00:33

Loving all the links... Kate I LOVE those vivi sandals (although ouch $$$$$) and recipes look gorgeous Lottie - I'm a recent but zealous convert to the Good Food website and it's temporarily curing me of my compulsion to buy every bloody recipe book under the sun.

Glad harrogate was good Lavita I'm off there for a hen do in June. ANOTHER wedding this weekend when will everyone finally be married off ...

Cuddles to all poorly DC x

londonlottie Wed 18-Apr-12 21:28:09

Am jealous of all your socialising tarti. My life just feels like a constant whirl of obligation to people, most of which takes place at home. DH stomping around driving me round the bend, we can't find the remote control to the DVD and want to watch Season 4 of Breaking Bad which arrived in the post the other day. So he is over-dramatically flinging open every drawer with the very unsubtle subtext that somehow this turn of events is my fault. FFS.

I'm also a bit 'over' buying cookbooks - so much better to check something out online and see whether a recipe has been well-reviewed. Had Jamie's fish pie for dinner and it was, once again, delicious. Final verdict on MIL is that she has broken a bone in her foot, is now in a cast, and is going to be driven by DH at the weekend up to stay with her sister. So her visit will be cut short but only by a day or so, and in the meantime she is completely housebound.

Chesticles Thu 19-Apr-12 20:48:40

Still in Chicken Pox hell here. Feel so sorry for the boys, they are soooooooo spotty. I'll put a picture of J on my profile. It'll make you feel itchy! Hope your DS is feeling better ALL

Hope the MIL is doing ok LL. DH broke his toe and says it was excruciating.

We are wedding free this weekend, but childcare for the wedding in Birmingham next weekend is not looking good. My Mum and Dad had reluctantly offered to babysit but dad has done his back in. Fingers crossed it will be ok in 10 days time. We can put H to MIL for the weekend, and I suppose mum can do J and D on her own. But not ideal.

Cerubina Thu 19-Apr-12 21:22:10

Shit and bollocks and tits. Great big reply, disappeared when I pressed 'post'. Arsebiscuits.

Gist: poor your MIL and you Lottie. Hope remote has turned up! Recipes sound yummmmm.

Hope Ds2 is better since the other night ALL and it was just a short lived spell of feeling poorly. Love the gentle welly reminder at nursery.

How is everyone else?

Need a massage badly as I feel all crooked and wonky and stiff. Luckily I have just such a thing booked for Saturday, plus a night out tomorrow and another on Saturday. Is it bad mum territory to be fixing up to spend quite so little time with nippers at weekend?

Loving being back at work too, incidentally. The absence from nursery thing has really settled down (famous last words) and the balance of work and home seems to be just right. S&R are seemingly much loved at nursery and their development is really taking off now they don't only have me to emulate - S is crawling and R seems on the verge of it too, she also sits and spins round on the floor most amusingly. Love 'em.

AtLongLast Thu 19-Apr-12 23:16:53

That is soooo annoying Cerubina. I have a magic key that I occasionally manage to press when feeding dd that does the same. Great news that nursery is going so well. Though have to say I hate it when people tell me how much the boys have come on cos of nursery. Yeah.. cos I don't do anything with them. & of course they're not in a rapid development phase at the moment. Though I do blame credit nursery for their increasingly strong erm... local accent.

'Unsubtle subtext'. Will remember that Lottie as I recognise that quality in myself.... hope it turned up!

Aww, poor J Chesti! Def makes me hope our `is-it-isn't-it chickenpox' with ds2 was actually it!

Ds2 still isn't well. He's been well-controlled with Calpol this week. Fine when it kicks in but v obvious when due another dose. He's been off his food for the last couple of days. Didn't think too much of it since he's been ill but then this morning I saw some white patches on his tongue so thought maybe he had a sore mouth. Took him to the walk-in today & yup, temperature, ulcers on roof of his mouh, tonsils/neck glands inflamed & bacterial infection on his tongue/throat. blush bad mummy. He's on anti-bs if we ever get it into him. Gave him Calpol this afternoon & it was obvious that hurt him so he's not keen on taking anything so half the first lot of antibs was gargled back out. He's had ice cream for dinner & yoghurt for pudding. He's probably feeling much like I did when I had my sore mouth / tongue episode when pg with dd & that was awful. Poor thing.

tartiflette Fri 20-Apr-12 14:57:44

God yes the local accent - I have two little geordies!!

Poor DS2 ALL, I hate having to get antibiotics (or indeed any medicine) down them - so stressful, compounded by the swallowing issue for him. Urgh.
And Chesti so sorry yours is still a plague house. Childcare for Brum jaunt sounds comlicated, let's hope your dad's ok by then. Don't get me wrong I do love weddings when it's a close friend but there are so many 'peripheral' ones too, all around the country... it's a ball ache frankly <miser>

Your weekend sounds lovely Cerubina smile