Reccommendations for a good combing/leave-in conditioner

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KatyMac Sat 03-Mar-12 20:20:18

We used to use herbal essences but since the the change of formula it's only good for a washing/rinsing conditioner

What do other people use?

Seona1973 Sat 03-Mar-12 20:32:03

I use the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance leave in conditioner spray as a detangler on dd's hair. Smells nice too

KatyMac Sat 03-Mar-12 20:38:41

Thanks - I thought we had curly girl hair sorted & then they go & change the formula on us hmm

KatyMac Sun 04-Mar-12 15:26:27

Bump for other suggestions

WhereEaglesDare Wed 07-Mar-12 20:56:51

Original Sprout Leave In conditioner.
It's bit price,but worth every penny. Heir just becomes soft,healthy glow,easy to comb and smell is divine....

WhereEaglesDare Wed 07-Mar-12 20:57:21


KatyMac Wed 07-Mar-12 21:09:01


We have been curly girling for ages but when the formula changed we were stuck; caring for mixed race hair is so complex

maygirl Mon 12-Mar-12 23:40:42

I'm rotating Tresemme luxurious Moisture conditioner (the white bottle), Aussie Miracle Moist conditioner and Aveeno Nourish and shine (ordered from Amazon). Was gutted about Herbal Essences, was my favourite. HTH

KatyMac Tue 13-Mar-12 07:17:54

Do you do CurlyGirl Maygirl?

It has really helped DD; but finding a new conditioner is a nightmare!!

We have some bottles of old herbal essences that we are eking out; I wonder if anyone has supplies of old formula condition we can buy

How did you find out it had changed?

crazynanna Tue 13-Mar-12 07:35:17
KatyMac Tue 13-Mar-12 07:39:21

The thing is crazynana, nothing else we have tried has been as good as herbal essences

I'm so grateful for you, btw as we wouldn't have know it was different formula grin

nkf Tue 13-Mar-12 07:41:21

Mixed chicks is a lovely range but expensive. She's butter us also good and cheap.

nkf Tue 13-Mar-12 07:42:05

Sorry. Shea butter.

crazynanna Tue 13-Mar-12 07:42:09

You're welcome smile

My adult dd is getting a bit of an expert now with her's only taken her 26 years!

I will ask her suggestions when I next speak to her and report back

nkf Tue 13-Mar-12 07:43:50

If you're feeling very rich, aveda be curly us also nice. Lasts no time at all.

crazynanna Tue 13-Mar-12 07:44:40

Do you know this 'hairtype' scale thingy? 3b...4a....4c etc?

If so,what type is your dd so as I can ask my she says she can visualise someone's hair by knowing their hairtype.

crazynanna Tue 13-Mar-12 07:45:17

Aveda Be Curly is apparently the best thing my dd has tried...but pricy!

KatyMac Tue 13-Mar-12 07:49:42

No I don't know the hairtype thingie - which site is that on?

crazynanna Tue 13-Mar-12 08:01:57
bdaonion Tue 13-Mar-12 08:14:04

I'm glad I'm not alone dealing with the joys of mixed race hair grin

I've just invested in some Kinky Curly products (sorry can't link from the phone) and the leave-in conditioner and hair custard (?!) is really nice. A bit pricey but all natural products and don't need to use much. curl types is one site for categorising the curls. DD is a mixture of 3C and 4A and has lots and lots of it confused

bdaonion Tue 13-Mar-12 08:15:13

Link did not work

bdaonion Tue 13-Mar-12 08:17:40
bdaonion Tue 13-Mar-12 08:18:45

After all that I crossed posts with crazynanna

crazynanna Tue 13-Mar-12 08:28:03


KatyMac Tue 13-Mar-12 08:44:42

I think it's mixed up maybe some 3c & 4a but it's difficult to tell really

crazynanna Tue 13-Mar-12 08:47:17

Ok Katy it will give her an idea of conditioner type to suggest.

Will get back to you smile

crazynanna Tue 13-Mar-12 08:49:09

Sorry...keep thinking of things so as can get the right advice for there are so many products and I don't want to suggest the wrong one to you.

Would you say her hair is more curl...or frizz....or both?

maygirl Tue 13-Mar-12 14:13:52

Yes katymac I do curlygirl. I saw on the bottle it said New Formula, then looked at and she'd removed it. I've tried the new formula and it just doesn't work as well. I've got Aveda Be Curly and it doesn't do the job, the curls don't last in the same way. I have also tried Blended Beauty curl styling butter which is in the book but I find it too greasy. I'm loving the non-greasy hair after years of having to slap on loads of afro hair products! Try the others I've mentioned though, they really do work and all contain the ingredient that has been removed from the new Herbal Essences- stearamidopropyl dimethylamine- this must be a key ingredient for the method!

KatyMac Wed 14-Mar-12 14:08:45

It's a nightmare for DD; she is struggling to learn how to deal with it

maygirl Sat 17-Mar-12 14:14:01

Ooops I don't curlygirl- that's another method I have used but wasn't great for my hair type. I use Terri's method on I have the book too. I think we're using the same method katymac but thought should clarify in case anyone new comes on here seeking help! I'm sorry DD is finding it a nightmare. Maybe its not working as well now cos she's been eking out her old Herbal Essences? You really need to use big handfuls of conditioner for it to work. That's the trouble with Aussie Moist- the bottle is pretty small! My hair is shoulder length now when curly, boob length when stretched out. As its not as long as Terri's I find I can speed up the defining step by taking about inch wide piece of hair and brush through again with my Denman. Then I keep hold of the ends loosely in fingers of one hand, the brush has split the section into my individual curls, so I use fingers on other hand to define 2-3 curls at once, letting them drop down till the whole section is defined. This way really speeds it up rather than trying to pick out each curl one by one. HTH
Are there any other bits of the method your DD is struggling with Katymac?

KatyMac Sat 17-Mar-12 14:41:19

Actually I think that's what DD does

No shampoo (well once a month/6 weeks)
Rinsing conditioner
Leave in conditioner
Then separate and define

I'll try your method with the brush for separating

The big problem this year has been dull, clumpy hair and dandruff which I think were all caused by the change in formula (at least they are better now fingers crossed)

WhatAboutMeSalon Sun 25-Mar-12 04:15:43

We find the best leave-in conditioner for mixed race hair is made by Original Sprout. If you ever need advice about mixed race hair please feel free to give us a cal or even pop in. We're based in Wimbledon.

WhatAboutMeSalon Sun 25-Mar-12 04:16:56

We find the best leave-in conditioner for mixed race hair is made by Original Sprout. If you ever need advice about mixed race hair please feel free to give us a cal or even pop in. We're based in Wimbledon.

cheapandchic Thu 29-Mar-12 15:06:42

Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Conditioner

just thought I would jump in and tell you that I have just tried this on my daughter and its fantastic.

I comb it through while wet in bath. Then just sort of gently rinse out, leaving some in. Then a short blow dry with diffuser and her curls are so soft and perfectly formed. Smells nice too.

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