Ante-Natal Care and assumptions made about my heritage!

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1sttimemama1986 Fri 16-Sep-16 19:18:53

I really just wanted to share my experience. I now have a DS 14 weeks old.

Whilst pregnant my mixed heritage seemed to become more of an issue. I am 1/2 white English and 1/2 st Helenian. My partner is Chinese.

At the booking in appt my midwife completed the ethnicity section without asking me, I am in my opinion brown like obviously so?!! She put WB (white British) and carried on. I was annoyed. When came to partners details she asked him albeit obvious he is Chinese she checked as she should. I decided to point out that I was not WB so she wrote my actual heritage down on part of my notes but not on the main ethnicity section. This irritated me, I highlighted the importance due to various things I understand I would be more susceptible to when pregnant etc.

Later in pregnancy we t for blood tests. Nurse commented on my lovely 'tan' and asked about my hols. I explained my heritage, she was like oh your notes say you are WB. I'm like seriously do I look WB. Ffs.

My 'tan' was also complimented the two times I got measured for bras when pregnant.

Like my mum is black with black ringlet hair. My dad is white with brown curly hair. I am brown skinned with features that you'd prob describe as 'white' It bugs me people seem to see me as a tanned person and thing is i can't believe this is the case? I do not have olive skin or a Mediterranean look I am fully brown in colour!!!

Like seriously??!! I may be sensitive to it but just wish people would ask rather than assume. Rant over.
Thanks for reading. grin

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