Black Dad / White Mum - baby very white/light skinned.

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Nadene Tue 27-Sep-05 16:06:55

I've heard it takes a while for the true colour to come out in the skin. Anyone know what age this happens - purely out of interest.

otto Tue 27-Sep-05 16:11:31

My neice is mixed race and she was very light- skinned for about a month then gradually went darker. Her brother was born much darker and hasn't changed much.

QueenOfQuotes Tue 27-Sep-05 16:12:44

My boys have been getting darker each summer (despite lashing on sunblock).

Although DS2 (22 months) is now as dark as DS1 is (5yrs)

MarsLady Tue 27-Sep-05 16:14:15

Mine were almost white born (quite shocking.... was looking for a bit more colour .... relax folks, only joshing).

Each of them darkened up nicely by 18 months. Don't know why 18 months but that's what happened with each of them. DT2 is still whiter than my best mates white son lol.

I'm black, DH white btw

It could be that the baby might not darken at all. There are no givens!

QueenOfQuotes Tue 27-Sep-05 16:15:22

and DS1 darkened up even more this summer - there was me thinking that they'd resemble me at least with "sort" of similar skin tone LOL.

troutpout Tue 27-Sep-05 20:40:12

Yep i reckon you can sort of see their skin tone properly at about 18 months.My two really go a lot darker in the summer though and actually look mixed race ...but are a bit grey looking in the winter.

waterfalls Tue 27-Sep-05 20:47:38

I have always wanted to be mixed race, they are always beautiful people

Norma2Mates Tue 27-Sep-05 20:54:05

My dd was born white with straight hair and now (18 months later) her skin is a gorgeous coffee colour and her hair spiral curls. Her skin darkened very gradually.

I'm white, DH black

waterfalls Tue 27-Sep-05 20:59:15

I met a couple on Holiday once, and they had 4yr old identical twin girls (mixed race) and my god they were absolutely stunning.

hoxtonchick Tue 27-Sep-05 21:01:21

my nephews are mixed race, aged 5 & 3 now & both have very white skin. they do tan very easily though.

Xena Tue 27-Sep-05 21:06:57

My best friend at secondary school was mixed race (her dad was black) Because her mum and dad weren't together it never occured to me that she was mixed race I was quite suprised when I met her dad I tbh her tan was never any better than mine in the summer. But 2 of the children I look after are mixed race and they have (in their words not mine) chocolate skin and are easily as dark as the other boy i look after who both parents are black.

Cha Tue 27-Sep-05 21:31:15

My 2 mixed race children were so light skinned at birth (and no hair!) that it was difficult to tell they weren't white. I was told by someone that you should look at the colour of their ears to judge what colour they will eventually be, though not sure if that works. My two did get darker but not lots. In fact, I am often asked where they got such lovely tans from - as though I put them under a sunbed or something! Ds has straight white blond hair (like mine) and many people find it difficult to believe he is mixed race at all. Although dp's father was mixed race, he is not light skinned really and occasionally people have been genuinely shocked that he is ds's father. I hope this won't be an issue for ds as he gets older...

waterfalls Tue 27-Sep-05 21:32:23

I was shocked when I first found out Maria Carey was mixed race.

QueenOfQuotes Tue 27-Sep-05 21:49:45

"I was told by someone that you should look at the colour of their ears to judge what colour they will eventually be, "

Dont' know about ears....but when I "checked" that ny DS's were indeed DS's I had a fair idea that they may get quite a bit darker - which they have

jenkel Tue 27-Sep-05 21:53:32

My friends dh is from Mauritius, she is white. Her oldest son is as dark as her dh, her middle daughter is not particularly dark but obviously mixed race and her youngest is very pale. All stunningly attractive, why is it that mixed race people always look so attractive. Just makes me laugh a little, looks like the colour got more diluted with each child.

likklemum Tue 27-Sep-05 23:20:37

I'm white and my DP is mixed Asian, Black and Chinese. Our DS is very light with straight light brown hair (lighter than both of ours). When I came back from holiday, my stand-in HV started questioning me about sunblock etc, so he must look darker to the untrained eye!

DP's sister is the same mix as him and has a Black partner. Their DD is v.dark. She said that it all happened at about 5yrs old.

Agree with you guys that mixed race kids are gorgeous... or am i just biased?!

MarsLady Tue 27-Sep-05 23:40:52

sorry to burst the bubble but I have seen some ugly mixed race children. Obviously not mine lmao

QueenOfQuotes Tue 27-Sep-05 23:43:15

I've only ever seen ugly 2nd generation mixed race children (ie both parents mixed race). Never seen an ugly 1st generation mixed race child (yet)....and of course mine are the best looking by far

MarsLady Tue 27-Sep-05 23:47:57

nope seen 1st generation.... really shocked me, though why it should I don't know. There are ugly and beautiful people everywhere!!

ghosty Wed 28-Sep-05 00:31:58

When my friend told me she was part chinese I was amazed. She has ginger hair and freckles! Her children have blond hair and blue eyes!
Apparently her grandfather is full chinese and her mother is half chinese and she is then a quarter ... therefore her children are an eighth?
Anyway ... everyone is beautiful on the 'net anyway aren't they?

I really have no right to be posting on this thread ... but I love Marslady you see so I need to be near her

Meko Wed 28-Sep-05 00:36:13

ghosty would your friend be 3/4 chinese - ie dad 2 part chinese (mum and dad) mum (one part chinese one part other)?

ghosty Wed 28-Sep-05 00:43:42

Oh ... I don't know ...
My friend's maternal grandfather is full chinese, her maternal grandmother is kiwi. That would make her mother half chinese? Her paternal grandparents are kiwis ... her father is obviously a kiwi.
So of her 4 grandparents, one is chinese and the other three are kiwis ...
does that make her one quarter chinese?

littlemisspiggy Wed 28-Sep-05 09:50:48

Oh no Waterfalls, I'm quite ugly!

waterfalls Wed 28-Sep-05 11:46:50


i'm sure that is not true, ugly mixed race just does not exist

Poshpaws Wed 28-Sep-05 11:52:50

I'm with waterfalls on this...have yet to see an ugly mixed race kid and I know plenty amongst my family and friends, my children included .

QofQ, I was told about the 'ear' thing but not sure if it was true in the case of my DSs. Both born white-looking, straight black hair, maybe 3 days later began to darken and are now just the right blend !

QueenOfQuotes Wed 28-Sep-05 11:58:59

looked at some baby photo's of the boys, definitely had the same coloured ears as the rest of thier body.......and most definitely their 'bits' that gave me the best indication of the colour they were/are going to be

mixed Wed 28-Sep-05 12:11:33

ds and dd are 2nd generation. ds may not be the most handsome boy, but dd definately gorgeous . They have white, oriental and asian backgrounds
I'm 1st gen. and would not win a beauty contest...

Kelly1978 Wed 28-Sep-05 12:20:09

our dts were very white when first born - we were surprised, esp dp! They went darker after a month or two, esp one of them, so everyone commented we had a white baby and a brown baby! Lots of ppl didn't even think they were twins. Now, they are 6 mnths, a bit more alike in colour - sort of evened up a bit. And of course, the are gorgeous.
I think it can cahnge a lot over time.

MarsLady Wed 28-Sep-05 12:51:45

Loving you too Ghosty!

Like you kelly, DT1 was much darker than DT2. So quite apart from the size difference (DT2 being bigger) people were confused that they were twins and tended to assume that I had had them close apart. For a long time I had a white and brown baby. But DT2 has tried to catch up. Still the "whitest" in the family after daddy, but definitely much darker than he was at the beginning.

kama Wed 28-Sep-05 12:54:06

My daughter is quite light, especially as my husband is very dark for a kenyan. There are pictures in the member profiles. I don't think she will get much darker, but you never know as she is only 9 months.

troutpout Wed 28-Sep-05 13:17:30

Waterfalls.....* I know !!* (smug emoticon)
Nah..unfortunatley ...s'not true...i am def a bit of an old trout

motherinferior Wed 28-Sep-05 13:17:42

My mum is Indian, my dad is white (English/Scandinavian). I was born white as a white thing on a snowy day - red hair, fair skin, green eyes - and I've stayed that way. My daughters are also biologically half Asian (their dad is half English half Bengali, and very dark) and they are white and blonde (and utterly beautiful).

RnB Wed 28-Sep-05 13:29:27

Message withdrawn

RnB Wed 28-Sep-05 13:30:43

Message withdrawn

makealist Wed 28-Sep-05 13:54:06

Ds2 was born white (7 now) and still is quite pale compared to ds1, Atr the moment he is more a golden colour, especially with his suntan (he has really white "white bits" though

Sometimes people don't realise that he is mixed race, though they always comment on his curly hair. Which is very, very tight curls like dh (who is black)

Dh did make a few "jokes" about who the father was when ds2 was a baby and I can remember being at the "school gate" quite clearly with all the other mums waiting for ds2 to darken up

He is absolutly georgous though, he has grey/green eyes like me, and loads of freckles across his nose and cheeks, and what I love best is people say that they can see he's my son. [proud emoticon]

Tortington Thu 29-Sep-05 22:02:17

thread hijack v. sorry.

RnB can you confirm your attendance at the xmas doo ( or not) on the xmas doo thread and see new deposit payment thingies n stuff. ta xxxx

RnB Fri 30-Sep-05 12:00:05

Message withdrawn

Mytwopenceworth Fri 30-Sep-05 17:41:43

My ds 1 looked white when he was born, he then got darker skinned by the time he was 2.

My ds2 was also very light when he was born, but became very very dark skinned within about 3-6 months - almost as darkskinned as my dh. but then, it was a bit odd, over his 3rd winter, he got noticeably lighter and now he is a bit darker than ds1. It was most odd.

Weird too was ds2 hair - started off dead straight, had brief period with tight curls and small afro bit at the back, then went straight again (now wavy if it gets too long) ds1 has big loose curls when unshaven!

pinkmagic1 Sat 01-Oct-05 23:33:11

DS was born really quite dark but got lighter. At 16 months he looks like someone from the south of France or Nothern Spain with a slight olive skin.

biglips Sat 01-Oct-05 23:38:31

my cousin is very white (almost bleach white as she had been to Thailands and jamicia seperate times for 2 weeks but still came back white!!)and her partner is very very black and their DD is very pale browny colour!

vickitiredmum Sat 01-Oct-05 23:50:25

I always thought that the dark skin/dark eyes/hair etc had a stronger gene pull than fair. But my (half chinese half white) cousin's DD has blue eyes and blonde hair and blue eyes.

Oddly enough my DP's great great grandmother was chinese and whilst his mum or gran doesnt show any traits he does.

vickitiredmum Sat 01-Oct-05 23:51:00

oh how tired am i! She only has one set of blue eyes...........

likklemum Sun 02-Oct-05 00:10:35

Thats what I thought too VickiTM. Astounded not only with the fact that DS does not have DP's black hair, but also that it is lighter than mine! Genetically its a general rule, not a dead cert.

SIL is Black with green eyes (both her parents have brown eyes).

moosh Wed 05-Oct-05 14:45:28

Both ds's are completely different colours. Ds1 now 5 is darker than ds2 who was nearly white when he was born. (I always put it down to the amount of eggs I ate with him while pregnant !!!! Ha). Me black dp white although ds2 has got a little darker but not much. Had to explain to ds1 who was full of colour questions because he and his brother are not the same colour, that in the world we live, there are hundreds of diffrent shades of beige.

meggymoo Tue 01-Nov-05 15:02:22

Message withdrawn

emma187 Thu 07-Sep-06 01:26:21

i now know that children of dual heritage can look many way im verylight partner black african and our son 13 month was very dark wen born with dark hair now he looks lightly tanned with brown straight hair..... my friend who is black and her partner is white looks also similar to my son taking more caucasion features than africabrian features. i often get starred at with my son even worse wen with his dad as he looks very unique my friend says she also experienced this. we live in london a very multicultured place i think it nosey people who stare ....///////normaly the black gene is the prominot gene but not always

cooperflykiller Thu 07-Sep-06 14:32:55

When they plopped my youngest ds on my tummy I have to admit I was flabbergasted as he was utterly devoid of colour (unlike ds1). And he has fair hair. (I am mixed and DH is white btw!)

But after two years or so he 'goldened' up, so he does look mixed. (I kinda want to say 'phew!' - no offence meant to the non-mixed!!! . I think that it really must take about 18 months or so to 'develop'.

magicfarawaytree Thu 07-Sep-06 14:57:04

apparently its all in the ear colour? dont know how true it is.m mine have no colour to speak of until the sun comes out..

Judy1234 Sun 24-Sep-06 17:31:51

Boy my children know has Afro hair but is white and blonde as is his sister. His mother is white and his father mixed race. Gorgeous looking combination - blonde afro hair. I was surprised that both children look white.

helling Wed 04-Oct-06 19:13:51

My babby was whiter than me at birth (and I'm ginger Irish), he's now a nice tan at 3 1/2 months, but with splashes of dark brown over his body (?!) (anyone else seen this in their babbies?) I've heard the final colour is the colour of the skin around the fingertips? and that the colour doesn't finalise before 6 months?

samwhite Wed 04-Oct-06 20:39:33

just had to add i'm very pastey (have jewish, irish and english mix) and my DH is of maori origin - but tall and thin not usual stocky so often is mistaken for a different race. i have not been out with my two DS without someone making acomment about their skin colour (all very nice nothing horrible apart from just the once but that's their problem) but it started to wear me down a bit (where have you two been on holiday without your mummy, you've had them out in the son a lot in addition look at the colour of those legs/arms etc etc) we live in a very white county. i finally snapped round to someone and said do you know what, when my DH takes these two out, no-one says a thing about their colour, but i get a comment every single time just because i'm pastey. they do have two parents you know - they take after their dH." that's off my chest now - thank you

plummymummy Fri 06-Oct-06 15:51:31

ds is dark but has light brown fluffy hair (dh black (darkish) me pale as a ghost. It's interesting how genetics work.

josephjaidensmum Fri 06-Oct-06 19:25:29

ds who is 13months now was darker when he was born than he is now, im white britsh, dad black african, ds looks slightly tanned with coarse brown hair. you can hardly tell hes mixed. had a few funny comments like isnt he light? is that the dad?
i think that its 18months that it all settles it self out.
my son had small brown patches as well but these have gone away....
my sister is mixed race and has just had a baby one month old and has patches of darker skin on her ,,darker than her mum.
iyou can never guess genetics ,

curlysmum Thu 12-Oct-06 11:54:47

Hi , my daughter is four now, my family are Irish , I'm pale with black hair , my DD father's family are from Jamaica. My daughter was whiter than me for about a year and had no colour really till she was 18 months then her hair also became curly and was previously straight. It was quite a transformation, her hair is now a stunning rich red/brown colour and its very odd as I have been asked by strangers at least 5-6 times if her hair is dyed, like as if someone would dye a 4 year olds hair, people do ask some ridiculous questions.

helling Sat 14-Oct-06 20:45:40

Yeah, my baby has red highlights in his curly black hair too! V noticeable in sunlight. Guess that's the Irish genes! (I'm ginger) People can ask silly questions though, can't they!

speedymama Tue 17-Oct-06 16:33:24

I'm black and DH is white. We have 2yo twin boys. One is dark with brown eyes like me and the other is white with blue eyes like DH. The fairer one also has fair hair but it is wirey, very curly and very dry. He also has a little stubby nose and full lips like his brother. The darker one's hair is finer with looser curls but still a pain to manage. Consequently I cane row their hair and will cut it short when I can bring myself to do it.

kikki Tue 31-Oct-06 19:17:08

My husband is very dark(Jamaican nationality). I am mixed race(Scary spice girl colour) the product of a white father(brown hair) and black mother. My husband almost passed out on the delivery room floor when our son was born with white skin and straight black hair. The skin just below his finger and toe nails was slightly darker and over the following six months his skin began to darken. His hair became curly and turned brown after eight months and now that he is four he is now a very slightly darker shade than me. Apart from the fact that he looks like my husband you would never imagine(me included) that we would produce such a fair little boy.

cat64 Tue 31-Oct-06 19:36:11

My neice was practically white when born - my dc's were very confused , but I reckon by about 18months she had settled to the colour she is now (at 2 y 4m). Jamaican Mum, very pale and pasty white Dad (with ginger hair!) - but he's my BiL and we love him

tjgx Wed 01-Nov-06 12:37:49

Hi guys im white blonde hair my x is mixed race his dad black n his mum white..ive a ds to him who is very dark skinned considering his dad being mixed..and people always comment on that saying o you wouldnt think hes my ds ds so dark..btw ds is 16months...i also am not sure how 2 comment 2 people when this question of my sons race comes up..i always just say hes mixed race..then when people say no his dad is..i get confused with my son grows how do i say it 2 him is he mixed race..i think so see now im babbling hahaha..but i get fed up having to explain all the time as strangers say 2 me where does ds dad come from i say hes mixed born england and i always get the same weird look..the only reason i get fed up is because of the reaction when i give my answer..has any1 else had this happen to them n also if though x is mixed im white do you say ds is mixed..i dont know see i get confused sorry huys

kikki Wed 01-Nov-06 14:25:07

Hi tigx

I think if you are white and the father of your ds is mixed race, people tend to say that she is quarter-caste(don't shoot me for saying this as some people take great offense to saying, half-caste etc).
I am mixed race/half caste/whatever and so is my cousin. Her mother and mine are sisters(both black) and our Dads are both white. I am alot darker than she is and yet her eldest daughter(who's father is black) is darker than my son(who's father is also black.
She is not with the father of her daughter and remarried a white man. They have three children together who look white and have blonde or ginger hair. My cousin took her son(white and blonde with blue eyes) to the doctor once and the doctor said to my cousin "where is the boys mother!" No matter what the childs geneology you can't assume or predict what shade they will become.

Caligirl99 Wed 17-Oct-07 23:00:29

I'm very Native American and very tan and my husband is a very white Scotsman with. Our son resembles both of us. I have very dark brown eyes, my husband has blue eyes and our son has greenish/brown eyes. My husband has dirty blonde, I have black hair, and our son has light/med brown hair. His complexion is literally in between, but looks more whiter than tan. Everywhere we go, we are told how beautiful he is by people of all ages and ethnicities. When he is with my husband, no one asks if he is multi-racial, but when I am with him people ask if his father is white. Or if we are shopping and my husband is holding him while I have run off to get something, upon my return, the person talking to my husband is surprised to hear I am the mother. I have started to get really annoyed by all of this and I have even wondered if maybe to people my son does not look a lot like me. His features are not necessarily defined, but he does resemble my husband when he was a baby. I am used to getting stared at constantly because I am the only tan person for blocks in my neighborhood in California and it did not bother me much in the past, now that I have a child and I get asked really stupid questions about his ethnic background, I have become extremely sensitive about being starred at and I automatically assume it is negative. What bother's me the most is that I am worried my son may develop a chip himself. What do you do to cope with stares if you get them? Is anyone else here living in a community where you stand out? Do any of you purposely visit multi-racial areas so that your child can identify with kids there? I am worried about my son not identifying with children here because he does look a little different. Also, does anyone else here get really ticked that people even ask questions. I would never stare at anyone or question the ethnic background of anyone. The truth is I don't really care about a person's ethnicity, just how good of a person he/she is.

gerts Sat 27-Oct-07 19:05:38

helling, the areas of brown are called "mongolian blue spots", all of mine had them.
they even out aver time .

when my twins were born one was white, the other was very dark brown!

by the time they were about 2 the lighter lad had darkened.

LoveAngel Sat 27-Oct-07 20:47:14

My son was extremely fair at birth with thick, dead straight jet black hair. At 2 and a half. he is still very pale (a very pale olive is how I would describe it), although his hair has become big, loose ringlets. I don't think all mixed race children necessarily 'darken up' as time goes on. There is such a variation in genes and you just don't know what skin tone / hair type a mixed race child will have.

claireybee Tue 30-Oct-07 11:45:12

DH is black African (but more brown than black) and I am (very) white English. DD was born very very pale with straight black hair. Over time her hair has got lighter and more afro in texture and her skin has got darker, but she is still very pale-is the same colour as a white person with a tan I suppose. MIL always comments on how white she is, but MIL herself is very pale so not sure why she is so surprised!

Wow just saw this thread was started over 2 years ago!

k01 Mon 28-Jul-08 16:09:43

hi all
my son is now 10 months old im white blue eyes his dads mixed race and our son was born white blue eyes and red hair
he is still the same his hair is very very curly but no colour do u think this will change?

motherinferior Mon 28-Jul-08 16:17:45

I didn't (see above). I'm now 45 and I still have white skin and red hair.

I am quite fabulously gorgeous, though, and have produced mixed-race kids to die for.

k01 Mon 28-Jul-08 16:26:24

cool i love his hair and his col his gorgeous i just get a bit fed up with people asking questions about him all the time as my partners dad is VERY dark from barbados yet his mums white irish which is where the hair prob cam from we love him to bits i think its going to be harder for my partner as k grows up as he already gets funny looks and people assuming his not the dad which is a shame really anything is possible with mixed race children but i think people went by my partners sis kids as her son is dark like my partner yet his dads white and his sis is dark yet her dads mixed race too.

k01 Mon 04-Aug-08 16:34:16


3littlefrogs Sun 07-Sep-08 18:05:08

I think you get a slightly different mixture with each child, and they change a lot in the first 2-3 years.

Sweetie34 Wed 26-Nov-08 09:16:40

I have a beautiful little girl who s 2yrs 4 months old. She was born very very pale. So pale, in fact, taht some of the nurses didn't think she was mine (I am black). She is now a little darker than she was, but is still, in effect 'white'.

It was great when I used to breadtfeed her i public. This would evoke many stares which I found amusing!

My DD is darker on some areas (arms, thighs) but I think she will always be pale.

I am pregnant again and I am looking forward to the birth and seeing what shade the baby is ALMOST as much as I finding out the sex!!

Gives people something to talk about

Sweetie34 Wed 26-Nov-08 09:18:07

I have a beautiful little girl who s 2yrs 4 months old. She was born very very pale. So pale, in fact, taht some of the nurses didn't think she was mine (I am black). She is now a little darker than she was, but is still, in effect 'white'.

It was great when I used to breadtfeed her i public. This would evoke many stares which I found amusing!

My DD is darker on some areas (arms, thighs) but I think she will always be pale.

I am pregnant again and I am looking forward to the birth and seeing what shade the baby is ALMOST as much as I finding out the sex!!

Gives people something to talk about

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 26-Nov-08 09:30:15

I'm found that my 3 have got darker as they've got older. Think DS1 (8) is as dark as he's going to be now, although a good sunny summer seems to make him darker still. However, each DS has been progressively light, so DS2 is lighter than DS1 was at the sane age, and DS3 is lighter than either of the other 2 were at the age he is now (if that' makes sense).

Their hair has got lighter too - DS1 has almost jet black hair, DS2's is dark brown, and DS3's quite a light brown. Have come to the conclusion that if exH and I had continued to have more children I would eventually have ended up with a white, blonde haired children grin

littlemissm Sun 30-Nov-08 13:50:09

I have 5 kids oldest 1 is very light blue eyed blonde afro . second is brown skinned dark eyes dark hair. Twins are brown skinned hazel eyes brown hair & baby is blue eyed & white skinned you can only see her colour when u put her nxt to a white person still waiting on the hair cos is too short to see how it will turn out. All same dad its just how it turns out sometimes.

dsrplus8 Mon 01-Dec-08 12:42:44

im white, (ginger blue eyes) my exh is white(brown hair brown eyes) we have 3dc ,2 girls blue eyes pale skin,one ginger one blonde, our son has tanned skin(like italian or greak)and green is darker than both his parents. my cousin who is anglo asian has paler skin and blue eyes and his ds is blonde!dont think there are "rules" as such but who cares anyway? all kids are fab!!!grin

MissM Mon 08-Dec-08 20:12:40

This is really interesting. My DCs seem to have got lighter as they've got older! DS had black black hair at birth but now it's more light brown with quite auburn highlights. DD's is a bit darker but not much. Their skin is more olivey like mine but I thought it would be dark like their dad's (he's Asian). To be honest they only look mixed race when you see them next to white white children - I think people probably think they're Italian or Spanish or something until they see DH.

sugar7 Sat 04-Dec-10 23:34:52

Im White british with curly brown hair, blue/grey eyes and my partner is very dark Black (Barbados).
My mum has red on her side and my partner said he has a cousin with deep red hair.
We have a 5 month old son who is the same colour white as me and curly auburn hair and dark brown eyes.
Everyone always says 'Ah dont worry, He'l get darker" and some people even ask if I messed around which is very upsetting for us as you can imagine!!
So far he hasn;t got any darker and I love him to bits.
I guess we will all have to get used to all the questions...!

growing3rdbump Sun 16-Jan-11 21:46:19

DC2 was born very pale compared to his sister. Also has quite light hair. He has darkened quite a bit over 3.5yrs and looks like he has a gorgeous all year round tan! I think the fairer hair makes him look lighter than he actually is.

gorgehun80 Wed 07-Dec-11 21:13:45

I have 3 beautiful kiddies- i am white with blonde hair and my DH is half black, half white, he is very dark almost black. So my kids are quarter black. My eldest was born very white but now at age 5 has a beautiful all year natural tan, my 3 yr old was born quite pale also and is now the darkest with a rich golden tan and my 2 yr old was born the whitest and hasnt really developed much color, maybe a slight golden glow if you like smile

misslala1987 Sun 22-Apr-12 19:45:08

wow this thread is like 7 years old! anyway im white, my partners black so our kids are mixed. my eldest son and daughter are like olive skin, daughter being darkest. my youngest son is like white with golden curls (think justin timberlake) hes gorgeous! my pther half is full black and isnt light skinned. its just about genes and whose are strongest, obviously my gene is more dominant! x

ronx Sun 22-Apr-12 21:23:23

I am black and my DH is white. Our DD is the palest one in our family (we also have a DS).. She does not tan at all. Her hair is black apart from one ginger strand in the middle of her scalp. grin

chocolatetester1 Tue 29-May-12 21:36:44

Apparently boys end up a similar colour to their scrotum, so says the MIL. Think my DS will prove her right as he's getting gradually darker.

TheGothMummy Tue 04-Dec-12 08:52:02

old thread i know, but i know a couple who have three children and they are all different colours. the oldest dd is a fair mixed race colour, the middle dd is almost as dark as her dad and the youngest is almost as fair as mum! i think it really depends, my nephew literally mixed evenly, and 'looks' mixed race.
and no, there are no ugly mixed race babies, but then again, i'm one of those hippies that think all babies are beautiful!

suzyrut Thu 13-Dec-12 16:52:51

I am fascinated by this thread, am 15 weeks pg, I'm white my dp is mixed white/asian. Had assumed it would be like mixing paint and end up with something in the middle, hadn't dreamed that the baby could end up with any variation, how exciting!

SELondonSwede Sun 27-Oct-13 10:33:27

Find it upsetting that anyone would talk about children as "ugly". Just wrong imho.

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