What racial mix are your family?

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lollypoplady Fri 19-Nov-10 10:39:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RuthChan Fri 19-Nov-10 18:20:32

I'm English and DH is Japanese.
Our DCs are therefore half the same as yours!

pinkmagic1 Sat 20-Nov-10 23:18:14

What a wonderful mix, I bet she is beautiful. Not the same as yours but mine are half English and half Egyptian with a bit of Russian thrown in on my side and a bit of Tunisian on their Dads!

hester Sat 20-Nov-10 23:30:28

Sorry I can't help! We are a relatively bog standard mix of white UK, black Caribbean, Jewish and Irish...

lovemybabyboy Sun 21-Nov-10 12:11:15

very interesting mixes here, but we are very boring, me= white irish, DH=black african(gambian) and DS= mixed both of us! smile

motherinferior Sun 21-Nov-10 18:25:31

My mother is Indian, my father is Anglo/Scandinavian (I have deceptively white skin, though, so you would not 'get' my origins). My partner is half Bangladeshi, half English.

Dolittlest Sun 21-Nov-10 18:28:25

I'm white British (parents Irish), DH is black British - heritage is Jamaican, Guyanese and Portugese.

My mum is remarried to a Britsh-born half Polish-half Spanish Jew, and one sister is married to a Spanish guy, the other an Iraqi guy - dinner round ours is like a UN convention!

sarah293 Sun 21-Nov-10 18:31:10

Message withdrawn

Chattermatter Tue 23-Nov-10 16:18:02

I'm English and DH is from Nigerian descent. (He was born in the UK though)

rosieposey Tue 23-Nov-10 16:24:12

Im half Irish half English, I married an American when i was 19 and had my two eldest DD's who are half African American and my 3rd DD is half Greek Cypriot.

My DS is a blonde haired blue eyed dead ringer for his Irish Grandad. Its nice he got blue eyes though as i have blue eyes and DH has green all of my girls have brown eyes. Its nice for one of my babies to get blue eyes like their mum!

mouthinfoot Tue 23-Nov-10 18:09:57

My eldest 3's father is german/british and I am cuban/carribean.

Sariska Tue 23-Nov-10 18:17:09

Oooh, OP, I am part (OK, a small part) Canadian Indian. The rest of me is mostly British with a distant dash of German and Irish for good measure. DH is British-born but his family hail from the Indian subcontinent. Our DC look Meditteranean (SP).

Rindercella Tue 23-Nov-10 18:20:14

I'm white British, DH is black British (Jamaican descent).

rosieposey Tue 23-Nov-10 23:16:29

I forgot to add that my Grandfather was half Russian! Apparently my Great Grandmother was quite a famous Russian pianist.

brimfull Tue 23-Nov-10 23:21:04

my side is scottish
dh family is south african 'coloured' ie. mixed indian/black/white

maypole1 Wed 24-Nov-10 08:29:36

i am black British my husband is white nor then Irish

mixedmamameansbusiness Wed 24-Nov-10 13:32:08

Well DH is Bangladeshi ethnically and I am half Turkish and Half English.

dinkystinky Wed 24-Nov-10 13:36:09

I'm indian, DH is english - both kids look like mini-mes of their dad (even down to the blue eyes)but have got my smile.

Nefret Thu 25-Nov-10 10:08:20

I am English and my husband is Kurdish from Turkey. A lot of people from Turkey say our girls look very Kurdish, although they have my brown hair colour rather than my husband's black hair. They have his brown eyes though but in a lighter shade. My oldest DD has my husband's curls and my youngest DD has my straight hari so they really are a mix of both of us.

Rinnyx Mon 29-Nov-10 16:14:50

I'm a mix of English, Spainish, Italian and Irish and my DP is full Chinese tho a BBC (Brithsih born chinese) and we have a 8 yr old DD and DS who is 3 weeks tomorrow

giveitago Sat 11-Dec-10 18:36:20

I'm English, Indian and French and my ds is all that and Italian (father Italian). DS looks like he's from sandinavia.

His mix is what makes him british in my opinion.

mizu Mon 20-Dec-10 15:21:35

DH Sudanese and me English = beautiful dds smile

marriednotmulled Mon 20-Dec-10 16:12:54

What great mixtures here!

I'm half white English (with a dash of Welsh somewhere) and the other GPs were Mauritian and Bangladeshi.

DD has all that combined with Jamaican and Guyanese. Her hair is curly but more like mine in texture so people assume she is part Indian.

DS has white English for his other half. Is frequently mistaken for other darker Europeans (Italian, Spanish etc). On holiday, Turkish people though he was local and couldn't understand why he didn't respond to them smile

I'm throwing another combination into the mix: German and Moroccan.
DD got my blond hair and her dad's big brown eyes

twopeople Tue 04-Jan-11 11:11:20

Message withdrawn

PonceyMcPonce Tue 04-Jan-11 11:14:42


Blue eyed red head
Green eyed blonde
Brown eyed brunette

Have resulted. Varied but not exotic

swanriver Tue 04-Jan-11 11:36:09

Jewish, Nordic, Welsh, Norman, oh and bit of German. I am Irish by nationality, but very Anglo-Saxon English in origin, Dh is German. There are all sorts of other bits thrown in there too! But sadly no red hair.

Komondor Tue 04-Jan-11 13:33:44

English, Welsh, Scottish and distant Jamaican. Great great grandmother was a mixed race Jamaican, and married and Englishman in Jamaica, and moved to Liverpool.

Marabou Sun 09-Jan-11 22:32:11

Finnish, Eritrean, Ghanaian smile

LBsmum Sun 09-Jan-11 22:36:04

English and indian here, sounds perfectly boring compared to most of you lot

TinyPawz Wed 12-Jan-11 22:19:34

White Irish (me), Black Zimbabwean (exH) = Gorgeous DD

josephineamy Wed 19-Jan-11 21:17:14

I'm half English, half Scottish, with freckles and strawberry blonde curls. My husband is Turkish with Arab heritage, he has quite almond shape eyes, darkest brown, quite dark skin and wonderful thick, dark hair. DS has lovely light brown hair with red highlights (Mum's love his curls), dark eyes and Mediterranean colouring. He's gorgeous

ConstantVigilance Tue 05-Apr-11 21:30:06

I am white English and my DP is Brazillian, we have one DD. She got
DP's lovely olive skin and big brown eyes.

confusedperson Thu 02-Jun-11 14:24:33

My DSs are mix of Eastern European (me) and Kenyan (DH).

PlinkyPonk Thu 02-Jun-11 18:18:46

Husband English and Irish and I have 1 Chinese / African parent and 1 Portuguese/African Parent. DC are pale with very light brown hair and perfect blond highlights, not to mention blue eyes but DP and I both have pain old brown eyes and hair!

dina75 Sun 12-Jun-11 15:57:37

I feel very boring! I am Bengali and my DH is Welsh... our 4 yr old DS is amazing at theatre - I say he gets the singing from his Welsh genes, but his dance moves are pure Bollywood! grin

royaljelly Mon 20-Jun-11 00:31:19

Is there enough space..?

Myself: I am Nigerian / English . I have half-sisters who are Philipino / Nigerian and 1 who is English / Scottish.
I also have cousins who are , American / English, Nigerian, and Pakistani / white, Japanese / Nigerian.

My Partner is English / Irish and my ex Partner is English / Welsh. I have children by both of them.

There are probably a few other cultures thrown into the mix but my family definately has a broader view on the world than most!

tigercametotea Mon 20-Jun-11 01:13:26

I'm half-Malaysian, half-Singaporean Chinese. DH is mixed Dutch, German, Italian blood on his side, though with him being South African, might even have a bit of coloured blood thrown in (you never know, what with these things being concealed a lot in the olden days in South Africa back then)...

royaljelly Mon 20-Jun-11 01:29:41

tigercametotea My ex's Father worked in South Africa and Nigeria. It's a small world when you think about it.

shitmagnet Mon 20-Jun-11 02:13:45

DH is English/Scottish, I am Hungarian/Russian/Polish. DC are very hard to pick, and look nothing alike (ds has very dark skin, and dd is peaches & cream with red hair hmm).

tigercametotea Mon 20-Jun-11 13:17:03

royaljelly, it is a small world... especially if you also consider the 6 degrees of separation theory! btw wow... what a diverse family you have!

soymama Mon 20-Jun-11 15:37:10

I'm english/American/Irish and my dh is argentine/Italian, so our beautiful son is Heinz 57!!!! grin

JackieFazal Thu 30-Jun-11 21:00:29

wow what a lot of culture smile

my little one was born in England but has a mixed culture of: indian/kenyan (my other half) and seychelles (my culture). However his aunties are from learning arabic and the culture from Lebanon smile. He has the full whack at the moment

I am 1/2 German 1/2 English and my DP is 1/2 black Guyanese and 1/4 Welsh and 1/4 English. Our beautiful DS is a lovely mix of all of the above, white skin, light Brown eyes with a dark Blue ring around the Brown, which he got from his Guyanese Great Grandad, long dark lashes, wavey light brown hair and his Dads nose smile

goingtoexplodesoon Sun 26-Aug-12 01:51:20

Mine are half-Welsh (my side), a quarter Dominican and a quarter Israeli. Odd mix I know, but they all look beautiful (compared to ugly old me at least) and we have great holidays visiting his relatives. What makes it even weirder is that he spent three years of his life in Bali, Indonesia, and then lived with his step-father in Moscow, until going back home to Dominica. Family holidays are never to boring places! It's also great because the kids know Welsh (I like teaching them, and it was acually a first language, I come from North Wales), Yiddish, Hebrew and Russian.

3littlewomen Sun 26-Aug-12 02:03:30

I am 100% Irish, downtown the dark hair and blue eyes bestowed on us by the Spanish armada. DH is half white english and half guernsey French. One of our DD looks like a true Irish coleen, the other is the Gallic image of the petit filous girl!

comixminx Sun 26-Aug-12 08:51:33

Hi OP, I am half Brazilian (though not half-Japanese like your DP): my mother's grandfather was a Potiguá Indian. So there's a bit of the same ethnicity as you're looking for! I think that makes me one-eighth Brazilian Indian, and my children one-sixteenth so.

misslala1987 Mon 03-Sep-12 18:00:09

im white british with welsh,german,danish ancestory and my other half is black british with jamaican and dominican heritage, our 3 gorgeous amazing children are all of that! smile

My DCs are Finnish Laplander (known as Sami, my family own and farm reindeer) and a quarter Swedish, quarter Northern Irish. Two of them were born in London though. It's a very odd mix.

justhayley Tue 01-Jan-13 10:20:59

I'm half black Caribbean half White English, my partners parents are both White Irish, he was born in the UK. Our DS looks totally White although he hasn't got much yet you can tell by the texture of his hair that there is a little black in him (although he's blonde)

Im white Irish (dark hair, blue green eyes). DH black Ghanaian.

DD is a (lighter) replica of DH, right down to her eating habits of fufu and jollof above chocolate hmm

Iwillorderthefood Tue 01-Jan-13 10:41:01

I am white British with a small dash of Scottish and DH is Tamil got beautiful children.

allgoodindahood Tue 01-Jan-13 11:31:55

I'm Nigerian British. Dh is Italian/Serbian/Irish/polish in equal measures. He is a fab stepdad to our 2 boys from my first marriage to a Nigerian; he gets lots of puzzled looks when they're out and about. Our Dd is mixed and I'm slowly learning how to manage her crazy curly hair. Any tips much appreciated!

skratta Wed 02-Jan-13 02:42:43

I'm half Swedish, quarter Norwegian, quarter Finnish (but all family came from around Arctic Circle, so North in all the countries, and close to the borders in each of them).

DH is strictly speaking American, but ethnically is half Guernsey French, quarter Hawaiian native, quarter Chinese. He just lived in the USA.

DC are therefore what I'd say is, half Scandinavian heritage, quarter Guernsey, and an eighth Hawaiian native, eighth Chinese. Interesting mix, but they look pure Scandinavian (like me!) with blonde hair, blue eyes etc;

bootsycollins Wed 02-Jan-13 03:02:05

My family's not exactly exotic, white British, Scottish and Irish. I do remember my Irish great granny having very dark eyes and olive skin, she had a Romany look to her. My husbands family are "true blue" which I'm not believing at all, I'm sure if they traced back far enough they'd find something exciting. Be ace if that Who Do You Think You Are? Program featured just everyday non sleb types. I'm sure everyones ancestors would be an interesting story.

MonoBrowser Wed 09-Jan-13 12:19:12

I am white Irish (*bootsycollins*, my granny and her sisters also had that Romany look, jet black hair and olive skn and green eyes...).

DH is black British, Jamaican/Guyanese background, quite fair skinned as a lot of mix the Guyanese side if Afrcan, Indian and Portuguese.

Our Kids are gorgeous but quite different in looks - one has thick, wavy black hair, olive skin and dark eyes and is often mistaken for Turkish or South American, the other has very African features but completely white skin, hazel eyes and a blonde afro. Amazing what mixtures can occur!

I am 3/4 White British and 1/4 Black Caribbean from my mum's side. Polish ancestry on my dad's side.

DP is Persian and DS is a mini version of him. The same dark skin and big beautiful brown eyes.

proudbi Tue 19-Mar-13 21:18:15

I am half Afrikaan and half Scottish. Dp is American. My 2 oldest dd's are American and my youngest dd is 1/4 Afrikaan 1/4 Scottish and 1/2 Tunsian.

MangoJuiceAddict Thu 06-Jun-13 12:08:39

I'm British and my DH is Indian, I don't have a religion but DH and DD are both Sikh.

mixedmamameansbusiness Wed 12-Jun-13 11:33:27

Mine are half Bangladesji, quarter English and quarter Turkish.

giveitago Sun 04-Aug-13 14:27:06

We are mixed - my ds is lovel in my eyes not because he's very mixed, because he#s my ds and I'm blinded by love for him.

I hate this idea that kids are beautiful because they are 'mixed'. they are are not. The day I laughted loudest when my dh's aunt (other country) proclaimed my ds was beautiful because he's so called 'mixed' . she'd never met a 'mixed' before and was trying to be very multicultural.

I laughed at her.

All kids are beautiful. Mine more in my eyes and nothing to do with his very mixed background (boring) only because he just exists and is lovely.

QueLinda Tue 06-Aug-13 21:10:42

Im half English , half Irish. Ive ended up looking quite dark with brown eyes and hair. Same colouring as Andrea Corr or Colin Farrell.

Dd's dad is Albanian and similar colouring to me but with skin that tans much more easily.

Dd has blonde hair and grey eyes, with skin that tans very quickly. Ive got lots of comments on what a nice skin colour she has. I imagine her hair will go darker as she grows up. A lot of Albanian children are blond up till bout 6 then they go brown.

mthomas87 Fri 23-Aug-13 16:30:34

My husband is half Jamaican, half Trinidadian but born in Britain and I'm white British.
We have one daughter who is lighter than me (I'm pale with red hair and blue eyes) the other daughter is almost as dark as my husband. We do get some stares but who cares, our family is truly beautiful!

LegoDragon Sat 07-Sep-13 00:40:14

I am white American. DH is half white Swedish, half Nunavut Inuk.

howrudeforme Mon 07-Oct-13 22:56:52

mine is italian, english, indian (hindu), french.

sonlypuppyfat Mon 07-Oct-13 23:04:39

I'm so dull me half Welsh DH white English his family Welsh somewhere my forefathers all probably dragged the stones for Stonehenge

TwitTwooShoe Fri 01-Nov-13 19:19:58

I'm Kurdish, DH is 1/4 Kurdish, 3/4 Scottish- brought up in Scotland and looks Celtic.

howrudeforme Sun 03-Nov-13 21:33:05

sonly - I think welsh is way more rock on than anyone else I know.Bet your family is truly beautiful.

You don't need to be mixed to be beautiful.

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