Fur Quits round 4 Chat and updates thread

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Jas Tue 26-Jun-12 17:37:59

Final posting list for the new group,

Please say if you haven't got a posting address yet (and pm the person below you on the list if you still need to pass your address on)


Jas, do you mean pass on your address to the person above you on the list.Ive given mum ofjust1 my address

Jas Tue 26-Jun-12 22:17:05

Yes. Sorry. I have re read my message and as usual I am getting things all confused. blush You have got it right...
The person above you needs your address

simpson Tue 26-Jun-12 23:35:14

Right have got and given my posting address out and have even chosen my book!!

<<faints with shock at being organised>>

Pascha Wed 27-Jun-12 08:34:53

I'm all ready to post. Just need to get organised enough to go to the post office now...

I have posted off to Sastra this morning, received book from Housewife yesterday, have even started reading it...

I have posted my book to Simpson this morning, so you should receive it soon.

Lightshines Fri 29-Jun-12 22:48:53

sad Sorry will not get round to posting till Monday now, so have missed 1st July deadline. Very poor start. Will try to do better next time!

Cersei Sat 30-Jun-12 11:34:59

Have posted to Pascha today smile

itsatiggerday Sun 01-Jul-12 21:43:15

Have sent a copy direct from amazon to you Lightshines. Should arrive in a couple of days. If you could pencil in my name, that would be fab.

Mine should be with you Jas.

Jas Mon 02-Jul-12 16:08:17

It arrived this morning, thanks. Mine is still sat by the front door. I will get it posted tomorrow. blush

simpson Mon 02-Jul-12 16:45:07

Not posted mine on yet either blush but have already finished this months book so will be sending 2 books tomorrow.

BumgrapesofWrath Mon 02-Jul-12 21:52:25

Will post mine tomorrow - sorry for being a bit late!

Simpson -do you mean that youve finished reading the book that I sent on Friday (had you read it before or are you just an incredibly fast reader?).
Mum of just 1-can I ask when you posted yours because Im still waiting for it to arrive ,and am envious that Simpsons already read Julys book ! smile

simpson Tue 03-Jul-12 14:34:35

Yes I have finished it. I loved it and could not put it down!!

Not read it before....

Noknownallergies - you will get 2 books, you need to read mine first smile

Housewifefromheaven Tue 03-Jul-12 18:39:20

Ok so what do I do when I finish the book? <novice>

Jas Tue 03-Jul-12 18:48:51

I posted mine today.

Once you have recieved your book, start a thread in this topic called "Fur Quits 4....Jas' book" (Using the correct name) and in the OP, give a clue using initialls of the title and author.
Then post your thoughts on the book, and prepare to post it on for Aug 1 and do it all again, but this time posting on the appropriate thread instead of starting a new one.

itsatiggerday Wed 04-Jul-12 15:56:36

Mine arrived today, thanks Ragwort. Have started thread - hope I did it right Jas.

Jas Wed 04-Jul-12 18:10:12

Perfect smile

BumgrapesofWrath Thu 05-Jul-12 21:12:33

Received your book today Jas- couldn't wait to get stuck in! Will go and start the thread now...

Got your book today*mum of just 1*. Can't wait to get started

Jas Mon 30-Jul-12 22:48:19

How are we all doing? I am going to post my book on tomorrow, as I am off on my holiday the day after.


Cersei Tue 31-Jul-12 08:33:50

I posted mine on Friday smile

Pascha Tue 31-Jul-12 09:21:19

I received your book yesterday Cersei smile. Mine's going in the post tomorrow. I must start a thread about it!

itsatiggerday Tue 31-Jul-12 10:04:19

Finished another one this morning, so have 2 to post on. Will be today or tomorrow.

TeamGBgroupie Tue 31-Jul-12 15:19:34

I'm going on holiday (housewife) next week so will take the next book with me. Have posted yours on pascha

rhinestone hurry up and start a thread for my book!!! The suspense is killing me!!!! grin

Pascha Tue 31-Jul-12 21:11:52

Posting 1st class tomorrow! Promise!! grin Have a great holiday.

itsatiggerday Wed 01-Aug-12 09:43:00

Just posted....

BumgrapesofWrath Wed 01-Aug-12 21:21:29

Posted today!

Cersei Thu 02-Aug-12 15:03:22

Received today, thanks Bumgrapes

TeamGBgroupie Thu 02-Aug-12 18:14:44

Cheers pascha

I have posted on 2 to you Jas

Lightshines Fri 03-Aug-12 16:22:27

Got post today, but am not sure why I have received 2 books? I got TRH by RT (Ragwort) and MR by AS (Sastra)?

itsatiggerday Fri 03-Aug-12 19:22:02

Hi Lightshines, that was me. Just because I was sent Sastra's book (my August one) halfway through last month and had finished it so thought I might as well send them both to you at the same time rather than risk losing one during the next 4 weeks... So they are your August & September books - don't panic!

Posted mine to Simpson about a week ago( mumofjustones book)

Lightshines Sun 05-Aug-12 09:50:46

Ah, thanks, tigger. That takes the pressure off a bit smile

Jas Mon 06-Aug-12 20:40:23

I have two books.smile

We are still missing a few discussion threads, though. Has everyone recieved their August book ?

No I haven't received my August book yet sad

TeamGBgroupie Tue 07-Aug-12 20:07:13

Rhinestone hasn't started a thread on my book (housewife). My book wasn't that bad grin

I know she's received it though

I am just about to comment on cerseis book but shall I post it on tomorrow to rhinestone? I've already sent on paschas book to her.

simpson Thu 09-Aug-12 19:26:43

Oops, have forgotten in the madness of having sick kids to post my book on.

Will do it on Monday.

Jas Sat 11-Aug-12 22:31:54

Please can we all post on the discussion threads for the books. That and this thread are the only way of tracking which books are where. smile

If you have posted a book and the reciever hasn't posted in here, or on the comment thread, I would send a pm before posting another one on.

simpson Wed 15-Aug-12 23:34:52

Posted book on today, been a bit pants at posting on the actual book threads blush

slaps self

Jas Thu 16-Aug-12 23:32:37

I got my October book today grin

Cersei Sat 18-Aug-12 09:13:25

Posted to Pascha early, thought I might forget in the excitement of DS starting school in September smile

Er... Jas, I think Simpson may have posted directly to you! I haven't had a book yet this month. confused

Jas Sat 18-Aug-12 22:46:00

Really? The one I got this week? Oh dear. Do you mind if I read it before I post it backwards, and then you can send it straight on to BumGrapesofWrath if she is ok with that, to save posting it twice.

That's fine with me. Or just tell me the title and I can borrow from the library as I will be able to read at my leisure then.

I still have not received the August book from Mumofjust1(I think it would be light shines book) just wondered if it's been posted yet and been lost in post?
I will pm you Mumofjust1

Pascha Mon 20-Aug-12 12:47:39

Got September's book from Cersei today. Best I get on and read August's one now blush. Looking at them side by side they are very different books. I'm looking forward to both of them.

Can any seasoned book club member advise me.Ive still not received the August book from Mumofjust1. I've PMd her twice and not got a reply ( she is around and posting on other threads) .Am I being unreasonable and impatient to expect the August book in August?
Do I assume that Mumofjust1 has had enough after 1 month.Can you please let me know what you want to do Mumofjust1 because I can't engage with the book circle if you don't engage,and Simpson won't therefore get the next book from me either.sorry if this sounds bolshy but I want to be in the book circle!

Housewifefromheaven Thu 23-Aug-12 12:30:35

I've the same problem. Ive pmd rhinestone and not received a reply. Nor has a thread been started with my book sad

I have forwarded pashas book to her.

It's quite stressy tbh!

mumofjust1 Thu 23-Aug-12 14:33:35

Headintheclouds - I am so sorry!

I can't see pm's using the iPhone app!

I will get the August book posted to you tomorrow - book club has gone right out of my head - I'm really sorry sad

No worries mumofjust1, thanks for getting back to me. Simpson I might have to send this on to you a bit later than 1st Sept,but you're a fast reader aren't yougrin

Jas Thu 23-Aug-12 21:01:27

Headintheclouds and mumofjust1....glad things are all sorted. I was sure I had replied yesterday on here but it hasn't posted. Most of what I said still stands though and would apply to housewifefromheaven.

If we know a poster isn't sending on books, don't send the next one until we have had some kind of contact please. Generally real life gets in the way and things all work out, but occasionally posters do drop out without letting us know.

I didn't know mobile phone mumsnetting made pms difficult....my only other suggestion would be old fasioned stalking! (Posting on the most recent thread they are on so it shows on their threads I'm on) But I am not keen to do this as usually people get their new book and that is a reminder to send.

mumofjust1 Thu 23-Aug-12 21:57:43

Apologies once again headintheclouds blush

I have just realized that I have 2 books - do I send both to headintheclouds?

Lightshines Thu 23-Aug-12 22:47:22

Has anyone actually received/read my book?

Its TBOV by SD and there is still no thread for it sad

Lightshines,I'm guessing that your book is the August one that Mumofjust1 is about to send to me
Mumofjust1, yes you do send them both to me,but one of them is the one you should have sent in August,and the second one will be the Sept one if that is making sense( I received your book in July and sent it on to Simpson on 1 Aug.)
You are then meant to start the discussion thread for the first book that you received in July,which should have been Lightshines book.

Lightshines Tue 28-Aug-12 17:50:29

I have posted Ragowrts book on to MumOfJustOne today.

Hello Mumofjust1,
Did you send the book last week as its still not arrived with me?

Hi, I have just joined mumsnet and love the sound of the book club. Is it possible to get involved and if so (fingers crossed) what do I need to do to start.

jas I've PMd you re : the fact that I still don't have a book from mumofjust1 .
Hope you can help. And sorry to simpson as you wont be getting a book ffrom me as I haven't received a book to send on to you!

Jas Thu 30-Aug-12 23:18:28

notanothergreyhair - the book circles work with a group of 12 members posting books once a month, so you need to look out for (or start) a thread for a new group, as this one is already a couple of months in and can't take new members part way through. Sorry.

headintheclouds Also sorry there isn't much I can do, as unless and until mumofjust1 posts on to you there will be an increasing number of us with no book. sad

mumofjust1 I will try and find you on another thread as I believe you can't see pms on your phone. If you want to drop out, we can work round it, but please don't leave us all in limbo. Please post on here to let us know what you want to do, or pm me, headintheclouds or lightshines if you are not able to commit to posting regularly.

Housewifefromheaven Thu 30-Aug-12 23:27:18

rhinestone rhinestone wherefore art thou rhinestone grin

housewifefromheaven have you still not received an August book either? Isn't it frustrating? If we receive a book tomorrow we'll have about a week to read and pass on fast.

Housewifefromheaven Fri 31-Aug-12 15:55:06

Oh it's stressy eh head grin

I haven't had a thread about my book yet, and have had no replies about whether paschas book i sent has been received. I guess then if i receive another book, I will just post to the next person on the list and miss rhinestone out?

housewifeI'm not stressed just annoyed. I know real life can get in the way,but people only have to keep each other informed don't they? Also it's only been a month into the circle starting and personally I think if you can't commit ,then get out! I'm still waiting for a reply or some glimmer of what's happening with mumofjust1. I really think if I don't hear anything soon ,thenlightshines should miss out mumofjust1 and send the next book to me ,and you should do the same regardingrhinestone if everyone else agrees.

mumofjust1 Fri 31-Aug-12 18:39:15

Headintheclouds - both books sent.

mumofjust1 Fri 31-Aug-12 18:41:54

Lightshines - thank you for the October book smile

In future though please send straight to headintheclouds - will take her advice and "get out" of book club.

Headintheclouds - will send October book straight to you. 3 books in a months should keep you busy eh?

Jas Fri 31-Aug-12 21:07:05

Mumofjust1 - thanks for getting back to us. Sorry you've struggled to keep up, maybe you'll rejoin another year when things are easier for you.

Housewife - wait until we hear from either rhinestone or sasha, as she may be better at posting the book than starting the thread. I know last years circle had a couple of members who rarely commented on the threads but did read and pass on the books. If sasha is not getting her books either then hopefully she will come back and let us know before you have another one to send on...

My next one will (hopefully) go off tomorrow morning.

mumofjust1 Fri 31-Aug-12 21:07:44

Thanks Jas - sorry I've mucked things up sad

mumofjust1 , thankyou .

Lightshines Sat 01-Sep-12 10:57:10

Jeez! This is meant to be fun! grin

Jas - could notanothergreyhair take someone's place for the rest of this year? We are only a couple of months in, after all.

Headintheclouds - please PM me your postal address so I can send you the October book when I have read it this month. I think TRH by RT is actually the September book?

Jas Sat 01-Sep-12 13:21:30

Yes - she probably could, but I never intended to be "organising " this time round.... that is why I asked everyone to arrange addresses themselves rather than me keeping a list and trying to keep track of every book and every member.

Post office queue was too long this morning, so I have given up, and will send my book on Tuesday once the kids are back at school.

I received 2 books today, Lightshines book and itsatiggersday . I will read Lightshines very quickly and pass it on to you simpson

* lightshines* I've started the discussion thread for your book and I'll pm you my address .

Pascha Sun 02-Sep-12 15:54:15

I'm still reading my book so will post it on monday or tuesday to Housewife I haven't forgotten you, honest! I already have the next book ready and waiting and will be a bit quicker as no holidays etc to get in the way.

Pascha Sun 02-Sep-12 15:55:02

Bit sad that my book may not get any further though.

Lightshines Mon 03-Sep-12 11:54:35

Pascha - I can understand you being a bit sad about it, actually - I had the same when my (carefully chosen!!) book did not look like it was going to go around.

I see that a thread has already been started for your book and housewifefromheaven has already read it. I certainly read more than one book a month and would be happy to read your book and comment - maybe others would as well?

You would need to reveal it, though grin

Pascha Mon 03-Sep-12 20:23:07

If my book doesn't reappear by the end of this month I will do that I think. I think it's a good one! (I loved it anyway)

Housewifefromheaven Mon 03-Sep-12 21:25:53

Ok then so, I'll miss rhinestone out of posting and will send subsequent books straight to sastra.

Unless notanothergreyhair wants to jump in. I will ask her now...

Housewifefromheaven Mon 03-Sep-12 21:34:19

Ok have sent a pm. As regards to my book I will just send another copy round and hope someone, anyone, reads it!! grin

Hi all, I would very much like to jump in. I have pm housewifefromheaven with my address. Do I need to send on a book to sastra?

Housewifefromheaven Mon 03-Sep-12 22:13:14

So, I'll send a book to not and she will send one to sastra. pascha would you like to start again and send me another book? Or send another copy of your original to not?

Feeling a bit bossy tonight grin

Pascha Mon 03-Sep-12 22:44:23

grin I'm away til thurs, I have Augusts book with me to post on and will make a decision at the end of the week when I'm home.

Housewifefromheaven Mon 03-Sep-12 22:54:21

Okeydokey enjoy your holiday smile

Morning, sastra has pm me to say that she has received 2 books from rhinestone. Looking at the order of your list I think I should be sending to headintheclouds and lightshine to me. Am I replacing mumof1? I have not sent anything yet so can be rectified.

Pascha Tue 04-Sep-12 09:22:31

Oh good! hopefully mine has made it's way on then grin I think you should replace Mumofjustone then. I hope she's ok as shes dropped out.

Lightshines Tue 04-Sep-12 11:51:39

I have got address from notanothergreyhair today and will post to her from now on and NOT straight to headintheclouds. Or mumofjust1.

I have got a spare copy of TRH by RT, which is the September book I had already sent to mumofjustone which may not resurface. Very happy to send my copy to notanothergreyhair so she can join in from this month. Will post on Thursday.

Anyone brave enough to re-list the posting order as of now? grin

I'm confused now!! I understand that notanothergrey is taking mumofjust1s place,and I will PM her my address, but is Rhinestone still in ?
I have now got 2 books from mum ,the aug and sept ,so I'm not expecting anything from not until October. Is everyone happy with that?


I will not post until October to Headintheclouds. i will not send a new book as Mumofjust1 choice is still going round and then we would have too many books.

yes please Lightshine, send a copy to me. i will look forward to joining in anot making confusion wink

Lightshines Tue 04-Sep-12 14:40:41

I think I confused the issue this time!!

I had already sent the September book to Mumofjustone before she left the swap. It was Ragwort's book and I think headintheclouds you may have already received it as one of the 2 from Mumofjustone

That book is the September book for notanothergreyhair and the October one for headintheclouds

notanothergreyhair - read the copy I will send you, post on the thread then give my copy to the charity shop!

Housewifefromheaven Tue 04-Sep-12 18:18:47

Oh my god what a nightmare grin grin

I really dont mean to confuse anyone, but I have lightshines and itsatiggerdays books that were both sent to me. I dont have ragworts book-I think that is the book that mumofjust1 has. Lightshines is my August book and Im reading it very quickley before sending to Simpson as it will be her Sept book

Lightshines Wed 05-Sep-12 00:06:14

oooh, I am lost now confused!

no worries, headintheclouds - I will send Ragworts book to notanothergreyhair this week. She can read, post on the thread and send to you for October.

Sorted. I hope grin

mumofjust1 Wed 05-Sep-12 16:18:59

I have ragworts book - who do I post it to - I assumed headintheclouds? If so, please pm me your address as I have deleted it.

itsatiggerday Thu 06-Sep-12 17:51:31

Oh my word! I sort of dipped out for a few weeks since I'd done my August book in July and look what I missed! Anyway, posting to say thanks for Sept book, safely received (it's Rhinestonecowgirl 's book) so I'll get reading.

I'd love to say that sorted out the confusion but I have no idea where any of the other books are based on the above!

I still don't have a September book. I'm not sure what is happening. sad

Jas Thu 06-Sep-12 22:43:05

Also very confused....confused

mumofjust1 Yes it should go to headintheclouds, but I'm not sure if another copy is already in circulation, so maybe when that is clear, someone can pm you with info on if/to whom it needs sending!

I've tried and failed to work out which book is where.... If possible can we all say which books we currently have?

Jas I have headintheclouds book (Sep) and mumofjust1s book (Oct)
BumGrapesofWrath has simpsons book (sep)
Sastra has two books!
Itsatiggerday has rhinestonecowgirls book (Sep)
notanothergreyhair might also have a copy of Ragworts book!
(mumofjust1 has Ragworts book but has now left the circle...notanothergreyhair is posting to headintheclouds!)
headintheclouds has lightshines book (Aug) and tiggers (sep)

As Rhinestone is obviously posting books on, but not commenting on threads, I am not keen to just "drop" her from ther circle unless and until she says she wants to leave....

Please cut and paste the list and add the books you currently have in your possesion!

Jas Thu 06-Sep-12 23:00:41

Noknownallergies Your september book was Mumofjust1s book, which came straight to me last month!. We managed to get a month ahead of ourselves very early on somehow. The next one you are due (in October) is Lightshines' book, which is one of the ones which got stuck for a while, so may be a bit late, depending how fast headintheclouds and simpson can read and catch back up!

Housewifefromheaven Fri 07-Sep-12 09:17:44

Jas I have headintheclouds book (Sep) and mumofjust1s book (Oct)
BumGrapesofWrath has simpsons book (sep)
Housewifefromheaven no book
Sastra has two books!
Itsatiggerday has rhinestonecowgirls book (Sep)
notanothergreyhair might also have a copy of Ragworts book!
(mumofjust1 has Ragworts book but has now left the circle...notanothergreyhair is posting to headintheclouds!)
headintheclouds has lightshines book (Aug) and tiggers (sep)

Pascha Fri 07-Sep-12 09:21:15

I am posting BumGrapesofWrath's book off to Housewife today (just back off hol) and I have Jas's book to read in September.

BumgrapesofWrath Fri 07-Sep-12 10:57:59

I'm posting NoKnownAllergies book on today to Cersei

I have posted lightshines book to simpson today,and have tiggers book to read.

Damn, have I been dropped? sad Wondered why I hadn't had a book in the post this month. Haven't been around MN much over the summer, sorry...

Posted Pascha's book to Sastra earlier in the week, hopefully it's arrived.

And to update the list:

Jas I have headintheclouds book (Sep) and mumofjust1s book (Oct)
BumGrapesofWrath has simpsons book (sep)
Housewifefromheaven no book
Rhinestonecowgirl no book
Sastra has two books!
Itsatiggerday has rhinestonecowgirls book (Sep)
notanothergreyhair might also have a copy of Ragworts book!
(mumofjust1 has Ragworts book but has now left the circle...notanothergreyhair is posting to headintheclouds!)
headintheclouds has lightshines book (Aug) and tiggers (sep)

Jas Sat 08-Sep-12 12:07:03

No you haven't been dropped! We were a bit worried as you hadn't posted on any of the threads for a whil e, but Sastra confirmed that she has been getting books from you still. smile

We are all in a bit of a muddle, with some books going slow and some ahead of themselves, but it is slowly gettin back on track.

Jas Sat 08-Sep-12 12:16:40

Jas I have headintheclouds book (Sep) and mumofjust1s book (Oct)
BumGrapesofWrath has simpsons book (sep)
Cersei has noknownallergies book (sep)
Pascha has Jas book (sep)
Housewifefromheaven has bumgrapesofwraths book (sep)
Rhinestonecowgirl no book should get Cerseis for sep
Sastra has paschas book (sep) and one other (?hosewifes?)
Ragwort should get Housewifes for sep
Itsatiggerday has rhinestonecowgirls book (Sep)
LightShines shoule Get* sastra for sep
notanothergreyhair might also have a copy of Ragworts book!
(mumofjust1 has Ragworts book but has now left the circle...notanothergreyhair is posting to headintheclouds!)
headintheclouds has tiggers (sep)
simpson has lightshines book (Sep)
NoKnownAllergies Sep book was Mumofjast1s* and is already with Jas

I think we are almost back on track!

itsatiggerday Sat 08-Sep-12 13:47:27

Lightshines already has Sastra's book (Sep) - see posts of 3rd Aug. Well done for unravelling so far Jas!

Phew! cersei's book just arrived grin

Afraid I'm more of a lurker than a poster, will try and break that habit smile

Cersei Sat 08-Sep-12 16:21:21

I've received noknownallergies book from bumgrapes today. I'm having to fight my DH for this one, he wants to read it too smile

mumofjust1 Sat 08-Sep-12 18:43:13

I posted Ragworts book to headintheclouds on thursday

I did receive ragwort book from mumofjust1 on Saturday which is my October book. I think we may be on track ....yee hah

Jas Mon 10-Sep-12 18:14:35


Cersei Thu 27-Sep-12 17:00:39

Posted today to Pascha smile

Pascha Mon 01-Oct-12 17:26:26

Mines going in the post tomorrow morning. And I managed to write a review this time too! Really sorry about being late with last months one.

itsatiggerday Tue 02-Oct-12 16:10:12

Phew have finished Rhinestonecowgirl's just last night and will post tomorrow. Sorry a bit late.

Received housewife's yesterday so will get onto it!

I've sent on itsatiggersdays book today to simpson
And will get around to reviewing it soon.

Housewifefromheaven Wed 03-Oct-12 10:57:13

Have posted bumgrapes book to rhinestone today

Jas Thu 04-Oct-12 08:35:10

I will be posting this afternoon. There are two books.... Headintheclouds' is this months book, and mumofjust1s book is Novembers book. Sorry I am late.

Just posted this morning (first class), sorry so late this month.

Have bumgrape's book ready to read.

I seem to be without a book again! Simpson have you posted to me?

simpson Tue 16-Oct-12 18:20:43

Sorry [ blush] book will be posted tomorrow but am posting 2 to make up for it!!!

simpson Tue 16-Oct-12 18:33:49

Ok, sorry for not being around sick kids etc etc...

I think I might have posted my books to jaz instead blush

That is the only address I have in my PMs though....

I have 2 books ATM tigger's and light shines books.

Jas Tue 16-Oct-12 22:24:19

Yay! Thanks for getting back so quickly Simpson, and I am sorry to have chased you round - I hope kids are better.smile

The last book you posted definitely came to me. I am G. Delete me and wait until NKA comes back, and hopefully she can PM you the right address. You were so far ahead at the beginning, that even though it been a while, you are still only a couple of weeks late with the next book.

simpson Tue 16-Oct-12 22:28:50

In my mind I had Octobers book and novembers so did not think I needed to post till the end of this month blush

I have found the correct address to post to, so will post them on tomorrow....

Jas Tue 16-Oct-12 22:49:59

Ah, not to worry. It is all sorted now. TBH, the last circle was the first one I've done where I got every single book over the year, so I'm very impressed that we are all still going strong this time round.

Thanks Jas and Simpson for sorting out.

Pascha Mon 22-Oct-12 16:57:47

Yay! I appear to have managed to read a book within a month! I may make Housewife faint by posting it early as well wink!

Cersei Thu 01-Nov-12 10:08:02

Posted today smile

itsatiggerday Thu 01-Nov-12 17:54:55

Received Pascha's today thanks. Still have Housewife's and will try and discipline myself to write something before posting tomorrow! I finished it about 3 weeks ago blush

itsatiggerday Mon 05-Nov-12 10:04:46

Sorry Lightshines, I finally have it packaged up and will post at lunchtime. Sorry for being late....

I have sent on both of mine. They only came mid-month so I have purchased them on kindle so I don't have to hurry. Reviews will following due course.

follow in not following. I shoud start previewing!

I give up!

Jas Wed 07-Nov-12 18:44:02

Thanks NKA - I now have Lightshines and tiggers books. smile

I'm really sorry simpson but I've not sent this months book to you yet. I got back from a holiday ,straight back into work on Monday and have not had an opportunity to get to a post office. I Promise it will be sent on my day off(Friday)

Lightshines Wed 14-Nov-12 00:01:06

Just wondered how come its November and not a single person has read/commented on my book sad

Jas Wed 14-Nov-12 09:36:54

Lightshines - I don't know why no one has commented.sad I have it, but it is my December book so I am reading tiggers at the moment. I will post a comment once I've read it....

Cersei Thu 15-Nov-12 13:42:37

I haven't had a book yet this month sad Not sure if/when you posted it Bumgrapes?

Actually managed to finish the book ahead of time this month. Next step, remembering to send it off to Sastra!

Cersei Fri 23-Nov-12 08:03:28

I'm afraid I still haven't had a book and haven't heard anything from Bumgrapes, I have PM'd her sad

Lightshines Sat 24-Nov-12 23:48:14

i have posted a bit early this month...

BoraBora Sun 25-Nov-12 10:43:48

Hi guys, Sastra here.

I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to bow out of the book club. I've got a newborn and am finding it too hard to keep up.

Ill send on the book I have at the beginning of December, but would ask that I'm not sent any more.

Really sorry for the inconvenience but t can't manage it!

Sorry Sastra, have already posted this month's book (get me being all organised for a change).

Congratulations btw grin

Cersei Mon 26-Nov-12 18:38:41

I've heard from Bumgrapes, she's sending me 2 books this week so I'll probably be a bit late posting for December to Pascha but will hopefully be back on track for the following month smile

Jas Mon 26-Nov-12 22:21:57

I also have two books and have been reading them in the wrong orderblush

I will be posting Ligtshines book tomorrow, and tiggers next month.

Congrats on the baby Sastra, I hope it is going well for you, and thanks for letting us know. smile

itsatiggerday Sat 01-Dec-12 20:50:38

Gah it's December! I will get organised but running a couple of days late this month. Sorry!

Cersei Fri 07-Dec-12 09:38:53

Have posted today to Pascha smile

itsatiggerday Mon 10-Dec-12 12:29:18

I received Cersei & Bumgrapes books and have posted mine finally (on Friday so hopefully arrived by today).

Lightshines Mon 10-Dec-12 21:28:41

I have received my December book. Read it quite recently (loved it!) so may try and re-read before Jan 1st.

Happy reading, bookworms!

Haven't had a book yet this month, hope it's on the way...

HousewifefromBethlehem Thu 13-Dec-12 13:56:20

I'm posting today to you rhinestone but it'll be pascha sending on to you in future as I'm bowing out.

Merry Christmas grin

Thanks Housewife, Merry Christmas smile

HousewifefromBethlehem Mon 17-Dec-12 12:00:21

Posted today blush

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Mon 17-Dec-12 13:43:28

Have got Rhinestone's address now and will post future books to her. For the record I have got Simpson's book to post which is my November book blush so if I post it to Rhinestone for January that keeps us on track (I think).

Cersei Thu 03-Jan-13 14:27:45

Posted today to Pascha

Jas Thu 03-Jan-13 22:45:38

I have just realised it is a new month, and I have a book to post. It will not get done until Monday, but I will do it. Sorry for lateness.

itsatiggerday Sat 05-Jan-13 20:14:19

Right, I'm here but I'm jetlagged and not functioning! I'm pretty sure that I have read Dec book but have yet to comment (sorry) or post on. I think I have January and February's books (eeek!) but I have to do a bit of working out and I'm not up to it yet.... Will collect my brain and sort something out by umm Tuesday - is that OK??

Sent January book to you Simpson on New Years Eve so you should have it by now.Happy New Year everyone !

Posted to Ragwort today :-)

Ragwort Tue 08-Jan-13 18:55:11

Thanks Rhinestone, received today smile.

itsatiggerday Thu 10-Jan-13 11:29:57

Oh I'm sorry. I'm getting there. Have posted on thread for Dec and will post the book on today - sorry. Then will get started on Bumgrapes book which was put 'somewhere safe' before we went away (!) and also have Jas' book which I think is for Feb for me....

Lightshines Thu 10-Jan-13 14:47:58

Oh dear, been very bad and only just posted - on thread and in RL.

Jas Thu 10-Jan-13 22:50:18

I'm even worse blush

I got two book in todays post, and still haven't posted mine yet.

Pascha Tue 15-Jan-13 17:43:55

Well I beat you all as I still haven't posted my book, which is already skipping Housewife as she's dropped out, so its from November blush. My excuse, which is a good one, is revealed on my profile pic grin.

Its going tomorrow, promise. I'm sticking in a jiffy bag as I type...

itsatiggerday Tue 15-Jan-13 20:11:06

Congrats Pascha!! He's lovely grin

Jas Tue 15-Jan-13 23:20:31

Congratulations smile

<Trys to resist commenting on the idea of posting the small baby in a jiffy bag, and fails blushgrin>

Pascha Wed 16-Jan-13 08:45:24

his brother would probably like that idea

Ragwort Wed 16-Jan-13 11:11:38

Congratulations, lovely news smile.

Pascha Wed 16-Jan-13 12:38:32

Its gone! I'm halfway through the next book so hopefully I will have caught up by the beginning of Feb.

Pease can I ask if you've posted January's book to me yetlightshines ?it is you who sends to me isn't it since Mumof just1 dropped out.

hi Lightshines,ive PM'd you regarding Januarys book,let me know what you think

Lightshines Mon 21-Jan-13 23:29:46

I messed up confused
Posted my book (late), to the wrong person.
Good job headintheclouds got in touch!
All sorted now.
I hope.

Thanks Pascha, book arrived at the weekend and I've just finished reading it.

Enjoy your boy smile

Jas Sun 03-Feb-13 22:55:03

I have two books ready to post tomorrow. smile

itsatiggerday Wed 06-Feb-13 15:54:24

Have Bumgrapes book ready now, will post tomorrow.

Anyone have my book? Hasn't been commented on since October....

received Febs book ( cerseis) today,thankyou lightshines

Cersei Fri 15-Feb-13 14:17:20

I haven't had a book yet this month sad

Cersei Wed 20-Feb-13 16:46:24

Itsatiggerday's book received today, thanks Bumgrapes.

itsatiggerday Mon 04-Mar-13 07:52:26

Have book ready to send today Lightshines.

have just posted Cerseis book to yousimpson .

Finally made it to the post office, so it's on its way to Ragwort.

Lightshines Mon 11-Mar-13 14:56:53

Rubbish me, sorry! Have received my March book but have read it recently, so have posted it with my own March one today.

So, headintheclouds you will get 2 in the same packet, one for March and one for April.

Jas Sun 07-Apr-13 14:33:58

Are we all still going? I had my March book early, so it feels like ages since I got my surprise book fix.

Ragwort Sun 07-Apr-13 14:36:44

Yes, still going although I am not sure which book I am reading now grin - nearly finished it and about to send it on to itsatiggerday.

Did anyone get my book as it seemed to disappear after a couple of months sad - not particularly bothered about the book but just wanted to read peoples' comments. This happened to my book last year as well, perhaps I don't select very good books grin.

Jas Sun 07-Apr-13 14:45:22

I was the last one to comment on it!
I definitely posted it on, and am pretty sure it has gone to a few more people since then.

It is a bit of a mystery why there are so few comments about some of the books. I always say something, even if it is just to say I read it, but some people just don't.

I love to read the comments, and do feel a bit sad when there are none (or very few) this far in...

Ragwort Sun 07-Apr-13 15:05:37

I agree with you Jas, it has been a bit disappointing that there aren't many comments or even discussions on some of the books. So many people were keen to join in the first place but seem to have drifted off a bit.

Thank you for setting it up, it has certainly introduced me to some new books and authors that I would never have tried. smile.

Cersei Sun 07-Apr-13 16:32:47

I've just sent your book on Ragwort, I will comment now!

Pascha Mon 08-Apr-13 08:58:38

Been a bit busy this last 3 months but I am sending off my book today to RhinestoneCowgirl Off to comment now.

Jas Mon 08-Apr-13 09:06:17

smile There is life in this old thread after all.

Pascha Mon 08-Apr-13 09:15:49

blush sorry. I really do enjoy doing this. Its the only chance I find to read stuff not already on my bookshelf. I have two books here at the moment, ItsaTiggerDay's I started this week and Simpson's I recieved a few days ago.

Pascha Mon 08-Apr-13 09:16:36

Ragwort's not Simpson's

Jas Mon 08-Apr-13 13:46:11

Don't apologise Pascha. We all have lives as well, and yours is particularly busy at the moment. smile

TBH every book circle I have been in has had the same problems to some extent. It is unusual that all (I think) of the books are still going round, and that the people who have dropped out have been able to let us know. I enjoy the variety of books, as well as the comment threads,some people just like to read and pass them on, but never comment.

itsatiggerday Tue 09-Apr-13 22:14:00

Hello! Sorry, disappeared into wedding hell mania on behalf of inlaws and hadn't realised quite how much work it was going to be for me too...

Anyway, I'm back, they're on honeymoon and I can regain my life. But I have no idea whether I have a book to post and if so which one it should be. Does anyone know how many names I need to count on to figure out whose book I had for March? Then I can look for it...!

Cersei Wed 10-Apr-13 17:08:24

My March book was the 9th one I'd had if that helps?

Just received lightshines book this morning (thanks Pascha smile). I have already read it, but a good read from what I remember.

As I didn't have a book to post this month I might just pass this one on straight away.

Btw ragwort, I haven't had yrs in the swap yet but have read it before and absolutely loved it, if that helps? grin

Ragwort Fri 12-Apr-13 09:53:35

Thanks Rhinestone - yes, it's a great read isn't it? smile

Hi all, Ive just sent on Jas's book and Paschas in one parcel to simpson .So you will be getting the April and May book in one go simpson .
this is because I couldnt read Paschas book Im afraid. Sorry

sorry its jas and bumgrapesof wrath books that Ive sent to simpson.

itsatiggerday Mon 22-Apr-13 12:53:35

Argh! Lightshine I'm so sorry, I thought I'd done this and then just found the envelope unposted this morning. It has now gone first class so it should arrive tomorrow. It's quite short... blush sorry, sorry, sorry.

Cersei Tue 21-May-13 10:02:01

I haven't had a book for May yet sad

BumgrapesofWrath Tue 21-May-13 18:08:38

I haven't received a book to send on to you Cersei!

Jas Thu 30-May-13 20:36:33

I haven't had my March or April books. sad
I'm afraid I have lost track of which books are where, so am not going to start pming people.... Iwill read and post on any more books if/when I do get them though.

Jas Thu 30-May-13 20:38:03

Sorry - had March early, so nothing for April or May.

Lightshines Fri 31-May-13 23:45:51

I have posted to Headintheclouds today 1st class and already received June book to read. How organised are we this month?!

Jas. I have two books to pass onto you. They arrived mid may and despite having read one of them already I have yet to finish the other. I'm popping them in the post today.

One of the books is your book, so does that mean we are finished?

Jas Sun 02-Jun-13 16:42:17

Ooh, more books grin

I don't need my book back, though. Charity shop it, or give it away if you haven't already posted it please. smile

I think some of the books are missing/ got mixed in order, but if not at the end, we must be nearly there!

mutley1 Tue 04-Jun-13 11:01:57

Being very green when it comes to Mumsnet! not sure if I'm in the right place but wanted to ask if anyone knows of a bookclub group in Bristol. Mine has folded and I'm missing it terribly

itsatiggerday Tue 04-Jun-13 13:45:25

Just back from hols and posted one while we were away - hope it arrived. I've got Lightshines book which was waiting for me so if they're the right order that should be my last as I post to Lightshines....

Ragwort Tue 04-Jun-13 13:48:57

Mutley - you might want to start a new thread with your question as this is an existing 'postal' book club thread smile.

Have recently posted the latest book to itsatiggersday - no idea what month it was meant for grin.

Jas Wed 05-Jun-13 11:30:09

NoKnownAllergies - I got my books yesterday. Thanks smile

Jas Wed 05-Jun-13 11:46:31

The books I have are mine and NoKnownAllegies, who I post to, whichh suggests we are finished.

I have just been through the book threads and there are 5 I haven't commented on....tiggers book, which I think I did have and have no idea why I didn't post on the thread.

The other four seem to be missing.

Does anyone have Paschas, Cerseis, HousewifefromHeavens or Rhinestonecowgirls books?

Cersei Thu 06-Jun-13 14:24:57

I haven't had rhinestone, housewife or pascha's books yet, I would be expecting rhinestones next. Seems like these may have gone astray somewhere sad

Pascha Sat 08-Jun-13 20:52:15

I'm about to post Ragwort's book on. I haven't seen Sastra's, Rhinestone Cowgirl's, HousewifefromHeaven's or Mumofjustone's books.

itsatiggerday Sat 08-Jun-13 22:01:24

So I've just finished Lightshines book and will post it back to her unless anyone else missed it in which case we could probably do a detour??

Cersei Sun 09-Jun-13 10:52:52

I posted sastras book to you Pascha at the beginning of may, I also had mumofjustones ages ago and sent it on to you. Looks like they may be lost in the post if you never received them sad

Pascha Sun 09-Jun-13 18:54:29

Oh dear. I expect they will arrive six months from now and completely confuse me...

BumgrapesofWrath Tue 25-Jun-13 23:27:47

Jas - just want to point out that you actually post to me so we're not quite finished! I've still got three books I haven't read, same as Cersei.

itsatiggerday Wed 21-Aug-13 23:29:07

Been v quiet here over the summer... is everyone away or are we finished? Did any of the missing books turn up at all?

Ragwort Sat 24-Aug-13 15:50:19

I think I've missed out on at least two books - but it's been great and I have been introduced to a few new authors, thank you everyone smile.

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