Has anyone had 3 miscarriages in a row and then had a successful pregnancy?

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Jemimapuddleduk Wed 11-Apr-12 17:52:57

Hello we are dealing with our third miscarriage in 14 months after ttc number 1 for over 2 years. I am feeling pretty devastated at the minute and trying to boost my mood by hearing some success stories.
Each miscarriage has been different (first one at 7 weeks and happened naturally, second was a missed miscarriage dealt with at 11 weeks but didn't grow much past 6 weeks and this last one is a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks, stopped growing a week a go). This last time we saw a strong heartbeat at 6 weeks and then 7 weeks and were told this was a good sign of success.
We had the miscarriage tests after the second mc and no problems found. The fertility clinic we are under are suggesting steroids, high dose folic acid, and some drug thinning injections (along with progesterone which I had this time). Has anyone had success with these meds? Is there anything I should push for or do? I havn't drunk, smoked, had caffeine, exercised or had sex in either of the last 3 pregnancies. I don't know what else I can do to improve our chances and actually take home a real living baby!

Thank you

jammic Wed 11-Apr-12 17:59:22

Really sorry to hear of your experiences. You must be heartbroken. Whilst we didn't experience ant miscarriages, we struggled for a long time to get pregnant. During that time, I found Mel Davis' website/blog to be a real help. She blogs about infertility issues and has a list of other people's infertility blogs (the blogroll) - there are people listed on there who will have had similar experiences and might be able to help. The website is http://www.stirrup-queens.com/
Good luck xx

jammic Wed 11-Apr-12 18:01:28

And there are plenty of people on there who have had fertility issues and come out the other side with a healthy baby.

harrietlichman Wed 11-Apr-12 18:12:35

Hi Jemima - really sorry to hear your story. I have been a long time lurker/occasional poster on this board as I too am a recurrent m/c'er - having had three in a row over the last three years. At the moment I am 8 weeks pregnant, which is about as far as I have got with the other three, so am currently living on tenterhooks and terrified everytime I go to the loo. I have just been taking low dose aspirin (after researching it and reading about it on here) but not sure if it will help or not. I plucked up the nerve today to make a GP appointment for next week, which I am dreading, as on three occasions I have been given my midwife booking-in appointment and then had to call and cancel it, so have been putting it off. I don't know if this pg will progress or not right now, and I guess my story isn't massively useful to you, but just wanted you to know I completely understand where you are coming from. Good luck with whatevery happens next - I do think that this will definately be the last go for me, which in a way at least means I get closure of some sort, either way x

Jemimapuddleduk Wed 11-Apr-12 18:42:28

jammi thank you for that blog link, I will have a look at that. Dealing with fertility issues is totally draining and so isolating isn't it?
harriet I am sorry you have had multiple losses too, it's so hard to deal with and I think I will find it hard to enjoy any future pregnancies. The nurse today suggested trying aspirin as well next time round. I really wish you all the best for this 4th time round, do you have any early reassurance scans? I agree about the setting a cut off with the ttc, I said if I had a third mc I would call it a day as I found it so hard to get over the first 2. Right now I want to try again though. As we are also having fertility problems we have another 2 cycles IUI then 1 ivf cycle left through our local NHS fertility clinic, I think we will call it a day after that. We are both very open to adoption too, just want to give these other options ago. Again I wish you bucket loads of luck.

TheDowager Wed 11-Apr-12 18:47:16

I know someone who went 7 successive times for her 20 week scan and there was no heartbeat. Then she had two little girls one after the other.

Good luck.

harrietlichman Wed 11-Apr-12 19:23:02

No early scans - my appointment next week will be the first contact with anyone medical. I just felt that no scan would make a difference (though I know many people would have gone for one) and that I would let nature take its course and go with it. If I do make it to 12 weeks I will be dreading the scan, tbh, just because I am almost certain that it will be a missed mc, if I haven't visibly mc's beforehand. I honestly did just leave it to chance this time, no meds (other than the aspirin/pregnacare) no official ante-natal so far (though no alcohol/minimal caffeine, dietary precautions taken) as it's almost as if by not acknowledging it officially it will be ok. I know it's mad - it's a kind of self-preservation I think, so that I am prepared if/when I lose this one too. Other stories on here will give you (and me!) hope though - I will be watching out for a future happy post from you! Lots of luck to you xx

angelpantser Wed 11-Apr-12 19:39:09

My sympathies OP.

It took nearly 5 years of ttc to conceive DD1 and then I had three MCs between DD1 and DD2 - all at 6-7 weeks. I remember dreading going to the loo.

DD1 is 18 on Friday and DD2 will shortly be 13 so I don't know if treatment and care for "vulnerable" pregnancies is any different now. When I found out I was pregnant with DD2 my consultant prescribed HCG injections (I think they were weekly). BTW I also have a 5 year old DS.

Wishing you all the best.

Filofax Wed 11-Apr-12 19:45:10

Hi, yes I did well kind of. I had one mc then an ectopic followed by two more mcs then a baby! Then another baby! Very hard isolating time of my life. Did have a few chromosome tests and was about to take part in a study at a hospital in Liverpool but then fell pregnant. Difficult to hear there maybe nothing actually wrong but no success. I wish you well really, I remember feeling crucified when people would ask when I was going to have a baby, not realising how difficult a question that was. Xx

Pancakeflipper Wed 11-Apr-12 19:47:36

My sympathies too OP. My close friend had 4 miscarriages then had a boy. She then had 5 miscarriages and 8 yrs after her first child was born she had a girl.

She did go for tests but they never found anything wrong.

Wishing you lots of luck.

Jemima - I'm so sorry to hear what you've gone through. Miscarriage is just utter shit, and can take away your control and confidence in your body.
I had three losses in a row before DD1. It's been followed by DD1 and DD2, and I'm cautiously expecting no. 3. We never found a reason. I've taken prophylactic aspirin, progesterone, prednisolone and folic acid for my daughters, and for the first pregnancy I also had HCG injections. I really really hope your 'sticky one' is just round the corner. xx

Sorry, I seem to have counted DD1 twice blush

Jemimapuddleduk Wed 11-Apr-12 19:50:13

angel and filofaxer thank you so much for sharing your stories and positive outcomes, it really does help and makes me think there is light at the end of this dark tunnel! I am so glad that it worked out well for you both but sorry about your journey getting there.

harriet I totally understand with the concept of self preservation. I hope this time the scan is happy news for you. I hope to hear a success story from you too. Thanks for sharing your story xxx

Jemimapuddleduk Wed 11-Apr-12 19:55:44

Wow some more positive stories thank you! This has helped take my mind off the dreaded Erpc tomorrow.
frozen wishing you all the best for your third.
I am going to ask my consultant about the HCG injections as that wasn't mentioned today in the big list of things to try next time.

jammic Wed 11-Apr-12 20:19:16

It's so incredibly isolating but there are so many others out there going thru similar things. The online fertility community is a great place to find support to get thru. And there are so many success stories - it took us 3 years and 3 ivfs to get our little boy.

My heart goes out to you. I hope so much next time is your time. Xx

booboomonster Wed 11-Apr-12 21:22:54

Dear Jemima, so sorry you are having such a hard time of it. Just wanted to add that a good friend of mine had 4 mc in a row, then 2 healthy babies without any problems. She was monitored very carefully with frequent scans, but apart from that no other changes. If they have not found anything wrong, then you have a very good chance. Wishing you loads of luck.

I had DS1 (easily, no problems) then 3 first trimester miscarriages over about a year, then DS2 (conceived easily, no concerns during the pregnancy). I had all of the blood tests on offer after my MCs and nothing was found (didn't have any invasive tests). I was convinced that there was something wrong, but in retrospect it may just have been "one of those things". The only thing I did differently before getting pg with DS2 was to take a break from TTC - we left it 6 months from the last MC.

I'm so sorry that you are going through this, it's a heartbreaking situation to be in and even though I now have a happy healthy one year old I have not forgotten how difficult that period in my life was.

Jules125 Sun 15-Apr-12 14:14:52

I'm so sorry.

I had 3 losses (a stillbirth at 26 weeks due to pre-eclampsia, a MMC and then early MC) before I conceived my wonderful living DD (totally normal pregnancy).

So yes, I know how painful this is but there is definitely still hope

Rose50 Sun 15-Apr-12 16:49:34

I feel your pain but wanted to let you hear another success story. I had 3 recurrent first trimester miscarriages in 2005. I then had all the tests but no reason was found. At the time I wanted to find a reason as I felt that at least I would have an answer as to why this was happening to me. I felt so helpless and powerless to do anything to help my situation. I read an article about acupuncture helping women with various fertility issues and so wanting to do something to try to help my situation I started acupuncture in May 2006. My acupuncturist was very honest with me and told me he had not treated anyone for recurrent miscarriage before but had treated others who had struggled to conceive or who were going through IVF. I conceived again in September, but started to bleed at 7 weeks. Fearing the worst I had a scan at the EPU and to my absolute surprise and delight there was a heartbeat (I had never seen a heartbeat on a scan before). My beautiful, clever, funny daughter will be 5 next month and I since went on to have dd2 in 2010 without any further miscarriages. Whenever I find out someone has miscarried or a miscarriage is portayed on TV it brings it all back to me. I wish you luck and send you positive thoughts

Jemimapuddleduk Sun 15-Apr-12 16:55:04

jules, Rose, booboo and nearly, thank you all for giving me some hope.
Feeling very sad today and that has helped me a little. I need to get my positivity back and think onwards and upwards.

jus3351 Tue 17-Apr-12 23:06:19

Very sorry to hear what you're going through, I know how you must be feeling and it's a really horrid and very uncertain time, however there is a lot of hope.

I have had 9 miscarriages but now have 3 beautiful children, all conceived naturally and all born healthy. I'm now 42, however when I was experiencing the first miscarriages I was in my late 20s and was very deflated indeed and was at the point of considering adoption as really couldn't see us being able to have our own children. It was very frustrating when there is no problem getting pregnant but didn't have any idea what could possibly be going wrong time and time again. Each pregnancy ended between 6-8 weeks. I finally went to see Professor Lesley Regan at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London. She is an expert on recurrent miscarriages. She carried out blood tests on both myself and my husband and tests revealed two things: I had a chromosome disorder which was resulting in early miscarriage (further tests showed it was inherited from my father although he was perfectly normal and I couldn't have ever known this otherwise) and secondly I had anti-phosphilipid syndrome which is quite common and basically means that during pregnancy the blood thickens making it difficult for the blood supply to flow freely through the placenta and was given 75mg aspirin once daily and heparin which I had to inject each day from wk6 to wk32 to thin the blood. I kept telling myself to carry on and don't give up.

I don't know if this will be of any help to you but try to stay positive, I wish you the very best of luck, sure everything will work out just fine for you xx

jus3351 Tue 17-Apr-12 23:22:04

You'll find info on Professor Regan here:


She knows everything there is to know about recurrent miscarriages. It wasn't very expensive to see her and worth every penny. xx

SofiaAmes Tue 17-Apr-12 23:25:36

I have a good friend who had 5 miscarriages before giving birth at 38 to a beautiful healthy boy (who is now 11).

Springforward Tue 17-Apr-12 23:29:02

A friend of mine had two mcs then DC1, then 3 mcs, then DC2.

adoremyfamily Tue 17-Apr-12 23:29:10

I had 3 successive mc and then 2 beautiful dd without any problems. Eldest dd almost 30 so am aware medical opinions change but I was told to take folic acid before getting pg, which I did. It was also routine to give women internals I felt my mc always followed an internal so refused during next 2 pg.

I know its hard but try to be positive.

EmGem12 Mon 30-Apr-12 09:03:44

Hi everyone, I'm 16 years old, please don't judge
. But I've had 3 m/c in the past year,
I was wondering if anyone could help me out,
My last m/c was 16th of last month and I'm trying again
Already, any advice on anything I can take or do
To prevent another m/c?

jammic Wed 02-May-12 14:56:45

Saw your message and didn't want to go without posting. I don't know of anything that can help but have you spoken to your gp?

EmGem12 Mon 07-May-12 01:52:29

No I haven't, I'm thinking about going and getting some test done.

NapaCab Mon 07-May-12 03:43:19

I had an MMC in my first pregnancy and it's an incredibly tough and lonely thing to go through so having 3 MCs in a row must be heartbreaking. Just wanted to say that through my prenatal yoga class I met a woman who had had identical experiences to you (1 mc and 2 mmcs) and she was pregnant 4th time round, terrified at 20 weeks when we met(!) but had a healthy baby boy in the end. They never gave her any explanation for them, no syndrome or anything so could have just been bad luck.

I had a healthy baby too after my MMC on my second pregnancy. So there is definitely no reason to give up hope. I hope you have good medical advice and are getting as many tests and exams as possible in the meantime.

Thumbwitch Mon 07-May-12 04:13:09

I don't at all want to jump the gun here so will just say - I have had 3 MCs over the last 2 1/2 years, and am now 17w pg. All MCs were early losses, no later than 9w - this time around I started clexane jabs as soon as I got a positive peestick result, and the progesterone pessaries. But, if I'm honest, I think the biggest difference is that I had my blood tested for Vit D levels mid last year and was found to be below range, so had some megadose Vit D pills (10,000 IU) to take. Vit D deficiency is associated with reduced fertility and MC, so I think it's possible that me taking those pills has resulted in this pg being more successful (Still not jumping the gun - bloody long way to go still - FX!).

Vit D cannot hurt to try - if you want to get your levels checked, it's easy enough and then get a prescription for the Vit D. I have been taking pregnacare (which contains vit D) almost daily for the last 5+ years, since I was pg with DS (now 4.5) - but it wasn't enough.

So that's my suggestion - Vit D - get tested and then megadose if you're low.

littlemiss26 Mon 07-May-12 04:36:01

Hi, although I don't quite qualify as i only (?) had two losses in a row, I wanted to post and say how much i understand how awful the miscarriages are and how they do make it very hard to ever believe you will manage to have a baby, but there is definately hope! my two miscarriages were very similar to yours - a mmc discovered at 10 weeks (where it only grew to 6 weeks) and another straight after at 8.5 weeks. The second one i saw on a 'reassurance' scan three days before miscarrying - perfectly healthy with good strong heartbeat! so very hard to deal with. Since where i am they won't do tests until you have a third miscarriage, and i wasn't prepared to wait for that, I did extensive research into it and believed i was a good candidate for taking asprin. So the next time i conceived I took 75mg of asprin from my BFP till approx 14 weeks - bingo baby survived. I then got pregnant again two years later, and did exactly the same thing - am 39 weeks pregnant now.

Following all the research i did it would appear low dose asprin will not in anyway harm a pregnancy that doesn't need it, but will reduce the 'sticky' blood of those that have it enough to lead to success for those who need it. I will never know if it made the difference to me, but i am convinced it did! I would have great hope if i was you - you are getting pregnant and managing to sustain a pregnancy for a least a few weeks, which rules out an awful lot of the reasons pregnancy fails for alot of people. Try and go into the next one as positive as you can (not easy i know - I was signed off work for a week following a bit of a meltdown at 8 weeks with my ds2 convinced i was going to miscarry again) - you still have a very good chance of getting a baby!

Midgetm Tue 08-May-12 15:23:45

So sorry that you have had to exprience the heartbreak of multiple loss. I am currently on my 9th pregnancy. I have one DD, somehow natuarally in the middle of it all (thank you baby asprin - I love you). And she was worth all the heartache. I was also referred to Professor Regan at St Marys and am at last 17 weeks pregnant with DC2 (although currently experiencing bleeding so please cross everything for me). There is hope after loss - I would push for referral to a specialist RMC unit as I personally wouldn't want to take lots of meds 'just in case' but actually try and pin point what the real problem is. Good luck - it can work, honest.

Jemimapuddleduk Tue 08-May-12 17:55:27

midget fingers x'd for this current pg, I hope all gos well. Sorry you have had such a tough time of it x

MDM Thu 10-May-12 21:29:59

Apologies if I am repeating any advice above, but ask to be referred to Prof Lesley Regan at the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic.

I had three miscarriages, followed by three DDs. My problem turned out to be phospholipid syndrome (where the blood clots too readily), but this and many other causes of m/c are treatable.

Get some tests done right away so that you know what you're dealing with.

I wish you the very best of luck. If I could take the pain away for you myself, I would.

EmGem12 Fri 11-May-12 00:35:37

Thank you all sooooooooo much smile it's nice to
Know you have so much support smile I've been taking
A capsule that contains 16 vitamins, but I'm
From Australia and we don't have baby aspirin that i know of smile

Thumbwitch Fri 11-May-12 00:45:48

EmGem - I'm in Australia, you just get 100mg aspirin (which you can get easily enough).

EmGem12 Fri 11-May-12 02:27:14

100 mg asprin ? Do I need a perscrition ?

Thumbwitch Fri 11-May-12 02:33:00

Nope, just buy it off the shelf.

EmGem12 Fri 11-May-12 06:29:37

Sweet, so it's just called aspirin? Any special brand I should get, and
How much is it? And 100mg wont effect my baby if I fall pregnant?

Thumbwitch Fri 11-May-12 08:40:07

The one I bought is just a generic, no brand - it's not expensive. 100mg is child dose, iirc - and no, it probably won't affect your baby because the dose is too small.
However, aspirin didn't help me - I had to go straight to the Clexane (anticoagulant) injections, but then I have a good reason to need it (blood clots too easily) - are you just trying anything, or do you know if you have a reason to need it?

EmGem12 Fri 11-May-12 09:13:43

Just trying anything :/
How do you know if you have blood clots ?

Thumbwitch Fri 11-May-12 11:22:50

You get tested but usually they like to have some reason for testing you, e.g. family member who has had clots, died of a blood clot unexpectedly or you've had a clot yourself. In my case, my uncle died out of the blue with a pulmonary embolus so all his family got tested - I knew that before I got pg the first time.

Em, have you seen a doc about it? because if you haven't you really shouldn't be taking random advice off the internet - you should do it through your GP or a gynaecologist.

EmGem12 Fri 11-May-12 11:30:45

Thank you for all your help, I'm worried because I'm period is 1 day late according to my period tracker and i just miscarried a month ago :/ I'll go the docs tomorrow smile <3

MDM Fri 11-May-12 11:46:42

I took 75mg aspirin, available at the chemist. It's sometimes known as 'baby aspirin'.

EmGem12 Fri 11-May-12 12:47:22

Ok thank you smile

EmGem12 Sat 12-May-12 14:53:25

I've just taken a home pregnancy test, two lines!!!
:D I'm 4 weeks and 2 days! I'm so excited but I'm scared at the same time smile)

flapperghasted Sat 12-May-12 15:06:47

I had 3 miscarriages before I had my daugther. She's 11 now and beautiful. I also had a miscarriage after her. I do think that the care and attention of the recurrent miscarriage clinic helped enormously. And having a small family is neither what I wanted nor what I'd hoped for, but I have one precious child and am eternally grateful for her.

I am so sorry to hear about your losses. Every time I hear of a woman losing a baby I feel so much sorrow because I know that it means the loss of a promised life and the sacrifice of hope. I know that when there are multiple miscarriages it gets harder and harder.

I hope that you end up with the family you want.

MDM Sat 12-May-12 20:38:57

Wow, congratulations! Stay positive. Wishing you all the luck.

My first successful preg was straight after a m/c, by the way.

SleeptimeZz Sat 12-May-12 21:16:43

Recurrent miscarriage is heartbreaking and I am so sorry for your situation.

To answer your OP, I had three miscarriages before DS who is now 16 months. One was a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks, the other two were natural.

Tests revealed nothing wrong. The only thing I did was take 9 months off TTC as I needed a break emotionally and I didn't want to be pg with a due date looming for a baby I was no longer carrying again, and also took agnus castus.

It felt like a long road getting DS though I know others go through worse, so I totally sympathise.

SleeptimeZz Sat 12-May-12 21:19:08

Congrats! I obviously didn't read the whole thread before posting. Good luck!!

hairytale Mon 14-May-12 07:54:32

Hi. Yes I had three mc before having my DD now 16 weeks old. I am 44 and started trying at 41.

I had a pregnancy of unknown location in June 10, a mmc in dec 11 and a mmc in feb 12. I got pregnant in may 12 with my DD.

Between Feb and May I ate very healthily including supplements, wheatgrass etc,, didn't drink at all, did some exercise and in April I went on a chill out holiday.. When I got my BFP I took 150mg aspirin as advised by consultant.

All tests showed no reasons found for mcs.

LeeCoakley Mon 14-May-12 08:17:45

I had double progesterone for my 4th, 5th and 6th pregnancies and had my 3 adorable dds. Good luck with this pregnancy.

cupcake78 Mon 14-May-12 08:52:33

Very simply yes, 1st mc at 6wks, 2nd at 12wks 3rd 20wks. All in a 2 year period. I now have a beautiful and amazingly funny and special 4yr old son. He was our last try, I had decided I couldnt face another miscarriage it simply hurt too much.

Who knows why it happens but my son is even more special because of it and not a day goes buy that I dont realise how lucky I am to have him, even when he is on the naughty step and driving me up the wall.

It is possible and it does happen x

hairytale Mon 14-May-12 14:23:44

Sorry, obviously I got the yard wrong in my post above - mmc in dec 10 and Feb 11, conceived DD in may 11

EmGem12 Mon 21-May-12 11:25:43

I've miscarried again, I don't know what to do, I'm just going to have to see all the doctors I can sad I'm really just I'm so angry and furios !! sad(

mosaica Wed 23-May-12 11:45:14

Yes. I had much difficulty conceiving, then three miscarriages in a row; I then had one lovely baby boy when I was nearly 36, then another miscarriage and then a gorgeous little girl. I am currently 39 weeks pregnant with another little girl, this time a surprise pregnancy! I am 40 now and I never, never, thought I would end up with a big family after all my troubles.

For info, I was diagnosed as having mosaic Turner syndrome and a thin endometrium, possibly related to the syndrome.

Good luck. The wonderful staff at the recurrent miscarriage unit which dealt with me told me that 50% of women who had had 3 miscarriages had no medical issues to speak of and it was just a case of "bad luck", so to speak. They usually went on to have children without any intervention. Most of those with medical issues did also eventually manage to have healthy babies.

Jemimapuddleduk Wed 23-May-12 12:24:34

mosaica, thanks for that lovely story. I was feeling very gloomy today (never ending mc this time round, with hcg circulating 6 weeks after the mc op) and wondering if I would ever end up with one child, never mind the 3 or 4 I had dreamt of! You have given me hope that it's all still possible!
Thank you

katesav87 Fri 15-Jun-12 15:56:39

hi i hope you dont mind me joining this thread. I am just going through my 3rd miscarriage and could really do with some support and hope. I had 1 missed miscarriage then i had my beautiful daugther who is 4 and last april i had another miscarriage and now im going through my 3rd. im terrified im never going to have another child and dont want to have to go through this again. i was digonised with PCOS and my periods have always been all over the place but when i had a scan on wednesday to find there was only a sac present they said my ovaries were fine. Im so confused is there anything anyone can suggest to help when im trying again.

GualSemen Mon 08-Jul-13 13:28:53

I would say you should still try I have seen this program on TV when someone had 8 and still tried to get pregnant, at last she have her baby. I will advise you to keep trying.

squizita Tue 09-Jul-13 09:17:13

Hi all- just a message to say THANK YOU for all of your stories of hope.

I'm sure there are many like me who have been lurking and reading. Jus3351 have an appointment at Prof Regan's clinic this summer! So glad it worked for you, hoping it does for me!!

redbunnyfruitcake Tue 09-Jul-13 22:41:25

I'm with Thumbwitch on the Vit D levels. Had loads of miscarriages, got my Vit D sorted with a 10 week super dose from the doctor and am now 34 weeks. I am truly convinced Vit D plays a huge role in fertility difficulties. It can't hurt to get tested a least.

moonfacebaby Tue 09-Jul-13 22:52:45

Sorry you're going through this Op.

The fertility clinics advice sounds good. I had 4 mcs in total & was often told by the NHS that there was no reason as all tests came back negative.

Much research led me to Dr.Shetata at Harley St - he deals with natural killer cells & the treatment you describe from your clinic was what I had - my DD2 is asleep upstairs so I was successful.

It was pretty easy too - steroids, low dose aspirin & progesterone and 3 intralipid infusions.

squizita Thu 11-Jul-13 10:50:31

Redbunny and Thumbwitch - did you just go to the doc and ask for a blood test? NHS?

I'm going to St Mary's soon so could ask them, but wonder if it's almost too basic/obvs and not just a MC problem (i.e. if a bloke had it he wouldn't be well either) so maybe I could ask my GP first? Can't hurt!

I have also heard B vitamin complex (of which folic acid is a type) is good for fertility. The web seems to be of the opinion up to 100mg is safe daily as you wee out any your body doesn't use, I've found it turns your wee very yellow but this is normal! grin

redbunnyfruitcake Thu 11-Jul-13 14:28:11

Hi, I went to the doctor because I just felt so run down. I had muscle weakness, was permanently tired and was starting to think I had ME. You will need to ask the to test you as many GP's try to avoid doing it because they know so many people are deficient and don't want to deal with it. Crazy as prevention seems better than cure to me but who knows what directives doctors have to work under these days so not blaming them.

Mine was under 27 when it was checked, the average for good health according to the Vit D Council being 50. I took a 10 week course of ProD3 and my levels are fine now. I have since purchased my own from their website and top myself up now and again but am having regular blood tests as am pregnant so can keep an eye on the levels.

squizita Fri 12-Jul-13 08:02:53

Thanks very much. My GP is quite supportive when i go to her and ask for things so I may well ask.

stephbbyx Fri 14-Nov-14 13:00:47

My cousin has just been through 3 miscarriages in the past 8 months, which is a really short time, but I know how difficult that must be for you. However, she is pregnant again & everything is going great, shes healthy, the babys healthy. Don't give up, it will happen for you, & everything will work itself out smile

elham Sun 07-Dec-14 19:41:16

hi everybody,
I had 2 MC in 4 months
first one 5 weeks and second one i heard the heartbeat at 6 weeks but nothing at 10 weeks.
i have a three years old and i want to have a second one. these miscarriages are killing me i am scared to try again.
just the fact that i think nobody feel my pain is killing me. every Dr and RN said sorry for your lost but it means nothing to me. my husband said they were to small i you didn't even felt them.
i don't know what should i do?

Kasterborous Mon 08-Dec-14 22:19:26

I had six consecutive miscarriages, then the seventh pregnancy ended up with the birth of our now two year old daughter.

jimijack Wed 10-Dec-14 16:11:57

Hi there.
I've had 7mcs.
We went to Liverpool women's hospital 're occurring miscarriage clinic. Had a million & one tests, all normal.
Became pregnant again, treated with aspirin, hormone injections, high dose folic acid....still miscarried again.

Tried one last time, I was 41. Miscarried.

Made the decision to stop trying. Got the pill from my GP. Had it in my bag, waited for the first day of my period.

I had so many miscarriages, I stopped writing dates down, went back to work after a day or so.
Felt very unwell, the only explanation was retained materials of pregnancy. Had no idea of dates.

Popped to early pregnancy unit (they knew me well!!) Had a scan to check that everything had come away. There, bold as you like, was a 7 week baby, with a heart beat. (I had only had a hb in 3 of my pregnancies/miscarriages)

At 43 I had my boy.

Amazed, even to this day, 2 years on. Absolutely amazed.

natashalena123 Fri 26-Dec-14 22:56:06

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perfectlybroken Fri 26-Dec-14 23:06:36

Yes smile. Sorry to hear about your miscarriages, I've been there and it's really hard. After the 3rd we took a break from trying for about a year, and also had some tests done (no problems showed up from the tests). I got pregnant within 2 months of starting to try again, DS2 now 8 months. I was breastfeeding while I had my 3 miscarriages, and had stopped when we started trying again, not sure if that made any difference.
I found it good emotionally to have the year off trying, I tried to change my focus a bit, lost some weight and got fitter, worked hard in my job, and it helped.
The miscarriages seem like a distant memory at the time, although it's so hard when it happens. Mine were all different too, 2 were at 3 months, 1 of those a missed miscarriage, the other was at about 7 weeks.
Try not to lose hope thanks

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