first period after miscarriage very light - is this normal?

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kissmummy Mon 30-Mar-09 20:29:16

i've waited six weeks for my period following miscarriage at seven weeks pg; was thrilled when it arrived as i thought it was a sign things were back to normal. but it has been a complete anti climax - a pathetic amount of blood so far and unlike any period i've had before. (my periods following my two other miscarriages were both normal. )
sometimes it stops completely for a few hours. i'm on day 3 of it now and there's no sign it's getting heavier. is this normal?

onepieceofcremeegg Mon 30-Mar-09 21:13:08

Sorry about your mc kissmummy.

My periods were a bit erratic when I had a mc. I think the first one was quite light. If you continue to have concerns maybe book a GP appt?

HoldYourHorses Tue 31-Mar-09 18:56:22

Hi kissmummy,

I have had 2 miscarriages. After the first, my periods came back as normal in regard to heaviness (moderate). Since the second miscarriage I've had 3 periods and they have all been ridiculously light. I had an ERPC for the 2nd mc but not the first, and am hoping it isn't anything to do with this. Did you have an ERPC this time and not the others?

It's frustrating when it's not what you expect I know. I am TTC again, and hope that these light periods wont be a problem. In fact my period is due tomorrow... fingers crossed it doesn't come, but if it does, I am hoping it's going to be a heavy, bad one!!!!

Joolsiam Tue 31-Mar-09 21:11:46


My first "period" after an MC at 11+5 was very like that - on and off for around 8 days and barely enough to even need a panty liner. I am 99% certain that I didn't ovulate that cycle, so it was an anovulatory bleed. Did you find that you didn't get the normal pmt / pre AF symptoms ?

The next cycle was only slightly delayed - ovulated around 4 days late - and felt it - owwww. That AF was very heavy and be warned that the PMT for the first proper AF is nasty.

I hope things settle down for you soon

wasabipeanut Wed 01-Apr-09 12:44:14

Hi Kissmummy, I'm just on my 2nd period following my mc in January and both have been very light - about 3 days. However, this one hurt like hell but the pain was way out of kilter with the, er, product.

I am now accepting that it might take a few months to get back to normal - I was getting on for 10 weeks by the time I actually miscarried.

mrsseed Tue 07-Apr-09 21:13:04

well thats a relief - all the info given following miscarriage said maybe heavy etc. I think I had my first at the end of the miscarriage bleed, but then the next one - couple of weeks ago, went along the lines of 3-4 hours light bleed, then nothing for 36 hours then repeat for 7 days.

Heres hoping for no more for 40 weeks!

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