How to speed up a natural miscarriage?

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AliciaJohns Mon 07-Apr-08 20:52:28

In brief: was 10 weeks pg and had some bleeding, went for a scan on Friday and there was no heartbeat, and baby was measuring only 7 weeks 4 days. Have been bleeding all weekend but only period type bleeding and no pain. Have to go back on Friday for another scan to check progress and am worried that I will be booked in for a D&C if things are not moving, which I really don't want.

I've been drinking raspberry leaf tea in the hope that this may help move things along, but does anyone have any other advice?

messtins Thu 27-Sep-12 08:15:14

Hi Angel I hope not. A lot of women experience bleeding in early pregnancy and in about 50% of cases everything is fine. In the other 50% it will progress to a miscarriage. You may wish to contact your GP who can refer you to the local early pregnancy clinic. If you are only 5 weeks then they may not be able to see anything on a scan, but can examine you (things like a positive pregnancy test and a closed cervix would be reassuring) and then scan you at about 6 weeks to check for a heartbeat. There is nothing you can do at this stage to influence the outcome, but sometimes knowing either way what is going on can make it easier to deal with.
I've bled in all my pregnancies and at the moment am the living proof of the 50% figure - 2 DSs and 2 1st trimester miscarriages. The moment where you see blood and all your hopes fall apart is the worst thing. I hope this is not bad news for you, but if the worst happens we are here to help you pick up the pieces. Jen xx

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