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pissedoff2016 Mon 26-Sep-16 14:27:09

3 weeks ago at the weekend I started to have spotting,I went to the weekend clinic and was told this is normal but to go to the epc at the hospital on Monday,i was 7 weeks at this point,the epc couldn't get me in until the Tuesday,On the Tuesday I had a scan and they could see the gestational sac but nothing else,the sonographer was convinced it was too early to see anything and that I might have my dates wrong,had blood tests on that day and again on Thursday,my blood results were going up but not quickly enough so they were concerned it might be an ectopic pregnancy,so back in again on the Friday for another scan with a consultant,she ruled out ectopic and asked for more blood to be taking the next day and another scan the following Friday.The blood test results showed my hormone levels were going up but still not doubling and the scan on the following Friday showed the same,just a gestational sac,again they wanted me back in on Monday for another scan with the top consultant to get me a diagnosis,he said it was a miscarriage where the sac grows but no baby ever starts to grow inside,they talked me through my options,wait for a natural miscarriage,medical management or d and c,i decided to have the medical management.
I went in yesterday morning,i was quite scared as I had read lots of horror stories online about medical management being awful,i had the pessaries put in at about 10 oclock, they said if they didn't work they would try again at 1 then 4,i was allowed to walk around the hospital but not leave the grounds,nothing happened the first time,the tablets actually fell out when I went to the toilet,just before I had the second lot I started to feel little niggles,then once I had the second lot, I lay on the bed for about an hour and started to get period type pain,then I started to bleed,it wasn't horrendous it was quite heavy at times but for me it was just like a heavy period,i had to use bed pans so the nurses could see if anything was in them,the tablets kept coming out and when I wiped there was a tiny little sac,then not long after that I felt a strange dripping sensation,checked my pad and there was something hanging out of me (sorry for tmi) which was product as they called it,after that I bled quite heavily but again just like a heavy period,i was in at 9am and out at 8pm,i should have been allowed out at about half 4 as I was fine by then but I needed an injection which took them ages to sort out.I just wanted to post this here to reassure people that yes for some people it can be horrible but for me it was like a bad period and wasn't even painful,so don't let other peoples horror stories put you off,the one thing I would say though is that you do see the sac and i don't think i would have coped very well seeing that if there had been a baby inside,hope this hopes anyone going through a horrible time xxx

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