Early Miscarriage - 5-6 weeks. How much did you bleed?

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fettle Thu 28-Dec-06 20:04:26

Hi All
I found out I was pg 2 weeks ago, but 10 days ago I started spotting, which turned to red bleeding after 2 days. This red bleeding continued for 3 days, but never very heavy - didn't really need to change my protection all day except for obvious freshness reasons! (sorry TMI). Then continued spotting until a couple of days ago, so a week in total. Anyway, I have had a negative pg test now and although my GP tried to refer me for a scan to check all had gone, the EPU refused to see me, as I count as an early mc. Having had a missed mc at 9 weeks back in Feb of this year, for which I had to have 2 ERCPs, I'm obviously a bit concerned that I haven't bled enough.
I would have thought that I would have expected at least a normal AF amount, if not heavier, but certainly not lighter! Especially as this cycle I conceived on was 56 days long.
Hope someone can reassure me from their experience that a BFN means that it should all be over and we can start trying again.

Thank you!

Toucanet Thu 04-Sep-14 00:59:39

irishpink do you have other pg symptoms? Like sore boobs, if so has that changed? My understanding is that brown = old blood & don't worry, but fresh bright red is worrying - if it's not heavy things might still be ok though? (Possibly just implantation bleeding)? I had something similar last time where some blood on wiping 2 days after bfp. But scan showed heartbeat at 5+5. (Though it later died at 9 wks). Last year I had a natural mc but it was v clear to me what was happening (some spotting in wk 10 but at 11+1 boobs deflated & heavy bleeding - kinda obvious). Fingers crossed for you it's just implantation spotting and it develops ok. Is there any chance you could get a scan to check?

irishpink Tue 02-Sep-14 19:04:43

Hi ladies, I just found out 5 days ago i was preg. I was so happy. Yesterday i had a brown discharge when wiping. But today iv had a proper bleed mainly when wiping too. Slight period cramp. Still bleeding 7 hours later nothing too bad 1 pad one have done all day if i hadnt changed. Im presuming MC. Girls can you help? Xx TY

soph123kay Mon 11-Aug-14 19:33:17

hi every1

ive just found out im pregnant and today I woke up and I was bleeding its not very heavy and I have no cramps could it be possible that im not having a miscarriage.

ande1980 Mon 11-Aug-14 07:32:58

Hi im 6 week pregnant i start bledding 1 week ago but just when i wipe nothing on my pad and no pain...the dr said i need to be on bed rest and use a supossitories of progesterone...I have dr's appt next week but im nervous if i dont still pregnant...i dont know what to expect...

Sadiesez Fri 08-Aug-14 13:39:36

hi - i'm just short of 5 wks. had some right hand side lower pain like a stitch this afternoon. then about 2 hours later some very light brownish bleeding. just had a u/s and can see thick wall of uterus but not sac and doc said maybe just too early as no signs of mc. home now and just feeling sad. hope hope hope its all ok but sinking feeling is telling me its a mc. if its not meant to be then so be it. fingers and legs crossed...

mommy2amj Tue 24-Jun-14 17:58:18

Reading all of your posts has been very informative. I have been a bit concerned. I recently had an early mc at almost 10 weeks. I had every early pregnancy side effect from morning sickness (all day long sickness) to cravings and food aversions to my emotions being very extreme but the last week I was pregnant I had sex and the next day I woke up and felt oddly not sick at all no morning sickness for the next few days that followed no sore breast I could actually eat a full meal in one sitting it was very odd but dad to be had an upset stomach and I joked with him that I gave him the pregnacy morning sickness like an old wise tale says if the woman climbs over the dad in bed while she is pregnant then he will get the side effects instead of her. I thought it was odd but really didn't pay much attention to it as I was happy to finally be feeling better and not so tired and sick. But about four days later I woke up to extreme pain in my lower back and extremely bad cramps it felt like my ovaries were being squeezed or something it was awful. When I called the doctor my nurse told me to lie on my side and drink water..that's what she says for everything. So I did as she said but I hurt so bad I couldn't even be still then it dawned on me that I was having contractions because it wasn't constant it would come and go but gradually got more intense. I laid on my side and drank water as long as I could, I wanted to do as the nurse said and follow her directions because I wanted my baby to be safe (my baby was making big changes this week he/she had graduated from being an embryo to being a fetus), but I just could not lay there hurting anymore so I got up and went to the bathroom to run me a bath. By this time the "morning sickness" hit me. As much as I hate the morning sickness I was so glad it was back because I thought it meant surely everything was fine and my baby was growing and developing healthy but it felt very different. My whole body felt different I knew something was wrong. My stomach suddenly felt like I had just went over a loopdy loop on a roller coaster. I went to pee before I was going to get in my bath and when I did I noticed very thick clear slimy substance when I wiped. A little while later I cramped up and when I did my whole body tensed up I didn't mean to bear down or push but it seemed to be my reflex when it happened and I felt something come out it felt like a relief from all the pain. The cramps and back tightness and nausea seemed to stop instantly. I drained all the water out of my tub and held what had just came out of me in my hands I was bleeding extremely heavy now I was so scared I froze for a few minutes sort of in a state of shock. I immediately called the doctor and the nurse again said drink water but this time instead of saying lie down she ask a bunch of questions that I was way to upset to be answering but I did and she told me to go to place the tissue in a plastic bag to bring to the doctors office or take pictures of it. I took pictures of everything. She told me to come in to the doctors office. I didn't have a way to the doctor at that time and my 9 year old son was in the living room watching TV I didn't want him to know what was going on. I thought I would wait until his dad got there. But I was bleeding really heavy. When I got out of the tub to dry off I completely drenched the towel with blood it was very scary but I got dressed and stayed somewhat calm so my son would not know what was happening. I had to change my pad every few minutes I knew this was way too much blood. I called my doctor again and was told this time to go directly to the hospital. I waited until my son was picked up and by this time I was freezing cold and had a jacket on in mid June I am a tan person but my skin was very pale I looked terrible all I wanted to do was lie down and go to sleep and get warm. But I called my best friend and dad to be and he took me to the hospital I wasn't bleeding quite as bad by the time I got there and waited in the waiting room for 5 hours thank god I wasn't dying or anything BC it took forever to see a doctor. But I finally did and the nurse I had was very rude to me and while I was already emotional this completely pushed me over the edge and I began to cry and could not seem to stop. But the doctor did a pelvic exam no ultrasound and looked at my pictures which she said was the amniotic sac and also pictures of the fetus. sad But she said everything had came out at once and that I would be fine told me I was extremely dehydrated and had a low blood count so they out an iv in which they never even put anything in no fluids nothing then they released me to go home. The next day I went to the doctor where I received three different kinds of medicines BC I had began to bleed again but ultrasound confirmed there was nothing left inside my uterus I was just not clotting. The medicine helped my blood to clot and I stopped bleeding so much. I am spotting a little today but I think that is just from vigorous activities. My body is starting to feel like normal again. What seemed like a cantaloupe size ball inside my belly is gone my clothes fit the morning sickness, sore breast, food aversions, and cravings are all gone I am not quite as emotional but I feel sort of empty so to speak and heart broken. I have been numbing myself with the prescription anxiety medicine (xanex) that I was given and I have tried to stay very busy or keep my mind on other things but when I am alone or not busy with something my thoughts are so busy I wonder if my baby was a boy or girl and how my son and two daughters would have been so happy and loved him or her. It is like I am mourning but feel guilty for doing so if that makes sense. I know it wasn't developed completely yet and I had not seen or held or met my child yet but I still feel very hurt and I feel like a part of me has died. I had not even told anyone yet that I was pregnant except dad to be. So no one knows and him and I do not discuss it then I found this blog. Thanks for letting me share and for sharing all of your experiences.

resipsa Sat 31-May-14 00:02:21

To add my piece, I m/ced at 6 weeks; heavy with clots for 1-2 hours then normal bleed for 1 week. All over now.

brenda18 Fri 30-May-14 15:29:47

I was 1 month and 2 weeks pregnant when I found out I was having a miscarriage ��it really sucked! I started just spotting in lite pink and brown and after a week its been red for the past 2 weeks today I'll b having the d & c

Notyouravgbaker Wed 07-May-14 18:32:10

Just reading this..
I had a mc at about 6 weeks. Didn't know I was pregnant until a few days before it happened. I bled heavily, at first. Ended up almost passing out at work, left early and went to the er. I bled for three weeks. It was so bad that I had to wear depends diapers. The embryo didn't come out until the third wk of bleeding.
IF YOURE HAVING ANY DOUBTS, contact your care provider immediately.

Frankie54 Mon 12-Nov-12 16:02:40

I am about 5 weeks pregnant! I had a brownish colour bleed for about an hour and then it stopped and I have had nothing since. Pregnancy tests say positive still. Do you think I have miscarried??

char1985 Sat 05-Nov-11 21:32:25

hiya I feel for all of you reading through ur stories.
I was wondering if anyone could help me and knows whats goin on with my body!!
I was due my period the 19th oct but was a week late i did two test in this time and both came back negitive. The last test i did was the sunday then period apeared on the 25th (tuesday). i had a lighter and much shorter period than normal. But thought nothing of it.
Yesterday I had a pulled muscle feeling in my tummy and a slight bleed. I went to the doctors and he tested for urine infection but none present. He then did a pregancy test and it was possitive! I only had a very slight bleed and know have an aching tummy?!!!!
Really confused. Have i miscarried and my hormones are still high even though i had no possitive test?
Hope somone can help

Monochromegirl Sun 23-Oct-11 20:49:52

Dear All

So sorry for all of you that are going / have gone through this....

I have only signed up today. I too have miscarried at 5 weeks - we were married in May after living together for a number of years and went on a late Honeymoon last Sunday to Croatia.

We have been trying so hard to get a pregnancy for a long time now and last Friday we finally got a positive result....followed by pain and confusion of the miscarriage on the Sunday during the flight.

I am unsure whether the bad cramps, heavy bleeding or the grief were worse. I'm 39 and an insulin dependent diabetic - I just feel that blip of hope sliding away..

Having called my GP from abroad, she basically said don't do anything at this early stage unless I get any kind of discharge. ie., ignore and move on.

Does anyone know how long we need to wait before trying again? I am so down-heartened- and my poor husband - I think it really ruined the honeymoon for both of us.

Can someone give me hope?

Uggly87 Sat 22-Oct-11 16:21:30

I have read alot about people not knowing what to expect, or being unsure about miscarriage, I only found out I was pregnant a few days ago and was just approaching the 5 week mark. I started bleeding like a normal period and attended an early pregnancy unit and they scanned me and couldnt see anything, so did a blood test, I had a hcg level of 227 which was ok for the stage of the pregnancy, I went back this morning for the follow up blood test and I'm down to 83, so am having a miscarriage now, I have had a normal period like flow so far with no serious pain, only normal period pains and am fairly sure I passed the embryo last night, it was skin coloured and about as big as my baby fingernail with a tiny collection of blood and blood vessels inside, it's not a nice thing to experience or think about but I post this in hope that it may shed some light on what it is like for any unsure women, always go to the doctors or the hospital for any bleeding in early pregnancy because they can run these tests and give you results within only hours, it will help you stay calm or come to terms with what's happening, being unsure is sometimes harder. I am truly gutted but feel better for not worrying anymore. Now I can take some time out and move on when I'm ready xx I'm sorry for anyone else who has been through this or thinks they might be and I hope this has helped x

Hi I had an early MC at 5 weeks and bled for only 2 days with period type flow & pain. I was quite shocked at how suddenly it stopped,it was literally like someone had switched off a tap - there wasnt even any spotting afterwards. A scan a few days later confirmed that there was nothing else left. I suppose I got off very lightly in comparison to some people xx

iamlilysmum Thu 13-Jan-11 14:38:34

Hi to everyone, My thoughts are with all of you for your losses,

i started bleeding on xmas eve bright red but light, i thought i was approaching 8 weeks, i was scanned internally as they could see nothing using the tummy scan, they found a sack with no heart beat but its size dated me at only 5 weeks so they gave me hope it could still be fine but dates proved if i were only 5 weeks, then the test i had done had been able to look into the future by nearly 2 weeks so i knew something had gone wrong,

I have bled continuously since 24th dec until on the 29th i was admitted again and another scan showed the sac had begun to deteriarate and there was nothing recognisable as a foetus or sac. As i was so early on they offered me a natural miscarriage and i was sent home, i couldnt bear the thought of the pills as in my mind they are what you take for a termination and i could not get my head around that and the worry of a d&c going wrong and preventing us from trying aagain was too much to go ahead with so off home i went. that night i had immense pain cramps and dragging and i passed a lemon sized clot,( needed pad changing twice an hour) the bleeding has since lessened but has been constant, i had a 2 week blood check at the EPU on monday 10th , this says im still pregnant due to the hormones still in my system but they have confirmed i am not. I have to go back again next week for another blood test. I honestly thought by going through the natural miscarriage with no intervention would be the best way for me but it has taken such a long time and is heartbreaking.

When i emptied the WC bin the other day i couldnt help but think that some sicko artist somewhere would entitle that garbage bag as miscarriage in a bag and try to get it in the modern tate, but in reality i didnt want to throw it away either i felt like i was throwing by babe away. ridiculous i know but im so emotional at the moment.

have a dd 11 years old and am with new partner now and had taken the decision to try for one of our own. Im 32 and not getting any younger and am now so worried its because of my age that i cant carry another pregnancy x however have been told by the medics not to worry and as soon as i have had my first period we can try again.

good luck to all of you in your TTC efforts lets hope its not long before we can all join a different thread of mummies to be x

spicecat Tue 11-Jan-11 19:45:17

hi ladies.
Found i was pregnant on the 30th december - and on the 8th january noticed pink watery stuff when i wiped, also a clear floating bubble/sac in the toilet. For the next 2 dats have had numerous clots and various shades of stuff on tissue and pads. Doctor sent me to EPAC today (11th) was unsure of dates - so they gave me an internal where they could see something but didn't know what? my ovaries have fluid flow and i had my bloods taken. They are reading 79 today and i have to go back on thursday and see what is happening. They have basically told me to class it as a miscarry.

Kazine Wed 05-Jan-11 15:31:28

Forgot to mention I was 5/6 weeks.

Kazine Wed 05-Jan-11 15:31:02

Had a MC started 28th December, bled less than a normal period. But seems to be lasting longer.

nyathvan Wed 05-Jan-11 08:20:07

just woundering if anyone can help me i think i had a miscarriage but im not sure...i was plaining on goin to doc in a week cuz the home tests were neg but the sysmptums where all there and everyone was saying tht it sounded like i was pergnant i wouldve been 7weeks max. but coud b less (im on the pill and haved had a period sence oct. due to my cycle of how i take my pills me and my husband ur both conseaved while r moms were on pill) anyways i started to spot slitly on friday and saturday it get heavry but not like a normal period (witch i never had do to med problems but when i did have one it was always lasted 5to6 days and heavy) but tht only lasted till last night then i started to bleed alot for few hrs and started passing stuff till this morning now im back to normal and woke up not feeling sick like i have been for 4weeks so i was woundering if i couldve had a mc i had on back in july of 2010 and when i went to doc i was only 4 weeks it was hard to do the blood test cing as i already have alot of med problems the bleeding was bout the same and only lasted bout4days but nothing heavy only found out cuz i was passing stuff and my doc wanted to check me out...im woundering what i should do im out of town right now and cant get back home for a few more day earliest should i go to the ER like i said i dont even know if i was pergnant but i was in july and all the sysmptums where the same befor and after i started spoting

waterplate Fri 10-Dec-10 10:22:21

annielon, I mc last Saturday at just over 6 weeks and am still bleeding but quite light now. I had another very similar mc in July and that too was about a week or ten days of bleeding.

My two best friends are pg with their second children and due more or less the same week as my first would have been born so I know what it's like - we all went on holiday together a month after my MC and it was all a bit difficult but I coped really pretty well I think.

I am not feeling too badly jealous or anything but just want to get on with ttc again - we're going to give it a month and then try again after new year's. Good luck with your TTC as well

Mamafoof Wed 08-Dec-10 14:30:56

annielon40 - so glad your dh is being very supportive, Must be so hard for him also. I know what you mean - 4 people announced they were pregnant within days of my MC. Whilst I was happy for them, I felt so sad I couldn't share in that joy. It is awful to talk about as somehow it's a taboo subject and people just don't know how to react or what to say. That's why forums like this are so good so keep in touch with us here if you need to talk.

If you're ready, trying again will help you focus and keep you busy.

Take care xxx

annielon40 Wed 08-Dec-10 14:03:46

Thank you Mamafoof, Well, its seems to be completely over now, bled for just over 24 hours lightly apart from the couple of hours when I passed a clot and the bleeding was slightly heavier then. My DH is being very supportive but understands why I really cant face having a scan, its strange but you just seem to know that its happened and I just dont want to hold onto any false hope. I had a mc last christmas and took ages to get over it, because of my age I think i am going to try straight away again. Its very difficult because I had just found out that my sister-in-law is also pregnant and we were due on the same week as me, and the only way I can bare it is to try again.

Thanks so much for your wishes, its such an awful thing to talk to people about isnt it? so you just say `i`m ok`


Mamafoof Tue 07-Dec-10 14:45:31

Hi annielon40. So sorry to hear that this is happening to you. I was 5-6 weeks and I bled for around 10days and quite heavily. I think everyone is different though and I know how upsetting a scan is but you may wish to go to help clear your mind and be certain of your position? Can your OH come with you? It's a difficult time but the uncertainty may just make it worse? Hope you're ok and wish you all the best xxxx

annielon40 Tue 07-Dec-10 12:49:45

Hi everyone,

hoping that somebody can reassure me, was six weeks, four days pregnant on sunday, that eve out of complete blue started bleeding lightly and had some lower abdominal pains, this carried on until mon lunchtime when it became slightly heavier, I passed a clot about the size of a prune, and straight away the bleeding lessened and pain disappeared. This morning i am hardly bleeding at all, I presume i have had a complete miscarriage but my last mc lasted for over two weeks. I really dont want to see the doctor as i know they will send me for a scan which i found so upsetting and clinical last time, so i would rather deal with it all at home with my family. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced or has heard of such a quick miscarriage? Not kidding myself that i could still be pregnant but find it strange that it was over so quickly xxx

Katyla Thu 26-Aug-10 22:52:17

Hi guys, first time on this site and just want to say how great it's been hearing all your stories (although my heart goes out to you all and great isn't really the right word if you know what I mean). I started bleeding yesterday at 5 +4 weeks and today the hosp called to say I'd lost the baby. The EPAU basically had nothing to offer in terms of help, advice or guidance so I'm relying on things like this for advice. think i'll go to docs in morning just for some advice tho. So i'm now in day 2 of light bleeding and starting to get some cramps, hoping it all passes through relativley quickly, there seems to be mixed stories about how long it may take. I already have a 14 month old boy who is keeping me going but I'm still devasted about my unborn babe and am going through a whole range of emotions. anyway, just wanted to share and say thanks to you all for your stories / help / advice. xxx

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