Tips for coping with the practicalities of miscarriage

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comeonbishbosh Wed 16-Nov-11 10:58:13

I?ve just had mc2, which has been emotionally more upsetting than mc1, but I coped a heck of a lot better on the practical side of managing it. And I realise that through the pregnancy books are full of tips on what types of sweets to pack in your hospital bag for labour, we?re pretty short of simple tips to make the sheer yuckiness of going through a miscarriage a little more bearable. I know there?s going to be big variations in people?s experience, and this is in no way to overrule any medical advice you get. But at least it might be a starting point.

For info, I had mc1 8 months ago, didn?t realise I was pg at the time (just come off breastfeeding DD, had massive problems conceiving before) but was probably 8-12 weeks. Didn?t realise it was actually a mc until a lot of mess later. MC2 was a few days ago, had a bit more notice as knew I was 8 wk pregnant, had been increasingly bleeding, and knowing a bit more what it was like through mc1. Neither time I needed to go to hospital.

So, this is what I would suggest helps from my experience, all offered as suggestions that may or may not apply to your situation!

1. Once you realise the bleeding has started in earnest, get home as soon as you can. You will probably need to sit on the loo for the next 1-3 hours, and that?s far nicer to do in the comfort of your own home.

2. If you need to travel in a car, sit on a plastic bag. (My 1st mc started at work, and by the time my DH came and picked me up in the car I had bleeding all down my trousers... it?s not glamorous).

3. Cancel everything, get childcare if you need it. The first time in the midst of the bleeding I tried to keep going, a builder came round to give me a quote for some work, DH went out on a pre-arranged cinema trip and I was putting DD to bed on my own. However hard it is to get a builder to quote, this was stupid priorities! Also, I now know best not to be left without another adult within shouting distance.

4. Settle in for the long haul. My mc2 was overnight, and I essentially camped out in the bathroom with magazines, world service on the radio, short scurries downstairs to make a hot chocolate. It was still horrible. But not unremittingly so.

5. Hot water bottles or hot wheatbags are great. And painkillers.

6. Get top quality sanitary pads, supersize. The maternity ones might be good for the first few hours if you can?t just sit on the loo, but they will make you miserable with their ungainliness. This is not a time to economise on the cheap versions.

7. If your mc kicks off at an evening or weekend, I found phoning my GPs ?out of hours? service loads more helpful, straightforward and kind than I have ever found NHS direct.

8. If take a pg test when you are miscarrying, it should come out positive. This is useful if, like me on mc1, I didn?t know I was pg at the time.

9. Take more time off work than you think. You are very much allowed to mooch.

Please do add any more tips. It goes without saying that I hope you and I never need these (again)?

Thepurplegiraffe Wed 17-Sep-14 06:47:39

Oh Tranquility I am so sorry, was really hoping that wasn't the case. I didn't have that much pain so I'm not sure, have you tried calling 111?
Not silly at all re paracetamol, I avoided caffeine etc for the rest of the weekend even though I knew there was no point. Hope you have some support there in rl.

Tranquilitybaby Wed 17-Sep-14 05:09:57

Looks like in mc right now, I only got a bfp yesterday. sad

It's 5am and I've woken up in a lot of pain, bleeding lots with tissue in it when I sit on the toilet but not really into a pad so far. TMI but feel like I need to poo, have that pressure but can't go, is that normal?

I've only taken two paracetemol (nothing stronger just in case - who am I kidding? sad ) but it's not touching the pain, I don't know what to do with myself so just staying in the bathroom.

This is just awful, an ectopic in April and now this, need a break.

Thepurplegiraffe Sun 14-Sep-14 14:26:50

Hi Miffy, I'm sorry you are going through this, especially so far away from home. I am also going through something very similar, I don't have a huge amount of pain but I do have nausea and am bleeding alot.

I went to the gp on Friday as I was spotting even then and she has given me a referral for an early scan. Obviously things have moved on since then and I know the outcome but I think it is important to go and make sure everything is going as it should. I don't think you should put yourself going to work on Monday, maybe call your gp and see what they say on Monday. Unless it gets really heavy and you are worried, then of course you should see someone sooner.

Miffy2014 Sat 13-Sep-14 21:49:34

I'm sorry if this has already been covered but there are hundreds of messages to read...
I'm currently miscarrying while a couple of hundred of miles away from home. I have been staying with family when it all started. I'll be travelling home tomorrow as pre planned.
I don't really know what to do next. Do I call my gp on Monday to refer me into the EPAU?
TMI: The bleeding is heavy with big clots. I am experiencing strong cramps which come in waves and feel nauseated. I don't have a temperature though.
I have no idea what's 'normal' or whether I just carry on with going to work on Monday.
I feel lost if I am honest. What would you advise?? I'd appreciate any form of opinion. Thank you

ToriB34 Thu 11-Sep-14 11:43:40

trix... I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you're doing as well as can be expected today. Xx

ToriB34 Thu 11-Sep-14 11:42:15

coco...I'm sorry for your loss. You don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to. Miscarriage seems to still be something of a taboo. But if you want to tell people and feel you can't do you think that's maybe because you're scared of their reaction? I am extremely open about my miscarriage - I don't know how else to be. The first few times I talked about it face to face I cried so much but I can now talk about it mostly without tears. I have had the most amazing support and the emotional recovery has been easier as people understand if I'm having a bad day.

With the not wanting to see people, it seems to be a fairly common reaction. I didn't leave the house for ages after my miscarriage and when I did panicked in a supermarket. But it will ease I promise xx

ToriB34 Thu 11-Sep-14 11:36:15

saraha... I'm sorry for your loss. There is no magical point at which you're supposed to feel better. It will take time and probably more than you think. I had a medical management of a mmc in July and I am still having bad days. Be kind to yourself and don't expect yourself to feel fine straight away. There is an emotions after miscarriage thread on here which I've found useful.

BePositive04 Thu 11-Sep-14 09:20:42

Great thread ladies! I found out I had a missed miscarriage on Monday, should have been 10.3 weeks along, baby was actually 9 weeks along and no heart beat. I opted for the medical management option (mainly because I have PCOS and was worried about possible scarring if I had the op and thus further reduced fertility. Plus I didn't like the uncertainty of waiting for a natural miscarriage as I am due back to work soon (this has happened in the middle of my holiday) and I really don't want to have to tell anyone at work. They didn't even know I was pregnant. Anyways, before I got the mc induced I went into active mc naturally yesterday. It started with really intense abdominal pain. I was really worried at first as I took two nurofen express tablets as soon as it started but they didn't seem to do anything. But fortunately the pain eased after an hour and whilst I have had some pain since then it is intermittent and less intense. I was fine over night (slept well) and I haven't needed to take any more painkillers yet. My advice to anyone going through a mc would be stock up on loads of winged long night time sanitary pads (or more industrial ones if you can find them), stay at home near a toilet if you can for at least the first three hours or so, have wet wipes with you as well as lots of toilet roll (I was in public loos when this happened to me but at least with the wet wipes I was able to clean up after myself, toilet paper on its own wouldn't have worked.) if you do go out and about take spare clothes as well as underwear with you (my jeans were soaked through by the time I got home having toilet hopped the whole way). Also, I know this won't be the same for everyone, but I am feeling much better emotionally as well as physically now the process is well underway. Before i couldn't speak about the mc to anyone without bursting into tears and was permanently on the edge. I think it was hard dealing with the fact I still had the baby inside me and still had the bump and looked pregnant and I was also really worried about how much the process was going to hurt. Whilst it has been very messy and there has been a lot of blood it wasn't
as painful as I expected. I am still obviously very upset and sad that my pregnancy has ended this way but I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck to all of you having to deal with this sadness in your own lives. Wishing you all the best and sending you lots of hugs. Xxx

Bristolian1 Thu 11-Sep-14 08:32:04

Hi trixlady, I'm so sorry for your loss. I had medical management for my first MMC, just like you they gave me one lot of prostaglandin medication which you insert into your vagina with a tampon (sorry if TMI!). After wearing this for a few hours, I started to have strong period pain type cramps and then started bleeding. The bleeding was quite heavy and the pains were like really bad period pain, I took paracetamol, codeine and ibuprofen and that was strong enough. It enabled me to have my miscarriage at home which felt more private and dignified, but it was a little scary at times with the heavy bleeding. This thread has some amazing advice, and I would re-iterate it - keep taking your preg vits, they have iron in them which might help you recover from the blood loss, and keep yourself well hydrated. A hot water bottle helped me with the pain. I hope this helps, and really sorry to hear that you are going through this. I've been lurking on here as am having my second MMC and going in for an ERPC (for medical reasons) tomorrow.

trixlady Wed 10-Sep-14 19:42:12

So glad ive found this thread. Im 8 weeks pregnant. Had a scan yesterday and the baby has no heart beat:/they discused with me about medical removel which I said yes too. And im in tomorrow. The first lady I spoke too said I would have two lots of pills one yesterday and tomorrow but then saw the specialist and she said she wasnt going to give me the first lot of pills as the baby has no heart beat so the second would be enough to help the miscarrage along :/ I know everyone is different but what should I expect? Ive read a few posts on here and should expect heavy bleeding but what about pain wise? Im really nervous, my app is at half 10 tomorrow :/ xx

CocoWootie Wed 10-Sep-14 00:23:12

Just gone through a d&c after finding out I had a missed miscarriage at my first scan the day after I found out I was pregnant at 9 weeks. Felt quite stupid to be so totally unaware I was pregnant but after the endometriosis and being 35 I didn't think I could get pregnant without trying and knew it sometimes takes a few months for cycles to get back to normal after stopping birth control so wasn't too worried when I missed one period. Now that I think about it I was totally in denial of all the signs.

Physically I feel alright (felt really good to get back on my bicycle this week) and am glad I went with the d&c option which wasn't too bad, but emotionally still going through all kinds of crazy mood swings, feeling sad, crying at random moments, and finding it really difficult to talk about.
I haven't been able to tell anyone other than my partner and my mother (who I waited a week to tell, even then it was really really difficult) not even our flatmate who just knows I have been off work on sick leave, and my workmates who know I have had to take leave for an unspecified medical matter.
Quite a blessing no one has pressed me for details (probably some of my workmates have guessed) as I feel really unable to talk about it, but I'm really struggling with not being able to simply pretend everything is normal. Feeling guilty for ignoring texts from friends asking me out to lunch or drinks, but I don't even know how to start to explain.
How do I talk about this? What do I say? Will it get easier?
I don't know why this is so hard for me to talk about. I hate making lame excuses (lying) or being intentionally vague when I run into a friend at the super market. Normally I am a very outgoing and cheerful person but I just wish everyone would leave me alone at the moment.
It all just feels so raw and painful and personal and such a huge deal, I can't bear to bring it up. I dread leaving the house and having to talk to people. How long will this take to pass? How do you talk about a miscarriage?

Saraha3776 Tue 09-Sep-14 22:49:39

Hi all. Well over a week ago I had my miscarriage and my head is still all over the place. Mine sounds quite easy and pain free considering what some of you went through. On the Thursday I had a scan which confirmed early pregnancy and then the day after the nurse gave me a scan and said the pregnancy had gone but I never passed the baby until the Saturday. Other that that my bleeding was like a period that eventually stopped the week after the initial bleeding. I'm signing my self back to work next week as I need the money. I just still feel down a week and a half later. I'm 34, 35 in a few months and have no other children. I'm worried that I won't get over it when I'm supposed too xx

MrsSordy Fri 22-Aug-14 09:20:44

Warning - the below is my account of my miscarriage and may be TMI for some.

The last few days have been tough. After leaving work on Wednesday, I spent some time with my nieces and nephews which really helped and kept my mind focused on something other than losing the baby.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time alone which was not good. I was brooding and was crying on and off throughout the day. I went to Tescos to stock up on pads and nearly broke into tears when I walked past the baby aisle. Like someone else had mentioned before, I could not bring myself to buy baby wipes. It felt like a sick joke so I opted for moist toilet tissues.

Last night I woke up at midnight and my bleeding was a bit heavier ( I have had light bleeding for a week). I woke an hour later and had a dull stomach ache. By 1.30 the pain was getting worse so I took cocodamol. I sat on the toilet for a while and then felt a whoosh of liquid leave my body. I am guessing that this was the waters breaking. As soon as this happened I felt the pain subside a little. I am guessing this was because of the release but may have been a combination with the painkillers. I went back to bed for about 15 minutes. When I stood up I realised that I was losing a lot of blood and for a moment thought that I was going to leave a huge mess on the bedroom floor. I went back to the toilet and spent the next couple of hours there. The bleeding was too heavy for pads to cope with so the toilet was the best place. I periodically tried to clean myself up but it was pointless. The blood continued to flow and there were some very large clots so any effort to clean up did not last.

At about 3.00am I tried to leave the toilet as it is not the most comfortable place to be. I stood up and walked about for about 20 seconds but very quickly started to feel faint and was burning up. I had to dash back to the toilet and remained there for another half hour.

I returned to bed for a short while at about 3.30am but was worried of making a mess. I returned to the bathroom a few minutes later. I heard something drop into the toilet. There was a lot of blood in the toilet so I could not see what it was and could not bring myself to fish it out. I could be wrong but I am guessing this was the baby. This was the bit I was worried about and so in a way am glad I couldn't see it.

By 4.30am things had settled down and I was able to return to bed and get some sleep. I am now settled in for a recovery day at home watching films and not doing much at all.

I feel mentally in a better place today. Yesterday I just wanted to get it over with so that I could move on. Going through the miscarriage I think helps to give closure. I am not saying that I am over it but it is a huge step in the process to get past.

My husband and I got pregnant on our honeymoon. I am 34 and my husband is 43. We knew that we had left it late so just said, if it happens it happens and did not have our hearts set and focused on children. However when we got pregnant it made me realise that I wanted a baby more than I thought I did. And now having lost one, I realise just how much I wanted it.

There was no pressure before as we were very relaxed about children. But it now scares me to think that I really want it and am not sure if I can go through this emotional roller coaster again.

I am sorry for my long posts. But I actually find writing about this experience very therapeutic.

Katimp Thu 21-Aug-14 01:09:23

Italygirl and MrsSordy I hope you are as ok as you can be right now. Before this, I had no idea at all and it's through the experiences off others that I have found solace. Although we would wish no-one to be going through a miscarriage - if you are, know that you aren't alone - ever. The testimonies of women on this website are there to support you and give you strength through this horrible time.
Today I went back to EPU, as Italygirl rightly said protocol is that they need 1wk between scans to verify mmc. I wasn't sure whether we should go this morning, as yesterday I began to bleed heavily. I think I passed clots but me being me I couldn't look. The splashes into the loo kind of made me think that. My lovely mum took ds and dd to her house and I am so grateful. Yesterday early evening I began to have really strong pains, literally contractions, but without the excitement that something good was going to happen. I alternated between the loo and bed for a good few hours. Poor DH didn't know what to do, and being honest he couldn't do anything thing but being close really helped. I managed some sleep but awoke at 5am with horrible pains particularly on one side. I forced myself into the shower and when DH woke I asked if we should go to EPU as was obvious what was happening. Part of me was scared that I was only at the beginning stages as the pain was really getting to me and the blood loss was scaring me too. Not long before we were due to leave I had to go the loo again and I literally felt a "Woomf". At my shout of "oh my god!" Poor DH was shouting do you need me??? After that I bled heavily but padded up and went to EPU. They re-scanned and said I'd, thankfully, passed the majority of the pregnancy tissue. The sonographer was lovely and I felt so relieved, tbh I was terrified that I wasn't coping or couldn't cope if the pains got worse. But, knowing that hopefully the worst(physically speaking) was over, was really reassuring. I've slept a lot today, and managed to talk to family members who since last wk I couldn't. I don't know quite how I feel, but in a way I do feel like something has lifted physically from me. I'm sad, and DH is sad but we're going to get through this. We've laughed at completely inappropriate things- I've been totally honest about what has happened in the bathroom, something I never would've before. Bizarre but true - even after 2 home births I was still a bit 'private'. Not any more! The worm has turned!!!

My advice is get through by whatever means. If people offer to help, accept it - it's not a sign of weakness, you are going though a traumatic time.
Ask about pain relief, I really wish I had had the opportunity to or even if I'd been clued up enough to ring the doc or the out of hours. There is no need to struggle through if it can be helped. Believe me paracetamol and hot water bottles don't cut the mustard, I wish I'd rang the doc and got a prescription- it's not a bravery competition.
Get the bestest pads you can. I used always night ones, had to dbl them up a couple of times but to be honest that was more for my head than was necessary for bleeding as I was never far away from loo and able to change.

I know that I am not by any means over this but, having had a 'missed' miscarriage which has now happened, I feel like I can accept it a bit more. I will get through this, and if you are reading this then it means that you need to know this- you will too. We will never, ever forget but we will get through, because do you know what? That's what mums do. Just because this baby didn't quite make it, doesn't mean I'm not it's Mama. I am mine, and you are yours. X

MrsSordy Wed 20-Aug-14 21:32:13

As many have said before, this thread is a great help.

I started to have light bleeding 6 days ago. As this is my first pregnancy I wasn't sure whether this was spotting or bleeding. I called my GP two days ago, he was brilliant and called me back within 10 minutes as had arranged for an early scan the next day (yesterday)

I would have been10 weeks yesterday. Sadly the scan showed no heartbeat and that the baby had stopped developing at 9.5 weeks which is when the bleeding started.

As I am already bleeding I have opted to miscarry naturally. The information given by the EPU yesterday was that I would experience heavy bleeding and pain for about 4-6 hours. But when this would happen could be anything from straight away to maybe six weeks away.

I was not told to expect to pass a sack or that you may be able to see the baby. This fills me with dread. I want to see my baby but I don't want to at the same time.

I returned to work this morning. I manage a call centre so work in a large open office. My colleagues know what has happened and it was soon clear after a couple of hours that I am not I am not in right frame of mind for work. I couldn't face anything other than basic admin tasks and so will be taking at least the rest of this week off.

Now it is a waiting game. I had a little period type pain earlier and heavier bleeding but the pain has now gone and the bleeding light again. Having read many posts I will be stocking up on a number of things mentioned to help make the experience as manageable as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has posted. Learning about other peoples real experiences is really helpful.

My heart goes out to anyone who has or is currently going through this difficult experience.

italygirl11 Tue 19-Aug-14 17:02:11

Hi Katimp,

You're story sounds similar to mine, except I'm a few days ahead. I went for a scan at the EPU on 8th August after having some slight cramps and they said I was measuring about 5/6 weeks when I should have been 10/11 weeks. I knew my dates weren't wrong but they wanted me to go in a week later for another scan to confirm.

I tried to get them to move this forward as I knew it was a miscarriage and I wanted to be able to book in for an ERPC as soon as possible. Unfortunately they couldn't though as they do need a full 7 days to be able to confirm 100%, at least the EPU I went to did.

I went in last Friday and they confirmed a miscarriage and I'm booked in for an ERPC this Friday. I've started bleeding yesterday but it's only light... so I'm currently at work but really nervous that it might get heavy without warning. To be honest, as harsh as it sounds I just want to get this part over with. I was devasted when I found out I'd miscarried, it's my first pregnancy and I'd never even heard of a missed miscarriage so it was a complete shock when I went in for the scan and got the news. We both just want to move on now and hopefully try again soon.

I'm so sorry for everyone who's going through this or has been through it. I've been reading through this thread today and it's been so helpful. The nurses I've seen have been lovely but it's hard to think of any questions when you've been given news like that, even though I had loads when I got home, so this thread has been a lifeline for me. Hopefully this part will be over for me soon x

Katimp Sun 17-Aug-14 20:38:48

Thank you to all the ladies who've posted here in what are the most awful of circumstances for any of us to go through. Please know that your sharing of your stories though heartbreaking have really given me lots of information that I really didn't have and I feel a lot more prepared for what lies ahead.
I went to EPU on Thurs after I'd had some spotting. The did an internal scan and found that the 'sac' is only measuring 5wks and my dates are that I should be 10. Even looking to when I had my positive test the dates don't work, there was no mention of h/b or even a baby and I was too upset to even ask if the baby had developed or what had happened. The doc was lovely and said there was nothing I could've done and that nature was taking a course. I asked her if she thought I was going to lose this baby and she said 'I don't want you leaving here with false hope. I'll see you Friday and we will discuss things then.' They have told me to go back on Friday for another scan and to talk about things but that was all the info I was given.
I am so blessed to have had 2 successful pregnancies resulting in ds and dd, but have never been through this before and feel completely lost. This thread has given me so much info and I am so grateful though so sad that this happens to so many of us.
I just wanted to ask a question if anyone can help. I had a bit of bleeding this morning and resigned myself to this being 'it' but then it's all stopped again back to spotting. I am feeling really numb today, was really upset yesterday but today just numb. I was wondering if I can request intervention or a scan sooner or whether I have to wait til Friday to find out something I already know. This waiting is the worst and part of me wants this part over so I can start to deal with our loss, totally contradictory that another part of me knows that when the mc does happen then that will be that and I don't know if I'm ready to deal with that reality. Any advice most welcome. Thank you and take care ladies love to all who need this thread and to all those who have posted, x

Ljialnye Thu 14-Aug-14 17:04:13

Boco2. You poor thing! I had a medical miscarriage last week and know how you feel, not much that I say at the moment will make you feel better.. but hope you find some comfort knowing that you aren't alone at this time.
A medical miscarriage is unfortunately extremely painful physically and emotionally. I found comfort knowing that because I had this procedure, the baby would be cremated and a communal service was to be held for my baby and other babies. I hope that you are not alone and have somewhat physical support whilst you go through this. Love and hugs xx

Boco2 Thu 14-Aug-14 14:44:22

I'm currently going through a medical miscarriage (baby died round 8 wk mark despite an early scan at that stage showing a heartbeat - we found out at the 12 weeks scan on Tuesday so a bit of a shock). Yesterday after the vaginal tablets I have to say I felt unbelievably ill with the pain (similar to severe flu when you just can't move/do anything). I started on paracetamol which didn't seem to do anything but found Ibuprofen much better (plus a really hot hotwater bottle). I'm feeling physically much better today although am still waiting for the bleeding to start. It's a really horrible experience - the shock of losing a much wanted baby and the lost time, plus the physical side.

Unexpected3 - I chose the medical route because I didn't like the idea of having a general anaesthetic because of the associated risks - although I was reassured from the NHS guidance I was given that both procedures are very safe. I also suspect women feel fairly ill after that route too. Try and line up some care for your children if you can and have someone to hand to look after you - I wish you all the best with it all and a speedy recovery.

Ljialnye Tue 12-Aug-14 16:16:11

I have found this thread so helpful over the past week or so..
But I think how much time you take off work depends on on your situation. I have birth to my angel baby 6days ago and am returning to work tomorrow - I already know that this is going to be a really silly mistake, but I can't bare sitting around 'waiting for my partner to say the right thing.' He's lovely but it seems surreal that he can carry on with life while I'm feeling worse and worse every day. and sitting around only unnerves me, I need at least some time in the day that I can be busy.
Also, don't economise on anything. If you want something, just go out and buy it for yourself. I have been buying textbooks like crazy, just because I want to. honestly, just do whatever makes you happy at that moment in time. Another thing I have become obsessed with is sunbeds.. probably because I have a 20month old and it is the only 10minutes of peace I can get..
Just find something that makes you happy because with all the hormones and grief, it's your time to be selfish.

Hugs and love for you all xxxx

northdownmummy Wed 06-Aug-14 15:52:40

Adding another practicality ... Get someone else to go to Boots to pick up bits and pieces for you. The place is full of tiny gorgeous babies, it's heartbreaking

ClaireAsh Wed 06-Aug-14 14:31:12

northdownmummy, I'm so sorry for your loss.

I understand how you feel - I keep thinking this all isnt real somehow.

I think setting small goals is a good thing. Perhaps don't make a decision about going back to work yet - take each day as it comes and see how you feel nearer the time.

Feel free to msg me if you need to chat. x

northdownmummy Wed 06-Aug-14 13:12:10

claireash I'm in exactly the same situation as you. Went to a&e on Sunday afternoon with some light bleeding, finally got home last night. Was 10 weeks pregnant when I went to hospital, and now I'm not.

Feeling really numb, awful moments when I suddenly remember and sob uncontrollably. Then guilt when I find myself just doing everyday things.

I'm giving myself tiny goals just to keep going. Today I'm going to grab a sandwich and find a spot at the beach to throw stones.

Trying to decide whether I'm up to going back to work on Monday...I'm a manager and it's appraisal time. Not sure I have the emotional stability for those types of discussions or to be able to make important decisions.

It's just so very very sad.

ClaireAsh Wed 06-Aug-14 10:44:06

Hi Tori, thanks so much for your reply and support. im sorry to hear of your loss too. I hope things are starting to get better for you.

As I had already lost most of the baby, i was advised to let it continue naturally, so it's just a waiting game for the rest to pass.

I'm trying not to put pressure on myself to get back to 'normal' and just take it easy. I figure i'll tell close friends but at the moment, apart from my boss, i dont want to tell work colleagues if i can help it. I'm not sure I want lots of sympathy (which just makes me cry!), or them constantly wondering when i'll get pregnant again!

I've never actually joined a forum discussion before, but after finding this thread, I found it really helpful to hear other peoples experiences and guidance on what to expect. It is making me feel lot less alone - thank you ladies for sharing.


ToriB34 Wed 06-Aug-14 10:12:51

Hi Claire im very sorry for your loss. In terms of bleeding - it varies, I had a medical miscarriage and bled fairly heavily for a week then bled for a further week. Now two weeks after theres bits of old blood but not nough to need a pad.

Its entirely up to you whetheryou tell people, some people don't want others to know and other people do. We've told everyone as I know its taking me a while to get back to normal and I work in a baby unit so if im having a bad day people will understand.

With going back to work, again it will vary - I think some people don't have any time off. I'm having a couple of weeks at least - had missed miscarriage which actually has screwed me up emotionally and I feel no where near ready to deal with hoardes of people on a daily basis let alone cope with my stressful job.

Take care if yourself xx

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