Recurrent Buns Graduates - Pregnancy and Beyond

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Glitterybits Wed 06-Jul-11 21:53:44

Thought it was about time we had a new home for all those lovely ladies who used to frequent the original Recurrent Buns thread, or anyone else who has been through the hideous journey of miscarriage, recurrent miscarriage, infertility, testing etc. and now finds themselves either pregnant and in need of hand-holding (or better yet) with their long-awaited bundle(s) of joy.

I know it perhaps seems a little inappropriate to start a thread in the miscarriage topic but it still seems the most relevant spot for those of us who haven't yet completed the journey - and nowhere else really seemed right or fair to everyone.

I do hope you'll come along and say hello. I do miss you all!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 07-Jul-11 08:52:39

Glitterybits - I found you smile Just marking my place for later.

Looking forward to seeing who else comes along, be great to chat to lunatic, frazzled and co!!


Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Glitterybits Thu 07-Jul-11 23:07:52

Yey! Hello both! Big waves!!!

Loopy as ever at this end. I imagine you'd be disappointed if I were anything else! grin

Poo strikes are never good, but I can't help but be slightly amused at your memory of a 10 day record with dd1. How do you retain this information? Come to think of it, retain is probably a bad choice of word under the circumstances! Ah, brings back memories of whizzing up apple juice and prunes for DS. Hope he feels much better soon.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 08-Jul-11 11:43:58

eek!! Mad wave at LF

All ok here, mad as ever this morning. Dreaded GTT and antiD appointment. Measuring three weeks too big but hey ho. I grow big 'uns! grin

glittery who else has from the buns thread has been invited here?

I'll tell justmee about it smile

Now off out for a chinese. YUM!!! grin

stillfrazzled Fri 08-Jul-11 18:39:51

<also checks email and gets absurdly excited>

Evening all! So good to have a 'home' on MN again, I've been feeling a bit lost... really glad to see the original thread's still going strong but it feels so wrong to post there moaning about colic etc.

Had a really good day today - F's weigh-in, and at six months he is finally (if you correct for the age he ought to be) on the charts! Just above the 0.4th centile, true, but you've got to start somewhere.

DH being all cool and saying he never doubted it, but I've been grinning all day.

And we have the opposite to a poo strike, poor old F has been filling his nappy just about every hour, mostly with vile green goop, and has a vicious nappy rash as a result. Still extremely cheerful but his poor little butt is red raw.

Had lovely afternoon with six-days-overdue friend, DS1 being fab and DH has cooked dinner. Happy trails...

It'll be really good to keep up with you all on here again.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sat 09-Jul-11 09:21:18

Mornign ladies smile

LF Hope poo strike isn't lasting too long grin This makes for an interesting first page should someone come accross us by accident!

Glittery Hope you are busy nesting or some such arranging... not long now!

frazzled Are you actually serious that F is 6 months old now? Jees, time goes so fast.

So glad things are going well for everyone smile

Had my GTT thingy. Gawd I hate lucozade with a passion. Results should be in tuesday smile

And..... I have ordered a travel system. I have taken the plunge. It will be here Mmonday. And... I am actually excited.


Glitterybits Sun 10-Jul-11 20:17:10

Hello all. So glad you're all here!

Been away for the weekend with a group of friends I haven't seen in a very long time. It was really good apart from my general vastness and inability to drink! Under 3 weeks to go. It is safe to say that I'm getting a bit nervous now.

Finally got an acknowledgment letter of my request to have a birth centre birth, but it has no other information on it other than the fact that they have booked me an appt with the consultant midwife for 25th July at the hospital I'd rather not go to. Hmmmm, cutting it a bit fine considering my due date is 29th. If my lo comes sooner, it looks as though I'll be choosing the location of delivery! grin They really have been so slack.

Coconuts Very proud of you for buying a travel system. How very brave. I've not had chance to let everyone know about the thread. Hoping to PM mumatron, MummyA and Julez this evening if I get chance and they don't find us first. I don't want to hound anyone to join in, but it is nice to have a relevant home here again.

Lunatic How is L doing now? Hope there has been a small explosion and he's feeling much better! grin

frazzled Yey for the weigh in. Not so yey for the bowel issues and nappy rash!

Having a bit of a mare at this end (what's new?) because I've got a weird pouch-like lump under my belly button at the bottom of my bump. I suspect it's a pocket of fluid - looks as though I've trapped a bit of skin and it's retained its shape - if that makes any sense? Could it be oedema? It's too low to be hernia related and sort of slightly numb rather than tender to touch. Seeing the mw on Wednesday anyway, but baby is still active and happy, so I suspect it's nothing too sinister. Still a bit grim though. Also getting stretchmarks now. Grrrrrrrrrrr. This happened last time at 39 weeks. Not fair that I manage to get so massive and close to the end before anything happens and now I look minging. You can come out now, baby! smile

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Sun 10-Jul-11 21:59:15

I'm here! Thank you for doing this glittery

Can't wait to have a catch up with you all.

I'm on my phone atm so can't do a proper catch up. I'm in bed watching marley and me and having a good sob

E is doing fab, growing at an alarming rate! Think there are some fairly up to date pics on my profile if anyone fancies a nosey.

Will do a proper catch up tomorrow.

mumatron Sun 10-Jul-11 22:00:56

Oh and lf you are such a tease! I really was expecting a bfp. <Faints at the thought>


Julezboo Sun 10-Jul-11 22:01:30

<<<wanders in excitedly>>>

So happy to have a home now! Like Frazzled was feeling a bit lost!! (Really sorry about nappies, they will be in post this week I promise! with a freebie nappy or two!)

How long to the pregnant grin ladies have left now?

We are muddling through. PND was diagnosed a while ago as well as disalligned ribs from pregnancy shock which are very painful still! We are done, no more kids!

O is okay too. Still struggling on the weight front, for those that missed it he was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy and reflux (which isproving to be fun with weaning!) He is also on poo strike like L today! so very whingy and screamy. We have been referred to a dietician. DS2 just getting over a broken arm too so life has been pretty hectic!

I am soo happy we have a home, I did toy with the idea of setting up a similar thread but chicken out! Thank you Glittery!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 10-Jul-11 22:06:39

I have told justmee about it and also have mummyA on my FB so will message her in the morning. must spread the word.

So great to have you all here, all hail glittery grin grin

Will do proper catch up tomorrow, after pushchair comes YAY!!!

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stillfrazzled Sun 10-Jul-11 22:22:07

Evening all smile. Still chuffed to have somewhere to hang out!

Coconuts, congrats on ordering the travel system. It's an important step. Hopefully you can keep up the good work and not get caught short like me - nowt ready by 35 weeks because I was still in denial. Normally wouldn't have mattered, of course, but F had other ideas!

He is indeed six months old, although since he's the size of a 3mo you wouldn't nec know it to look at him. Mind you, he makes it work for him - he's pretty cute (fond/biased mama alert) and extremely smiley, and also has the instincts of a bloodhound for any lady who might be persuaded to go oooo at him. It's a deadly combination...

Glittery I don't like to scold, but you are supposed to be finished with weird ailments nowgrin. Have never heard of it, but I have just broken my longstanding 'never Google health stuff' policy and oedema was what came up more than anything else. Along with lots of reassuring anecdotes about midwives not being too bothered about it. When are you due to be seen next?

Sympathy re stretchmarks. First time round I was pretty smug until week 38, when I noticed the buggers in a changing room mirror. Didn't get any extra this time but then had smallish bump and didn't get to that stage. Is the final pregnancy (not birth) related insult, no?

Lunatic V glad that L is doing so well (isn't it funny how we don't tend to use DS2 etc but initials instead? I do use DS2 elsewhere on MN, but since he's been introduced using his proper name it feels silly to do it here). Not bitter, honest - L managed a decent weight to start with, after all. Glad to hear that poo strike over and even more pleased that you didn't have to deal with it!

So looks like you're content to be done, then? I gave all my maternity clothes away to a friend without a pang. Although am now starting to get terrible 'this is the last time I'll ever do this waaaah' every time F grows out of something or learns to do something new.

Started F on formula top-ups last thing at night in the week. He seems to like them so I've been able to ditch the bloody breast pump at long last. I even felt a bit nostalgic about that. Hopeless case. Still haven't tried him with food, given preponderance of green squitty nappies.

Not much to report. Had nice weekend At Home for once, just together as a family. V little housework or gardening done, nice food eaten, some beer drunk and several episodes of Summer Heights High watched.

And starting to plan packing etc for mahoosive family gathering in Suffolk (huge house on seafront in Lunatic's recent holiday destination). There will be at least ten of us there at all times from Friday, for a week, and it's not equipped for babies so we need everything. Any hints for essentials appreciated as I always forget something. I need lists!

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stillfrazzled Sun 10-Jul-11 22:28:46

My epic took so long that I x-posted with mumatron and Julez <waves frantically and raises a glass>

E is absolutely gorgeous as ever, mumatron. Is Marley and Me any good? I can't cope with things that make me cry, watched Toy Story 2 with DS1 on Friday and had to look away during the scene with Jessie and Emily. Wibble.

And I'd missed the news about your ribs, Julez. Bloody hell, have never even heard of that. Is it something that gets put right with time, or will you need treatment of some kind?

Re nappies, we're off for a week from Fri morning, so if you don't make it to Post Office by about Tues don't worry about it till the week after. Will be great to get them but it takes me DAYS to get to the post so don't feel bad. smile

Welcome in advance if you make it, MummyA!

Julezboo Sun 10-Jul-11 22:33:48

Treatment forever kind of ailment! Tbh its got me down today and meltdown was huge this morning, coupled with the fact DH whinged about getting up at 7am with oliver! Never mind that when its my turn to get up he thinks the day starts at 5bluddy am lol

DS1 has an appt first thing so will get to post office tomorrow afternoon smile I have an orange fuzzi bunz to go in as well smile

MummyAbroad Sun 10-Jul-11 22:56:43

Hello!!! coconuts tipped me off via facebook that you were all over here, how lovely to see you all again and get your news!!

I am 23 weeks along at the moment, still out here in Costa Rica, however now minus a husband (long story, but DS and me and bump really are much happier without him), DS has now turned 3 and is in nursery school every day in the mornings, I have a part time job translating, all done at home via the internet so its a great setup and we have a fab fab fab full time cleaner/cook making everything possible.

The only black cloud on the horizon is my birth plan, I am currently shopping around for doctors (or more accurately, trying to pysche up the courage to get back into the fray after a stressful week of getting nowhere) So far options are: state hospital where no one cares about my pre-existing conditions and facilities are frankly scary or private hospital with a doc I met last week who says I am extreemly high risk and will need a cesarian plus hysterectomy (!)

Obviously I dont like either choice and will keep looking, something somewhere in the middle of these two extremes would be nice! I am going for a scan on tuesday which will hopefully give me an indication if there is placenta accreta or not, hopefully its clear and then doctors might be a bit less inclined to rip my womb out!

frazzled I love making lists (got a massive nesting urge at the moment but not much energy to actually do anything, so I make lists instead grin)

Have you got these items?:
travel cot/place for baby to sleep
changing mat
bath (if you use them)
emergency baby meds (glycerine suppositories for the poo strikes!)
dummy + dummy clip on thing (if you use them)
microwave steriliser bags (from boots) - assuming there is a microwave, phone and check!
disposable bibs (boots)
disposable breast pads for you.
mothercare steriliser bottles are great too (especially as its just one feed at night)

If you will be out in the countryside you might also want to take a mosquito net for the pram to keep wee beasties out or insect repellent for babies. Also a sunshade or shawl to drape over pram, and a plastic rain cover for pram and a raincoat with a hood for you.

Plenty of wet wipes to keep everybody cool and maybe a hand held fan.

will be back later if i think of some more...


Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Mon 11-Jul-11 20:08:12

I'm just getting the bigger dc off to bed, quick tidy up then I'll be stealing the laptop to do a mammoth catch up grin

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 11-Jul-11 20:26:42

lunatic glad I'm not the only one who is a teensy bit excited at this thread grin I've missed you all dearly!

Pushchair is fab thanks, came at like 5pm though which was a bit annoying that we had to wait in all day and have no bread or milk for breakfasts tomorrow. Hey ho, never mind smile

Great that L slept through so well. Intrigued about friend's scary ds though... do tell!! grin

Mummy Glad you found us smile ooh you are good at making lists, I'll remember that when my brain goes blank!

frazzled F sounds adorably small and cute smile Am still in denial at times. Sometimes I find it so hard but I'm forcing myself to get on and accept it for how it is. Hope you have a great holiday, sounds like you'll have a ball with all the family and friends there for babysitting duties grin

julez I'm due 1st October, so 28weeks now. Disaligned ribs? I have a rib that still pokes out from when I was preg with DD, never knew it would be regarded as a medical condition. Sorry to hear about the PND, hope you have the right people around you smile

Sounds like O has had a tricky time with the reflux etc sad

mumatron Marley & Me makes me blub like a baby, but it's a great film. E is beautiful smile

glittery pouch of fluid sounds a believable diagnosis although must look and feel pretty weird grin Am waiting with excited trepidation and anticipation for you to pop out a baby in the next couple of weeks. Hope she doesn't keep you waiting much longer!

Soooo.... Here is my new buggy I love it. Have got it all out the box, built it all, had a little walk up and down the hallway, and put it all away again in the lobby.

Had my GTT Friday, results in morning. Bit nervous actually. Am measuring 3 weeks too big so 2+2= 64 so that must mean I have GD hmm Always something to worry about!!

Anyways, DD's bedtime, must dash!

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stillfrazzled Mon 11-Jul-11 20:44:46

Lunatic, 6.20am? SIX TWENTY AM? Now I AM bloody well bitter grin. F lasts from his 11pm feed to about 3am ish, 2-something if he's feeling sadistic and 4-something if he wants to get my hopes up. Don't feel up to sleep training him because at the moment I think he needs the milk more than I need the zeds <martyr emoticon>.

Thx for most useful list and tips, and also to you MummyA, will add them to my own. So sorry for everything you've been through - I remember you mentioned it on the other thread, but at the time were in hopes it would all work out. I am in quiet awe at how much you've got through this past year.

Like the pram a lot, Coconuts. It will look even nicer with your LO tucked away inside it smile.

Julez, what sort of treatment do you get for your ribs? I am aghast that after everything you went through before and during the pg, you're still dealing with this sad.

Have spent day doing laundry (three loads, two to go), getting travel cot from courier - tomorrow's job is doing a trial run to see if I can get the fecking thing up and fold it again, is one of those tent jobbies - mowing the lawn, laying out F's clothes, making list of holiday capsule wardrobe for me (won't be throwing in 20 extra bits at the last minute, ooooh noooo), collecting Bumbo tray from local shop so F has something to sit in and mangle grub in on hols, fixing broken pole of beach shelter... I think about it, I'm knackered! Have arranged to have DS1 in nursery for full day tomorrow, to give me a chance to clean and sort a few more bits out. Then going to spend Thurs packing and baking all the cakes I rashly promised my family. I suppose it could be a bribe for babysitting and thus less mad, no?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Mon 11-Jul-11 22:01:30

right, I've finally managed to wrestle the laptop from dp.

<settles in bed> here we go grin

glittery mucho thanks for starting this. i've missed you all terribly. how is that odd lump doing? not something i've ever heard before. hope your okay. can't believe you are nearly ready to pop!

coconuts I very nearly bought that pram, it's nice to push. a friend has it and has had no probs with it. it's so exciting when all the equipment starts arriving. sorry if you've already said but do you know what your having? <too lazy to check>

lf well done to l for the good sleeping! I completely understand why you send dd1 to the cm. She probably enjoys it anyway. we all need a bit of one on one time with these babies.

julez fgs woman! go and lock yourself in a padded room before you get anything else wrong with you. seriously though, glad you have a diagnosis for pnd, at least you will be getting support? (hope so at least) how's dd2's arm? O is a handsome little devil. I could happily squeeze his lovely little face grin

frazzled yay to F finally being on the charts! my cousins baby who was born at 33 weeks has not long turned one and E is so much bigger than him, it looks so funny. he is adorable though. have a fab time away, even if you are swamped with baby paraphernalia.

mummy sorry to hear about you and your h. i remember from the old thread there was some issues, hopefully things will work out for the best for you and your dc. Am a bit shock at the hysterectomy though, can they do that without consent? would it be possible for you to come back here to have the baby?

not much doing here, dc all fine. E is doing well, growing up way to quickly, it's like she was never a baby really sad she's always seemed really grown up somehow. i'm not due back to work until sept but im dreading it already! Mil was supposed to be having Eliza but we have had soo many probs with her i dont know if thats going to work out. i cant bear the thought of a stranger looking after her and geting to see all the milestones i'm going to miss <emotional> . She's loving food and sleeps like a dream. I cannot believe how incredibly lucky we have been.

on a happier note, we're off to cornwall for a few days on fri so that should be good, hopefully the weather will be nice. And we booked hols for next year, a week in cyprus. Can't bloody wait. Only downside is the older dc are not coming sad they're supposed to be going away with their dad.

I'm off to make a cuppa and give my poor fingers a rest.

mumatron Mon 11-Jul-11 22:05:41

ffs julez i obviously meant ds2 not dd2.

there prob a million other mistakes in there but i was too excited to preview! grin

MummyAbroad Tue 12-Jul-11 02:08:54

Evening all.

Just want to add myself to the excited to be on the thread list grin feeling a bit gutted that I dont have nearly as much MN time as I used to though, so you are all hard to keep up with already!

So, in a rather lazy way and in no particular order...

I am very envy of new prams - I want a sit and stand one, like this , but am not quite ready to pay loads of £££ for shipping from the US. (they dont make them here)

and even MORE envy of the 6.30 wakings! Wow, keep giving me hope please!

I have considered going back to the UK but it really isnt a good option. Just the flights for me and DS is the same price as a cesarian or natural birth in a private hospital here, and in the UK I could well be charged for using the NHS as I am not a full time UK resident anymore. Also H can legally stop me from taking DS out of the country any time he feels like it, which could prove tricky if he decides to be difficult and the biggest reason of all is that I dont want to leave my nice comfy home - its all set up and ready for a baby. When I had DS in the UK I was camped out in my mums house and it really was hard taking care of a new born when you dont have your own creature comforts.

re: hysterectomy, the doctor I saw last week kept saying that I would have to sign a consent form for it, if I were treated by him, and his general attitude made me feel that he would be very inclined to do it, and not view it as a last resort at all. I really dont think I will be going back to him in a hurry, its just a case of ploughing through the list of doctors and going to more appointments until I find a good one. After all the testing/ashermans stuff at least I have learnt that its better to cut your losses early with bad doctors and I am not afraid of questioning things, withdrawing consent and looking for help elsewhere. (I bet all of use on this thread are like that now!)

Julez sorry to hear about PND, I missed that on my first read. You have all my sympathy, I had it with DS1 and went on anti depressants (couldnt breastfeed after a month anyway because of PPH and hospitalisation) and they really really helped. I am on the again now (can you tell? grin) Hope you are getting all the help you need xxx

and for whoever asked, I am due on Guy Fawkes Night.

right I will leave it there for tonight as I have already forgotten everything else that has been said and am too knackered to scroll back again (sorry blush) but it is so so so lovely to read all about the healthy bouncing babies and how well they are doing. smile smile smile what a long way we have all come!

Glitterybits Tue 12-Jul-11 10:24:49

AAAAAGGHHH have just spent the past hour writing you all a lovely long message only for MN to eat it! Must remember to copy and paste into Word first. Still nice to have you all back though! Will come back this evening and re-type! grin

Glitterybits Tue 12-Jul-11 16:33:48

Right, let's try again! First of all, a general WOOHOO that you're all here. I'm so glad you're all keen to have a new MN home, however random it may become over the passage of time! grin I certainly wasn't going to post my pg woes on the old thread, but still felt the need for a spot of hand-holding, plus the fact that I was missing you all unbearably!!! grin Thanks to all of you for coming!
I decided to opt for an early night last night and it looks like I missed a party, so will try and do another catch up.

Lunatic Glad to hear the poo strike is no more and you didn't have to deal with the outcome. I'm impressed that it all remained in the nappy rather than an up the back nightmare. Hope he's feeling better now. Very well done on relinquishing the pg books. Think you have to just do these things before your brain has a chance to catch up and convince you otherwise, but I can imagine how hard it must be. Tbh, I would have struggled to believe a BFP announcement from you at this point, even if it were true! Still, shows how strong the maternal instinct is that we can go through all that and even entertain the prospect of it again. We are all quite mad, though! smile

Coconuts What news of the GTT? Hope all is well. I feel quite left out as I was never offered one. Mind you, not really a fan of lucozade, or waiting around, so it's probably a good thing. I'm measuring 2 weeks too big - which technically means I'm now 40 weeks, but mw didn't seem remotely concerned about GD.

The pram looks lovely. I'm sticking with my trusty Silvercross 3D. The clasps are a bit worn - they were never all that sturdy tbh - but I'm sure it will do for another little one and you need to remortgage the house to buy buggies these days. I am looking forward to using it as a pram for the first few weeks as DS was too long to fit in it unless it was in its pushchair state by the time I bought it.

mumatron Nice to 'see' you again. I only caught the last 20 mins or so of 'Marley & Me' and was utterly beside myself. Not the thing to watch in such a pregnant state - or indeed any other state as far as I'm concerned. Thought I was in for a spot of gentle comedy with Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, but I was howling! (frazzled it's definitely NOT for you if Toy Story 2 is too much! Ha ha.) Lovely to hear you say that you can't believe how lucky you've been with E. I think you deserve to have some luck after all the ups and downs. It seems bizarre to think all these babies are being weaned already/ growing up so fast. In some ways, I feel like this pregnancy has lasted an eternity, but then I think about all your little people and how much has changed when it only seems like yesterday that you were all announcing their arrivals. Have a great time in Cornwall.

Julez I'm really not surprised you're done after all you have been through over the past few years. Neither am I remotely surprised that you've struggled with PND. Hope you're coping okay? At least it's been diagnosed, but I realise that doesn't make it any easier to cope with. Add to that the rib problems and the protein allergy and it sounds as though you're still paying your dues to the Gods of conception, pregnancy and birth even now. Hopefully, coming back here and having a good rant about it all will help some. grin

frazzled I know I'm supposed to be done with weird ailments, but Julez is still winning!!!! Anyway, there's no fun in being normal is there? grin
I'm not quite as distraught about the stretchmarks this time around. Just a bit gutted because I come from a family with good skin (my sister and Mum never got any stretchmarks despite having 7 kids between them) and it feels a bit unjust this late in the day. Having said that, I've put the research in and can say, categorically, that Bio Oil is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard if you stretch this much. I am MASSIVE! Think it's going to be fun to try and lose the weight, so I'm really hoping there's a lot of fluid in there. I do think the anterior placenta may have helped to overstretch me at the front. The skin around my belly button is virtually translucent. Sexy!

Btw, I was nostalgic about ditching the breast pump the first time around, so there really is no hope for me on the broody stakes. I am terrified of ever feeling the urge to do this again. I truly am!

I hope you have a lovely break.

Hello MummyA! Lovely to hear from you. Not so lovely to hear about your terrifying birth prospects over there. It sounds like the only way forward is to go private, but possibly not with a scary doctor who wants to gut you like a fish! Surely the fact that you are 23 weeks along would suggest that your womb is doing its job quite nicely? I realise that your pre-existing condition definitely needs to be taken into account at the birth, but what exactly are you supposed to be at such high risk of that warrants a total removal of all your lady areas?

Really hope you find the right doctor. You've been through enough. I have to reiterate what Lunatic said. You really are the most capable and brave lady. Makes my concerns seem like those of a five-year-old in comparison! grin

I have shown my weird lump thing to my sister (after googling even though I know far better blush) and she agrees that it's fluid/ oedema. She's advised me to be on the lookout if it gets really hot or itchy as, apparently, it could turn into cellulitis if I'm not careful. Bloody hell! Really don't like the sound of that. Come out NOW baby! grin I hope it goes away after the birth.

I also have a mw appt tomorrow morning, so I'm going to question her about what to do if the baby arrives before my appt with the consultant mw. Part of me is really reluctant to drive over for an appt that I suspect will frustrate me. I'm guessing they are probably going to tell me that I can't deliver where I want to, which is fine. I just don't want to drive all the way there to be disappointed by a piece of news that they could just give me over the phone. They don't need to see me to know I had a retained placenta last time around. I'm also getting increasingly reluctant to drive. Having a lot of twinges that make me recoil a bit and am not altogether sure how safe I feel behind the wheel. Besides which, I can barely fit behind it anyway!

DH is away tonight, so I'm planning an evening of rubbish telly and relaxation. He works 3.5 hours away for 3 days a week and, whilst I doubt I am likely to have a speedy labour, I can't help but be a little concerned that he's quite far away should I need him quickly.

Right, enough rambling. I'm going to get this sent before MN eats it again. Sorry if I've repeated myself anywhere! Copy and paste first woman!!! grin

justmee Tue 12-Jul-11 18:15:00

soo glad you decided to do this ladies smile

sorry its taken so long for me to write computor keeps dying think its the heat

how are you all doing glittery bet you so excited now smile) its gone so fast you pregnancy

went to doctors today for weight blood pressure and heartbeat got told off as iv put on 4 kilos ! got told off last month coz i lost half a kilo i just cant get it right lol she said im not alollowed ot eat rice bread or choclate anymore ok stuff the rice and bread but choclate how can u bann a pregnant woman from eating choclate its just neverr everr gonna happen well not to me anyways haha!

the heat here is killing me iv been indoors or in the pool permantly 45 degrees and going up im not happy sad heatburn is terriblee so went and got some gaviscon thanks to coconuts smile) did the trick you got your buggy hun bet you was having a good old wizz around hehe! :DD

hope your all ok ladies xxxxxxx

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 12-Jul-11 18:43:54

frazzled you sound positively manic over there preparing everything!

mumatron am pleased the puschair is good and easy to push. We had a little whizz abut but I expect it pushes different outside to how it did on our carpet smile Have a lovely time in Cornwall. E sounds as easy as DD was, so I'm fully expecting a terrible time of it this time! grin

glittery We used to have the silvercross 3D in the pistachio but sold it once DD outgrew it and went into a cheap umbrella style buggy. I have to say I hated it but only because it was quite heavy and not very practical for our first floor flat.

And cellulitis? Crikey. Lets hope it goes away before it gets any worse.

GTT was all clear grin YAY!!! Although am badly anemic. Need to have more bloods taken by end of week to detect any other deficiencies to ensure any iron supplements are absorbed correctly so should be on iron by end of week, beginning of next at the latest.

Am getting so big and uncomfortable now. But got some new birkenstocks today smile smile so my pregnant feet look lovely and comfy smile

Big waves to everyone else. smile

Glitterybits Tue 12-Jul-11 20:39:45

Hey justmee really pleased you found us. For what it's worth, I have piled on the exact same amount of weight I did with DS - despite my promises to be good - but I'm carrying less fluid round my ankles/ fingers this time, so I'll probably have even more to lose afterwards! I don't know how you can stand being pg and in that heat. Thank goodness for the pool! Oh, and my pg has dragged like you wouldn't believe as far as I'm concerned! How many weeks are you now?

Coconuts You're right. It is heavy - yet not as sturdy as I first hoped - but I am reasonably tall so I've always found it fairly user friendly in that regard. We chose it because, at the time we bought it, we only had a Corsa and it was one of the few slightly more robust prams that did everything and still fit in the boot. We never got around to selling it, partly because my umbrella style buggy doesn't have a raincover and I LOVE the raincover on the 3D, but also because we were planning no. 2 when DS was 6 months old, so it's just hung around the house expectantly! I do like it as a pram though. Babies look so cute in there. If we'd had our babies closer together, I would have forked out for a Phil & Ted's which is my most favourite buggy ever, but I can't really justify it now.

Yey for the clear GTT. Not so yey for the anaemia. I also have anaemia, but chose to eat excessive amounts of meat and swig Floradex rather than cope with constipation. I loathe iron tablets. Make sure you eat lots of veg and fruit to keep regular! grin

Suppose I ought to go and finish packing my hospital bag. Never got around to packing toiletries because we've had so may social events planned over the past few weekends and I've needed everything out! Have now told DH I am not going anywhere that I don't want to as car journeys are becoming very uncomfortable, so I suppose I ought to accept the fact that labour will happen sooner rather than later. Should probably also pack a bag for DS so he is ready to be shipped out to the grandparents. It all seems so far off and surreal one minute and imminent the next. Next job is the crib. Can't quite bring myself to assemble it just yet. Might wait until I come home before doing that bit and, even then, I'll probably still be telling myself that I'm doing it for someone else. grin

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 13-Jul-11 16:37:34

Hello smile

I am just exhausted today. My eyes are closing as I type. I'm not keeping on top of the house or the pets. My fish need cleaning desperately and have made the rash decision of carting off the guinea pigs to SILs so I can pull the house round.

Have been out at my best friends new house today (she only moved in a week ago) and it was quite a walk from the bus stop and had to walk it with a massive stitch in my side the whole time.

I'm really fed up. I feel like I'm about ready to drop. I said to DH last night that it would be great if I could just unzip my bump for an hour so I get stretch properly and be comfy for a while and then put it back on later!

I feel so bleurgh. I spent so much time wishing and praying to be pregnant. Now I hate it. sad

Need to stop moaning I suppose. Someone gimme a kick please but make it a gentle one!!

LF I hate tax credit forms. They were designed by the devil. Too many numbers for my pea brain to cope with!

glittery Funny that, I hated the raincover. Strange how some things suit some but not others. If money was no object I'd have the iCandy Strawberry. However, we seem to have spent so much these last couple of months and really have nothing to show for it. So it was between the Cosatto Cabi and the Hauck Apollo. The four year guarantee swung it for me smile

Bag wise, could you just buy some travel size toiletries for your bag so you still have your regular ones at home and the bag can be totally finished without needing to throw things in at the last minute. I'd never even thought about packing for DD. That's another list to make! Yawn! I have to somehow come up with a plan of hgoe I even can get to hospital should I go into labour. Neither DH nor I drive so need to speak to my mum and SIL/BIL to arrange lifts and care for DD. MIL is as useful as a chocolate teapot so choices are narrowed somewhat.

<waves to everyone else, I'm off to get some matchsticks for my eyes>


Glitterybits Wed 13-Jul-11 20:09:30

Lunatic Thank God you reminded me about the sodding tax credits. Totally forgot about that - although the form will be irrelevant as soon as I renew it considering there'll be (hopefully) another baby straight afterwards. grin at L loving you so much. Of course he does. How lovely. smile

Coconuts Not wishing in any way to sound pleased about your discomfort... just a bit grateful that we're allowed to moan a bit too - despite it being all we've ever wanted! It's one of the reasons why this thread needs to be separate to the recurrent mc thread. I feel totally blessed in every way that I'm pregnant and not a day goes by that I don't feel ridiculously grateful, but it's still hard work and bloody annoying at times. If it's any consolation, I felt worse at your stage than I do now and that compounded the discomfort because I knew I had so many weeks to go. It seems to get more bearable the nearer you get. Obviously you become more mental on the way grin, but I'm definitely feeling a little better physically than I was two weeks ago, when I felt like spending every waking moment lying on the sofa and moping.

Oh, I have loads of toiletries. grin I just wanted to pack things I don't have duplicates of like my toothbrush, hairdryer and straighteners - after the Diana Ross look when I emerged from the pool last time, I can't help but be a bit vain and want nicer post birth photo's if possible! I still haven't got around to packing everything. It's too final somehow.

I'm a misery today because my normally ridiculously supportive sister has apparently been telling my Mum that it seems I can't be pregnant without everyone around me being pregnant too and I feel really sad about that and a bit irked that my Mum saw fit to tell me in my hormonal state! Helpful. It was probably one of those off the cuff comments that mean nothing but, now I'm really upset that I've just been a hideous burden to everyone for the past 8 months - and the rest. I thought I was handling it quite well. I'm still working part-time and doing my best to keep going, but I am the first to admit that I don't 'do' pregnancy very well. I get very big very quickly and my body doesn't deal with the aches, pains and leg cramps without a fair bit of grumbling on my part. On top of that, I get little to no sleep and am permanently dizzy because my BP is stupidly low. My lucky sister never had any of that to contend with, so I suppose I probably do come across as a whingebag to her. I also feel a bit justified (childish part) because I've had 2 and a half years of hell up to this point. I still don't have my baby and a lot of my moaning is down to fear, pure and simple.

Also grumpy and irrational today because my midwife refused to try and rearrange my appt with the consultant midwife to an earlier date (so I don't risk having the baby before I see her) meaning that I have no choice but to go to the labour ward rather than the birth centre because I can't get a referral. They've had weeks of me harping on about wanting a birth centre birth for psychological reasons and they could have organised it well in advance. I have NOTHING on my notes in the way of any kind of birth plan and I've gone from not wanting to push my feelings on the subject too early on in the pregnancy to realising that I might well not see my midwife again now before a baby pops out. Moan, moan, moan. Perhaps my Mum had a point about me being a whining nightmare after all!

I asked my lovely DH if I was being OTT and he pointed out that my labour completely stopped the last time around when they threatened to take me to the labour ward, so there's obviously something in this psychology. Is it wrong of me to have expected a bit more support? I'm sure they were much better last time around and, to be honest, it's been a lot more stressful and frightening this time. Anyway, I'm going to phone them tomorrow and see if I can sweet talk them in to at least letting me have a birth centre delivery at the hospital further afield. When I say further afield, I'm still very lucky that it's actually still quite close, but the problem is that I literally don't know where I'm supposed to go if I go into labour now! Could always play dumb and just turn up where I want, I suppose. Seriously tempted to just crawl into my own bath and hope for the best! grin

Anyway, rant over. Sorry! grin Measuring 40 weeks and it looks as though the head is trying to engage. Still in massive denial! Ha! grin

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MummyAbroad Thu 14-Jul-11 01:47:04

Hi everyone.

Big wave to Justme you sound really upbeat, its great to hear you sounding so positive smile I do sympathise with the heat though, its rainy season here so I am getting lots of respite, but with DS last time I had to go to bed with wet hair a lot and even tried a tip I got off the internet - soak your pyjamas in water, ring them out and wear them to bed wet, helps you get to sleep really fast and you wake up all dry in the morning! ... and please ignore that silly doctors chocolate advice, chocolate is important for your psycological well being! grin

Glittery Luntic is right, this is definitely the place for moaning, go ahead and let it all out - you are entitled. I didnt realise just how quite far gone you are, those last few days at the end really are rough, moaning is not at all loony, just perfectly normal for your stage. I sympathise too with the birth centre dilema, its hard to relax and wait for labour if you dont feel things have been organised properly. If I were you, I would be tempted to just turn up where you want to go, or at least ring them when you go into labour to warn them, then show up.

coconuts here have this lovely soft pillow and get your head down for a few mintues! You need some rest and some treats (if ever there was a case for chocolate...) not a kick!

lunatic oh no, not another poo strike. DS suffered occasionally at that age and we had to give him glycerine suppositories - unfortunatley I am really squeamish about bottom inserting (fine with sick though grin) so I found it really traumatising trying to put it in. Works a treat though.
...and grin at "pram porn". I am thinking about pimping my bugaboo now, anyone tried/planning to try toddler boards?

I havent got any further with doctors here, (though i do have an appt booked with one in August) I ran out of energy today after getting a tetanus jab. Its compulsory over here after 20 weeks but IIRC they dont do it at all in the UK (?) always makes me feel a bit nervous when the system is entirely different but its done now. In other news my mum has been posting over some of DS's baby clothes that I'd left in the UK, and its making me feel all mushy and excited [broody hormones emoticon] smile

big kiss and a hug for everyone I didnt name check - there is so much to catch up on! xxxxx

LAF77 Thu 14-Jul-11 13:55:23

hi, just a quick note everyone to say hello. I've been lurking and reading what you all are up to. I've been thinking about all of you over the last few months and glad that you have a place to hang out.

I hope that I can be on your thread one day too. We did TTC this month. I'm holding off on testing until Sunday/Monday, but I'd be very surprised if I came back with BFN. My boobs are enormous right now, I can even see some Montgomery's tuberoses on them. The only question is, how long will the pg last. I want to believe that this time it will be different, but belief and outcome are 2 very different things....

OK, got to run, I'm in the US for work and I've got a meeting in 5 mins.

Glitterybits Thu 14-Jul-11 15:52:43

LAF Lovely to hear from you. I felt like a traitor creating a new thread, but it seemed like the best way to be sensitive to everyone's individual battle. I saw you'd posted when I logged on and had all my fingers and toes tightly crossed for you, but I know a potential BFP means nothing more than worry at this stage. Still, thanks for dropping by and I very much hope you'll be hanging out here soon too. There can't be many women more deserving. smile

MummyA Thanks for making me feels like less of a neurotic nightmare. I actually feel much better at this point than I did earlier on in the pregnancy, although I am having some freakish cervical pains which feel much as I imagine a red hot poker inserted into your fanjo might feel! grin Makes walking quite interesting and I'll bet it's a scream for other people to watch me waddle along, wincing all the while! Hopefully this means effacement and dilation, though I'm not holding my breath.

Not surprised you're a bit hmm about the tetanus. Is that like a bizarre precaution, like antibiotics in case you get an infection? I don't suppose it can do the baby any harm, but I can well appreciate you feeling unsettled that the system is so different over there than to here. I really hope your knight in shining armour of a doctor appears sooner rather than later.

Lunatic Was beside myself laughing at 'pram porn'. Love it. My DH still chuckles at the term 'fanjo'.

I assure you I'm not even more mad because of the pump thing. I just had a hell of a time breastfeeding and was made to feel profoundly guilty - and something of a failure - because my DS had a tongue tie. The retained placenta meant my milk didn't come in for over a week and, if it weren't for the joy of my amazing pump (I forked out for a hospital grade electric one), my little man wouldn't have got my milk at all. So, I have a certain amount of fondness for them - just not the bog standard manual jobs which are most definitely the work of the devil!

Thanks for your advice and calming words re my family comments. I'm less hormonal today, because the intense red mist has now lifted. I really have had some very psycho moments along the way with this pregnancy. Experiencing major irrational anger issues some days.

Have actually had a really good day. I phoned the hospital and said I was worried about the lateness of my appt, but also felt it was a waste of their time for me to come and see them, when I could express my concerns over the phone in ten seconds. I suspect the fact that I wanted to save their time gave me an edge, because they gave me the mobile numbers of both the consultant midwives and enabled me to fight my corner directly. Lovely, lovely head midwife lady has told me she'll happily update my notes to let me go wherever I want, provided I'm prepared and accepting of an ambulance transfer should it all go pear-shaped. I could have kissed her.

This was obviously bothering me more than I thought, because the relief is huge. I can now go to the hospital which only has a birth centre or I have the option to go to the one with all the maternity services if it would make me feel more secure. Now I just have to hope I won't need to be induced and pray that there is a pool free when I go into labour. Still, it's fantastic to have a plan in place, finally.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 14-Jul-11 16:20:10

glittery I do feel a bit bad moaning about being pregnant but pregnancy does not agree with me one iota. It is an amazing natural thing to do etc etc but it makes me feel shit! Glad that you turned a corner, and you give me hope that soon I may too feel better.

The fanjo stabbing pains you describe, I am also now getting. I don't understand how I can get any bigger than I am. My skin is so stretched right now that it is kind of numb.

Glad I'm not the only one planni g on taking the hairdryer and GHDs grin

Yay for being able to go where you want. Must be such a relief, as you said, more than you realised, to finally have a plan in place.

lunatic Oh how I'd love to get blindingly drunk once again!

Does B12 help with iron absorption? (sp?) They said they want to test for other deficiencies as I had HG so I guess I'll be on a concoction. Might invest in some Spatone to help get things improving in the meantime.

Boo for poo strike 2. DD was a bugger for constipation when she was small. She ended up on lactulose as the usual water/juice methods never worked. It worked a treat smile

muumy aww at the baby clothes. I am getting quite a collection also but can't quite comprehend that I will ever use them hmm It must be weird having things done so differently over there but I suppose you have to just go with it sometimes. Apart from when someone offers you a hysterectomy oviously grin

LAF Lovely to hear from you smile I wish you every luck this month, but as Glittery said, I can imagine that it is only fear and anticipation in your mind. I believe you will get there some day and you truly deserve it. Enjoy the US and hope to see you around here soon smile

Not much to report my end today apart from my B key has broken so I have to stop typing at my normal speed every time I come to a word with a B in to really give it a wallop so I apologise if there are any misspelt words in this!

Baby seems to be growing by the minute, braxton hicks aplenty, fanjo stabby pains, sciatica too. Oh how I'm glowing grin Three people have asked me today if I'm smuggling twins in there and told me I look 'ready to drop' Lovely turn of phrase!

My blood forms have not arrived yet so can't book my blood tests in until they come. MW told me to call GP on Friday to see if she wants me to have iron but then I'll have to wait until Weds for the prescription. Might call this evening to try and bypass the weekend... hello sickness and constipation from the FF talets.

MummyAbroad Thu 14-Jul-11 20:42:29

Glittery Yay! thats great news. well done for fighting your corner, it looks like its paid off. I dont want to be overly influencing because these decisions are so difficult and personal, but FYI I went to a midwife led unit to have DS (in the UK) and it was one that was attached to a labour ward. It was late at night and they were understaffed so there were NO midwives available, just labour ward nurses and doctors, whose philosophies were very different obviously. I had to fight every inch of the way to keep things "natural" and did end up strapped to a monitor and labouring on my back hmm which is not what I wanted. IMO you only get the midwife type birth if a midwife is present, despite it being a birth centre. So if you go into labour at night, keep that in mind or better still before going, ring and ask who is on shift!

LAF hello! I too want to see you on here very soon! do drop in and keep us informed of how you are doing though. I cant manage to spread myself around as many threads as I used to. Please say hello to everyone over there from me too. xxx

coconuts now I am feeling the pressure to put a hair straightners in my hospital bag too... and thanks to whoever mentioned bag for DS - i had forgotton all about that!

I had planned to go and get a detailed scan today specifically to look for placenta accreta, but the place that does it doesnt take appointments, they just see people on tues/thurs afternoons from 2-5, unfortunately yet again it is chucking it down with proper rainy season type storm making me just want to hole up at home... [lazy emoticon] I have definitely lost my earlier enthusiasm for doctors appointments, scans etc.

erm. anyone want to do a list? could be like this...

MummyAbroad 23w+6d EDD 4/11/2011

-with long awaited babies-
StillFrazzled - baby F ?w?d born ?/?/?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MummyAbroad Fri 15-Jul-11 21:31:57

Hi Lunatic, you have loads of sympathy from me about feeling like a medical thing and wanting to be normal. I have had it up to my back teeth with problems, and know exactly how you feel. I am very glad you are getting help from the GP and talking to DH, the very worst thing you can do is ignore it. I hope the AD's work as well for you as they are doing for me. Will you still be able to/want to breastfeed? I am hearing mixed things. I thought that on cytolopram (sp?) you can, but Doctor Hysterectomy said no, so until I find another doctor who OK's it I will be coming off fluoxitine before the birth (you cant bf on fluoxitine) but if I can I would like to switch to something that I can stay on post natally as I am dead scared of getting PND.

I fully sympathise with the breastfeeding trauma too, I had much the same problems and didnt make it past week 4 with DSsad. I am hoping I will do better next time.

good info re: buggy board. I am sort of swinging against it now thinking that a C-section would mean no pram pushing for 6 weeks anyway (is that right?) Can you still walk properly with the board on? I have a buggaboo cameleon but the buggy board for it has really bad reviews because it sticks out so much, I am thinking of getting a non bugaboo one (more rectangle shaped, than triangle) if any at all.

Nesting is in full swing over here, I now have cot mattress, bedding, clothes, and even a packet of wipes. smile

justmee Fri 15-Jul-11 22:40:02

im now 29+ 5 ....and i feel as tho i have been pregnant forever. altho i have wanted this for such a long time so not going to moan smile ... i just hate this heat i feel as tho i have zero energy sad how long do you have now

you know what last night after having 2 showers i thought hmm i wonder if i soaked my clothes and wet my hair but i hadnt read you message and i got up and soaked my nighty in freezing water result i got about 4 hour sleep before i was woke up after needing a wee ... then i come on today and see your message so im deffo doing it tonight again smile)

doctors called again for me to go today but i didnt go they want to take more blod from me i dont even know why they keep taking my blood every month to look at suger and iron ect i hate needles sad((

hope all are ok :D xxxx

Glitterybits Fri 15-Jul-11 23:30:02

Coconuts If I had a pound for every inappropriate or just downright rude comment I've had about the size of my bump/ body in general throughout this pregnancy, I'd be a rich woman. It feels a little less soul destroying now I'm so close to my EDD, but I remember feeling utterly miserable about it earlier on in the pregnancy. I'd reslished the prospect of having a bump and people were so mean with twin/ triplet comments or just general exclamations of 'Christ!' or 'Look at the bloody size of you' that I started to feel horribly self-conscious and wanted to cover it up.

I tried for ages not to be so sensitive, but it does get a bit wearing on the old self-esteem having people point out how fat you are all the time and haywire hormones can make it all the more difficult if you're close to tears anyway. The most irritating thing of all is that most of the comments came from people who were fatter than me and weren't pregnant. Perfect strangers have no qualms about saying this stuff - I remember your supermarket experience! - and it really isn't helpful. I know you feel wretched right now, but I tried to make a conscious effort to breathe out and let it all hang out. smile I tend to live in leggings these days - can't bear anything too tight around the bump - and it makes me look even more ridiculous because I look like one of those skinny-legged men with massive beer bellies. But, I keep telling myself I am pregnant. I have worked incredibly bloody hard to get pregnant - and I will go back to a normal size soon. If I weren't so polite, I would have used the phrase, "I'm pregnant, what's your excuse?" on more than one occasion. Also been tempted by blurting out something along the lines of, "I'm fat, but you're ugly. At least I can lose weight!" Miaaaoooowwww! grin Hang in there.

MummyA Thanks for that. I might just hang on a bit longer and go to the hospital that only has the birth centre in the way of maternity services! That means they can't intervene at all unless they're willing to put me in an ambulance. It's where I had DS anyway and I had a lovely waterbirth. Aside from the retained placenta, it was a really positive experience. I'm really hoping that I can repeat this feeling, as I doubt I'll be doing it again anytime soon.

With the whole BF thing, I managed to combine breastmilk and formula for about 3 months before my milk dried up. Best £65 I ever spent on ebay that pump. I've loaned it to all my friends who were having issues and feel really happy that we've all got use out of it. I think I will feel generally better about the whole thing this time around whatever happens, because I will know what to expect and won't allow them to make me feel as guilty as I did. It's hard to know how to feel though. I know that breast is best, but I also know that my DS was never full - even when feeding was going well and I also know that formula doesn't stop them growing up nice and chunky. grin

Lunatic You didn't come across at OTT at all. I suspect it was the other way around. I've always been a bit defensive and guarded about anything related to bfing, because I always assumed it would come really naturally to me and was completely gutted when it didn't. As a second timer, my feelings about it back then seem a little unnecessarily overboard now, so I can only imagine that I was in my most emotionally fragile state - utterly exhausted and couldn't deal with the constant stream of random midwives putting me down and making me feel dreadful about depriving my boy in some way. You really don't need that so-called 'help' at such a vulnerable time. I still wonder if we'd have got there in the end if they all just buggered off and left us to it, but am convinced that placental issues and the fact that I got next to no time alone with him for days (endless visitors and difficult MIL) coupled with the scary midwife lady who forcefed him formula on day 3 (milk still hadn't come in) made me a bit angry! I won't be frightened to tell them to bugger off this time.

Oh just sad and angry that, on top of everything else you and Julez have to suffer PND. Surely we should be done with all this nonsense once the baby arrives? Massive well done for both recognising it and acting on it though. From my own experience, I tend to hide my head in the sand because I'm too proud to admit when I'm depressed either to myself or others. It always backfires and I nearly always end up a soggy mess in front of a doctor eventually!

So, on the off chance, can we invest in a rather large and comfy PND couch for the thread? I promise to bring biscuits if the shit hits the fan when the denial gives way to the miracle baby that I might have in a couple of weeks. Despite the massive bump and on-tap insults for anyone who cares to point it out, I still don't quite believe it and suspect I may be in the running when it hits home. Always the optimist!

In the meantime, back to the fanjo pain. It seems to be much like pre-labour felt with DS. I'd be fine when I woke up in the morning and then everything would be fine until about teatime, when the waves of pain would start. It's not quite as bad as it was then - as these are less contractions, more stabbing pains in the cervix combined with a really horrid weighty, pre-menstrual, cramping sensation in my womb. It isn't completely stopping me from sleeping yet, but the combination of the two feelings tends to result in a sharp intake of breath and the need to get on all fours. Not altogether practical in Sainsbury's! I'm hoping it means things are gearing up to a nice seamless, textbook, 3 hour painfree waterbirth... <<skips off in the lovely dreamy land of Narnia...>>

Hope everyone else is okay. xx

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sat 16-Jul-11 10:08:42

Hello everyone,

reporting in from a very rainy part of the country. It was boiling here yesterday and we made plans for a shopping trip and a picnic today. No such luck in that department now. So... am still in my PJs sipping OJ while DH plays with DD. Good times smile

mummy I'd definitely be up for a little list, if everyone else is smile

lunatic Moving onto solids is such a milestone. Hello babyrice. smile

Well done for recognising the PND I imigine it was a hard step to take. I'm very much like glittery and tend to bury my head in the sand and ignore any problems. Depression is rife in my family so I think I am a little predisposed to PND. It is flagged up on my notes but I doubt if there was a problem that I would admit it. Hope the ADs can help you very soon smile

Oh and can I take the Spatone at the same time as my Ferrous Fumerate? Is it possible to OD on iron?!

justmee checking your sugar and iron is important my lovey, you should make sure you go for your tests. Will email you soon smile

glittery Have a mental image of a skinny legged beer belly man grin I tend to be more angry at people thinking it is ok to just start up random conversations with me as opposed to being upset at the comments themselves. I know I'm not fat. i am just all bump. I can still fit in some of my old size 12 stretchy tops so I know I'm not 'fat' but yes the twins/triplets thing gets really annoying. Like we wouldn't know if there was more than one in there hmm Sometinmes though, I know I am far too polite for my own good.

And i'll join you skipping through Narnia as I try to convince my DH to a lovely serene superfast Homebirth whilst DD sleeps through the whole thing!

I really would love a homebirth but the worry of something going wrong is too strong. For me, my baby's welfare is more important than my need for my own happy personal experience. But I can't stop thinking about it...

And re breastfeeding.... I just don't know. I didn't even try with DD and would like to give it a try this time but I know it bloody hurts in the beginning and I know I wouldn't deal very well with doing it in public. So I might just FF and try and get in a routine and allow myself to be able to go out and about as soon as possible. Very conflicting things in my head at the mo. I think part of me thinks that I've wanted this for so long that I just want my baby here, safe, the rest is just background noise. But I know I have to decide at some point...

LAF77 Sun 17-Jul-11 17:07:55

Well, as I predicted, I am pregnant again. I'm not feeling over the moon about it. I don't know if this will be a real pregnancy that ends up with a baby in 9 months or one that ends in tears in a few weeks. RMC is so horrible. I should be feeling happy, but I feel nothing. I've had the start of symptoms earlier, but I know that there is nothing I can do but wait and see how it turns out. I want a happy ending, but want and reality are different things.

Sorry to crash the thread with my doom and gloom, but I'm sure you've all felt the same.

stillfrazzled Sun 17-Jul-11 18:10:14

Evening all, posting from phone so this will be short if not sweet.

Glittery, really glad mw issue was solved, go you! Lunatic, really sorry you're having to go through pnd but kudos for tackling it. LAF, fingers crossed for you. And waves to everyone else.

Hol house huge, ace and overlooks sea. Family have taken kids over, and although it's rainy I don't care because I have my kindle and a chaise longue with a sea view ;-)

stillfrazzled Sun 17-Jul-11 20:29:47

Posted the above in a hurry as heading out for dinner, I promise it wasn't meant to sound so breezy. Thinking of you all.

Glitterybits Sun 17-Jul-11 21:37:59

frazzled Have a lovely holiday. The weather doesn't matter provided you get some peace and recuperation! A holiday sounds absolutely heavenly right now.

LAF I'm sticking out a HTH and agreeing with you that recurrent mc is evil beyond belief. I felt very sad reading your previous msg that you were so certain of being pg before even taking a test. It should be such a happy thing but it's horrid that your body can alert you to pregnancy so clearly and still cause you so much stress and worry. It's wrong that you should be so familiar with this set-up that you just know IYSWIM. sad Not only takes the joy and anticipation out of it, but also puts you on a ticking clock, wondering how long you have this time around. I am hoping and praying for you that this is your turn, but please feel free to rant and vent every second if it helps. I'll try to pop by every day. I haven't kept up with the other thread very well. Are you on any treatment atm?

Coconuts I hope you get the birth you want. I think you will have a better certainty of what you want when you get a bit further down the road. I went from not giving a damn where I gave birth to suddenly seizing control of my beliefs again in the last couple of weeks. My only advice is to do whatever you think is the best for you and your baby - psychologically as much as physically.

11 days to go. I am anticipating a mini-meltdown sooner rather than later.

Love and hugs to everyone else. x

LAF77 Sun 17-Jul-11 22:46:39

glittery no treatment for me because there has been no diagnosis. I will be on the PROMISE trial, so I have to call St. Marys tomorrow and let them know I'm pg. I'm still travelling for work, so the earliest I can get in is on Friday. I'm supposed to let them know as soon as I know, so I can take the pessaries, placebo or progesterone. DH isn't with me on my trip so I sent him a photo of the test. I'm already worrying that the test says 1-2 weeks, when it should say 2-3 weeks post conception. However, my sample was quite diluted, so I may test again in 2 days time. My period isn't actually due until Tuesday though.

I want this baby so much. I filled in my diary of all of the weeks pg I will be through until mid February. I don't know why I'm torturing myself like this, but I can't help it. I want to believe, but I don't want to get attached. It's awful.

My due date for my third pg is this week. It's nice to think that I have another baby for the time being to help me through it.

I wasn't very nice to my mum when I saw her this week. She tried to give me a photo of DH and me at Christmas and I refused to take it. I can only associate Christmas 2010 with the loss of that baby. Every time I would see that picture, that's what I'd think about.

The pain never really goes away.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 18-Jul-11 09:36:16

LAF Another HTH from me too. It is truly awful, RMC has taken away the joy of a BFP, the excitement and anticipation. And we have all felt the same, so you aren't alone. Try not to get too involved with the CB digi tests, I often think they can make you worry unnecessarily. We all want this to be your turn, and will be here to listen.

The pain never goes away. I lost my first baby on New Years Eve 2005. I can't celebrate NYE anymore. I only have the memory of losing my baby in the toilet.

frazzled enjoy your holiday smile I wish i could join you!

glittery Yes I ecpect it will all fall into place once I get a bit further along, I just find it hard to not worry about it. I worry about not worrying about something IYSWIM. 11 days to EDD? Shit, thats gone fast! I am so excited for you it's unreal!

I am so tired after this weekend. Constant rain here, proper hammered it down all weekend. I ended up having to do an hour and a half walk on the Sat and Sun and got drenched everytime. After my bath last night my legs and feet felt so achey and swollen so having a day snuggled indoors today, making gingerbread with DD.

11 weeks to go here, lucky 11 here today!

MummyAbroad Mon 18-Jul-11 16:39:46

LAF Big congratulatory hug for you. I totally understand its difficult to "celebrate" but I am glad you are pregnant and glum and not just glum IFYSWIM. I also had a miserable time in the beginning, mourning not being able to celebrate because there was too much to worry about, I have to say though its taken a long time, that feeling has now gone and I am able to believe that baby is really coming and will be alright, but those early days are so hard. Yet another hand to hold from me. I think one day you will be able to look at that Christmas photo and feel OK, but not yet, its too soon still.

OK here is a more simplified list. I dont think I will be bothered to update it everyday otherwise. Copy and paste yourselves in if you want in, ignore it/cross yourself off if you dont fancy it.

MummyAbroad - EDD 4/11/2011, Flavour - boy, Name - Max)

-with long awaited babies-

hope I didnt miss anyone!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 18-Jul-11 18:05:22

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts - EDD 01/10/11, Boy, name undecided
MummyAbroad - EDD 4/11/2011, Flavour - boy, Name - Max)

-with long awaited babies-

Glitterybits Tue 19-Jul-11 10:14:56

LAF I know it doesn't help at all to say I understand wholeheartedly and if I could wave a magic wand and give you a crystal ball right now to see how all this turned out, I would. Right now, I'm panicking about everything going wrong at the very end. If/ when the baby arrives, I'll probably start panicking that I've been too lucky and something is bound to go wrong further down the line. Unfortunately, none of us will ever have that blissful ignorance that we had before all of this. We just have to find the energy from somewhere to keep going and look after each other. Try, if you can, not to worry unduly about the conception indicators on pg tests. They are desperately unreliable. If it helps at all, I know exactly when I conceived this baby and my tests at the start suggested I was a week behind where I thought I was. The hormone levels have to be at a certain point for it to know where you are and there are obviously variables in terms of how concentrated your urine is when you take the test and the fact that all of us are quite different in terms of hormone production.

Did you explain to your Mum why that photo is so hard for you to look at? I'm sure she'd understand if you told her about the horrid memories it invokes. I will never again be able to go to a music festival without associating it with miscarriage because it was the last place I went as a happy pg woman before it all started to go horribly wrong. Other people don't take your EDDs and mc dates with them - even my lovely DH has no idea what they are. Sometimes you need to give them a gentle reminder, but it's just another instance where mc sufferers are made to feel awkward by upsetting other people to get painful memories off their chests.

Anyway, enough misery. I want to say a tentative congratulations! At this moment you are pregnant and a mummy-to-be and I'm hoping that this PROMISE trial helps you as much psychologically as it does in terms of a happy, healthy pregnancy. Keep talking to us. smile

Coconuts I think I've reached the surreal stage. Every so often, I have the odd half hour of desperate panic about whether or not I am even capable of giving birth and then another hour or so feeling very calm and hoping labour will start before I get too beside myself with worry. I seem to have suddenly got an energy spurt over the past couple of days because I'm suddenly feeling better than I have in about 2 months. My Mum raised her eyebrows at this news and suggested labour was imminent. I feel completely ready and desperately unprepared at the same time! A big part of me still feels as though I'm looking down on someone else doing all this. Soooo weird!

Waves to everyone else. Hope you are all okay. xx

Glittery - EDD 29/07/11
ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts - EDD 01/10/11, Boy, name undecided
MummyAbroad - EDD 4/11/2011, Flavour - boy, Name - Max)

-with long awaited babies-

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Julezboo Wed 20-Jul-11 22:48:01

popping in. I have a broken netbook <wails>

I am on tablet pc atm but it is painfully slow. will update proper tomorrow once dh is at work and can use his laptop.

oliver weighs 17lb 10! another milk change but will explain tomorrow x

hope everyone is well!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 22-Jul-11 09:53:45

Hello lovely ladies, hope everyone is ok smile

glittery one week to go to EDD!!! Eek! hope it's beginnning to feel a bit more real. I had the same conversation with DH about me feeling like I'm just doing this for someone else and that I'll have this baby but never get to bring it home. I just can't seem to get my head around it still.

LAF hope you are doing ok, thinking of you, take it one day at a time, it's all we can do.

lunatic hope you're managing to get some sleep. Take a nap in the day when baby is asleep if you can. Being tired is the worst thing.

mummy fraxxled hope the two of you are ok.

Been particularly quiet over here so thought I'd keep this bumped up.

TMI - Have developed a rather embarrassing problem of a varicose vein in my nether regions blush Been on the phone to MW to ask if normal and apparently all is fine and should go away after birth. Phew. Oh the glamour! grin

Otherwise all ok with me, ten weeks left. Have sorted through my drawers of stuff and made a list of what we do and don't need and not much left to get. Going shopping for a few more bits next week. Next week will be hectic, DH's bday, eating out a couple of times, family visits, shopping trips. I'm tired just thinking about it!

MummyAbroad Fri 22-Jul-11 13:22:37

Hi all,

loopy I'll see your broken netbook and raise you a broken water heater sad Horrible when the luxuries we take for granted stop working [wails with loopy]

I agree with the nap advice too, force yourself too, its so true that even 15 minutes will refresh you somewhat, so dont think its not worth it if you get even the tiniest chance.

coconuts sympathy for your varicose vein, but good to know it will go away. I am wearing (or trying to) the thickest ever support maternity tights in an attempt to avoid varicose veins. They really are a bit too thick though, they take me about 30 mins to put on! An are awful in the heat and look grim. Glamour indeed. hmm

Glittery good luck with everything, I guess we will be hearing less of you soon if all goes to plan and baby comes on time. Will be checking in regularly for news though! xxxx

<passes out soft cushions and pan o chocolate for everyone>

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 22-Jul-11 15:39:09

Who is loopy? grin grin

MummyAbroad Fri 22-Jul-11 16:38:19

doh! sorry meant lunatic - it seems its me thats a bit loopy today!

MummyAbroad Fri 22-Jul-11 16:40:24

...and you can talk.. who is "fraxxled"? grin wink

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 22-Jul-11 16:40:56

Haha I'll let you off then grin

MummyAbroad Fri 22-Jul-11 16:42:42

grin looks like its baby brain syndrome for both of us at the moment!

mumatron Fri 22-Jul-11 16:48:33

Hello all. Apologies for keeping up. Busy bee here atm.

I'll try and do a proper catch up later when E goes to bed

Glitterybits Fri 22-Jul-11 17:12:39

Jeez, anyone would think you two were a bit pregnant and baby brain ish. It's Julez who has the broken netbook! Anyway, I quite like loopy. May have to change my name!

Lunatic I hope you're getting some sleep. I'm guessing from your absence that you're having a bit of a rough time. Are those AD's kicking in yet? Hope you get a bit of respite soon.

Julez How are you feeling? Life is difficult enough without a broken netbook to contend with. Hope you're okay. smile

Mummy Nightmare about the water heater. You really do depend on these things working, don't you? I remember when our computers went down at work one day. We were literally clueless as to how to function on any normal level!

Coconuts Pregnancy truly is a beautiful time isn't it? Varicose veins, piles, oedematic pockets of fluid, colitis.... I've said it before and I'll say it again, but you really do have to question our sanity! And, no, it still doesn't feel real. Even though I'm in discomfort and ready to be done, I still feel as though I'm dreaming. I doubt even the pain of labour will make this real for me. Taking a live baby home with me still seems completely and utterly unbelievable. I'm actually beginning to worry how I'll cope when it finally hits me that this is happening tbh.

Not much to report here, except twinges are getting ever more difficult to ignore. Lost quite a bit of gunk (sorry TMI - if that's even possible for us!) over the past couple of days, so hoping that's the mucous plug coming away and the start of things moving in the right direction. Also feeling very pre-menstrual and heavy down there. That, coupled with the hideous red hot poker sensation in my cervix, is making me cross my fingers that I might have an easier time of when I get into established labour this time around. We can but dream, eh? Bump has taken on epic proportions. I just look silly now! grin Even I don't know how I'm still holding it up. I went into work the other morning and my colleague virtually wet himself laughing at me. He was amazed I could walk, apparently. Hmmmmm.

Right, back to symptom spotting and occasionally wincing. Love to you all. xxx

Glitterybits Fri 22-Jul-11 17:13:28

Waves to mumatron! X post. xx

stillfrazzled Fri 22-Jul-11 20:42:49

Evening all! Got home this afternoon, SIL and boyfriend arrived for weekend visit two hours later but I have encouraged DH to take them to the pub and am sitting here alone with cava, computer and kids unconscious upstairs grin. (Should point out am v fond of SIL and her BF seems lovely, but a bit of alone time after a week of family is most welcome).

Holiday was mostly lovely. Weather dodgy, but house great, food terrific, town as charming as ever and everyone mostly got on very well.

Until last night, when DS1 threw a MEGA tantrum at bedtime which took DH half an hour to deal with (was time-out-stand off thing which started because DS1 was swearing).

My dad, who adores DS1, took exception to DH's style and slammed out of the house yelling that he 'wasn't going to be civil about it'. I am assuming this is what happened because no-one would actually tell me, and Dad wouldn't speak to DH all evening when he finally returned. Tosser. WWYD? Dad doesn't actually discuss stuff, ever, but I am v upset and offended on DH's behalf.

Sigh. Hate it when nice things end on a sour note.

Anyway. Glad you pg ladies are still hanging in there, and even gladder that I'm not any more smile. Seriously, muchly sympathy to you Coconuts, MummyA and glittery, not so long to go now and you WILL be cuddling your lovely newborns.

Lunatic, another one hoping the ADs are kicking in and things are starting to look a bit brighter for you.

Julez, how was Oliver's appointment? His weight sounds pretty good to me although admittedly I'm operating on a different scale ATM... BTW, am hoping you held off sending the nappies? Got home today and there wasn't a little postie card waiting...

Mumatron hope all well and look forward to your update.

F continues to beam at any woman in the vicinity, BTW, and has taken to weaning quite well, if a bit more disturbed in the evenings which am assuming is his stomach complaining. It's his consultant appt on Monday - am trying not to be pathetic but I am v nervous. Feels like an exam I haven't revised enough for!

And on further note of fear, Sunday is DS1's first ever birthday party (shameful, since he's going to be four - four! My baby! Waaaah! etc etc etc). Is is soft play, 12 are due to come, all I have to do is fill some party bags but I am bricking it in case no-one comes. Wish us luck...

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Fri 22-Jul-11 21:48:05

lf you! grin I'm here, just trying to work up the courage to start the massive post i need to do. sad

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stillfrazzled Fri 22-Jul-11 22:02:24

Oooh yes, I don't think my post reflected the squee! factor of Glittery's news!

Good luck good luck good luck, pleeease keep us updated if you can - will be checking in as often as possible!

mumatron Fri 22-Jul-11 22:09:02

glittery OMG! how exciting. I predict the baby will be here sunday morning, early hours.

laf congrats and I will keep everything crossed for you.

damn battery is going on laptop and i have no idea where charger is.

i'll post this for now and do the rest from my phone in a little while.

MummyAbroad Fri 22-Jul-11 22:47:18

oooh Glittery looks like things are happening! grin I wont type anything any more because brain has obviously melted in the heat and everything would just come out gibberish... apologies to julez lunatic and loopy (whoever you are) blush

mumatron Fri 22-Jul-11 22:57:43

I give in, I'm too ill to do a catch up.

E has been snuffley for last few days and she seems to have passed on full blown cold to me <sob>

Why do I feel like I've been swallowing razor blades?? I don't even have tonsils ffs!

Will try harder tomorrow.

Glitterybits Sun 24-Jul-11 10:46:33

frazzled Ooh family arguments. I'm not very good at them either! Parenting is a sensitive subject though and your Dad's already had his shot at it, so to speak. The way you and your DH choose to raise your children is your choice and, in my humble opinion, it's generally more helpful when grandparents help with a united front rather than showing the child they disagree - at least until after the initial blowout anyway. It doesn't help that you weren't there to witness what actually happened though. I don't think you can do anything unless someone actually tells you what happened! Glad the rest of your holiday went well, but I know what you mean about ending things on a sour note. sad

Lunatic I remember your account of that visit rather well, because I thought it was so unbelievably hideous. I suppose it's fairly natural for them to direct their hostility at you, given that they probably want to keep on side with your DH should they ever hope of having a relationship with L. Having said that, why has it taken them so long to bring up this unresolved problem? Surely they could have done it about a year ago, when it happened, rather than just after L was born?! hmm How does your DH feel? Sounds like he's in a particularly wretched place in terms of family politics. It also doesn't help you much at this particular point in your life, does it? Mind you, I suppose if they had bothered to maintain any kind of relationship whatsoever, they'd have a better idea of what was going on in your daily lives. I'd love to know your SIL's view regarding what happened last summer. Very selective memory from the sound of things!

Sorry to hear about your aunt, but glad you managed some sleep for once and am pleased to hear there are ups as well as downs. smile

MummyA Hope your faculties have returned to you and you aren't too hot! grin

mumatron Hope you are feeling better?

I suspect your prediction may be slightly premature, although for an hour last night, I would have said you were bang on. My body is a strange one and seems to do pre-labour for a very long time. Thankfully, I'm not having contractions like last time, but I am having shooting, stabbing pains in my hoo hoo which are enough to cause me to bend double, take a sharp intake of breath and put down anything sharp/ hot that I may be holding. There is no warning about these, but I can be completely fine one minute and then have a series of them over the space of an hour, before they disappear again. Quite annoying, because I keep this it? Then an hour later, I think I've made up the whole thing. It's also no good for DH's nerves, because it's such a strong reaction. I have decided to stop driving for the foreseeable as a result! Hoping I'm not waiting too much longer, but I don't expect anything will happen any time soon.

Waves to Coconuts. Hope you're okay. xx

Glitterybits Sun 24-Jul-11 10:48:38

Oh, and I meant to say, I will have my phone with me to update if anything should happen. Or DH will be given instructions to log on and post on my behalf. xx

mumatron Sun 24-Jul-11 10:54:30

quick catch up time while E is asleep.

glittery I notice you are very quiet. hopefully you are snuggling your lovely dd already. how exciting! if your struggling for names i can highly recommend Emma, There are some great emma's around grin

frazzled good luck for l's party. It will be fine. try and enjoy it as much as possible. it'll be over before you know it. very jealous at the holiday pic envy

julez good weight gain there O! he's doing so well. how's the new milk?

lf sorry to hear that you have pnd too. seems like a real kick in the teeth after what you have been through. good to hear that your getting a bit more sleep though. had a little chuckle at dd1 playing mum, she sounds very cute. hmm at C's family. they sound a right charming bunch. Ignore as much as possible is my only advice.

laff how are you?

coconuts vv sound awful. poor thing.

mummya max is a lovely name, I had it on my potential boys list.

well, i'm feeling much better now, one of the joys of having dc is getting all the lovely bugs and viruses they bring home.

E is doing well, she has 2 teeth that have popped up out of nowhere. just checked one morning and there the first one was, never heard a peep out of her. She's getting mobile now too shock not crawling but doing a strange mix of commando rolls and bum shuffling confused whatever works for her I suppose.

she'd developed a bit of eczma on her back, i need to get her some steroid cream, i was a bit worried that it may be linked to cows milk as it only startd when i introduced cm to her cereal in the mornings. Dr says it's unlikely though.

A bit of good news, Dp has finally found a permanent job, YAY! the last year has just been a series of temps and long periods of nothing at all. It will be lovely to have a bit of spare cash at the end of the month for a change.

bigger dc are over their dads until tues so i'm going to enjoy the peace while it lasts.

back to work in about 8 weeks, I'm going to need some serious support then! grin

off to tackle the kitchen and the giant washing pile and then try to entertain E while dp sleep's off his celebratory hangover.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 24-Jul-11 12:21:52

Hello hello smile Hope everyone is well. Finally got some sunshine here today, on a day I decide to stay in my joggers and not go anywhere!! Typical.

glittery I'm actually beginning to worry how I'll cope when it finally hits me that this is happening tbh Me too. I can't ever see myself having a baby. I feel like I still haven't let that attachment kick in, this is someone else's baby and when it's born I worry the attachment still won't be there. I still call it 'it' when I know it's a boy. I have no names. I'm buying things out of practicality not out of desire or enjoyment. I have all receipts and tickets on everything and am trying to get quite a bit of second hand clothes to save us money so that when this doesn't happen then we haven't lost much hmm

Sorry the twinges are still keeping you waiting. I did get rather excited when I read your first post about losing some gunky stuff and thought perhaps thing had moved along but never mind, she'll come when she's ready, as they say. I never had a show of any description with DD until I was in established labour so if I were you I wouldn't have a clue what I was looking for grin Have you got any names in the pipeline?

frazzled Shame about the tantrum and falling out, I think sometimes GPs don't like to discipline their grandchildren as they would have if they were their parents. I find the same with my mum. DD goes there and comes back a devil child. It's sad everyone couldn't have a united front, especially in front of DS, and as glittery has said if you weren't there you'll never know the full story. It is yours and DH's job to discipline your children the way you see fit and if someone doesn't agree then that's their problem.

Good luck at consultant tomorrow and hope you have fun at DS1's party today smile Relax and go with the flow smile

lunatic Pleased you managed to get some sleep, and hope the ADs are beginning to make you feel better, slowly but surely smile So sorry to hear about your aunt. I hope she isn't suffering too badly.

DD1 sounds adorable, my DD is doing the same things with her dolls, pretending to change nappies etc. It's rather sweet smile

mumatron glad you are feeling better smile

poor E with the excema. I suffer with it terribly and has been even worse during pregnancy. Oilatum cream from the pharmacy is very good stuff if you wanted to try and avoid the cortisones/steroids.

But great news that she is getting about a bit now. Can't believe all these babies are being weaned/crawling already. Time flies.

Any huge YAY for DPs job. Great news smile

And Emma is a lovely name. I am a Jemma. If we were having a girl we would be having an Emelia Rose.

mummy hope you aren't too wet with rainy season, and hope things are going ok on the doctor front.

LAF Hope you're doing ok x

I am really uncomfortable now. Walking has turned to waddling. Back ache all the time, my bump aches from stretching, stretch marks from DD are coming up badly now and splitting. I was scooping out some ice cream the other day and the spoon slipped off the ice cream and stabbed my bump with it, so I have a spoon shaped bruise grin

The VV is pretty much the same size so far and not too uncomfortable, but I can't stop checking it in the mirror blush

Am claiming another bag of second hand bits today from an old friend who has an almost 4 month old and then we'll be pretty much done on the clothes front. Not bothering with newborn things, I definitely won't need them!

Off to go cook some lunch now and have a lazy afternoon. Taking DD shopping on the bus tomorrow to the big town. She loves the bus smile This week is going to be pretty hectic so might not get online much, so if you could all pause things for me til I get back that'd be great! grin DH is off all week and we have something planned every day so far. It's his birthday Thursday and whole family getting together for a meal, which I expect will be a bit strange as it will be the first big family gathering without his dad here.

Catch you all soon smile Much love x

mumatron Sun 24-Jul-11 14:32:46

x-posts with you earlier glittery i'm always wrong with my predictions, dunno why I even bother!

hopefully all these pains will be doing something down there.

mumatron Mon 25-Jul-11 10:06:27

ah well, consider my bubble well and truly burst sad Dp's 'job' lasted a grand total of ooh 1 hour. turns out there was no job at all. when he was offered it, the manager told him there would be a 2 week trial, minimum wage. not ideal but we can cope with that. turns up today to find out it's a 2 week trial on NO pay. that's piss take number 1. Piss take number 2 is that the job they are currently on is 2 weeks long and, surprise surprise, there is no work after that. So they are basically looking for 2 weeks free labour.

I'm sick of just 'getting by'.

we must be the most unlucky couple ever. sad sad

Julezboo Mon 25-Jul-11 10:17:41

Finally DH is out of the house and i can hijack his poota!

First of all frazzled I did hold off! We had bad news at DS1's hospital appt and the week was a bit of a whirlwind with fursther tests and appts, just awaiting results now.

I WILL post them first thing tomorrow, I have infact just packaged them up and I have put a fuzzi bunz in as well smile

we are cloth full time now, we braved the nights 2 nights ago and all is going well!

Glittery I hope things are going ok <<<excited>>>

mumatron that sucks about DP's job sad and I hope you are feeling better!

lunatic hows the poo situation? We are struggling with pooing atm, in fact hes been awake and screaming since 5am (yawn)

mind has gone blank! Sorry ladies, no sleep last night.

New milk started Sat, umm he hates it so far, vomited a fair bit, esp when i tried to introduce lumps in his food! I did a bit of reading yetserday though and now adding vanilla essence to bottle, just two drops, it seems to make the difference and hes taking 6oz now smile I have seen an improvement in the crying, not a massive improvement but i said to DH last night at 9pm, O has usually been screaming for an hour now and hes actually sleeping!

HV came and did his 6 month check and is coming back in a few weeks to check on us, development wise, he is fab, sitting, babbling, on the move (eek!) but we are struggling with feeding still so shes going to work closely with me. Its nice to know tbh and shes had a few phone calls from me in tears at the end of my tether.

DS1 went for his community paed medical wrt schooling, and he is now being invetigated for ADHD and austism and they found his grade 1 heart murmur is now a grade 6 so has been referred to a heart specialist. Was a bit of a shock tbh! He's 9 years old now and off to secondary school in a few years so we need to get him statemented really before he gets there.

coconuts hows the sickness? I remember a few of your threads a while back about how horrendous it was. Just wanted to reassure you I was sick once after he was born and havent been since grin it will go straight away!

stillfrazzled Mon 25-Jul-11 10:55:59

Lunatic, I do remember your account of the disastrous visit last year - funnily enough I think I was fuming about my dickhead BIL disowning us over something DH couldn’t remember ever saying at the time. If any consolation, that’s now twice that you’ve made me feel better about members of my family acting like twats, on the grounds that they could be worse grin

Glad you’re getting some ups - and more importantly some SLEEP -as well, and L’s obviously taken to weaning like a duck to the soggy stuff grin. F’s not doing badly either, scarfing down mashed avocado, banana and yoghurt and fruit and rice, while giving me hmm looks about Nutritious Carrot and Sweet Potato Mush. Can’t blame him, I tried it and it mings.

Hope you’re feeling better, mumatron. Most impressed about E’s teeth, F spent two days last week miserable and feverish and we still don’t have a tooth to show for it.

I wrote that bit before I got to your latest post. That is absolutely bloody disgusting, I am so angry on your behalf. How dare they take the piss like that? Is there anyone higher up in the company/at an agency that you can tell about offers being made under false pretences?

Glittery those pains sound vile. Have no idea what they may indicate, having had two children without ever once having gone into labour properly my body is clearly a bit incompetent about these things. But am still checking in every few hours and sending you birth-you-want vibes. I also applaud your dedication to keeping us in the loop!

Coconuts hope you had a lovely lazy afternoon and the spoon-bruise is fading (ouch). Don’t worry about the bonding - between anxiety and the utter drag that is the last few weeks of pregnancy, feeling a bit detached sounds totally understandable to me.

I think I had a period of about two weeks when I was actually feeling (a bit) confident that I’d have a baby, and it came to an abrupt end when we realised he was going to be prem, and tiny, and in hospital for weeks. At which point I just wanted to run away. I’m ashamed of that even now, but the second he was born the bond was there so I think it was a rubbish attempt at protecting myself. Am hoping that sounds empathetic rather than me-me-me!

Julez OMG what a week. Glad O’s doing better and the vanilla is helping - is it just the taste, or does it have some soothing effect?

But as for your poor DS1... So much to take in at once, you must have been frantic. Had you had any idea about any of it?

Thanks about the nappies, our postie has a maddening habit of leaving parcels on the step and naffing off so relieved to know it wasn’t that!

Waves to everyone else.

DS1’s party yesterday went really well - 12 kids showed up, great time had by all and because it was at a soft play I didn’t have to clear up. Think my phobia has now been downgraded to normal nerves smile.

One thing I am wondering about, though - our good friends have a DS of nearly three who is REALLY aggressive. In the course of 90 minutes he managed to hit at least five of the children in our party that I know of and there might well be others. His parents do discipline him, sort of, but seem to be under the impression that (a) boys will be boys and (b) other kids need to be watched in case they hit the lad (reverse true IMHO). Would you say anything? I saw him corner and beat up a boy of nearly five, who was too nice to hit him back!

Spoke to mum briefly, was a bit stilted. DH and I still really upset, feel we’ve been labelled dreadful over-strict borderline-abusive parents, which I know realistically we’re not but when it’s your parents… Am inclined to not visit till this is cleared up, as not going to subject DH to being blanked.

Got F’s consultant appt later today and wibbling a bit. He’s cheerful and chubby and lovely, but I have the strange feeling that I’m about to sit an exam and I haven’t revised enough…

mumatron Mon 25-Jul-11 12:04:30

julez my Jack has dyslexia (not comparable to adhd/autism i know) and he has made massive improvements since being getting his statement. I had to really push for the relevant tests though, so please do keep on about it. like you say he will be in high school in the blink of an eye and the more help he gets now the better. Gosh, O is doing well to be gaining as much weight asa he has considering all the probs he's had with milk. well done that lad!.

frazzled glad the party went well told you so . Not sure what you can do about friends ds though. the only experience I have of that situation is not a good one. An old neighbour of mine had a dd a few weeks before I had dd1 and they would always play together etc. when they got to about 18mnths her dd started really ripping into my dd. she would lunge for her face everytime K tried to touch a toy and we would often come home with huge scrams on her face sad whenever I would say something she would just shrug it off and we very nearly had a serious argument over it. sorry, no advice there, just sympathies I suppose.

coconuts I can 100% understand your detachment. I could of written that part of your post. I was dreading the birth because I was petrified of feeling nothing for E. I think thats why subconciously I wouldn't let the mw touch her and I delivered her myself. I needed to see for myself she was actually here and she was alive. I can remember everytime the mw listened to her hb with a doppler I asked If she was still alive in there. As soon as she was born and I lifted her out of the water i felt that rush of love everyone say's you should feel. i never had that with the first two dc. Don't get me wrong I still panicked and refused to let her be left alone for even a few minutes. I still can't belive she's here tbh. If i wake up before her in the morning i'm convinced she wont be alive in her cot when I go in there. sorry for being morbid but I'm just being honest. that said she bring an amazing amount of joy and happy times to the house aswell so i'm not a complete basket case! I guess what i'm trying to say is the worry and anxiety will always be with you, more so because of what you've gone through to have the baby, but it does get easier in time.

fuck me, I've managed to depress myself now!

about the job, there's no point in taking it further because he hasn't officially been told there wont be a job in two weeks. basically someone told him because they thought he already knew. They are likely to deny it and then come up with some other excuse when the current job ends. If it was just two weeks paid work he would do it anyway, but he wont be working for free.

it's not the end of the world, we will get by. It's just so frustrating for me. Tbh i'm sick of paying for everything and just making do. i've got a good job that i've worked hard at. i've managed to get some good pay rises and and currently at the top of my pay scale. that used to mean i could work less hours and still earn pretty much a good full time wage. now it means we still struggle through the month. especially while i'm on ml. I'll probably have to go back to work on longer hours then i planned to. all our savings are gone.

I know there are people out there in worse situations but I kind of just feel I've paid my dues I should be in a good financial situation now. instead I'm back to square one sad . it's not Dp's fault, he tries his best but I'm starting to get resentful.

t'is crap.

oh ignore me I've waffled on long enough! off to do a bit of gardening, the dog has decided to go on a bit of a rampage out there and has digged me some lovely holes to fill.

mumatron Mon 25-Jul-11 12:06:47

oh and frazzled good luck for cons appt. F will be fine. let us know how he gets on.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stillfrazzled Mon 25-Jul-11 16:45:45

Went pretty much OK. Dr v pleased with his health and his development, his head circumference has increased massively and he's on the charts for weight for the first time (whee!).

Thing I really am worried about, though, is that his height is following the same curve, below the 0.4th centile, and Dr said she'd have hoped to see some catch-up on that by now. And if he doesn't catch up in the next six months he probably won't, in which case he'll need to be referred to a growth clinic.

I thought seeing him on the weight chart would be the best feeling ever, but I actually now realise weight not nearly so important as length.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Glitterybits Tue 26-Jul-11 00:21:21

mumatron and here I was thinking you were the one with the crystal ball and that you were the orderer of the powers that be! grin Not to worry. Still very much 2 people at this end and hoping something happens sooner rather than later.
Not surprised you are livid about DP's job offer. What a joke! How dare they think they can get away with not paying someone for 2 weeks. It's so tough out there for everyone right now, but I know that doesn't exactly make it any easier to bear. I'm sure things will come good eventually. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get the luck you deserve soon. grin

Coconuts I understand buying things out of necessity rather than enjoyment. I'm due in 3 days and I haven't entertained bringing the car seat and bouncy chair down from the loft or putting up the crib. There's still a huge part of me that's completely in denial. Having said that, the skin on my tummy is now so taut that I can't touch it. I am in absolutely no doubt that there is a person in there. I've tried really, really hard to write her a little baby book this week, with her scan pictures and month by month pictures of me as the pregnancy has progressed. I've only managed this because I did it for DS and it seems wrong not to do the same for DD. I promise to be here as much as I can after whatever happens happens to hold your hand through the last weeks. One thing we can be sure of is that it will happen whether or not we think we can bear it! The days keep ticking by.

Julez I'm really glad you have a supportive HV. It must be so hard when feeding your baby becomes such an unknown thing that isn't just instinctive. Presumably, weaning will open up more doors in terms of the foods you can give him, but I suppose it also presents more concerns too. Sounds as though you're really going through the mill with DS1 too. No wonder you've been struggling over the past few months. I'm sure Karma needs to be a bit kinder to us all now!? hmm

frazzled So pleased the party went well, but shock about aggressive child! Personally, I probably would mention it to the parents. If they're good friends, they should be able to deal with it without getting defensive. Mind you, it's a bit concerning that they have a 'boys will be boys' attitude at this stage. Were the parents of the other hit children around?

The other day, I was at a playgym and a mother approached me and said my DS was being a bit punchy, but she didn't want to tell him off, because he wasn't hers. I generally have no such qualms and, if I see another child smacking mine, I'm quite quick to calmly ask them to stop doing it, because it isn't nice. I doubt every parent is this keen to intervene, but a lot of parents seem to have a tendency to treat playgyms as a place to ignore their children and it's often the only way you can prevent injury!

My intial reaction was that of embarrassment and upset, but the first thing I did was ask him what had happened, as it's really out of character. I admit that I was a bit irritated at the time since the incident had nothing to do with her 3 month old in a pram and she'd approached me because her friend was scared to, but can understand that fear now I think about it in hindsight. None of us want to hear bad things about our little people. I know you can't be with them every waking second, but you do need to be a bit aware! Thankfully, my DS is still at the honest stage where he'll tell me if he's been naughty, but he told me that the little girl in question had hit him in the face and so he'd reciprocated! I couldn't help but have a little snigger. Part of me is slightly grateful that he'd stood up for himself, as he used to be the child who just took the abuse, though I obviously didn't tell him that! It's so sensitive a subject but, if you're going to remain good friends, they may appreciate a spot of tactful suggestion. Is aggressive boy an only child by any chance?

Yey for F's weight, but sorry you've come away worried about his height. It is still early days though. He may just take a little while to catch up in every department. Fingers crossed it will even out over the next few months.

Lunatic Oh I agree. Life is far too short for family politics. I think you've definitely endured enough and their loss is their own fault. Taking things out on/ ignoring your children is definitely a no-go area in terms of voicing upset with you. I feel for your DH though. He sounds like a miraculously normal, lovely bloke in spite of the people he grew up with! grin Curious to know what was so important to your SIL to bring on the playground behaviour. Hurling abuse at everyone probably won't actually help her get it! grin

So pleased you've finally had some sleep. I don't know about you, but it makes everything seem that bit more bearable for me when everything else is a bit pear-shaped. Oh, and yey for arranging stuff. Sounds like the days are becoming a little more normal if you can entertain the idea of making plans. I'm a bugger for overuse of !!!!!!!! Can only assume I either wrongly assume I'm witty and feel the need to point this out, or I'm trying to pretend I'm jollier than I am. Either way, you're in good company! grin

Not much change at this end. Had my last day at work today and feel a bit daft because the pains have all but disappeared over the past 24 hours. Better than the endless, very painful latent stage I had last time. Having lots and lots of BHs though and backache and pressure down below seems to be getting stronger. I am a bit scared - probably why I'm up writing this at stupid o'clock - but having moments of relative calm in between the insanity. Trying to keep myself as busy as I can. Hoping to get my hair coloured and cut tomorrow so I at least feel a bit more feminine. Should kill a bit of time, too. Oddly, after weeks of nothing, I'm suddenly suffering the most appalling heartburn ever. I've also completely lost the use of the little finger on my right hand. If I clench my fist it won't open again without assistance and is totally numb. I had very weird hand pain with DS too, but it seems so odd that it's back this time around at such a late stage. Anyway, forgive the epic...

Love to you all. xxx

stillfrazzled Tue 26-Jul-11 23:05:15

Hi all,

Wrote massive post this morning and computer ate it, and now haven't got time (or memory) to reconstruct. Gaaah.

Had fairly bad day. Still feeling shitty about rift with parents, and am horribly horribly worried about F's growth. Googled for about five minutes and then realised there was lots of conflicting info and some of it was scary so best to leave it.

I know there are lots worse things than being weeny, but the growth clinic sounds both scary and not nec a good thing, and I also fear that kids (and girls, and let's face it workmates) won't see the gorgeous smiley person F is, but just a small person to take the piss out of.

I'm now asking myself if he's not got longer because I messed his iron drop dosage up the first month, or drank wine while I was bf.

For some reason I hope that each weigh-in or doctor's appt will bring a resolution, someone saying 'it's all going to be fine now', and of course that won't happen for years, if at all.

DS1's birthday tomorrow, so we're off to London to have a picnic, ride at the top of a double decker bus and do the London Eye. But also have to pop into office for quick catch-up in preparation for going back to work in TWO MONTHS.

Like I say, bad day. Sorry for the pity party, hopefully tomorrow will be nice and you've had better days anyway.

love especially to the pg ladies and will do a better post tomorrow.

Glitterybits Wed 27-Jul-11 15:31:01

Hey frazzled I hate when that happens. MN is a bugger for signing me out without me realising occasionally and then I lose a whopping great message.

So sorry to hear that appt has upset you so much. I can totally understand your concern, but try not to panic about it too much just yet. It may well never be an issue and he could have a mass growth spurt in the next 6 months, or even way, way down the line. Easy for me to say I know, but the medics don't know everything. FWIW my brother had real problems as a baby and hurt his back later in life - both of which caused the doctors to say that he'd never grow properly. He's now a strapping 6 ft 7" with size 14 feet and wishing he were a bit smaller! grin I believe Lunatic has a similar tale about her brother? I seem to recall an analogy about hands like bunches of bananas - which continues to amuse me to this day! smile

Wrt the iron dosage and drinking wine, I think you already know that your behaviour will have done very little to alter his growth. Pls don't beat yourself up about that. It's pointless anyway, because you will never have an answer and it will only make you unnecessarily miserable. You are a wonderful, wonderful Mummy and if having the odd glass of wine made us lousy parents, then I would get the gold medal in poor parenting. grin

Whatever happens, I'm certain F will be adored, adorable and will always have a greater sense of perspective on this than most. He might be a bit smaller than others, but he is a fighter, who survived against all the odds and kids/ colleagues will always find something to pick on, regardless of how well we protect our babies, because it's human nature. I suspect, with parents like you, F will always be quick witted and able to fight his corner quite capably. On the opposite side of the coin, my DS is really tall for his age and I find that it is upsetting for the opposite reasons. People assume he is older and expect far too much of him. I also had real trouble convincing people he was only 2 when the cut off point for paying for stuff was age 3. smile

Oh, and it doesn't come across as a pity party at all. It's been a bloody long slog for you to get here and it's not fair that the worry never ends. On a slightly more upbeat note, I hope you all have a lovely time together for DS1's birthday tomorrow. Sounds like just the sort of outlet you might need.

Just read that back and it sounds really preachy. Sorry if it comes across that way, when I have absolutely no idea what you're going through and am just trying to make comforting noises! confused

I'm also a bit distracted today. Went to the midwife this morning, who said the baby's head is so low, she can only feel a neck and it's about time I gave birth because she doesn't really know how I'm still able to walk. I booked a stretch and sweep (yuck) for next week in the hopes I wouldn't need it and then headed home feeling very pg and fed up. Then got out of the car, felt a slight gush and, upon investigation, it seems I've had a bloody show. It's so far removed from my experience with DS that I didn't know if it was normal. Just looked like the start of a period. I'm now sitting here trying not to think about it, or the potential start of contractions. No sign of anything else yet. Few twinges here and there, but nothing more than that to report. Hopefully, I won't be waiting for much longer...but I wouldn't be remotely surprised if I was!!! x

mumatron Wed 27-Jul-11 18:00:54

glittery ooh, bloody show sounds good (iyswim) I had E a few hours after my proper bloody show, ds was born 48 hours after so either way not too long to wait. My cosmic powers ran out after all the cosmic orders I placed last year grin but I'll have another guess and say I think your contractions will start early hours and you'll have baby tomorrow pm.

Will catch up better tomorrow, off to bingo now with the mother. Wish me luck!

stillfrazzled Wed 27-Jul-11 21:07:03

Glittery I can't believe you sat and calmly typed out all that good advice and support (not preachy At All, BTW) when you've had a show! Truly you are a lovely person and have given me the sniffles again.

I read the bit about the show on the train back from London (fab day, BTW, although we could have saved the London Eye money and just spent the day taking DS1 on all the usual transport options, which he adored). I squeaked. People around me looked.

Hoping you're busy having the baby - or better yet, composing the official thread birth announcement - right now. Although have to say I had a sweep with DS1, then a bloody show, and then an induction four days later. My rubbishness at going into labour has been mentioned before, though...

Mumatron I don't suppose fate came through and gave you a nice big win on the bingo? <hopeful emoticon>?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MummyAbroad Wed 27-Jul-11 23:31:04

aaaaggghhh I am so far behind... just tried to skim read to catch up.

DS and I have got the sniffles (again!) so he is off nursery school and I have only just got time to say...

Glittery looks like things are getting exiting grin Seems like a lifetime ago that your bump was just a little bean and before that just a dearly wanted dream! and now he/she is nearly here!!!!! smile

oooh, I am super excited for you! grin

stillfrazzled Thu 28-Jul-11 09:39:21

MummyA, sorry about the sniffles. Is so miserable when you're pg and can't take anything decent. Have you tried saline sprays? Was v good for my blocked nose.

C'mooooon, GlitteryDD! It occurred to me, is this LO the last baby of the first thread regulars?

Lunatic, thank you for understanding. One more reason why this thread's so important! So sorry you've been having a bad time with L, but don't say it's your fault - you can only deal with what's in front of you, and the reflux had to be tackled, right?

How come your MIL didn't hold him? Because he wanted you, or is she a bit squeamish?

mumatron Thu 28-Jul-11 13:42:20

Hmm no sign of glittery I hope I haven't jinxed you with my prediction!

Only a quick post from me, I'm on my phone as dp has discovered the joy of football manager on the laptop.

E has decided that sleep is for wimps and she would much rather kick hell out of her cot at 2am. No tears, just play time confused

On the other hand she is keeping us all entertained by clapping hands and giving us all kisses. Poor thing is like a performing seal atm.

Dp is out and about later so will try and do a real catch up then.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Thu 28-Jul-11 21:24:07

Oh lf how sad about the dream sad hope L is feeling better.

glittery sending good luck vibes your way.

frazzled I can understand your fears about F's length. My cousin had all 3 of her lo's early and her ds1 was about the same gestation and weight as F iirc. He is still small but not so much he gets picked on or anything.

And obviously it's not your fault!

I'm exhausted today sad E was awake from 1.45am until 2.30am. Then up at 4.45am for the day. She's been a right grump today aswell.

Off to try and sleep. Will try and check back for glittery's news as much as poss <excited>

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 29-Jul-11 09:35:04

Delurking to check for news.

All ok my end, glittery if you are in labour good luck smile smile

mumatron Fri 29-Jul-11 10:02:21

<Paces with lf>

<Gets cigars ready>

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 29-Jul-11 10:08:18

Back again..... I'm never going to get anything done at this rate grin

Have been having a read of the original thread. Very lovely (IYSWIM) to read of all your stories. justmee and grumpyfish were original posters on the first one too and I'm pretty sure I came on later towards to end. I'm only just beginning page 5 though.

Have had a busy week so far and have knackered myself up so planning to have a quieter day today so will come back and do a proper catch up later hopefully. Will be lurking here and there anyway for news of our imminent arrival!

Oh how I wish I had a posh phone to check while I'm out and about!

mumatron A cigar? What's that for?! haha! They make me vom!

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Fri 29-Jul-11 10:30:51

Not much of a cigar fan myself tbh, what can we have instead?

I've got blueberry muffins and chic brownies not long out of the oven if you fancy?

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 29-Jul-11 11:28:54

Oh I love a blueberry muffin smile

mumatron Fri 29-Jul-11 12:25:18

I've made 12 choc cupcakes, 6 blueberry muffins, 6 choc chip muffins and 18 choc brownies.

I have 2 slightly -- burnt-- cupcakes left.

1 choc chip muffin left.

2 brownies left.

shock shock sad

thanks dp and ds

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 29-Jul-11 13:01:40

shock Pigs!!

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Fri 29-Jul-11 13:38:22

After baking all of that I am now in a overpriced cafe in town buying dd a muffin!

Anything for a bit of peace and quiet around the shops.

MummyAbroad Fri 29-Jul-11 15:02:52

<slips in unnoticed and snaffles a brownie before creeping out again>

Glitterybits Fri 29-Jul-11 15:14:36

Hello you lovely lot. I've been trying to get on the sodding computer for the past 24 hours, but things have been ever so slightly dramatic to say the very least. So, to put you out of your misery...

DD is here! grin All 9lb 5ozs of her. Ended up having an unplanned homebirth, because she came too damn quickly. Phoned the hospital at about 3am to say I was going in and they fobbed me off, saying I was clearly not in active labour as far too calm and composed. hmm Have I EVER been too calm and composed? grin

An hour later I was hollering and whooping on all fours on my bathroom floor (thought I was literally dying - poor DH desperately trying to remain calm all the while as I wailed like a deranged loon) and screamed down the phone at them that we were coming in. Stupid woman at the birth centre told me to take paracetamol and eat something when there was practically a person hanging out of me. Managed to get out of my bath, but that was basically the end of my ability to move. Waters went with a bang that I both heard and felt and the idea of a car journey was completely impossible. Poor DS woke up and started asking why Mummy was sad at this point which is, I think, the only reason why I was still hanging onto the baby. So, emergency ambulance, two paramedics and a pretty annoyed midwife all dash out to us at about 5am yesterday morning and, they wouldn't let me deliver in my bath because it was a medical emergency by that point, apparently! grin Managed to find enough air to yell that if they'd let me go into sodding hospital in the first place instead of patronising me, it'd have been a lot easier!

Finally delivered at quarter to 6 in the morning yesterday on my bed. Baby was back to back and arrived with her arm stuck up by her head, which would explain the intensity of the evil contractions and my inability to birth her easily. Despite midwife's panicking about another retained placenta, it came away very easily, so the only concern for my high risk status was utterly invalid in the end!
She is called Isobel and she looks like a little Chinese sumo wrestler. She has the thickest black hair I have ever seen (don't have a clue where that comes from) and I am in total and absolute shock, but deeply in love with her. Coconuts FWIW the bond was there immediately. I expected to breakdown straightaway, but was too damned amazed at everything that had happened. I haven't cried yet, though I'm expecting the floodgates to open at any minute.

I cannot thank you all enough for your love and support over the past two and a half nightmarish years. I literally couldn't have got here without you.

I keep expecting her to disappear, or something to go wrong, or the world to end, or something - but for now, I'm just going to hug her and squeeze her and try to work out where this little person who looks nothing like any of us has come from.

Back for a proper catch up when I'm slightly less mental, emotional, hormonal etc. and I've bought a new mattress and a stock of new towels! grin Unplanned homebirths are a bugger to tidy up after! grin

Lots of love to you all. xxxx

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Fri 29-Jul-11 15:46:45

<wipes away actual tears>

well done you. massive, massive congrats to you and Mr Glitterybits.

love the name.

make sure you give her a great big squeeze and a big sloppy kiss from me.


stillfrazzled Fri 29-Jul-11 15:47:08

Am typing badly through tears. So glad everything ended well and Isobel sounds perfect and beautiful. We will get to see a pic won't we?
Congratulations, you are superwoman to get through all that.
Love to you all and welcome baby Isobel! X

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 29-Jul-11 16:03:44

OMG I actually log off to go to RL as I expected no news and look what happens!!

I am actually with tears here!!! Actual tears <<passes around tissues>> DH even said congrats! grin

Huge huge congratulations, Isobel is a beautiful name and she sounds perfect smile

Hope DS wasn't too traumatised and you've really made me feel like I might get to the end of this smile

Homebirth sounds lovely, if not a bit expensive! Glad the bonding isn't an issue also.

Massive hugs to you all smile smile smile

mumatron Fri 29-Jul-11 16:13:31

<<takes tissue from coconuts>>

I need to see a pic.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 29-Jul-11 16:16:40


Me too!!

I really want a HB now....

mumatron Fri 29-Jul-11 16:20:29

I really want another baby now!

<don't tell Dp>

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 29-Jul-11 16:29:41

Mum's the word wink grin

MummyAbroad Fri 29-Jul-11 17:13:28

<pops open oversized bottle of champagne> WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!

Glittery well done!!! I love your birth story! (I also want an HB now and a placenta that comes away easily!!) Oh, I am so pleased for you, and in tears here too. Wish I could give you a big hug in real life grin grin grin

Welcome to the world baby Isobel!!! xxxx

LAF77 Fri 29-Jul-11 17:19:19

Wonderful news glittery what a dramatic story, but so glad for the happy ending. Funnily enough I was just thinking about the name Isobel.

Much love to you and her...

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Fri 29-Jul-11 22:00:22

what lf said.

can'y add anything without tearing up again.

<<stupid hormones>>

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Fri 29-Jul-11 22:24:30


dd1 kept asking me if I was ok earlier, she was taken aback by my sudden outburst of tears blush

I'm trying to upload a video of E, cant seem to get it off the camera. it's very funny. She's playing peek-a-boo with dd1. she's putting her blanket over her face then when dd1 ask's where she's gone she 's doing a rather dramatic reveal with much hysterical laughter. t'is very cute. I'm sure she's 6 instead of 6 months.

stillfrazzled Fri 29-Jul-11 22:44:08

<sidles in and can't better wot Lunatic said>

<snaffles glass of champers>

<emboldened by champers, snaffles cigar too>

<pukes after one drag>

<reflects that some things don't change>


ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sat 30-Jul-11 10:19:36

Ooh I can just imagine them snuggling in bed smile Oh that newborn smell...

I don't reeally know what else to say I'm just so pleased for you glittery I knew it'd all be ok for you, and you so so deserve it.

Wish I could have a RL cuddle!!

It really brings it home doesnt it smile

mumatron E sounds adorable. My DD used to do the same from behind her muslin squares. She still has one now at 3yo as a security thing and still hides behind it so they don't change much! Not sure if I can help with uploading, is the vid on a mem card? or do you have a usb cable?

<<stands at the back wafting away cigar smoke grin >>

OOH I meant to say, Ive decided to learn to cook. Well to try at least. I'm currently a complete novice and live off jarred and freezer so invested in a slow cooker and going to keep a track of the recipes I try and see how I go smile

mumatron Sat 30-Jul-11 11:14:16

coconuts I love cooking. just stick to the recipes and you should be okay.

onto other news, just had a phone call from my mum, she's won some money <<whispers>> ten grand! shock lucky cow, eh?

justmee Sat 30-Jul-11 15:41:27

omg congratulationsss glittery i tried to write yesterday but my pc was playing up coconuts fillled me in ...

red your message and had a little cry how emotionall but what a story !!! amazinggg im so happy for you.... you really deserve this isobel is a beautiful name and i bet shes gorgeous!! all the hard work has finally payed off your baby girl is finally here

wish you all the best hope shes everything you could ever wish for! smile)))

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

luckyfor2 Sat 30-Jul-11 20:40:16

I've just popped onto the computer for the first time in weeks and noticed this new thread - BRILLIANT.

Glittery CONGRATULATIONS what a lovely thing to read on my return to Mumsnet. I'm so so so pleased for you what FANTASTIC NEWS. Your little girl sounds so gorgeous and has a very beautiful name. WELL DONE xxxxxxxxxx

mumatron Sat 30-Jul-11 20:59:47

lf yes, online bingo. lucky sod grin

lucky nice to 'see' you. How are things with you?

stillfrazzled Sun 31-Jul-11 22:47:48

mumatron, how fab. Obv is her money and all that, but hopefully a little help might come your way, too?

Lunatic, go go go you! Are you using gum or anything, or going cold turkey? I gave up about seven years ago, and was awful for a while but now not remotely tempted to go back. You'll get there. Glad L happy again, too.

Hi to everyone else, and hope Glittery's still blissfully squidging little I. BTW please tell me you didn't have to clean up yourself?

Had mixed weekend. DH met my dad (at dad's request) to sort out the 'situation'. Dad, instead of apologising for being a twat like any actual human being would, spent 20 mins telling DH what a fab DS1 we have and how we're too hard on him because he's a lovely lad (or to put it another way: why do you think he's nice, genius?)

At end of meeting, we were fully apprised of where we're going wrong (while still being wonderful parents, apparently hmm), and he 'wished he could say he was sorry'. Which to me is another way of saying he isn't. Grrrrrr angry. Will be seeing him tomorrow. Am considering Saying Something.

Y'day went to see friend, meet her gloriously cute and scrunched-up newborn DS2 (am a bit broody but don't tell DH) and take DS1 to her lad's bday party, which was lovely. And today all four of us took the train to the next town along, had an impulse dinner out at a pub overlooking the sea, and the train home. It was wonderful.

But while DH and I sat having a beer and enjoying the last episode of Summer Heights High, DH kept getting distracted by a suspicious scritching noise down the side of the sofa. I played it down, but he's gone to bed now and I have to admit, I think we've got MICE. Gaaah. Is our fault for letting DS1 eat his tea off trays in the living room. His crumb-dropping skills are spectacular...

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 01-Aug-11 16:09:38

Hi all. Hope you are all out enjoying the sunshine. I am far too pregnant to enjoy it. It is grim.

mumatron How fab for your mum, lucky lady! Send some my way smile Luck that is, not the money... although the money would be nice haha!

lunatic Yes pretty daunting and nervewracking but kind of exciting at the same time. Goodbye jars and prepack sauces! Hello cornflour lol! grin Well done you for quitting the smokes smile I quit when I got pregnant the time before DD, although it ended in mc I still stayed quit after and fell preg with DD within a month so have never had the inclination to re start and that is over four years ago now.

glittery Hope you are still in a bubble of newborn bliss and hope I is doing well feeding. Still a bit WOOHOO for you!!

frazzled Grr at your dad's unapologetic ways. Are you planning to Say Something? Your Saturday sounds lovely.... but mice?! Eek! I'm not squirmish about these things at all (used to have pet rats) although I don't think I'd appreciate wild mice moving into my home. <shudder>

mummy How are things with you on the doctor front?

lucky So good to see you, how are things going for you?

LAF Hope things are ok your end too. Everything tightly crossed for you smile Sticky vibes coming your way from me.

Big waves to justmee

Oooh I am so pleased I have that busy week out the way... I am so tired. It is so hard becasuse DH is always at work so when he finally gets a week off he wants to do things as a family, days out etc, but I just haven't got the physical capacity to do it anymore. I don't expect him to fully understand how tiring it is growing a baby but a bit of understanding wouldn';t go amiss sometimes. We ended up going out practically everyday, two days of which involved long journies and lots of walking. Grr. Bloody men!!

Had my 31 week appt today. All fine with me and baby although measuring at 34 weeks already so still 3 weeks ahead. MW said that I am at the high end of normal though and they won't be overly concerned unless it shoots up to over three weeks ahead. We know I don't have the GD from the GTT so no health implications of him being big.

She tried to reassure me about birth generally being easier second time round and explained alot to me about how positions of baby during labour matter so much. I was always told throught labouring with DD that I was pushing wrong, that's why I had to have the intervention and have had three years thinking it was my fault but she has reassured me that it was more than likely her head looking upwards instead of downwards. And she said something very obvious... if everyones labour was the same and easy we wouldn't need doctors and they are there for a reason.

So the long and short of it was to wait until my 34week appt, see how big I am then and then decide on a plan of action. I really do have the best MW ever and it is such a shame she wont be there to labour with me. She makes me feel so welcome and never rushes me in and out. I was in there 35 minutes today. amazing woman smile

Anyway I'm waffling now, must get on!

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 01-Aug-11 21:11:47

No paddling pool unfortunately lunatic... No garden sad Boo! We put our feet in a bowl of cool water this afternnon after the long walk back from the MW, that was nice and I spent the rest of the afternoon cooking dinner in my pants and top! grin We're on the first floor so no chance of neighbours seeing me in my granny pants!

DH is usually really understanding, I feel bad moaning about him! This is something he'll never understand though. It's easy for him to feel the kicks and rub my back when I've got back ache but he doesn't know how it feels from the inside. To have a foot get stuck behind a rib is something I cannot explain!

And you sound like me... to embarrassed to push properly in case I did a poo blush but now I know how bad stitches feel I'd rather have a little poo on a table than not sit down for a fortnight again grin

What ADs are you on? Can you change to something without a sedative in? I'm not that clued up on what there is out there but my mum has spent her whole adult life on ADs so I know how much of a difference ones without a sedative can make. She finally made the break and went cold turkey without them a few months ago (a bad move IMO) but she's pleased to be off them and feel a bit more awake.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Mon 01-Aug-11 21:30:39

frazzled shock at the mouse! I hate them. We had one in our old house, it was in dd1's room and we were all too scared to go in there. We ended up letting the dog in there and she had it in about 2 seconds. I'm sure it was from where next door moved out and let loads of crap next door.

lf well done on staying off the smokes. No experience of ad's so can't advise there. Worth speaking to gp about? Are they having a positive effect though?

cococnuts lovely image of you in your pants cooking! ( All homemade food I hope?) I am currently on my bed in a vest and knickers. T'is reallly not an attractive sight sad

Wrt to incorrect pushing, I was definitely pushing wrong with ds. It took about an hour before I would do it as I was told, I was also scared of pooing <mortified> once I got the hang of it those babies flew out! Both dd's were born in just a few pushes.

Feeling a bit crappy here, E is poorly. Just a temp and a bit of a grump but not sleeping great <yawn>

Also having a few issues with dp. Nothing too dramatic but enough to piss me off. Also feeling like crap physically. Struggling to lose some excess weight and just generally feeling very drab sad

Ah well, I'm sure things will improve. And hopefully mum will passing on some of the winnings! Well, at least a shopping trip would do grin

stillfrazzled Mon 01-Aug-11 22:33:35

Hmm. Well the latest on the mouse front is that I've been round the entire house and haven't found any signs of actual mice - no turds, chewed bits or anything. But the scritching behind the skirting boards suggests the little bastards are still trying to get in. I am under siege and will be calling in reinforcements (aka the council's Mouse Man) tomorrow.

Did not say anything to Dad. Almost literally, in fact - hello and goodbye and a couple of remarks. Couldn't be arsed. May email him. Twat. can you tell I'm still cross?

One interesting thing from today: I suddenly decided to check F's length for myself. The nurse reckoned he was 59.5cm but measured him wearing a massive cloth nappy and didn't really push his legs down. I stripped him and straightened him out and measured him very carefully three times, and got 62cm every time. Which, corrected for age, puts him on the charts (just) and means he has shown some catch-up growth.

Am I being silly to go on my own measurement rather than a nurse's? It seems unlikely that he's grown over an inch since last Monday...

Lunatic good god, I'd totally not thought about the fact that you've just had a baby. Which under the circs is pretty dim of me. V sorry, didn't mean to cast aspersions about smoking in pg blush. Still yay you for giving up, though.

I know nothing about ADs but you'd certainly hope they wouldn't have been prescribed to a bf mother if they were going to cause a problem. FWIW, F has slept quite a bit more since starting on solids, and I remember DS1 suddenly settling down to proper sleeps instead of little catnaps at about that age. So hopefully it's that.

Mumatron sympathy for your crap time. Am wishing you DP stopping doing whatever it is that's getting to you and E to get a decent night's sleep so you can.

On the weight front, I've lost a bit lately using a really good website called MyFitnessPal. It takes your weight, your exercise levels and where you want to get to, gives you a calorie total for each day, and you keep a food and exercise diary so it can tell you how you're doing. There's a massive database of practically every food ever, so it's really easy. And it's free and there's an iPhone app. Maybe set yourself a target and then go on the shopping trip for lovely new clothes?

Coconuts sympathy to you, too; being pg when it's really hot is so hard. And I only remember that from first time round, so doing it with a DC in tow must be doubly so. Really glad your midwife is so fab, though.

And the image of you cooking in your shreddies made me LOL, literally. smile

justmee Tue 02-Aug-11 11:20:11

hey girls

how is eveyone doing ??

woke up this morning and could hardly even get out of the bed im so tiredd another scan on friday smile)

this heat is horribleeee i cannot belive how bad of a summer its been sooo bloody hot i want to live in the fridge

having days where ill cry for nothing and be so moody its terrible other days im ok smile im getting really nervous about the birth now sil just had her little boy alone in a room and i do not want that so a big talk to my doctor this friday !

hope everyone else is ok smile xxxxxxxxxxx

MummyAbroad Tue 02-Aug-11 14:30:02

Hi ladies.

All's well over this end of the world, still run off my feet with translation work, DS and am starting driving lesson tommorrow grin

Still not got a doctor (apart from the regular check ups on the state system who are very good at doing urine and blood pressure checks) but I know have two appointments with new docs and a third recommendation from a friend to chase up. Just hoping that one of them I like! Fertility friend told me I have just started my third trimester - cant believe how fast that has gone! With DS the whole 9 months seemed to last forever, but there has been so much to do/worry about this time its really going fast.

Lunatic if you have any spare time to read <hollow laugh> I really recommend Alan Cars "How to give up smoking the easy way" even if you have already quit. I quit once for 3 years, but always felt a bit of a longing, when I moved to costa rica I started up again. Fast forward years, later I read that book, quit very easily and now I know for sure 100% that I will never be a smoker ever again. Its very good at "brainwashing" you into being a real anti smoker forever and will totally remove any longing/jealousy of smokers that may still be lingering. I have a PDF copy of it too if you want me to mail it to you.

Stillfrazzled Dont Say Anything or send the email. You will only get dragged into some unpleasant conversation that you can well do without, just spend time enjoying your kids and remembering what a great mum you are (you dont need other people to give their approval or tell you that, you know deep down thats how it is and that is all that counts) and remember the best revenge is just moving on and showing the people concerned how happy you and your family are. They will find it harder and harder to criticise when they see what well adjusted contented people you all are, and if they do, just ignore it. The last thing you need as a new mum is do have to deal with all that rubbish, and they will give up criticising when they see that you just shrug them off and it has no effect whatsoever.

coconuts just flake out on the sofa and wail! No need to put on a brave face, just collapse and declare you cant move - DH will be a bit more considerate about how much he asks you to do in future!

Glittery big squeeze for you and LO. Still smiling for you. smile

HI justmee and Lucky smile good to hear from you. Justmee does eating ice lollies help? i have tons of them in the freezer for hot days here.

mumatron sorry you are feeling like crap. Loosing weight takes ages, but haircuts give you a quick lift! Can you treat yourself to a new do to cheer yourself up?

sorry if I have missed anyone - this thread is getting mighty busy! xxx

LAF77 Wed 03-Aug-11 13:52:39

Hi, just a little update from me, I had my first scan today. I'm at 6+2 and the baby is measuring 6+4 with a strong heartbeat. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought that maybe things will go right this time. It is still very early days, but at least they are bright and sunny.

I checked my paperwork from pg3 and this baby is bigger than that baby was at 7+5. So I am encouraged.

I need time to consider if I could really give birth at ESH or I should look to go somewhere else. It is right on my doorstep, but I have such unhappy memories of going there that I'd consider going to Epsom which is further away. St. Mary's wants me to commit to one of them by the time of my next scan in 2 weeks.

I still can't believe that I actually have any long term thoughts about this pg.

stillfrazzled Wed 03-Aug-11 14:11:00

LAF, that's fabulous. So so pleased for you.

After so much turmoil and heartache, long-term plans are going to feel very weird - but things are looking as good as they possibly can at the moment smile

Can't believe they're being so pushy about the hospital already, though. How much further away is the other one?

Glitterybits Wed 03-Aug-11 17:18:32

Ah, you wonderful ladies. Thanks so much for all your lovely messages. Made me have a little snivel, although the day 3 hormone overload seems to have completely passed me by this time, thankfully. Last time around I was weeping and hysterically laughing at the same time. grin Just had the one weak moment when a Great Ormond hospital advert came on, but that's nothing to do with hormones! grin My doctor has told me to be on red alert for PND. No surprises there, but, aside from afterpains I generally feel much better physically and mentally than last time.

Have spent the last few days/ nights in a blur of feeding. Thankfully DD LOVES feeding and it's been so much easier this time around. Unfortunately, she's so ridiculously hungry that there isn't time to get much else done! I will try and upload a picture when I get chance. She's looking less sumo wrestler, more chubby little DS lookalike now, though we still have no idea where her hair comes from!

frazzled Unfortunately, much of the cleaning/ tidying was left to us because it was unplanned and the midwife was on her own. Thankfully, my wonderful sister helped massively - she's a nurse, so not exactly squeamish - and DH was pretty damn amazing. Brings a whole new meaning to the man 'getting hot water and towels'! He literally had to do that - and now we need to go shopping to replace everything! I do feel that the care during this pg and birth has been somewhat shonky. Obviously, I'm supremely grateful that everything was okay and pretty much textbook, but it irritates me that they still don't think women know their own bodies - even when they've done it before - and especially when they have a history.

I would not opt for a homebirth if I did it again (not that I'm going to!) as the unplanned version was ever so slightly scary, but we're very lucky that everyone is safe and sound and it was fab to be left at home in my own surroundings very quickly after the birth. It turns out that the reason I only had one midwife was because the other one had been called out to another unplanned homebirth and all of the hospitals were full. God only knows how many people were fobbed off - ready or not! It worries me slightly that not everyone will have had as straightforward an experience as we did, but I have never known relief like it when I heard her cry.

Eeek on the mouse front. We had rats (we think) not long ago living in the loft, but nobody could find the little buggers. Called pest control out and they confirmed that they weren't living there as there was no food or water source, but they'd clearly passed through and had a little party in the cavity walls at some stage, because we found a few really old droppings and chewed stuff. They reckoned our neighbours must have been infested and done nothing about it. Ewwwwwww! We even set up a webcam, but they seemed to disappear once we'd blocked off a disused drain outside our house. Horrible hearing them though. You almost want to find them, but don't at the same time.

I don't know what to say about your Dad and DH. It's obviously going to fester if you don't resolve it though. Might it be worth having a quiet word with your Dad about the fact that whilst you respect his thoughts and views on parenting, he really has no place to criticise DH on his methods and you support his actions wholeheartedly because you don't want your children to swear? Perhaps a lot of this is down to the fact that you weren't there to witness what actually happened. Not easy to apportion blame or defend people when no one will explain the situation to you. Whatever the case, I'm sure your DS has totally forgotten all about it now. Seems a little pointless to bear a grudge, but I'd be exactly the same in your shoes!

LAF What wonderful, wonderful news. The first hurdle overcome. I am so happy for you and I hope the next 8 months or so are uneventful and happy. Don't feel too pressured into making a decision on the delivery just yet. You are well within your rights to change your mind as your pregnancy progresses. I know I did!

MummyA Good luck with the driving lessons. You certainly know how to challenge yourself, don't you? Fingers crossed you find a doctor you like soon. You're into the home strait now! grin

Btw, there is no reason, apparently, why your placenta should stay put again, just because it happened last time. You have a slightly stronger chance if it's in the same site on any slightly scarred tissue, but it's not a certainty. Mine came away fairly easily, but it still didn't stop them tugging on the bloody cord. Ouch!

justmee Those pregnancy mood hormones are awful. You have my sympathy. It really doesn't help when you're so hot too. Get back in the pool and try to relax as much as you can. I couldn't even stand the humidity here, so there's be no hope for me in a warmer climate.

Coconuts I, too, felt really bad about feeling rubbish towards the end of my pg. There were times where I felt like apologising every single day for being unable to do the things I wanted to do with my family. But, you are heavily pg and are bound to be tired and more than a bit fed up. You won't be pg forever and, whilst it's hard for our other halves in the short-term, it will soon be a distant memory when that little bundle of joy arrives. Give yourself a break and don't feel bad about it. FWIW I tried very hard to put my feet up and not feel guilty about it, but I still ended up mowing the lawn a few days before I gave birth. Wish I'd been able to practise what I preach, because there's certainly no rest to be had now! It's very worth it though.

Oh, and the incorrect pushing thing. I tried so hard with DS to retain some level of dignity in front of my DH during the birth, but that quickly flew out of the window with DD. I remember being scared of pooing and then realising that the amount of blood and other stuff my poor DH had witnessed up to that point was way worse than a discreet little tod! grin You also reach that point where you're so desperate to get them out that you really don't care anymore...until afterwards. It's great being a woman, isn't it? I doubt my DH will ever want to come near me again. grin

What I would say is that your chances of a posterior baby are a little higher with an anterior placenta. This isn't to scare you! It just might mean that your lo is looking up instead of down again, but there really is little point worrying about something you won't know about until in labour. Whilst it wasn't comfortable (what labour is?) I still managed to get DD out quicker than I did with DS and it was only afterwards that the midwife told me she was facing the wrong way and I felt better about my coping skills.

mumatron With you on feeling crappy wrt excess weight. I look as though someone has deflated a beach ball and stuck it to my front. I know it's really early days but Iz is feeding so much that I'm just permanently starving. Add to that the lack of sleep and all I really want to eat is sugar!!!

Lovely Lunatic thanks ever so much for your message. It is so surreal to be sitting here listening to snuffly little squeaky baby noises next to me. I literally can't believe she's here and yet I can't imagine her not being here. It's very odd and I'm not sure it's completely sunk in yet. I keep expecting a crying fit, but it hasn't happened. DS utterly adores her, in a rather heavy-handed way, but he's still not really recovered from the night she arrived. Since then, it's just been a whirlwind of activity at this end. Visitors every five minutes and lots of new big brother presents, so it must feel like it's his birthday every day. We're all completely full of cold too, so feeling generally drained on top of the sleep deprivation, but we'll get there.

Right, I can hear definite "I'm hungry" noises, so I'll love you and leave you for now and try and come back as soon as I can. Hope I haven't missed anybody. smile

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 03-Aug-11 18:24:00

Absolutely amazed at your capability of an epic catch up so soon after having a baby glittery You're superwoman surely!? So pleased I is feeding well and you're finding it easier than DS and great news that DS is coping ok.

I definitely am going to try and poo while pushing this time grin as I really want to try and have a better time of it, whilst not putting too much pressure on myself mentally at the same time. Is posterior back to back? I think DD was back to back so I'm prepared for that!

A shame you had to clear up yourself and an even bigger shame you have to buy new things as they weren't covered but I suppose you have quite a dramatic birth story to tell to I when she is older smile

I'm still grinning for you smile smile

LAF Absolutely fab news. smile Really pleased things are going as well as can be. Planning for the longterm is going to be very hard mentally. At almost 32 weeks I still haven't planned for the impending arrival! Give yourself time, it will feel surreal for a very long time! Don't worry too much about deciding on hospitals so soon. Even if you make a decision to humour the hospital you can still change your mind. The measurements are definitely reassuring. Fingers tightly crossed for you smile

I am so tired and hot and crabby! Took DD to a toddler group thing today for the first time and as soon as I walked through the door, four different people commented about how close to EDD I must be. Erm, nope still 2 months to go. Their faces were shock A lady there was overdue and smaller than me!

Got caught out in the pissing rain today in flip flops and a maxi dress. Kept falling out of my flip flops and my dress was stuck to me like cling film. The epitome of attractiveness!! grin

LAF77 Wed 03-Aug-11 21:02:26

Thanks for all your kind words. I'm panicking now because St. Mary's rung me tonight to tell me I have TEG during pg. I guess I'm in good company with lunatic though. I have to be on an elevated dose of aspirin. I'm just worried that maybe I should have been taking it since BFP and things could go wrong now. I took my 150mg tonight.

I feel exceptionally guilty too because I didn't hang around last week at STM when I picked up my box for the PROMISE trial because there was someone who was struggling to give blood and there were so many people waiting. Maybe I would have known about this last week if I wasn't so impatient.


Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Wed 03-Aug-11 22:26:48

laf congratulations! grin I know it's early days but things are looking good. I wouldn't worry too much about the late start to aspirin. I didn't start my claxane injections until 6-7 weeks. I'll keep everything crossed for an uneventful and dull 8 months for you.

glittery glad to hear all is well. Reading your post makes me feel very broody nostalgic. I miss those early days.

lf YAY for that paramedic. Also envy at you getting dd1's uniform. I'll be running around like a loon the first week of sept trying to sort it.

Eliza is better, she seems to be going through a bit development burst atm. She's desperate to get mobile but doesn't quite have the skills yet. I'm being woken a few times most nights and finding her in some unbelievable positions in her cot. Lord knows how she does it.

I had a few days where I was very scared for myself. Started to get some very frightening thoughts, kept waking up to check the dc as I was convinced something bad was going to happen. I seem to have calmed down a bit now.

I'm off to a wedding on friday and am having a mare of a time finding something to wear! Never found it hard to spend money before grin

MummyAbroad Thu 04-Aug-11 01:39:59

<pulls up jerkily, stalls, restarts then parks wonkily half way up curb>

vroom vroom ladies! Just had my first driving lesson and loved it! grin grin I am going to try and book a test date tomorrow but I have heard there is a three month waiting list, which will put me yes, slap bang on my due date confused. So please cross your fingers for me that I get an earlier date.

Lgrin*A*grin*F*grin congratulations from me too! Also sending along my sympathies too, I found all the worry of the first trimester so horrible, its such a rough thing to go through. LF talks lots of sense though, I hope you feel a bit reassured by the good measurements and what she said about the aspirin.

coconuts I am getting those "are you due?" questions too and I have three months to go shock I like to think it is because I am small framed and therefore it makes my bump seem bigger than it really is grin I love LF's suggestion to lie and demand extra assistance grin

Glittery I love hearing that feeding is so much easier second time around. I am so hoping that will be the case for me too. Thanks for the reassurance about the placenta too, I know there is every chance (well 75% actually) that things will turn out routine and fine, its just so much harder to really believe it when you have been on the wrong end of the statistics before.

mumatron ooh wedding outfit shopping, I am jealous, love doing stuff like that.

LF for someone who is very sleepy sounds like you have done a great job on getting organised with the uniform! hope the GP can help though, no point suffering if you dont have to.

<waves to stillfrazzled justmee while screeching off with the handbrake still on>

mumatron Thu 04-Aug-11 08:19:06

Off topic but mummyA I failed my 2nd driving test by driving off with the handbrake on blush grin . Glad your enjoying the lessons.

LAF77 Fri 05-Aug-11 17:38:44

Thank you all for your comfort in my madness. Talking to lunatic definitely helped. I spoke to St. Mary's today too and the nurse told me not to beat myself up for not getting the test done a week earlier. If things have started off well, I shouldn't worry (ha ha). I've decided that I'm going to book a private scan next week if there isn't any bleeding over the weekend.

I'm kinda pleased that this may be the answer as to why I've had RMC. I never could accept the fact that it is total random bad luck.

You are right mummy and coconuts the pg has already felt like an eternity and I'll be 7 weeks on Monday!

I'm glad to hear that you started your clexane between 6-7 weeks mumatron and you have your DD. So maybe there can be a happy ending for me too. Apparently, women who have this condition and get treatment, go from a 30% success rate to an 85% success rate. I hope that this time I'm in the "good" statistics camp.

I feel more optimistic, in spite of everything. I can't tell you why, but I just do. Maybe because I am being closely monitored, I'm not a total stress case.

Thinking of you with your DD, glittery I hope that the house is back to a semi normal state after the home birth and your DS has been able to put it behind him too.

Way to go mummy on starting lessons in near enough your third trimester. You area brave lady! I had to learn how to drive in the US first and in the UK second. The second test in the UK was worse because I knew how to drive and had loads of bad habits that I needed to erase, plus the test is very strict. It was very frustrating, but I'm pleased I can drive over here.

Have a good weekend everyone!

mumatron Fri 05-Aug-11 18:40:36

laf speaking to lf is always a good thing. She speaks mucho sense.

I continue to have everything crossed for you. X

mumatron Fri 05-Aug-11 18:40:37

laf speaking to lf is always a good thing. She speaks mucho sense.

I continue to have everything crossed for you. X

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

digitalgirl Sat 06-Aug-11 08:05:22

Hello ladies - it's been a while since I've lurked in the mc threads so have just noticed that you've set up a grads thread.

glittery huge congratulations on the birth of your little girl! Amazing birth story. So pleased it's all going well for you.

LAF congratulations on your positive scan news. Very best of luck that the good news continues.

Marking my place here as I did a positive pregnancy test this morning. Am remarkably underwhelmed by it as you probably understand - but enjoying the pre-mentalling stage while it lasts. This was my second cycle of trying on the prednisolone.

LAF77 Sat 06-Aug-11 08:22:32

Yay digi I've been thinking about you lately, maybe it's our turn now to be happy! I'm hanging out on the conception board the most these days in the freak out room as you can imagine!

LAF77 Sat 06-Aug-11 12:27:28

I think that the disastrous traffic around Reigate with the closure of the M25 has pushed me into the arms of ESH. It's less than 2 miles from my house vs. 10 miles to Epsom or St. Heliers. Heaven help any women in the area who are trying to get to the hospital today.

MummyAbroad Sat 06-Aug-11 14:57:15

welcome digi!! I already said my congratulations on the other thread, but worth saying again - I am really really grin grin grin for

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Sun 07-Aug-11 21:20:26

congrats on the bfp digi

rather tired still hungover tonight so will catch up properly tomorrow.

wedding was fab btw. i cried like a baby

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 09-Aug-11 12:29:04

Bit quiet here ladies, hope you are all ok?

digi Congrats to you smile smile Great news smile

mumatron Tue 09-Aug-11 22:19:47

where are you all? <<echo's around empty room>> hope your all ok. Hopefully none of you are too close to these knobbers rioters. (is that even a word?)

not much to report here. E is being a darling. could do with a few less early mornings, but she's learning so much atm, i suppose it is inevitable her sleep patterns are going to change.

haven't been posting much as i have changed phones and I cant get to grips with touch screen at all! (sorry those on my fb, i have been moaning about this for ages now grin ) i miss my blackberry sad

well, I'm supposed to taking a trip to Bristol tomorrow for a bit of shopping with my Mum but have heard there has been a few problems with looters so not sure if it's going to be worth it confused

off to bed now, but I expect to see a bit more action here please!

night all.

stillfrazzled Tue 09-Aug-11 22:26:55

<sidles in, looking shifty>

Evening all. Have just seen that it’s nearly six days since I posted and am quietly horrified at the speed at which time’s flying by.

Have had a fairly eventful few days. Mice confirmed when DH saw one of the little bastards scuttling across the living room on Friday night. We later found out that it had spent the night in F’s little baby nest. Pausing on the way to take a dump on his little rocking chair.

That made it personal, TBH. Am grimly amused to note all my lentil-weavery principles about humane traps and whatnot turn into Die Now Mousey Fucker the second I find a turd near anything belonging to my baby…

Mouse Man has been, laid poison and will be back on Friday. We shall see.

Spent two nights at my folks, which was pretty awkward, TBH. Dad and I haven’t really spoken much at all, partly through lack of opportunity and partly because I feel like I’ve missed the boat a bit. Suspect it is now going to be a few months of slight strain until it’s properly smoothed over. But if he ever tries it again I will rip ‘im a new one.

Also have new neighbours. Mum, teen daughter, two teen sons, one young son. In a three bed house. Eeeek. They do seem nice but I fear the weekends.

Have been feeling a bit low lately, TBH - seems like the ‘few months on’ curse has got me, too. Is partly going back to work, which now obsesses me. I know I don’t nec have to go (although we‘d be pretty stretched), I know I love my job, I know it worked just fine with DS1... But my heart’s breaking at the thought.

Which in turn makes me feel like an awful mother to DS1. I don’t think I love F more, but he’s smaller and cuter and simpler (food in one end, keep other end clean, lots of cuddles). And tinier and more vulnerable and we had that awful start, and I am, at the moment, technically his slave and we haven’t been apart for more than three hours since he came home. But it still worries me. Has anyone else on their second (or more) had this?

OK, enough self-indulgent mithering.

Digi, belated congratulations!

Glittery really glad you’re recovering well (still horrified at the clear-up, but clever you to have such a useful sister smile). Hope the three-day hormone crash has continued to stay away.

And rats! Eeeeek. Quite amused at the idea that they turned out to be camera-shy., I must keep that idea in reserve.

How’s DS? Hadn’t thought about the trauma to him, poor little lad, but I’m positive that a combination of cute baby sister, presents and your explaining everything to him will work out just fine in the end. FWIW, I worried about DS1 after F was born, and he did act up at home and was a bit quiet at nursery for a while, but as far as he knew and knows, babies turn up and stay at hospital in glass boxes until they’re big enough to come home. Am pretty sure your DS will just file it away as ’it’s messy and noisy when babies arrive’, or something.

Coconuts how you feeling now? Hope you haven’t had any more weather/clothing mishaps?

MummyA go you for learning to drive! My mum passed when she was approx eight months with my sister. It was her second attempt, and she reckoned she got through because the examiner was too nervous to ask her to make an emergency stop grin. It took me till my <coff> eighth <coff coff> attempt, so you can be as bad as you like, I will still be worse!

Lunatic hope you’re feeling better and less sleepy now. And massively touched by your lovely paramedic. It’s a lovely thing to know people remember you and are thinking of you.

Julez hope you’re lurking and OK. The nappies arrived and are fab, BTW - thank you!

LAF I am crossing EVERYTHING that this is the sticky one for you. The signs are all good, you’re in the right place, you’re on the right treatment… I think the 85% stat is as good as it gets, even for women who’ve never mc’d. When is your scan?

mumatron Glad you had a good time at the wedding. How did you do with the heels? I’ve worn nothing but Uggs, flat boots, sneakers and Birkis since the start of the year. Tried on a pair of proper shoes the other day and was absolutely horrified by how uncomfortable they were!

Hope the dark thoughts are passing, too. Seriously, is it some kind of hormone thing that kicks in a few months after birth? Or maybe the long-term effects of sleep deprivation?

On which note, am going to wind this epic up and head to bed. Hope you’re all safe, wherever you are. x

mumatron Tue 09-Aug-11 22:51:39

sf of course you dont love F more. you just love him in a different way. For me, I have an overwhelming urge to protect E and I'm certain it's because of what i went through to have her. I love all of my dc, but you'll notice i talk mostly about E, then dd1 and poor ds hardly gets a mention! it's because, like you say, it's so much simpler when they are small. and they need you and pretty much only you in the begining.

it's only now at 7 months, that i'm begining to relax about other people taking E out of the house.

I remember feeling the same after having dd2. ds was 3 and he suddenly seemed so grown up sad

ffs, this parenting malarkey is hard! grin

oh, and please dont ever mention heels again. <<eyes up knarled feet>>

high heels are the work of the devil!

luckyfor2 Wed 10-Aug-11 07:44:27

Sorry I haven't been on since my last post, I feel abit of a fraud posting on this thread because I don't feel like a graduate just yet, but then I'm not sure I will until baby comes (taking deep breath and praying this will one day happen). I've been trying to read to keep up but the time seems to be going by quite quickly. Does/did anyone wake up at ridiculous times in the night. I've been awake since 4.00 and got up at 5.00 this morning and the other day I didn't get to sleep until 3.00. I think I remember waking up at strange hours with DD2 but this is ridiculous!

Had my 20 week scan last week (I'm 22weeks tomorrow) and everything is fine. We found out that we're having a little boy which was a complete shock especially as I was told at just 18 weeks at my last weekly clinic scan that the sonographer/consultant thought that it was a girl! I even bought a beautiful little pink babygrow on holiday in cornwall. Not that any of that matters, we are very pleased that the baby is healthy and don't care either way. It did scare me slightly as our last baby that we lost at 15 weeks was a boy and I was convinced that I couldn't carry boys and therefore that the baby girl I was carrying would be fine. I know this is complete rubbish and I have been told so by my consultant but its how I was coping in my head (irrational behaviour!) My girls know now and they are very excited, they have told grandparents and a few people that we have seen but I'm trying to see people bit by bit. I've been hidden for so long that its hard to just get out there and be bold. Plus I'm still terrified but realise that if I'm going to get my life back I'm going to have to move on a little.

Congratulations to Digi smile. Fingers tightly crossed for you. Do you have a scan date yet?

LAF hope everything is okay. Did you book a private scan? Its good that you had the tests and you found out that you needed to take the aspirin. Sounds like you're in very good hands.

Glittery I'm amazed at how mentally sane you seemed so soon after your manic home birth and thumbs up to your sister and husband for cleaning up afterwards. I would never opt for a home birth and definitely like the security of medical attention/treatment on hand but your midwife seemed to have it all in hand even though it was unplanned and your lovely daughter got here safely which is the main thing. Hope you're getting enough rest and your little boy is coping with all the change.

Coconuts I can't believe you're 32 weeks. Did you find out the sex. I can't remember if you said? Your soaked cling film maxi dress sounds ever so fetching.

Sounds like you had a good wedding do mumatron. Did you get a nice outfit in the end. I don't remember the last time I had a drink, could definitely do with a good night out when all this is over.

MummyA Good for you having driving lessons. Hope you can get an earlier test date – three months seems like a long time to wait.

SF Argh about the mice. Get them in a trap! We had one in the kitchen once and it scared me to death, makes me itch just thinking about it!

I've not managed to read the thread from the beginning so missing some of the background! But HI to everyone. Now I feel a little more settled it would be nice to keep up with the thread properly.

Julezboo Wed 10-Aug-11 12:31:05

Hey Ladies,

On DH's laptop. Iphone will be in my hand on the 31st, so I shall be around a lot more then.

LAF and DIGI - congratulations!!!!

mumatron Hope little lady is better, is she teething?

frazzled glad you like nappies! How is F doing? Has he hit the sleep regression that happens at this stage yet?

glittery Congratultions again!! You sound so wonderfully happy and I am excited to see a picture (and more so to see if it makes me broody)

To put it bluntly, life is poo at the mo, today has been spent mostly in tears with exhaustion and frustration. As most of you know O has CMPI and refluz. He's on neocate and gaviscon, omeprazole and ranitidine made him sicker! thankfully the sickness stopped straight away when he went onto neocate 3 weeks ago.

But the delight that is weaning, is quite honestly turning into my worse nightmare. He is having reactions to all sorts of things and as he has more reactions, im getting scared to feed him! Bread makes him scream for hours on end, porridge does too seemingly, tomato based foods are out, spag bol made him puke violently, whilst organix tomato snax gave him a hideous rash (think menningtitis type rash)

Last night he was up at 1, 2, 4 and 6, crying, fussing, screaming. Refusing milk today. The past two nights I have resorted to nurofen. Yesterday he screamed blood curdling screams from 10pm - midnight, then he started again at 4am. He is such a happy little baby when he is fine and we are sticking to his usual purrees (chicken, sweet pot and brocoli or butternut squash, chicken and avacado) but anything else seems to unsettle him. I am convincing myself hes gonnna be allergic to all kinds. Its complicated to feed him as it is, each bottle is a battle because he hates the milk. He will only drink an oz of water at a time so I have to force feed my baby effectively sad

In other happy news, hes on the move! Quite cute, and hes reaching out for me now with his arms. He has the cutest smile...

My yummy Ollie

luckyfor2 Wed 10-Aug-11 14:36:13

Oh Julez your little O is beautiful and has a gorgeous smile. It is so cute when they start moving about and responding more to things.

It sounds like you're having a real nightmare with all the weaning and feeding. I'm sorry I have no advice on how to go about getting him to eat other foods and what should/shouldn't effect him. My DD2 hated milk and pretty much stopped drinking it at 4 months but she loved her food and didn't have a problem with anything so I gave her lots of yoghurts and milky things like porridge to compensate. I assume you've had help from your health visitor etc, not like they can be there to help in the night when things get impossible. Has he been tested for other allergies other than milk? Is he sleeping in the day at all? If you could get a little sleep it might help abit. Sorry I can't help, I do really feel for you.

digitalgirl Wed 10-Aug-11 16:30:53

LAF can I ask how long it took you to get an appt at St Mary's following your BFP? I left a message with them on Monday and another today trying to book in for a repeat TEG but haven't heard anything back. Not sure whether to up the harrassment program - don't really want to as every time I leave a message I have to say I'm pregnant which I don't really like doing.

LAF77 Wed 10-Aug-11 19:17:23

Hi digital I called them as soon as I had BFP which was actually before my period was due. I was seen at 6+2 for my first scan, so they saw me in about 2.5 weeks. As I said, I was kicking myself for not getting the tests sooner when I went in to collect the bits for the PROMISE trial. They did tell me that I could get the blood tests done then. I couldn't wait around at the hospital as I had to get back for a conference call. I didn't realise that you had been at St. Mary's already. I take it everything came back clear.

As for me, lucky I'm not having a private scan this week. I'm 7+2 today. The Babybond clinic in my area wasn't running this week. I could have gone further afield for a scan, but I've taken several mornings/afternoons off already for appointments and I didn't want to make a trek further afield to do it. I can't bear the thought of going to the local EPU that has humiliated me at my most vulnerable times. It is hard. I want to have a scan, but I realise that I have to cope with not having weekly (or daily!) scans. I've made it further than baby 1 and baby 2 now. So in many ways, that is positive. But I think about baby 3 who clung on until 9+3 when things weren't right and wonder what is going on inside me.

I also went to pick up the paperwork for the Nuchal test and made my first midwife appointment against my better judgement. I have had 3 of those stupid packs and I feel like an idiot for picking up the 4th, like it is some sort of jinx. However, work is asking me to go out on a trip in early September and I need to know if the appointment would be during this time before I can commit to going. I didn't want to make a MW appointment either, but the receptionist insisted.

I'm desperate to know that everything is OK, but equally, I'm committed to not acknowledging that I'm pregnant. Unless I end up with a real baby, I'm can't be pregnant in my mind. Symptoms seem to come and go. Yesterday I felt worse than I did today. My boobs are covered in a network of blue veins, so I guess that's good.

frazzled I'd go mental at the mouse. No mercy on such vermin that comes near F!

julez I'm so sorry that things have been difficult with Ollie's feeding. It must be so hard as he can't tell you what is wrong. Plus, you are getting little rest, so it must be draining.

Thinking of you glittery mummy and coconuts

LAF77 Wed 10-Aug-11 19:19:46

btw digital they did seem to be a bit understaffed at St. Mary's probably due to August holidays and maybe some staff struggling to get in with the disruption in London due to the vandals. I rang to ask for more details about TEG, and they didn't get back to me for 48 hours. You could probably turn up on the days that they run clinics for RMC and just get the bloods taken. I don't know if you need an appointment for it, but it is good to have confirmation before going.

luckyfor2 Wed 10-Aug-11 19:54:17

LAF its great that you are feeling the symptoms (sorry but true) and they will come and go as I'm sure you already know so things are definately looking good. I completely understand about the jinxing mind game. I'm still scared to do certain things because I think I will jinx this but the things I have done up to now have turned out okay so I'm trying to stay positive. I've even seen a midwife which I was terrified about and it was still okay. One step at a time, this little one is going to be just fine LAF.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 11-Aug-11 10:28:25

Hiya, feeling really miserable today. Had a good ol' blub on DH last night. I think the hormones are getting to me finally.

I had an ok day yesterday, toddler group, haircut, usual bits and bobs, nothing out of the ordinary. At bedtime DH did the unimaginable and asked for sex. He doesn't ask often so please don't think he's a sex crazed maniac! But I really didn't feel like it - not usually an issue - and suddenly I just broke down about how fat and frumpy and unsexy I feel and how could he possibly want to even look at me. It all came out how I hate looking so pregnant, I hate people talking to me about it, and I hate how everyone thinks that's all I want to talk about. Poor bloke didn't know where to put himself, I doubt he'll ask me again so next week I'll probably be the same wreck cuz I'll think he doesn't fancy me anymore. hmm

But all was fine, I had a good cry and went to sleep but today I just feel so meh about everything. I'm looking at all the baby stuff in my flat and my packed bag and I just want to throw it all away, trash it all. I still can't imagine having this baby. Something inside me is keeping me distant for a reason I just know it. And I can't imagine how the pain will feel when it all goes wrong. I don't think i can do it anymore. sad I just need to get through these next 8 weeks but I just can't. It seems forever away.

I look at others babies and have no emotion for them at all. I don't go all gooey and go ahhh at them. I can take or leave it. The desire to have a baby that I had when TTC, has gone. sad

Sorry for me me me post, now going to crawl back under my rock...

stillfrazzled Thu 11-Aug-11 22:08:37

Coconuts, I would bet good money that you're tired, feeling overwhelmed and - most importantly - bloody terrified, however good a job you do of holding it together day to day.

Your mind is trying to protect you from the enormity of things going wrong.

It can't, of course - and again, I do not believe for a second it will need to - but this is not something to beat yourself up about.

You will adore this baby from the minute you set eyes on each other. You already do, of course.

Stating the bloody obvious, I know, but just in case it helps. And manly pats on the shoulder.

A real 'me me me' post here: My boss emailed today with my great fear - they're 'not sure they can allow' me to continue with the agreement that has worked perfectly well for three years, viz working three days at home, two in the office.

There are no problems beyond wanting bums on seats that I can see. I know I've been lucky but I want to carry on being lucky. And the thought of leaving F for longer, or being far away, actually makes me feel sick. I don't think I'd realised but I think I might be a bit traumatised still. Haven't admitted this to anyone IRL, but I've taken to reading his red book and measuring him three times a day, just to make sure.
No idea what to do.

LAF77 Fri 12-Aug-11 08:39:14

Oh coconuts I'm so sorry you are feeling low. Is there such a things as pre-natal depression? You have been through a hard time to get this far in your pregnancy and I'm sure that there are feelings floating around that are confusing. Maybe it would be helpful to talk to a counsellor or let your GP know that you are struggling so you can be sure that you get the support you need and don't fall into the hole of PND.

big hug

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 12-Aug-11 10:39:34

frazzled A manly pat was just what I needed smile I feel ok now, I pushed myself to get dressed yesterday and go up town and kept busy for the day. I think it's just time going really slowly and I have nothing to do bar household chores and looking after DD to pass the time. Going to try and get out more. Do a bit more walking, or as much as my body will allow anyhow.

Sorry to hear about the work situation. What a PITA. Any idea what you'll do? Is this going to be dealbreaker situation? You do sound like you're struggling a bit actually, obviously you know that the measuring isn't healthy for your mind. I think you need to tell someone how you're feeling/what you're doing. Try slowly to cut it down. If you feel you need to measure him them limit yourself to bathtime, or after breakfast and try to control it. Hugs to you smile

LAF I did wonder myself whether there is a touch of AND there but I think it's more anxiety than depression. But, I know deep down I'm being a stupid cow. And I know deep down that when my baby comes I'll be ok.

The issue for me is that I've grown up with parents on ADs, seeing counsellors, suicide attempts, manic depression etc. I don't think I could ever admit to having a problem to someone in RL for a fear that I'll turn out like my mum. I know there is nothing wrong with being depressed and I'll be the first in line to tell someone else to go to the GP but I just don't think I could make that step myself IYKWIM. I'm too proud and private in RL.

Everytime I see my MW I have an argument with myself before I go in the room as to whether I should say I'm struggling a bit but as soon as I get in there my brave face goes on without me even knowing, she asks how I am and I say I'm perfectly fine. I kow as soon as I would say No i'm not ok the tears would flow and I'll be totally mortified.

But I am ok today, feel a bit more positive, and going up town again to get out and about. I have a craving for some scampi today smile

LAF77 Fri 12-Aug-11 10:52:49

coconuts I share the same fears. My mum has issues, but she doesn't seek treatment for them and it is a problem for other people. I just simply can't be where my parents are because I can't be in a world where people ignore the elephant in the room.

I've battled depression on and off through out my life. I have used AD's in the past, not sure if I'd go back on them without a lot of thought first. I've been to counsellors too for help with my problems. I may not always love myself, but I love those in my life to not hurt them by retreating into depression and make them sad, by watching me turn into a different person.

I get it, being proud in RL. Very few people know of the heartbreak I've been through in the last year. People who know what happened, don't know the extent of my darkest feelings and fears. Some ways, I'm proud of the fact that I have just carried on with "normal life", but I know I'm vulnerable. If I have a 4th mc, my house of cards, might just come crashing down.

Think of the people that love you, us included on the MN world. Don't try to be so strong on your own. It's OK to admit that you aren't coping and you need help.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 12-Aug-11 12:23:55

LAF My mum is the opposite. Many issues and is convinced that the 50th counsellor she sees will magically cure her. She isn't willing to change herself for the better or to get more positive or to accept that part of her problems are circumstantial not all because of her history. I spent my whole childhood looking after the one who should have been looking after me and I resent that and I do not want that life for my DC.

When I was younger and suffered a bereavement, my mum wanted me to go to a counsellor but I just can't get my head around walking into a room, sitting down and telling a complete stranger my life story. It just doesn't sit right with me. It wouldn't have just been about the bereavement, as I know other shit would have come out that nobody really knows about and that I believe should stay private. I think that's the issue with growing up with someone who was so willing to talk to anyone and everyone for hours about their problems that I have seen how it drives people away and it has instilled in me a real private, bother nobody mantra.

I worry that if this all goes wrong what it will mean for my DD and DH's life. What will happen to me? I can't see myself being able to just carry on as normal but I can't see myself falling apart because of them. But as you say, the house of cards will crumble at some point.

But for now I have to be strong on my own, for them, and for my own sanity, that is on thin ice. I don't want to admit defeat just yet. If things work out ok, hopefully I'll be automatically cured of my temprary insanity hmm grin

LAF77 Fri 12-Aug-11 13:06:49

I guess the moral of the story is that we are not our mothers. We see the areas where they need to change, but don't.

I found it helpful to have someone neutral listen and help me work through what I was feeling.

I realised that I have low self-esteem (before any of these MCs happened even) and I had to take more control of my situation. A separate time, DH and I went to counselling together and I was shocked when he told the counsellor about one of the things that he loved about me. I found it difficult to think about how someone could love anything specific about me, as I felt so unlovable. It was a real shift in my thought. I don't think he would have just said it to me when we were together alone. It wasn't easy to get him to go, but our marriage is stronger because of working through those issues together with someone else.

I understand why people wouldn't want to talk to a complete stranger, but counsellors have a way of helping you get to the bottom of what is really bothering you, in a way that friends can't. You can drive friends away because they get overwhelmed with the issues and don't know what to do. I know I've done it. It isn't a panacea, but when you know what the problem is, you can recognise it and control it.

Anyway, back to pregnancy, I'm 7+4 today, going for my scan in 5 days time.

MummyAbroad Fri 12-Aug-11 15:29:50

Hi all,

Big hug for coconuts Pregnancy IS overwhelming, whether you have been depressed in the past or not, whether you have had mc's or not, its a huge scary thing for everyone. I know there are nice and not so nice mw's but you should be able to tell them how you are feeling, I am sure they have heard it all a million times before and are more than likely to just note it and remember to keep an eye on things and ask you more next time.

I have suffered from depression a few times in the past, including in my pregnancy with DS and am on AD's at the moment.

I totally understand the not wanting to talk to a stranger thing, I was the same as a teenager and had a disastrous one time appointment with a counsellor which I hated. I think going on AD's then made me feel worse because i felt "labelled" as having a problem IYSWIM. However I have had some good counselling experiences too, the 2 times that have been the best I have gone in for a specific reason and outlined some goals in the first session (wanted help with big decisions, coping with specific issues) and did counselling for about 6 weeks until the issue was resolved. This felt a lot more productive to me than just digging up the past and focussing on childhood/parental issues etc (although I have done that since and it has been useful) I have also just read a book by Beverley Engel called Healing your Emotional Self which I found really good for working through a lot of things in my own time/pace and then discussing with the therapist. It also helped me see that a lot of traditional therapy is about and understand where they are coming from with the questions. I really recommend it.

Anyway, hope you are feeling better, just try and remember that pregnancy does magnify everything, and everything you are feeling is normal, we all have those days. xxxx

back later to catch up with everyone else xxx

stillfrazzled Fri 12-Aug-11 21:19:51

Another post and run tonight, but have momentous news.

The first bit isn't very good but is better than I'd feared - my boss had three days a week in the office in mind, and is willing to consider half days that will fit in around school hours. I am to think about it and bring her suggestions when ready.

Of course, this is all voluntary on my part. But as she politely-but-firmly pointed out, if she had to make it official, it would be easy to make a business case for forcing me to accept hours of her choosing. And then there'd be no goodwill.

Now the initial panic's subsiding, I'm starting to think and make plans. If she's willing to compromise, I think there are ways which won't be too painful.

Anyway, that's the warm-up. The main event was F's weigh-in today. He's put on a pound and a half in three weeks, is 64cm long, and IS ON THE CHARTS. Between second and ninth centile in both cases, and for real age, not corrected.

Not for the first time, I nearly wept in clinic. But almost for the first ever time, for sheer relief.

Still a long road and all that, but since I doubt his only ever growth spurt has just happened, hopefully a promising step forward.

MummyAbroad Sat 13-Aug-11 15:09:27

oh frazzled that is great news! So glad that F is doing what he should and you are feeling relieved about it. Long term worrying is very very draining, hopefully this is the turning point and he will get nice and chubby now! Good news too that work is showing a bit of flexibility. Negotiate as hard as you can /need.

I have a bit of good news too - i think - still a bit doubtful but I think I have found a doctor. She said all the right things about the Ashermans (hystorectomy only in an emergency, we will monitor placental attachment very thoroughly towards the end, blood on standby for PPH etc) was happy to answer all my questions, gave me a really thorough scan (first time heart and vital organs have been properly checked - all fine thank god) and generally seemed really competent and nice. Oh, and she told me exactly what i wanted to hear about the AD's too - that I can stay on them during pregnancy and BFing which is a relief. The downside is that every single one of my VB questions got answered with "No" (no eating and drinking in labour, no walking about, no avoiding constant monitoring, no choosing my own position for labour etc) and even said I wouldnt be allowed a VB if baby is bigger than 3.5k (DS was 4) so looks like its cesarian only with her, I dont think I could face such a nazi style hospital VB where I have no control over anything. I also suspect that ALL doctors on the private system here have the same views, so I could just exhaust myself searching for one who doesnt.

For now things have been left open anyway, she said we dont need to decide until nearer the time. Of course now that I am being pushed into a cesarian, I want a VB more than ever! Hopefully I will get used to the CS idea a bit more in the coming weeks and it wont seem so bad. If anyone has any positive CS stories (especially about recovery!) do share!!


Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Sun 14-Aug-11 20:59:00

evening all. not been on the laptop much and posting from phone is a no no atm.

sf well done F! <<does a little dance>> hopefully you will be able to relax a bit with the measuring etc now.

lf i'm with you on the tirdness atm, no idea why but i'm exhausted all the time!

julez O is so bloody scrummy. I hope you realise I have him earmarked for a future husband for E? grin

mummy good luck with the search for a Dr. must be so hard. I suppose we take the nhs for granted in as such as we just go with the Dr we are given.

lucky yay for the scan. i think Glittery and I are the only ones with girls so far.

digi did you have any luck getting an appt?

laf not long til your scan. will keep everything crossed.

glittery how is I? and you?

for those of you that didnt see my thread about ex-p being his usual charming self. If anything it's good for a laugh.

Mil is back to her usual knobish self as well. i thought we were really getting somewhere with her sad

She called in this morning to see If she could take E out, I told her that we had plans later on in the day but she could take her for an hour while I got ready. the older dc decided they didnt fancy a day out so we decided to stay in instead. I went to the shop, came back about 15 min later to find the baby here with dp. We had dinner, watched a film etc and Mil knocked the door again about 3pm conversation went like this,

Mil- "oh your back, good"
me- "we didn't go, dc didnt want to"
Mil- "OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE! i've waited all bloody day to take E to town. why couldn't you bloody tell me!"
me- shock "erm, I had no idea you wanted her again"

she then took her and dd1 out, only on the understanding she was going to be back by 5 so I could take them to the park, she strolled in at 6.15, knowing full well, E hates being up past 7pm.

I have no idea why i didn't say anything to her. I'm really angry with myself now.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 14-Aug-11 21:52:11

Good evening lovelies smile

mumatron will have a look at your thread in a bit. Your MIL sounds like a prize idiot. Perhaps next time (which I'd avoid happening like the plague grin ) you could plan to say that if she isn't back when you say so that you won't be so accomodating for future visits.

How did your fantasy football team do this weekend? You're going down! grin

lunatic Thanks for your words of advice, they kind of gave me the kick I needed. I need to be a damn sight more grateful for the position I am in. Others, ie you, have had it so much bloody worse. Hope you soon feel a bit better too, don't overdo it on your busy week.

frazzled Really great news on the weigh in smile smile I hope this is the start of better things to come and hope that perhaps you can begin to relax about it a little now. We all worry for the same reasons though. I used to worry about those bloody centiles with DD because she was so big always up on the 99th and I was always told not to feed her so much hmm so this weekend I decided to weigh and measure her and she is now on the 75th so really evening out and I am feeling much more relaxed about that now smile Sometimes these things make you more owrried than you need to be though.

mummy Great news on finding a potential doctor. I have no experience or knowledge of Csections and therefore can't really add anything useful. but at least you are making progress. justmee is having the same issues in Turkey so you are not alone in your plight!

LAF Hope you are ok, fingers tightly crossed for your scan this coming week. Wednesday is it? Is that a private one that you've arranged?

julez Hope all ok with you smile Reflux sounds bloody hard work and I hope you can find some happy medium somewhere with O's food. He is certainly a gorgeous boy though smile

glittery Hoping you and I are doing ok smile

well I am feeling a lot better after venting on here and having all of you be nice to me smile Very grateful. As I said above, I had a lightbulb moment where I kind of realised what hard work it was to get to where I am, and tried to remember that feeling I had when TTC, how much I wanted this, what I would have done to get it. I have it now so I need to embrace it. Whether it lasts to the end and I get a baby remains to be seen but for now, I am 33 weeks pregnant with a lively little boy and things are going well. I have a beautiful DD and a fantastic husband and I need to crack on. 7 weeks to go (potentially they may have me in early though) and I need ot do all I can to stay positive.

I think there are lots of underlying issues exacerbating the situation - my mum for one - but I am not ready to go there yet. I probably never will be. My mum has many issues and until she is willing to help herself then I have decided to take a step back from her slightly. I think all my fears and past history all rolled into one made things feel ten times worse and a good old cry made everything better.

MW appointment next Monday to monitor the growth. And more blood tests I think to check the anemia but otherwise all seems to be fine.

Thank you all for being there for a complete stranger smile

mumatron Sun 14-Aug-11 22:16:49

<<strokes beard in a footie manager fashion>>

not bad, not bad. i'm sooo going to win

Glitterybits Mon 15-Aug-11 12:19:06

So, so sorry for my mahussive absence. Battling the most hideous case of mastitis sad (ouch emoticon) and spent most of the last few days necking antibiotics (which don't seem to be working), ibuprofen and paracetamol and lying on the sofa trying to feed Iz without crying. DH has gone back to work and my poor DS doesn't understand why Mummy isn't more cuddly, or why she's a shivery sweaty mess. Aaaagh. Will be back when I feel less hideous.
Haven't even read back, so I hope you are all as well as you can be.

digitalgirl Mon 15-Aug-11 12:46:29

So sorry to hear of people's struggle with depression, mothers, MILS and illnesses sad.

frazzled hooray for F!

I am lurking. Just not much to report atm. No appt at St M to get this flippin TEG test done. Rather annoyed that they've completely ignored all my messages. But to put more effort into calling them sort of ruins my attempts to remain in denial - of which I think I'm doing very well so far. In a blatant undenial I did a CBD this morning and it said 3+ which tallies up with me being 5 weeks today. Thinking of waiting till after 8 weeks to have a scan. I've got DS's birthday party on the 29th, then a wedding on the 2nd, another wedding on the 3rd and a naming ceremony on the 4th. So unless something actually happens before then I think I'd rather maintain a general level of ignorance.

mumatron Mon 15-Aug-11 15:14:28

Ouch glittery hope the anti biotics start working soon.

digi I found it so much easier to just pretend I wasn't pg. I would not have been able to wait until 8 weeks for a scan though. I'm way too impatient!

I've just taken E to get weighed. She is 19lb 5oz. When i checked Dd1's red book she only weighed 19lb 3 at 1 year old shock

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 15-Aug-11 15:46:02

mumatron my DD was 19lb at..... 21weeks. Hahaha!!

digi Definitely easier to deny all knowledge of it in the early stages! I was lucky and had a scan at 7+2 only because I was admitted with my HG otherwise I'd have had to have waited until 12weeks. I would have cracked at gone private I think!

glittery sorry to hear you are suffering, hope you start to feel better soon. Frozen cabbage leaves will be your friend grin

MummyAbroad Mon 15-Aug-11 19:56:09

glittery I had mastisis - horrible thing to go through! poor you. Antibiotics did sort it out for me, hope they kick in soon for you. Eat lots of yoghurt afterwards!! I got thrush (in nipples) right after recovering from the mastisis, AB's kill good and bad bacteria alike so it can throw your body a bit off balance. Stock up on yoghurt with probiotics in it! I also got some relief from putting flannels in very hot water and applying to boobs before feeding/expressing. It helped soften them up a bit and alleviate the engorgement (assuming you are engorged, sorry I was, not sure if that is the case for everyone) <slips away quietly before anyone realises I was actually a breast feeding fraud who only lasted a month>

digi I thought I would be flying down to the clinic early on, but didnt get my first scan unitl about 9 and half weeks in the end. I figured that I wouldnt be reassured enough if the scan was too early and they saw nothing, however, I did get 3 (yes, three) HCG blood tests done and that was enormously reassuring and tided me over till the scans. I will look for the stats in a mo, but there is even a HCG number above which you will supposedly be able to see bean on a scan, so if you had access to a blood test you could do this to help you decide if a scan at this point would be "worth it" or not. Hope all the upcoming celebrations are nice and distracting for you.

lunatic yes, I just found that out from MN recently (that cesarian = more risk of PPH) but I didnt know at the time of the appointment. Its making me want a VB even more! I will mention it to the doc next time, but am betting she recommends doing what is best for her and the hospitals convenience (and docs here are not used to being questioned by patients over their choices) but as you say, at least I have ONE option, so I am better off than I was this time last month.

In my news:

I am pretty convinced I have anemia, I am always borderline on blood tests being vegetarian and I have been too scared to take iron tablets because of massive hemmorhoid problems that started in pregnancy with DS. sad Started taking some this week though as I realised I am just winding down like the bunny on the duracell advert who had the cheapo batteries (blood test next week will confirm but dont think I can wait till them). So I have decided to swap pregnancy exhaustion for pregnancy piles problems confused hmm

also, its Mother's Day here in Costa Rica today, so for those who have been mother's for years and those who have only just cranked up a little mileage, those who are waiting to become a mum, and those who were mothers for a little while, Happy Costa Rican Mother's Day! Please use it as an excuse to treat yourself a little bit more than you normally do today

love MummyAbroad xxx

<produces exteemly large cake from behind bump> ta da!

LAF77 Wed 17-Aug-11 15:27:51

Hello, I did have my scan this morning and the little bean is growing well. I'm at 8+6 in terms of measurements (21mm) so the bean has gained 4 days! I'm growing a big one I think. I think it's a boy. Both DH and I are tall, I'm 5'11 and he is 6'1, so it can be explained, as not just a giant baby.

Thanks for all of your support. I'm starting to believe that this time, I just might have a baby.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 17-Aug-11 16:04:40

laf Really great news smile

LAF77 Wed 17-Aug-11 16:21:45

thank you lunatic and coconuts I was so pleased with the news that I fell asleep for 2 hours when I got back. I tossed and turned all last night thinking about the scan, but deep down I feel OK. The last pregnancies never felt right at all.

I had a tiny bit of bleeding on Sunday and worked myself up so much thinking it was the end, but then no more bleeding came.

I've been advised by 2 people in the last 24 hours that I'm glowing, but the only thing I feel is sleepy.

digitalgirl Wed 17-Aug-11 16:29:27

fab news LAF smile

LAF and I narrowly missed crossing paths at St Mary's today. I had my TEG test. Still waiting to hear back results (LAF did you get yours same day?). Plucked up the courage to book a scan in for three weeks today when I'll hopefully be 8+2.

LAF77 Wed 17-Aug-11 17:08:45

Yes digital when they found that the levels were high, they called me that night at 18:30. I missed the call and totally freaked out when I heard the voicemail.

I'd guess that if you don't hear anything today, you are OK.

Sorry I missed you! They are quite quick at taking bloods there, very little waiting. The lady who does it is good. She was horrified when she saw my left arm as ESH took a blood sample from me when I was checking my Vit D levels and they badly bruised me in the process, so she had to take from my right instead. It took over a week for the bruising to go away!

MummyAbroad Wed 17-Aug-11 17:58:29

LAF great news!!! Have a big congratulatory hug from me and then go have a snooze on the sofa! xxxxxx

well done on Scan booking digi smile

mumatron Wed 17-Aug-11 18:13:12

Yay! laf will be back later to post more.

stillfrazzled Wed 17-Aug-11 22:29:49

I have spent the last three days waiting for enough time to do a proper post! Clearly not going to happen so you’re going to get my half-asleep mumblings here.

I ended up going into work to see my boss on Monday. It turned out to be a really good thing - I was very careful to be positive and helpful, and in return she was prepared to be v flexible. We’ve worked out a compromise which includes two extra half days at work, but getting home in time to pick DS1 up from school. So no time lost with the boys beyond what I’d already expected. Not official yet, but no reason to think it won’t happen (beyond paranoia…). Much happier.

F continues to be enchantingly gorgeous and happy and additionally has slept till 5.30am the last three nights. I picked the No Cry Sleep Solution up in a charity shop and realised I was basically shoving a boob in his mouth every time he whimpered, prob before he woke up properly blush. Now I’m trying not to do that, he mostly goes back to sleep. I don’t seem to have learned much on my second baby…

DS1 mostly adorable, occasionally maddening but always interesting. We’ve done some baking and Lego together this week and it’s been great.

Julez I read your recent problems with my jaw dropping. I’m so sorry. Can’t believe things are still being so difficult for you. Poor poor little O, but poor you too. I’m also stuffing avocado down L like there’s no tomorrow but at least I have the option of other stuff. How is he on fruit? And soya stuff? Was wondering about yoghurts and so on. FWIW, my friend’s DD has multiple allergies but had them right from the off - anaphylactic shock from her first mouthful of dairy, that sort of thing. Hopefully O can grow out of his problems, but God it must be heart-rending and so frustrating.

Mumatron I’m normally a bit defensive of MILs, having two boys, but yours is a lunatic grin. I also read your other thread about your ex with my jaw dropping. Weirdly, I saw the title in Most Active and hoped it wouldn’t be you, and then it was!

How did things go with work? You have my full sympathy, this is a horrible process. All weekend I kept looking at F and wanting to cry.

MummyAbroad so glad things are looking up a bit and you’ve found a doctor, even if they do sound scary.

Coconuts Chuffed about your light bulb moment, although - at risk of slipping into drippy therapy-speak - how you feel is how you feel and you have a right to it. Beating yourself up because you feel the ’wrong’ way won’t achieve anything other than making you feel worse. You’re scared because, in our shoes, this is scary. The tons of other fab things in your life are great, but go in a separate box. Or that’s how it felt for me, anyway. Hopefully I haven’t talked you out of feeling better smile, just wanted to say you might be mad, but it’s normal-mad.

Glittery Ow. Owowowowowowowowowow. Love and sympathy and hope you’re feeling a hell of a lot better now. Did you manage to keep feeding? My friend had mastitis and her doddery GP told her to stop. La Leche League later told her that was the worst advice possible and she should carry on to stop the engorgement. I know it was horribly difficult for her, though.

LAF gringringringrin So pleased for you. Sending sticky vibes to the giant bean. And it would be nice to think someone did get a pregnancy glow - I just got fat and spotty…

digital fingers crossed here for you, too. It can and will happen.

Lunatic hope you’re feeling better, the Ads are kicking in and the migraines are kept at bay.

Much love to all and waves if I missed anyone.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 18-Aug-11 16:56:24

What a day...

Movements have been reduced the last couple of days and got nothing at all last night/this morning so called up and went in for monitoring. Had to be on the monitor for two bloody hours cuz the trace kept knocking off. Suffice to say baby started kicking as soon as the ecg went ok so all ok.

But am now under consultant care not MW as they decided I needed a scan due to being large. Baby is measuring at 37weeks all over on the head, leg and tummy measurements which is actually off the scale on the centile chart. Baby is also breech, legs extended, bum down, head to side. I have too much fluid too. Normal level is allowed up to 20. I have 23.9. Apparently I'm high risk for premature water breakage and because he is breech that means high risk for cord prolapse. I don't even know what that is? They want me back for rescan in 2 weeks time. Bloods also taken to check for infections in fluid.

So was in hopsital from 11 til 4. Am knackered and starving and now going to google when I shouldn't. Worried and stressed is the diagnosis for the day!

Hope everyone is ok.

mumatron Thu 18-Aug-11 19:44:07

Step away from google! It is not your friend. The fluid does sound high, at 34wks mine were just over 8, right at the lowest end of normal iirc.

Sounds like you've had a crappy day, put your feet up now and relax as much as possible <not as easy as it sounds I know!>

MummyAbroad Thu 18-Aug-11 21:03:52

Hi coconuts sorry you are going through it, sounds quite tough to deal with mentally! Let me save you googling, cord prolapse is when the cord gets squashed down near the cervix and or wrapped around baby's neck. The thing to know is (for all women, not just those with lots of fluid) IF YOUR WATER BREAKS SUDDENLY, SIT/LIE DOWN.

Think about pulling a plug out of a sink, when the water goes everything rushes towards the plug hole, smallest lightest things get there first. For an ideal birth you want the water to exit, then the babies head to connect with the exit hole and the cord to be safely tucked out of the way behind it. This is more likely to happen if you are lying down. If you are standing up, gravity and a big sudden gush of water can make the cord slip down first and then get stuck between the babies head and the cervix (and get squished which will stress baby).

Hope none of that has made you more scared, I just wanted to point out that there is something you can do to help things if waters go early. Just sit down wherever you are, even if its in the middle of the street!


stillfrazzled Thu 18-Aug-11 21:27:45

Jesus Coconuts, what a day - I'm so glad baby and you are OK but must have been terrifying.

Positives, I suppose, are at least you're clued up and the hospital seems to be on the ball, though. And since LO views the machines as target practice he's clearly got a bit about him already grin.

One thing I learned from my experience - if you're worried, go in and ask to be checked over. No decent nurse or midwife will refuse you (when my waters went with F, the doctor grandly told me to come back in five days, and the attending midwife did a catsbum face and once he was out of the room, told us to come back whenever we were worried). Better to be a nuisance than to worry. And for us it was a good decision.

I have forgotten that I knew about cord prolapses, I was given the same advice. It is bloody scary, my heart goes out to you. But I wandered around quite happily for a couple of days and would have done so for several more had F not been found to be so bloody tiny. And that's one problem we know you don't have smile.

digitalgirl Thu 18-Aug-11 21:39:07

coconuts how worrying for you. Glad little one is ok though.

stillfrazzled Thu 18-Aug-11 21:49:44

Oh, and far less worrying than coconuts' day but my boss has worked out that our nice new working arrangement is (a) 90 minutes short per week and (b) HR need to agree to it, including the working on the train thing.

I am really worried. can't face the huge rush of relief turning out to be a mirage.

LAF77 Thu 18-Aug-11 21:57:23

Oh coconuts what a scary day! To me, getting checked up every 2 weeks after that info, doesn't seem enough. I agree with frazzled be a nuisance if you are worried.

Thinking of you....

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 19-Aug-11 10:21:02

Thanks for the info and advice ladies. Spoke to an old school friend who is a MW at my labour ward and she has reassured me that the fluid levels aren't majorly over. Normal is allowed up to 20. High is 24 and problems usually occur at 28-30+ so I'm kind of in the high end of ok.

Once the scan in a fortnight confirms which way the fluid is going, up or down, then she thinks it'll be weekly monitoring. And after some research through the archives, if he doesn't turn then it'll be a planned CS. Which if I'm honest I think I'll prefer. I'll be more confident that it's the safer way out for him and I'll have a definite date to work towards.

Hospital seem very on the ball actually and am confident in the care I have received so far smile Trying not to worry smile

Oh and he's definitely still a boy grin

frazzled hope they sort your work situation out asap for you, the waiting around for a decision is horrible.

luckyfor2 Fri 19-Aug-11 12:15:37

coconuts so sorry you're having all this extra worry. Its good that the hospital is on the ball though and brilliant that you've got a mw/friend at the hospital in the know. I totally agree with the others if you're worried at any time be a nuisance and keep pressing them. In the meantime try and keep your feet up and relax if at all possible. Big hugs x

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 19-Aug-11 15:30:49

So those of you who know a bit more about things than me, should I be resting? I have so much to do, can I just carry on as normal? The midwives at the hospital never really made much of it but since asking on MN, researching it all a bit all I have read is rest, rest, rest.

I've got food shopping to do and my CMW appt monday that is a 35-40 min walk away.

So I'm just a bit confused. I can easily put my feet up at home and concentrate on my kicks as they advised me but I still have stuff that I need to do so should I just carry on but take it steady?

MummyAbroad Fri 19-Aug-11 18:52:37

Hi coconuts IMO you are going to have to downscale your activity level at some point anyway, why not use this as an excuse and start resting now? It certainly won't hurt. I understand that feeling of wanting to get everything done and organised (I am going through the exact same thing) but you can get things done, you just need to use different strategies i.e. palm stuff off on other people!! grin What will be your plan for shopping during due date week/when baby comes? Can you just bring everything forward and declare that you need help earlier than expected? I would definitely palm the food shopping off on someone else and concentrate your energies on more vital (and fun grin) stuff. What about internet shopping? I know its a bit pricier but if its only for a couple of months and you bulk buy...

Can you take a bus/taxi to the CMW appointment? Again, saving energy where you can will help you be able to do the stuff that you really want to do.

I think probably only your doctors/midwives can advise if actual bed rest is necessary - but it is ALWAYS a good idea to start conserving energy towards the end and take it easier than you normally would if not pregnant. That is what maternity leave was invented for. Did you know that it was started when someone notices that women who didnt work in their last months of pregnancy were less likely to have premature babies? So my vote is, Yes, rest! and enjoy smile

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 19-Aug-11 19:34:42

Well before even looking at your reply mummy, I had ordered a big Sainsburys order online. It will make life easier I suppose even though I hate buying everything from one shop. I love a bargain, me!

I wasn't planning on downscaling my activities at all if I'm honest. I walk alot, everywhere in fact and I love nothing more than going out for a stroll. Suppose I can still do that but with regular stops and not lugging heavy bags.

Had a bit of a mood with DH tonight as he's come home from work in a mood and I asked him to put the duvet cover on and he kicked up a fuss. Sometimes I want to stab him with a rusty fork.

I want to clean all my windows on the inside and where I would usually do them all in one day, I'll just do one a day, in the next week before I get even bigger.

I'll still walk to my appt Monday as I will have done nothing all weekend and see what she says then. It'll be much easier to talk to her and not be rushed in and out. And DH will be with me so if she says rest alot then he will hear it from the horses mouth and have to get his arse in gear. Smetimes I think he thinks I make it all up hmm Fucking man men.

Excuse my cursing.

Hope you are ok anyway? xx

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Julezboo Sun 21-Aug-11 22:28:29

Evening ladies.

coconuts I have messaged you! Oliver woke up so was in a rish, but hes settled again!

Glittery Ouch, sounds painful! I hope it gets better quickly!

LAF cngratulations again! O is another one who moved dates, my original date was 26th eb, my actuall EDD after 14 week scan was 14th feb! Turns out he ignored them anyway and came when he wanted! Hope you are not feeling too sick smile

mumatron your MIL sounds as mad as mine! How was London? Did the DC's enjoy?

Frazzled no advice RE work, just sympathies! Good news on sleep front too! O still gets up twice in the night!

digi and mummabroad hope things are well?

Same old, same old my end! Sticking to same foods we know are safe with oliver. He is teething at the mo and we have had a pretty bad few days tbh, just grateful it happened whilst DH had his week off else i would have cracked up!! He seems to be growing up way too fast! today he has learnt to clap hands and get from all fours (crawling position) to sitting up! He couldnt even sit up last week! Cant believe he is 7 months old now!

oh.. there he goes again, i best run n give him nurofen xxx

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 22-Aug-11 18:37:33

Hi all, quick update from me.

julez thanks for your advice earlier smile Hope O's teething isn't too awful for you all, he sounds like he's coming on in leaps and bounds smile

lunatic If I am eating curry at 40+5 I think I'll actually cry grin Glad L has put on a bit more weight, and I can't believe he's trying to walk already!

Saw CMW today (not my usual one who I love but one just as nice) and she has told me what to do should SROM happen, told me what to look out for in the way of tightenings and said that there's no need to rest as such, but to take it steady and use my initiative. Baby was oblique while she was having a feel and then moved round completely after she'd finished so still obviously plenty of room for him to change position. She believes that there is definitely alot more fluid than baby as she struggled to feel baby through the fluid. Measuring at 38weeks on the fundal height shock and all ok otherwise. So just carry on as I see fit and wait it out for my next appt on 1st for my next scan.

I walked all the way to the appt and to MILs (round the corner) and then to the shops, round the shops, had a lovely ice cream and visit to the ducks with DD and DH (his first day off work in three weeks) and I took it nice and steady and feel a bit better for it actually smile We got the bus back and stopped off for chips on the way home.

Lovely day all in all, but day at home tomorrow for a rest smile

mumatron Mon 22-Aug-11 21:17:46

quick catch up from me as i am shattered tonight.

coconuts glad your feeling ok, no advice but just take care of yourself please!

julez how's the whining? E has been unusually quiet today, doubt it will last much longer. can't imagine the problems these food issues are causing you! still, O has grown very well considering his difficulties with food. he's about the same size as E i think. how long until iphone day??

lf well done L's weight gain.

<<waves to everyone else>>

nothing much to report here, very busy weekend for me. Night out with the girls friday, much recovering for the rest of the weekend and a day trip to london yesterday has left me exhausted!

will try harder to keep up

scouts honour (or something like that)

digitalgirl Mon 22-Aug-11 21:48:01

Glad cmw put your mind at ease coconuts

Lovely to hear how all your little ones are coming along. 7 months already julez!

6 weeks today, I think the last two weeks have sort of chugged along. I have a short but very busy week at work this week, then it's DS's 3rd birthday party on the bank holiday Monday. Then another short work week then a big weddings weekend. So hopefully the next two weeks will fly by in a whirlwind of social engagements.

I didn't hear back from St Mary's re the TEG. So I'm guessing that it was fine. I'll prob chase tomorrow afternoon, if I'm not completely snowed under.

milkyways Tue 23-Aug-11 19:24:06

Hi everyone! Hope you don't mind me barging in!

I think some of you may remember me from the Recurrent Buns thread, and the freak out room thread. I joined back in January after suffering from my fourth consecutive miscarriage. I must say, I learnt so much from the thread from you, about pushing for tests and looking at different causes for my miscarriages, not just the ones the doctors had tested. I was finally diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency, for which I was treated in May. I'm also currently going through counselling to help me deal with the losses I suffered.

Just thought I'd pop in and tell you ladies the good news that I'm in my 20th week, and had my scan yesterday. My little baby boy is healthy and very active. I'm due in January and have allowed myself to get a little excited by the prospects of having a baby in the new year. Hopefully from here onwards, it will be plain sailing and I don't have any other worries to deal with - although I know that will be impossible given my history!!

Hope you're all doing well with your little babies and pregnancies- lunatic I think you had your baby the week or week after I joined, and I remember thinking that there is still hope for me!

Waves at coconuts! Thanks for pointing me here last week!

mumatron Tue 23-Aug-11 19:38:26

Congrats milkyway. Glad things are finally working out for you.

JugglingMama Tue 23-Aug-11 21:18:25

hey well done milkyway! many congrats, try hang in there..I too am a bit of an observer on here and the previous thread. Lovely to see everyone getting on so well. Like you I had 4 m/cs, tests, nothing..was about to give up, one last (am 41) try has resulted in this pgcy, am now 38 weeks and counting down to the arrival of this little boy or girl. Feeling v blessed and wishing everyone on here hope and good wishes. x

mumatron Tue 23-Aug-11 21:41:11

That's lovely to hear juggling. Keep us updated on the new arrival.

Glitterybits Wed 24-Aug-11 01:02:47

Wow, so much has happened in my absence, I can't possibly catch up properly, but I am so sorry for being so decidedly absent. Can't remember the last time I was so poorly. 3 courses of antibiotics later, the GP threatened a lancing procedure (didn't think they still did that?), or a stronger course of antibiotics and quitting feeding, because any more of these ones I was taking would have resulted in me having jaundice and/ or liver problems. Thankfully, I finally started to get better a few days ago. I was properly delirious for much of the last week and passed out because feeding was so bloody excruciating, but I'm feeling a bit more normal now. Whoever said breastfeeding was the most natural experience in the world was a liar!

digi and LAF Huge congratulations! I hope all is well with you both.

frazzled Can well imagine your upset about work issues. I hope you get it sorted in a way which suits you. If it weren't for money and the need to retain some sanity, it'd be all too tempting to just sack it all in, wouldn't it? I'll pray that you get a lottery win. Did you get on top of the mouse situation?

MummyA Thanks for the advice. I think I may well have thrush now. Hoovering natural yoghurt and considering booking another appt for treatment once I'm certain. Why do we do it to ourselves? It's a bloody good job babies are so cute and lovely. Sorry if you've already said, but I'm so behind - how's the driving going?

Coconuts And you're surprised about feeling overwhelmed and lacking any semblance of libido why exactly? If it's any consolation, I've been decidedly nunlike for the past few months. Desperately out of character! grin Sounds as though you've had a hellishly worrying time the past few days. Yes, you need to take it easy and yes, online shopping is the way forward for now. Cleaning windows and all other activities can wait, though if you're anything like me, everything seems suddenly urgent when you can't do it. Be kind to yourself. Also, I'm sure your DH thinks you are as lovely as ever. It's just a pity that being pregnant and feeling hideous aren't exactly conducive to feeling up to it! grin The last few weeks are really tough. He will just have to wait!!! grin

Julez Oliver sounds gorgeous. I know it's really tough right now, but I'm sending you hugs and hoping you feel better.

Lunatic So pleased L has broken the 15lb mark. Despite the awful mastitis, we have been really lucky that Iz has continued to grow. She's 9lb 7oz now (after regaining her birthweight) and I'm chuffed that, not only have the baby police left us alone, but that she's actually gained whilst I've been so ill. Makes the excruciating nightmare that was feeding her seem so worthwhile.
My wee man starts pre-school in September and I know what you mean about missing them. If it weren't for Iz, I think I'd probably be beside myself.

Waves to mumatron, Juggling and milkyways. I'm sure I've missed loads of you, but Iz is wittering for a feed again. Love to you all. I will try to catch up and be a bit more present from now on!

mumatron Thu 25-Aug-11 21:34:30

very quiet here, hope your all ok?

glittery hopefully your feeling better now? give that darling little girl of yours a big smooshy kiss from me.

not much to report, except my lovely little girl has been swapped with a horrid whiney brat the last few days! grin today has been a bit better so hopefully what ever has been irritating her has passed <<fingers crossed>>

have some time to myself tomorrow so will try a better catch up then.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Sat 27-Aug-11 20:37:26

<Squeeze> thinking of you, dh and all 3 dc tonight.


digitalgirl Sun 28-Aug-11 00:30:28

Thinking of you and Daisy too LF sad

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 28-Aug-11 10:38:09

LF Didn't see this yesterday, but thinking of you sad Hugs to you all xx

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 28-Aug-11 16:47:34

Hi all, hope everyone is ok.

LF Hope the anniversary wasn't too hard on you all. You, your family and Daisy have been in my thoughts since I read your post this morning.

mumatron Hope you are ok and E is back to her normal self.

Glittery So sorry to hear the feeding has been a nightmare but glad you are feeling better now. My DD also starts full time preschool in a couple of weeks. Not sure how I'll cope with that and really not sure how the logistics of it will work when the baby comes. <wibble>

milky have already congratulated you on team blue over on the grads thread but I'll do it again here. Great news smile

digi hope these next coming couple of weeks are uneventful smile

waves to julez mummy and frazzled Hope all is ok smile

Eventful weekend here, for those of you who dind't see my thread, my mum was bluelighted to hospital with suspected heart attack but they didn't find a cause in the end and she was discharged, still suffering pains and palpitations, to be treated via outpatients. Worrying time resulting in me dashing over to local hospital to fetch younger brother to stay at mine.

I spent all yesterday feeling really ill, dizzy and weak, nearly passed out in town so spent the rest of this weekend resting up. This morning awoke with cramps in lower belly and back, intermittent and worrying, but that ended up going away after a lengthy trip to the loo (TMI sorry!) Oh how I love constipation grin

Next growth scan Thursday morning. Secretly hoping for no change at all so they decide to have me in early. Fingers crossed. Otherwise, still 5 weeks to go....

stillfrazzled Sun 28-Aug-11 21:28:05

OK, am rolling up sleeves and preparing for an epic catch-up. Have been either stupidly busy, or busy doing nothing with the DSs for the last few days and haven’t been near the laptop - the one drawback of my new not-very-smartphone is that I can read stuff quite easily, so don’t use the computer much, but it’s a PITA to type much so I save my long messages up and then have to do them in a big SPLURGE.

F continues to grow (picked up another centile this week, so on ninth now, although height lagging a bit), DS1 is preparing for SCHOOL wibble sob my baabbbyyy…

Still wibbling about work a bit, but not nearly so much since I found out that my lovely friend is going to be my new boss smile. A combination of her, OK hours and a nice new bag grin is something I might even start looking forward to, who knows…?

And yet another wibble: F in his own room tonight, for the first time. I’m not ready, but he’s spilling out of the moses basket and also waking up at 5am every day for an hours’ chat. I bought DH this reprehensible book called Go the Fuck To Sleep today (getitgetitgetit is hilarious) and nearly wet myself laughing, but it’s not so funny IRL in the wee small hours.

Lunatic kudos to L on the weight front - he’s only about half a pound behind F. Three times SCBU weight is a seriously satisfying statistic, too. F has also given up on crawling, and rolling (only time he ever did it he fell off the bed, think it discouraged him) in favour of trying to walk. Why are these lads in such a hurry? Also I hadn’t realised your DD1 was off to school too. Is she looking forward to it? DS1 is, but I’m a weird mix of proud and petrified.

Have just read your message about Daisy. I’m SO sorry I missed it last night and didn’t think of her on the right day, but I’m tearing up and thinking of you all like mad now. Sending love.

Julez I’m actually staggered by how much O can do. It’s amazing. Especially given how rotten he must be feeling quite a lot of the time, between teething and reflux. These LOs of ours are tough, aren’t they [proud emoticon].
And so are we, of course. How are you feeling ATM?

digital Am keeping fingers crossed that things are OK and your next scan is boringly normal.

mumatron Hope the aliens have returned your lovely E to you. Was it her teeth? And was most impressed to read of all your social activities. My brother and lovely SIL-to-be were here last night for a takeaway and a few drinks and I’ve been knackered all day…

milkyway (Belated) congratulations! Fabulous news! Interesting (and of course lovely) that you’re having a boy - we do seem to run to mostly boys on this thread, don’t we?

juggling mama Congratulations to you too, on the pregnancy and having the patience to wait for a surprise grin. Look forward to reading your birth announcement.

Glittery you poor love, I got as far as the word ‘lancing’ and had to stop to register my extreme horror and sympathy. Will now read the rest of your message and hope to god things pick up.

…Right. V glad they did, and you are obv another tough woman. I saw my friend go through mastitis and turn grey at every feed with the pain, so I know what you’ve been through. Am sending a virtual hug even though it was over days ago.

Iz deserves a big squidge for gaining so well and not giving you something else to worry about. Did the Abs make her sick? F was sick for weeks when I was on ABs, to the point that I almost decided to just put up with the tonsillitis if he didn’t stop soon.

Mice officially gone, BTW. Muchly relief all round.

Coconuts Oh no! How’s your mum now? Hope things improve over the next couple of days, and you get the right result at the scan on Thursday.

Waves to lucky and everyone I’ve missed.

julezboo Tue 30-Aug-11 09:25:13

Morning ladies!

frazzled which phone have you got? I got my iphone on Fri last week (yay) but still getting used to keyboard, I have made so many silly funny typos when talking to friends on msn/fb lol! I am doing okay, Counting down the days until we can have some routine back and the older two go back to school. A is bored out of his mind and playing up horribly, he has me in tears every other day I swear, and he wasnt happy with ring getting stuck on his finger, broken arm, he sliced his hand open whilst we were at my mums at the weekend which was pretty scary! 4yr olds are mad lol So hes all bandaged up again now with stitches and a bandage to keep it clean!

lunatic Have been thinking of you this week, hope DS and DD are keeping you smiling smile

mumatron hows E doing? I love her latest pic I saw on fb, her hair is amazing! O still has very little! He loves to pull mine though!

coconuts Good luck for thurs, fingers crossed you get what you want!

glittery hope you are feeling better now, sounds real tough on you!! Hope Iz is being all calm and serene for you smile

waves to everyone else!!

Oliver seems to have leaps loads the past week or so, he learnt how to clap hands, crawl and just yesterday pulled himself up on the sofa! Fairly certain he will be walking by christmas!! He needs to slow down!

mumatron Tue 30-Aug-11 10:56:51

julez walking by xmas? It looks like he'll be walking next month!

lf hope dd1's birthday wasn't too painful for you all.

frazzled glad you won the mouse war!

coconuts how's your mum? I've been keeping an eye out for an update. Hope all is well.

E is pretty much back to her cheery self. No new teeth so lord knows what the prob was confused

She's turning into a proper little comedian. She's started to dance when she hears music, it's very cute.

I'm half hoping she gets on with walking before I go back to work next month because I can't stand the thought of missing her first steps <sob>

Off out for dinner with the mother later. Should be nice.

mumatron Tue 30-Aug-11 11:00:48

lf I'm sorry dd2's birthday.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 30-Aug-11 11:07:52

mumatron she's ok, doing things she shouldn't be and won't listen. Still having th epain and palpitations but the spray stuff is helping until the appts come through.

E sounds scrummy smile

julez definitely sounds like walking may be sooner than xmas. smile

How quick are these babies growing up hey!

mumatron Tue 30-Aug-11 11:17:54

julez I just saw the video shock I'm glad E isn't that quick onto her feet. I'm defo going to enjoy this less mobile time for a while straps eliza into chair

coconuts good to hear she's ok. Does she have a date for appt?

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 30-Aug-11 11:28:37

mumatron nope no appt date through yet. I expect it'll take a few weeks, which is unfortunate. I just wish she would listen to me. She cleaned the house top to bottom the other day and cleaned the patio area despite being in pain all the time and even though my bro offered to do it.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 30-Aug-11 11:29:21

And it's even more annoying that I can't help her do it. Just bad timing on all accounts I suppose.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 30-Aug-11 21:55:29

Ah lunatic That sounds just lovely, what a perfect way to mark the occasion. smile Bittersweet I expect, but appropriate and lovely to involve dd1 and L.

mumatron Tue 30-Aug-11 22:19:06

lf what a lovely thought, daisy up there, playing with her balloons.

coconuts bit suprised that the appt isn't quicker. I would have assumed heart issues would be dealt with asap. The stress. Must be hard on all of you.

I'm in absolute agony tonight, pain in my jaw. I really need to get to sleep but the pain killers are not touching it. Looks like I'm off to the dr's in the morning.

Glitterybits Wed 31-Aug-11 10:54:38

mumatron I've given my little chunkster a big smooshy kiss from you and she cooed and gurgled. She's just started smiling and it makes me melt. She's such a good baby. I feel very, very lucky. <<whispers>> Oh God, I think I'm broody again already. Aaaaagh. Hoping it's just residual hormone overload! shock hmm confused How I can possibly feel this way after that birth and the hideous mastitis I have no idea. I'm wrong in the head. Perhaps it's some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder! grin <<reaches for the gin>>

If it's any consolation, you aren't alone with the whiney brat saga, though it sounds like E's come out of it the other side now. The dancing sounds really cute. DS is playing up right now. He took ages to get the hang of toilet training, but finally nailed it completely in one week (including dry nights straightaway) only to be having a really bad blip of a day today. I'm trying to remain calm and not shout at him after no sleep whatsoever, but it's not easy when cleaning up poo from the floor for the second time this morning! I really wanted him to get the hang of it before pre-school but, with him being a July baby and one of the youngest, I reckon they are just going to have to make allowances for the odd hiccup. Hopefully, he'll be perfectly behaved for them, even if he isn't for me.

Hope your jaw gets better soon. Doesn't sound good at all.

Lunatic So sorry I wasn't here to offer cyber hugs. I did think of you and Daisy and shed a little tear at your balloon story. What a perfect way to remember her. Felt completely choked at DD1's belief that Daisy is catching them. What a wonderful thought. Snivelling again now. Bloody hormones. Lots of love to all of you. I can hardly believe it has been 2 years. sad

Coconuts Nothing like throwing every possible worry under the sun at you, is there? I hope your Mum is okay. You really have enough on your plate. Hope you are feeling a little better in yourself, too. I felt at my very worst in pregnancy with about a month to go and then suddenly perked up and felt massively better in the final 3 weeks or so, aside from the twinges. I hope this happens for you (not the horrible twinges, obviously). I can only assume it was because the bump (although low with the weight anyway!) finally shifted and dropped a little further. I stopped feeling quite so dizzy and sick and found I could actually breathe when reading DS his bedtime story. I think big bumps just have a tendency to make you feel strange at this stage, however you're carrying them, but the anxiety about everything doesn't exactly help. Try to find some you time to relax. I know it's not easy, but it sounds as though you need it. Mind you, if you're anything like me, you'll be trying to keep as busy as possible right now. You'll be snuggling your little person in no time at all.

frazzled Yey for F! Wonderful news. Sounds as though he's really coming on in leaps and bounds now. I'm with you on the wibbling about DS starting school. I bought his uniform the other day and he looks so cute, but too little somehow. I'm also spending as much time as is humanly possible squeezing my little lady. She's already the size of a 3 month old and, whilst I know that's great, she's my last and I'm already panicking that I'm not definite about stopping now. I really must get a grip. I'm terrible at pregnancy, truly terrified about the prospect of another labour like that and, given that I've had mastitis with both kids, I'm guessing there's a trend there too. Add to that the anxiety about everything and I can't believe I could even entertain the thought that I'm not finished. DH keeps giving me a look everytime anyone asks me if I'm done. I notice he hasn't booked the vasectomy he was thinking of getting as soon as DD arrived though. He's quite smitten with his little lady!

I was interested in your comment re sickness. I was beginning to think I just had a sicky baby, but maybe there's something in the ab's being to blame. Mind you, she's a greedy little monkey. I think she has a tendency to think that every upset is resolved by feeding. She tends to overeat and then send half of it back at me, but she certainly seems to be piling it on.

Very pleased to hear the mice have gone now. It's horrible to share your home with pests.

Well, the mastitis seems to have gone but I still have a lump in my boob and it's still really uncomfortable to feed - on both sides actually. Not being very experienced with bfing, I'm not sure if that's normal and I should just expect my boobs to be sensitive until I pack it in, but I'm not sure how women continue for so long if it always feels like this. Perhaps I should get checked out for thrush after all. So sick of waiting rooms and medical appts though!

Julez O sounds like a little delight. On the one hand, I can't wait until Iz reaches these milestones. On the other, I just want her to stop at the stage she's at so I can continue to enjoy the newborn snuggles. I have no idea where the past 4 and a half weeks have gone. Blink and you miss it.

Waves to digi, LAF, lucky and anyone else I may have missed. Hope you are all doing okay.

So, DS starts afternoons at school in two weeks and I've decided to go back to work part-time for those hours. Thankfully, I can take Iz with me because it's a family business, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't rather just snuggle up with her on the sofa and absorb every second of those newborn cuddles. It all seems to be going far too quickly this time around. I can only imagine it's because I've convinced myself that this is my last chance. I really hope the hormones calm down and I become a bit more rational soon. I think most people I know would run a mile if I said I was thinking of doing it again! Besides, the house is far too small as it is...
Having said that, it felt positively wrong to start taking the pill again. I felt genuine guilt at first. Finding it really hard to switch off the, 'I must get pregnant' mentality.

<<skips off to lunatic asylum>>

Glitterybits Wed 31-Aug-11 11:09:38

Don't know if I've done it right, but I've added a pic of my funny-looking little munchkin to my profile page. She still looks nothing like any of us and hasn't lost the crazy hair.

LAF77 Wed 31-Aug-11 12:52:19

Hello, just a quick post from me. I've graduated from St. Mary's today. I had my final scan there and baby was measuring 11 weeks, 5 days ahead. Baby did a little dance on the screen for me. I'm dumbfounded that I'm still pregnant.

I feel like I'm walking around in a daze. I did go to Topshop afterwards and buy a pair of black maternity trousers. 4 days in Rome have made it more difficult to fit into my trousers.

digitalgirl Wed 31-Aug-11 17:04:36

<Delurks for LAF> Fab news, so pleased for you! grin

My scan is a week today. Still far enough away for me to not be worrying about it confused <returns to sticking head in sand>

julezboo Wed 31-Aug-11 17:41:45

quick one. thank you glittery your picture of your scrummy dd just put a much needed smile on my face. been a few tough days....

stillfrazzled Wed 31-Aug-11 21:10:19

Glittery that pic gave me a massive broody-hormone rush. She is a beauty and that smile makes your heart flip. Well done you smile

And LAF, am thrilled for you. Wonderful stuff.

Glitterybits Thu 01-Sep-11 14:27:35

Just checking in to do a little dance of glee for LAF. I'm thrilled for you. I know how bloody difficult it is to psyche yourself up for scans and also how hard it is to accept that things can go well. Big pat on the back for having the courage to bite the bullet and buy maternity wear. I found that a real hurdle in itself.

This has to be your year. You deserve it so much and I'm over the moon for you. grin

digitalgirl Thu 01-Sep-11 14:31:08

glittery soooo cute! And the hair!!!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 01-Sep-11 15:05:58

LAF wonderful news am so chuffed for you smile

glittery super cute baby you have there grin

Quick update from me. back from my scan. fluid levels still high but lower than they were. need to go back for rescan in two weeks again at 38/40. no go on a section but i will be induced at term, he wont let me go overdue. baby apparently is a high end of normal but no where near massive, it just the fluid that is making me big. he said that in the next few weeks i can go in whenever if i begin to get breathless as he anticipates it'll start to affect me quite badly on the dizzy/breathless front. but if i can manage and things are the same in a fortnight then i'll be induced if nothing happens naturally.

he also said something about when baby is born he'll be examined by a paed before he's allowed his first feed because PH can do something to his throat? I didn't really understand and his english wasnt great so that's something to chat with CMW about on monday when i see her again.

Baby apparently has lots of hair and on the scan he opened his mouth and poked out his tongue at us... awww grin

MummyAbroad Thu 01-Sep-11 18:39:04

ooops fell of the thread. Just snatching a moment to say "HOORAY!!!" to LAF brilliant brilliant news, and give Lunatic and overdue cuddle, Daisy's balloon memorial sounds so fitting and nice.

. and good luck with everything Coconuts HTH.

no news from me, just starting to slow down a lot now at 30 weeks, but still feeling good. xxx

JugglingMama Fri 02-Sep-11 20:28:03

Well done LAF. Happy waiting Coconuts and good luck to everyone. Reading this thread has been so good this last horrid 2 years with all my mcs and grief that weve all had. Just wanted to announce the safe arrival of baby Jacob on Tues, 8lbs5oz, perfect. 4 hour labour and all good. What a long road, and what a lovely ending/beginning. I can hardly quite believe it. Thx all

MummyAbroad Fri 02-Sep-11 21:08:34

Juggling mama congratulations, thats fantastic news. xxx Hope you have a speedy recovery, enjoy all those lovely newborn cuddles smile

I have just managed to get my driving test date bought forward so instead of being 38 weeks I will be 33, much more doable! AND, I have just found a supermarket in Costa Rica that has started doing internet deliveries - heaven!!! grin

love to all xxx

digitalgirl Sat 03-Sep-11 09:45:57

Congratulations jugglingmama!!!

And well done mummya on getting an earlier driving test.

I'm wibbling a bit this weekend. I'm 7+5 today - so smack bang in the middle of mc#3 and mc#4 milestones. I've only had one day of nausea last Tuesday but have been fine since. Very paranoid about every twinge of back ache, cramping. Every trickle of cm has me dashing to the loo to check for blood. Boobs don't feel as heavy but maybe that's my imagination. I'm at a wedding today so I'm desperately hoping I'll be distracted for most of the day but I was at one yesterday and every minute I had to myself my brain was working overtime figuring out what to do if I started miscarrying.
And today I have a headache. Which I what I had the day I started mc-ing in the last pregnancy. Hoping it's just because I had a late night last night. Still don't feel particularly pg so as I'm not looking forward to the scan on weds. Have to get it over with I suppose.

MummyAbroad Sat 03-Sep-11 14:02:14

<hugs> for digi, this is probably the worst bit, hang in there. Hopefully by Wed you will feel a bit better for having beaten at least one of the those milestones and will get some positive feedback from the size for dates info. Treat yourself in any way you can in the meantime, nows the time you need to give yourself a little extra TLC. xxx

luckyfor2 Sun 04-Sep-11 06:53:15

Just popped in to see how everyone is getting's been a busy summer holiday, can't believe the kids are back at school tomorrow.
So brilliant to hear your news LAF. I'm so pleased that everything is going well for you this time. grin
Glittery your little girl is just beautiful.
Coconuts will keep checking in in the next couple of weeks to hear your
announcement. I hope you're managing to get enough rest.
jugglingmama I don't think our paths have crossed but thank you for sharing your news, its just unbelieveable what everyone on here has been through and reading yours and others news is inspiring and gives hope.
I'm 25 weeks now and still feel like I've got such a long way to go. Hes a little fidget bum though so that gives me lots of reassurance. I don't think the worry will ever leave.
Big Hello to everyone. x

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 05-Sep-11 17:20:23

Well it's all going on sad

Had a complete breakdown in with the CMW today. She isn't happy that consultant hasn't put a plan into action yet. She wants me back to see her again Monday and will then send me straight through for scan #427. I am not measuring 43cm. Nobody even gets to 43 weeks pregnant so am officially off the charts.

I'm so scared everythings going to go wrong at the final stretch.

Petrified my waters are going to go on their own and I won't get to hospital in time.

She said there is no way they will induce me at term if baby is wrong way up so doesn't understand why they quashed my suggestion of ELCS.

The nasal-gastric tube thing sounds easy though, so am less worried about that now than I was.

So Monday is my 24th birthday and will be spent in hospital. sad Can barely walk now, let alone breathe. DD has gone to preschool full time as from today so major wibbles about that upskittling everything. Major guilt at asking my mum for help as ILs are busy all week next week. Mum still not 100% in herself so hate to worry her.

One thing after another.

On a positive note, I have complete nesting syndrome, everything is ready, washed, built and in place.... I just need my baby here... NOW.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 05-Sep-11 17:20:50

Sorry for me, me , me and not catching up blush

LAF77 Mon 05-Sep-11 20:47:59

coconuts I'm empathising with you, (although I've never been heavily pregnant). I've read that if you are struggling to breathe, the time must be near!

I can't understand their treatment of you. If the baby is that big, surely they would induce you or opt for CS.

IKWYM about thinking about inconveniencing others, but your needs are pretty great right now, and they should come first!

Thinking of you.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 05-Sep-11 21:01:21

Thanks LAF If I'm struggling to breathe then the polyhydramnios is getting worse and they want me admitted so trying to struggle on. Just need to hang on til Monday.

They said they will induce me at term, no sooner. CMW said they won't touch me with a bargepole before 38weeks so if I can do my best to persuade them for ELCS at 38 then I only have two weeks left but not sure they'll hear any of it.

CMW doesn't understand why they told me they'd induce at full term when there is no way I'll have a head down baby, and obviously they'd induce a breech so CS will be what happens so why don't they just book it and be done with?

I hate all this mithering and complaining about things. It's do difficult to be grateful and happy and gracious about things.

Pretty soon, you'll be heavily pregnant and complaining here too! grin

I spoke to my mum on the phone this evening and she has been feeling better for a few days and will be taking me in on Monday with no problems and is prepared to have shared care of DD with DH so DH can keep working if I get admitted.

justmee will be having her baby pretty soon too - I talk to her on FB and she is booked in next week! grin

lucky the worry never goes but it does get easier, honest. The mentalling kind of gets taken over by the need to get prepared. And you are in the lovely stage at the minute where things are nice and neat and you can still move freely haha! grin

jugglingmama Our paths haven't crossed either but thank you for thinking of me and congratulations on borth of Jacob - love that name smile

lunatic frazzled julez glittery mummy Hope you are all ok too smile

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Glitterybits Wed 07-Sep-11 19:05:26

Coconuts Like your CMW, I'm baffled as to why anyone would even consider an induction if the baby is breech. Sounds completely bonkers to me, particularly in light of the other concerns about fluid and size. There is also the chance that you could go into early labour given your measurements, so I'd put your foot down and beg for the ELCS on the grounds of your psychological wellbeing if nothing else. Big hugs. These medical people know how to scare us don't they? You aren't being me, me, me and no one would expect you to be gracious at this point. Vent away! Send our best to justmee - unless she's lurking in which case she can read that for herself!

Juggling Congratulations on the safe arrival of Jacob. I do love happy endings. My DS is a Jacob too!

lucky You're right that the worry doesn't leave, but it's an easier worry in some respects once they're here!

Lunatic Sorry to hear about your cat. We recently had to have our family dog put to sleep. Heartbreaking decision. She was my sister's dog, but very much part of the family. Did you go a bit mushy dropping off DD1 at school. DS is only going part-time as of next week, but I already feel a bit wobbly.

Mummy I have everything crossed for you on the driving test front. It was one of the most nerve-wracking things I have ever done as I'm a bit phobic about driving, still. Having said that, I would be lost without it now. It's a very worthwhile skill. Good luck!

Oh digi you have my total empathy on the symptom spotting. It's awful, but you are at the hardest stage and it does get easier. Hope you are feeling better today. I remember the 7 to 8 week point as if it was yesterday.

Not much to report at this end except I am officially sleepless. Little Miss has me up all hours feeding, feeding, feeding. I am going to try to feed her myself for as long as possible, but she's mega, so I may have to admit defeat and supplement her soon. Mummy is desperate to get some sleep. I feel permanently drunk! Having said that, I wouldn't change it for the world! grin

digitalgirl Wed 07-Sep-11 19:32:29

Just popping in to let you all know the scan went well today. Baby measured 8+3 and had a strong heartbeat. So this is me at the furthest along I've ever been since ds. Although each pg has progressed further each time so am still cautious. But very relieved about this morning.

Can I go back to pretending it's not happening?

JugglingMama Wed 07-Sep-11 21:40:37

well done digi!! just try to believe..i know its hard..not long til the 12 wk scan..or if you want an 11wk one+v thorough tests etc all in one go, i went to the fetal medical clinic on harley st. best £150 i ever spent..the worry after 4 mcs had me on edge this whole pgcy. yesterday my little boy was a week old (tho only due today) and i cuddled him on my chest as he slept..and i just cried, the relief of him being the baby that finally made it..small, perfect, newborn..and the relief of not having to be strong, try again, pretend to myself that all those mcs wouldnt beat me etc..peace at last..wishing you all the luck in the world x

digitalgirl Thu 08-Sep-11 20:05:56

Thank you jugglingmama - must be so amazing to be looking at your baby right now. I hope I get there too.

I have another scan at St Marys in two weeks, then if all is well I get transferred back to my local hospital for the 12 week scan.

LAF77 Thu 08-Sep-11 20:20:21

digi that's great that St Mary's is looking after you. Was Vanessa your sonographer? She was the most important person to me over the last 6 weeks.

I hope I can be in your position too juggling

Thinking of you coconuts

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 08-Sep-11 21:18:15

Hi all smile

lunatic am very prepared to bring out the big guns and cry a few tears to see if that works ;) bring on Monday. Sorry to hear about your cat, but glad DD1 is getting on ok at school.

glittery I will send your regards to Justmee. She is moving house this week too and has her section date for Wednesday I think so she is a busy bee. I'm sure she won't mind me telling you smile but I will leave any announcements to her obviously.

Yes these HCPs just seem to be scaremongering me. If I'd never known any different I'd just be an uncomfortable mess, not a concerned and anxious one. I wish I'd never known about these issues. Ignorance is bliss, although not always safe so I don't know.... Just so relieved to have a decent CMW, I'm lucky in that respect.

Glad to hear all is well at your end, even though little miss is keeping mummy awake, it's ok to be that tired when you're looking squinting at a gorgeous baby grin

digi So pleased for you smile One day at a time hey. And yes, pretend it isn't real all you need, it's the only thing that got me through the weeks. Even now I have days where I pretend hmm grin

jugglin that brought a little tear to my eye. Must be an amazing feeling, a feeling I cannot wait for. That relief when my baby comes out is going to be immense, I can feel it building up inside me with anticipation.

LAF thank you smile

Hope everyone else is well smile

Not much to report here, just general discomfort, few niggles and pains, stretchmarks are bleeding they are that bad sad and I'm scratching them like a dog so that doesn't help. DD busy at preschool, DH busy at work. He is having to do some extra hours to cover someone whose gf has just had a mc so that's kind of made me feel a bit sad too. The memories of the years before, and the hope of the years to come.

Have been very emotional the last few days and feel really clingy to DH. feel like I don't want to go anywhwre on my own. Good old hormones hey. I have a feeling things are gearing up to happen naturally so hope they listen to me on Monday. Tmi - have had the runs today - alot - and have random pains, I just generally feel different. I had a bit of a wet feeling earlier too, but worked out for myself it was just discharge so I'm back and forth to the loo to check that. The waiting is the worst.

JugglingMama Thu 08-Sep-11 21:46:17

hang in there girls..coconuts, you are sooo close. and digi, you will get v emotional looking at my little baba+smelling his wee head, hes like a little curled up bear cub jst now , so so sweet...think of an image like that, rather than all these nasty clinical things..i feel stressed for you all just remembering all that...hope is all we have. hang in there xx

mumatron Fri 09-Sep-11 21:29:21

evening all. big apologies for not posting much. I'm exhausted atm so not up for an epic catch up sad

E is teething (she has 4 front teeth, very cute) so she has been so whiney. she's also trying her best to drive me insane with throwing herself around the furniture. lots of fun here lately.

digi so very glad things are going well for you. (I'll go back to pretending it's not happening grin )

coconuts I don't even know where to start with you my dear! I think tears are a good way to go. how's the footie team? tbh i haven't checked mine for weeks!

sf has L got to grips with the school being a permanent thing yet?

glittery I is adorable grin how are the sore boobies?! grin

off to bed now as I am half asleep on the laptop and I am expecting another early start with happy guts E tomorrow.

night all.

LAF77 Sat 10-Sep-11 18:41:23

Hello ladies, I wanted to pop in and tell you that I've had my 12 wk scan and things are looking good. Nuchal measurement was 1.3mm, so I'm feeling quite relaxed. Baby continues to be 5 days ahead of actual dates, so feeling chuffed.

For the first time in 18 months, I feel truly happy. I think that this time, I might actually be pg. I'd love to be able to see my baby every day. 6 months seems to be a long time to wait to meet him. I need every single day to get ready to be a mother though.

Thank you all for your support over the last year! I wasn't sure if it would ever happen for me.

Thinking of you coconuts hope that they will give you ELCS soon.

mumatron Sat 10-Sep-11 19:03:46

laf grin very happy to hear your news.

pebspop Sat 10-Sep-11 20:00:09

hi ladies

was wondering if you could help me? please could you have a look at my post in the testing thread and give me some advice?

i am getting all the results from my tests later this month and was looking for advice of what to ask etc to get the most from the appointment.

i know you have all been there so looking to learn from your experiences.

I think it's beter to keep all the reponses on the other thread so that others can read them too.

thanks in advance!!

mumatron Sat 10-Sep-11 20:50:30

pebs first thing to do is write a list of any questions you have. Make sure you have the list in your hand when you go in. i made the mistake of leaving mine in my bag and forgot all the things I wanted answered.

Are you going to alone at the appt? My dp couldn't make it to our results appt and i wish i'd taken a pen to jot down some of the figures my cons quoted.

apart from that don't let them rush you and if possible ask for print outs of your results. It makes it easier to compare results if you ever have more tests.

good luck with the appt

pebspop Mon 12-Sep-11 10:04:35

thanks mumatron. my dh is coming to the appointment with me so he can be an extra pair of ears.

i will ask for the printout - wouldn't have thought of that myself!

i am glad i have my appointment but feel nervous about what they will tell me.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 13-Sep-11 16:59:17

Hi everyone Hope you are all ok.

Still not got mt section date booked. Was sent in via AAU to try and get it booked but they said it needs to be done on clinic and I still have to wait until 22nd to book it, if they'll even agree to it. They just keep talking about ECV but by the 22nd I'll be 39 weeks so they're pushing it really. Not due to see CMW until 26th either. I am no way having an ECV. Ever.

Things are not going to plan and I'm finding it so hard to remain positive. I had a few weeks where I could so easily imagine having my baby here but now it's becoming further away again. I feel like it is never going to happen. I feel totally let down and not listened to. I've given up fighting now and all I can do is hope to god my waters don't go. Petrified this will not have a happy outcome.

Sorry for me, me, me again but finding it hard to not be selfish right now sad

LAF77 Wed 14-Sep-11 07:01:21

coconuts I'm so sorry to read that you are struggling. I'm flabbergasted to read about the responses you've had from the consultants. It seems like negligence to me how they are treating you. I don't know what to suggest next but I'm sending you a big hug.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 14-Sep-11 18:11:28

Have had my CMW on the phone to me today bless her. She is trying so hard to get the cons to review my notes to try and get something in place before the 22nd.

Although I don't think I'll make the 22nd anyway as I had four hours of contractions last night, was just about to call LW and I fell asleep and have had nothing since. CMW said to call straight away if they start again so hopefully minicoco might fancy coming soon smile

I just want to say thank you to you all for being so supportive and understanding. You are the best smile [soppy]

Glitterybits Wed 14-Sep-11 19:47:50

Coconuts I was going to say you need to put your foot down and demand a plan - God, how slack can they get? - but it sounds as though things might be getting going anyway. I know its hard, but try to keep the faith in your body if you are already in labour. I have everything crossed for you that you're snuggling your beautiful baby very soon. Lots of love and strength being sent your way.

Typing one-handed while giant baby feeds for the millionth time today. Hope you're all okay. Will try to catch up soon. x

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 15-Sep-11 10:23:11

Thanks glittery nothing happening in the way of labour. Don't know what the pains were the other night but nothing since. Never heard back from CMW yesterday so I guess she never got hold of consultant. Really struggling not to panic about this.

I can't put my foot down as I have noone to do it to. My CMW is doing all she can and if they wont listen to her then they won't listen to me.

Now I'm worrying about recovery from the CS (if I ever get one) and getting DD to playschool and doing things in general. Sick of scaremongerers telling me I won't be able to walk for 8weeks.

In other news justmee has had her baby, but that's all I'll say smile

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 15-Sep-11 12:58:52

Right. Between us we have put our foot down and got transferred to a different hospital. They are getting me in today for a scan and to see the consultant in the view of admitting me as apparently things are alot more serious than originally thought. My hospital have not been honest with me and the CMW is relieved that I have transferred to the big city hospital, so I think I've nade the right decision.

I don't have a posh phone so will not be able to update from hospital if I am admitted today so, thank you all for being there for me over the months from TTC to now and hopefully I can soon announce the safe arrival. I feel much more positive already. Within an hour and a half I have been transferred, booked in for a scan and will personally see the consultant, not just a doctor so fell more confident with the care already.

Over and out grin

Glitterybits Thu 15-Sep-11 13:18:11

Coconuts Thank God for that. I didn't want to be another panicky voice in the midst of all the medical scaremongering you've put up with so far, but I have to say I was feeling quite worried on your behalf. So pleased to hear you're being looked after properly now. I remember how panicked I felt about the appt they gave me to discuss my birth options only 2 or 3 days before my due date, so I can only imagine how freaked out you've been feeling with all the complications on top.

Good luck with it all and I look forward to your happy announcement very soon. FWIW nearly everyone I know who has had a CS has been up and about very quickly afterwards. My best friend even went so far as to say that her recovery from a CS was much quicker because she didn't have any pushing/ labour injuries and was much less tired. I'll be thinking of you and checking in as often as I can. xxxx

Congratulations justmee! Looking forward to hearing from you when you get a spare minute! grin

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 15-Sep-11 13:51:21

Might not even have a CS. The new hospital have talked me through their procedure for polyhydramnios and it sounds better so natural birth may be an option if they can catch him head down and get my waters broken in time.

Can't believe how quickly they have sorted it all really. and this hospital is brand new smile

Leaving in 5mins smile

speak soon xxxx

mumatron Thu 15-Sep-11 14:56:46

Just incase you get chance to see this coconuts, good luck with it all and hopefully you'll be holding your baby very soon <excited>

Congrats to you too justmee hurry up with the details please! grin

LAF77 Thu 15-Sep-11 20:59:12

so relieved to hear that you are being looked at seriously by another hospital now coconuts I can't believe what a lottery it seems to be for your care. I'm in disbelief how the first hospital could be so dismissive of your needs, but this one wants to see you ASAP.

Can't wait to hear about the birth of your baby!

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

digitalgirl Fri 16-Sep-11 21:35:51

Oh wow coconuts! Good luck, I hope the next post from you has you cuddling your little one.

And congratulations to justmee if your lurking. I remember how fraught the early days of your pregnancy were - trying to get hold of meds and needing translators for doctors. Amazing to think that's all behind you now.

As for me I had a scan with Mr S last weds and bab measured 9+1, a couple of days out from the st marys scan but hb was 176 and Mr S was very pleased. Am back at st Marys next weds again when I should be 10 plus something. My face is properly fat from the roids - worth it if this works though!

mumatron Fri 16-Sep-11 21:53:59

digital thats great news!

very quiet here lately. hope everyone is well.

justmee Sat 17-Sep-11 13:11:31

Hi all

Just to let you know on september 14th at 9.48 i gave birth to a baby boy weighing 2.29 kilos.

unfortunatly my troubles dont end there ... he was gave to me and is perfect in everyway no downsydrome or chromosome problems but after breastfeedng him he started to cough up flem bubbles and carried on was taken away from me and is now in intensive care.Hes esophagus tube is not attached to his stomache and were waiting for a op im so scared and cant pull myself together i need to for him im thinking of a horrible ending where my little boy will be taken away from me i cant ever explain how i feel i wish it was me and not him they wont let my partner in to see him only me for 10 minutes every 2 hours

please pleasee pray for us that our little boy is going to pull through


Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Sat 17-Sep-11 14:23:46

Thinking of you too justmee how scary. Fingers crossed for your son.

digitalgirl Sat 17-Sep-11 16:43:35

Oh justmee how scary - did they say whether he can be operated on to fix it? You must be beside yourself. Thinking of you, your dh and your little boy.

digitalgirl Sat 17-Sep-11 16:46:08

Sorry - very insensitive of me - you've said you're waiting for the op. Fingers crossed.

LAF77 Sat 17-Sep-11 19:23:10

justmee your family is in my prayers. When is the operation scheduled?

Glitterybits Sat 17-Sep-11 23:34:44

Thinking of you justmee. How very frightening. I wish I could come and give you a cuddle. Lots of love, hope and hugs being sent your way. Do you have a name for your gorgeous baby boy yet? Xxx

JugglingMama Sun 18-Sep-11 21:48:13

prayers and hugs to justmee and baby...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

stillfrazzled Mon 19-Sep-11 11:50:29

Just sidled in here after far too long to see your post, justmee. Am going to leave the self-indulgent witters for a bit and just send you love and prayers and congratulations.

He's made it this far so he's a tough little thing - he's also out and in the best and safest place for him. He's got everything going for him.

From one former SCBU inmate to another, if you want to talk I'm here. x

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Glitterybits Mon 19-Sep-11 23:39:29

Just checking in and sending lots of love, particularly to justmee and coconuts. xxx

mumatron Tue 20-Sep-11 06:56:17

just checking in for news.

hope your ds has had his op and is on the mend justmee

and coconuts fingers crossed you're enjoying your new baby already.

will try and do a little catch up later. I started back to work yesterday so things are a bit manic here atm.

LAF77 Tue 20-Sep-11 19:23:21

Anxiously checking for updates on coconuts and justmee

Glitterybits Wed 21-Sep-11 10:17:51

Still lurking and sending lots of love and supportive vibes...

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Wed 21-Sep-11 20:45:27

I really hoped there would be an update tonight.

still thinking of you coco and justme

do any of us have either of them on fb?

really hope they're all doing well.

digitalgirl Wed 21-Sep-11 20:50:35

Also lurking with the hope that no news is good news and they're both too busy cuddling their babies.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LAF77 Wed 21-Sep-11 21:11:34

I know coconuts was on the pg post MC thread, but there hasn't been any update on there either.

mumatron Wed 21-Sep-11 21:13:42

hopefully they are both busy with new babies and dont have time to update.

will keep checking as much as poss.

back in work now and I'm enjoying new levels of exhaustion sad off to bed soon.

will pop back in the morning.

justmee Thu 22-Sep-11 15:01:28

Just to fill you all in

im still in hospital and it doesnt look like well be home for a long time

they was going to operate on monday as he has a bad heart condition where 3 of his heart valves are missing so hes living off 1 its absolutly killing me they told me tuesday that to prespare myself for thr worst as it didnt look good his heart was failing but today we went and theyve cancelled the op as theyve put him on inj and they have seemed to have help so they want to get him feeding off my milk so they are putting a tube into his tummy tomorrow and then when hes put a bit more weight on they are going to op on his heart

im devestated i shoulld be at home enjoying my baby but insted im in a horrible place where noone explains anything and i am scared to death eveytime i touch my little boy tht it will be the last time

i cant even bare to talk or look at anyone right now iv totally lost eveything i ever wanted xxxx

digitalgirl Thu 22-Sep-11 15:55:11

oh justmee what a living nightmare sad. Huge big big hugs for you. I can't begin to imagine what you're going through. Getting him to take your milk is a good sign - could be just what he needs to grow bigger and stronger so he can have the op. Will they be doing an op on his heart as well as his oesophagus? Do keep us informed if it helps.

LAF77 Thu 22-Sep-11 16:07:25

Oh justmee I'm so sorry to read this. Big hug for you.