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Elleste Duet 1mg

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xSHORTxSTUFFx Tue 11-Sep-12 09:56:04

Hi Ladies,

Pulling my hair out here, searched all 4 corners of the internet and came across you here.

OK, I'm 42 I hadn't had a period for nearly 2 yrs ( YAYYYYY ) had my bloods done as had the sleepless nights, hot sweats, putting the coffee in the fridge and the milk by the kettle etc and my 12 yr old sons words.. grumpy lol it was confirmed I was well and truly out the other side...The Dr put me on Elleste Duet 1mg, I am nearly at the end of my 1st packet, I still have a few hot flashes (not as bad as I did) and still not sleeping to good...well untill the alarm goes off then I dont want to wake up!! but I came on this morning??!! is this normal after being period free for that amount of time?? I was hoping I was well rid of them

I also felt better on the White tablets and a bit Grrrrrrr on the green ones

Can someone please give me any info on your experiences before I go running back to the Dr;s and her thinking I am panicking over nothing
Thank you x

MissBoPeep Tue 11-Sep-12 14:04:34

I don't know- but does the cycle you are on with HRT give you a monthly bleed and is that what you have now?

xSHORTxSTUFFx Tue 11-Sep-12 20:02:59

Went back to Dr's and apparently as I havent had a "monthly" for so long the Elleste should effect it... but as it has... she is changing the HRT as these are not normal bleeds, they are fake and created, not natural...will find out tomorrow what she is putting me on after she has looked into what will suit me for my age etc..

Bellaciao Tue 11-Sep-12 20:21:35

Hi ShortStuff

If you hadn't had a period at all (not even spotting) for over 1 year) then you should be able to go on period free HRT - that would be Elleste Duet conti. Yes the kind you are on is designed to produce what is known as a withdrawal bleed - you are shedding the lining that builds up when you take the estrogen only tabs (are these the white ones?). They are normal for the HRT if you see what I mean, even though fake - I have "fake" bleeds through choice at age 59.

Sometimes though, it's a good idea when you start HRT to go on the ones that give a bleed ( ie the two types of tablet) because some women get side effects from the progestins (synthetic progesterone ) in the combi tabs ( are these the green ones?). If this is the case then a different type might suit better. It can take 3 months for the body to settle after starting HRT - especially if you are post-menopausal, but if you feel intolerably bad on the second lot of tablets - could be time for a change.

Once you find a type you like then you could go on the period free ones.

Many post-meno women aren't given this option, and are given the continuous tab first off ( one type of tablet with oestrogen and prog combined) but then decide to give up HRT if they feel bad - without realising that a change in progestin might be all they need.

Hope this doesn't sound too garbled!

Good luck with the doc.

xSHORTxSTUFFx Tue 11-Sep-12 21:11:22

Hi Bella,

Nope! nothing for well over a year, nearly 2 yrs I was glad to see the back of them, although I didnt suffer with them, no aches, pains, grumpyness etc... nothing...but this last week, I have been unbearable, blaming the world if I drop a pen on the floor lol, horrible belly aches and cramps - then came on this morning, which reduced me to a blubbering wreck!! I think what made matters worse, is my partner works off shore on rolling shifts untill they change rig and settle into a proper pattern again and his dates home would clash with my cycle dates ... so to speak...and he wasnt here to lean on with my bad week, Just felt my world had crashed around my feet...looking back that sounds really silly.. but its how teh Green ones made me feel

the Dr was more concerned I had a bleed, after checking the notes from the NP who put me on them that I would need to change them.. but have now got to wait to see what they put me on... I really didnt do well on the Green ones at all .. White ones were fine.. on top of the world ... so just see what happens tomorrow

xSHORTxSTUFFx Wed 12-Sep-12 11:05:53

The Dr has now put me on Elleste Duet Conti... lets see what happens now...

Bellaciao Wed 12-Sep-12 15:11:55

Good luck with these.
If you end up being grumpy all the time and it doesn't go away you'll know it's the prog!
Hope they suit you and you feel better soon

xSHORTxSTUFFx Wed 12-Sep-12 21:23:30

Thanks Bella :-) I hope so too

Dustlandfairy Wed 07-Nov-12 13:10:51

Hi Ladies
I had a hysterectomy when I was 33 but this last twelve months have been HORRIBLE and then about five weeks ago I started to get all hot and bothered, at first I thought it might have had something to do with the cold I had caught of my grandaughter but when they kept coming one after the other relentlessly
DAY& & NIGHT & not getting any sleep and just basically feeling like I didn't want to do anything or go anywhere and my body aching from my head to my toes and basically feeling like I had been hit by a freight train . I forgot to mention that my ovaries were left behind, anyway I went back to see the Dr & she gave me the news that I was on my menopause. She gave me HRT patches but they don't stick to my skin and came off after two days so she has put me on 2mg of ELLESTE CONTI after two days of being on them I started to feel sick which apparently is COMMON but now I have started to BE Sick which is UNCOMMON does anyone know why this would happen I don't know what to do ie wether to keep taking them or go back & speak to the Dr I don't want to appear to be a nuisance also I should add that i am full of cold yet again & I'm unsure if this is the reason why I am being sick I would really appreciate any information anybody has on this subject
Thanks for reading...... :-(

Dustlandfairy Mon 12-Nov-12 20:17:07

Hi all
I've spoken to my GP & I have now got to stop taking the elleste duet conti because they were making me sick and my tummy has swollen up and is very tender, from all the info I can find on this particular HRT I have got a Feeling that I might be on the wrong form of HRT as I have had a Hysterectomy with my ovaries left behind from what I've been reading this particular HRT is for women who are still experiencing bleeds every now and then... Well I will let you all know what the Dr says one Thursday....
Bloody Fed Up......!!!!!!

MissBoPeep Mon 12-Nov-12 22:02:15

I really get angry at how some GPs don't know the basics about HRT. As a mere lay person I know more ! If you have no uterus you do not need a combi HRT- you only need oestrogen. Combined HRT with both hormones- that is an added progestin- is given to women with a uterus so they have a bleed- to prevent building up of the endometrium, which can possiblly become cancerous if it gets too thick.

How does your Gp not know this ????

You only need oestrogen either as gel or a patch.

patty63 Sat 02-Feb-13 15:10:48

can i delay my period when taking elliste duet?? im planning a weekend break from next friday and dont want to be on my period... i have two green pills to take before i start on the white ones - once i finish the green pills my period start two or three days after. - my question is should i stop taking the green pills and jump onto the white ones...will this bring my period forward?? or - should i continue taking green pill upto next friday??


Missbopeep Sun 03-Feb-13 10:47:00

Maybe give your pharmacy a call and ask?

Not too sure what you mean when you say you have 2 green pills left ( that would taake you to today) or you can take them up to next Friday ???

The green ones- are they the progestin? If so, then you should bleed 3 days later once you stop them if you have taken them for at least 7 days. The only way I think you can avoid the bleed is to keep taking them until 3 days BEFORE you want to have a bleed- or not take any at all until you come back from your trip- and take the white ones back to back.

Have you had a look at the leaflet in the pack?

Give the pharmacy a ring perhaps?

patty63 Sun 03-Feb-13 21:09:05

yes, the green ones are progestin..what i planned to do was to continue taking them until Friday but had a bleed this morning...i thought it was my period but was due to the fact that i missed taking the pills.

I too the white today thinking this would bring my period on...silly me, i got confused a little. would it be best to start taking green ones AS FROM TMR TIL FRI?? (Progestin)

patty63 Sun 03-Feb-13 21:09:38


patty63 Sun 03-Feb-13 21:15:33

If my period starts can i stop it with hrt tablets?? would anyone know this??

Missbopeep Mon 04-Feb-13 08:21:06

From what I understand and have seen in my friends, if you stop or miss the progesterone tablets, you will have a period. If you are bleeding now, that is your period this time.

I don't understand though what you have done- have you just missed one or 2 tablets, or come to the end of the green ones in the pack?

If you want to stop the bleeding then taking more green tablets would probably stop the bleeding. You would then have a bleed 3 days after taking the last one.

Can you ask your pharmacist though to be sure?

patty63 Mon 04-Feb-13 09:46:35

I stopped taking the last two green tablets...the reason being wss to start my period earlier..( i know, it seems silly now). I then continued with the white tablet.( only took one last night) This morning i have a very light hopefully this is my monthly bleed. My Holiday stars this Friday so if the bleeding stops i will continue to take the green tablets then..! Hope i havent confused you too much as i have done myself!! i really appreciate your answer and really happy i have found this site and you answered my question for me!!!

Missbopeep Mon 04-Feb-13 13:08:57

If you have a bleed now, then why not just wait to take the next green tablets in 3 weeks or whatever you do? There's no need to have 2 periods so close together. Enjoy your hols!

patty63 Mon 04-Feb-13 19:57:01

Yes, i will try that, i dont fancy two periods lol! Thanks again!

Nikkibiz Sat 09-Mar-13 11:23:16


I am 48 this week and for the past year had been suffering with most awful anxiety. Every morning I would wake up feeling as nervous as if I was about to sit a major exam!!! Along with this my mood swings were very up and down and hot flushes and periods very irregular. Anyway took myself off to the docs and she prescribed me with elleste 1mg. Within the first week I felt heaps better and dare I say actually felt normal again. I started to enjoy cooking for my family again and even if there was a lump in the gravy I didn't need to hurl myself to the floor and sob like it was the end of the world as I would of done before. Anyway life was going pretty great until I started taking the green tablets - within a day I was back to how I felt before grrrr !!! I am now back on the white ones and have now got a very heavy period but fell better in myself. I am now dreading taking the green ones again. Has anyone else had any similar symptoms?

Nert Wed 27-Mar-13 19:00:56

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone out there has had similar experience to me? At the end of November i had an ovarian cyst removed along with fallopian tube and ovary. this impacted on my body and symptoms of the menopause were magnified. I have been prescribed Elleste 1mg and have taken one complete foil pack. I thought that I felt fine on it, hot flushes improved, my body and muscles feel stronger but sleep still disturbed. As i finished the green pills my period turned up and I have been an very low and emotional, even suicidal. I've woken in the night with my heart racing, Is this all normal? Will things improve once I've taken further packs? I'm now on day 3 of a new pack, I'm already feeling better and my outlook more positive

Kazjay Wed 27-Mar-13 19:32:17

Hi there

I've just finished my 1st month on Elleste Duet Conti and for the last 5 days I've been bleeding heavily. Is this normal? I haven't has a period for 8 months


Bellaciao Tue 02-Apr-13 23:25:39

Nikkibiz and Nert - the progestogen in Elleste Duet is called norethisterone and is one that causes bad side effects for some women - if you feel like this the whole of the time you are on the green ones then it is likley that prog doesn;t agree with you. Many women get on better with Femoston. other than that go for bio-identical oestrogen tabs and separate bio-identical progesterone (Utrogestan).
They're all listed on here:

Nert - what you are probably feeling if it was after you finished the green pills is "normal" pmt that you might have got when on a natural cycle - just before your period. If you only feel bad just after yuou stopped this is the reason. it is called progesterone withdrawal and may be more pronounced on this HRT type. See how you feel next month (or two) and if still too bad to tolerate maybe try another type.

Kazjay - bleeding when you first start a conti HRT is quite normal as the body gets used to it. It can take 6 months to settle though hopefully you won't be bleeding heavily all this time! Actually you should really be on a bleed type HRT if you only went 8 months since your last period so have probably been given the wrong type. If you were on Elleste Duet your bleed would be more predictable ie monthly. I wonder why you have been given the conti type? Perhaps go back and so you think you should have a bleed type HRT?

Nert Tue 09-Apr-13 22:49:34

Thank you so much for your reply and info. Yes I think you are right about the PMT, last month I felt so low towards the end of the green pills but didn't recognise PMT as its been an age since I've experienced that. I am now on pack 2 and I have felt great, sleeping much better, no hot flushes, no aching bones, I feel stronger and healthier but Tomorrow I should start the green pills! I'm worried as my reaction to the green pills was bad! I am tempted to start a new pack and take the white pills back to back. I'm also thinking if I take the green pills for a week or so and then my emotions become too irrational, I will just stop taking them and bleed and then hurry on to a new pack. I should see my GP but I'm sure it's all guess work. I will research the pill you mention and go to my GP armed with all the info. Thanks again

Lozzie27 Thu 18-Apr-13 22:12:55

Nikkibiz Hi

Yes i find that after about the fourth green tablet I am starting to act like the hulk! at least that's what my husband compares me to. I feel extremely tetchy and find myself acting more aggressively than I would otherwise. I have been on HRT for 5 months now - but am thinking of giving it up because of this and also having periods again after nearly a year without is rather unpleasant.....

backtosanity Mon 17-Jun-13 11:32:15

So glad I found this site. I really thought it was only me that had not been coping! Here`s my story...
At 38 years old I didn`t have a period for two months and was having hot sweats day and night every 20 minutes. Had an appointment with a gynecologist but had a period before seeing him and was told all was fine. Then the brain fog, anxiety and weird thoughts started. I`d lay awake at night scared of any little noise even my own shadow, during the day constantly making silly mistakes at work. I eventually went to see my doctor convinced I was losing the plot. After blood tests it was confirmed the beginning of early menopause. Over the next couple of years I only had 2 shows (spotting) and now not had a period for 7 years. I really missed them at first (strange I know) but soon appreciated the period pains and best of all no PMT. Throughout this time I have avoided HRT scared of it to be honest due to the side effects it may cause..up until now. I really thought I could do this cold turkey but my sweats have been constant, disturbed sleep, my libido is zilch, sex is VERY painful, over the years I`ve had itching under the skin, hair loss, hair growth on chin. no interest or energy for anything, painful hands and really dark/suicidal thoughts. I am 47 but feel 77 (no disrespect to fit 77 year olds) so have finally given in to HRT. I no longer care about the serious risks it may carry, I`ve decided to try and drag some quality of life back as I no longer recognize myself.
I am on day 11 of Estelle Duet Conti tabs and though the first few days my sweats were more severe I`m now starting to feel a little different. Had a couple of good nights sleep, fewer sweats less severe and the brain fog clearing a little. Apart from my partner complaining I`m not paying him much attention as I don`t sit and stroke/tickle him! (poor sod eh!) I`m hoping i`m on the up.......fingers crossed

Bellaciao Tue 18-Jun-13 20:59:26

Glad you are starting to feel better after starting HRT

The thing is, up until the average age of menopause of 51/52 any HRT taken because of menopause doesn't really count - in terms of risk - because it is what your body should have had anyway and you would just be replacing it.

With early menopause that you experienced, it is especially important to protect your bones from possible osteoporosis. It is a pity you weren't offered it earlier, but as long as you keep taking it for a good few years you should benefit from the protective effect of the oestrogen.

Have you thought of asking for a scan to check your bone health? It might be worth it in your case?

I hope this type of HRT suits you, but if not do not despair as there are many types available and it's important that you take it.

By the way it's not giving in - you are just replacing the hormone your body is deficient in - as I and many others are doing. No need to suffer.

A good place to look for information about menopause and hormones is this site:

which also has a friendly and supportive forum.

shirlsstaff Mon 12-Aug-13 12:34:01

I am on to the end of my second week with elleste duet I sm now suffering with sickness no much but feel very drained us this normal or should I go back to my gp?

Hopeful99 Sat 17-Aug-13 20:37:56

Im 52 nd I've just started on elleste duet after being period free since last Nov. I had a blood test which suggested I am starting the menopause and have been put on Hrt due to my anxiety, insomnia and grumpiness! I am anxious about nothing in particular , I just feel like I can't cope!. I dread going to work although I love it, my parents stress me, life in general stresses me! I feel exactly like someone else described "feeling like I was going to do an exam" previously I have been quite confident and outgoing so these terrible feelings have really surprised me. I m only on day 4 but hope they start workin soon.

amyleigh Sun 18-Aug-13 10:31:25

hi ive started elleste on Friday, how long does it take 2 see a difference in mood swings ,flushes, and body aches ?

RafflesWay Mon 19-Aug-13 13:11:10

hopeful I feel just like you! I started peri symptoms back in 2005 and had last "natural" period last September. Tried to cope without hrt but night sweats and flushes were getting worse and worse and I had tried every natural remedy and magnets under the sun. Went to GP back in June and she put me on Elleste Duet 1mg which was brilliant initially. However, the fake periods are extremely painful and now - just started 3rd pack - I feel constantly nauseous and very, very depressed and stressed. Can anyone advise is this to be expected and does it settle down please? The positive news is no sweats or flushes at all but I feel absolutely dreadful.

missbopeep Mon 19-Aug-13 13:30:07

Sorry you feel rough.

You might like to think about changing from pill to patches, with oral progesterone added in to give you a monthly, or 2 monthly bleed. The reason for this is that with patches you can change the dose more easily and you are separating out the 2 hormones so you can see which one is making you feel ill. Most women feel rough with the progesterone part of it, and it's unlikely that the oestrogen is making you feel depressed. It may also be that you need a higher dose rather than the 1mg you are taking now.

RafflesWay Mon 19-Aug-13 22:40:22

Many thanks miss. Due to report back to GP early September so will discuss your suggestions with her then.

amyleigh Wed 21-Aug-13 20:30:34

ive been on ellestre for 5 days I feel so ill since taking them, sickness diorhea bad stomach and headache is ythis normal ?

maddogsandenglishwomen Mon 02-Sep-13 16:12:03

just started elleste duo conti, 1 little grey tablet, last week. Last period 5 years ago, been on the herbs since. Given in now on hrt. Feel a bit calmer, less anxious, sleeping, not murdered husband as promised him the week before...bit windy if you know what I mean, had a little bloating over the weekend, nothing too bad, gone today, but I feel better if I take it after food and not on an empty tummy. Anything to report ladies ?

cankles Mon 02-Sep-13 17:35:58

Also so glad to have come across this; 45, got confirmation of menopause about a month ago, started on the Elleste Duet 1mg, it has for the best part begun to take the edge of hot flushes, still having terrible night sweats and no sleep. Mood swings are pretty awful and feel tetchy a lot of the time; personalising things that kind of stuff. I would really love someone to reassure me that what I'm feeling is normal, that the Elleste is doing what it's supposed to and I'm not going to feel like this forever.

Sorry for the drama but its the first time I have ever felt such a disconnection between my brain and my body; I just don't feel like me x

Hopeful99 Thu 26-Sep-13 07:08:07

Well I'm now into moth 2 and although the elleste duet seems to have helped with the sleeplessness I have other problems now! I've been feeling really poorly for about 2 weeks, have had upset tummy and terrible stomach cramps. I had a horrendous bleed after the 1st pack with terrible period pains. They were as bad as previously which I had an endometrial ablation to sort out ! Then on day 14 of the 2nd month I've started bleeding again and have awful pains but am not sure if it's my upset stomach or period like pain I just feel really ill. I am less anxious though, I seem to have 5 days around the start of the white pills when I'm anxious but that's all which is an improvement. I'm due to go back to the doc in another month so will see what he thinks. I'm hoping it all settles down on this last pack! How are you all getting on? Raffles, you seemed to have similar problems to me, hope you are feeling better?

tracya1966 Wed 02-Oct-13 07:16:53

I had radiotherapy in feb/march this year and was told I would go through menopause as a result. I haven't had a period since then I was put on elleste duet in June because I was getting really bad hot flushes and night sweats. 2 days ago I started with migraine and bad period pains and started bleeding last night. is this normal then to bleed? scared to go bk to docs in case anything else is wrong.
Tracy x

peggysue49 Thu 03-Oct-13 10:43:40

Hi ladies need some advice on these tablets as been taking them for 5 weeks now and i dont feel right im getting headaches every day,aching all over,numbness in my hips and feel so tired can any body tell me if that is normal or not with these tablets thanks x

missbopeep Thu 03-Oct-13 11:52:44

No not normal- you should feel better on HRT not worse!
1mg is a very low dose. You may still be experiencing meno symptoms and need the 2mg dose.

Go back to your GP and talk to them.

michellewilde Wed 19-Feb-14 11:24:56

i am on my 3rd week not sure of the affect yet am getting hot and sleep better at times still had a mood, which wasnt good. seem to be putting on weight fast did any one else? as not sure if it is the tablets or may be some thing else , ( not over eating lol)

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