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Periods are getting closer together. I'm only 35!

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KnockDiddyKnockKnock Sat 28-Jan-12 19:49:31

Is this a sign of the menopause?

I have just started another period. I'm on day 16 of my cycle. In the past 4 months I've had periods start on day 18, day 23 and (a more respectable) day 27.

Up until then I always had a 28 day cycle. I've been going through a lot of stress lately, but stress has never affected my periods before.

I will mention it to the doctor when I see him next week.

KnockDiddyKnockKnock Mon 30-Jan-12 10:31:48

Have an appt. on Wednesday booked. Can anyone offer any reassurance in the meantime?

I am lurking because I could have written this. I never gave menapause a thought. I am also 35.

crazynanna Mon 30-Jan-12 10:36:17

How are your periods? Are they from hell...with clots and stuff?

Could be some kind of mid cycle bleeding as opposed to actual're a bit young for the Perimenopause

KnockDiddyKnockKnock Mon 30-Jan-12 10:36:37

It's worrying isn't it?

The first month it happened I thought "oh, how strange and what a pain in the arse", but as I've now had 3 out of the last 4 periods very close together I think something must be going on. But the fucking menopause? At 35?

Please God no!

ReallyStupidWoman Mon 30-Jan-12 10:38:41

I'm 35 and this happened to me last year, was at some stage of period more than half of the month. I went on the pill for 3 months and it sorted everything right out. Still a bit too close together for comfort (23 days now rather than my old trusty 28), but at least they're reliable again.

KnockDiddyKnockKnock Mon 30-Jan-12 10:39:05

Xposted, sorry.

No, periods seem totally normal. I don't think it's mid-cycle bleeding as I feel that typical increase in well-being when they start, so I must have had PMT in the days leading up to it. I have the tell-tale period pains and they last the usual 5 days.

No terrible clotting or anything like that.

ReallyStupidWoman Mon 30-Jan-12 10:40:06

...also, I was incredibly stressed by work, which has resolved now. I'm sure the two are linked.

KnockDiddyKnockKnock Mon 30-Jan-12 10:40:20

Did your doctor give you any reason RSW? Can they test to see if you're in perimenopause?

KnockDiddyKnockKnock Mon 30-Jan-12 10:41:06

I keep cross posting, sorry.

Yes, hopefully it's stress with me as well. The first short cycle was my first period after a house move.

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