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Menopause at 47 - surely this is too young?

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KerryMumbles Mon 15-Mar-10 11:19:32

I had my 2 at 36 and 40. periods started oging a bit wonky this past year. cycles a bit longer or shorter, skipped one earlier in the year. Now i've skipped two in a row. did pregnancy test when a week late after skipping first cycle and that was negative. so i thought i could fairly safely say i was not pg. now this is 2nd cycle i've skipped (was due on Friday). I've had symptoms of impending af for days (my legs always hurt like hell and cramp when period is coming on) but no af. i have not pg tested this month cause figure what's the point?

isn't 47 a bit young to stop af altogther?


DecorHate Mon 15-Mar-10 11:25:35

I'm a couple of years younger than you and haven't had a period for a few months. Pretty sure I am not pregnant (though I was slightly worried about a recent thread recounting lots of tales of false negatives!)

From talking to a few people I think this is pretty normal for perimenopause but it's possible my periods will come back before they are gone for good iyswim. Am going to talk to the GP soon in any case...

bruffin Mon 15-Mar-10 11:37:12

I'm 47 have been perimenopausal for about 5 years. This time last year I started missing periods. I only had 4 between January and July but then started having them regularly again.

KerryMumbles Mon 15-Mar-10 11:38:35

ah. i'm 48 in 2 months. have had blood tests thyroid, etc. etc. etc. all normal. but i know that is it was normal at the time. think this was back in Nov.

i could be pregnant i suppose but am thinking it's highly unlikely.

can you have period symptoms and be pregnant? or period symptoms and no period = menopause?


KerryMumbles Mon 15-Mar-10 11:39:09

bruffin - is that normal at our age?

bruffin Mon 15-Mar-10 12:01:20

When I went to see doctor about 3 years ago she didn't say I was young and from what I can gather peri menopause can last for 10 years, so I didn't really think it was young.

As I said I had 7 months of missing every other period then went back to being fairly regular.

Buda Mon 15-Mar-10 12:05:29

I will be 46 in May and periods have been all over the place for a couple of years now Kerry. So it could be perimenopause.

KerryMumbles Mon 15-Mar-10 12:07:32

how does one know if one is pregnant or perimenopausal? i am assuming pm and not pg and am not going to be spending fortunes on pg tests every month. but is that stupid?

MammKernow Mon 15-Mar-10 12:09:20

I'm 37, and fully menopausal so it can happen at pretty much any age. There are a number of tests that can be done to determine whether or not you are (peri)menopausal.

In my case (not sure if same across country), i had a free (NHS) blood test to determine hormone levels. This is not definitive tho, and we paid for a private test to determine follicle (sp? eggs, anyway) levels and found i had none left (ttc dc2 at time so rather upsetting). I had no periods for approx 6 months before finding this out.


purplepeony Mon 15-Mar-10 13:40:06

the menopause happens anywhere between 45- 55.
You are not considered menopausal until you have had your final period.
What you have now is peri-meno- this can last for anything up to 10 years in some women.

You can have period symptoms and no periods near meno- they are called phantom periods.

Many women have reached meno by aged 48, so you are not unusual.

You need a series of blood tests to tell you what's what if it bothers you. a single blood test is no good as it only tells you how your hormones are on that day.

I had a blood test which showed I was post meno and went on to have several more periods- and have just had notehr light one at 54 after a gap of 18 months ( been checked out by gynae by the way.)

I had normal periods almost until I was 52- shorter cycles some months but no gaps at all. Then bewteen 52-53 I missed a couple but generally they just became lighter and stopped at 53.5yrs...until recently!

Everyone is different.

what you must do is use contraception until it is 2 years after your final period, as you can still release eggs now and then.

Sparks Mon 15-Mar-10 14:05:10

Not too young at all. I had similar at 46, am 48 now and still have periods sometimes.

I found this site helpful.

OrmRenewed Mon 15-Mar-10 14:06:30

I'm 45 and I've been perimenopausal for about 2 years.

KerryMumbles Mon 15-Mar-10 16:50:40

pp - most people have reached meno by 48 or perimeno?

purplepeony Tue 16-Mar-10 15:39:48

Most people have reached peri-meno by age 48.
The average age of meno ( last period) is 51.

So as the peri canlast 5 years or more, the symptoms you are having are normal.

Don't have exact figures, but think that something like 25% of women are post-meno at 48.

bratnav Tue 16-Mar-10 15:42:18

I know it isn't the norm but I am expecting mine any time from now and I am 31 sad Early menopause runs in our family.

bellissima Tue 16-Mar-10 15:45:58

Well I'm 47 and my (thirty-something male) GP cheerfully tells me that my pre-period headaches (whether on or off pill) might 'soon be over, you never know'. In fact he seems to present the menopause as a bit of a breeze hmm, which isn't what I've heard elsewhere. In fact I still have regular periods (and headaches!) but he certainly doesn't seem to think I'm too young.

mothernature Wed 17-Mar-10 22:52:38

Most of you mention missing peiods, what about double periods, i had my normal period a week later had another that lasted 9 days, they are not light either, anyone else have similar?

KerryMumbles Thu 18-Mar-10 09:54:01

mothernature - that happened to me as well. in november i had one that lasted almost 2 weeks!

i did pregnancy test just to be sure and it was -

so fuck....

i guess this is the slippery slope down to old fucking age....

Bonsoir Thu 18-Mar-10 09:59:04

mothernature - I had a "double period" about six weeks ago - a normal period on time followed by another mega period a week later. And since then, nada. I have very recently started to get other peri-menopausal symptoms too - hot flushes in the night that keep me awake for an hour or so.

Grrrrr. I shall be 44 in three months' time, so think this is all normal.

KerryMumbles Thu 18-Mar-10 10:00:14

does anyone else have to pee a lot?

KerryMumbles Thu 18-Mar-10 10:00:51

and despite heavy workouts 5x a week and barely eating I am GAINING weight around waist.


Bonsoir Thu 18-Mar-10 10:02:40

I haven't gained weight, but fat is gathering on my once pancake like tummy angry

mothernature Thu 18-Mar-10 20:48:10

KerryMumbles & Bonsoir thanks for coming back to me sounds like I will have to monitor my once clock like period. hmm

LadyLapsang Sun 21-Mar-10 19:55:31

Hi there,

Well I'm 47 and have been using HRT patches for over 18 months. If you are experiencing symptoms then it's worth getting your hormone level re-checked; I had one within normal spectrum but did not feel well so had it re-done few months later. The female GP I saw eventually had just come from gynae and was up to date on HRT / research. She said that often women that have early menopause experience worse symptoms. The HRT worked to stop all night sweats / night waking / hot flushes within a week. I have put on weight, especially around the middle (gone up 1 dress size) but not sure how much down to HRT & how much down to menopause. For me the impact on quality of life is worth it.

Dumbledoresgirl Sun 21-Mar-10 19:58:22

I thought the average time for the menopause was between 45 and 55. So at 47 you are not even outside the norm. So entirely possible.

I am 45 and have had all sorts of weirdy symptoms for a couple of years now, but no sign of the periods stopping or missing any yet (unfortunately)

Mogmog Sun 21-Mar-10 20:48:07

Would really love some advice please. I had my last period on 18/04/09 and have had nothing since. Am suffering (mildish) flushes, trouble sleeping but nothing too major. Will I have reached the menopause on 15/04/10 or am I still in some kind of peri-menopause which will continue for several years. I do find it all a bit confusing!! (BTW I am only 45)

purplepeony Mon 22-Mar-10 13:50:13

I think you should see your GP or a gynae and ask for blood tests.

If you have not had a period for a year then you would be classed as menopausal. HOWEVER you are still young and the rule is that contraception should be used for 2 years after last period if under 50- so you could still have more periods.

You are also borderline for an early meno- classed as before 45- and might need to consider HRT to prevent osteoporosis at least til you are 50.

PrincessK Mon 22-Mar-10 18:46:07

Hi ladies
What an interesting read -
I decided to have a look at what othe people were saying about early menopause stuff and what I can gather from reading all other posts, is that every age and symptom etc for peri/meno/post etc can be classed as normal. We all have such different genetics that what the medical prof considers as the right age and symptoms are a middle ground and we all seem to fit in somewhere around it.
I am just 48 - had irratic periods for about 18 months with last one in summer last year - 4 months of night sweats and flushes, which weren't too bad. Since then, one slight threat of a period and then nothing. I feel too young for meno - am pretty well generally and physicaly quite fit (teaching fitness inc Pole Fitness - at my age, Good grief!!) But nature is not reasonable and will dictate individually - if you feel ill with anything - go to the doc, if not I guess we have to just accept the ageing process and, as I always say, if necessary - Grow Old Disgracefully!

weegiemum Mon 22-Mar-10 18:51:39

I haven't had a period for 6 months and am 39. Loads of other symptoms, including the flushes, dry skin etc ....

Set of blood tests have showed my hormone levels are low and decreasing.

expatinscotland Mon 22-Mar-10 18:54:44

47, nearly 48 is definitely not too old to menopause.

All those celebs you hear having kids at this age had egg donors, probably.

Guadalupe Mon 22-Mar-10 19:00:29

I am heading into perimenopause at 32 but mine is due to hysterectomy 2 years ago.

Consultant said it often happens 5-10 years earlier than it would have, [when you've kept the ovaries that is otherwise it is instant] so I guess I would have been doing this around 40 ish ordinarily.

Obviously I don't have periods as a sign but I have def been more tired and hormonal and waking a lot at night. I had a blood test a couple of weeks ago that showed fhs was raised. It was very quick, results back in 2 days. They are not going to do anything atm but apparently I will need hrt until 50 as it will be a premature menopause. I'd have a blood test if I were you.

Mogmog Mon 22-Mar-10 19:08:48

Thanks for the replies and the advice. I can't take HRT as I have an underlying blood condition . Any alternative advice

purplepeony Mon 22-Mar-10 21:51:44

mog- are you sure you can't take HRT? have you been told or are you assuming?

Mogmog Tue 23-Mar-10 07:30:55

I'm very, very sure. It carries an incredibly high risk for people with a blood disorder like mine (I'm a clotter!!!)

moonmother Tue 23-Mar-10 07:54:54

I actually have an apt at Gp's today, to discuss this.

I'm 37 and have for the past few months had symptoms of the menopause. Night sweats, hot flushes, increasingly aching limbs, feeling weepy, incredibly tired just before period, bad headaches etc, etc. My periods have gone from heavy, to virtually hardly no bleeding, and this last period was the period from hell.

I finally spoke to my mum about it on Sunday, and she said that she had the same symptoms at 40, and went to the Gp's and this is what he said it was. She also said that early menopause runs in her side of the family- something I never knew.

I knew about her problems when she was 40 , and the Gp put her on Hrt for a while, and it helped massively.She actually finished her menopause by the time she was 50.

I also started my periods at 10, I don't know if that makes any difference, I and my Mum have always assumed if you start your periods early, then your menopause would come earlier.

purplepeony Tue 23-Mar-10 12:25:24

moonmother- no, there is no connection between early periods and early menopuase- in fact they say the opposite often.

I hope you get some answers.

Mogmog Tue 23-Mar-10 16:27:01

Moonmother - do let us know how you got on at the doctors. It is interesting to hear other people's experience. And good luck - hope the doc helps

moonmother Wed 24-Mar-10 11:38:55

Spoke to my lovely Gp yesterday, I'm booked into to have a full range of bloodtests done, the fsh one and others.

She's a little wary of saying yes it's the onset of the menopause, so wants to give me a full bloodwork mot, as she called it, just to check theirs nothing else.

She's also testing for arthritis, as the aches and pains I'm getting in my legs and feet is concerning her.

Bad news is I have to wait until the 7th April , to have tests done. If I'd have known I'd have to wait that long I would have asked for the bloodwork cards and gone to the unit at the local hospital.sad

blissieblue Thu 25-Mar-10 23:15:18

I had my last natural period a couple of days after my 35th birthday. FSH was tested and came back at 60 or something ridiculous. I had only just finished breastfeeding DS2. No history in the family.

I'm now on the (contraceptive) pill which alleviates symptoms. Night sweats, hot flushes, fatigue, feeling sick was all hideous and so incongruous with being 35 and running around after a 3 and 1 year old. Stupidly I didn't tell a lot of my friends because I felt embarrassed.

Took a while but have come to terms with it now - feel extraordinarily lucky to have had my children when I did and that this is the only health issue I have had in my life so far (touch wood). Not the end of the world by a long stretch.

without Sun 25-Apr-10 15:37:16

I've been on HRT since I was 30 - HRT is a life line, couldn't cope without it. Would love my periods to stop though - so damn painful

TheFutureMrsClooney Mon 26-Apr-10 19:27:08

Without - are they heavy? I had endometrial ablation last year and have only had one period since.

diddl Mon 24-May-10 11:52:39

Sorry to re boot an old thread-how do you know when you´ve had your last period?

Monty100 Mon 24-May-10 12:05:33

Diddl - my GP said it's when you've had none for a year.

diddl Mon 24-May-10 12:09:45

Thanks-yes that was what I meant-how long passes before it´s assumed to have been your last one.

Am heading that way & trying not to be too hopeful that it could have been this easy!

purplepeony Mon 24-May-10 18:21:41

diddl- yes they say a year but take note- I seem to have had another one after a gap of 18 months.

If you are under 50 you have still to use contraception after your last period for 2 years.

If you are over 50 you have to use it for 1 year.

diddl Mon 24-May-10 19:50:03

I am mid 40s and have gone 6months.
I am having flushes, but my periods have just stopped-and I´m sure it´s not that simple.

I know I´ve had friends miss one & have a "double" or go 3/4 months & have another.

purplepeony Mon 24-May-10 20:21:52

OOOOOoh- you've a long way to go yet girl!smile.

I didn't miss any until almost 52- then I had a gap of 4 months, then another gap of a couple of months, then that was it - apart from the said strange bleed after 18 months ( gynae had to investigate that.)

I had hot flushes when I was not having periods for those few months, but leadng up to a period I'd have no flushes.

Once they appeared to have stopped the flushes came about 12 times a day. I am now on HRT and they went within a few days.

Monty100 Mon 24-May-10 20:24:50

diddl - I had at least that gap too, my GP prescribed HRT because I was 'so young' and would have bone density loss app. I took it, hand and all grin.

Cammelia Mon 24-May-10 20:31:34

I started having irregular periods at 47/48 having never missed one except when pg previously. They stopped completely at 51.

cherryapple Sat 04-Sep-10 17:20:14

Hi, I am 44 and had a c section 4 years ago my tummy tends to blow up since and can be painful. Last year I had a blood test as I thought that I was peri because my periods have become very light & lasting 2 days opposed to 5 the results were negative for peri. However my periods are still regular but this month the blood is very dark almost black and I find this very worrying. Any advice greatly appreciated I am going to make a Dr's appt next week

purplepeony Sat 04-Sep-10 17:49:43

cherry have you googled? The colour of the blood is not a problem. You might be peri as any test just tests your hormones on that day- leading up to the meno they are all over the place. However, peri adn meno are not illnesses- no need for a dr unless you feel unwell or have really bad symptoms.

Malificence Tue 21-Sep-10 11:16:36

I've been taking meno-serene from healthspan for the past couple of months (I'm 44 and had symptoms for at least a year), my periods have settled down and I haven't had breast tenderness, even when I took norethisterone for a fortnight ( it usually gives me awful tenderness).
Hot flushes seem to have settled down too but I've noticed on some holiday photos that I'm bright red in the face and neck, but it was 105 degrees!
Bloating and IBS style symptoms are my main bugbear now sad, my stomach can look six months pregnant but apart from nuts, I can't seem to pinpoint trigger foods.

NOTHEROLDIE Tue 21-Sep-10 11:35:49

I would urge anyone with any concerns to keep going to your GPs.
My friend (in her 50's) finished her periods, smear checks all ok, then had 2 further bleeds, a few months apart. She went to her GP who sent her for a scan, she then had to have a hysterectomy and found it was cancer and even with the HYST, and clear smear checks they didnt catch it in time.

If things arent right PLEASE get it checked.

Other than that hope the sweats, flushes and all that pass quickly for you all.

purplepeony Tue 21-Sep-10 22:32:53

north I think you are on about something different. Anyone who has bleeding after periods have stopped for a year-2 years should see a dr. I am undergoing tests for the same thing as your friend. This is different from the normal stop-start of peri meno.
Hope your friend is okay- and yes, smears will not pick up endometrial cancer.

abouteve Tue 21-Sep-10 22:39:25

I had flushes a couple of years ago at 47 and they stopped, now at just turned 49 they are back with a vengance so having bloods taken to establish what's going on then I'm going to ask for something for them.

Marj74 Thu 07-Jun-12 22:54:59

Hey all,
I'm 47 and I have not seen my monthly period since the month of April this year. My periods have been irregular of late, and I am starting to worry. Could it be that I am experiencing menopausal symptoms? HELP PLEASE?!

Carnabystreet Fri 08-Jun-12 08:21:42

Marj- meno can begin anywhere between 45-55.
The wind-down can take up to 10 years- so looks like you are joining the club!

It's JUST June- so presumably you have missed just one period, due May?

tink4rich Tue 12-Aug-14 16:16:28

I have found this thread very helpful. My periods have been erratic since my very early 40 '. I am 47 and I have had few spells with missing periods over last couple of years. My last one this time was in Feb. I have suffered some hot flushes but ty fan is a good help. I find evenings, wine and stress will bring them on. I don't have any friends who have this happening yet so it was really nice to see I am not alone.

tink4rich Tue 12-Aug-14 16:16:51

I have found this thread very helpful. My periods have been erratic since my very early 40 '. I am 47 and I have had few spells with missing periods over last couple of years. My last one this time was in Feb. I have suffered some hot flushes but ty fan is a good help. I find evenings, wine and stress will bring them on. I don't have any friends who have this happening yet so it was really nice to see I am not alone.

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