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Perimenopause advice needed

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 30-Aug-09 23:23:05

I have been feeling like I am loosing my mind but after a bit of reading up realise I am in perimenopause cycle

i am 42 and had my last child 22 months ago.I have always had periods every 28 days that last 4 days bit last month and this they lasted 2 days

my mood has been awful,very stressed,anxious depressed (severe this month) and this month i have felt palpitations and dizzyness.I am over heating too

i am a bit worried as I have felt quite ill and i hate the mood swings as do my family

anyone in same position that can offer any advice?

Pinkfluffyslippers Sun 06-Sep-09 08:23:59

Sorry I can't offer any advice but I'm going through similar thing - erratic periods but fortunately no depression/ stress. I'm booking a doctor's appointment this week just to talk it over / check out if I should be taking any supplements etc..... Perhaps you should do the same. (Sorry if I'm stating the blooming obvious!)

On the advice of this message board I have bought a couple of the "menopause" books: "Is it hot in here" and "Life change/ your change" (think that's what its' called). ANyways they're useful and only cost 1p on amazon !

Hope you're having a better day today.

I've just been going through exactly the same as you, at the same age, and with my youngest being similar age. Go to the GP. I finally did, and after lots of blood tests, an ultrasound, logging my symptoms etc, I have just this week started HRT.

Getting a firm diagnosis was very protracted. At first the GP thought I had an underactive thyroid (the overheating wasn't clearly hot flushes when I first consulted her) and later another GP diagnosed depression - which I was and am convinced is not the case. Though there is no doubt that my menopausal symptoms are depressing!

In a way it was good that it took a few months before I started HRT, because it gave me a chance to come to terms with it all. But it is important to start HRT asap for several reasons: not just the relief for you from your symptoms, but also for your family's benefit, as well as to give you the added protection from osteoporosis.

MorocconOil Mon 14-Sep-09 22:20:06

I've been taking Menopace and Black Cohosh and feel loads,loads better. I was having hot flushes, poor sleep, irritability etc.
I'm also 42.

alypaly Tue 15-Sep-09 00:10:35

try high strength evening primrose worked for me

Ezzieann Wed 07-Oct-09 22:03:35

Hi, just joined mums net and have been experiencing mini perimenopause symptoms. I'm 43, have two children aged 6 and 7 and generally don't feel too bad - just the regular stuff everyone else talking about. I do, however, go very red in the face and neck and totally overheat. It is like chronic blushing and just happens at the most unlikely times. I often go back to my car and check myself out in the rearview mirror and boy oh boy - I am ultra red and flushed. I don't actually feel like it's a hot flush as such - it just affects my neck upwards. I keep the blower in my car on constant cool and it helps a bit. Think I may need to carry water around with me too! Any help appreciated.

Jaggeyblankets Sat 10-Oct-09 17:36:00

I too am looking for advice/reassurance.

I am 43 have two boys 11 and 14, I am having some perimenopausal symptoms, irregular periods mostly over the past year, palpatations.

The worst thing is that I have lost interest in sex.....

y husband is very patient and understanding but I feel like a failure/freak and that I am the only person in the world who feels like this....

Does this pass, what can I do to help this, am I a complete freak!!

IvaNighSpare Sat 17-Oct-09 18:19:14

Hi everyone,
just done a search on perimenopause and found this.
Think I'm heading in that direction:
- Last six months periods have dwindled from heavy flow to barely spotting, and very erratic and unpredictable (after being like clockwork before)
- PMT has gone stellar! Already diagnosed with PMDD (PMT Plus) bit Prozac was keeping it at bay. Prozac doesn't seem enough anymore and the rages/ aggression are frightening and hard to control
- Really sore boobs on the run-up to "period"
- Terrible fluid retention, to the extent that I can't fully flex my ankles, again on the run-up to "period"
- Deodorant doesn't seem to be as effective as it used to be blush

So, thoughts please. Is the inevitable already here?

IvaNighSpare Sat 17-Oct-09 18:20:16

Oh, I'm 39 btw

IvaNighSpare Sun 18-Oct-09 13:10:45

self-indulgent bump!

elliot3 Mon 19-Oct-09 21:12:54

kind of strange thing along the same lines. I read an article in The Mail over the summer about Tamara Beckwith who had hormonal anger and irritability.Her problems were sorted out by taking agnus castus and, having similar symptoms I started taking this too. At first it seemed great , I have had loads of energy and felt great however about two weeks ago and about a month into taking agnus castus every day I have started having the worst hot flushes especially at night - has anyone experienced anything similar? the funny thing is that the agnus castus did even out my moods, I'm the calmest I've been in years . I was told by the doctor abput a year ago that I was perimenopausal.

Jaggeyblankets Tue 20-Oct-09 11:05:17

Thanks for the tip, I have not been to the doc about my symptoms but pretty sure I am periwhatsit. Think I will give the agnus castus a try.
As I've said my lack of libido worries me, I have heard that we can be lacking in testosterone at this time......
Anyone else suffer from this? or is everyone else at it like rabbits and I really am a total freak?!

Jaggeyblankets Tue 20-Oct-09 11:06:45

Oh I am 43.

ADifferentMe Tue 20-Oct-09 20:01:42

Jaggey - no, you're not alone. I have absolutely no interest in sex at all. Haven't done anything about it though! Suspect it's a perimenopausal thing as I don't want to shag anyone, not just my DH!

Jaggeyblankets Wed 21-Oct-09 22:20:07

lol! I know what you mean, thankfully DH is patient and understanding, but it is a worry for our relationship, but i haven't done anything about it either.

I also find that having a teenager and an 11 year old is putting a dampner on that side of things......they go to bed same time as us, are always "around", we get less time together than when they were least they went to bed at a reasonable time (after the baby stage had passed). sigh.

that coupled with my lack of interest at the moment means we hardly ever do it now, but i still love and fancy dh. Just hoping this is another stage that we can weather together.

RedSand Tue 27-Oct-09 13:31:17

Just read all your posts. Thank God I'm not going mad. At 47 I missed my period for 3 months then had one again. No hot flushes or night sweats. Anxiety, depression, mood swings, nausea, waking up at night. Two boys aged 8 and 4 are wonderful but I'm not coping brilliantly at the moment. Don't really know what to take to help. Any hints?

Jaggeyblankets Wed 28-Oct-09 21:52:37

I am taking a high dose of evening primrose oil, started at 1000mg tried 1500mg and am finding that 1300mg is helping to at least in helping my periods become a little more regular ATM, I too had missed a couple of periods but don't have night sweats either.

worth a try can't do you any harm, will take a couple of months of taking regularly to see any difference though.

bellavita Thu 29-Oct-09 13:53:19

Iva - am glad I am not the only one in the deodorant dept blush. I have resorted to Mitchum, roll on, block and spray. I also use normal deodorant - try to rotate them so I do not get used to the Mitchum, but they are beginning not to have any effect anymore.

I too have night sweats. It is like starts at my head and just works its way down my whole body.

I have missed one period. I had the coil removed earlier on in the year and my periods started off quite normal - every 28 days for quite a good few months and then they started to get erratic as to how long I went between them and then the one before last did not appear at all.

Btw I am 44.

Someone mentioned sex - I have no interest whatsoever in that dept.

bigTillyMint Mon 09-Nov-09 18:10:58

I think I must be perimenopausal too.

Iva, my PMT has gone stellar too - rages and agression and absolutely no patience at all at home sad Thankfully I can hold it together at work!

Periods up the spout. Just had some spotting a couple of days ago, but no period yet - WTF?

And hot flushes at night.

I haven't been to GP for a diagnosis though, or tried any herbal remedies yet.

salvolatile Thu 12-Nov-09 21:09:44

Well, my symptoms are
no libido. At All....
poor concentration
dry skin
lifeless hair
permanent PMT feeling
dry sore etc down below

...but periods still regular as clockwork aged 48.

...bloodtest for thyroid fine - GP gave me HRT today sad

gingermcg Sat 14-Nov-09 10:30:14

Well it's comforting to know that I'm not going mad. Am taking Agnus Castus and it does seem to be working to help my mood swings but I am also going to take a Magnesium and Calcium supplement.

The extra long period is driving me bonkers at the moment. Does anyone think a trip to the Docs is worth it or is it just something we ladies have to 'get through'?

luckymumof2 Mon 16-Nov-09 11:30:18

I had a hysterectomy at 34 - due to illness. This 'plunged' me into deep menopause - so I can relate to most of your problems! (And still suffer with some 9 years on!). Reflexology helped me - you can find them in yellow pages. Also nuts (almonds/wallnuts etc)contain an oil which helps naturally surpress some of the anger/depression issues. Most of all I'd say - you are not going mad - it is an awful time (and not recognised nearly enough!) - but try reading a light hearted paperback - something that makes you laugh - as its amazing how that can detract from your feeling so low. wink Especially at night when you wake up at 4am and are wide awake!!

luckymumof2 Mon 16-Nov-09 11:39:39

I'm a mother of 2 older children and a 'mature' Fine Art student (3rd year of my degree) and I am using my memories and experiences to produce my work! I am considering writing a book - and am looking for ladies who may wish to contribute a little memoir, story, poem, old wives tale, granny/mum advice etc to include in my book. This is a very genuine request - so if any of you can say remember your first period - all be it dreadful/horrific/upsetting/celebratory - i'd love to hear your account. If you have a funny tale about childbirth/ a period/ anything relating to us ladies - please post it - for me. If you wish to remain anonymous, that's fine - just say 'anon' - or if you want first name and age and ethnic background that's fine too. I'll keep you up to speed with my progress - wish me luck!!

The Leslie Kenton book is good, tells you how to cope with the symptoms 'naturally'.

Agree re the nuts. I also take a teaspoon of linseeds daily, before bkfst & crunched between the teeth to release the oil (they send me straight to the loo though!).

I had a few symptoms a couple of years ago. The worst was very long periods, getting closer together, with all the bloating etc which seemed to last a fortnight each time. I didn't accociate this with the menopause but the doctor said it can go this way, or the other way (getting lighter etc). She prescribed some tablets based on aspirin, paradoxically, to make me bleed, to take as soon as the spotting started, to get he period 'going' so it didn't last for ever. I only had to take them for a couple fo months, & now am right as rain.

The PMT is same as ever - I take Vitamin B6 as soon as I realise (or am told!)about mood swings. ATM the syptoms are manageable.

I'm (whisper it!) 50.

Louie1 Sun 27-Dec-09 12:25:05

Hi, I'm 41 and feeling awful. My periods are more often and very heavy - I'm coming on after 13 days, staying on for 8 - 9 days & really really heavy, then having a break of 13-14 days, then on again. Boobs are really sore beforehand & I get weepy & miserable. I went to the Dr who did a bloodtest & said that I wouldn't be menopausal for about 10 years. I feel dreadful, I can't take anything like the pill because I had a fibrocystic breast lump removed 2 years ago & I do get lumpy. Any suggestions or anyone going through anything similar??

TimeForMe Sun 27-Dec-09 12:44:08

Hi louie1, I can highly recommend Agnus Castus, it regulated my periods and did away with all the pmt symptoms. However, it hasn't been as effective this past month or so so I am trying different supplements. I have been taking it for quite some time so maybe my body has got used to it, reducing it's effect. I'm giving Maca root a try at the moment, I'm not sure it's working as well as the Agnus Castus does but I have only been taking it for a week.


purplepeony Sun 27-Dec-09 13:55:44

Hi Louie- I'd suggest you change your dr and/or ask to see a gynae. There is a lot that can be done.

One blood test is not accurate. I am post meno and my 1st blood test showed I was post meno at 51- I went on to have another lot of periods until I was 53. My gynae said this was common/stop-start pattern, though having said that, I didn't miss any periods until up to my last- but I did have shorter cycles of around 17 days at times and 8-10 days bleeding.

The blood test only measures your levels on that day- they can be different from day to day.
You sound peri meno to me. You might be having a premature menopause (under 45) or just a bad time with the peri meno.

Herbal remedies can help, or you might want to try HRT if your dr thinks you should. I really think you should go back, or ask for a referral to a gyne or a specialist menopause clinic.

DeadTall Sat 09-Jan-10 19:39:15

Jaggeyblankets - when I read your posts I thought thank god there's someone else out there with the same symptoms as me, at the same sort of age! I'm 44 & have been having night sweats probably for a couple of years now. I wake up dripping from my neck to the waist & then have to try & find a dry patch of sheet to sleep on - ugh. I have the occasional palpitation, and no interest in sex at all, but my moods seem OK (at the moment!).

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid 12 years ago when we were having fertility treatement, and my dose has just been checked, so I know it's not that. My Mum didn't have her menopause until her mid 50s - does this mean I have another 10 years of this ahead of me??

Going to try the primrose oil for a new months, to see if that helps the sweats.

kateSM Mon 11-Jan-10 21:50:42

This is very helpful, I think I might be perimenopausal.

I had to have a mammogram last month due to consistent severe pain in one breast. Dr said that everything was fine but that my breast tissue in that area looked a bit peri menopausal.

It was only a week later when my period came early again that I realised the pain was hormonal it was just constant because I was down to a 21 day cycle.

I have started to struggle more then normal with my weight in the last 12 months and have started growing facial hair whereas I never had any at all previously (I am natural blonde)

I am just turned 38, 2 children 11 and 8.
is 38 young to be going into the perimenopause? does this mean I will have an early menopause?

I may start some of these natural remedies you suggest, have any had clinical trials done to prove thier safety? I always worry about taking "natural" stuff that have never had their side effects properly evaluated.

BTW I struggled to conceive DC#1 at age 27 and have to have hormonal help to kick start the overies. DC#2 came along naturally on my first period after stopping breast feeding #1. So my hormones have always been a bit dodgy.

tiredbrightonmum Sun 21-Feb-10 21:06:20

Hi KateSM - so sorry to hear about your symptoms. You're not too young to be perimenopausal, although it is rare. I was also 38 when I discovered my fertility had disappeared (my first child was 2) and I was no longer able to conceive. My periods had become very erratic and my FHS levels were through the roof. I'm now 42 and over the last 4 years have experienced all the symptoms that everyone else describes; my most recent period a week ago was my first one for 4 months! I have found that cutting back on coffee, wine and chocolate all help with stopping the hot flushes (but it's no fun so I continue anyway!) And I took St Johns Wort for a while and noticed a distinct improvement in my mood. I am trying to manage it all with diet, so far so good. Being perimenopausal just means you are on the "verge" of the menopause, things are starting to wind down. You are not fully menopausal until you have had a whole year without a period. Hope this helps - it is crap, it really does get you down, I feel less feminine and I'm depressed about not being able to have another baby. But as long as I acknowledge those feelings and understand where they come from then that helps.

anonamater Mon 22-Feb-10 18:40:17

This has been an insightful read! I've had nightsweats on and off for the past few years, periods are still regular but have noticed (or rather I've been told!) that I'm getting icreasingly bad tempered - a real grumpy-old-woman candidate. Am 49, so those factors plus the bloating and slooow weight gain (despite dieting) tells me somethings not quite right. Think I might buy that Leslie Kenton book and invest in some St Johns' wort...I'm going to need a lot!

DecorHate Mon 08-Mar-10 14:38:14

Bumping this as I think I also may be perimenopausal - or else I am pregnant! (Eeek!)

No period for a few months is the main symptom though a bit of internet surfing has indicated that weight gain around the middle (which I have never had before except when pregnant), itchy skin, tiredness, constant PMT, etc, etc are also symptoms of perimenopause.

I suppose I am surprised that it has happened suddenly, iyswim , thought it would be a more gradual process.

(And I have done a pregnancy test btw in case anyone wonders - though I am trying hard to avoid the current thread about people having a negative test and still being pregnant). {Sticks fingers in ears and goes la, la, la, la, la!]

BigTillyMint Fri 19-Mar-10 15:24:05


I have missed two periods now, but don't feel pregnant. My periods have been much more irregular over the last 2 years anyway. I was wondering if I should do a test, just in case....

Scary, isn't it?!

I have found that eating a low carbohydrate diet has stopped the hot flushes.

Don't know what to do about the periods though! Have just had my first one since November. I was hoping that they'd stopped permanently, as my skin/acne had also cleared up, but no. And I'm now sporting a ginormous zit on my chin.

BigTillyMint Fri 19-Mar-10 18:40:31

BIWI did you worry that you might be pregnant when you didn't have a period for 4 months?

<<need some reassurance!>>

Well not really - seeing as DH had the snip about 5 years ago!!!

BigTillyMint Sat 20-Mar-10 19:21:34

I wish - DH has always flatly refused.

So I did a test today and I'm not, so it looks like I'm definitely in the peri-menopause!

Have just bought loads of menopace - not sure what it's meant to do, but it was on special at Tesco grin

Today I bought evening primrose oil and vitamin B6.
Have been taking St John's Wort too.
Irregular periods and feeling very low.

Is it St John's wort that sometimes gives headaches?

Malificence Mon 05-Apr-10 15:00:24

For anyone whose periods have gone awol - how long until you don't feel like you're about to come on? confused Does the period-like feeling wear off after a few days? (fingers crossed!)

I'm 43, almost 44, had my coil out last month and had a horrendously heavy period - I'm now 4 days late ( DH had the snip 8 months ago and is clear) I've done a p. test and it's negative, I feel like I'm on but I'm not bleeding even slightly! Period pains and sore boobs, plus muzzy head, feel quite vile.
I've had that tender, dragging feeling in my uterus for a few days and really do feel like I should be bleeding - I don't think that I ovulated last month but I'm not 100%.
Sex normally does the trick and starts me off but it hasn't this time.

purplepeony Mon 05-Apr-10 15:59:19

Can only speak from experience- these are called phantom periods. My PMT symptoms would only last a couple of days.

HappyWoman Tue 06-Apr-10 17:50:54

I think i am perimenopausal at 43 and have been for about a year.
Periods now every 3 weeks and very very heavy - flooding at times. used to be a 32 day cycle at least - always late.

awful moods - very snappy. sore boobs and now very very itchy skin on my chest. It feels like spots about to erupt but then dont - very itchy and red and seem to come and go down a bit but never disappear. At night when i get hot almost unbearable and i am now taking a cold flannel to bed to ease the itching.

Anyone got any ideas please?

purplepeony Tue 06-Apr-10 19:45:57

I'd suggest you pop along to yoor GP for some hormone/blood test- you are pretty young for peri meno. Menopause before 45 is classed as an early meno.

My periods didn't go wonky til about 18 months before menopause and I was over 50 then.

cocolondon Fri 30-Jul-10 20:21:57

anyone actually recommend "Agnus Castus" as having worked small miracles for them? Read the Daily Mail article about Tamara Beckwith recommending it, but you know celebs could be for the promo-pound. Appreciate any and all advice as the family and friends are about to divorce me. ;)

chelseamorning Fri 13-Aug-10 14:30:25

Coco, I tried Agnus Castus a long time ago to help with pre-menstrual breast tension and all it did was mess with my cycle!

However, everyone is different!!!! Worth a go for 3 months or so.

I'm peri-menopausal at 43. I've been taking the following to help with hot flushes, severe mood swings, vaginal dryness etc etc:

1. An Australian Bush Flower remedy called 'Woman Essence' - this has brought my periods back to a regular level and this in turns helps to keep my moods more even.

2. A Bach remedy called 'Mood Essence' which does what it says on the tin.

3. Sea buckthorn oil capsules (containing omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9) - these have sorted out my vaginal dryness and is supposed to help keep skin 'youthful' (!!!)

As well as these, I'm endeavouring to eat more phytoestrogens and reduce caffeine and alcohol levels. I can honestly say that I've felt better over the last few months than I have done in the past two years.

chelseamorning Fri 13-Aug-10 14:35:48

HappyWoman, I've had that awful itching too!!! It's really horrible! You keep scratching even though it's hurting and making your skin redder!

The itching always came on at night. When it did, I took some of DS's antihistamine liquid (which is also suitable for adults) and smothered the itchy areas with calamine lotion. Not sure which worked but glad something did so that I was able to get back to sleep!!!

happyhols Mon 16-Aug-10 13:17:35

I too am wondering if i am peri menopausal. My periods have become very erratic. Sometimes they come once a month. Other times its every 40 or so days. I am now over 8 weeks without a period. I am definately more irritable than usual but otherwise no other symptons. I keep doing pregnancy tests but they are negative. I am 42.

purplepeony Mon 16-Aug-10 18:20:39

if this keeps happening and they stop all together before 45 youmust see GP/gynae for HRT- premature meno can lead toall kinds of problems such as osteoprosis. Havign saud tha, peri meno canlast for 10 years , so you might be okay!
I had a relatively late meno with my periods stopping at 53 and no real problems at all until 51 when missed 1, then a few months off/on, but mainly on until the last one.

fluffypig Sun 24-Oct-10 07:37:14


I too started taking Agnus castus for my anxiety and moods. Two weeks after starting the Agnus Castus I now get hot flushes which I didn't get before. I has improved my mood though.

Geocentric Fri 29-Oct-10 14:27:13

kateSM I'm 38 too, and also think I'm starting perimenopause...

Very heavy periods all of a sudden (although still regular), achy boobs on and off all month, bad mood swings, lots of little things that added up once I started asking my older friends about the heavy periods. I did check my thyroid (I take meds for hypoth.) but my levels are fine.

BendyBobbingApples Fri 29-Oct-10 14:48:53

I am 45 and much of what has been described has been going on with me for 3 or 4 years.

It does seem to be getting a bit easier or maybe I'm getting used to it.

Doctor was not much help tbh. She seemed woolly about what it all meant and pretty much dismissed any homeopathic remedy. I'm not too great at taking pills long term anyway so haven't tried much. Come to think of it she wasn't very helpful or sympathetic at allhmm.

I did have thermal ablation for extremely heavy periods about 3 years ago which was helpful. It hasn't stopped the problem altogether but it has helped. PMT has been off the clock at times. Never experienced it even mildly until now.

It's quite a relief to read about those of you finding deodourants not so effective now. I have never, ever noticed or been aware I was more um..sweatyblush until the last two years or so and I def hate that sad

In many ways I'm feeling more at odds with myself than when I went through puberty which didn't bring up so many symptoms compared to this.

cjel Sat 26-Feb-11 17:46:53

I am 51 and have just discovered migraines with pain. Had my frirst mtgtraine with aura at 40, then last year or so noticed they were monthly. This is the second month in a row I have had this pain. it starts a few days before bleed and has now lasted the 4 days of the bleed tink its due to hormones!! can anyone encourage me that it will finish soon?!!

muminsearch Sun 21-Aug-11 02:39:08

I have read some of the post here and my god salvation... its not me going mad there are other people out there going through the same. two years i have been going to my gp, each test is normal to quote "we are at a loss to what is wrong with you" why has it taken for me to find Perimenopause, why has my gp not told me "well it could be..."
i went for an interview the other day and i felt like i was sat under a shower needless to say i didnt get the job! the hot flashes are driving me to dispear my mood swings are horrendus i am so angry all of the time! i feel exhausted going upstairs it may as well be mount everest. im sad all the time, an emotional wreck, cant sleep, my body hurts and the sweating! did i mention that..why wont my gp give me either a low dose contraceptive pill or a low dose HRT? why wont he aknowledge this? i have made yet again another appointment and i am going armed with information about the perimenopause
if he fails to treat me what can i do? i cannot go through another month of this, any advise would be welcomed warmly! sad

TanteRose Sun 21-Aug-11 04:48:17

mum, is there anyway your GP can give you a referral to a gynaecologist?

how old are you? maybe your GP just looks at your age and dismisses menopause as a cause? I wouldn't be surprised if GPs are not very well informed about perimenopause....

rubbisheeny Thu 22-Sep-11 12:19:06

omg, feel so relieved to know that I am not alone.. I came across this thread while googling my symptoms, they are, to name a few:RAGE, anxiety, backache, craving sugar and pastry, periods so heavy they keep me indoors for at least 2 days a month, a cycle that is now 21 days so very little respite, exhaustion, overheating, sweating, oh, and did I mention the uncontrollable RAGE? I have a 12 year old daughter, and sometimes I am ashamed to say, I scream in her face and call her names. It scares and upsets her and it terrifies me, but I feel so out of control and hormonal, I cant control it. I am 43 and have had ovarian cysts removed, I also have a history of mild depression related to deaths in my family and I feel 'labelled' whenever I have to see my GP as a hypochondriach and anxious depressive. I was put on the mirena coil to help with heavy periods and it did work for that, but it also caused pain and increased the ovarian cysts so not an option anymore. I have lost close friends and am driving my partner and daughter to despair with my moods and anger - any help or advice from those who have survived or are in the grips of this craziness??

alemci Thu 22-Sep-11 12:26:53

I am 44 and my periods can be erratic but have been regular again lately.

i get the night sweats but not all the time, usually links with my period

I get tearful and ratty and feel depressed and have constant mood swings.

I also get itchy boobs at times

rubbish I know how you feel. I can be really horrible to my children too. It is not easy. My teenage dd's are not very nice at times and are quite bitchy.

I feel much calmer this week. I went away for the weekend and it did me a power of good.

rubbisheeny Fri 30-Sep-11 16:54:05

Went to the doctors today and explained all of my symptoms to her. Her response? " so would you like some anti-depressants?" ffs was given prescription for hrt (prempak) but no advice or info. Will have a little think and investigate my options as this seems a bit slapdash! Grrrrrr. Thanks to everyone for all the common sense approaches and support offered via mumsnet so far, what a fabulous site full of 'normal' intelligent women. X

IndieNile Fri 30-Sep-11 17:25:03

rubbisheeny I would have expected your -female- GP to be more understanding, but perhaps she is too young to be aware of how devastating the effects of hormonal turmoil can be. To truly understand, I think you need to have lived through it yourself or lived with someone who is experiencing it.

I identified completely with your symptoms. The terrible cravings I have for carbohydrates have made me put on weight and feel sluggish, my nights are spent alternating between hot flushes and then a feeling of being cold. As soon as I cover myself up again I get another hot flush. As for my feelings of rage...grrrr!

I`m currently taking Starflower Oil, occasionally a calcium and magnesium supplement (although I find this irritates my stomach after a few days) but what helps most for the hot flushes is an occasional 10-day course of Abufene. I don`t know if it is available in the uk (it`s French), it isn`t HRT but makes me feel human again for sometimes weeks at a time.

kitya Fri 30-Sep-11 22:48:34

Anyone taking soya in their food? Ive heard good reports.

I dont think Im there yet but, Im heading that way. Does anyone else keep forgetting things? I used to be so on the ball!

sloggies Wed 05-Oct-11 09:38:55

I forget stuff....soya is good I believe, but there is a safe amount you shouldn't go above. Don't know what it is sorry!

musicallady Fri 11-Nov-11 22:52:35

When I started with this stuff it was like a bolt from the blue. I felt like the rug had been pulled from under my feet and I was just swimming ..or drowning. Nothing about my body felt the same and I felt like I imagined 90 to be. I never thought aging would be so sudden and the feeling was so scary and depressing

appropriatelytrained Thu 17-Nov-11 20:15:10

This is an interesting thread! I have actually booked to see the GP tomorrow because of more frequent periods -- every two weeks over the last few months and a flare up of spots! Out of nowhere - very depressing.

I can tell it is some kind of hormonal change - my spots are always hormone related - so I started googling and found out about perimenstrual period.

I am 43 but have had no other symptoms.

Sue2U Thu 29-Dec-11 06:50:49

Hi Ladies,
Every once in a while I like to refresh my thoughts knowing when I get a Symptom of Perimenopause thats all it is. I am now 48 but my first "REAL" symptom happened 4 months into my 45th birthday. Mood swings, facial hair, off balance spotting mid cycle happened eariler then 45 but as I said the worst symptom was 4 mos. after my 45th birthday. I was sound asleep and I woke to a really hard beating heart, once I realized my heart was beating hard, it started beating FAST, I mean really fast. Talk about a scary feeling, this IS! I see some post heart Palpitations which is what I had. I found taking Cal/Mag 2 times a day really helped. Magneisum is one of the best minerals our heart needs, especially at a time like this! Its also the most overlooked! I had heart palpations almost everynight after that for a few months. It made me almost afraid to go to bed. Cause it only happened at night in bed. But I truly believe once our hormones settle down so do the palpitations. I havent woke at night in months with Heart Palpitations. THANK GOD! I will never forget them once I realized my heart was beating strong, it was instant that the beats would get faster and faster I think close to 180-200 bpm. yes SCARY! I am not one to have night sweats, I get hot but never sweaty. If you ladies ever get palpitations try to relax until they pass, otherwise anxiety kicks in with it and you have a hard time getting rid of the racing heart. I have not missed a period to date. My periods come every 33-34 days, they use to be every 37-41, so a little closer together, a little heavier but not like Women I know so many say they bleed very heavy, not me.. I still have a 6 day period. Though the first 3 are a period the last are just annoying almost nothing there. How many ladies get the racing heart, and do you remember the first time it happened. ALL DOCTORS want to send you to a cardiologist, understandably so but everyone I know that has had palps. all tests come back normal, and hormones are the problem. I remember having blood tests done showing I have low progesterone, I was told to buy Progensa20 by allvia, which is a Bioidentical Progesterone cream. I used it for about a year until they changed the packaging and INGREDIENTS, when I recieved a new bottle with the new label a half hour after rubbing the cream on my heart started racing, I havent used it since its been over a year ago. As I said hormones level out. I am hope one day when I turn 51 the periods just STOP. I also have episodes of lightheadedness, thats scary especially IF it happens while driving, and it can, it did to me twice now. If anyone has any questions feel free to post them.
Take care

hjj7 Sat 18-Feb-12 23:05:02

This is reassuring for me. I'm 38, and I've been having lots of these symptoms for at least a year. The hot flushes have been going on a while longer than that though; I thought they were from one of several conditions I have which can mess with your temperature control. But putting all the pieces together, I'm pretty certain that I'm going through the peri-menopause. The main symptoms I've had are as follows:

My periods have become more frequent (they used to be every 32 days, now they're down to every 25), and they seem a bit lighter.
My premenstrual mood swings have got worse.
I get terrible hot flushes, definitely much worse these last few months. They start inside my head/ears/face then often spread, and they sometimes last all or most of a day/night (is this normal - or can it be normal??),
Itchiness - which is worse in the winter, (my theory here is that it's because I wear more clothes, causing more irritation ?)
Forgetfullness. So annoying, and I worry I will forget something important one of these days.
Severe breast pain and swelling.
Tiredness, where it's a real effort to do anything.
Deodorant not working so well, (but mainly on one side!)
Lack of interest in sex, but I think that is sometimes due to feeling hot, sticky and a bit disgusting. sad

There are probably some things I've forgotten, but my memory isn't so good, (as I mentioned!)

I had a hormone test last year which came out normal, but it seems like that's not very reliable. Mostly doctors say that it can't be to do with the menopause as I'm still have regular periods. I think I might need to see another doctor..

I tried agnus castus a few years ago for fertility issues and it made me feel crazy with really extreme moods, so I'm wary of trying that again. But I have found that ground flaxseed - 1 tablespoon twice a day - seems to be helping a bit with certain things, like flushes, mood swings and breast pain. I've been taking it for a month, and will continue with that to see how it goes.

It's interesting to see other women with these symptoms at similar ages to me. Makes me feel less like I'm going completely crazy. smile

(Sorry for the really long post! It feels better to get this all down).

hjj7 Sat 18-Feb-12 23:08:13

Oh, and palpitations, and anxious feelings. Knew I'd forget something! blush

frankie3 Sat 18-Feb-12 23:23:11

I also tried Angus castus and it gave me terrible mood swings. My periods have gone from every 28 days to about every 20 days. Sometimes I think that I am spotting mid period at about day 16 but then I realise that this is just a gradual start to my period! I am 40 and can not bear for this to go on for another 10 years.

OneLieIn Sat 18-Feb-12 23:25:51

I am 40 and in the menopause. Ha a test and the fsh (I think) had to be over 9 to be classed as going that way, mine was 60 something.

I went to the GP with a long list of random symptoms, here it is (copied out) Symptoms

Hot flush, night sweats. Flushes 6 or more times a day breaking out into all over sweat with palpitations, night sweats, waking up at 4am dying... Inability to get back to sleep
Dizziness constant sensation of falling forwards especially when on stairs. When lying down, bed spin
Headaches back of head in hairline and front lobes
Neck and back ache but think this is not related
Noise in ears, like the hum of an air conditioner unit or high pitched ringing
Palpitations often

Vitamin b, c and e
Black cohosh no effect
No alcohol
Diet better
Exercise walking, can't do anything else

There you go, am on HRT now and a lot better. I feel older though confused

hjj7 Sun 19-Feb-12 00:11:02

Frankie, I get that feeling as well around mid-cycle. "Pre-menstrual" is pretty early for me too..

OneLieIn, think I need another blood test to see if my levels have changed in a year. My symptoms certainly feel a lot worse. Getting it confirmed would mean I'd have to admit it to myself, and I'd probably feel rubbish about being menopausal (or nearly), at 38. But at least I'd know the reason for all this crap stuff. I also get dizziness and light-headedness and insomnia. (My list just keeps getting longer!shock!)

I'm finding each post fascinating. And feeling less alone...

borninastorm Sun 19-Feb-12 00:37:33

Haven't read the whole thread so apologies if this has been mentioned:

I use natural progesterone cream to help with my symptoms. It hasn't eradicated them completely but they're a lot better including hot flushes and night sweats as well as headaches and migraines.

It's worth reading up on it to see if its suitable for you.

SofiaAmes Sun 19-Feb-12 01:07:00

There is a really simple solution to everyone's problems!!!!!! Go on the pill. I spent several years going to doctors in the uk and the use with my multiple symptoms (same as everyone else has described) and finally around the same time got referred to hormone specialists in both the uk and the use and they both said..."you are peri-menopausal" and the easy fix is to go on the pill. It's important that it's a mono-phasic (same dosage all the time) pill. So I did and within a month pretty much all my awful symptoms were gone and on top of that a few extra that I didn't even realize were hormone related (like the bad hair day I had been having for the previous 4 years which I had blamed on the humid english weather...). It got rid of bladder leakage, migraines, depression, painful, heavy periods, cramps soreness, asthma attacks, irritable bowel to just name a few symptoms I was experiencing. In addition, the water gain that you get on the pill that makes you look fat when you are 20, does remarkable nice things to a haggard, wrinkly face when you are in your 40's and everyone kept telling me how healthy I looked!

garlicfrother Sun 19-Feb-12 01:12:41

Interesting! I BEGGED to be put on the pill but GP refused - I'm on HRT, reasonably happy with it, but would love to know how many of my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms may be hormone-related. You've listed a bunch of them!

Now doctors aren't so scared of HRT, I think I'll try a second onslaught. As I say every time they try to take me off the HRT - I've got less than half a lifetime left and would rather live fewer years with fewer symptoms than drag it out in misery ...

SofiaAmes Sun 19-Feb-12 01:44:45

I was amazed at how little my gp's in both the uk and the usa knew about peri-menopause. My symptoms and age were classic could they not have known right away what was wrong, and even more upsetting, how simply they could have solved my problem by putting me on the pill (instead of mirena coil which is what i was using at the time) instead of sending me on wild goose chases (expensive ones in the use) to urologists and psychiatrists and bio feed back (that was a disaster...stupid gel on stupid wand gave me thrush and urinary tract infections for months!).

LineRunner Sun 19-Feb-12 01:47:43

Thank god for this thread.

SofiaAmes, my GP will not prescribe the pill because he has decided that I have high blood pressure.

In fact he has been bloody useless all round. I have told my kids (teenagers) that I will see another doctor next week as they are really worried about me. I think they think that I am seriously ill, that I might be dying.

I am up at night - like now - exhausted but unable to sleep.
I fall asleep during the day, sometimes twice a day. Sometimes my kids have come home from school and found me on my bed, asleep.
I am just so, so tired.
My periods are very heavy and I bleed lightly in between constantly.
I am forgetful, anxious, dizzy.

I am approaching 50.

SofiaAmes Sun 19-Feb-12 02:01:51

Oh yes, I forgot about the insomnia, dizziness and exhaustion at inappropriate times...
You could really do your gp's head in and ask that he takes your blood pressure in both arms which is now the LATEST word ( american link, but uk study) on accurate blood pressure measurement and probably something your gp knows nothing about smile

SofiaAmes Sun 19-Feb-12 02:07:20

AND the risk of HRT has been recently shown to be not quite as bad as the original study said a link to an article, but google for more and definitely looking fairly safe for younger women as study was done on much older women who had been menopausal for some years.

I get so riled up about this because I was so miserable for so many years when I didn't need to be....

LineRunner Sun 19-Feb-12 02:10:28

I think I would be a good candidate for HRT, then? Thanks for the links.

A also have a changed appetite, and feel quite nauseous sometimes.

SofiaAmes Sun 19-Feb-12 02:11:23

Also worth checking Louann Brizendine's website here and her book The Female Brain. It really does help you understand what is going on and not feel quite so crazy and useless! (I do want to disclose that she is a family friend)

SofiaAmes Sun 19-Feb-12 02:14:41

I went in to each one of these parade of doctors I saw in the beginning and kept telling them that my symptoms seems to be cyclical and many of them seemed to be worse the week before my period...not a single one paid any attention until I got to the hormone specialists..... Nowadays, I realize that many of my friends who are of a similar age (48) have exactly the same issues and I have should maybe look into getting a birth control pill company to pay me royalties ;)

Robinbsn99 Tue 13-Nov-12 03:40:11

I had the same problem of irregular periods. My GYN said I was peri menopausal. He put me on provera for 3 months and tricked my body into being regular. The symptoms stopped and that was over a year ago. I do have other symptoms that seem thyroid related. I cannot stay warm, I have gained weight, I am tired, my hair is thinning, my nails won,t grow, and recently I am having hearing problems. My TSH was borderline, so she (FP doctor) said I am depressed. WTH?? Irritated, yes, depressed, no. Is there something else I can do? I want further testing, but don't know about such things.

MissBoPeep Tue 13-Nov-12 09:30:17

Hi If you had HRT for 3 months and it helped, why were you taken off it? confused
The answer is to go back on HRT. You need to see someone who knows the basics about meno and prescribing- not these idiots.

MissBoPeep Tue 13-Nov-12 09:32:22

Sorry blush Provera is progesterone not HRT.

But advice as above- you might find HRT helps.

mumzy Fri 14-Dec-12 19:44:12

Had similar symptoms to you and tried this in desperation worked really well and feel a lot calmer

baahhumbug Sun 16-Dec-12 22:30:44

Thank goodness for threads like this! Struggling too - I am forgetful, anxious, feel unwell, irritated, have aches and pains, lots of light bleeding between periods, heavy periods, feel I can't cope, lack of libido, uncomfortable "down below"!

I have been to my doctor and go back tuesday for the result of tests but am worried that because my periods are still regular she won't prescribe hrt. I'm 48 and definitely things got worse over the past couple of years.

jen127 Tue 15-Jan-13 11:31:44

Oh My god ! Thank goodness I have found this thread ! I thought I was/am going bonkers.
Periods every 21 days and very heavy. Psycho moods. Noise rushing in my ears. Insomnia and therefore exhaustion at work.
I have to sleep with the bedroom window open even now during the snow. I cannot abide the heat!
I am 43 and have a gorgeous DS of 10, I have not been using contraceptive for many years but did not fall pregnant. I would assume my fertility is at close to zero now.
I am booking an appointment with a gynae to try and find out if I am peri menopausal. Meanwhile another helpful poster suggested getting a multivitamin with selenium ( sp) and zinc to help with the mood swings.
How long does this last and how do you get it under control ?

Moominsarehippos Tue 15-Jan-13 17:24:06

Oh god, this thread is comforting but frightening!

Just got bollocked by mil for being moody (thought I was being my charming self)! Definately put in weight, lack of sleep/always tired, hair all frizzy, belly ache for a week the period like The Shining! Yuk.

shrimponastick Wed 16-Jan-13 09:31:31

I think i am in your gang too now. ):

Have been denying it, but things are/have definitely changed.

Periods used to be regular as clockwork - every 28 days. Now seem to be getting more like 3 weekly, with pmt symptoms most of the month. spotting and heavier bleeding for over a week beforehand. Sigh.

Am 45 next month, but still feel like a young chick. I doubt that I will ever be able to take HRT due to blood clotting disorder.

Jordster Thu 17-Jan-13 19:22:03

This site has made me feel so much better - there are so many of us going through this. I am nearly 45 and have had irregular periods (like every 5 months) for the past 2 years - had my egg reserve checked and have none left and my FSH is extremely high so no children for me! Having hot flushes but not sweating, anxious all the time and so emotional it's embarrasing at times. My doctor wants me to take HRT but I am scared but I don't know why exactly. Maybe I need to come to terms with not having children and accepting this massive change in my life - not easy! Am getting back into regular exercise and watching what I eat but I guess taking HRT is innevitable in the end. My doctor said if you go through early menapause (i.e. before aged 45) your bones will be OK until you are about 70 so hence it's best to take HRT to see you through to your 90's (there's a thought living to that age). It is a very scary time of life, but I am really trying to stay positive and look at what good things I have in my life. xx

Catmint Thu 17-Jan-13 19:29:28

What a comforting thread- explains alot!

Rooble Mon 28-Jan-13 11:23:32

Does anyone know how long it's likely to last?
I'm 43 and have been having totally random periods for about 3 years, appall

Rooble Mon 28-Jan-13 11:33:22

Gah, fat fingers typing on phone -> posting before I've finished!
So, yes, random periods, hideous mood swings (have heard my DS whispering to DH about it in v concerned way, the poor thing is only 5); assume I've no eggs left as I've not been using contraception since DS was born but to no avail.
Went to GP about mood swings, she suggested ADs which I really do not want to take; a big part of me wants to manage this with diet and exercise which would be fine for maybe a year or two - but if it's likely to go on 10 years, I'm not so sure!
Am v wary of natural remedies as I have epilepsy so definitely can't take evening primrose, but also worry about implications of any other herbal remedies.
So. Basically - is this something indeterminate, where you just have to wait and see, or does anyone know if there's a common kind of timeframe?
I borrowed a book from the library but returned it immediately as it was going on about children leaving home (as I said, DS is only 5!), and women suddenly feeling empowered to leave their husbands, neither of these is in my plans for the immediate future!!!

Missbopeep Mon 28-Jan-13 20:45:48

If you want a book then "Your change your choice" is v good- by a gynae Michael Dooley who is very patient centred. The book is dividied into half conventional ( drugs) and half complementary. Easy to read nad goes into the biology too.

You are actually quite young for all of this- so has your dr suggested blood tests- or have you asked?smile

Average age is last period is 51-52 so you really should be checked out- there could be other reasons for all your symptoms. If not and you are peri then you might want HRT?

You also need to think about contraception- unless you really want another DC because sometimes the ovaries go into overdrive as they are shutting down.

Rooble Tue 29-Jan-13 10:52:09

Hi will check out the book thanks. I've been to the GP several times. First time I was hypo-thyroid and although some of those symptoms have normalised I still have mad moods and periods. New GP said I could take ADs for the moods, (am doing lots of cardio exercise instead), consider going on pill to regulate periods (don't want this as we really didn't want to deliberately be a one-child family).
I know I'm quite young, but my mum was about 45, so I'm expecting I'll follow a similar kind of pattern. So I'm kind of assuming we'll accidentally be a one-child family :-( but such is life .

Missbopeep Tue 29-Jan-13 11:10:08

Women do tend to be the same as their mums. It looks as if your peri started at 40 and you might be all done by 45. If this is the case then you MUST take HRT until your are 50 at least.

See the Daisy network site for advice on premature meno ( now considered under 47) and also

naturelover Tue 29-Jan-13 21:38:52

Thank you for this thread!

So far I only have a few symptoms: irregular cycle, worsening PMS, but all the signs point to early peri-menopause as it does run in the family.

I'm only 38 and while I've always expected it to be early - and thank goodness I had my children while I was able to - I am a bit alarmed about the implications for osteoporosis etc.

I am keen to avoid HRT and go the natural route. Can anyone recommend any books to read? Is it worth going to my GP for any kind of blood test?

Missbopeep Tue 29-Jan-13 22:42:59

You'd be a little unwise to avoid HRT if you have a premature meno- also called premature ovarian failure. It is not the same as taking HRT after the age of 50- it's totally different. You would have a similar risk to someone anorexic whose periods had stopped, or an athlete whose periods had stopped due to low body weight or too much exercise. It's a medical condition- not a lifestyle choice.

I've posted this a lot before- see the Daisy network for advice.

naturelover Wed 30-Jan-13 09:46:49

Thanks for the info Missbopeep. I need to do a lot of reading I think, this is all new to me.

But how do I know I have definitely started perimenopause? Is there a definitive test?

Missbopeep Wed 30-Jan-13 09:56:27

Go to GP and discuss.
They can do blood tests but make sure they do 2 in a month- one around day 3 of your cycle and another around day 14-16. One test is not enough.

lirael Wed 30-Jan-13 19:59:38

This thread is very reassuring! I'm 52 and up until November I hadn't had a period for 9 months - was feeling pretty smug that I was sailing through the menopause and actually feeling a lot calmer than I had in years (I had my children at 40 and 42 which seemed to bring on a wild fluctuation of hormones). But the damned things have come back and with them some symptoms too - mainly anxiety and digestive problems (heartburn and nausea) with crashing tiredness at times and murderous rage at others. My children are 10 and 11, but the youngest has autism and is at the developmental level of a much younger child. He was asking me to play with him tonight and I honestly felt unable to drag myself off the sofa. Is it worth a visit to the GP - I can't be old yet, I really can't!

Missbopeep Wed 30-Jan-13 22:21:51

What would you hope to achieve if you saw your GP?

The most likely outcome is some HRT if they "approve"- many drs seem not to still. Would you want this?

They might do some blood test to rule out anemia etc but as you are 52 they are not going to be alarmed that you have these symptoms.

Have you thought about trying OTC products such as Menopace or Menolieve?

lirael Thu 31-Jan-13 08:19:52

Yes Missopeep - that's my feelings about the GP - when I've been in the past they've just sat back and more or less said ' well what do you expect?'HRT has never been mentioned and I'm not sure how I feel about it. My symptoms are pretty intermittent - some days I feel fine and those days I think 'HRT?- pah!'. On other days I'm ready to take whatever is offered. Have taken magnesium and Vit B complex on and off - didn't see much difference. Might have a go with Menopace - at least I'd only have to remember to take one pill!

My MIL has been on HRT for 20 years (!), has loads of energy and looks amazing at 78. Not sure why she's still on it, but it's obviously doing something good!

Supermim Sat 09-Feb-13 14:52:41

I suffered for about a year with VERY heavy bleeding for the first day of my period - so bad I was scared to leave the house and even contemplated going to A & E. Passing big clots as well. I had a scan which was perfectly normal, so got the feeling that I wasn't being taken seriously by my female but much younger doctor. She prescribed me Tranexamic acid - but I never took this. I have a fear of medication anyway, and when she explained that it helped your blood to clot I got scared as my mum had died of a thrombosis. So anyway I then read about taking Ibuprofen for the first three days of your period - and bloody hell it worked brilliantly! It's best to start taking it as soon as you start bleeding, and then take it regularly for the first three days. It reduced the bleeding by at least two thirds, no more clots. I still go out over protected for the first day, just in case, but I would definitely take it if you can i.e. if you are not asthmatic and can tolerate anti-inflammatory drugs.

Horsemad Sat 09-Feb-13 20:10:43

Same Supermim! Didn't want to risk tranexamic acid so use ibuprofen now and it definitely helps smile

Janet333 Sat 09-Mar-13 13:35:33

Thank god I am not alone!!
I am 48 & think I have been on the peri-menopausal slide now for 5 years?....after being told at a breast exam that I must be as my boobs have that many cysts in them they look like "gouda cheese"!!...before that I just thought I was loosing my mind, body & soul!!! The symptoms causing me the most problems at present are - anxiety / panic attacks - along with heart palpitations / total lack of libido / roller coaster mood swings / tearfulness (I was crying at tv adverts)!! - & forgetfullness, along with a few aches, pains...a frozen shoulder!!?? Oh what joy!!!
I am managing the symptoms better now though as I take - ST. JOHNS WORT, it has been FABULOUS & my saving grace in lifting my mood....apparently it works by enabling the brain to hold onto seratonin (the happy feeling) for longer??....before that at times I actually felt so low I thought I was suicidal?? some of you my GP offered me anti-depressants (booooo!!), despite me saying there was a distinct hormonal pattern to my mood changes??!!
For my hot flushes (I was beginning to resemble a traffic light)!!....I take BLACK COHOSH!! - I have NONE now at all during the day....I still feel a little hot at night at times, but NO sweating!!
I take OIL OF EVENING PRIMROSE for breast tenderness & general PMT, & after reading your posts may try AGNUS CASTUS to balance out my moods - especially the dramatic changes at times???? My periods are becoming more frequent - now every 25 days, & heavier too??
Overall, I cannot believe it is, in this day & age - the responsibility of women to seek & solve such massive side-affects of a stage in life that can affect approximately 50% of the population!! Thankfully, sites like this exist!! Good luck!! smile

Meglet Sat 09-Mar-13 15:24:30

Lots of similar symptoms here. Except the missing periods as I had a hysterectomy 4yrs ago (still got ovaries), but it means I have no way to keep tabs on my hormones.

I've been getting palpitations at night for a few months. Last week I was up to 2am and roasting one night, at the time I was starting to think it was a heart attack. Spots have flared up in the last 2yrs etc.

Today I was so angry mum took the kids to her house as I was just shouting all the time sad. Maybe I'm not a crap mum and it is the peri-menopause.

Meglet Sat 09-Mar-13 21:48:41

And the sweating; I actually went on a mission last week for a new loose, cotton sweater as I'd noticed feeling sweatier in the day time.

ssd Fri 15-Mar-13 19:28:05

interesting thread

Meglet Mon 18-Mar-13 21:11:53

Breast pain too, enough to feel like it's those first tender days when your milk comes in. I've taken to wearing my comfy maternity bra to support them, my boobs are (lets be honest) compact so no real weight to cause a problem. Bloody hell they hurt more often these days.

I need to keep a diary of all the symptoms don't I. <<sigh>>

Menofrantic Mon 08-Apr-13 21:20:02

Hi , Can completely relate to what you are going through .
I have felt the same feelings for far too long .
Its the moods and depressive state that bothers me so much .
I feel I cannot get thru a normal days duties without angst .
I have completely lost confidence and self esteem .
The person I have become is a stranger to the confident person I used to be .
Brain fog too and night Sweats
I have been taking elleste Duet 2mg for about 3 weeks now , started off ok on the oestrogen helped the mood but made the boobs swell and tender.
Now on the progesterone and moods back .
Am at my wits end , has anyone else had a bumpy start taking this HRT , thing is am now in a dilemma as to continue .sad .

faithlove Thu 18-Apr-13 17:02:26

started perim at age 43, now 44. my bp went up,palpitations, got ecg, tmt done, as told by cardiologist. then that followed by all other tests like thyroid, blood, kidney function test, liver function test, but no help. everything was normal. my bp fluctuates too much sometimes within 10/15 min it jumps from, 150/100 to 125/85 then i feel exhausted. the medicines which used to control my bp last year does not work now. it fluctuates between, 160/100 to 125/80, all thru the day. doing a lot of exercises. mood swings, anxiety, itching bloating, feeling of something stuck in my throat, etc. when i take menopace in the evening , bp comes to normal. docs, even my old gyn and gp, does not belive that it helps to lower my bp. till now no doc is able to say or do anything. i have polycystic overies.
gradually, i am starting to belive that the docs really dont know anything but throw darts in the dark. my periods, come early now(a week) and by second or 3rd day everything is over with excessive bleeding. sometimes twice a month. learnt so much from all of u.thank god i am not going crazy, as i had been prescribed, anti dep and anti anx. didnt take any.
meditation helps.

l4k Wed 24-Apr-13 16:38:01

Hi meglet, I'm in the same boat. Blood tests confirmed I'm perimemopausal but I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago so it's hard to track cycle( or lack if it).
I've only just turned 40 and do feel a bit sad its come so early.
My symptoms are ;
Sore aching joints
Brain fog/ crap memory
Drying up!!!
Low libido.
Does anyone know how we will be pronounced "menopausal " when we no longer have periods to miss?

meglet Wed 08-May-13 22:16:41

<<hugs l4k>> We can guesstimate this thing together smile.

It's a nightmare isn't it. I have a vague idea of the ebb and flow of my hormones based on when I'm feeling stabby but not bleeding every month makes it impossible to judge what stage everything is at.

The brain fog is awful some days. I don't usually forget a thing but I feel a bit out of my depth now as I can't even remember to make a list, let alone stick to one.

Can I join this crap club?
14k your list sums me up completely sad

I'm off to see my GP shortly to see what they can suggest. I had my blood test results last week (FSH 81.4) and at the age of 47 I can honestly say that I feel decades older when I creak out of bed in the mornings. I've had menopause symptoms since I was 41 but only now do they link up. Been taking Depo Provera to suppress ovulation as treatment/management of endometriosis. Last jab was in September but still no sign of a period although a couple of what felt like being stabbed all day ovulation pains.
I've been taking vitamins and minerals and have recently added glucosamine to my pill pile with a little success- marginally less stiff...

Much sympathy to those of you going through this.

Iellis Wed 15-May-13 14:13:57

Hi folks, need some advice on menapause, at docs today, full bloods done but she seemed concerned that I have lost weight, is this normal during perimenapause, my breasts have diminished, pain in shoulders no real appetite, anxious and unable to sleep, last period was very heavy, flooding are these normal signs or should I be worried it maybe something else. Thanks

Awks Wed 15-May-13 14:16:52

The weight loss could be down to anxiety and that definitely is a symptom as are the rest. How old are you?

Iellis Wed 15-May-13 14:20:20

Hi I'm 47 next birthday, also have slight sweats at night thanks

Iellis Wed 15-May-13 14:29:16

Should say weight loss is not excessive, went down a size in clothes over the last 6months, people usually notice it in my legs and stomach, just wish I knew it was definatly menopause, it's causing me so much anxiety and quite depressed and tired too.

An update.
GP I saw was awful, initially told me I was too young for menopause, dismissed my concerns and only agreed to blood tests after I burst into tears sadangry. Said my endometriosis history meant he wouldn't give me HRT.
Went back and saw a much nicer female doc, most test results ok, vit D on low end of normal, cholesterol slightly up, inflammatory markers high so have repeated that test.
Had my endometriosis clinic appointment yesterday and they agree menopause seems to be finished. Have started HRT patches today, praying they will give me my life back!

Iellis depression can make you lose weight, your general symptoms sound very typical. Did the doc test for your FSH levels?

Iellis Fri 24-May-13 16:17:32

Doc did full bloods, found out today iron levels very low, normal range between 7-120, mine is only 11, she gave me iron supplement,also have had another period just 16 days after last one, not quite as heavy but lots of clots, back at doc next month for smear and internal exam.

supergabs Mon 27-May-13 19:13:37

I'm thinking I might be peri-menopausal.

I am 52 and have just come off the progesterone only pill. The first period I had seemed to be fairly normal until on day 4 I was stood in Staples looking for parcel tape when I had a weird sensation, a bit like when your waters go in labour, and suddenly blood was running down my legs. So humiliating. Now awaiting my next period with trepidation.

My nipples have been tingling like mad for the last few days and I have been very tired. My memory has always been rubbish but seems even worse nowadays. My concentration is rubbish and my cognitive processing time is becoming an issue.

Today, whilst out walking the dogs, I was so tired my eyes kept closing, I started weaving and staggering and then my legs kept giving way, although I didn't fall, thank goodness. I have been useless all day, just sitting or lying on the settee.

Anybody else have similar symptoms? Being ever so slightly hypochondriac grin I initially self-diagnosed MS but am thinking peri-menopause is more likely

Angelarose Fri 31-May-13 07:38:37

Hi everyone, I am 51 and my periods are about one every 3 months now but I am paying for it with horrendous hot flushes in the day and night sweats, no other really bad symptoms. I dont want to go on HRT but wondered if anyone had found anything that works well for hot flushes as I am getting desperate sad

bella65 Fri 31-May-13 09:18:22

What are your reasons for not wanting HRT? If it's the risks that were reported 10 years ago, they have been shown to be flawed studies and the latest advice is that HRT is safe, the benefits outweigh the risk for women under 60, and there is no reason not to take it if it helps.

Studies show that nothing else is really effective and you can waste a huge amount of money trying stuff- it might work a little, but even products like black cohosh etc have been linked to health risks.

Am definitely feeling a lot more sane although I'm only on day 9 of HRT.

Not sure if it will fix everything, still have aching joints and sieve brain but at least my fanjo no longer feels like a crisp packet grin

MsBuzz Fri 31-May-13 23:10:18

New Natural Alternatives to HRT by Marilyn Glenville. Excellent book, easy to understand, and gives lots of information about why we get the symptoms, what is normal and what to do to relieve the symptoms.

meglet Fri 31-May-13 23:22:27

My sieve brain has got so bad I've started telling the DC's things I need to remember as soon as they come to mind - they're 6 and 4.

<Outside sainsburys>...."Mummy, you said we needed ketchup!".

teta Sat 01-Jun-13 10:26:34

I am on day 4 of HRT.I feel a bit better too.No aching joints[i do the gym a lot] but total sieve brain.Totally incapable of following a diet and actually losing weight due to sheer lack of motivation and disinterest in everything.I also do that Meglet-with 8 year old dd[the other 3 are pretty useless too].

bella65 Sun 02-Jun-13 10:23:45

Re. Marilyn Glenville- natural remedies can help some people- it's really just about eating well and exercising, maybe doing yoga, relaxation stuff, and possibly some supplements. But MG is NOT a dr or even a dietician- she's a self taught nutritionist, with a degree actually in psychology. Even following lots of healthy eating and living, some women do need HRT to replace estrogen.

CrystalDeCanter Fri 07-Jun-13 04:26:54

Oh hi! Thank god I found this thread, I've had the most horrible hormonal row with my lovely kids today (to my utter shame), I've finally booked an appt with the doc to talk about my moods. I think it must be peri-menopause (am 45) as 7 days before each period I am vile, snappy, teary, shouty, miserable etc etc. Soo no fun for anyone.

I never realised that sore joints were a peri-meno symptom. I have the most awful achy legs/hips (much worse after a wine or 2) - to the point where I can't sit down for long, particularly in the evening. Period are pretty much the same as ever but, my darlings, THE MOODS [anger]. My poor lovely family deserve so much better.

Am keen to try anything to see if it helps but am a bit uncertain about long term HRT. . .

ssd Fri 07-Jun-13 22:04:29

is it normal for periods to start going wonky? I'm 46 and a couple of months ago my period seemed to come really early, I went to see a dr and she recommended a coil and gave me some ibuprofen for headahes, as I get these around when I'm due. Then things went back to normal, but this month I've had a bit of spotting, very very light, thought it was my period coming early again, but even though I had a tiny bit of browny discharge it hasnt appeared yet....and noticed last night I was totally burning up in bed, not sweating, just burning up with heat...mood swing are as normal (am crabby anyway!!), just wonder if this is it all starting, does it come in fits and starts? So you dont know where you are with the bleeding and need to use a pad all the time just incase? confused

TanteRose Sat 08-Jun-13 05:26:09

I'm 45 - my periods are definitely getting closer together, every 3 weeks and I get spotting for about a week before.
This thread is very informative!

TheRealFellatio Sat 08-Jun-13 05:39:30

Checking in. 47.

Periods have become erratic over the last year - no longer like clockwork like they used to be, and can be anything from three days of light flow to 2 or 3 days of complete flooding and pain, followed by ten days of half-hearted dribbling that doesn't quite no when to stop. grin

Zero interest in sex.

Awfully sore boobs and PMT/irritability for more of the month than seems fair or acceptable.

Night sweats.

Dull, dry hair and skin and flaky nails

Almost constant bloating and water retention, and very very annoying weight gain that I cannot seem to get control of, despite no obvious change to my eating habits. That is the thing that is getting me down more than anything else.

TheRealFellatio Sat 08-Jun-13 06:18:17

Not to mention the thinning straggly hair, the lethargy and the inability to focus/concentrate on anything. hmm

TheRealFellatio Sat 08-Jun-13 06:22:34

I thought rather than trying to remember all the suggestions on here I'd go through the thread and make notes of all the things people have tried/recommended, and compile a list. Obviously not everything is going to be helpful or relevant to everyone, so please do research each item for suitability before you dash off to Holland and Barratt/Amazon/your GP/the pharmacist with the list!

If anyone mentions anything that hasn't already been covered, please c&p the list and add it. Hope it helps.

Useful books and websites:

Life Change/Your Change,

"Your change your choice" - by a gynae Michael Dooley

Is it Hot In Here?

Leslie Kenton (not sure which book?)

Louann Brizendine's website and her book The Female Brain.

See the Daisy network site for advice on premature meno ( now considered under 47) and also

New Natural Alternatives to HRT by Marilyn Glenville.

Drugs, Dietary and Supplements

Evening Primrose Oil

Starflower Oil

Agnus Castus

Black Cohosh


magnesium and calcium supplement and vitamins B6, E and C

Omega oils, 3 6 and 9

Sea Buckthorn oil capsules (contains the Omega oils)

eating nuts such as almonds, brazils, walnuts

maca root

St John's Wort

An Australian Bush Flower remedy called 'Woman Essence'

A Bach remedy called 'Mood Essence' which does what it says on the tin.


Go on the pill! (must be mono-phasic) (this will prb. not be popular with your GP if you are overweight, a smoker or have high BP though)


Provera (progesterone)

Ladycare Discreet medical device for menopause

Tranexamic Acid (prescription)

Take Ibuprofen regularly for the first three days, for people with very heavy bleeding (check suitability for anti-inflammatories, asthmatics etc)

TanteRose Sat 08-Jun-13 08:12:08

Ooh nice list, Fell!
Thank you smile

bella65 Sat 08-Jun-13 10:52:08

And just to add to that list- see a dr who specialises in PMT, meno and who is patient friendly!

I appreciate that not everyone can afford to see a dr privately, but you can make an appt privately with any consultant anywhere. Even if you just get advice, it's well worth the £150 it might cost, considering how much some women shell out on treatments etc which don't work.

I am fortunate enough to have a lovely private gynae who specialises in PMT, meno etc etc and it gives huge peace of mind to be able to talk to someone who is well informed and sympathetic.

If you aren't getting anywhere with your GP, then it's worth thinking about.

ssd Sat 08-Jun-13 14:42:07

bella65, thats good to know

can you tell us what your gynae has said to you about all of this? there's no way I could afford private and would really appreciate hearing anything she had to say

the real, I'd add get the merina coil to your list, the locum I saw said to me all the gynae's have it, she had one herself, said it was great at stopping bleeding, I'd consider it but am far too much of a woose

bella65 Sat 08-Jun-13 18:29:27

Anything in particular ssd?

He's a he - not a she BTW!

In a nutshell- look after yourself and do everything you can to optimise your own health: you can no longer get away with living like you did at 20.

- eat healthily with masses of fruit, veg, oily fish, pulses, etc
- cut out/ down seriously on alcohol, caffeine, and all junk foods and refined sugar etc.
- take regular moderate exercise 5 x a week
- lose weight if you need to
- get your work-life balance in order and make changes if you need to.

try yoga, meditation, any kind of relaxation.

try positive thinking and a positive attitude to meno and ageing

try herbal supplements if you want, but remember they can have side effects just like conventional treatments

- there is no good scientific research which shows any herbal supplements ( red clover, black cohosh, isoflavines etc) actually work.
Sage may help hot flushes.

For heavy periods try the Mirena

Blood tests are usually a waste of time and inaccurate unless you are TTC or are having a very early meno ( before age 45).

Don't be afraid of HRT- taken before age 50 the total years don't count, and now HRT should be prescribed on a personal need / risk basis without absolute limits on length of treatment.

bella65 Sat 08-Jun-13 18:32:52

oh- and one last point- your metabolism does change so you either have to exercise a lot more or cut back on what you could eat before. eg if you normally ate 2000 cals a day now you might only need 1500, or fewer.

ozymandiusking Sat 08-Jun-13 18:43:32

Lucky mum. Were you not offered hrt or were you not able to take it?
It makes such a difference.But I gt the impression that so many women are anti these days.

ssd Sun 09-Jun-13 09:23:13

thanks bella!

I was thinking more of one off spotting, around the middle of the month, I had that this month, very very light, dont know if I should see the dr or gauge how it goes for a few months.

ssd Sun 09-Jun-13 09:25:36

... at least I think its the middle of the month, my period came early a few months ago and I was trying to keep a diary of my cycle, but when it then returned to normal I forgot to keep the record going blush. I should really keep a diary for 3 months but I keep forgetting...

bella65 Sun 09-Jun-13 10:14:53

The 'golden rule' is that any unusual bleeding should be reported to your dr. But if you are up to date with smears and peri meno then it's highly likely it's a hormonal blip. It's often due to low progesterone in the 2nd ha;f of your cycle which doesn't kick in enough when it should- the treatment is sometimes the mini pill to control the bleeding, if it occurs a lot.

out2lunch Sun 09-Jun-13 17:47:35

Fab thread so reassuring.have had so many of these scary symptoms in last few weeks and just didn't make the link.

ssd Sun 09-Jun-13 21:20:31

I know I'm up to date with smears. It was a very very tiny bleed, just seen it when I wiped myself after a pee, used a pad but hardly needed it.

Thanks for your advice, bella65 x

meglet Sun 09-Jun-13 21:23:02

I've sorted out the sweating and upgraded my anti-perspirant. That's one thing I can tick off my list.

Now to sort out the mood swings and general knackered feeling.

ggirl Sun 09-Jun-13 21:33:04

Joining thread , am 51 next week , my main symptoms are;

Extreme pmt with tearfulness and very low mood , it goes as soon as my period comes which is irregular now.

Complete lack of libido..which is seriously pissing dh off

Bloating is major now as is that all about and how do I get rid of it.

Carb craving

I'm thinking of going on the hormone diet which I came across on amazon in desperation one day, think it's low GI but not sure .

gnushoes Mon 10-Jun-13 16:40:56

try the menopause matters website for useful info too.

meglet Mon 10-Jun-13 17:40:47

gnushoes I was looking at the menopause matters website but I decided the symptom checker was shite badly designed and got in a huge strop with the whole site blush. I don't have the patience for anything these days.

What does bug me is that not only don't I have periods due to my hysterectomy, I'm a single parent so I have no idea whether I'm, ahem, drying up or have a low libido confused. All these normal markers for menopause aren't available for me.

Bellaciao Tue 11-Jun-13 22:01:38

Hi meglet
You would almost certainly know if you were going through menopause. You would know if you were drying up and uncomfortable down there - it is unmistakeable.
You might experience sudden mood changes, tearfulness, crying etc, and most likely you would start to experience hot flushes and night sweats.
Possibly anxiety too.
I would notice a lack of libido whether or not I had a partner - I mean whether you ever get those feelings any more at all!
If you don't think you have any of these nor any other symptoms (than lack of periods as you say) - then you may well not yet be peri-menopausal and make the most of it!!

I have wondered today if I'm perimenopausal. I'm nearly 45.

The only symptom I can offer is that lately my cycle is off, it's gone from 28/29 days to 22/23 days. I have red face flushes but that's roseacea. I get occasional night sweats, again this can be related to warm nights and that I've always been warm at night. I've noticed comments about dryness during sex, and that's made me think too, as again last few months I've been unexpectedly dry a few times.

Since I had a copper coil put in last summer, periods have dropped from 8 days (last 3/4 being what I'd call brown sludge) to 6 days (brown sludge last 3).

I've never had any PMT, and I've no mood swings now. I also can't look at Mum's experience, she had a hysterectomy aged 35 and suffered for 20+ years after that (she's 69 now and I don't think she had much help from the doctor).

Someone told me there's a blood test that can help determine if you're heading for the menopause? If so, I have been invited to a health check at the surgery as I'm not being treated for things like heart probs, high blood pressure, kidney probs, etc and it's some pilot to catch people early. I can ask during the check.

meglet Tue 11-Jun-13 22:32:32

bellacio I think my libido has been killed stone dead with sleep deprivation, maybe all will become clear when DD starts school and she hopefully starts sleeping. I get the mood changes, palpitations and have had my first hot flush, I never sweated until recently.

Bellaciao Wed 12-Jun-13 09:19:08

meglet - well it sounds as though you heading that way ie towards menopause. For me the flushes started when I was well on the way ie when my periods would stop for quite a while, rather than during the build-up to menopause when they were still regular - although I had the mood swings and tearfulness then.

I would keep an eye on it and head for the HRT if they become problematic, and you certainly don't want to have more sleep deprivation than you can help!

The advantage for you is that you can take oestrogen only HRT. Those of us who still have our womb have to take progestogen as well and this is what often causes the problems with finding the right HRT type.

CrystalDeCanter Thu 13-Jun-13 02:29:50

Hi all, I'm back after a visit to the doc to discuss my RAGE. He seemed unconvinced that it was anything to do with meno as my periods are still regular. His suggestion was a blood test - not so much for homone levels as, according to them, they're useless and tell you nothing, but more for general health, vit B & D, er other stuff.

His main advice though was to go on the Mirena Coil - therefore no periods and zero pmt symptoms. Anyone on this?

Oh his other advice was to see what your sisters/aunts/mothers/grandmothers experience of menopause is. You're apparently very likely to follow a similar pattern to them . . . Will ask my mum later.

Looking at family patterns would be useless in my family.

Mum had a hysterectomy at 35 and had been told that incidentally she was also going through menopause. My 2 aunts had early menopause (before 40). Some cousins (I am youngest) have started at around 45 mark and I am coming up to 45, but other cousins were older, so nothing is consistent at all.

amigababy Thu 13-Jun-13 11:31:41

just marking place while I have what has turned into a duvet day, as I'm knackered. I'm lucky it's a day off and the house is tidy too so I can duvet down and mumsnet.
I think I'm peri menopausal, age 46, very tired and starting to get more irritable but sitting on it. Putting on tummy weight and trying to follow one of the Marilyn Glanville books for general advice.

Single target for the day is to do my c25k. run as I know it'll do me good one way or another.

CrystalDeCanter Wed 19-Jun-13 04:23:58

I'm back from visiting the LOVELY female gynae specialist gp that my lovely male GP directed me towards. SHE WAS BRILLIANT.

Her advice was don't go down the Mirena coil route as contrary to what my previous doc had advised it DOESN'T get rid of PMT symptoms and as my periods are fine (not heavy or agonising) then it would be little use (and I don't need contraception). Other hormonal devices such as Depo or another implant could fix the pmt issues but again as I don't need contraception then she's reluctant to use as first response.

She explained that my monthly pmt RAGE was down to a hormonal related drop in seratonin levels so she has recommended I take Vitamin B6 and Calcium when I first feel any PMT symptoms until I start my period. Apparently that lifts the seratonin levels and I will be less FURIOUS and generally nicer. She also recommended that I alert my family to the days when I'm feeling particularly ragey so they can be conscious of not antagonising me my lowered mood.

I was really pleased as am reluctant to head straight for artificial hormonal help until I really need it. Lovely GP suggested that if the Vit B6 and Calcium aren't enough then I should come back and we'd discuss further the possibility of the implant or maybe short dose anti-D's.

Overall I found it a really interesting discussion and am keen to try out the Vits to see if they help.

TheRealFellatio Wed 19-Jun-13 06:38:08

<scribbles furiously on notepad VitB6 and calcium>

I get The Rage too. blush I can feel it coming and am powerless to stop it.

TheRealFellatio Wed 19-Jun-13 06:38:38

Arf at 'less furious' grin

TheRealFellatio Wed 19-Jun-13 06:39:26

YYY - Alert your family so they can all go out, and stay out for 48 hours minimum. grin

(think I need to do this with DH)

CrystalDeCanter Wed 19-Jun-13 06:41:24

It's awful isn't it TheRealFellation. I feel so sorry for my little dds when I'm being an utter madzer sad - not that I'm bashing them or anything but I'm just so unreasonable and it's not fair on them. Or or dh actually.

Try the VitB6 and Calcium, lovely GP said most women were helped by it.

CrystalDeCanter Wed 19-Jun-13 06:43:41

Lovely GP was also pretty feminist about the whole thing really (which I LOVED) and said that we have to accept that we are cyclical beings and it's unfair that work/families/life doesn't accept it. I totally loved her. She was total groovy older women.

TheRealFellatio Wed 19-Jun-13 06:52:23

can she do a Mumsnet web chat? grin

SofiaAmes Wed 19-Jun-13 06:54:20

I spent 2 years trying to figure out what was wrong with me after having my dd (at 39). Many of the same symptoms you are describing. Finally had a hormone specialist put me on the pill (low dose). All the symptoms cleared up within 30 days, including a few that I had no idea were related to my hormones (the bad hair day I'd been having for 7 years that I thought was due to the English humidity). I have never looked back.

Meglet Sat 22-Jun-13 22:03:31

Just checking in.

I think my leg hair is slowing. 25yrs of leg waxing never cracked it, the hair would be fuzzy within 10 days. But hitting the menopause has made it pretty much grind to a halt.

Fabulousandforty Sat 22-Jun-13 22:52:26

Just joined Mumsnet and very relieved to find out it isn't just me. Just started having spotting between periods at 46. Also, periods have become shorter and lighter. I have had itchy skin and have had light headed dizzy spells over the last year. I also had a fainting episode, which the doctor said was a panic attack but now I realise might be hormone related. I actually called an ambulance about a year ago because my heart started beating really fast and continued for at least an hour and also it was thumping really hard. They gave me an ECG and only now do I realise that might be related to the dreaded hormones too. Reading this thread has been a real tonic.

Bellaciao Sun 23-Jun-13 18:05:47

Hey CrystalDeCanter anti-D's are far more artificial than replacing oestrogen!! If your rages are due to hormones - it may just be the drop in progesterone that we all experience(d) immediately before our periods as well as sudden fall in oestrogen - then eventually when you become peri-menopausal and your hormones fluctuate more wildlly - and maybe your rage worses - you would be best taking these. Most oestrogen nowadays is bio-identical anyway, and you can also get bio-identical progesterone (on NHS) so nothing especially artificial about that.

You might like to see what Prof Studd has to say about pms symptoms.

Lots of other info in the menu.

By all means do all you can to boost natural levels of anything else by making sure your vits calcium etc aren't deficient - but also best to make sure you get as much of these as possible from your diet rather than pills.

CrystalDeCanter Wed 26-Jun-13 03:02:43

Thanks for the links Bellaciao. Interesting articles and interesting the recommendation of hormone therapy rather than antiD's.

meditrina Tue 27-Aug-13 16:47:51

I was wondering, what supplements do posters think they have benefited from? I'm just starting to get hot flushes. Nothing that I (yet) want to seek GP advice for, but would be interested in knowing what (if any supplements) can help keep them under control.

A friend in RL recommended sage. Any one agree, or able to recommend something else?

meditrina Tue 27-Aug-13 22:49:48


And also, are hot flushes worse at certain times of the month? I'm wondering if mine are only really present pre-menstrually. Is that nomal, or might I be imagining it?

Secretswitch Wed 28-Aug-13 06:18:31

I am 48 and experiencing the period from HELL! Breast pain three weeks in advance, just now abating. Heavy flow, spots like I was fifteen, and rage so bad I found myself actually clenching my teeth until my jaw was aching.
My periods have become erratic but still fairly regular. I definitely suffer from mood swings. I am trying to control with diet and exercise. I am attempting to increase my water consumption and decrease my caffeine consumption. I take lots of vitamin b, calcium, evening primrose oil and black cohosh (all on recommendation of my nurse practitioner)

JustBecauseICan Wed 28-Aug-13 06:35:07

Can I join you all?

Almost 48, just had first period since April. No other real symptoms apart from hairy chin though did have a month or so of hot flushes about May time which seem to have abated.

I shall read thread at leisure when I get to work!

Secretswitch Wed 28-Aug-13 06:41:55

Oh yes, had forgot to add..lovely stray chin hairs! Thanks for the reminder JustBecause!

Hi all. I thought I'd update as the thread is still ticking along smile

I've been on Everol Conti HRT patches since May. The immediate improvement was in the aching bones- I cannot believe I was suffering so much for so long.

I no longer have a zero libido, dried up fanjo, anxiety and low mood. My energy levels are back to what they used to be and the half stone I couldn't shift has finally gone. The latter may be partly due to the last of the Depo shot leaving my system, as it came as part of the package hmm

7 weeks in I had a 'period' and have since bled and/or spotted for a few days at least every 2-3 weeks since. The blurb says that's normal for the first few months and tbh, it's worth it for the quality of life. I've had occasional hot flushes but that's pretty much how it was before.

No chin hairs yet.

I'm able to see my life as it is now rather than in the fog of menopause and have started to make positive changes. I'll probably end my marriage but that's the right thing for me and I hope to have a happier, healthy future.

mkmjimmy Wed 28-Aug-13 11:39:29

A good link is

it explains why for some women who are perI menopause hrt can be a really good idea. it really helped me. but I know not everyone can take it. but if you can its probably worth a try.

scaevola Fri 30-Aug-13 03:11:37

I'm awake because of hot flushes: angry <-- me, now.

Off to make nice soothing chamomile tea, then go back to bed and try again.

missbopeep Fri 30-Aug-13 08:21:26

There's the thing called HRT which can help! Not worth trying?

alemci Fri 30-Aug-13 08:36:08

just had a period after not having any since May apart from a break through spotting in August with some pain. It has been heavy but relieved because I am off this week rather than being in work.

I itch alot around my breasts at times and have night sweats usually before period starts

My mum took HRT at my age but I don't think i will bother if i can help it.

mkmjimmy Fri 30-Aug-13 15:16:42

Why not take hrt??

meditrina Mon 02-Sep-13 16:37:48

I know HRT can help, but I don't think my symptoms are anywhere near a level requiring hormonal intervention.

It was good to see recommendations for supplements, which I shall give a go. And I've now read elsewhere that hot flushes can be cyclical, so I think I'm adequately under control (for now, at least).

And yes, I'm another getting random coarse hairs on chin and sometimes low on cheeks.

FranSanDisco Mon 02-Sep-13 17:04:34

I'm 47 and must be perimenopausal. I came off the pill at Christmas as had been noticing withdrawal bleeds were changing - 1 month heavy, then none, then light. I have had no periods since then. I started to get hot flushes in the Spring and very stiff joints in fingers and ankles. Going from sitting to standing is like a rusty hinge but once I'm up I'm fine. Skin is spotty especially on jaw line and they take forever to go. Hair is thinner than I remember sad. It was my pride and joy once. I had a blood test and will see GP next Monday. He wasn't really interested in my symptoms till I told him arthristic runs in my family. That's all he wanted to test for but I asked for hormone levels to be checked too. In meantime, I am taking multi vits and will see what tests reveal. Have considered going back on pill but don't really want to do that unless I have to. Really great to read this thread smile.

Deffodil Mon 02-Sep-13 17:09:27

This saved me,and I noticed a difference in a couple of weeks.

meditrina Mon 02-Sep-13 17:12:57

Blood tests for hormones, like MOTs, only tell you what's going on that day, and aren't necessarily that useful (unless you have a series of them).

But I hope your GP will have some useful options for you next week.

DustBunnyFarmer Mon 02-Sep-13 19:17:59

Is joint pain definitely associated with perimenopause/menopause? I've got achy finger joint and ankles too. If it was just my ankles I'd assume aging + carrying extra weight but my fingers were puzzling me.

missbopeep Mon 02-Sep-13 20:38:24

sometimes joint pain is a sign but if you are overweight ( by much?) it's likely to be wear and tear on your joints and perhaps osteoarthritis.

meditrina Mon 02-Sep-13 20:48:29

It might be worth posting a new thread in, say, general health about arthritis. It is often (usually?) associated with ageing, so I think it often turns up at the same time as the menopause, without being necessarily associated. (Prepared to be corrected on that, though, as I'm not sure).

Despite taking a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement and a separate high dose of glucosamine, my joint pain was becoming so debilitating that I felt like an elderly rusting gate. I'm 47.

I had a series of blood tests to rule out pretty much anything and everything. I've been having my FSH levels checked over the last 18 months for other gynae issues and now they've hit 82 shock my GP has finally accepted that my menopause is over and prescribed HRT.

The improvement began within days, and despite irregular bleeds that turn up every 2-3 weeks, I would fight anyone who tried to take my patches away!

The aching joints are 95% gone smile

mkmjimmy Wed 04-Sep-13 16:51:12

Despite the hot being great still struggling with intermittent horrible depression. don't really want to go on anti dep as it is very hormone related. any tips?

mkmjimmy Wed 04-Sep-13 17:26:18

Not 'hot' - Sure'hrt' !!

meditrina Fri 27-Sep-13 23:39:52

Just a little rant. I've got the start of a huge spot on my chin. AAARRRGGGHHH.

This hasn't happened for years. I assume this is another charming trick of the hormones?

Hoojimiflip Tue 01-Oct-13 09:05:48

Marking place for later. Off to scour the shelves of Boots. Feeling shit grotty. Morning ladies!

summertimeandthelivingiseasy Tue 01-Oct-13 10:10:39

I am perimenopausal and apart from vaginitis, I get joint pain in fingers, wrists, toes ankles, lower back and neck/shoulders (in order of frequency). I keep seeing that these are to do with aging not menopause. No flushes (although I had these on the pill, bizarrely).

Since I had to come off the pill, a year ago, these symptoms, which occurred mildly before, have come on with a vengeance. The sore, stiff feet were a completely new thing, and the lower back pain resulted in sciatica in my hip for a few days.

I am certainly not overweight, do exercise, including ballet, regularly. I have read that it happens to people with breast cancer who have their oestrogen knocked out. I have also read that it could be tendonitis, rather that something like arthritis.

I am worried that my tendons/joints may be getting damaged, and this will result in the 'old age' arthritis , which it gets passed off as, becoming a self fulfilling prophesy.

missbopeep Tue 01-Oct-13 13:53:11

Have you spoken to anyone medical about this- GO, gynae, physio?
Maybe get a opinion on what's going on if you have mobility problems.

dementedma Thu 10-Oct-13 22:31:49

Hot flushes - check
Weight gain - check
Irritability - double check
Weepy -check
Joint pain -check
Exhaustion - check
Mood swings -check
Miss ing period- check

Wonder what it could all mean? grin
Am 49

Doinmummy Thu 10-Oct-13 23:04:24

I have a mirena coil fitted so don't know if periods are irregular.

I get very hot in bed and at times am absolutely vile to people ( so spiteful that I'm ashamed of myself)

I also get quite teary

Crave carbs too

Should I have the coil removed? Will this make any difference.?

Doinmummy Thu 10-Oct-13 23:04:40

I'm 49

summertimeandthelivingiseasy Thu 10-Oct-13 23:17:21

Keep mirena and get oestrogen patches?

BrigitBigKnickers Thu 10-Oct-13 23:24:38

Haven't read the whole thread so sorry if I am repeating. I am 48 and definitely in the throws of the menopause.

I did see the doctor and chose not to go for HRT (he suggested I did a bit more research before deciding on this- gave me a website to look at) but I have found a very effective natural treatment. I take sage leaf tablets and also soya flavins tablets(Holland and Barrett) Within a week or so the hot flushes and night sweats stopped and I started to feel alot better.

Might be worth a try.

Doinmummy Thu 10-Oct-13 23:30:06

I guess I'll need a trip to the GP for a blood test. I'm not so bothered about the flushes it's the urge to be nasty to people that I hate!

dementedma Sat 12-Oct-13 16:23:44

doin I have this. Too many people are commenting how bad tempered I am. I hate feeling this murderous. I don't like the person I am becoming.

fidelma Sun 01-Dec-13 21:53:06

Great thread.

summertimeandthelivingiseasy Mon 02-Dec-13 17:30:10

I have posted this elsewhere, but it is a really good webpage for explaining the comings and goings of one's ovaries during perimenopause. I thought this was a good place for people who need it to see it.

I cannot vouch for the rest of the website, but I found the info on this page really helpful, as I have been dropped headlong into a perimenopause state, with no indication of what is happening and how long it will last (and if it has only just started)

I have come to the conclusion that it is just about to end, or has only just started hmm

Lazysuzanne Tue 10-Dec-13 01:50:07

Thanks for the link Summer, thats a very helpful readsmile

babybarrister Tue 10-Dec-13 21:47:26

Weight gain - tick
Foul moods - tick
Horrifically heavy periods -tick
Spots- tick
BO - tick
Dry scalp - tick
Hairy chin - tick
PMT lasting a week - tick
Exhaustion 2-3 days a week - tick

I am 44

What tests should I be asking for re heavy periods?

Bookworm13 Fri 13-Dec-13 14:48:21

Hi, I'm 44 and I suspect I am perimenopausal. My periods have always been very regular, but last week, it arrived a week early, was very light and only lasted three days.

I have also felt hot in bed at night and have had to kick the covers off - and I've been more tearful than usual. I love this time of year but every time I hear a Christmas song, I'm on the verge of crying!

I spoke to my GP (who was lovely). She said she felt I might be "jumping the gun a bit" after having had only one "different" period, but that I could be in the early stages of the menopause.

(I have also had a great deal of strain to deal with, thanks to my pain in the neck in-laws and that hasn't probably helped either.)

'She asked me all about my lifestyle, diet etc but I just wondered if any of you ladies can recommend specific things that help you/don't help?

I have been taking a daily vitamin supplement of evening primrose combined with cod liver oil for a while now and think I will stick with it.

I was really depressed at the start of this week at the thought of "the change!" but I am 44, so I don't know why I was so shocked!

Thank you.

nr13 Fri 27-Dec-13 11:46:55

Hi, I think my wife is in perimenopause, she is showing a lot of the symptoms, she left the house three weeks ago when she came home from work and seemed agitated, we had been getting along okay , she has a very stressful job and our 2 children have recently left the family home , she said if she stayed we would end up fighting and hating eachother, this came totally out of the blue, she said things I have said or done lately she hated me for, when she told me what it was I had said or done they were only trivial things, but not obviously to her. I have read a lot of information on the internet as I am very worried about her, she will not go the doctors as she says she will deal with it herself. she asked me to leave her alone as she just needs to be by herself right now. I have respected her wishes and
I have told her I love her and will always be there for her.
I feel helpless as there is nothing I can seem to do, I cannot drag her to the doctors, I know something is wrong as she seems a totally different woman.
does anyone have any advice please?
or how long will she want to avoid me for, is it a permenant thing or a mood swing? I dont want to push myself on her, i.e, texts or phoning as she has asked me not too.
can anyone help please??

SolidGold Fri 27-Dec-13 11:57:18

Any suggestions for the best place to buy evening primrose oil and what dose to take? Is 1000 dose enough?

Theonlyoneiknow Sat 11-Jan-14 20:04:51

That is a very useful link. I think this might be me!

I had a sudden realisation today that I am now cycle day 34 and still no period, breast pain on one side, zero libido, very moody and lethargic. Am definitely not pregnant BTW. I am 41, is this considered an age to be perimenopausal? My last two periods have been very heavy for the first two days then just spotting for 10 days!! I had the breast pain checked out with a scan and mammogram. My youngest is 18 months. Would love to hear any advice! My mum said she went through the menopause at 50, so could I be perimenopausal for many years before actually being post menopausal?

Theonlyoneiknow Sat 11-Jan-14 20:07:42

PS does anyone know if acupuncture could help?

erilou38 Sun 12-Jan-14 00:25:47

I'm only 38 and was told i was perimenopausal just over at year ago at 37! My periods are irregular and light, lasting no more than 3 days. I get night sweats and am very tearful these days, irritable and anxious. I feel like i have permanent PMT! Also always feel tired and my hair falls out loads and is dry and brittle. I think it started 4 or 5 years ago. I never thought a woman could be in perimenopause before age 45 so at my age this is shocking. Also have been trying for a baby which obviously will never happen now. I just want my periods back aqnd to feel normal again!

Shelleyg Sun 26-Jan-14 15:30:21

Hi. Need some advice. I'm 48 and recently I've began to experience severe mood swings, panic attacks, dizzy turns, lose of libido, awful tastes and severe aching in my joints and bones. I've been treated for breast cancer in the past and have felt really good until 3 months ago. The mood swings have been quite severe but just this week the joint and muscle pain has been unbearable. It's all over my body. I feel like an old women. I'm still very active thou. I don't drink a lot and don't smoke.
I have read that these can be symptoms of the peri menopause and what I've read some people experience very similar symptoms.

mrst2 Thu 30-Jan-14 00:02:07

Almost 47 but been having really regular periods that are quite light. Read up on menopause and it said that your periods get really heavy but mine not like that. Main problem is sore boobs. Never had this since children, used to get them pre-menstrual every month but after 3 kids and nearly 4 years of breastfeeding didn't get it at all. Big change. Boobs agony now every day, particularly right one and feels really lumpy. Going to GP to ask for a mammogram as I am really worried it could be something serious. Boobs feel like they did when breastfeeding, swollen and sore. Definitely not pregnant, too old, and husband had a vasectomy 6 years ago. Suppose this could be start of the menopause? Anyone else got it something similar?

Ragdoll2 Tue 18-Feb-14 08:09:47

Hi mrst2 I have the same problems with excruciating breasts they have been getting so sore that I have to hold them when I remove my bra in the evenings. I went to the nurse at my doctors surgery she suggested evening primrose oil, which I have started to take. Let's see if it works,

Kenworthington Tue 18-Feb-14 16:11:43

Arghh I wrote a massive post and stupid phone played up and deleted it all grrrr

So just marking my place for when I have a bit more time, I'm 38 and have realised that many many of the weird things happening to me and my body could be attributed to the perimenopause sad. Guess I'm gonna have to visit the gp. This is the year I need to sort myself out.. Weight, stop smoking, do some exercise. I'm a bloody mess sad

Rosiebombosie Tue 25-Feb-14 13:49:56

Hi there. New to this but feel I'm going out of my mind. Last year I've had night sweats on and off. Last 6 months horrendous moodiness. Taking a dislike especially to OH. Would say for 15 days leading up to my period I have a huge aversion to him I couldn't love him any less!!
My periods are still regular although my last period lasted 12 days and counting which is slightly worrying I have bladder leakage, and want to be just left alone. I have three children and although I may be a little snappy occasionally with them it is nothing like the aversion I have to OH.
I am 46 and feel very sad about growing older. I feel overwhelmed with the enormity of life and small problems escalate until I feel I can hardly breath. Haven't hot dressed today. I'm sitting with curtains closed not answer ring door or telephone. Must make a move before kids get home as I remember my own mother having a very bad menopause and sorting around house all day and not getting dressed. I have no motivation. I just want to curl up in a ball and not join in. Although I feel better when kids are home and cook a meal and socialise.
I'm not liking the person who I am becoming. The moodiness is awful and wish I could just snap out of it.
I have a blood clotting problem and not sure if I can take HRT but would love to feel myself again!
Any further advice would be very welcome

pintsizeprincess Sat 08-Mar-14 15:26:32

thank god i've came across this thread. i don't feel like i'm going off my head and i'm alone in feeling like this. like pp i don't like the person i'm becoming...i'm 39, fast approaching 40 and these last few months i've experienced most of what everyone listed above has...terrible rage and mood swings. i'm normally so calm and easygoing but when the red mist of rage descends i can cause an argument in an empty room..dizziness, heart palpitations, poor memory , have the attention span and concentration of a goldfish, i seem to have lack of balance and clumsier than usual, my periods are every 2 months now, heavier than normal. it's the mood swings, the irrability that's upsetting..i had trolley rage the other day in tescos when a little old lady was taking too long dithering in the biscuit aisle..i realy wanted to ram her trolley out the way .this just isn't me!!!. I hate feeling like some mad hormonal monster has taken over my body and hate feeling out of control like this. I'm going to make a doc app this week and see if they will hopefully do blood tests to see what is going on. just hope they don't dismiss me when i explain my symtoms and tell me it's all in my head. that's what i'm worried about.

tifisotte Thu 20-Mar-14 02:37:52

I just joined but I should have found a site like this a very long time ago. I have gone through so much alone and it was so unnecessary but enough whining. I am 50 and have lived the life of a superwoman. I have always been athletic and resilient that I scarecely saw myself go through two vaginal births and three major surgeries. At 47 I said enough to misery: a 7-month-pregnant belly filled with over 25 lbs of fibroids, bloating, water retention, moodswings, rage, anger, depression, aggression, feeling hurt and hated by all, overweight, overworked, and you name hysterectomy was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I didn't know how much I was hurting until the hurt was no longer there. My back pain now is minor, bleeding and spotting gone, I am calmer, my self-love is restored, and I can let go of others. Recently, I have developed vaginal dryness so I treat that with oils, prenatal vitamins, and Zumba dance. My decrease libido is a credit to and for my husband. His lack of interest since we were young left me fatigued and off. I have not had symptoms of hot flashes; but now, my breasts is getting me worried, they are sore and painful all over. What could this be? the last time my breasts behaved this way I was having periods or bearing children. so I am glad to have gone online and be lead to this site and read all your stories and now I am edified. Now ladies, do this: love yourself, let go of unnecessary "loved ones" especially in-laws, shy away from difficult people, learn to love your company, Take long baths with candles, do a spa thing every other week, maintain and upkeep according to your budget, take selfies when you're pretty, cry and empathize even with haters, whiten your teeth, travel near or far, plan something for every holiday and occasion without burning yourself out, read often, stock up on your favorite oldies, learn to dance, delve in the world of your children so you can have fun but meaningful conversations with them. Do all this with a happy heart and in the faces of husbands and loved ones and watch the magic unfold.

tifisotte Thu 20-Mar-14 02:54:28

The saddest part in going through all these symptoms as they worsen and evolve demoniacally is the feeling of shame and defeat. How one can believe this can be hidden is beyond me. You have literally become a rechargeable explosive and whether you were right or wrong, you feel like crap after every explosion. I do believe that I have the best perimenopausal experience in the family because I remained "loving" haha! My sisters became witches. Ok, we all turned into witches! one of my older sisters actually believes that her explosions are a symbol of how much she cares |Oo| but no one buys that; not our grown-dependent/aggravating children. My younger sister's rage should have her in a straight jacket. The family is divided on account of female moodswings and all the younger generation is left perplexed. Since we all are professionals and "everywoman" who have it together, we provide great parties, great vacations, and great foods; therefore, every now and then, things get back to normal.

Balancinglife Sat 22-Mar-14 19:05:39

Today at work I was thinking I need to see if MN can help me through this.

I am 45 and I initially saw my doctor a few weeks ago because my periods were very heavy, lasting 5 days and arriving every 3 weeks. She diagnosed perimenopause, I feel worn out. Now I'm really struggling with my mood swings too, crying so much on the odd day, its like depression but not! which I have had in the past, also very angry and blowing things out of proportion. My Libido is also rock bottom too :-(

My gp is fitting me with a Mirena coil for the bleeding and doing blood tests in a few weeks time.

I feel I have no one in my circle of friends who can relate to how I feel. I don't wish this on anyone, but I'm glad I'm not alone!

driverdanielle Sun 30-Mar-14 20:31:05

Just marking my place. Really suffering with everything described here. Am 48 so presuming this is it. Am going to buy loads of supplements tomorrow!

Clootiecity Tue 08-Apr-14 05:41:51

I recommend MAGNESIUM supplement. I found it a miracle cure for hot flushing. I take 2x200 mg (chelated magnesium) tablets a day and after 4 days saw a big difference. Any make will do - I buy mine online.

boobashka Tue 08-Apr-14 09:24:43


Not tried Magnesium yet but I've found Evening Primrose Oil a big help with the pmt symptoms and cramping, and my acne-ridden chin is much improved. Just got to find something for the heavy periods and clotting.

MyHuckingFormones Tue 08-Apr-14 11:55:03

Oh can I join, please??? I am 43.

Have always suffered with PMS, to a greater or lesser extent. The pattern was always the same. I would get The Rage for the week before AF, painful boobs, tearfulness, cramps, medium to heavy bleed. Then AF would arrive and I would become human again smile

But for the last year this pattern has changed completely. My periods are regular but closer together and lighter. I don't get cramps or painful boobs. Stopped getting the Rage, and just felt low and hopeless instead (great). This low mood continued through AF and for a few days beyond. Then I would start to feel human again, then better and better until I felt almost giddy with happiness about the time I ovulated.

Then last Autumn I started to suffer with anxiety. I also had several hot flashes where it felt like my chest was burning up. I thought these were panic attacks, but actually I think it was hormonal.

Also experienced vaginal dryness and random spots. Memory has gone to pot, and I mix up my words and can't remember even basic stuff.

Saw my GP who never even mentioned menopause, or perimenopause. Just prescribed ADs and beta blockers which I have been taking for nearly 3 months.

All that's happened is that I no longer get those 'good days' between AF ending and ovulating. Instead, I feel zoned out, very tired and with anxiety issues all through the month.

Going back to see GP today, to discuss menopause etc and pary he takes me seriously.

boobashka Tue 08-Apr-14 12:13:24

MyHF (love your username)
The Evening Primrose Oil has helped with the vaginal dryness too. I'd forgotten, but this was actually my first perimenopause side effect and it's totally gone since I started taking the EPO. Might be worth a try.

MyHuckingFormones Tue 08-Apr-14 20:15:55

Thank you Boobashka smile

Saw my GP earlier, and at least he didn't dismiss me out of hand and he didn't rule out possible HRT intervention. He told me that as 3 close female relatives went through early menopause, I am far more likely to follow suit.

I'm glad he's agreed to have my bloods tested, and ideally this should be done on Day 20/21 of my cycle, but that can't be done this month because of Easter bank holidays.

But he wants it tested anyway, to rule out a couple of other things and with a view to maybe testing again on Day 3 next cycle.

marlena1211 Tue 15-Apr-14 22:49:40

hi all i have read the whole thread and i have loads to add from my own experience and research1

first of all i find there is a lot of confusion - with doctors too- about the difference between pre- peri- and post- menopause.

i have found the definitions of these above on the net from a medical school module.

The menopause is just a moment in time - old definition being "last period ever" by implication loss of fertility and ovarian activity.

Before this moment -the whole period of time when your cycle has started changing due to irregular hormonal activity, i personnally call it the menopausal process and it's a veeery looong one!- it's called the pre menopause and after the menopause obviously the post menopause

The peri- menopause is defined as the period of time either way of the menopause moment, roughly one year either side.

They even provided a helpful little diagram a bit like this:

-------------------- [ M ] ------
premenopause [ E ] post-menopause
--------------------------[ N ]-------------
--------------------------[ O ] --------


sorry i'm no designer but you see what i mean i hope!

Berthablazer Thu 24-Apr-14 14:57:38

Checking in to this very helpful thread. Thought for ages I had thrush that wouldn't shift, or something else terribly wrong down there.

Then I came across a checklist on the Menopause Matters site and it was a light going on: "vaginal discomfort, pain during sex, vaginal itching and/or burning, thrush-like symptoms" - yup, all of those.

I've also had a few incidents of waking up very sweaty (neck and chest mostly) in the middle of the night, my cycle is a couple of days shorter than before, and periods less heavy.

No other symptoms though, and I'm only 38 so I'm not sure if my self diagnosis is correct. I have just started using vaginal oestrogen cream so currently hoping that will take effect soon. If it is the menopause I'd be keen to start HTR sooner rather than later.

Jnkmo8 Thu 01-May-14 19:59:39

Hi I so know the feeling. I've been he'll to live with due to the same reasons. Advice I'd give is head to GP Nd get bloods checked. Then find an excellent Chinese herbalist who will tailor make herbs to suit your symptoms. I'm a diff person since I did this.
Good luck x

FuckyNell Fri 02-May-14 08:25:08

If you are experiencing an early/premature menopause then please consider using hrt.

It replaces what your body should be producing naturally if you are under 50.

here's a link

hyop51 Tue 06-May-14 20:52:51

Has anyone else had a period lasting nearly 5 weeks and still counting! im sure im peri menopause irregular periods for the last 18months and havent stopped bleeding since begining of last one im 51 so right age rather worried now got docs this week so hoping im told its normal!

Rockchick65 Wed 07-May-14 13:16:54

Hey , just been prescribed climagest 1 mg anyone got their experiences to share ?

Rockchick65 Wed 07-May-14 13:24:14

I've had two periods with10 days in between went docs today , peri menopause I'm told , had irregular periods last year at one point didn't have any for 3 months, I'm 49 x given climagest 1 mg today , hesitant to take them but can't cope with night sweats and I just 'don't feel like me ' for some time now

iarose Wed 14-May-14 12:56:50

Thank goodness I found this thread smile
Age 44 - no period for 8 weeks and counting... night sweats on and off for two years, itchy skin at night, insomnia at times, tearful, exhausted and not feeling my usual strong self any more... sad
Went to doctors last week and he just said oh well, if you get no period for another couple of months I will give you a scan to see what's happening. This is prob because I have a small ie 8mm fibroid.
Anyone else had to have a scan because of their symptoms? Mine sound like a lot of yours - ie perimenopausal.
Any suggestions? Can I take HRT at my age? Don't want to keep feeling tearful and crap and shattered like I do now... it's taking its toll on the kids and my work.

Georgina89 Sat 17-May-14 16:15:42

Has anyone seen an endocrinologist to sort their perimenopausal hormones out and is it worth it?

meditrina Fri 23-May-14 11:19:42

"Anyone else had to have a scan because of their symptoms?"

Yes. If changes to bleeding would be indicative of investigation were you any other age, they still should be investing acted even if menopause suspected. For a number of other contibutions may come to the fore at this age too, and there are treatments. I had a benign polyp removed, which made a huge improvement to irregular bleeding, and everything else checked by scan.

Kalkan28 Mon 09-Jun-14 12:27:07

Oh my god I wish I had found this earlier except I am SUCH a hypochondriac that I daren't even google my symptoms! I am 43 and if I am honest probably been having symptoms a couple of years but this last week feel like I have been hit by a bus. Lots of weird things have been going on like shorter period cycles, really heavy sore periods sometimes like when I was 12, other times periods that couldn't make their up whether they were coming or going, red face that no amount of Chanel could cover up, buzzing head like when you are really hammered and lie down, suddenly going hot etc etc. went to go couple of years ago re weird periods and she did say it was due to dipping hormone levels and not to worry. I tend to have a 24 ish day cycle now but with a brown build up and end! Also over last year kind of brown spotting half way through only for a day and not painful or blood. Worked myself into a frenzy with worry even though my mum has reassured me she had the same thing at the same age. But it's the personality side of things I am struggling with. I have always been really loud and chatty but noticed that only happens odd days like I am having a high somedays! Really weird like you don't know yourself anymore. Find myself staring into space for ages, alcohol intolerance - have always been able to put it away but even glass of wine makes me feel crap the next day. This last couple of weeks been awful really horrible. Daughter ironically started periods while still at junior school 15 year old dog is so poorly car set on fire vacuum set on fire washer broke seriously?! It's like the real me only surfaces once a month or less and then I am all nice and social able rest of time can't be arsed with anyone or anything. Aching elbows and hands really strange, inability to concentrate, suddenly terrified of flying and generally no confidence at all. wtf doesn't anyone WARN us?! It's just,like the year after my daughter was born but a million times worse. People come on tele, like really well known people, and I can't remember who they are, do eventually but it's so horrible. I used to be called the oracle at work as I had everything stored in my brain never forgot a thing and now I am a total spak! Boob pain during period was so bad last month I had to wear support vest in bed and seriously thought I was pregnant. Interestingly when I get like this I have the need to smell jasmine, I know I must sound totally screwball but it's like my body knows what it needs to calm me down. Wish I made the connection earlier would of saved even more anxiety! My bones creak and sometimes I have to literally peel my eyes open in morning and oh yes snoring! Causing major probs! Never done it before! Sat night felt like I was having a heart attack. Had to sleep with head propped up. I have the waking in the night thing too and buy loads of stuff normally from time to spa and Neal's yard at ridiculous hours of the night! In fact my spare room cupboard is no different to a therapists cupboard! As you can see slight verbal dioreah now. Just want to be the witty and jovial person I know I am all the time. St. John's wort has sorted things in the past so will give that a go. I seriously thought I was bi polar at one point but now realise what this is although it reassures me I feel for anyone else feeling like this. I even cried at the ceaser dog food ad the other night BONKERS!

Kalkan28 Mon 09-Jun-14 12:30:04

Oh yes and I hate new technology and apologise I am crap at typing on an I pad!

Mumelie Tue 10-Jun-14 16:40:10

Hi Kalkan28 - I'm feeling the same as you! Been to Dr again today with vague collection of symptoms and told yes now def perimenopause. Periods been odd (shorter then longer cycle, lasting 10 days - I even had a 6 week one, very heavy with flooding etc) for 3 years now. Very painful breasts all the time (I wear my bra to bed). Low low mood - I agree about the antisocial aspect - havnt seen anyone in months! Itching a lot and had the odd hot flush, but didnt think anything about it at the time. Had hormone tests back then but all seemed fine.
And I'm only just 40!
Anyway, I have Tranexamic acid for the ehavy periods, which hekps to a degree. I've just ordered Black Cohosh and Red Clover supplements on advice of Dr. She also said to try and eat more soya as it mimics oestrogen (not sure if this is true or if I got the right end of the stick). I cant use hormonal pill so HRT out.
I cant wait for this to be over - i HATE PERIODS!!!

Kalkan28 Tue 10-Jun-14 21:25:03

Oh bless you thanks for replying and sorry you are feeling like this. I actually worked out today that it's the week after period I am ok and my normal self! Yes I have heard that about soya too. I know this might sound weird but I've always been told I look a lot younger than I am and I don't mean to sound like an arse when I say that. What's upset me and I am not a vain person by the way, is I can kind of cheat well I guess all women can with hair colour, make up, lifestyle, skincare etc but inside you've got no bloody control over. That's the thing getting to me. I do feel better for getting it off my (sore) chest though. Please message if you feel low. It does make the world of difference and take away some of the anxiety now I have shared it. Do you getting the word jumbling up thing too? God it's embarrassing. I have made apt with an alternative therapist type dude to try and calm me down next week. Take care amanda x

Mumelie Tue 10-Jun-14 21:44:40

Thanks so much for your reply. I'm not so low today just a bit in shock! I've spent the last few years trying my hardest to lose weight and look the best I can (big 40 thing) now I'm worried I'll turn into a little old lady sad . I think alternative therapy is the way to go at the moment - I've found reflexology really helpful in the past (for insomnia). Off to Google recipes for tofu the family will eat now! Good luck with your appointment x

QueenCadbury Tue 10-Jun-14 22:01:43

Hi all, I've been convinced for the past few months that I'm peri menopausal. Symptoms have been erratic periods, sometimes heavy, sometimes light. Worsening pmt. menstrual migraines. Spots on chin ( which I haven't had since adolescence). Buring/itching down below.

I gave up sugar six months ago which has really helped with the pmt symptoms. I could happily eat 6 bars of dairy milk in a day (hence my user name!) and would experience the highs and lows of each sugar fix. Now I still get angsty but not quite to the same degree. It's the migraines that bother me most now. If I'm lucky it's just a headache otherwise I'm in a darkened room with hard core drugs.

QueenCadbury Tue 10-Jun-14 22:02:22

Hard core drugs as in migraine analgesics. Not illegal substances!

Kalkan28 Tue 10-Jun-14 22:22:39

Hi to you both see we've cheered each other up already and mumelie course you won't turn into an old lady! Think of Cher! Funny you should say that queencadbury I started with migraines about 3 years ago not very often but christ they are horrible flashing lights and everything. I guess we all need to experiment and see what makes us feel better and keep it posted. I have never had zits even as a teenager but I do now and a greasy red nose it's gross! Also my psoriasis is really bad prob due to anxiety. Now that I have figured out what the chuff is wrong with me I will make it my mission to deal with it and find what works. It's important to embrace the times when you do feel cheery just silly things. Normally I wear really boring nail colour and had them done in a dead tarty pink today felt loads better! I've had my hair cut into a bob and it's been dead long for years but started to look like rats tails! Another symptom. Thing is when pregnant we go through all these crap things but it's so worth it but what's the prize at the end of this?! Guess we must think of friends and family who have REAL illnesses god knows there's so much horrible stuff in the world today. Amanda x x

QueenCadbury Sun 15-Jun-14 20:06:34

Oh dear, I had the most awful morning yesterday. I normally take antidepressants for the 2 weeks before my period starts but this month my period decided to visit about 10 days early. I thought I'd been lucky and escaped the pmt but it came yesterday with a vengeance (and I've been bleeding for about a week). I was wild. Shouting, swearing, throwing things. I hate it. It's so not me. I haven't felt like that for months and thought I had it under control with the antidepressants and sugar free diet so it took me by surprise. Does anyone else turn into a raving lunatic and scared of their actions??

Kalkan28 Sun 15-Jun-14 20:42:41

Bless you think you need some choc? Please be assured I am same and I am normally really mellow. Since all this crap started I have noticed MASSIVE personality disorder and have shouted in daughters face and scared her threw chopping board across kitchen when Dyson engineer was here last week and didn't give a ferk - not me at all. Am struggling to string a sentence together, feel really bleak - music helps massively for me just even in background honestly - I even thought the other day about stabbing myself just for the hell of it NO NO NO I have never done and never would do anything like that but I even like don't trust myself as I don't know what's going to come out my mouth! Am scared I will tell daughters teacher to f off or something really mad. Feel totally out of control. Yes I too have gone from reg as clockwork periods to all over place and figured out the only time I am me is for around 5 days after bleeding stops. I feel like my cycle isn't a cycle more like a tri cycle! It's not funny it's not nice it's not easy and it's not fair and I feel for you massively. I seriously though about getting in car last week flooring it and driving till it ran out of petrol then remembered it's broken and in the garage - that'll be my shite memory then! X x x

QueenCadbury Sun 15-Jun-14 21:29:34

kalkan I shouldn't laugh at you throwing the chopping board but it honestly does make me feel better to know I'm not alone! The first time I threw something it was the handheld dyson with me shouting "I hate thus f-ing house" because I couldn't get it to work. Not my finest hour in front of the dc.

But seriously, what do we do about it? Ive got dome supplements which I'm going to try. Ages ago someone recommended CBT for my pmt. anyone tried it...?

tass1960 Sun 15-Jun-14 22:02:24

Just thought I would add my tuppence worth here - am 53 and haven't had a period since October. I had been suffering horrendous breast pain for years and read on here to take Evening Primrose and Magnesium - this helped me instantly - I find if I forget even one night the pain can start again very quickly. I only recently (2/3 months) started with hot flushes and night sweats. A colleague suggested Vitamin B6 for this - I have been taking this for about three weeks now - am not sure if it is just coincidence but I think the flushes and sweats are (almost) gone - still having the odd flush but no night sweats since. My libido is non-existent and the last couple of times we have tried I have been too sore - this doesn't seem to be about dryness but more one area that seems quite raw "up there" resulting in a bit of bleeding - when I say attempted that is exactly what it was - we couldn't continuesad. I am lucky that I don't have mood swings as such however there are times I could cry at the drop of a hat. I intend seeing the doc about the bleeding after our attempts at sex but am not particularly worried about it - it would ve lovely if I could find my libido somewhere and then be able to do something about it without pain ...

tass1960 Sun 15-Jun-14 22:07:59

... Oh yes nearly forgot the joint pain - I can hardly walk if I have to get up in the middle of the night of have been still for any length of time - my feet/ankles are so painful - the pain resolves quickly once I am moving but it so wearing. If anyone has any remedies for this I would be grateful.

MrsLettuce Mon 16-Jun-14 08:17:17

Hi, I'm in the club too, I fear. Am just turned 36 and have been having an ever increasing list of symptoms of peri-menoupause for about 4 years, I now realise. Turns out I've family history of early menopause that I knew nothing of hmm angry.

The symptoms have become unbearably intense these last couple of months and I've finally been to the GP. I'm now awaiting test results for FSH, thyroid function (although I've had that tested as fine several times in the last years) and diabetes. Am swinging between being somewhat terrified and rather relieved that some sort of clarity and help may be at hand.

<wails> <rages> <sobs>

QueenCadbury Mon 16-Jun-14 09:22:53

I've taken control and fished out the leaflet that my GP gave me and I've booked onto a stress and mood management course in July.

Mumelie Mon 16-Jun-14 14:06:27

Hi everyone. All our symptoms sound so awful but it feels good to not be alone going through this.
My mood swings are not horrendous as yet (bar PMT - I get help from those Calms tablets) but my mood is generally low. I'm hoping I'm a bit anemic (from all the random bleeding) so have started taking a menopause supplement which includes iron.
Since coming back from the dr last week and being told my symptoms were menopause I've had a hard time getting my head round it. DH has been really supportive (which I was surprised at). Damn period arrived a week early too just to prove a point I think!
Will be trying evening primrose and magnesium for breast pain - Thanks for that tip - I'm really suffering with that sad

craftytracy Tue 17-Jun-14 21:28:44

im 49 have been diagnosed as peri for a few years now, but periods were wildly erratic for a few years before i went to drs for a blood test, last year went 7 monthes period free, one period end of july, nothing since except a slight spotting on going toilet for a no2, to say i was gutted is an understatement, felt like i was so close to the 12 month mark but so far away, however im not sure if that can be classed as a period as it only happened twice. i have gone through the night sweats, waking in the night for loo, vivid dreams some rather rude ones, insomnia, hot flashes although reducing are more intense now, not sure if its due to the weather or not, walked out of work dr gave me antidepressants, another dr took me of them and gave me diazapam, then month later took me of those and gave me sleeping tablets and a referal for a mental health assesment, which im still waiting for nearly 2 monthes on, im currently taking menopace, vitamin b complex, calcium, omega 3 6 and 9, and glucasamine, to help keep me calm have tried kalms work at times, to sleep have used kalms night, nytol, st johns wort and noctura. currently trying meditation to help sleep and have bought a lumie body clock. i am normally the most placid of person ever now im like i wont take crap anymore i speak my mind when i feel the need to and if others want to argue the point i say my piece then go mute, im loving watching my collegues pick holes in everything i say and do, for the first time in my life i told a collegue to butt out of something she had no buisness getting involved in and boy it didnt go down well with her but later in day we were fine with each other, i who normally could be talked into changing her mind over a belief just for the peace and quiet now refuses to even if it annoys others, do i feel bad for it no. i say the menopause can be a great exscuse for having a tantrum lol

eatyourveg Tue 17-Jun-14 22:01:43

49.5 Missed 2 periods over the last 18 months, missed one again last month. If I'm due to have a period this month, would it have come 28 days after the missed one was due? Am wanting to wear my white linen trousers but I'm on constant alert so they're stuck in the cupboard.

CrystalDeCanter Wed 18-Jun-14 13:38:33

Oh man I am so grateful to this thread and all you fellow loons sufferers.

I posted on here ages ago, and after a couple of horrendous months with awful pmt where I thought I was going MAD, literally insane.. I have re read my posts above, and have taken up the B6 again.

I find that on day 7 (or thereabouts) before my period is due I descend into the most awful bleak black moods, I am horrible to my family sad and almost suicidally depressed. It lifts after a few days but I really feel like I'm going off my head. I also have a terrible memory and it's such a comfort to read that it's a common problem - I was worried I had some kind of brain tumour (overreact? me???).

I'm 46 btw and my periods although a bit erratic aren't really yet at the bonkers unpredictable all over the place stage. It's really the mental effects that are really hard to deal with.

I'll keep taking the B6 but am interested in the poster further up (sorry I can't find your post now) who was on Anti D's for a couple of weeks prior to her period. I don't really want to go down the Anti d route really, but neither do I want to throw myself off a bridge in a moment of Menopause related insanity . . . hmm

Kalkan28 Wed 18-Jun-14 23:45:12

Hi CrystalDeCanter. Oh dear well I cant tell you how much better I feel since I restarted this thread. I have been feeling so down for about three years with my symptoms telling myself "surely if it was something really bad I'd be dead by now"! Honestly, its weird how even close friends/family you cant talk about this stuff isnt it? I am hardly going to find the right moment to talk about funny periods/moods/depression. Its like we have to carry this image of being perfect all the time and in control and admitting a weakness is like worrying everyone else that if youre not with it then they are all in sh*t street too! Is this making sense?! I totally know what you mean about the black moods. I have had all sorts of weird thoughts and yes the brain tumour being one of them. I can only relate this to how I felt straight after I had my daughter and I felt like I was trying to climb up an icey mountain in roller skates. I HATE not being on the ball. I am doing all the stupid things I did back then like putting milk in the fabric softener draw (yes, really), putting my mobile in the fridge - oh god its so bad. The thing that freaks me out is that although the physical things have being going on for 2-3 years, the mental thing has come on like a bolt out of the blue. Also the aching joints thing - wtf? It has scared me how much I have changed in the last few weeks. I am trying to see the funny side of it but its hard. I am a manic worrier at the best of times and its like everything has been multiplied. I am trying to spend as much time outside as I can and am seeing a therapist woman next week. I too dont want to go down the AD route but I will if I have to. I have some max strength st johns wort which I have been on for a week now and can feel a difference, kind of makes me go at a slower peace and not be so manic. I guess you need to do the things you enjoy - even simple things. Hope youre ok. xx

iarose Sun 06-Jul-14 21:34:01

Age 45 not had a period for now 16 weeks... so annoying as have no idea if or when next period will come. Like eatyourveg am leaving my white trousers in the cupboard this summer...

Had blood tests which showed FSH slightly high but not remarkable. Feel I am a bit young to have stopped completely... what's the longest anyone else has gone without a period for it to then come back?

Doctor said after all this time my next period could come back with a vengeance and then some... how very reassuring...

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Sun 06-Jul-14 22:50:16

I am 51 so a bit older than you! I had a period beginning of September than none until third week of January. One after that was late April.
Like you I am not going to do any light coloured trousers!!

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Sun 06-Jul-14 22:51:54

So I suppose longest gap so far has been about 17 weeks.

esther39 Mon 07-Jul-14 20:02:14

I was told i was perimenopausal when i was just 37. 39 now and menopause is in full swing i think. Started HRT 4 months ago.

MissScatterbrain Mon 07-Jul-14 21:42:53

Think I am in the same club - extra sore boobs (so bad that I have to wear a bra in bed), waking up hot at nights (but no sweats), BO, spots, turning into a fishwife the week before my period and having a very high sex drive the week after my period finishes (WTF is that all about!?). Periods are either horribly heavy or average but are taking an extra couple of days to finish.

Kalkan28 Tue 08-Jul-14 00:13:23

Yes I can relate to all of that. I too have to wear bra in bed have got some m and s vests with the support in and they are fab but when I take it off its agony! The boob thing is for around two weeks and the sex drive thing yes me too! I thought it was related to ovulating? Periods are no how now. Still bang on time but take a few days to get going then are horrendous heavy and take days to wind down. I always feel great for around ten days after period and rest of month feel like a monster! I too keep going dead hot but not sweats. Also the heart palpitations - really horrible. Not very often but still awful. Have never had zits until recently and they are proper teenage zits! Horrible. Aching joints as well recently. Glad to know what it is but it's not pleasant. I get dizzineSs too sometimes. All these things are mild but very real. The poor lady who was tols she was peri menopausal at 37 that must of been so hard. Blimey it comes as a shock. Is it true that the earlier you start periods the earlier you will start this? Interestingly I am following exact same pattern as my mum she was all finished at 45.

MissScatterbrain Tue 08-Jul-14 07:23:41

I agree the horny phase is related to ovulating but it gets really bad, its like being a teenager again - DH isn't complaining though!

The periods I'm having are like yours - takes a while to get going and to wind down.

esther39 Tue 08-Jul-14 17:36:59

Yes i'm the poor lady who was told she was perimenopausal at just 37!
I don't think when you start menopause is related in any way as to when you started your periods. I didn't start until i was 16. Reckon i started meno around age 34 as that is when i noticed the first signs.
I think my mum was early, although she was over 40. Iv'e heard you go through meno roughly the same time as your mum so i'm worried for my 3 daughter's. Apparently it could happen to them even younger, so i will be urging them to have babies before they reach 30.

Elenashephard Wed 09-Jul-14 11:24:51

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

QueenCardigan Fri 11-Jul-14 13:09:21

I'm back. In between times I can feel very happy and normal but right now I just feel down and detached and extremely tired. I had a period 2 weeks ago which was unexpected as it was two weeks after the last one and now I feel like I'm due again. I've been having headaches and period pains and awful low mood. Dh is worried about me but i can't snap out of it.

kalkan I think it was you who asked about AD premenstrually. That had been working fine but now my periods are all over the place I've started taking it every day to see if it makes a difference. It was my gynae who suggested it and it's in the nice guidelines for pmt.

QueenCardigan Sun 27-Jul-14 09:12:35

Me again. Anyone else around? After last posting I didn't get my period so after having periods every 2 weeks for the last 3-4 months, this month I've had just very slight bloody discharge on day 28 and that's it. Anyone else experienced this?

Lesnewth Sun 27-Jul-14 16:29:36

I'm 50 and have been having extremely heavy periods every 3 wks for the last 5 yrs. Had anaemia and was on iron tablets on and off for 2yrs.

My last period started 20th April and didn't finish until well into May. Nothing since, except night sweats for the last 3 weeks but they've eased off the past week.

My mood has been awful though. Depressed, weepy angry, you name it, I've felt it. Relationship practically non existent as I just Can't. Be. Bothered.

Wonder if my periods have stopped????

Lesnewth Sun 27-Jul-14 16:30:25

I'm 50 and have been having extremely heavy periods every 3 wks for the last 5 yrs. Had anaemia and was on iron tablets on and off for 2yrs.

My last period started 20th April and didn't finish until well into May. Nothing since, except night sweats for the last 3 weeks but they've eased off the past week.

My mood has been awful though. Depressed, weepy angry, you name it, I've felt it. Relationship practically non existent as I just Can't. Be. Bothered.

Wonder if my periods have stopped????

FiveExclamations Fri 01-Aug-14 15:20:12

I have just had an appointment with our Practice Nurse for something that may be related to my peri-ness and we got talking about my peri-ness in general and the couple of issues that are getting to be a bit shit in particular. Lord luv a duck she listened to what I was saying and has recommended which Doctor to approach for a consultation to consider what can be done. I cannot describe the Flippin' joy.

The other Doctor I saw about this a while back (who has been great on other issues, so not bashing) was very much "Well, that's life isn't it?" Well yes, that is life, but if there is something that might make the week and a half of anything from distracting discomfort to out and out misery more bearable then I'd really like to explore it without being made to feel a bit silly.

Just WHOOOOPEEEEEE! <does a little dance/has a bit of a cry>.

Last year I had a period which started in mid March, and bar a couple of days here and there didn't stop until early July, and then only with the help of tranxemic acid. That managed to at least stop the permanent bleeding, but now I'm down to a period every 3 weeks at most, occasionally every 2. The hot flushes/night sweats have started, though fortunately mostly in the evenings & at night so far, but I've had the itchy chesty described up thread, the raging temper, the utter lack of libido for most of the time, and terrible nightmares. This is it isn't it? I'm 48 so it's not unexpected but I'm not looking forward to it - I'm not a great vitamin/pill taker but is there one tablet rather than a whole host which can help with the general symptons - is Menopace worth it?

I've got to have a smear shortly so will raise it all then, but in the meantime would dearly love to lessen some of the symptoms both for my sake and everyone in this household's as well!

bibijay Sat 20-Sep-14 18:34:46

Hi, I have been on Life-flo Progest natural progesterone cream for about 5 years. I have been ordering it from Amazon and EBay.
I have now decided to stop using it because I am not sure it does anything more than a placebo, and it is very expensive.
I started taking it to relieve menopause symptoms including hot flushes, mood swings, anxiety and insomnia, and in the hope that it would also keep me young and beautiful (!!!) as that's what all the blurb online suggests! More fool me, I think I have been suckered. Still have hot flushes, and all the other stuff, and well, let's just say age has not passed me by without a mark!
I trawled the net before reaching my decision and there is a lot of hard sell stuff for progest creams, including here in the mumsnet forum, so I thought I'd add my tuppence worth for anyone looking for advice like I was.
In the end I found this article and it made my mind up for me, so I'm off.
If I grow a beard and put on 3 stone I'll let you know.

bibijay Sat 20-Sep-14 18:37:21

Ps I put this here as wanted to help inform anyone looking into menopause alternative therapies. Hope it's the right place.

pinkfrocks Sat 20-Sep-14 18:44:32

The stuff you buy in jars cannot be converted by the body into the progesterone that is needed. It is a scam.
I use natural progesterone as part of HRT and it's in capsules.

Why won't you consider conventional treatment like HRT for your symptoms?

bibijay Sat 20-Sep-14 19:25:09

Have a look at this online article:
It's a proper medical article, not a sales site telling you how great their product is.
I used Progest cream for 5 years and have now stopped. I don't think it made any difference, except to my bank balance.
Save your money. Spend it on a walking group (great for health, mood, looks) or a meditation class! Or buy a little something to make yourself happy with the saved cash every month.
I think the natural progest cream is a scam.

pinkfrocks Sat 20-Sep-14 19:58:31

bibi is your last post for me?

The progesterone I use is prescribed by a consultant gynae. It's called Utrogestan and is available only on prescription, via the NHS, and is the progesterone part of HRT.

I'm in complete agreement with you about the stuff you posted on- been saying the same for years smile

pinkfrocks Sat 20-Sep-14 20:01:33

sorry- when I said available via the NHS what I meant was you can get it on the NHS through your dr though I see a dr privately.

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