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Marion gluck reviews?

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Thomasina2505 Sat 17-Sep-16 09:21:18

Hi everyone
I was wondering if anyone has been to the Marion Gluck clinic or to any other menopause specialists who can offer bio-identical hormone treatment? I have read some of the reviews and they are somewhat dated and mixed, so if you have had a recent experience in this field could you please let me know? I'm at the end of my tether trying to decide what to do about my severe menopausal symptoms and don't have much financial room to spend on trying private treatement if it's going to be a bad experience... I am very sensitive to medications so I'm apprehensive about normal HRT and have had a bad experience with it a few months ago. Many thanks.

PollyPerky Sat 17-Sep-16 15:06:20

Hi there
Sorry you are suffering.

Bio identical HRT is available on the NHS from your GP. ALL oestrogen except those starting with 'Pre' (Premarin) is bio (or the correct term is 'body') identical. If you want a body (bio) identical progesterone then you need Utrogestan ( micronised progesterone) also available from your GP if they are happy to prescribe, if you ask for it.

What isn't available on the NHS are 'compounded' hormones. These are hormones that are made up in a private lab according to your 'saliva' profile (which is something Gluck does along with blood tests.)
These are unregulated and, according to the top consultant gynaes in the country, not effective or worthwhile. The reason is that when you are tested, your hormone profile is a snapshot on that day; it will vary from day to day in peri meno.

You can find information on this in the media- Nick Panay who was the former Chairman of the British Menopause Society is quoted in a Daily Mail feature on compounded HRT and explains why ( I've paraphrased it above!)

If you use something like Oestrogel rather than pills, you can adjust the dose yourself, just the same as if it was 'compounded'- you adjust the dose to relieve symptoms.

Hope this helps. I do have a private consultant, and have used bio HRT for many years, but personally, I'd not bother with Gluck who is more expensive that many Harley St consultants (and she's 'only' a GP- not a consultant or gynae.)

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