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My period seems to want to stop, but just can't manage to. Can anyone give me an idea of what's going on?

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EllieArroway Mon 14-Jan-13 10:28:26

I'm 43, with zero chance of pregnancy.

I had a completely normal (although light) period that began on Christmas Day and ended 3/4 days later. About 5 days after that, AF arrived again - quite heavy with clots (sorry!) for about 4 days but then tailing off, but not stopping completely. For the past week I've had a light but constant brown discharge with occasional red bits. It just doesn't seem to want to stop and I am worrying a bit.

I have made a GPs appointment but can't be seen until the end of next week as it's clearly not an emergency. But I'm just looking for a bit or reassurance in the meantime.

Thanks smile

EllieArroway Mon 14-Jan-13 10:29:06

Not really had any other peri or menopause symptoms, btw.

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