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Anyone taking Elleste duet?

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DressDownFriday Mon 21-May-12 12:56:12

I've been to the doctors today for my blood test results and been told the menopause is here sad.

I've got a prescription for Elleste 1mg - anyone out there taking it?

Would like to know your experiences, good or bad.


Starrynight48 Tue 10-Feb-15 23:54:14

Thanks Pinkfrocks, am half way through the green now & the hot flushes are on,y twice a day so I can cope with that! I think you're right about the progesterone and body temperature having looked into it a bit more. Still feel like bad PMT but knowing it's coming will help! Hopefully I will have a bleed soon and that will break the mood - fingers crossed, for my poor husband's sake!

pinkfrocks Sun 08-Feb-15 14:18:40

Is there a leaflet in the box/packet? It might tell you more there.
It's exactly the same as with a natural cycle. You may have PMT right through to the end of the progestogens. I have no personal experience of those types of HRT but thought that you still took oestrogen right through the month even though you also took progestogens for part of it- what does the leaflet say about the ingredients?
The hot flush may be because progestogens tend to raise the body temperature slightly.

Starrynight48 Sun 08-Feb-15 12:44:47

I knew there was the difference but he didn't really tell me in any detail what it meant ( or I wasn't taking it in). I sort of expected the mood thing as other people have said so on here but my concern is how long it lasts- is it for the whole of the time taking the green ones , or until I bleed, and also I wasn't expecting the flushes to come back whilst on the green ones. Is that common too?

pinkfrocks Sun 08-Feb-15 11:21:18

Do you understand what is in each pack? Did your dr explain? The green tablets are the progesterone part of the cycle. They are a synthetic type of progesterone. You may find you get the usual PMT/PMS symptoms with them just as you might have in a natural cycle.

Starrynight48 Sun 08-Feb-15 10:55:31


I read this thread after the doctor talked to me about taking Elleste and it made my mind up for me, along with all the evidence about side effects at my age- 48 - being drastically reduced. So, I started taking Elleste , am on my first packet and have really felt the difference in mood, energy etc and my sleepless nights and hot flushes went after about ten days which was great. I'm on the 6th green one now and do feel like as soon as I finished the White ones my mood worsened and I did have a mild hot flush this morning - anyone know why this is? I have also been craving a lot of sweet stuff, bit like when I used to before my period was due.

For those on here worried about side effects and are still in their 40's, I think it's a no brainer as the side effects seem to be more related to taking this at a much later age. And I can honestly say, I feel so much better.

pinkfrocks Tue 16-Dec-14 13:57:00

what do you mean about weight gain? I've had no weight gain at all and have actually lost a bit.

Lexy08 Tue 16-Dec-14 12:30:09

Just started on Elestte Duo 1 mg, I have been taking it for 5 days. I am 53 and my symptoms of menopause severe, the worst being anxiety and feeling of dread and sadness, debated either anti depressants which Dr prescribed but after researching I decided hrt might help all round. How long before I should feel the benefit. Can anyone tell me about weight gain? - any advise appreciated

pinkfrocks Wed 24-Sep-14 14:29:41

sorry- went a bit odd there- are you eating and drinking any more than you used to, due to feeling better overall?

pinkfrocks Wed 24-Sep-14 14:29:08

It's possible you are on a too high dose.
Not sure what dose you are on?

I didn't start HRT until almost my mid 50s as had a lateish menopause and no symptoms before, really.

If you are still very much peri then you may simply be using too much oestrogen as your body will still be making some of its own. I'm sure that when I started with HRT I had next to no oestrogen left and have stuck with a low dose of between 1-1.5mgs.

Also. taking pill form you need a higher dose as some is lost in digestion, so it's better and safer to use patches or gel- with gel you can adapt the dose from the absolute minimum to the maximum- depending on your symptoms though you need to give each dose a good 2-3 weeks to settle.

Are you ? some women blame HRT but their new joie de vivre means they are actually enjoying life more and eating /drinking more.

Freed0m Wed 24-Sep-14 13:09:20

I'm 48, had horrendous hormonal migraines all my life. I was peri menopausal, periods 3 weeks apart, heavy and left me grossly anaemic. Night sweats, tiredness, brain fuzz. Didn't realise how awful I'd felt for two years... Until a week after I began Elleste duet.
I've been on it for 6 months now, migraines all but stopped, periods every 28 days again, actually lighter and shorter now. Felt alive and plugged in again, also so chilled. Downsides,I have put on a stone in weight ( been skinny all my life) my boobs have increased by 4 cup sizes! My BP, shot up, so had to increase meds. My libido is non existent or my arousal is dampened and orgasm elusive ( sorry to be blunt), I've also in the last month developed terrible PMT symptoms.
Can anyone relate? I'm not sure, as my own hormones decline, if I need a different type/ or dose? Or if the current dose is fine but need testosterone ( won't that make me aggressive and hairy?

DayLillie Sun 21-Sep-14 17:19:49

Don't worry if it does not work out - if it starts off fine, then goes back to what it was, you may need a higher dose. You tend to be started on the lowest dose.

I am trying a pill with a different sort of progesterone and so far it is better.

manickmum Sun 21-Sep-14 10:22:34

Hi so glad smile I came across this site as i searched for more info on elleste duet ..I am 49 and i am on day 4 of elleste ,after trying natural remedies for the worst flushes, I also suffer from chronic pain due to fibomyalgia and cfs so could not cope with the extra pains and swelling in my hand and joints ,i am hoping some of the extra swelling and pain will subside along with the flushes ,I already feel a change in my mood I just feel happier but after reading some of the comments about the green pills I am a little worried in case i have a bad experience also as my poor family have enough cope with already supporting me with my fibromyalgia ... hopefully i won't turn into some rageing monster ..

banshee68 Mon 15-Sep-14 15:28:40

thank god for HRT.......never felt so low in my entire life. Still have bad days but not as many as before, was horrendous. Was worried about the green pills as heard negative feedback on them, however, i seem to get on with them way better than the white pills, suppose i need progesterone more than i need estragen....who knew. In all seriousness though, the menopause sucks.....big time, its been a living hell!! x

Hopefulhippy Sat 06-Sep-14 12:58:51

Hi have posted a couple if messages in here before but do t know if I'm actually doing it right! Anyway have been reading a lot if people's posts about the elleste duet and you all seem to be taking 2 different colour pills! I am just on the one pill and it's called elleste duet conti. Ok so it started to work towards the end if my first month and I'm now in my second month and the night sweats have returned with a vengeance! It's driving me mad! Am wondering if it's because I started the menapause very early 39 and am now 52 and have only just started taking HRT! Any help or advice would be much appreciated sad

Hopefulhippy Thu 04-Sep-14 08:32:21

Hello, thankyou for your advice so sorry have only just seen this post. I was starting to feel better but seem to have had a relapse now as I have mentioned in my new post. Will have a look at the link you sent me. Thankyou

Hopefulhippy Thu 04-Sep-14 08:29:32

Hi I am on my second month of elleste duet and my night sweats seem to have returned with a vengance! I do have a cold and sore throat and have also been taking pain killers for a bad back!! Am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I feel so miserable and unhappy as I thought they had finally gone. Pleas help me if anyone can. Depressed sad

DayLillie Thu 14-Aug-14 13:14:41

At day 10 you are still on the oestrogen only. I found it surprisingly hard to adjust (but on a lower dose and had not been so long without oestrogen). After a week, I was ok. But they have not had the desired effect, after 3 months.

Have a look here: If you do a search, you will find lots of people's experiences with hrt.

Make sure you are looking after yourself too, until you adjust, but if you do not feel it is right, see the doctor again.

Hopefulhippy Thu 14-Aug-14 12:23:39

Hi I have been taking elleste duet 2mg for10 days and I feel quite suicidal and although my hot flushes/night sweats are not as severe they are still there and sometimes still quite bad. I don't know what to do should I give it a bit longer? I have decided to try and take them in the evening instead of a morning to see if that ales a difference. I'm just worried that there not going to work as everyone most people on here se to be having amazing results with them.worried depressed and ipset

Hopefulhippy Sat 09-Aug-14 11:46:32

Hi I started the menapause really early 39 am now 52 and have decided I cannot cope with the sleepless drowning in my own sweat nights so have decided to give HRT a go.
So am on day 6 of elleste duet 2mg, I am sti having hot flushes and woke up sweating again last night and my mood swings are awful one day I feel ok and the next I wanna slit my own throat or kill someone! Will it all settled down?? most of the stuff I have read on here is really positive with most peoples symptoms gone within a few days! Any help or advise would be much appreciated ��

DayLillie Wed 06-Aug-14 16:41:33

Yep - start the next pack straight away.

So far, my bleeding has lasted 10 days which is annoying. sad

Tarapalmer Wed 06-Aug-14 09:20:44

Hi All,
I started taking Elleste Duet 28 days ago so just finished my first pack. It's taken most of that time for the flushes and night sweats to stop but they have which us great.
No side effects so far.
I've got a very slight bleed at the moment which I expected not sure how long this goes on. My concern is since day 27 I've had a muzzy headache, feel groggy and fatigued all the time with no energy to do anything is this normal?
Ive lost the slip of paper with instructions on use can someone tell me do I just continue with the new pack straight away?
I would welcome any feed back. Thank you.

DayLillie Sun 03-Aug-14 21:20:55

I had a foggy head and felt brain dead for the first week, then it was fine. Green pills give me spots though.

cuggles Fri 01-Aug-14 08:27:50

Nesstoria, I felt the same and started it two days ago. I had a blood test that day and told the nurse I was putting off starting the tablets and she said it was wonderful and she hasnt looked back so I made a start. However....can anyone offer me a ray of hope: before anyone comments I know I am only two days in and will stick it out for the three months before I return to gp but both days I have taken the tablets at night (a tip I picked up from here to help the potential side effects as can sleep through them) but both times I have had a headache in the night and woke up with a headache and foggy head in the morning which goes after an hr or so.
Will this continue or how long did it take people to get used to the drugs? it is extra annoying as this is a premature menopause which is the only reason I am on the HRT, have no symptoms except no periods and blood tests showing hormones profile, no hot flushes etc to make the HRT seem great! Thanks

Nesstoria11 Thu 31-Jul-14 21:04:03


I've just started taking it.
Does anyone have any nasty side affects? I'm petrified about taking HRT but I can no longer live with the sweating. I'm showering 4 times a day changing my clothes up to 6 times a day and becoming reclusive.

Alexmac1 Tue 29-Jul-14 14:10:05

I'm interested in what people have experienced with weight gain on the Eleste Duo. Many people have said it is a myth but I must disagree as like some others. I was initially taking premique but after 2 weeks my stomach looked like I was 6+ months pregnant! it was that bad that it was pushing up under my ribs. Dr changed me to Elleste duo and while on the white pills my stomach started to return to normal and I felt fine although I had put on 8 pounds from starting any HRT. I weighed myself last Thursday then started the green tablets which I don't like too much and yesterday weighed myself and have put on 4 pounds in 4 days! Now I don't mind getting a bigger chest but my stomach and thighs are uncomfortable. Has anyone experienced this crazy weight gain? Before anyone says I need to watch what I am eating, I have been at the same weight for years and had been eating only salad and protein for 2 weeks! How is this possible? If anyone has experienced this have they found any other HRT that makes you feel so much better without the weight gain? It's taken me 3 years with major symptoms and trying of herbal remedies to finally get the Dr to prescribe me HRT. I am peri menopausal and 44, I finally conceived at 38 after 10+ years of trying and have not felt that I could enjoy my 6 year old for the last 3 years. I can't believe the difference I have felt again towards my daughter since taking HRT and really feel I missed out so much on those happy early days. Now my unhappy feeling is only towards my weight gain......any ideas?

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