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Ladycare magnet for menopause symptoms

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sailorsgal Tue 08-Mar-11 15:19:00

I was reading about this the other day and wondered if anyone had tried it? Any good?

roseenglish Sat 21-May-16 00:27:27

I cannot believe some of the cynism and almost bitter anger at the possibility that a magnet may or may not help menapause symptoms!

I've joined this forum after reading this thread because some people would rather remain miserable with symptoms than simply spend £20 and try something as harmless as a magnet!

Worst case scenario, you lose £20 BUT BEST CASE SCENARIO you become one of the thousands of women who have left reviews on the UK and USA Amazon website on this product.

And the lady who said "why is it not available on the NHS then?" Clearly doesn't understand how the NHS works.

There are many many vitamins and minerals (nutritional) products that help with all kinds of ailments but unlike the prescription pharmaceutical industry which is a multi million dollar business, there is little profit in none prescription treatments. Plus you cannot patent a vitamin.

The e cigarette industry has proven to get thousands of smokers off real and well documented cancer inducing cigarettes and it's only recently after years of negative hype and propoganda that the government have issued a statement that e cigarettes are 99% safer than real cigs.
This SHOULD have been obvious to anyone who took the time to do intelligent research instead of just reading headlines in tabloid newspapers who are paid to publish propoganda by the tobacco industry.
Who by the way, are now buying up all major e cigarette companies as they have given up the fight and realise they are losing customers to e cigarettes so want a slice of that pie now.

Now, if you are suffering with insomnia, sweats, anxiety, depression and other of the multitudes of peri and menopause symptoms you have two options.

1) continue to suffer but feel better about yourself for not being a fool for buying into a device that makes no sense and do zero research.

2) risk £20 and actually try it for 24 hours a day. And see how you feel in the weeks or months that follow.
You may be surprised and glad you didn't put your pride first.

I am very cynical and always assume I'll be one of those people something didn't work for even if it works for many others.
But I feel I had nothing to lose other than my pride and a relatively small amount of money.
When you're loosing sleep and suffering real bad with anxiety and physical symptoms then £20 IS NOTHING!
if you think it's expensive then I question how much you're actually suffering.

It works, And again, do the research, check some blogs out on HOW it works and you should find it actually makes sense.

Stop attacking people who have claimed it helps and worse still, the sneers and snidely remarks may well stop other women from buying it and it could make their lives so much easier.

And for the predictable posts asking me if I represent the lady care magnet, a big fat no.
They don't need to pull stunts like that, big company which has been trading for over a decade. Speaks for itself really.

pinkfrocks Sat 20-Jun-15 09:57:52

The reason you'd get headaches would be due to the change in the medication when you start taking progestogens- which type of HRT were you taking?
I'm not sure I understand a 21-day cycle because most cycles are 28 days and consist of oestrogen daily and a progestogen from day 15-28. A lot of women get a headache after day 28 when they stop the progestogen and they have a bleed. This is the same as some women get during a natural cycle, or sometimes on the Pill.

If you are 56 and have been period-free for over a year then you could take continuous HRT which means you won't get the fall from stopping progestogen- continuous means you take both hormones daily and then don't have a bleed.

Have you discussed this with your dr at all and asked for some advice?

The other things to bear in mind is that even if the magnet works on hot flushes, it doesn't replace oestrogen so you are still at risk from other effects of the menopause- brittle bones, vaginal atrophy, heart disease etc.

juliainparis7 Sat 20-Jun-15 09:44:57

hello all, I've just joined mumsnet after reading some of your reviews. I stopped taking HRT 3weeks ago, I'm 56, and was getting bad headaches at the end of each 21 day cycle, so I'm trying out this magnet, I have seen the trials are a bit vague and I'm looking for the level of power in the magnet ?400 or 200 or more, does anyone know please? I would like it to work I am open minded, I think I'm having less hot flushes but it could still be the effects of HRT wearing off. I won't write more now but I'll write in again in a month to let you know if any progress or not smile

jalopy Fri 19-Jun-15 21:08:28

I've been using the ladycare magnet for about 4 weeks. I was in the throes of getting 10-12 flushes a day but within a couple of days of using it, they went down to 1 or 2 a day. A lot of my symptoms of menopause have definitely lessened or disappeared. What I have particularly noticed is that my quality of sleep has improved no end. I just generally feel better in myself.

Like anniebrowneyes says, even if it's a placebo, it's working for me too.

pinkfrocks Thu 18-Jun-15 11:11:42

Have you tried ditching it? Might be you are over the worst and your symptoms have resolved naturally after a year.

anniebrowneyes Thu 18-Jun-15 09:52:33

I have been using the Ladycare magnet for menopause for over a year. I was having hot flushes etc but the worst symptom by far was this horrible aching stomach - feeling like I had a load of bricks in there! Strong painkillers helped, but made me sleepy so after 4 weeks of this, in desperation, I sent The Hubster out to get one from a late night chemist 8 miles away. Magnet cleared stomach ache and brick feeling within 3 days and have used it ever since. Very infrequent hot flushes now - maybe 2 a month, clearer head and fewer migraines.

I don't really care how it works or even if it is a placebo - bottom line is that IT WORKS FOR ME!!

Heresme33 Thu 11-Jun-15 11:03:53

Got myself one and so far so good smilesmilesmile

choccyp1g Fri 31-Oct-14 16:32:57

Well that was fun, I was strongly attracted to the checkout till at tesco!
Might have to be peeled off the fridge later.

pinkfrocks Fri 31-Oct-14 14:56:44

It's obvious by the wording on the packaging that they are wary of saying it really does work- they use the word 'may'.

Ages ago I found the research showing the stats on this. It was a tiny trial using only a few women for a short amount of time and the guy who did the research was of course being paid by the manufacturer. Proper scientific trials use thousands of people over a long period of time and are double-blind.

I think it's sad women are taken in by this and even worse is that the packaging says it may also help vaginal dryness. The ONLY thing that helps that is oestrogen.

choccyp1g Fri 31-Oct-14 12:19:17

I've just picked a strong magnet off the fridge and placed it in my pocket. Will report back later. ( and sew a pocket into my pajamas).

The big problem with any menopause treatment is that the symptoms tend to come and go anyway. I have been suffering on and off for 10 years now.

Guess what, a hot flush occurred while writing this so the magnet hasn't worked so far!

Cityare0 Fri 31-Oct-14 12:07:31

I ended up on this blog while looking for general reviews about magnet therapy - the crazy discussions on here made me want to join to share my experience.
My partner read about Ladycare magnets about six months ago in the paper and told me as I have quite bad flushes. No way was I going to pay �20+ for what I thought was a gimmick, so, partly just being daft, I put a fridge magnet in my pocket. Around lunch time I realised that I hadn't had a flush all morning! I continued to have them, but much less hot and much less frequent. Gradually, they seemed to build up again, so I wondered about getting a Ladycare...but was still reluctant to spend my money on it....hence why I ended up reading the blogs.
A friend of mine had a Ladycare magnet and it made no difference to her, so she gave it to me!! I have definitely found that my flushes have eased right off again and as I now keep this on at night, whereas the fridge magnet wasn't practicla(!!) I am finding I have much less night sweats too.
I thought that this story proves that it only works for some people....and also, it is worth trying a fridge magnet before spending �20 as I reckon if that helps you then the Ladycare definitely will.

gingerandcoffee Thu 30-Oct-14 12:03:53

I agree with what you're saying. I agree that with all treatments many people are going to be helped just from a placebo effect point of view. And that's absolutely fine, because these people, (the 40%), are still getting the result that they want. smile

Yes, you're right that even though the magnet may be reducing the autonomic effects of the hormones, it's not making any hormonal changes at all. That's a good point, and one that people should be aware of.

I wasn't comparing the magnet to acupuncture, as such. Only in so much as they both seem to work for some people and definitely don't for others. As you point out there is a placebo effect for all treatments. Everyone's different and it will always be that different things help different people. smile

I feel that it's a bit unfair accusing everyone with just one post (that happens to be about a product that they like), of working for that company. It's a bit of a jump to make!! I'm forever googling various things and joining whichever forum I find to join in that discussion. And there are lots of "real" people saying good things about Ladycare, without having to have loads of company plants all over the internet. I understand about forum rules and all that, but some people take this too far. It just all seems a little paranoid and suspicious and, well, unwelcoming!! :/

pinkfrocks Thu 30-Oct-14 08:33:05

I don't think anyone wants to create bad feeling but equally people who find it helps shouldn't get worked up if other people point out the science- or lack of it. We are all free to make a point.
All drugs and treatments have up to a 40% placebo effect - even licensed prescription drugs.
There have been posts here from people who did look very much as if they were coming from the company simply because they had no record on MN at all and their posts read like marketing/PR posts.
It's not really fair to compare acupuncture with the magnet- recent research has proved that acupuncture has some success in treating pain. And even If ( big if!) the magnet works for hot flushes etc it's not replacing oestrogen so will have no effect at all on bone density, lipids ( heart health) or vaginal dryness etc.
I think this forum is open to anyone to say- politely- what they think about a product.

gingerandcoffee Thu 30-Oct-14 01:39:41

Wow, there are lots of snippy comments on here aimed at people who like this product! I'm sure that most people understand that there's no firm scientific evidence in favour of this product, and there have been no double-blind tests. But it works for some people, just like acupuncture and homeopathy do, and it doesn't work for others. There's really no need to be nasty about it! Some people just want relief from their horrible symptoms and when they get it they really don't care why it works, just that it does.

I've been using my magnet for a year now, and it's reduced my hot flushes and night sweats considerably. When I take it off for a few days I really notice a difference, and go back to the "bad old days". On a few occasions I forgot to put it back on after my shower, and didn't realise that I wasn't wearing it until the symptoms returned! So this makes me think that it's probably not simply a placebo effect that I'm seeing. Although of course I don't know for sure, (and I don't really care either way). If I can reduce these uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms without taking potentially harmful drugs, then I'm very happy about it.

And I don't work for the company! grin It's really enough to put people off joining this site if they're going to be attacked for being some kind of "plant" flowers whenever they join a discussion to say that they like a product..

There, you see, I've come on here in full-on defensive mode, feeling that I need to defend myself just for posting something positive!! Sigh.

zoecostarica Mon 27-Oct-14 22:47:43

This magnet does NOT work for everyone! I used it for 3 MONTHS continually and it made absolutely NO difference whatsoever in the number of hot flushes I was experiencing. Pre Lady Care I was having 13 to 15 hot flushes over each 24 hour period -- whilst using the magnet (strictly according to instructions) the number was the same and when I gave it up after 3 months, there was no change. I think it's time Lady Care do some research and declare percentages of women it has NOT helped. Seems to me also that paying 25 to 30 quid for a simple magnet (that may or may not do anything) is an expensive fridge ornament if it is useless to you, as it was to me.

Ketchuphidestheburntbits Fri 10-Oct-14 16:34:33

I think it's rubbish. Definitely didn't work on me and I'm now having hormone therapy which is helping.

In my opinion it's as much use as putting a fridge magnet in your knickers, except a fridge magnet would be cheaper and prettier.

sarah2000h Fri 03-Oct-14 13:18:00

I've used my magnet for 10 weeks but no change in hot flushes. Very disappointed.

Beene Sun 31-Aug-14 00:58:28

Evidence that something works does not mean it has to work for everyone.

Beene Sun 31-Aug-14 00:55:42

Oh just try it see if it works for you instead of constantly quibbling about petty unimportant possibilities.
It works for me.
I have proved to myself it's not placebo effect.
I am stunned that it works so well. I am stunned it worked almost immediately.
No hot flushes, noticeably better mood.
It works!
I have no idea how it works but it most definitely does!

DameEdnasBridesmaid Fri 29-Aug-14 17:52:13

I've been using one for the last three weeks, can't say there is much difference.

I had high hopes - a colleague swears by hers.

Will continue for a couple more weeks but disappointed so far

Mini05 Fri 22-Aug-14 23:38:52

Magnet user
I just bought one whereabouts do you position yours???

thingumagig Wed 13-Aug-14 10:05:25

By the way I was told about the magnets by a colleague, who was told another colleague . . . good old word of mouth!

thingumagig Wed 13-Aug-14 10:04:26

Hi. Just read almost all the previous posts as I have been doubting the magnets I've been wearing since 13th July and was considering giving up on them. I'm having the odd hot flush but your posts have reminded me how bad I used to get! It's funny how quickly we can forget unpleasant things. Thanks everyone.

Lazysummerdays Fri 08-Aug-14 10:26:23

Both you and your mum would be better off reading the facts, instead of being swayed by opinions- in other words 'research' done by the manufacturers themselves and anecdotal evidence by users.
I'd advise this for any treatment. I am not posting my opinion- I am posting factual information. You seem to have trouble understanding the difference.

If your mum gets relief as a result of the placebo effect that's great- but don't confuse that with properly conducted scientific research.

gembodog Fri 08-Aug-14 08:40:41

I do not have a magnet as i dont need one. Its for my mum who doesnt want to take HRT & is using natural remedies, herbal supplements, chilled pillows etc. I am not "promoting" the product I am frustrated by those posting who dont believe in alternative therapies and are being so dismissive of those who do. 20 years ago things like acupuncture were readily dismissed by medical professionals & are now recommended. If this magnet offers some relief to my mum even if that is in her mind....its good enough for me. If somebody has a different opinion opinion to you & says they had good results they are accused of working for the manufactuer - not quite sure whats behind that !

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