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Serenity Cream

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bobsgirl Sat 11-Sep-10 23:00:18

I'm not suffering horrendously but am clearly on the way into menopause. A friend of mine who was suffering badly from mood swings has started using Serenity cream and says it's marvellous.

Has anyone else come across it and what do you think?

osbornesl Wed 12-Feb-14 05:34:42

i have just bought this cream . Before I purchased it , I sent serenity cream an e- mail asking if it was safe for me to use.I told them I had a full hysterectomy (overies removed as well ) And that I had HAD breast cancer which was estrogen receptive positive . They assured me it was safe for me to use . My doctor doesn't want me taking HRT. So does anyone know if this cream is safe for someone who shouldn't take HRT .

Jaffacakesallround Thu 09-Jan-14 13:24:56

I'm a bit sceptical about this product really, simply because you can get bio identical progesterone ( tablets) from your dr on the NHS if it was going to help menopausal symptoms- but the main meno symptoms are due to oestrogen deficiency. No one has any progesterone post menopause, so I'm at a loss to see how adding it on its own is going to do anything other than the placebo effect.

jessiflecher1961 Wed 08-Jan-14 11:07:24

Hi, iv'e been reading what the general view is about serenity as i'm not sure if it will help or not, i get loads of hot flushes and night sweats and am sick of it, i had a hysterectomy 6 yrs ago, i also get really bad joint pains , which iv'e had for 2 yrs, which they also said was down to menopause, there now saying it might be fibromyalgia,
so if i could just get rid of the hot flushes, it would make me feel so much better, im 52.

westfossil Wed 27-Nov-13 18:50:34

I started to suffer with hot flushes at night and during the day which rapidly got worse. Some nights I'd wake up and wonder what had disturbed my sleep and then the heat would begin to rise until it felt as if I was in sauna. I can't take HRT, not that I'd want to, so I thought I would try cutting out certain foods and see if that made a difference. Unfortunately it seems my triggers are wine wine and chocolate! What a blow! Still, it works for me.

lisamichelle46 Wed 28-Aug-13 21:24:25

If anyone could suggest any alternatives that have worked for then I would be grateful.

lisamichelle46 Wed 28-Aug-13 21:08:02

I have been taking ELLESTE DUET 1mg tablets (HRT) for almost 3 months now, after a week or so i started with really bad headaches which I have never experienced before also heavier periods and my hot flushes have not subsided at all, my nood swings if anything are worse, I seem to be experiencing certain side effects but no benefits, could anyone give me ant feed back about these tablets?

Missbopeep Tue 13-Aug-13 16:54:16

No. The itching is due to loss of oestrogen.

You need to see your GP and ask for either Ovestin or Vagifem cream or pessaries which you use for several weeks to reverse the process.

Elenkalubleton Tue 13-Aug-13 14:10:07

Does progesterone creme act as a lubricant I'm suffering from really itchy bits tried prescribed zinc / castor oil cream no good.any advice appreciated.

Missbopeep Mon 22-Apr-13 16:22:16

Whenever there are any discussions about products that you buy ( as opposed to ones prescribed) 'unknown' posters come along extolling the virtues of the products. I can't help but be cynical and wonder if they are from the companies- especially when they have no other history on the forum at all. hmm

HRT can be made from natural substances too.
Would you like to tell us more about what you understand by the 'risks' in terms of a woman's absolute risk re. age and use of HRT? Interested to know what your take on it is.

Soopie Mon 22-Apr-13 15:41:54

I've read some extraordinary things on here, such as "strawberry" saying that Provera is made of horse's urine! No, it is not! Provera is a synthetic hormone that is not bio-identical and has many side effects that are very harmful to the body and can cause - amongst other things - cancer! Premarin was made from horse's urine and was equally as bad for us because it is not bio-identical and doesn't contain much that our human bodies would need/could use! I use Serenity and I have to say that I feel much better on it (no menopausal symptoms). I would NEVER take HRT because of the many risks attached to it (it IS synthetic and not what our bodies need!). Everyone can decide for themselves, but please read up on the pros and cons instead of just taking various people's points of view, when they often do not reflect reality or are misinformed.

missbopeep Thu 11-Apr-13 15:33:50

Jane you posted in July 12 to say you had been using Serenity for 2 years. Was this what your dr gave you? As these are your only posts on MN it makes me wonder- just a little- if you work for the company?

missbopeep Thu 11-Apr-13 15:30:57

Jane- the latest thinking is that it is the progesterone which is the link with breast cancer.

What did your dr prescribe- can you name it? Be good to know.

Women who take combined HRT- both hormones- have a slightly higher risk, but women who take only oestrogen actually have a lower risk of breast cancer.

The research you are talking about- Million Women and the other one- have been pretty much ditched now in terms of research as they were shown to be flawed. It's all about risks and balancing risks with benefits- do you agree?

I'd be interested to know which progesterone you took- was it the equivalent of the mini pill?

Also- HRT as a tablet is just one type of HRT- there are lots of others which are safer for some side effects. I know lots of women on HRT but none of them actually swallows tablets!

JaneBucks Thu 11-Apr-13 10:44:41

Hi there, I was prescribed natural progesterone by my GP. It worked well. I used it for 3 years until I was through the worst. I went to him because I was worried about the cancer risks of HRT tablets. About 10 years ago there was a damning report that came out, some major study that identified big risk of breast cancer. Anyway I'd read something about natural progesterone and told him. He seemed quite happy to prescribe it. I'm just amazed we're still be prescribed pills that have such dangerous side effects.

missbopeep Wed 10-Apr-13 22:47:11

sorry- typo- should read unless you don't have a uterus....'

missbopeep Wed 10-Apr-13 22:46:13

If GPs prescribe Serenity then why are women paying £20 or so to have it sent from the Channel Islands?

I think you are confused creative.

GPs can prescribe natural progesterone as tablets for example- I think very few would prescribe cream and I have been told that the amount you need as a cream to have any effect would be massive and not acceptable in use.

HRT is given as 2 hormones- oestrogen and progestins ( progesterone is what we make ourselves- progestins are man made,)

Unless you have a uterus you need to take progestins for part of each month, or every 2 or 3 months depending on what your dr has advised. This is to ensure the lining of the uterus does not grow too much with the oestrogen, which can lead to endometrial hyperplasia and possibly cancer.

Oestrogen sometimes is made with mares urine- the HRT made in the US called premarin is- but there is a lot of HRT that is not made with it- in fact most. it is made from bio identical substances which mean the oestrogen is the same- molecular structure- as that we produce ourselves.

creativecatalyst Wed 10-Apr-13 12:16:01

I didn't think HRT had progesteorne - other than the mare's urine one? They are mostly synthetic aren't they?

creativecatalyst Wed 10-Apr-13 12:14:22

they sent me a link with my confirmation email, but you should find it on their website for a free booklet. Think it is

creativecatalyst Wed 10-Apr-13 12:13:09

It isn't banned, in fact a number of GP's do prescribe it, but because it is a natural medicine you need a prescription.

Missbopeep Sun 07-Apr-13 18:22:09

Because you can't prove a negative!

And no supplier is going to ask for a licence for their product on the grounds it doesn't work.

It's sold as HRT/hormones. No one in the UK is allowed to sell anything that is a hormone treatment over the counter.

All the evidence it works is anecdotal, or placebo effect, from my research.

Even prescribed drugs have a 33% placebo effect- it's a very powerful thing, believing something will work. And hormones are so all over the place during peri that is maybe why some women think it works.

Toptotoe Sat 06-Apr-13 22:51:14

I've been using Serenity for a week now to help with peri symptoms. I think it's working but it's early days. What I would ask all the nay sayers out there is - if it's so ineffective and contains so little progesterone then why is it banned in this country?

Bellaciao Wed 03-Apr-13 15:47:17

It really doesn't matter because at best it is a very weak bio-identical progesterone, and is not going to deal with long term effects of oestrogen deficiency - but might make you feel as if you are doing yourself some good. Depending on the make, at worst it could be a compound that can't be converted into bio-identical progesterone in the body so will do nothing. I would look on Google. What are you wanting to use it for?

Grannylipstick Mon 01-Apr-13 20:38:03

I have just bought this cream. No in st ructions have come with it. Where do I put it????

Momos Thu 14-Feb-13 16:06:46

I've been using it for 3 weeks now and it's amazing, I'm 45 and suffered badly from hot flushes during the day and was being woken 4-5 times a night with sweats, I've been having 2 menstrual cycles a year. I noticed results from day 1 when I felt a flush coming but didn't amount to anything and had a sound full nights sleep. I have had no flushes or sweats since. This cream has given me my normal life back, I'm less tired and depressed due to the lack of sleep I was having and no more uncomfortable hot glad I found this cream.

norgeforlife Fri 11-Jan-13 15:23:52

I have been on HRT on and off since my periods stopped 10 years ago. Each time I came off the drug my hot flushes returned with a vengeance. I wrongly assumed that after a certain age this would automatically adjust and I would feel back to normal but not the case for me I'm afraid. Its 2 years since I have taken the HRT (I got it down to one every 4 days and felt well but at nearly 60 felt it was pushing my luck as my Aunty had had breast cancer) and I am still having the sleepless nights etc but have now resigned myself to the fact that it may be a long time before I feel really well again.

Pamel Tue 08-Jan-13 13:09:19

Serenity worked for me. Also Menopace Plus is good.

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