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Eidsvold's sunshine girls...

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eidsvold Fri 26-Jan-07 06:31:23

one of the latest pics taken of my gorgeous girls who seem to be growing up too fast!!!

foxabout2pop Fri 26-Jan-07 18:27:15

Eids your girls are beautiful

Socci Fri 26-Jan-07 18:30:45

Message withdrawn

Frenchsmallfry Sat 27-Jan-07 10:33:43

Beautiful, you must be very proud.

theheadgirl Sat 27-Jan-07 11:29:19

Lovely girls. How old is DD1 eidsvold? My DD3 is 6 and has DS. Take a look at her on my profile

eidsvold Sun 28-Jan-07 08:02:22

dd1 is almost 4 1/2 - turns 5 this August

arfishyhasaheadache Sun 28-Jan-07 09:51:04

Gorgeous Eids, really gorgeous.

theheadgirl Sun 28-Jan-07 10:15:31

they are both lovely gals.

CheesyFeet Sun 28-Jan-07 10:23:46

Aww they are gorgeous

@ pretty summer dresses

TeeCee Sun 28-Jan-07 10:27:39

Lovely, put a really big on my face.

anniebear Mon 29-Jan-07 19:49:48

Oh they are gorgoues and growing up so fast

anniebear Mon 29-Jan-07 19:50:26

Oh they are gorgoues and growing up so fast

anniebear Mon 29-Jan-07 19:50:58


Obviously wanted to make sure everyone saw my spelling mistake

Califrau Mon 29-Jan-07 19:51:05

oooh! pretty girls!

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