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DS4 - One week old........

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LadyTophamHatt Tue 23-Jan-07 21:01:08

<totally besotted sigh>

lockets Tue 23-Jan-07 21:03:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SpaceCadet Tue 23-Jan-07 21:04:22


MarsLady Tue 23-Jan-07 21:04:28

Completely besotted aren't you babe? Such a gorgeous boy!

So......... when's number 5?

<<Mars hits the door running>>

LadyTophamHatt Tue 23-Jan-07 21:11:46

number 5??

errrr...never, unless i can have one without being PG!

LadyTophamHatt Tue 23-Jan-07 21:12:07

that was a joke btw.....

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 23-Jan-07 21:12:31

Mars - when is number 6???

He is gorgeous...can I have a hold? Please please please please

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 23-Jan-07 21:13:06

LTH - am I right in thinking he looks exactly like his Daddy?

LadyTophamHatt Tue 23-Jan-07 21:13:36

nope...he's mine, alllll mine!!

IntergalacticWalrus Tue 23-Jan-07 21:13:49

*LTH, he's a corker!

want one want one want one.

No I don;t.




VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 23-Jan-07 21:14:59

LadyTophamHatt Tue 23-Jan-07 21:15:20

I thik he does QV, yes.....

LadyTophamHatt Tue 23-Jan-07 21:16:03

ok, just a little hold......but give him straight back

Aw, glad to have seen him! He is adorable, congratulations you!

Enid Tue 23-Jan-07 21:17:21

oh he is lovely

he looks very thoughtful and clever

slightly stubborn too

and obviously completely in love with his mummy

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 23-Jan-07 21:18:25

awwww thanks

Debbsyandson Tue 23-Jan-07 21:20:41

awww gorgeous

lockets Tue 23-Jan-07 21:22:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Beauregard Tue 23-Jan-07 21:23:09

LTH-you are making me very jealous with this and your newborn thread
Enjoy it

PrincessPeaHead Tue 23-Jan-07 21:24:12

oooh HOORAY! Caught it!
Isn't he SWEET with his little pointy chin ahhhhh

All mine had little pointy chins, sob

Socci Tue 23-Jan-07 21:26:07

Message withdrawn

preggerspoppet Tue 23-Jan-07 21:34:17

absolutly scrumptious, very well done!

purpleturtle Tue 23-Jan-07 21:37:08

You really are besotted, lth, aren't you? Every time I come on MN there's another thread about your gorgeous ds4.

Know exactly how you feel about only having another if you don't have to be pregnant. Except I'm giving up at 3!


Miaou Tue 23-Jan-07 21:41:42

Aw, bless....

I've ordered mine ... heart did a fluttery thing there when I saw his gorgeous wee nose. I love noses. Can I smell him?

Flossam Tue 23-Jan-07 21:45:54

Aww he is lovely. I missed last weeks so glad to see him now. You are totally right to be such a proud mummy.

hatwoman Tue 23-Jan-07 21:47:24

oooo you lucky thing. he's wonderful. enjoy him. drink him in. savour every touch.

sockmonkey Wed 24-Jan-07 10:23:56

LTH... he is just lovely.
You must be so proud!

MrsJohnCusack Wed 24-Jan-07 10:52:56

oh look
so serious - lovely

schneebly Wed 24-Jan-07 10:55:50

he is byoooootiful! I want another!

dejags Wed 24-Jan-07 10:56:49

He's so lovely LTH. You lucky, lucky lady!


FluffyMummy123 Wed 24-Jan-07 10:59:50

Message withdrawn

Tommy Wed 24-Jan-07 10:59:51

awww he is gorgeous

FluffyMummy123 Wed 24-Jan-07 11:00:02

Message withdrawn

JackieNo Wed 24-Jan-07 11:03:11

Getting broody, icod?

Mumpbump Wed 24-Jan-07 13:19:13

Very cute - well defined features for such a young baby!

ItsMeMellowma Wed 24-Jan-07 13:20:40

gorgeous gorgeous

I am SO broody atm!! I want one!!

Pinkchampagne Wed 24-Jan-07 13:23:18

He's a cutie! I think he looks a lot like the picture you posted of your DS3 as a baby.

lulumama Wed 24-Jan-07 13:24:21

yummy scrummy............gorgeous...x

FluffyMummy123 Wed 24-Jan-07 13:24:54

Message withdrawn

Tutter Wed 24-Jan-07 13:28:11

well done on producing such a giood lookig one lth

ItsMeMellowma Wed 24-Jan-07 13:58:56

I would love one that only got up in the night for the first 6/8 weeks...

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