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A happy new monkey ;o)

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hunkermunker Mon 01-Jan-07 00:31:28

Especially for HunkersSanta.

No monkeys were harmed in the making of this photo.

But a panda was very interested...

QuootiepieTheHogmanayAss Mon 01-Jan-07 00:32:12


HunkersSanta Mon 01-Jan-07 00:32:33

Say hi to him for me....

tortoise Mon 01-Jan-07 00:32:48


Beauregard Mon 01-Jan-07 00:33:22

you are on form tonight

QuootiepieTheHogmanayAss Mon 01-Jan-07 00:33:36

why is he grinning???

sandcastles Mon 01-Jan-07 00:34:49


Beauregard Mon 01-Jan-07 00:34:50

ask the panda

hunkermunker Mon 01-Jan-07 00:35:19

I will give him a big cuddle, HS - he's very sweet.

I'll post a pic of DS1 opening his other pressie from you in a mo too He LOVES it (and the monkey!).

Wallace Mon 01-Jan-07 00:36:07

LOL, who needs to go out and get pissed when you can be on MN with wanking monkeys?

HunkersSanta Mon 01-Jan-07 00:37:58

He never got up to anything like that when he lived with us.....

QuootiepieTheHogmanayAss Mon 01-Jan-07 00:38:08

Is that why he is grinning???

QuootiepieTheHogmanayAss Mon 01-Jan-07 00:38:22

hunkermunker Mon 01-Jan-07 00:38:49

I'm a very bad influence...

QuootiepieTheHogmanayAss Mon 01-Jan-07 00:40:12

cum (har har) to think of it, his eyes do look a little glazed...

hunkermunker Mon 01-Jan-07 00:40:48

Aw, I feel I've sullied DS1's new mon*ey now

spankingthemonkey Mon 01-Jan-07 00:41:04

Did somebody call?

Pann Mon 01-Jan-07 00:41:17

no, hunks. That monkey was harmed! It's called 'self-abuse' in some circles!!

hunkermunker Mon 01-Jan-07 00:41:24

For HunkersSanta

CaptainFlameSparrow Mon 01-Jan-07 00:41:36

Beauregard Mon 01-Jan-07 00:41:48

yes he is tainted goods now
dirty bastard

wankermunker Mon 01-Jan-07 01:00:20

pandas are an endangered species, they aren't allowed to sow their seed on fallow ground, zookeepers come and give them one off the wrist and then send the jars all over the globe. that monkey is taunting him. 'lookit me i'm enjoying a hand-shandy etc etc'. bastard.

QuootiepieTheHogmanayAss Mon 01-Jan-07 01:00:58


QuootiepieTheHogmanayAss Mon 01-Jan-07 01:01:45

god bless tena lady

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