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Durham / North East Meet Ups - 2012

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juneybean Mon 19-Dec-11 20:47:17

Hello hello! Here I am with good intentions to behave and show up to some meet ups since I utterly failed in 2011! grin

So we need ideas for daytime meets and of course we must not forget our night time meets wink

[b]Daytime Ideas[/b]
Saltwell Park, Gateshead
The Giants Den, Team Valley
Botanic Gardens
Beach (in the summer of course, unless we want airborne children!)

Okay so ideas for January daytime, I think cake is definitely in order so I propose the one that's next to Ebony, the huge place, down some steps, uhh... Slug & Lettuce is it? CAKE!

January night time? Is this something we want to plan? I know we're always poor after Christmas!

juneybean Mon 19-Dec-11 20:47:50

Fail with my bolding, too busy thinking I'm on a bbcode message board confused

Indith Mon 19-Dec-11 21:04:46

Well done Juney.

Definitely cake in Jan. Slug is good, plenty of space of children to race around and puddings on BOGOF grin

KaraStarbuckThrace Wed 21-Dec-11 07:13:58

Yep, I second Slug in Jan. I can do Mondays and Fridays.

mmmmm pudding.......

I don't work tues but can swap with DH if there is mon cake. currently have an arm in a sling so need that to heal so I can drive again. (warning to others- newcastle station has very slippy platforms.)

Indith Thu 22-Dec-11 08:04:34

Apparently all food is half price on Mondays.

I'm fine with Mondays and Fridays when not on bf duty. Will need at least a week notice so dd can stay in nursery for her dinner so I don't have to pick her up until 12.30 rather than trying to get back for 11.30.

juneybean Thu 22-Dec-11 11:29:29

Monday's are better for me if I have my children as M goes to preschool Tues - Fri. Or Wednesday's as I only have L as M does full day.

9th & 16th I'm childless and no idea about 23rd and 30th yet grin

How does the 16th fit for people? I'm having to swap my days that week to go to a meeting on the 17th so I might as well make the most of it! Can do the week before or the week after if that is no good.

Are we planning something night time before Indith has her freedom curtailed is blessed with a new bundle?

Happy new year to you all grin

KaraStarbuckThrace Sun 01-Jan-12 08:55:09

Spiggy, yes 16th is fine for me.

Happy New Year everyone!

juneybean Mon 02-Jan-12 00:37:49

Happy New Year!

16th is good for me! smile

Happy New Year everyone! Hope that 2012 is a wonderful year for you all (looking at you there Indith particularly, how are you feeling?)

Not sure yet whether 16th is possible for me or not, but if it is I will be there! I will keep watching.

What time on the 16th...? Am teaching in Stockton in the afternoon...

morning time (10:30ish?) through to lunch? I have to be back to pick DS1 up from school so would prob have to leave by 1:30ish. I know if Indith is coming she will have to leave a bit earlier to get D from nursery.

Indith- are you coming or is it bf? How are things going with the sleep or rather lack of it

My friend is coming along too. She is a mnetter but hasn't popped into this thread yet. <waves just in case she is lurking>

Woo! Just spoken to consultants secretary and she put DD on the next available theatre day- 3rd Feb. Less than a month of snorin, snot and coughing left!

Indith Thu 05-Jan-12 18:21:14

Forgot to check this again! Just had foxy on FB asking when cake is next and it reminded me smile

Not sure about 16th, need to see what is happening with bf rota and how dd settles in at nursery. To do a morning I'd need to put her in for her lunch (otherwise pick up is 11.30 so would be very quick cake!) so want her to settle first. I could always keep her out but then she'd steal my cake.

Glad you have a slot for H spiggy! Got letter putting us on waiting list for sleep tests today. Fingers crossed it isn't too long! But then of course they might not show anything and she could just be a randomly bad sleeper.

KaraStarbuckThrace Thu 05-Jan-12 20:38:48

Yey, spiggy that is good news smile

Indith, if you are coming I will bring some of your clothes back if that is okay? I am sure I have some plain vests as well that you are welcome to, and there maybe some other bits suitable for lo? I'll also bring back those snow suits as well, have got a 6-9 month one and a 6-12 month one which will last me til Spring.

Indith Fri 06-Jan-12 09:41:24

Realised it is Monday not a Friday so def no clash with bf! Still depends on how nursery goes though. She has been rather stroppy about it grin.

H can be stroppy about nursery as well. Then she has the screaming abdabs when I go to pick her up at home time. confused The other day she had to be carried down the road by a member of staff as she was lying on the floor screaming "I want to stay at nursery ALL night" and I couldn't pick her up as I had T. Now I look like the bad parent in the morning as if she starts up I just throw her at one of the nursery nurses and run away grin.

Middle-sized and small cake stealer will be coming with me. DS2 is now properly crawling so I might spend a rather large proportion of my time chasing after him.

DD1 used to be just like that with nursery - just refusing to leave. At its height when I was very pregnant with DD2. smile Happy memories total nightmare. You wouldn't believe it to see her now - she certainly rushes out of school very happily smile And DD2 never did it at all confused. Children are weird, that's my well thunk out opinion.

KaraStarbuckThrace Fri 06-Jan-12 14:59:29

Sticky, I agree. I have had tantrums from DS refusing to leave nursery!
We have had some tantrums this week in the morning but once he has got to nursery he is fine.

Spiggy, I shall try and train DS to herd T. I am intending him to herd C once she is crawling. Thankfully no sign yet. She stays put where I put her.

Am ridiculously excited about showing you all my new connecta smile

Kara I'll be expecting you to be whistling and shouting "come by, come by"... could start a whole new sport - one woman and her preschooler...

Indith Fri 06-Jan-12 16:58:05

I'm sure she will settle down soon. Am just taking it steadily as the pre-school is erm...well....convenient but perhaps not my first choice of places to send a child. (it is the place that said ds would have to wear nappies and sit in his own filth. They are a bit questionable about a lot of things. Not security or anything mind, the kids are happy enough but while I'm ok sending dd as she can stand up for herself I didn't want to send ds because of the toileting and other reasons. Friend is similar, her ds is there but her dd is much quieter and she is looking into other places for her). If I'd sent her where I sent ds I'd not be remotely concerned but it wasn't as practical with having school drop off too.

Poor ds soiled for the first time in a month or so yesterday and at school too! First time ever soiling at school. Felt very sorry for school as they had Ofsted in so really didn't need anything else to worry about!

indith that's shocking! I mean the "sit in his own filth" comment. Blimey.

And don't worry about school and DS - my Dad taught in primary for 30 years and my mum was a school secretary. These things most definitely happen, only newbies would bat an eyelid. Hope your DS was OK, not upset.

Indith Fri 06-Jan-12 17:14:05

Yes, that would be why we didn't send him to that pre-school and appealed to get him into his current school when he was allocated a place at the school! They said if he soiled then they couldn't deal with it and would have to ring me to do it. So he would have to sit in his own poo until I got there. I knew it was completely wrong and ilegal for them to do that but I figured if that was the attitude of the staff then even if I got them to agree in principal to change him I wouldn't be able to trust them.

absolutely, it's shocking anyone would think it was OK to say that about a child. Very glad to hear you got a different place. What horrible people!

juneybean Fri 06-Jan-12 18:34:47

Me and nurseries just don't get on, I've worked/been a student in about 7 and only 1 of those I'd send my child to.

that's worrying sad
How is everyone?

Poor W. I can't believe the attitude of the other school, so glad he got in to the one he's at. Don't think you have to worry about DD not standing up for herself though grin. Give her a couple of weeks and she'll be trying to run the place...

I'm having wine SPB so feeling good at the moment! How did the work situation go? Did you find a new job?

KaraStarbuckThrace Sat 07-Jan-12 19:39:23

Indith, poor W, hope he is okay and the accident doesn't knock his confidence. I hope the school dealt with it in a sympathetic way (I should think so with OFSTED around!). I am really shocked at the preschool's attitude, that is a pretty disgusting attitude and potentially very distressing for any child affectedsad
Juney shock I guess I must have been lucky, the nurseries down here that I have sent DS to have been excellent, though one I looked at and rejected I was not keen on at all.

SPB - how's it going, my lovely?

Leggy Monday's I am normally home from about 1.15pm, but I can come home a little earlier if you want to stop by for a coffee or something? 16th I'll be coming to Durham so will see you then if you are coming!

Indith Sat 07-Jan-12 21:02:11

School were fine, they have been brilliant with him.

Juney what was it about the places you worked that made you feel that way?

I think we were very lucky with ds when he was a baby. Cranmer Hall in Durham is just the most wonderful little nursery you could ever hope for. Busy Bears where ds went for his 15 hours is very good but you did have to prod them about some things.

I am shattered as usual. I would quite like to give birth soon. Need iron levels to come up first and need to sort the loft, I know there are some baby clothes in there somewhere! Oh and order the hose and liner........but my weekends keep being busy!

SPB how are you settling back into work and the travel? No coffee and cake this month shock so we must aim to get together. D was very put out at missing out on playing last time.

juneybean Sat 07-Jan-12 23:00:10

First one as a student was the staff bitching about the parents constantly, about what the children wore, manager seemed a bit inept.

Second one as a student was the one I'd send my child to but it was Council run.

Third one was all right actually, I forgot about it before.

Fourth one as a supply, and the staff constantly bickered with each other, ratios were never adhered to, level 2's were left in charge of rooms, I was often left to my own devices as a supply, sometimes the manager would ask me for help on things. I despaired.

Fifth one was the one last year which was full of horrible staff who would swear in front of the children and generally didn't give a shit as long as their wages were paid on time.

Sixth one was the one I lasted one day and walked out when a child was pulled across the carpet by his trousers.

Seventh one I was aghast when I had taken a group of children to the toilet and there were no hand towels so I put my head out to ask for some (on my first day) and was told to just "get them to shake their hands"

juneybean Sat 07-Jan-12 23:01:05

P.S. I think part of the problem is I see it from the other side and I probably pick up on things that may not even bother you (the bitching for example)

Indith Sun 08-Jan-12 09:18:11


juney that's scary. It is so hard to tell from a visit what's going to be the day to day care. My Mum and Dad have it now - very unhappy with the standard of care my Granny's home are giving so are looking to move. It's not easy having to rely on other people, especially when there's profit involved.

juneybean Sun 08-Jan-12 12:27:26

I hate thinking about retirement homes as well, I'm a total sucker for old people and I hate to think of how they might be treated. As much as I love old people I couldn't work with them, it'd be too heartbreaking.

But your right, nurseries blither on about how difficult it is to turn a profit, but they'd not still be doing it if there wasn't money to be made...

KaraStarbuckThrace Sun 08-Jan-12 13:48:05

Juney, that is awful. I would be really hurt if I thought the staff were bitching about me and DS's clothes. I send him in fairly scruffy but clean stuff - basically clothes that I don't mind getting wrecked! But I know some parents send their kids in much nicer stuff (more fool them). And I have the same thoughts about nursing homes as well.

juneybean Sun 08-Jan-12 13:51:40

you're not your * in my post hehe

But exactly, I hate the bitching about parents, at the end of the day they're paying our wages. I mean I could use extra money at the minute but I just get panicky when I think about having to work in a nursery, I'd rather go without the money :/

I've been really lucky with nursery, although there are some staff that I prefer there are none that I really don't like. And the key workers each child has had are brilliant. DS2 has his current one twisted round his little finger. He jumps into her arms in the morning and spends most of the day getting carried round he doesn't get away with that at home. Most of the staff have been there since DS1 started and we have a bloke as well which I'm really happy about as it adds a different dimension. I'm sure they have a few words to say about some of my requests- no shoes inside, fed on expressed milk, blw etc etc but they do what I ask which is what I'm bothered about grin

Only negative was when we got a letter saying costs were going up because they wanted to reward the staff but the staff didn't actually get a payrise I may have encouraged them to take action on that point

gulp So erm Juney ... know anyone who's worked at the Durham Uni nursery? We've had an akward week is all, so am a bit paranoid (totally different stories from two carers on how T adjusted on her first day back. General opinion so far is to trust the keyworker's version. We haven't asked for them to clarify the confusion because within two half-days back in nursery she had sores on her bottom so we've been dealing with the nappies as a priority).

In fact I nearly did an AIBU - 5 hours between changes? Surely that can't be right?! Or are disposibles often left that long?

juneybean Tue 10-Jan-12 12:58:49

No but I did got for an interview there for supply and they rejected me!!! I don't know if it's because I was overqualified or whether I'm just crap in interviews -sadface-

Usually nurseries have changes at 10am and 2pm (and obviously ad hoc if there's a stinky nappy!)

But as a keyperson, if my charge had a sore bottom I'd be mindful of checking more often than that confused

no leggy that's definitely not right. Poor little bottom, I used to hate it when they got sore. But that was when they had a stomach upset or something, not because they'd had a half day at nursery hmm

We didn't use the uni nursery - when we first looked at it they did short days, not sure if that's changed now. Both mine went to YW - which I have to say was really good (from what I could tell!) for my two. However, there has been a bit of a changeover of staff, and they missed a child a school pick up last term which I was a bit shock about, glad I'm not relying on them now.

btw hi leggy I don't think we've met in person!

Indith Tue 10-Jan-12 13:16:09

sad Leggy sorry T has had a bad week. Anything else that could be causing her sore bum? I assume you've not had that issue at nursery before and they won't have changed their changing habits will they?

I know a lot of people who have used/use the uni one and all very happy with it.

That seems a really long time for a nursery to leave a nappy. Mine seems to change them every couple of hours costs a fortune, definitely more often than I would blush. Can you tell them you want her changed a set number of times? I swear by Metanium for sore bums. Don't let it get on cream carpets (thanks for that DS1) but it has done the trick when my lot have had some really sore bums.

suggestions- Is it a new type of nappy, one that she's not used to? DD always got sore when she needed to go up to the next size. She'd be weeing too much for the size she was in so it wasn't getting absorbed as quickly as it should have done so sitting next to her skin for longer. Course it is probably just sods law that it has happened now, to make you worry about nursery.

We have had this problem before, usually when she's teething but in the baby room they were very proactive, increased her rate of change (which was always more often in there anyway) and were very on the ball. Since she moved to the toddler room she's had a sore bottom much more often and although she's been teething a lot in that time, it was worse at nursery than at home. Plus last time, when we asked for more frequent changes it took a couple of days to filter through and they reverted back again as soon as she'd healed.

Anyway I had a word with the manageress on Friday morning and she's been changed nearly hourly since!

We've been burning through metanium, but now my new plan is to have her barrier-creamed with a paper liner at every change so even if they miss a poo for a short while or her nappies get overfull she'll at least have some skin protection. Anyway, this is probably a discussion for the Nappies forum!

Hello Sticky! The uni nursery opens 8-6 these days which is fine for us, although we'll have some awkward moments when I have to do a few 3-6 practical classes later this term. You'd think they'd build in time for the lecturers to get there... (not that I'd want her in nursery til 6, poor mite would starve!)

Indith Tue 10-Jan-12 16:37:11

Hopefully the message has stuck now.

Dd always got a sore bum when teething, even at home. She would get so sore she would bleed poor girl. I used to use a cloth wipe with aqueous cream (the bog standard excema stuff) to wipe rather than water so as to not dry the skin out then metanium. The aqueous cream did help. She actually has a little scar on her bits as it got so bad once it blistered and got infected, she needed a combination of fungal fighting cream and steroid cream to heal it!

In other news....

I HAVE AN INTERVIEW FOR MIDWIFERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am more than a little scared. Not to mention hoping they can offer me an earlier interview date as they've asked me for March 2nd and I cannot exactly commit to that one!

ooh indith! What a corking reason to bring your midwifery interview date forward, how can they say no? grin. Will be crossing everything for you.

leggy sounds like they're better hours these days. Really we all ought to work 9-5 to accommodate child care hours. Then of course the hours should shrink to 9.30 - 3 so as to accommodate school hours. I'm not working atm, tho each time I look at going back I get scared about sorting out the childcare.

Tho right now I seemed to have solved that problem. It's called the Xbox, and I have two 7 year olds and two 4 year olds completely enthralled by it. They are eating fruit at the same time, so I think I get one positive and one negative parenting mark...

Indith Tue 10-Jan-12 17:35:52

Oh fuckity fuck the original e-mail said to contact them if you couldn't make it and request an alternative date. I did that and the reply I got was spectacularly unhelpful. It says they may have a later date but nothing sceduled yet. What the hell am I supposed to make of that? Going to have to ring in the morning but I'm really scared! [pathetic]. I mean I have no control over my availability for the interview date but that isn't their fault is it, I'd go for an interview tomorrow if they'd let me butt hey will have half a million other people to interview and fill the places so I suppose they are not that bothered about being flexible. Argh!

Ooo fingers crossed. At least they should be used to dealing with pregnant women who are bags of nerves... ;-)

What's your EDD?

In other news, my SIL who came out to dinner in December arrived in Durham last night (kids in tow, furniture and husband to follow tomorrow!) and is interested in cake on Monday, so I shall redouble my efforts to clear some time and come along.

Indith Wed 11-Jan-12 10:01:24

EDD 21st Feb so interview date is 10 days over. Have done 14 days over before which would be handy and 3 days over which is also doable. At teh moment I quite fancy 37/38 weeks!

Been on the phone ot them this morning, attempting to sound all proper and reasonable but just gabbling (head all over the place). There is a session on Feb 9th which would be just perfect but it is full. If anyone drops out of it they will let me know (please, please please let someone drop out!) otherwise I can play it by ear so long as I keep them updated (taking someone to hold baby during tasks so I can feed in between isn't a problem). Although no date yet for later session it is very likely there will be one later in March so if the worst comes to the worst and I go and give birth the night before the interview or something then as long as I add them to my list of people to phone I shouldn't miss out. Really don't want to have to reapply next year just because I can't make the interview. Don't want to have to reapply at all I want to nail the interview and this time next year be getting ready to start uni in March!

Think am going to come on Mon, I'll just keep dd off nursery and tell them I have an appointment in Durham that means I won't be able to pick her up so she's having the day off. Screw them if they complain, she isn't settled well enough to leave her for dinner yet.

OOOH- well done Indith! Are the interviews in Newcastle? Am more than happy to be baby holder in chief if they are! Education is covered by Equalities legislation so they would have to make sure their admissions process does not discriminate. Which might cover not being flexible on interview dates for a woman about to give birth. Equalities and Human Rights Comission might be worth a ring if you do have problems.

You could form part of the interview process if you go into labour on the day- anyone who faints or runs away gets disqualified grin


Indith Wed 11-Jan-12 16:35:09

I just got another e-mail inviting me to the 9th Feb session! Woohoo! (And bloody hell that isn't far away and it has been way too long since I have done anything like this!)

that's good news Indith. Time to start talking to yourself in the mirror! (If you don't do that already wink)

KaraStarbuckThrace Wed 11-Jan-12 17:53:25

Indith, great news about the interview! I was reading the posts and wondering who to kill to get you your Feb 9th date smile
BTW - you didn't tell me whether you want me to bring your baby clothes back? Let me know if you want me to bring them on Monday. If you want me to drop them off at your house we can do.
Are any of you going to the LLL meeting in Washington on Saturday BTW? If so I will see you there.
Leggy - yey for your DB and DSIL, hope they are settling in their new home okay. Hope your DSIL can meet us for cake smile
SLF - I let DS loves playing Sonic and Super Mario Bros on Nintendo DS <<hangs head in shame>>
Spiggy - I'll get DS T-herding before you know it ;)

Hi everyone. Well done Indith, was wondering how that was going. Good luck for it.
Kara what time is the meeting? Tempted if you're going but going to mum and dad's around lunchtime. It's a long way for yoou to go! Is it still really busy and would dd be the oldest?

I'm very good at helping people prep for civil service interviews but don't think I'll be much cop at a midwifery one! Is it a 1-2-1 interview or do you have to do anything else? I'll be around in Newcastle on the 9th so if you need cake to help you recover I can come and meet you any excuse for cake really

Kara- DS will have to be quick- T has a fair turn of speed now. grin Although he does stop every now and again to try and stand up. What time is the LLL meeting? I might come along if you are going.

Indith Thu 12-Jan-12 12:32:56

It is a full day thing. Q&A with current students first, then lunch then watching a video of a user experience and doing a written task on that followed by group work and finally an individual interview. I may need cake afterwards grin.

I told nursery dd won't be in on Monday so I shall see you lot for cake smile Kara if you want to offload clothes then I'll have the car so no problem smile.

Yay for cake! H will be happy to see D smile Looks like there will be a few of us this time- do you think we should warn them to stock up their cake supplies? grin

KaraStarbuckThrace Fri 13-Jan-12 20:03:33

Meeting is at 10am, Rainbow Centre Washington.
I am going to lunch at M's straight after as I am giving her a lift.

Indith, wow sounds intense! I will put the date in my diary so I can send you a good luck message!

juneybean Fri 13-Jan-12 22:23:46

Did we say 10.30am for Monday? Just arranging a swim around it grin

sorry Kara- only just woke up [lazy cow emoticon] Let me know for next time though.

juney- I'll be there about 10:30. Don't think I've seen you since I had T shock

juneybean Sat 14-Jan-12 11:41:40

shock yay I get to play with new (but now bigger) babies!

KaraStarbuckThrace Sun 15-Jan-12 11:44:20

Cool Juney, you can play with the babies while rest of us eat cake ;)

Indith Sun 15-Jan-12 11:58:10

Will you be limited to babies Juney or will you play with dd too? She steals entirely too many of my chips <sulks> Maybe I should just stick her with T and tell her to practice grin.

I can get H to give her a tutorial in baby brothers and that will keep HER busy as well. grin

Indith Sun 15-Jan-12 12:04:49


juneybean Sun 15-Jan-12 12:13:36

Ooo I'm sure I could spare a cuddle for D as well!

L's nearly 2, I'm running out of baby-ness to cuddle sad

Indith Sun 15-Jan-12 15:55:24

That is the flaw in nannying, you only get called back once they are past the proper baby stage.

juneybean Sun 15-Jan-12 19:28:27

So I've sat with the slug and lettuce menu open on my computer, I think I want cheesecake. You just know they'll have none in stock...

KaraStarbuckThrace Sun 15-Jan-12 21:01:09

Fingers crossed for you Juney!

Indith, forgot to sort those clothes out. I will bring your snowsuits though, and we can sort out a time when i could drop off the clothes at your house if that is okay, that way at least you are not having to carry them!

juneybean Mon 16-Jan-12 13:19:24

Lovely seeing you all again and especially nice meeting our newbie! Spiggy get her on this thread!

Is Indith wanting a night out before or after baby 3?

Shall we arrange another day time meet for beginning of Feb? Up til now I can do any Mondays (that seems like the best day?)

Indith Mon 16-Jan-12 13:50:18

I'm having a night out with the husband in Feb! Save the MN one for when I can partake of cocktails grin.

Good to see you all. Dd fell asleep within 30 seconds of the car starting, currently snuggled watching Mr Tumble smile.

DD cried all the way home and then wee'ed all over my new rug (2 mins after I told her to go for a wee and she said she didn't need one) <sigh> How long til bedtime?

I'm off Mon and Tues next week if anyone wants to do anything.

KaraStarbuckThrace Mon 16-Jan-12 21:29:57

Oh dear Spiggy!

DS had a great time playing with your DD and Indith's!!

I managed to lose my phone in the slug, ended up going back for it, luckily staff found it and handed it over to me. And then DS announced he needed a wee so just as well we went back hmm Ended up eating lunch there.

Sorry not to make it yesterday. I was morosely slogging through 5 days of missed emails at work after T was sick last week. She would be ill the week that her father was invigilating exams and so couldn't share the childcare with me...

SIL had to spend Monday morning with her eldest settling into nursery in the end, it was touch and go until Monday itself whether she'd make it for cake or not.

If there's another cake meet soon I'll nudge her again. I'm sure the Botanic Gardens look lovely in the frost you know... ;-)

VikingLady Wed 18-Jan-12 15:00:29

Nice to meet you all on Monday, and your DCs are all lovely!

<waves to Viking>

mine aren't lovely. they have given me the lurgy. <necks paracetamol and feels sorry for self>

Indith Wed 18-Jan-12 16:33:13

You think our dcs are lovely?

You poor deluded woman grin.

Lovely to meet you too. You'll have to come along to a night out some time (small babies are very welcome). They involve cocktails and food. Often curry. Balti special garlic garlic chicken garlic with extra garlic anyone?

I could murder a good curry. May have to con dh into having take away some point soon.

no curry before Feb 9th Indith! not after the trouble you had getting the interview date changed...

Indith Wed 18-Jan-12 18:07:09

Not even a nice mild almondy or coconuty one? <sulks>

VikingLady Thu 19-Jan-12 11:16:51

So my lurgy is from your kids, spiffy? I may have to change my mind. Am sitting at home, trying to cram 10 hours of work into an 8 hour working day, with the coughing and sneezing triggering MASSIVE braxton hicks...

Am eating madras for first lunch to try and kill it.

not us if it is coughing and sneezing- temperatures and very swollen glands here but not actual coughs or cold. Sobbing with pain while trying to swallow as throat swollen up but no runny nose. Thank God it is Thursday and they are feeling better as they are all out of the house so I can mn from bed while feeling sorry for myself rest and recuperate.

Indith- go on then have a curry- I never bought into the curry brings on labour thing. Probably because I have craved curry every time. I would happily have had it for breakfast, lunch and tea but DH complained about it getting a bit boring. So we just had it for lunch and tea grin

I am going to have a fight with the hospital. There is a new rule that you have to be 15kg to have surgery. DD is 14.6kg (I have no idea what that actually means in real money). They are going to have to see if the surgeon will agree to do the operation. Can I scream? Please? They did M when he weighed next to nothing but now the rules have changed. The pre-op clinic said we might get through as she does have apnoea but I could do without being on tenterhooks til they confirm. aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh

Indith Thu 19-Jan-12 13:33:48

Oh no Spiggy!

Surely that is just bollocks though, if the surgery is necessary why does weight matter? I get that surgery becomes safer the heavier/older they get but still....(if she fails can' I sneak dd in her place? She will have no problem with the weight thing, weighs almost as much as her brother).

KaraStarbuckThrace Thu 19-Jan-12 17:36:23

Spiggy - is that because of the GA? DS had eye surgery under GA and he still isn't over 15kg. Clearly I need to make him eat more cake!

Kara- It might be because of the GA but it might also be because of the risk of bleeding with a tonsil op? Dunno. If they'd had that rule for DS1 then I'd probably still be waiting- he didn't eat because his throat was so sore so it would have taken forever to put on the weight. They operated on him twice when he was under 15kg as they did tonsils and adenoids separately.

Indith- I wouldn't have thought H would have had a problem with the weight as she is, erm, sturdy grin Do you still think tonsils might be the reason for D's sleep then? I should have shown you H's on Monday as I know they cause problems. I know a friend from work who lives Durham way had trouble getting her DS's out and he was 16! When they finally referred her he was sent to Sunderland and they said that it was one of the most severe cases they had seen shock

I might have a second option if they point blank refuse to operate til she hits 15kg. We don't have private insurance but we are in a mutual healthcare scheme. It is totally discretionary and you have to have gone through the NHS first to be diagnosed but if you have problems (like a very long wait) then can pay for you to be seen privately. They might be a bit more flexible with the weight issue. Failing that I'm going to cry at someone until they give in.

Indith Fri 20-Jan-12 11:00:07

I just don't know. I know dd's are big and when she is at all under the weather (slightest sniffle) she gets the glands in her neck up and you can hardly see down her throat due to huge, blobby, red masses. when she is like that she gags on her food unless it is something like pasta that just slips down. It last for weeks. She is well at the moment and sleeping fairly well but she still snores. On the other hand, the consultant couldn't see any signs of adenoidal problems and I assume he knows better than me!

But then maybe she just has vivid dreams etc. More and more now she is older when she thrashes she cries out "no! no! stop it!" or something rather than just screaming.

I suppose we'll just have to do the sleep study. That will show for sure if there any fluctuations in oxygen levels.

Hope H can still have hers done, fingers crossed for youi.

How did he assess adenoid problems? The only way my lot have been checked for that is by asking if they have runny noses (permanently) or snore. Oh, the new one asked H to shut her mouth and held a mirror under her nose to see if she could breathe through her nose. They had their ears tested to see if they were blocked as well. With M we were told that they would only know if they were problematic once he was in surgery and they had a good poke about up there. They thought his tonsils were ok until they saw him unconscious under the GA and realised they blocked his throat. They didn't poke anything up the nose to see what they were like before the op. It does sound like the poor thing has evil tonsils (I am currently on a Calpol and Angel delight based diet as my glands are so swollen I can't swallow so I am def sympathetic!).

Was he ENT or general paeds? If you not happy then you can ask for another opinion. Hopefully the sleep study will help narrow things down as well- hope it happens when she's bad so they get an accurate picture. M had very vivid dreams <remembers trying to explain repeatedly that there was not a witch in the corner of his bedroom>. We thought it was because his sleep was disturbed not that they were disturbing his sleep IYSWIM. I know when I have a bad night with T I have some really bizarre dreams.

Speaking of T- I am going to have to put the side up higher on his cot. It is set up as a side car cot next to my bed with the side raised about 4 inches. I found last night that he had climbed over the bar and made himself comfy in my bed shock Luckily the room is so chock full of furniture while we do the kids bedrooms that there was nowhere for him to have fallen off the bed but it did still make my heart jump in my mouth when I saw him.

(PS I know I bang on about tonsils a lot so do ignore me if you get fed up of it. It just made such a difference to M when they did it and that was after them telling me that there was absolutely no problem with them, bit big but no infection, not connected with sleep, blah, blah, blah. Up until the surgeon called me down to theatre after his adenoids were taken out and said "I'll tell you now- that child has never slept. his tonsil block his throat when he lays down")

Indith Mon 23-Jan-12 15:35:04

General paeds. Just looked in her mouth.

I shall wait and see what the sleep test results in, I'm guessing it will flag up if there is a problem since it will show oxygen levels and not rely on someone spotting something.

At the moment she has a slightly snotty nose and can hardly breath because she can't breathe through her nose and one tonsil is actually taking up about 3/4 of her throat with the other one taking up most of the rest (seriously, you get her to say "ah" and you can see it overlapping the dangly bit). This is of course perfectly normal tonsil behaviour, they are afterall only "moderately" enlarged hmm.

KaraStarbuckThrace Mon 23-Jan-12 19:50:42

Poor D sad Let's hope the tests come back with something concrete that can lead to appropriate treatment.
Indith sorry haven't got back to you about coming over with the clothes.
BTW would you make use of 1 tog 0-6mth grobags? I have 3 of them if you would like to borrow them? I wouldn't have thought they would be warm enough for this time of year but thought I would offer anyway.
I am just trying to sort out some appts this week (I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon, a telephone interview for a virtual call centre working from home job).

Good luck Kara- will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Indith- I hope the sleep appointment comes through quickly for D

Good news here- 5 nights in a row with T sleeping from 6:30 to 12:30/1ish. It was nearly 2 last night before he stirred and that was mainly because DD woke up. He then feeds every 90mins until 6. I then handover to DH and get 6-8 "off duty" I'm having more sleep than I have had for months still feel knackered though

juneybean Tue 24-Jan-12 14:12:08

Dear universe,

Please send one year where something doesn't go wrong.

Kindest regards,


I lost my nanna last week sad I'm alright just a bit of a shock really, and wish I could just have a nice year where my life goes swimmingly for once smile

Indith Tue 24-Jan-12 16:44:26

sad Juney, very sorry to hear that.

Spiggy hope the sleep continues.

KaraStarbuckThrace Tue 24-Jan-12 16:50:35

sad Juney, I am so sorry about your Nanna sad Was it very sudden? Though it doesn't make any difference, does it sad

juneybean Tue 24-Jan-12 16:52:49

It was a bit sudden, she'd had a fire in her house a few weeks ago and had to be hospitalised for smoke inhalation but they let her out and said she was fine and she was found Monday morning last week by the warden (she lived in a bungalow part of a elderly community thing?)

The post mortem was only today so hopefully I'll find out more sad

Indith Tue 24-Jan-12 17:21:31

Oh Juney, sending you lots of hugs.

juneybean Tue 24-Jan-12 17:25:45

Thank you! -squishes-

Must have cake after the funeral methinks -nods-

KaraStarbuckThrace Tue 24-Jan-12 17:58:21

Absolutely. You can talk to us about your Nanna then, if you feel like doing so!

Oh Juney, I am sorry to hear about your Nanna. <squeeze>

juneybean Wed 25-Jan-12 14:51:28

Thanks Spiggy -huggles-

Still not sure what's going on yet :S

Hope you're all well though.

juneybean Sun 29-Jan-12 21:51:42

Any one fancy coffee and cake on the 13th? smile

KaraStarbuckThrace Mon 30-Jan-12 17:39:23

There is an LLL meeting to be held on Monday 6th at the Slug & lettuce.
My fault I suggested the location lol.

Juney - sorry as I will be in Durham on the 6th I won't be able to do the 16th. Unless you wanted to meet up for lunch after the LLL meeting?

Indith Mon 30-Jan-12 18:35:59

What time will the meeting be?

Kara we've been all bugged out recently, when do you want to meet up? Think we are almost all healthy again, or at least only have colds/bad backs rather than tummy bugs.

MischeviousMum Mon 30-Jan-12 20:23:23

Is anyone in the Teesside area? I'd love to brave a meet up!

juneybean Mon 30-Jan-12 22:17:20

Sadly funeral is the 6th, but throw some dates at me for after that!

juneybean Mon 30-Jan-12 23:10:28

This thread made me want curry, let's have curry? March?

Indith Tue 31-Jan-12 10:46:29

Mmmmmm curry. Forgive me if I don't commit to a date in March though grin. We actually have a bunch of uni friends coming up the last weekend in March for a reunion! I have convinced them to all book themselves into the castle while the students are on holiday though so we don't have to put them all up and can just go see them when we want to.

MischeviousMum stick around, we are pretty spread out over the area and there are some out your sort of way.

Juney I hope the funeral is a lovely time for remembering your gran and telling stories smile

juneybean Tue 31-Jan-12 18:52:14

-pokes your bump- how's it doing? Nothing happening in the next 9 days I hope?! (your thingymabob for midwifery is the 9th Feb isn't it?)

Thank you Indith x

KaraStarbuckThrace Tue 31-Jan-12 20:48:55

MischievousMum whereabouts in Teesside? I am in Thornaby.

Might come to the LLL meeting but it depends how DD is feeling after the op which is on Fri- it is going ahead! Hurrah! She might still be on the poorly side on the monday.

juney- hope your nanna gets a good send off.

MischeviousMum- I'm further north but am happy to travel to meet ups. Whereabouts are you?

Indith- as of tomorrow it will be the month that bump is due- it seems to have flown over! It is nearly squidgy new baby time. Are you ready for it yet?

Think I could be persuaded to have curry in March. Work is just so busy I think I need a chance to let my hair down.

Indith Tue 31-Jan-12 21:24:05

Yay for the op Spiggy!

Everything washed, birth boxes here, box prepare with old sheets, towels, stuff for me and stuff for baby so dh knows where it all is. So sorted on the baby front. Except for putting the cot together again and I need some bungees to lash it to the bed grin.

Just the interview to get through <<bites nails>>

Dd still shitting everywhere. Need to go out and do something tomorrow, I'll kill her if I have to spend another day in the house with her. Hopefully she can go back to nursery Thursday. Hopefully.

KaraStarbuckThrace Tue 31-Jan-12 22:44:52

Indith, I will come over next week if that is okay with you and drop that bag of clothes off (with your grobags in)
Best day for me would be Tuesday, I can come over after dropping DS at nursery so be at yours around 10, will need to leave at 11.30 to go pick DS up at nursery. Will this suit you okay?
Spiggy - great news on the op, hope it all goes well!

Indith Wed 01-Feb-12 10:40:50

Hmm I need to leave around 11 to pick the girl up from nursery so that makes it rather short. Unless you want to do an afternoon and have both big ones. Or I stick her in for her lunch and we meet at the NCT bumps and babes group as I was going to try to fit in a pre-baby visit to it. Up to you smile

interview will be fine- you are not going to be squeamish at the video except maybe when you realise that you are going to go through it again in a couple of weeks and you have a good understanding of what midwifery is about to be able to say why you want to do it. You'll be fine smile

I'm broody.* I know, I know grin but I am. Indith is having a baby. Vikinglady is having a baby and my baby is big and crawling and trying to stand up and not a baby any more. I need help don't I? <sigh> Can I borrow your snuggly new baby when he arrives to put me off?

* disclaimer. I wouldn't actually try for another and would be petrified and run away from home if I did get pg.

KaraStarbuckThrace Thu 02-Feb-12 17:25:40

Indith, I could drop DS earlier at Nursery on Tuesday and get over to yours for 9.30? then I could go at 11am when you go pick up DD? I need to factor in that the children have lunch around 12pm and it takes over an hour to get to you. So if I leave yours at 11am, that gives me time for me and DD to have a spot of lunch before picking DS up.

Afternoons, I can't get to you before 2pm as the morning nursery session doesn't finish until 1pm (he has lunch there). DS is in Tuesday & Thursday morning and Wednesday afternoons. I could do Monday or Friday, and bring both children? What time do you normally get back from picking up DD? Although to be honest the same issue again is ensuring DS and DD have some lunch which means I still won't get to you until 2pm at the earliest.

Indith Thu 02-Feb-12 19:00:27

What time would that coffee morning be Kara? Can you send me the link, I'm sure I've seen it on FB but I'm damned if I can find it now. Would that be easier for you do you think?

Otherwise morning best, if you can't get here until in afternoons then I leave at 2.45 to get ds from school! Feel guilty if it takes you over an hour, but then in reverse if I go to you I can't be back to pick up times. Argh! Why can't nursery be slightly more practical times.

Indith Thu 02-Feb-12 19:02:00

Spiggy when he arrives I shall pass him to you every time he cries, sicks up or needs a nappy change how about that?

KaraStarbuckThrace Fri 03-Feb-12 19:45:52

Hi Indith, I don't mind coming to yours for just an hour, no problem at all. I don't fancy dragging that bag all the way to the Slug and Lettuce as it is really heavy and I normally use the park and ride. And I don't want to carry it you certainly don't lol!! So I will come on Tuesday, if that is okay? Or would it be easier if we all came up during half term? The kids can all play and I can bring cake & bits?

Incidentally, it is 10am next Monday for the LLL coffee meet up and there is a LLL meeting at the Rainbow Centre in Washington next Saturday as well at 10am.

don't think it would help- T still doing that and it hasn't put me off grin

The tonsils and adenoids are no more. Hurrah! all went well- the benefit of getting them done young means that you get to be first on the surgery list so we weren't waiting around too much. They gave her a dose of morphine (!) so she's in no pain and is eating everything she can which is great for helping avoid scabs in the throat. Unfortunately she reacts like me to morphine and is throwing up a bit. But the morphine means she doesn't care! DH has been left on sick bucket duty at the hospital and all being well she'll be home tomorrow.

Indith Fri 03-Feb-12 20:51:01

Ok Tuesday then smile Half term the dcs are being shipped off to my mum and dad's providing there is not baby yet.

I probably won't go to LLL in that case. I would like to at some point but just doesn't fit around nursery times. Rubbish.

Yay for the op!

Indith Tue 07-Feb-12 18:13:01

Hello smile

Morning Indith smile Are you ready for tomorrow? I'm not at work cos I'm looking after DD but can arrange to be in Newcastle if you want cake afterwards. It'd just be me and DD as the boys will be busy.

When do we get to start pestering you about signs that the baby is on his way? grin

Indith Wed 08-Feb-12 11:00:21

Don't worry about cake, I have no idea what time it will end.

I am stressed.

You can start buggin me about the baby tomorrow night! He isn't allowed to come before then.

You'll be fine, think about how brilliant a mw you'd be and how lucky all those women who are not even thinking of conceiving yet will be to have you as their mw. This is merely an administrative detail to deal with so they can get your help. grin We had to do a training course on handling difficult conversations which involved doing role play with actors. I was petrified as I don't do role play but one of the actors gave me a really good tip. She said that if you are feeling wobbly then make sure that both your feet are firmly on the floor, particularly if you are sitting down. It makes your body more solid, helps you project your voice firmly and come across as more confident even if you are still wobbly inside. It really helps and helps nerves settle down more quickly.

juneybean Wed 08-Feb-12 21:38:35

"how lucky all those women who are not even thinking of conceiving yet will be to have you as their mw."

Like me! I'd have you as my midwife any day!!

Good luck xx

Good Luck Indith <crosses fingers>

hi all, sorry I've not been MNing much recently. Indith hope it's gone really well for you today. Does it take long to find out do you know?

Hope it went well Indith.

Just dropping in to gingerly (and cautiously) say that I'm 8 weeks pregnant with number 3.

I've got a history of miscarriages so nothing is for sure, but if feeling rotten is an index of pregnancy health then this is a healthy one. Feeling DIRE. Had two scans so far and both show heartbeat and growth.

Please keep it under your collective hats - our families don't know yet, and nor do most of our friends. For those that know me on facebook, I'm not 'out' there.

Anyhow, sorry for just popping in with some AAM news but I wanted you to know as may, in September, be able to join in mid-week meetups for a while.

Oooh cautious congratulations smile. I will keep fingers crossed for you (know that 1st trimester uncertainty well) and hope that the sickness goes soon. 3 is great most of the time. DS2 is starting to join in with the others now and it is lovely to watch. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be- got handed a newborn and knew exactly what I was doing. The older ones love "helping", he follows them round and they have a ready source of entertainment. It'll be even better when he learns to sleep grin

I have a rule that I never mention anything on FB that I've seen on MN until the person mentions it themselves and then I act surprised grin

Indith Fri 10-Feb-12 08:58:28

smile Frozen, hope you continue to feel dire for a bit longer then smile

Interview ok I think. It was a very long day though. Group task I know went well, individual interview went by in a bit of a blur .We'll see. First rejections for those who didnt' score well enough by the end of next week then they do final selections 20th March. So long to wait!

I'm now hoping that with the stress out of the way I will recover from the crazy cramps and erm toilet going that I have had all week. 99% sure it is all stress related but I feel dreadful now as nothing I have eaten all week has stayed in there, not even sticking to toast.

Dcs off to my mum's tomorrow though thank goodness!

glad the interview went ok, at least you are likely to be a bit busy over the coming weeks so you won't be able dwell on it. grin . Hope that he doesn't turn up the first night the other 2 are away so you get some rest. And hope your digestive system calms down.

are we allowed to start pestering you now? <evil> 'cos if we are then can I start with a comment about the body having a clear out pre-labour and it is obviously a sign that it is all kicking off? no? You're no fun <pouts>

juneybean Fri 10-Feb-12 12:18:51

Ooo tentative congratulations Frozen! grin

Fingers still crossed for you Indith!

Indith Fri 10-Feb-12 13:01:40

Clear out yes. Week long clearout not so much. Sometimes the cramps venture up my back and I start to wonder and have to breathe but then I follow it with another toilet visit so probably not baby related.

Poor you. Hopefully it'll be the end of it. You have reminded me about the worst part of late pregnancy though- the endless bloody waiting and wondering if today is the day. not that I'm still cross at DS2 waiting til 41+2

Indith Sat 11-Feb-12 17:47:32

Spiggy ds didn't arrive until 42 weeks. If this one does the same as his brother I will throttle him at birth.

Slightly better today. We were going to go out tonight sad. Hope I am feeling rather more recovered in a couple of days so we can still go out before the children come back, it has been a year since we went out for dinner together and not exactly much more time to fit a meal out in!

KaraStarbuckThrace Sat 11-Feb-12 21:55:58

Frozen - congratulations!

Indith - glad the interview went well, bleugh at clear out, hope you are feeling better and enjoy your night out with DH!

hope you get your meal out. I'm ashamed to say that I don't actually remember the last time that we had a night out but it is definitely more than a year. We nearly managed a trip to the PTA quiz but a T came down with the lurgy so we didn't get to go. Oh and we went to a mates house warming but that doesn't count as T came as well.

I appear to have given birth to the reincarnation of Houdini. After the incident where I found T asleep in my bed we put the cot side higher. Then there was the incident where I heard shouting in the middle of the night to find him at the bedroom door after climbing out his cot and off the bed. While in his sleeping bag. So we put the cot side up to the max. Today DH heard lots of giggling and Daddadada over the baby alarm at nap time. Goes upstairs to find T bouncing up and down, giggling hysterically in the middle of our bed. I can't actually work out how he is doing it. What are we supposed to do? Tie him to the bed? He's 8 months old FFS. This should not be possible! On the plus side the sleeping has definitely turned a corner. probably cos the little blighter is going clubbing or summat while I think he's asleep

Now, I'm away to London on Thurs and as a result will not be able to check MN all day so no going into labour then baby Indith. <stern look>

Indith Tue 14-Feb-12 09:08:04

Oh god is that what 3rd children are like? <<trembles>>

He sounds fabulous grin.

A friend of dh's says he used to climb out of his cot so his dad put an old door on the top as a lid. I'm not sure you should do that though hmm.

Went out last night and ate a massive lump of venison smile. MW today. He has dropped a lot but apart from general cramps/period pain when I'm on my feet nothing much going on. Only 39 weeks though.

can you buy baby cages? I was thinking of a babygro and sheets made of velcro so he can't move grin

Glad you got to go out and have something nice to eat. Would you rather he came before or after the children come back? H came at 39 weeks when I thought I'd have loads of time so don't dismiss any rumblings on that basis or you'll have to be your own mw like me grin

Indith Tue 14-Feb-12 09:58:13

Well Wednesday night would be quite good, dcs due back Thurs so would give birth and then they arrive to see their brother. Don't know really, he'll get her when he gets here won't he grin. I admit though with having to rely on friends for the dcs if he arrives during the day I do worry a bit. Hopefully he will be like the others, both born around 5am having woken up around midnight with contractions.

Dh came down and said he'd just realised having the dcs away would be a good time to go to the cinema (we hear such places exist). Looked at listings, decided nothing on in Durham and only one thing we might want to see in Newcastle and can't be arsed to go all the way to Newcastle for a film we'll be able to buy at a fraction of the price (petrol, parking, tickets, popcorn, maybe a cheap meal due to timings) in a few months so we will make popcorn and stick a dvd on tonight instead.

Are we getting old?

Indith Tue 14-Feb-12 09:58:43

Could you just crate train him like a puppy?

Yes you are getting old grin We have a date booked. ok it is for October but still, it is a date. The new Bond film is due out then and it is one of the few genres we can agree on so it is definitely one for the diary. (He likes arty,classics or intellectual. I like things getting blown up grin)

My mw used to "prescribe" a nice large drink to bring on labour. She reckoned that it helps you relax and kick starts the hormones. Don't know if there is any science behind it but I was happy to try it.

Puppy training for babies- there might be something we can do there. Do you think those ultra high pitched whistles would work on children?

Indith Tue 14-Feb-12 13:02:17

Well, not long until October....grin.

I'm just in snotty, hormonal tears.

I think some of you met my friend Liz. One of the Americans, she was only here for a year (not the one who moved to Canada). She definitely came to a picnic down at the bandstand. Anyway, her dd was about the same age as mine. Beautiful, scarily intelligent, curious, enthusiastic, kind little girl. She has been in hospital for a few days. Started with a virus but her body went into overdrive and started killing her own red blood cells. Her hb counts keep going down though, she is now on constant oxygen and is probably going to have a bone marrow biopsy later.

Oh I wish I could hug my children right now.

juneybean Tue 14-Feb-12 13:52:07

Oh that's awful Indith sad I'll keep her in my thoughts xx

Oh the poor baby sad. I hope that they can find a way to help her. <hugs snotty hormonal Indith>

KaraStarbuckThrace Tue 14-Feb-12 15:51:13

Oh Indith, how dreadfully sad, poor little girl will keep her in my thoughts, her parents must be so worried.

Gosh, yes I remember Liz. She came for cake at the BGs I think. Poor them.

Hope you've managed to call the kids, or sit and smell their lovely smell with their clothes, while they're still away.

Indith Wed 15-Feb-12 10:51:53

Thanks for the thoughts. They need all the good thoughts (and prayers if you are that way inclined) they can get.

Rather more excitingly, a potential local labour thread! Not mine though <<grumbles>>


juneybean Wed 15-Feb-12 11:19:42

Is that Spiggy's friend who came to Slug and Lettuce, I thought she had ages left confused time is obviously passing me by a little too quickly!

It is my friend. Today I shall mainly be pressing f5 grin

Indith Thu 16-Feb-12 08:32:25

<<sniff>> Off oxygen and haemoglobin levels up <<sobs with relief>>.

Can I please just have a baby? Sick of period pains and cramping and nothing bloody happening. Last night after dinner everythign felt so low and dragging and it honestly felt as though the waters were bulging (that is the only way to describe the feeling), as though if I pushed it would just explode. Sadly I just spent the evening weeing instead.

I want my baby!

My big ones come back to day though. Yay! Must go dry hair and go to post office.

juneybean Thu 16-Feb-12 18:55:30

Get your finger up there and pop it (if you're terribly flexible that is...)

Oh I'm glad to hear your friends DD is getting better.

have you had a furtle around to see if you are dilating even if it is just sloooowly? It could all happen in a rush after all the little pains. <optimistic> anyway, I am back from London and free to MN to my hearts content so tell that baby that we need a labour thread!

Indith Fri 17-Feb-12 08:28:54

I have consdered having a feel...not yet quite desperate enough to do it. Wouldn't want to miss the final Hustle tonight grin. Plus I now have free swim voucher so we can take the dcs tomorrow (because the pool are muppets and I got cross so they threw free things at me).

Ah was it "shit, there is a heavily pregnant woman shouting, give her stuff in case she goes into labour"? I found threatening to do star jumps in the office while very heavily pg got me my own way 100% of the time grin

I just realised last night that you could have a leap day baby! I want to place my bet on 22nd though. Because people who have birthdays on the 22nd are fabulous biased

Indith Fri 17-Feb-12 11:05:57

I quite fancy the novelty of a leap year baby. Can't go for 22nd, I'm from a Guiding family and chances are he will be a Scout, really can't have a Thinking Day/Founders Day birthday.

It was an "I rang up at 11am today specially to make sure that aquanatal was still on and now that I have dragged by pregnant arse here you are looking at me like I am stupid and telling me it is cancelled for half term like it is fucking obvious". I got a free swim on the day and some vouchers grin.

I was at school with a boy whose birthday was 29 Feb. Very bizarre not to have your birth "day" come up every year - something to talk about at boring dinner parties I guess! Am sending you oxytocin laced vibes Indith

And hello all the other people too! Very impressed by minihoudini spiggy!

Indith Tue 21-Feb-12 09:59:20

Happy Due date to me

I need to go and buy eggs later so I can drown my sorrows in pancakes.

Still pregnant.

AND, AND I have started sprouting stretch marks! OK so my breasts got covered first time around, they are a lost cause but my tummy was a stretch mark free zone, even dd didn't do any damage and I was fecking huge with her. No, the bloody things wait until the very end of my final pregnancy and now I've got horrible, purple stripes all over the place. <sulks>

the bastards. I got all the way through pregnancy with M without any so I was feeling pretty smug happy. They appeared weeks later as I lost the weight. I sulked.

Happy Due date anyway! Pineapple pancakes for later? Or curry ones? grin

juneybean Tue 21-Feb-12 12:25:42

Happy due date day! Get popping!

I'm feeling very flat lately, definitely in need of a cake pick-me-up!

Indith Tue 21-Feb-12 14:02:14

Sorry, I'll try to hurry up! Don't hold your breath though, had a feel and can't even reach my cervix it is still so high.

I was told by a Mum at the School Gates (aka an Impeccable Source) that only 7% of women give birth on their EDD. You'd think then pick the one that more women DO give birth on then... or is my maths wrong (could be)

Anyway! Happy DD to yoooo indith

KaraStarbuckThrace Tue 21-Feb-12 19:18:58

Happy DD Indith! Hurry up baby!!

Have you heard anything back from your interview, or is it too soon?

Boo to the shy cervix- it can change quickly though. Will keep fingers crossed that he gets a move on. Just think today will be the last day you will ever be 40+1 probably. Does that help make it more bareable?

hello again (just checking to see if anything happening!) You guys are mostly on FB aren't you? I was given a card for Mums in Durham group yesterday. There's a fundraiser thing for this family in Newton Hall on Saturday. Are you all members already?

God life can be shitty can't it? That poor family sad. I hope they get to spend her last weeks together.

Not on Mums in Durham- is it a FB group? I'm not really Durham though I only come down for cake to see you lot.

KaraStarbuckThrace Wed 22-Feb-12 18:06:17

Yeah I saw that and shared it on my wall. How very very sad. But the comments on the article were lovely, so many people offering to help out so they can rent somewhere together, how lovely.

Indith Wed 22-Feb-12 18:13:09

Yes it is very sad isn't it.

Mums in Durham is a FB group, lots of offshoots to it like separate adverts page, businesses and locations (think they have teeside etc separate).

I've bought and sold a couple of things and post the odd comment but it mostly annoys me for some reason. Don't actually know why.

I only went on it today, so a little early for any annoyance to creep in! I only know the couple of Mums that I already know in RL. Not sure how I'd use it TBH.

It is awful how much some people have to put up with, but great to see there are people willing to help.

Indith Wed 22-Feb-12 18:35:07

It is lovely.

On the other hand I think I am a deeply cynical person. I would always do whatever I could to help my friends should they have need of it. Always. But when I see things like that, or the things that go on on here sometimes, I just end up wanting to stay out of it because there is always something in the story that makes me go hmm (in this case the fact that she had no insurance, hence the need for loads of stuff). But then you never want to question it because that reveals you as a mean hearted cynic, but I don't like jumping in without knowing the full story iyswim and the internet is never a reliable source.

So instead we have our regular direct debits to particular charities and other things that we do.

It's been a long time since I've been on this thread!
Tentative congratulations to FNP
Indith, how's Liz's DD?

BTW I am away from now until next Wednesday (when I am most definitely available again for DC duties). But I think my chances are slim sad and grin

Indith Wed 22-Feb-12 18:55:58

Hello stranger smile

Liz's dd is doing really well thank you. Still on drugs and it will be a while until her blood counts are normal (as far as I can gather anyway) but she is out of hospital smile

Don't worry, the next couple of days are well covered for childcare <<prods baby>>.

Indith Fri 24-Feb-12 12:53:39

I broke the thread. Nobody wants to talk to me any more for being too cynical.

I've been working really, really hard. That's why I've not been around other than to lurk to see if you've popped yet cynical is my default state so that wouldn't stop me talking to you grin

Now my diary is getting on the full side. Can you tell that baby that he needs to plan is arrival around when I am free to MN?

KaraStarbuckThrace Fri 24-Feb-12 13:56:11

That is good news about Liz's DD!

BTW I have this for you, so you can inform all those really annoying people who cannot help themselves, Indith.

Have you had that baby yet?

No, I sort of agree! Who doesn't have insurance?! Presumably she also had no life insurance so there's no money from that either.

Still, it's a monumental peice of bad luck and it could be a nice day as well as charitable so we might go.

Good to know about Liz's girl.

I'll be finished teaching in 10 days. I say we should celebrate with cake, with or without mini-Indith's arrival...

Indith Fri 24-Feb-12 14:15:56

It is horrible luck yes. I suppose the cynic in me goes "well people on the group actually knew her IRL already, they didn't care about trying to get her days out and a holiday before." and on the flip side of things sometimes the story is completely true and worthy but people get so into wanting to help they lose sight of what the person wants and it all goes pear shaped (think of Riven on here).

I want cake.

Kara I have already got into trouble with my sister over "have you had the baby" comments.

Actually, lets do a mini AIBU?

Sister (remember this is my child disliking crazy sister who has never given a damn about my children before) send me a text "When are you going to get sprogging? I want to meet my new nephew". I decide this must be meant to be taken in a joking tone of voice. I reply "shut up". Intending it to be taken as a joke. The response is "you won't have to be so rude. Seriously, wha tis up with that?" I realise my mistake and I reply "sorry, tone doesn't come over well in a text, it was supposed to be joking but really, I do answer that question about 20 times every morning, lunch and afternoon on the school run plus phone calls and texts." So I have now apologised and pointed out it was a joke reply. End of no? Response is "Maybe it is because we actually give a shit I am really hurt by your response rant rant rant......"

So I seem to have offended her and seriously hurt her feelings. Can't even tell her she will understand when her times comes angry.

did someone say cake? grin I'm up for that. It would be nice if there was a lovely squishy newborn or two. hint, hint vikinglady. I know you are reading this to snuggle.

I deserve cake after working really, really hard. Am sick of reading about the statistics and implications of the abolition of the default retirement age and planning for what this will mean for work in 10 years time. In fact I think I shall go foraging for cake now.

<strokes Indith> YANBU. But she won't see that. Can you reply with- I know that you give a shit and that is why I knew that you would understand when I sound off about how frustrating this situation is?

Failing that, ignore her, have yourself a cuppa or something stronger and figure she'll get over it when the baby actually arrives. <harsh>

I found cake. Training even downstairs and there was leftovers. I got coffee and walnut. yum.

oooh I like a bit of coffee and walnut cake. My Mum used to make a lovely one with vanilla fudge icing on top.

That would be an excellent response spiff, good thinking.

I've already given up looking at Mums in Durham! I found my neighbour and FB friended her. So that was it.... but don't be too harsh on people without insurance. I thought that after all the flooding in Cumbria, but turns out there are all sorts of reasons why people don't - uninsurability, just too expensive etc.

Jst checking in. No particular reason. How is everyone? Indith?

hackneyzoo Fri 24-Feb-12 21:06:21

Would anyone mind if I joined your thread? I moved to Newcastle last summer and have 3 DCs who are 4,3 and 1. Am loving living up here, but don't know that many people yet. And I like cake (a lot)...and wine smile

Indith Fri 24-Feb-12 21:12:50

Still here SPB. He is going to be like his brother isn't he. I shall have to resign myself to another week and a half of this.

Hello hackney, welcome smile We eat a lot of cake. Sometimes we escape our homes in the evenings and drink wine and cocktails.

hackneyzoo Fri 24-Feb-12 23:00:19

Escaping homes? Wine and cocktails? I love the North east even more !

juneybean Fri 24-Feb-12 23:02:17

Hello Hackney, welcome to our little corner smile

Still needing my prescription cake please??

Hi hackney. I must join you all for cake. I have some days off coming up, not sure when they'll be exactly

hello hackney smile. I have a 5 year old, 3 year old and 9 month old. Cake and wine keep me sane grin

Shall we organise some cake then? I can't do the 6th, 8th, 13-15th March. There are probably another couple of dates but I can't remember off the top of my head. Mon or Tues best for me. What about the rest of you?

juneybean Sat 25-Feb-12 09:53:36

I can do any of those dates smile

sorry juney- they are the dates I can't do!

Tuesdays are very good for me normally. This is going to sound very sad, but I always do my long run on a Monday morning and I tend to be a bit psychologically disturbed for the rest of the week if I've not done it blush.

Hello hackney! Hope to see you for cake wine and cocktails (all before 11 on a Tuesday morning!) very soon...

Indith Sat 25-Feb-12 10:07:46

I have no idea what's going on grin

I feel so ill (TMI warning). Horrible, horrible night last night. Woke up around 1.30, went to the loo rather violently. Started feeling really, really sick, shaking, hot, cold, some tightenings. Spent night awake clutching sick bowl which never got used but kept having to go to the loo. Never had diarrhoea like it, just rivers and rivers of it.

Starting to feel slightly less sick now. Back hurts, have tummy cramps.

Can I just bloody well give birth please? I'm sure that would right all the wrongs.

Ds is being a tired puddle of grot and shouting at everyone and everything. Poor dh.

juneybean Sat 25-Feb-12 10:08:38

Oops, haven't had my caffeine yet!

To be fair I can do most days as I can always bring my work-sprogs.

juneybean Sat 25-Feb-12 10:09:36

Eeek! Hope your sickness passes but hopefully it's a sign of things happening?

Oh Indith, that sounds nasty. There has been a d&v bug going round. DH felt off for ages as it kept coming back. Have you tried some of those probiotic drinks? DH swears that they really helped sort his system out. live yoghurt as well? plenty of fluids too to stop cramps. DB's consultant always recommended flat coke for re-hydration even when kids were hospitalised for dehydration. it is easily absorbed and gives you energy and fluid. glad dh around for you.

indith that's the last thing you need right now - tho there's loads of nasty bugs going around St M's right now, so don't suppose it's any different round you. Yoghurt (proper yoghurt) is great to replace all the bacteria you've lost once you stopped "expelling". Oh dear, do hope you get better soon.

Oh Indith sad hope it passes through your system quickly.

Indith Sat 25-Feb-12 16:04:46

Have eaten half a yoghurt. So fed up/grotty/grumpy/tearful. I had a whole bloody week of diarrhoea just before half term! Ds who started the original tummy bug a couple of weeks befor half term has not been quite right on th epoo front since and keeps having little bits and bobs or it.

juneybean Sat 25-Feb-12 17:17:54

<hugs> sad

KaraStarbuckThrace Sun 26-Feb-12 14:52:44

Poor you Indith, just what you don't need right now!
And YADNBU about your sister. I like Spiggy's response.
And welcome Hackney!
I can't do Tuesdays, with DS at nursery in the morning. Monday and Friday's are the only days I can do.

Hi everyone

VikingLady Mon 27-Feb-12 14:08:07

Can I come too? Unless I am in labour at the time that's picked, obviously... (hint to the bump to hurry up). Won't whinge too much about wanting it to damn well hurry up now as it rubs it in too much for Indith!

And I am already getting those text at 37+4. I reply by saying I have asked Bump, and she doesn't want to say, but we'll def let them know. I'm expecting to resort to violence by the time I'm as far along as Indith! I'd never get convicted, surely? Hormones are such a great excuse!

I'm free next Monday (5th) How does that work for people? Slug and Lettuce? Might be able to do the Fri if that better for folks.

Viking- If there are women who have gone overdue on the jury then you would definitely get off. I would question your ability to inflict violence though. I suspect that your victim would have time to escape before you could get to them <runs away before viking can hit her> <stays a safe distance away> Have you not had that baby yet? <sniggers>

Indith Mon 27-Feb-12 15:10:29

Get in line Viking, you are NOT allowed to go into labour before me wink.

MW tomorrow, stretch and sweep is on the cards.

Hope not though, appointment is at a bloody inconvenient time so if I could just go into labour tonight please that would be grand.

Indith Mon 27-Feb-12 15:11:26

If I'm still pregnant I can do Monday.

Chips and mayonaise please.

I'll be in a foul mood though. You won't want to sit with me.

juneybean Mon 27-Feb-12 15:12:41

-thinks happy labour thoughts- come out baby!!

I should be okay for Monday as long as I finish my essay -kicks it-

It's ok Indith, you and Viking can be miserable together grin Surely it should be chips and curry sauce? With pineapple cake to follow? And pineapple juice to wash it down with.

I'll stop teasing before one of you hunts me down

Is D settled better at nursery now?

Indith Mon 27-Feb-12 16:13:24

Yes she is thankfully smile Stayed for her lunch last week and loved it (the extra hour was rather nice for me too) so for future morning meet ups that's what I'll do smile

Indith Mon 27-Feb-12 16:16:23

I must say:

Baby 1- raspberry leaf capsules from 37 weeks, had ot get that uterus toned! As I got overdue lots of bouncing on ball, twiddling nipples, baths with clary sage, cohosh, sex.

Baby 2- raspberry leaf sort of taken sporadically when I remembered. Sat on sofa and ate cake (though she didn't really give me time to get desperate)

Baby 3-huh? ways to get labour going? Nah, all old wives tales and i can't be arsed.

Can I add:

Baby #1 says mama for the first time: oooh he said mama, grab camcorder, bore tell everyone about it.

Baby #2 says mama for first time: Tell your mother as she'll be interested. Feel pleased that she's saying it

Baby #3 says mama for the first time: Tell him to lie down and go back to sleep as it is 3am. Wish he had shouted daddy instead.

Indith Mon 27-Feb-12 16:51:35


KaraStarbuckThrace Mon 27-Feb-12 21:56:48


I can do the 5th, can't do this monday as hosting a coffee morning for local breastfeeding mummies (which if you fancy a trip down to Stockton you are welcome to come along to).

Actually, Indith &viking, Balfour Beatty have been digging up the main road near my house and have done a shit job of resurfacing, maybe driving up and down it a few times might start things off?

juneybean Tue 28-Feb-12 00:03:06

5th IS this Monday confused

Indith Tue 28-Feb-12 12:52:50

MW couldn't even reach my cervix, she said pointless her shoving things up firther and trying as a) it would hurt and b) it would probably just push the cervix up past the baby's head.


They will send someone here on Friday (at plus 10) to see how things are going but she isn't all that bothered about rushing for induction, especially since I've gone to +14 before, she's all for just being monitored and letting things happen smile (and it was her who started the discussion not me!)

juneybean Tue 28-Feb-12 14:02:55

Aww that's good though, I hear so many stories of women being herded in to be induced!

Is LLL on this monday?

Indith - no one could reach my cervix at +10 and MW told me I was almost certain to need the induction (as I recall I posted on here!) yet Thea turned up two days later. I generally think cervixes are a bad indicator of readiness! (Oh yes, and the MW who checked my cervix in early labour and said as it was only 3cm the baby wouldn't arrive for aaages ... pah!)

I agree that cervixes are deceitful things. I walked around at 3cm for weeks with Rebecca ... !

hackneyzoo Tue 28-Feb-12 20:56:15

I'd love to come along to your meet up if that's ok. Would be good to meet a few more people up here...and I am familiar with the Slug and Lettuce grin

Good luck Indith, this time last year I was +14 with number 3. But she came out eventually and rather speedily, I went in for a reluctant induction and was 5cm on examination. My cervix was completely high and closed the day before I had her too, so there is hope.

Spiffy your post made me laugh, DC3 took her first steps today and even my MIL was a bit 'whatever' about it!

Hello everyone, on't think I can make Monday sad I will need to definitely make the next one!

Indith Wed 29-Feb-12 10:17:16

smile that will be great hackney, although obviously I will not be there because I bloody well will have given birth by then.

Oh look a pig just flew past the window.

SPB you really need to quit that job, it just gets in the way of cake.

KaraStarbuckThrace Wed 29-Feb-12 10:17:45

No LLL on this Monday.

Juney - I meant I can't do this Friday! You know me I am easily confused!

Indith - fingers crossed for you, good they are not rushing you.

AlysiaZap Wed 29-Feb-12 12:57:00

Hi, do you mind if I join? I have an 11 day old girl, Constance. Would love to join cake meetings in Durham when am feeling a little more sane!

Indith Wed 29-Feb-12 13:15:52

Sane? What's that?

Welcome and congratulations on your dd. Absolutely beautiful name smile

by the way hackney, you'll find us them in the downstairs bit on the sofas attempting to tell the children to stay on the carpet bit rather than hunt for mice (no I don't know why either, think it was my dd who started it) around the entire restaurant. Seems to make for a good exclusion zone around us grin.

Indith Wed 29-Feb-12 13:18:32

Oh Alysia just saw you posted on local, tis a bit dead on there we all hang out here. Bumps and Babies is on a Tuesday 10-12 at teh church up North Road. I hope to be going soon myself if I ever get this child evicted as it was lovely with my eldest.

ooh congratulations Alysia grin
I might have to resign as you suggest Indith if there are going to be one (or two!) tiny babies there.
Why does having a baby this weekend mean you can't come? We'll let you off if you're actually pushing, but other than that, be there! wink

I say "we", but given that I am not actually planning to resign from this job that I love, I mean "them"

I gave up on sane years ago grin

Congratulations Alysia, will look forward to you joining us. There are likely to be a few meet ups in the next couple of months. Any excuse for cake and newborn cuddling really grin

I've mentioned this thread to someone I know so we might get another newbie <waves to L in case she's lurking>

Any more lurkers out there? Come and join us!

What time on Mon? I can get to Durham for about 10:30ish

AlysiaZap Thu 01-Mar-12 10:19:43

Thanks. I'm going to try to get to the Bumps and Babies group on Tuesday.

KaraStarbuckThrace Thu 01-Mar-12 13:17:22

Not sure if I can make it now! I'm off to see a friend Tuesday so I will need to work Wednesday and Thursday instead of Tuesday and Wednesday... depends how I get on at the weekend!

Just wanted to pop in and say that I'm technically working from home on Monday but might be able to pop in ...
Had a scan today, 11 weeks, everything is looking good (phew). Know there's a way to go yet but almost past the point of previous losses. Still being sick morning and night though, hope that packs in soon as I'm fit for nothing before 8 am and after 8 pm (so essentially DH only sees me when I'm green and grumpy).

Sending easy labour vibes Indith, hope no. 3 makes an appearance soon ...

lovely news about the scan Frozen smile

Hope you can get loads done at the weekend and join us Kara. How is training D to be a baby herder getting on?

KaraStarbuckThrace Thu 01-Mar-12 15:39:28

Hmm the baby herding isn't quite so successful, he tried to pick C up the other day and nearly dropped her! Is T off and away then? C is pretty stationary still!

Frozen - yey, on the scan smile but bleughh on the sickness! Were you sick with your other 2?

KaraStarbuckThrace Thu 01-Mar-12 15:40:08

Hey Indith hasn't posted today! She must be in labour <<ducks>>

I was thinking the same Kara...shall I pop round, knock on the window and shout coo-eee?
They won't mind will they?

dares ya SPB grin

T is away. Can go up stairs but not down them yet. He's cruising round furniture and starting to take steps with just one hand holding on. He's never bloody still.

Is is considered stalking to advance search Indith and see if she's posted anywhere else? does it anyway

Yes that's an awful thing to do and a gross invasion of her privacy. ;) I've just got back from hers no answer to my knock so I peered through the bathroom window then checked their water meter as I do every day to see whether the pool hadben filled grin
Has she posted anywhere else then?

grin Can we bribe her neighbours to text us when they see the mw's car/hear the screams?

I don't think we should be getting too excited wink

No need I am monitoring the webcam I set up outside her front door

Indith Thu 01-Mar-12 16:34:46


Sorry, just a busy day. School run, straight to the toddler group I run, straight back to pick dd up from nursery, lunch, collapse on sofa, school run, play in park as walk back with ds's best friend since it is his mum's day off. Phew! Should no be thinking about dinner but way too shattered!

SPB sorry my dear but we don't have a water meter wink. Watch the chimney instead for hot water usage clues.

Frozen good news on the scan, I shall raise a brew in the hopes that it is plain sailing from now on.

I'm sure she'd approve. She said she was from a guide/scout family and you are showing initiative and being prepared for the fact that she won't want to talk to us if we keep pestering her

What if the mw uses the back door though? You need 2 webcams.

Good thinking spiggy but we've been foiled in the meantime!
Hi Indith smile

Indith Thu 01-Mar-12 16:38:39


There will be no escaping nosy neighbours round here let alone you lot. Half the village and the next village are keeping an eye on who drops the dcs off at school.

oops busted. grin

Indith Fri 02-Mar-12 09:53:36

Comment of the week:

"You 10 days over already, hasn't that just flew by!"

Quite apart from teh grammatical issue. No it bloody well hasn't flown by!

hahahahahahaha! yes, distinct lack of empathy there...

That wasn't your dh I hope!

or the mw!

Indith Fri 02-Mar-12 10:54:42

No was a school mum who also works in the local shop.

Nursery pick up soon. Shall get my body armour on.

MW who comes round today better have nice long fingers.

Indith Fri 02-Mar-12 10:58:40

I did get the most lovely top yesterday though which helps with the grumps rather www.next.co.uk/x49122s1#822059x49. Couldn't pull it down over the belly yet of course but the sleeves and chest look great when I try it on. Have to take advantage of having a cleavage for the next few months grin. Am rather tempted by the red version too.....

did they ask to see your fingers at the mw interview? weed out the stumpy fingered ones before spending all that money on the training?

Indith has lovely long thin fingers doesn't she? I'm sure she could reach a goodly proportion of cervixes...

I have some marking that needs finishing by close of Monday so sounds like an excellent opportunity to sit and work in a quiet place pub with babies...

Indith Fri 02-Mar-12 19:14:16

Ooooh big change since Tuesday. Reachable and 2cm. MW said she expects I'll go some point this weekend. Fingers crossed! Legs less so.

Come on baby Indith!
Being selfish here, make sure its after 11 tomorrow grin

Actually if you fancy a couple of hours to yourself in the morning I'm happy to pick yours on the way to cake then play in the park? We'll even bring you some cake back

Indith Fri 02-Mar-12 19:32:33

I know, got to wait until after cake!

I'd rather the chance to have a chat than the couple of hours break, I get that every morning now smile If the baby comes tonight though we'll be begging you to take them to cake grin.

Nice one.see you about 9.30. Your ds may well be born on the first cake day we go to of 2012!

Indith that's great! I'll be thinking of you over the weekend, sending lots of pain relieving vibes... and being well jel of the lovely little newborn cuddles.

Indith Sat 03-Mar-12 09:07:06

Humph <<grumble>>

KaraStarbuckThrace Sat 03-Mar-12 10:23:09

Definitely can't do cake Monday, sorry sad Totally forgot DH is off on Monday.

Indith - fingers crossed for you!!

So this is the point we can get ridiculously excited if you don't check in every hour or so? come on baby- we are waiting to meet you! plus mummy is getting rather grumpy

Indith Sun 04-Mar-12 08:30:47

Baby still in situ.

Honestly if I'm going to have a MW stick her fingers in my cervix the least he could do is bloody well come out afterwards! AND she said she thought I would go into labour, she did! She gave me false hope.

Indith if you're still pg tomorrow you can go to cake. Get excited about that. Make plans to do other stuff in town. Can you make a really important appoitnment to discuss your mortgage?

Indith Sun 04-Mar-12 08:40:58

Well that is true yes, Cake would be good.

even DH is asking for baby updates now!

in the nicest possible way I really hope that we don't see you tomorrow grin

Indith Sun 04-Mar-12 11:06:34

Though cake would be nice. I do like cake.

Someone has come on the Mums in Durham FB group saying they pootled over from Mumsnet. Own up now, who is it? I cna't think of anywhere other than this thread where the FB group has been mentioned?

Sorry had to dash I meant if you make plans for tomorrow the baby is bound to come tonight

Actually forget that, sue the midwife she lied to you!

Indith Sun 04-Mar-12 16:43:59

Back ache, stringy snot every time I wee. Please please please please come tonight baby. Otherwise I will just give up all hope.

Yay the stringy snot grin
Indith, seriously, you do know you'll have a newborn this time next week don't you? Do not give up hope, he's just finishing off in there.
I'm dying to know what you will be calling him!

ooooh! fingers crossed for you.

SPB is wise. This time next week you will be holding your snuggly new baby and probably wishing he was back in there so you can have more than 20mins sleep at a time

not that wise - to begin with I did wonder why she was telling us about her nose at a time like this grin


<whispers> SPB did you remember to turn the webcam on for mw watch?

Hush I'm hiding in their loft space. Your whispering will give the game away.

hope you went to the loo before you hid- it might be a long night grin

Back in the real world I have just been plungng the shower and cleaning the toilet - how glamorous. I wish I really was hiding in someone's loft.

Indith Sun 04-Mar-12 22:06:32


Waters been trickling most of the afternoon. Finally gave up on thinking I was needing to wee very, very often and accepted it was waters when they started dripping non stop. Been in to hospital to be checked. If I'm not in labour by 9am tomorrow I will be stuck on a drip in a hospital bed being induced. If I don't go into labout by 11am then I will have IV antibiotics added to the mix sad

Can I please have some contractions now?

oh bum. Why are they going to induction so quickly? Could you delay a bit?

oxytocin vibes coming your way. You are on the last stretch now, chin up x

Indith Sun 04-Mar-12 22:32:52

I think to avoid the antibiotics. 18 hours between waters and labour before you need IV antibiotics. They are taking waters going as being around 5pm. I know it can be longer before you need induction but I suppose best to induce sooner rather than later and avoid the ABs.

I just feel like I'm constantly wetting myself now. Circling on my ball, torn between need to bounce and stay active and have labour start and need to have some rest.

The restlessness might well be the start. I felt like that with T (and seem to remember posting at stupid o'clock to complain about it) I must have been in labour at that point.

If you really want to avoid hospital then there is info on hombirth.org about alternatives to induction once your waters have gone- monitoring your temp for eg. Was interesting bit about how the guidelines have changed recently as you used to be left for longer but there is little evidence to show why.

I shall shake my pompoms for you anyway. Your pesky boy WILL be here tonight. Yes he will. At home in front of your fire. And he will be gorgeous and snuggly and well worth all this aggro he's put you through.

Sending you positive labour vibes Indith. Hope you start having some strong contractions about now, and a baby born at ooh 1am?

juneybean Sun 04-Mar-12 23:45:28

Where oh where oh where is baby, where is baby hiding?! -sings- come on out little one, we has cake!

juneybean Sun 04-Mar-12 23:45:59

Oh and not sure if I'll be there tomorrow, have still not finished essay, I'm working on it right now and will see how far I get before I fall asleep.

I thought I'd wake up to a lovely new baby sad.

I hope Indith is pushing and not at the hospital.

juney- you know cake is scientifically proven to help essay writing don't you?

juney, what are you studying?

oooh SPB if you are going to be lurking can you text me any news as I don't have magic wizzy internet phone? I'll pm my number.

VikingLady Mon 05-Mar-12 10:30:33

Well, I was going to come to my second meet up, but a bloody show this morning and a lot of weird pushing down there from the sprog, so I think I won't risk it! I don't want to have to get the train back to Darlington in full on labour if it all speeds up!

Not that i am stealing Indith's thunder...

And they only wait 12 hours before antibiotics around here. Which is pants.

ooh smile
Surely you're in the same hospital system as Indith though, in Darlington? Or is Darlo just the nearest station?

keep us informed...good luck!

juneybean Mon 05-Mar-12 11:41:09

I'm doing an OU psychology module, really not enjoying it, I've got 1024/1500 words so far, I honestly don't know what to write.

I'm back! Still no news?

Viking- I hope J realises that part of his duties involve updates for me us wink

Leggy- DD said she wants a hat just like yours when she is a big girl!

Not that I know! Was cake good? HiNet, how's the essay?

Juney, stupid phone

cake was good. T now asleep in the car while H is playing in mud gardening

VikingLady Mon 05-Mar-12 12:48:43

spiffy J has a list of people to update grin so I can turf him out of the room with something to do, if he starts to get on my nerves...

Wishing I had cake, though.

Pudden Mon 05-Mar-12 13:09:15

Indith I'm the poottling one <waves>

another benefit of being at home- you can send DHs on random errands round the house when needed. grin When is your due date? is it this week?

Indith Mon 05-Mar-12 13:10:52

Arthur born at home 6.05am after very quick labour. All fine smile

Viking you may now proceed wink

Congratulations gringringrin
Love the name

Pudden Mon 05-Mar-12 13:13:37

oh..just seen above that her waters are trickling. With dd mine went 12 midnight on the Sunday..backwards and forwards to Bishop hospital to check heartrate etc. Labour kept stopping and starting but didn't crack on properly until Tuesday night. Madam was born 8.30 on the wednesday and has proved an awkward little bugger darling ever since

Pudden Mon 05-Mar-12 13:14:15

congratulations..Love the name too

hackneyzoo Mon 05-Mar-12 13:18:19

Congratulations Indith! Lovely name! smile

YAY!!!! Welcome to the world little Arthur. Now you have to be nice to mummy after causing her all this stress grin

VikingLady Mon 05-Mar-12 13:32:20

Indith congratulations! I shall tell bump that she is now free to get going wink

Unfortunately dh has an urgent medical appointment tomorrow that I need to go to with him, and it is a long way from home, so I expect my waters to go in the waiting room. At least it would take his mind off it!

House stinks of Clary Sage.

Viking an urgent appointment tomorrow sounds just the recipe for going into labour tonight grin

Indith congratulations! And welcome to the world Arthur! Wonderful news

juneybean Mon 05-Mar-12 17:41:34

Yayyyy welcome to the world little Arthur!!

SPB - been at work this afternoon so haven't added any more, going to have to work hard tonight to finish it to hand it in tomorrow! Rawr!

Indith Mon 05-Mar-12 21:08:34

Viking you have to go into labour with such an important appointment.

My baby is so very snuggly and he smells amazing smile

Hello Pudden smile

We cut it very fine you know. Contractions started 4.15! Had 3 at 10 min intervals, got up intending to potter but they sped right up. Called hospital, spoke to MW on call at 5am, she came straight away. I was 6cm. We ran out of hot water so no pool. I bellowed, got some gas. Broke the mouthpiece (dh found this very amusing due to being sat next to escaping gas grin). Lots of pressure, resisted pushing until it felt right, delivered on all 4s oiver the birth ball. It was really easy! I was pushing the head out and expecting it to get worse but it was out!

grin at DH getting the benefit of the g&a. A has always hankered after trying it but I've never been willing to share grin

It sounds like a good birth even if the run up to it wasn't so good! He certainly kept us you waiting. Am envy at your lovely newborn snuggles.

Right Viking, your turn now. smile Our pompoms are all ready and waiting no pressure

Fantastic birth grin
Did your DCs enjoy meeting him?

Oo, am envy at the two hour labour! Although a shame about the hot water and no pool.

Looking forward to new-baby adoration!

KaraStarbuckThrace Tue 06-Mar-12 15:51:28

Grr at no hot water, but yey for quick birth!
Enjoy your snuggles.
Now all you need to do is organise cake delivery :D

Quiet thread at the moment, how's eeryone doing?

VikingLady Wed 07-Mar-12 09:51:07

MW check up yesterday, apparently may now be breech and have scan to check this at 4pm today (earliest they could fit me in). Since I have already started getting a lot of the signs I do not find this reassuring... I won't go into icky details since this is NOT a TMI thread!

So now have crossed legs until 4pm.

But the midwife does seem to be a bit of a moron. She's semi retired and keeps forgetting to do various checks, can never tell which way up it is (though no one else seems to have any trouble), is VERY interventionist and EXTREMELY anti home birth. So not sure I believe her...

Oo, Viking who's your midwife? I had a pair of semi-retired MWs during my pregnancy. One was rather scattier than the other!

Good luck with the scan

Indith Wed 07-Mar-12 11:34:35

Hope the scan goes well. Grr to rubbish MW. Such a shame. Still, when older MWs trained it was very medicalised so not surprising.

Must say, though I was stressed out with the whole waters going lack of contractions, induction thing everyone was very much "this is the guideline, what do you want? Are you happy with X?" which looking back on I'm impressed by. They seem to have changed a lot in the past 5 years, I've noticed things being far more mother centred through this whole pregnancy.

VikingLady Wed 07-Mar-12 12:37:45

Midwife is Barbara. She was lovely for the first 6 months; she only started being negative when I said I wanted a hb. I'm not surprised that she is very interventionist but it would be nice if I could pick a mw who was in line with what I wanted! If we win the lottery tonight I am paying for a private mw!

Euromillions win: I will set up a fund for independent mws to help with hbs.

grr to possible breech. Still a scan is reassuring that they are actually pointing the right way if you don't 100% trust the mw. I had one 2 days before T was born (to check his size) and the sonographer talked me through his lie and that the fact that he was in absolutely the best position for birth which was great.

Are you ok for getting to the hospital if you've had loads of signs?

Indith Wed 07-Mar-12 17:22:54

Soooooo proper details. Hope you are home from your scan now Viking and that the bump is behaving herself!

On Sunday I has lots of mucus coming away whenever I went to the loo then through the day I started going more and more often and eventually put a pad in when I started feeling rather damp between wees too grin. Afternoon started getting later and was getting liquid not just mucus. Never having had my waters go before labour before I mostly ignored it and hoped I could at least get the dcs to bed before anything happened.

Dcs in bed at 7 and was less moist and more constantly dripping so called the hospital who said I had to go in to be checked out and to bring an overnight bag though so long as all was well I would be able to go home. Lovely friend who lives up the road came down, fully expecting to be there all night, luckily Monday is not a work day for her so we knew she would drag the dc up to hers in the morning and deliver them to school/nursery along with hers if need be and off we went to hospital with me getting more and more stressed. Got hooked straight up to monitor, ds bounced around merrily and they were happy with colour of waters so didn't even do an internal. Apparently I had a couple of contractions while on the monitor but I couldn't feel them (MW who did my sweep Friday said I was having a tightening while she was examining me too and was quite surprised I had no idea!). They let me go after sorting out timescale for induction/antibiotics etc. They were lovely about it really, very good at telling us guidelines but asking me what I was happy with and leaving things as long as possible to allow HB. I knew I could have refused induction and ABs and insisted on regular temp checks etc instead but tbh I couldn't be bothered by that point with the logistics of it (going in daily for monitoring, dh notwasting paternity therefore being at work, still having school runs, what if I went in for temp/monitor session and ended up not leaving....) so we agreed on 9am for induction in the hopes that things would be far enough along that we could avoid ABs.

Got home to surprise of friend, sorted out if we needed to we'd throw the dcs at her in the morning then I sat up way too late rolling on ball because I thought I should stay active to have a chance of labour starting and stressing. Neither of us thought about the fire. Ooops! Dh convinced me to come to bed, sensibly pointing out that with the others I had no signs of labour at all then it started while I was asleep. Finally 4.18 I felt a contraction. 4.28 another. 4.38 another. Got up to potter, straight away they got more frequent but still very short so I phoned hospital. Nice lady on phone tried to tell me if they were 10 mins apart, short and I was breathing through them then I probably had a way to go so I rather sharply told her that when I get going I go fast and she needed to call the community MW grin. Spoke to CMW at 5, she was here around 5.30 by which time I was draped over the ball and rocking on all 4s. She called the second and told her I was "contracting like a good'un". Dh who had been setting up pool came and told me there wasn't enough water because we'd not built the fire up earlier. I did not understand what he was trying to tell me. MW merrily got on with getting a sheet and some padding under my knees on the basis I was not moving anywhere and I got on the gas and promptly broke the mouthpiece rocking against the ball so dh shared the benefit grin.

Head came down really suddenly and I started grunting but knew I wasn't ready to push so held off a bit. Few more contractions, 2nd MW arrived to the relief of the first and I got a little more upright to push. Felt myself start to stretch round the head, had moment of panic about tearing (not needed stitches before but with dd had a tiny tear towatds the rear and things not been quite the same since) but asked MW to apply pressure and it made a huge difference. They told me he was getting tired and I needed to get him out straight away and they got the oxygen ready and told me if needed then we couldn't delay cord clamping etc. I nodded but didn't pay much attention because the same happened with the others, I must do something odd in labour grin. Head came out really easily, I honestly though I had at least twice as much to stretch! The rest of him followed next contraction, he yelled, I scooped him up and no oxygen was needed. It was 6.05 smile

I rubbed him down a bit then we went onto the sofa and snuggled up and fed for an hour. The dcs woke up and came to peer at him then at 7 the afyerpains were killing all enjoyment so we cut the cord and I had the injection to evict the placenta which helped take some of the intensity off. He was weighed, I had a shower, everyone left and somehow dh got the big ones off to school and nursery.

So far so good. He is feeding well and now my milk is in he seems a bit happier between feeds. He is a velcro baby like his brother. You could put dd down and she would stay asleep but definitely not this one!

oooh lovely story. Good job they listened to you and sent a mw as you wouldn't have wanted to cut it any finer grin

How are the afterpains now? I found they were worse than labour. How are the other DCs with him? Enjoying life as a family of 5?

VikingLady Wed 07-Mar-12 19:19:34

So glad yours went well, Indith!

Am breech. Appointment tomorrow to try and turn it, but the bum is well down and they are not optimistic. Not a happy bunny tonight. Off now to invert myself off the edge of the sofa.

Indith Wed 07-Mar-12 19:35:34

Oh no! What are your options? Are they happy to do vaginal delivery at all or is it section?

There is a fair bit on the campaign for normal birth about reclaiming breech as an alternative presentation rather than a problem but of course the skills are lacking and need to be relearned.

oh bugger. Have you been on spinningbabies.com/ yet? They have tips for helping shift unco-operative blighters. What is the plan if turning doesn't work? I sent you a text before- if you do have to go in and need any help with getting to hospital then give me a shout.

VikingLady Wed 07-Mar-12 20:17:43

If turning doesn't work, then its c-section. They don't have any staff who are comfortable with breech vaginal births. I was quite surprised at that, since I know a lot of people do manage it! I have to take my hospital bag in tomorrow when they do the turning in case the process distresses the baby - that would be an emergency c-section.

The consultant was very positive about turning it, but said success depends on how far down the birth canal it is (he can't unwedge it if it is well wedged in) and how relaxed I am. So easy to be relaxed... Making up massage oil with essential oils for relaxing, but not much I can do about the constant bhs!

And no food tomorrow until after they've finished with me, in case of caesarian.

I've been on spinningbabies. I'll be doing some inversion before bed, then again several times tomorrow to try and lift it back up again. Unfortunately it feels pretty far down to me...

On the positive side- at least they spotted it and it didn't come as a surprise during the birth. And if it does turn out to be a planned c-section then you will be able to tell your mum so she can get up here.

I hope it all works, will keep my fingers tightly crossed for you- what time is the appointment tomorrow?

VikingLady Wed 07-Mar-12 21:07:22

1pm. And I don't see how she didn't spot it several weeks ago! The bump is exactly the same shape as it has been for at least a month, with the only hard round bit directly under my ribs. What exactly was she meant to be checking when she palpated my tummy? Everyone I saw today said it was obvious! And if it had been spotted a few weeks ago, turning it would be more likely to be successful. Attempting to remain calm.

When I have the next one I am NOT having her as a midwife. She's massively negative anyway.

I want a gin!

have a gin. Or a glass of wine. It won't do any harm as a one off and a small amount at this stage.

Don't think about what might have happened. It'll just make you cross and you'll tense up. Go look at your babygros and think about what you have to look forward to. When I've needed to relax I've found it helpful to lie down and tense every muscle up from my toes all the way up to my ears and then relax them. That way you relax muscles you weren't even aware were tensed.

Good luck for tomorrow. x

Good luck VL. And I agree, have gin if you want it, not too much but enough to relax you.
(assuming your nil by mouth hasn't started?)

juneybean Thu 08-Mar-12 00:22:58

Am I being thick... what on earth do they mean they don't have any staff comfortable delivering breech confused isn't it just another presentation fgs?! (I've obviously been watching too much Call the Midwife where they didn't whinge about such things!)

Great birth story Indith!

VikingLady Thu 08-Mar-12 08:30:29

No gin last night, but a bit of bubbly wine instead wink that dh took it upon himself to fetch me. Bless him, he's trying really hard! Slept with my bum up on pillows last night in the hope of gravity lifting it up from my pelvis a bit so they have a better chance of turning it, and will be stopping work every half an hour or so to invert myself. The cats find this process fascinating...

Very few midwives and drs do breech births now. They've been recommending cs for long enough that they don't have enough practice. I was hoping to win the lottery last night so we could head off to stay in London and find a hospital that deals with it...

Do you get a tummy tuck at the same time as a cs? Looking for a bright side!

Nil by mouth started at 7am.

Indith Thu 08-Mar-12 08:36:03

juney during the 60s/70s midwifery was sidelined really and birth became very medical. Homebirth was no longer the norm and every happened in hospital. Because anything that was less common, such as breech, was now dealt with by Drs in a medical manner the skills to deal with them were pretty much lost. Midwives never saw those cases and were not trained in them. Then of course as time went on those in training didn't learn them because those teaching didn't have them. So basically a lot of places don't have staff who have done enough breech deliveries to be happy doing them so they still get shunted off for sections. It is gradually coming back though as midwifery becomes more prominant again.

Good luck Viking, hope today goes well.

Good luck for today Viking xx
Indith, I'm really enjoying your photos on facebook ... he looks so small and snuggly!

Facebook of course! Just had a look he is so beautiful

Just about to go in a meeting and prob won't be out til 1ish. Best of luck Viking, will keep my fingers crossed for you. Hope it goes to plan.

VikingLady Thu 08-Mar-12 10:59:24

Can your face explode from too much inversion?

VikingLady Thu 08-Mar-12 17:39:50

C Section on Monday. Pants. So not a hb then...

Oh no. Sorry it didn't work. Is there any chance that she could turn before then if you spend the weekend upside down or is she firmly wedged?

At least you can plan now. And you know what her birthday will be! Will you get your mum up for then or wait til you are out of hospital? Are you going to tell the outlaws?

Indith Thu 08-Mar-12 19:19:52

Viking sorry it didn't work sad

As Spiggy said though at least you can plan now. You know you've done your best, it is just one of those things.

If you fancied a last ditch attempt/more advise then this doula spent last weekend at a spinning babies workshop so could have some ideas you've not tried.

VikingLady Thu 08-Mar-12 19:31:55

They reckon it is highly unlikely to move on its own, since there is no space in there - it's measuring pretty big - and the placenta is very much in the way. She's mobile enough, though... I don't think she enjoyed the procedure!

They think I'll be out on Wednesday night, so Mum is coming up Tuesday night so she can drive me back on Wednesday. Otherwise I'd have to come up with a good excuse for refusing a lift from the in laws, in their smoke-filled stinky car, with fil's appalling, jerky, dangerous, old-man driving. They have already bought a car seat. We just told them about it, and they are already giving J grief about not calling them from the hospital earlier today to tell them. They are so not visiting me in hospital! Mind you, post-birth hormones gives me a good excuse for throwing them out when I want to try bf!

The people I saw there today were all very good though, and they answered my questions without making me feel dumb for asking. But honestly - with hips and boobs like mine, I was clearly built for childbirth. How the hell did I end up in the breech minority? I'm contacting god for a refund on those hips. I've comforted myself for YEARS telling myself they would make birth easy!

Having glass of bubbly and eating steak and chocolate tonight. J trying to cheer me up.

And I know it is not the end of the world and I am being very diva about this, but it is so far removed from what I expected! And it limits the number of kids i can safely have. We were planning 4.

Indith Thu 08-Mar-12 19:46:19

Just because this one is breech and a CS doesn't mean the rest will be smile

Inlaws sound like a nightmare, at least that is the advantage of hospital, easier to keep them out!

VikingLady Thu 08-Mar-12 19:51:34

They will insist of giving J a lift home after visiting hours each day, and make him feel bad. We have a rule as they are very toxic parents: I do not leave him alone with them. Ever. Poor boy.

I'll know what to look for in future pregnancies, and I won't place my faith in a midwife I do not trust! She actually said that she'd thought for a few weeks that it might be breech, but wasn't sure! If she'd referrred me at the time, turning would probably have worked! Not sure how reasonable I am being right now, so will decide whether to put in a complaint after the baby is here and I have calmed down. Right now it feels like negligence, but not sure if I am being unreasonable, so have not said anything official.

The current plan is to take this one as it comes, then push J's parents off a cliff before I get pregnant with the next one and inherit enough to pay for an independent mw!

Indith's right- it doesn't mean that future pregnancies will be section as well. You are entitled to feel fed up though. It is hard when reality is so different from what you hoped and planned for.

You wanted a daughter to take after you- she's starting pre-birth with knowing her own mind, getting comfy and not budging wink grin

KaraStarbuckThrace Thu 08-Mar-12 23:11:11

Viking - sorry that the last appt wasn't what you expected, MW sounds very unsupportive! Agree, give that Doula a call, she is very nice, I have met her several times.

juneybean Thu 08-Mar-12 23:57:03

If it's any help my boss had a successful VBAC for no. 2 grin

VikingLady Fri 09-Mar-12 08:44:10

happier today and less negative about the whole thing. After all, people actually voluntarily opt for ELCS, so it can't be that bad! And I'll have a more visible/better excuse for doing no housework afterwards. And I did point out to J that I now have the moral high ground in every argument in perpetuity, since I will have been sliced open to bear his child...

Not so self-indulgently miserable today. Will get on with organising the house for afterwards, then I won't fret about it whilst I am away. List of chores for today: read the meters so we can change suppliers, do last year's tax return, do some actual work, book train tickets for brother's wedding in April so I can tell him I've done it and will go if possible (we're the only family attending so it is important to him), do shopping list for J for tomorrow, do chores list for J for tomorrow (I'm not doing any housework! What if it sets off labour?), deal with all the financial stuff I have been putting off for months.

Thank you for being supportive, and sorry for boring the pants off you/being self indulgent over what is not the end of the world, after all. Just not what I wanted.

Vl sorry to hear your births not going to go as you hoped but glad you're feeling happier today. Hope you're planning to spend the weekend relaxing and looking after yourself. Good luck for Monday, looking forward to hearing your news.

Indith Fri 09-Mar-12 10:26:48

Don't forget to plan some relaxation into that productive weekend!

And you are right, some people choose sections, they are not that bad! My friend had her 3rd section in November. Number 1 child breech, number 2 child transverse. Number 3 was the right way round but after sections she didn't really fancy a VBAC!

Glad you are feeling better. Plan something lovely this weekend as next weekend you will be parents shock shock you'll never have a nice peaceful weekend again

Have you got a time or is it a case of turn up and wait?

3 days to go!!! I'm very excited- can you tell? grin

VikingLady Fri 09-Mar-12 13:56:49

Call at 7am on Monday to make sure we've not been bumped, then in for 8am. Op scheduled for 12.

Housework planned for this weekend. There isn't much fun activity to be planned at this size!Eating a lot of chocolate though...

But so far today I have done the tax return I've been putting off, done some freelance work, and made lists of stuff for J to do.

oooh 12o'clock on 12/3/12. easy to remember smile not that I have to stop and think to work out my children's birthdays, oh no not me

Indith Fri 09-Mar-12 15:09:39

grin spiggy the only way i remember the years is by the MN threads grin so long as i remembeer ds was a due dec06 i'm ok. always get him and dh muddled for tthe day though, darn them being 2 days apart!

DS1 is the day before my mother's birthday. DS2 the day beforeFIL's birthday. DD is 2 days after Christmas. I remember that because DH was desperately hoping she wouldn't turn up on Boxing day as he likes to go to the football then. Does take me a few minutes to work the actual dates out though. DS1 and DD always confuse me by being 07 and 08. I always think they should be further apart grin

KaraStarbuckThrace Sat 10-Mar-12 07:56:34

Good luck for the 12th, Viking! I know it wasn't what you wanted but you are going to meet your baby!!
LOL @ you winning arguments with your DH :D

Just got a text- Viking's DD arrived today. Don't know any more details of the birth and I'll leave weight etc for her to tell you about but they are all fine.

Welcome to the world baby Viking! smile

Indith Sat 10-Mar-12 14:22:04

Congratulations Viking smile

Those chore lists are going to come in useful grin

juneybean Sat 10-Mar-12 15:27:42

Yayy! Welcome another new baby! Congratulations Viking! smile

KaraStarbuckThrace Sat 10-Mar-12 19:30:33

Yippee!! Congrats to Vikinglady and her new little bundle :D

Congratulations Viking grin what a surprise!

VikingLady Sat 10-Mar-12 23:30:56

Waters broke at 8 this morning when i got up, rushed in to labour ward (j pushed me in a wheelchair!) and had her at 11.11! All went well, she's called Verity, and she weighed 8.2. She looked well done so I'm happy! She's got masses of black hair and black eyebrows. Planning next one now...

ahh grin

So...does that mean you did have a VB after all? Or if a CS are you posting on phone?

VikingLady Sat 10-Mar-12 23:50:35

cs and phone. Can't sleep- she has hiccups!

ah ok, was just with you saying labour ward. Oh dear, have you tried playing peek a BOO? grin

You sound so happy, I am a little bit envy at the moment. Enjoy it grin

juneybean Sun 11-Mar-12 00:11:48

Awww welcome little Verity, what a beautiful name!

Yay! And now I can say a proper welcome to Verity smile

Hope you've not had too much bother with the in-laws grin

Enjoy lovely newborn snuggles. I am envy too.

Indith Sun 11-Mar-12 11:17:50

Lovely, lovely name smile Huge congratulations, so glad it went well, if a little unplanned!