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CycleIndia2008 Sun 03-Jun-07 13:07:57

Hi there.. I am from Hamble.. nr Southampton and am looking to meet up with some locals. I have been back from New Zealand now for just over 2 years and have found it difficult meeting others.
I am mother to 3 ages 19, 14 & 4 yes the 4 yr old was like starting all over again!

I have commited myself to doing a charity cycle ride next year and to be honest am getting nervous.. Was featured in the local rag this week too in order to spread the word and get some fundraising going

Anyways .. hope some of you local ladies drop in for a chat soon.. take care and bye for now xx

EllieK Sun 03-Jun-07 13:10:37

there's quite a few ladies down that way I think, I know there are regular Brighton meet-ups

EllieK Sun 03-Jun-07 13:28:43

take a look at this

CycleIndia2008 Sun 03-Jun-07 14:02:18

thanks EllieK .. Brighton is good for a meet up although not regular as funds are tight.
Hope to come acroos a few more local though

Where are you from?

EllieK Sun 03-Jun-07 17:01:42

I'm from Suffolk so nowhere near you i'm afraid

coming down to Brighton for an Ante-Natal thread meet-up in a few weeks tho

mamanoodle Mon 04-Jun-07 12:08:29

Hiya - I'm living down a (quite long) road from you in bishops waltham..i'm mammy to a 3 year old and a 3 month old, kind of struggling second time around...just need sleeeeeeep.....

Hi Cycleindia2008
A few of us who live in southampton are getting together on Friday 15th June at Playshack (formerly Krazy Kingdom) in Hedge End at 1.30. Anyone in this are is welcome to join us the more the merrier.

CycleIndia2008 Tue 05-Jun-07 10:34:02

Hi there... what thread do you all post on then? Never seem to find any others on here?

Playshack would be great, although my little one is away for a few days not sure she'll be back by then! Typical! We have been there before and she loves it. Will do my upmost though.. thanks

Hey Cycle
Would be great if you could make it even if you come on your own. I for one would love to meet some more mums in my area and my DD would love to meet new friends too

CycleIndia2008 Tue 05-Jun-07 13:30:48

OK.. I will come along with or without my little one. How will I know who you are? As I know it gets pretty busy in the afternoons. you can email me through HERE

Look forward to meeting some more locals

Not sure how we will all know each other yet but think there may be four of us so we will have to come up with something to recognise each other. Any ideas?
Will email you direct next week to confirm and looking forward to meeting you all

CycleIndia2008 Tue 05-Jun-07 17:40:46

Not sure.. perhaps arrange to sit in a particular spot with a balloon tied to the chair.. hehe

mamanoodle Tue 05-Jun-07 19:07:42

..is it a closed group or can anyone join???

Hey mamanoodle
You are welcome to join in. Some of us are meeting at playshack formerly krazy kingdom in Hedge End at 1.30 on Friday 15th June. The more the merrier if you fancy it.

CycleIndia2008 Tue 05-Jun-07 22:26:14

hi ya Mamanoodle bishops waltham isnt too far, I go up to Marwell activity centre sometimes so we could arrange to meet up there sometime too

rosepetal1 Wed 06-Jun-07 14:02:44

Hi all,

I have been too busy at work to log on this week, but just popped in and found this thread, good to know more people can make next week. Looking forward to meeting you all

mamanoodle Wed 06-Jun-07 14:20:32

Hiya - is Hedge ENd the place wit the really really big Marks and Spencers???!!! Got really crap sense of direction ...

Was goin to say CycleIndia - if your little one isn't there, you can borrow one of mine..

rosepetal1 Wed 06-Jun-07 14:52:03

Yes that's the one, have to say I'm not 100% sure how to get there only been there once and only lived in Fair Oak since August.

If it helps mamanoodle you can go onto AA.com and do a route planner, post code for the place is SO30 2FX.

How long have you lived in Bishops Waltham? My DP lived there before we moved in together last year.

CycleIndia2008 Wed 06-Jun-07 14:58:42

LOL.. Mamanoodle .. I am sure I can cope without for a day how many kids you got again? And yes that is Hedge End, Playshack isn't far from M & S

Rosepetal1 .. where abouts are you?

mamanoodle Wed 06-Jun-07 14:59:41

hiya - thanks for the directions think i just head to botley and keep going...i've only been in bishops waltham since last july and jsut had a baba there in march so am still finding my feet here...

mamanoodle Wed 06-Jun-07 15:02:12

oh ps 2 kids, one shouty boy of 3, one dd 3 months, both complete handfuls in very different ways...

rosepetal1 Wed 06-Jun-07 15:03:59

I know that much but not sure where to go once in Hedge End, sure I will find it

My DS is 3.10 so I have kind of forgotten what it's like to have a new born, although am a little broody at the mo and would love another but can't really have one just yet.

mamanoodle Wed 06-Jun-07 15:17:01

oooh message disappeared - was just saying that its utterly MAD having a 3 year old and a 3 month old, feel like I spend most of my time wiping bums...didn't know what I was doing first time round, have absolutely NO CLUE second time round.

rosepetal1 Wed 06-Jun-07 15:20:03

I thought it was supposed to be easier second time round. Your DS sounds a little like mine, very hectic

mamanoodle Wed 06-Jun-07 15:25:45

Anyone who says its easier second time round is telling a great big fat fib...think some people are just better at being mammies..? DS is completely hectic, into everything, loves climbing and throwing himslef around and doesn't quite understand that dd doesn't really liked being jumped on...she bounces quite well luckily

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