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Essex Mums are you out there?

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I live in Benfleet and have a 5 month old DS.

Anyone near by????



lulumama Thu 11-Jan-07 20:14:26

hi, i know there are some loughton mums, my sister is one of them, don;t know if that is near you...but there are essex mums about ! hang on in there..they'll find you !

hertsnessex Thu 11-Jan-07 20:19:33

Hi Little Harrys Mum!

I live in sheering which is in between harlow and bishops stortford, although its herts, im a whole 5feet from essex!!! Benfleet is a bit of a way from me but ill get my sister in Law to log on as she lives in rayleigh and has a 11mths old!


Thanks guys


hertsnessex Fri 12-Jan-07 11:17:25

come on you essex mums.......!!!

Yeah come on guys, of all the mums with buggies I see around at least one of you has to be a MNer

lulumama Fri 12-Jan-07 14:09:39

is benfleet near loughton? i am oop norf !

KezzaG Fri 12-Jan-07 14:18:27

Benfleet is about 40 miles from Loughton. I am near Loughton so a bit far from me too. Im sure there must be others closer thouigh.

lulumama Fri 12-Jan-07 16:16:22

my sister is in loughton..when we next visit. we;ll have to get together kezza!

marimum Fri 12-Jan-07 16:52:18

I am in Epping and would like to meet new mums!

KezzaG Fri 12-Jan-07 17:40:53

I would love to know what you look like Lulu, deffo let me know when you are around. Loughton is v posh, we looked there but house prices were too high. And everyone seemed to be blonde, tanned and drive a porsche LOL.

Marimum, maybe we already know each other. Do you go to any toddler groups or anything?

lulumama Fri 12-Jan-07 17:41:59

there is a pic of me and babylulu on my msn !!! my sis nothing like that..although they have a BMW!!!! xx

littlecallumsmum Fri 12-Jan-07 19:22:19

Hi Harry's Mum

I am in Rayleigh....as my sister in law said i have a 11 month old....well 12 months next saturday !!

Hi callums mum!

See we were both as inventive as each other when choosing our names

Have you been to any meet-ups around here or a member of any good baby groups? I am rubbish and have no other mum friends!

So if you fancy of coffee (or a sneaky glass of wine) ???


Hey Kezza I am blonde tanned and drive a porsche, well when I could afford highlights, holidays and the car repayments


alfiesmum Sat 13-Jan-07 08:48:07

Hi Harrys mum, Im in Benfleet/Hadleigh where abouts in Benfleet are you? I've got two boys aged 3 1/2 and 14 months.

KezzaG Sat 13-Jan-07 09:07:51

Your right LHM, none of these Loughton lovlies had kids in tow, so had the time and money to put in such effort.

There is another mum on here close to Epping Marimum, maybe we should organise a meet up of our own.

alfiesmum - I'm just past Kents Hill off London Road whereabouts are you?

Kezza it all goes to pot when you pop out a baby! Well that's my excuse anyway

Bubbaloo Sat 13-Jan-07 18:58:57

Hi There,

I'm not that near to any of you,but also not that far away either.We're in Chadwell Heath,not far from Romford and have a 19 month old Ds and another due in April.

taylormama Sun 14-Jan-07 13:33:51

i am a Loughton mummy (sadly lacking in blonde highlights tho' <<snort>>) ... would love to meet up at some point ... Marimum - i am v near Epping ... anyway wherever we meet up wine is more my tipple LOL!!!!

alfiesmum Sun 14-Jan-07 14:02:06

Im just off Benfleet road near the magnets roundabout x

hertsnessex Sun 14-Jan-07 14:47:23

nice to see you on here littlecallumsmum!

as my sister in law i forbid you to ever look under the mother-in-law posts!!!! only messing!!

littlecallumsmum Sun 14-Jan-07 19:50:04

Hi little harry mum!

I have not really attended any groups really just meet up with a few ante-natal friends once a week for a bit of lunch and a catch up but if ever you fancy it you are more than welcome to join us ??

Where abouts are you in benfleet ?? Starting to get to know benfleet a bit better....since joining benfleet running club so i may even know where you are !!!..... I am not far from the rayleigh weir.


littlecallumsmum Sun 14-Jan-07 19:53:01

hey hertsnessex !!

Is there really a place for posting stuff about you mother in law....... i am going to be on there all the time !! HA HA


hertsnessex Mon 15-Jan-07 19:45:40

hiya littlecallumsmum,

theres a 'relationships' board where some times - some people - can post and have a moan!!


claireh11 Wed 17-Jan-07 21:18:24

Hi littleharrysmuma and alfiesmum (again) I live in Thundersley with my 4yr old son and my friend is a nanny lives in Daws Heath Rd, Hadleigh she has a 5 yr old dd, 4 month old dd and is soon to be nanny to another 4 month old girl and a 2yr old boy.

Looking for mroe things to do, did you fancy meeting up somewhere or do you go to any groups?

marimum Tue 23-Jan-07 15:58:23

taylormama, sorry for delayed response. If you fancy a glass of vino or a cup of tea in the high street sometime then let me know!

lulumama Tue 23-Jan-07 16:02:18

marimum-- taylormama is my sister..glad she found you !x

jazzybabe Wed 24-Jan-07 14:45:04

hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo im lesley i live in town and have 2 girls who are 8 months and 20 months am fed up with being stuck in doors for ages while it rains and blows and possibly snows looking out the window at mo think i have nmet alfies mum once in the past at the shore house !!!i wasnt there long as my one kicked off big time and never got to drink my large glass of wine

wurlywurly Wed 24-Jan-07 14:49:52

just wanted to say hi, i'm an essex mum bit far out tho, we are in dagenham.

KezzaG Wed 24-Jan-07 14:52:11

what about meeee, ME ME ME <<jumping up and down and waving arms>>

If you organise an Epping/Loughton meet up without me I will gatecrash

jazzybabe what town are you in?

yummymummylu Wed 24-Jan-07 15:11:16

Hi, Just thought I'd add on!!!
I live in Romford and have a 5month old DS.
Am going back to work soon but would love to meet some 'mummy' friends as all my friends are still party animals!
Would be good to hear from others


wurlywurly Wed 24-Jan-07 15:52:53

yummymummylu you are probably a bus ride from me

Bubbaloo Wed 24-Jan-07 17:04:11

And I'm near both of you,in Chadwell Heath.

wurlywurly Wed 24-Jan-07 18:23:06

we will have to meet up for a cuppa

Bubbaloo Wed 24-Jan-07 22:18:24

How old are your Lo's Wurlywurly? I've got a 19 month old ds and another due in about 12 weeks time.Whereabouts in Dagenham are you?

marimum Thu 25-Jan-07 08:53:05

taylormama and lulumama - when can you meet? I am at home Mondays and Tuesdays

funkimummy Thu 25-Jan-07 09:04:08

OK - this'll make you laugh. I'm an Essex mum. Nowhere near any of you lot though. Burnham on Crouch (back of beyond sailing village/town.) Where all the locals are yocals (me included!!)

Any takers to anywhere REMOTELY near where I live?

jazzybabe Thu 25-Jan-07 09:22:20

im from southend on sea so although im from essex no where near you lot lol

wurlywurly Thu 25-Jan-07 09:29:13

i have a 7yo and a 2yo. am right by morrisons on woodlane.

Bubbaloo Thu 25-Jan-07 10:15:56

You're not that far at all then-We're just behind the Moby Dick.

Funkimummy-Is Burnham on Crouch really in Essex?.We went on holiday there a few years back and loved it.

funkimummy Thu 25-Jan-07 10:37:50

Bubbaloo. Yes it is most definitely in Essex!!

Did you stay on one of the caravan parks? I love Burnham. It's so quiet round here, the local newspaper called for witnesses to a dreadful 'attack' on some innocent passers by in town. Turns out a few kids swore at these two blokes a bit and called one of them gay. Phew, what a crime wave!

If you live behind the Moby Dick, are you in Southend, or have I got my geography all wrong!!

wurlywurly Thu 25-Jan-07 10:38:49

think your are getting confused funki

funkimummy Thu 25-Jan-07 10:42:47

?? I was replying to Bubbaloo's comments about Burnham ??

How's that getting confused?

funkimummy Thu 25-Jan-07 10:50:10

Ah <<penny drops>> Wurly, I gotcha. Forgive me, the first cup of coffee has barely kicked in this morning!!! Either that or it's the sea air and snow getting to me!

Bubbaloo Thu 25-Jan-07 12:51:52

Yes,we stayed at Haven in Burnham and really enjoyed it.
No,I'm in Chadwell Heath although strangely enough we may be moving to Southend at some point next year.The Moby Dick I was referring to is the one on the Eastern Ave,but there are a few around,so Southend could have one too.

jazzybabe Thu 25-Jan-07 22:59:49


funkimummy Fri 26-Jan-07 11:37:54

God, is there a haven in Burnham?

I've only lived here practically my whole life!

Ah Southend, just across the water then!

Bubbaloo Fri 26-Jan-07 19:06:58

Funkimummy-It may of been a "British Holidays" park but they've now merged with Haven so are all one now.

lak114 Mon 29-Jan-07 12:32:48

Hi im laura and have a 7 month old DS and I live in southend!

yummymummylu Mon 29-Jan-07 12:50:12

Hi havent checked this post in a while sorry!
I live just pass the Moby Dick, Im in between Romford and Collier Row.

Am goin back to work next week (BOOOO!) so would be able to meet up on a friday if your still free?

jazzybabe Wed 31-Jan-07 10:38:59

hi laura lol

lak114 Wed 31-Jan-07 20:38:40

hi lesley i found it lol

mygirlsmum Thu 01-Feb-07 12:39:47

hi funkimummy im also 28 i have 4 dds and i live in stow maries not far from you

marimum Thu 01-Feb-07 13:04:00

does anyone fancy meeting up in the next few weeks?

sarahkent85 Thu 01-Feb-07 20:44:18

Hey everyone,

im sarah, 21 from ongar in essex, near epping.
i moved from kent 2 years ago and live with my partner and 3 children.
would love to meet up with anyone, dont know too many people around the area as i was living in loughton then moved to ongar only last october so still getting used to the area.
anyway look forward to getting to know you all.
take care

sarahkent85 Thu 01-Feb-07 20:56:20

hey everyone,
im sarah 21 from ongar in essex. i have 3 children age 5, 22mths and 7months.
recently moved from kent to ongar with my partner and 3 kids. i work as an online retailer and also a childminder.
would love to get to know you all and come to any meet ups.
take care

jazzybabe Fri 02-Feb-07 10:12:29

wed love too but dont think were near enough

marimum Fri 02-Feb-07 10:32:46

SarahKent85 I am in Epping and although i don't drive I could meet up

sarahkent85 Fri 02-Feb-07 13:48:12

jazzybabe where are you from???

marimum, do you fancy meeting up some point next week in epping? could do lunch or just a drink? i wont have my eldest as he will be at school but ill have my youngest 2 with me? be good to get out the house, my partners been ill with man flu for the past week ARGHHHH!!!
let me know what you think

marimum Fri 02-Feb-07 15:40:19

sure. I work from home 2 days a week (Monday and Tuesday) and have a 19mnth old girl...so could meet one afternoon on one of those days

sarahkent85 Fri 02-Feb-07 20:38:06

i cant do tuesday day time but i can do monday day time if thats good with you?
what sort of time was you thinking?

marimum Mon 05-Feb-07 15:21:27

SarahKent85...sorry for the late response. How is next week for you? Let me know of a time (afternoon maybe) that we could meet.
Hope you are still available!

sarahkent85 Mon 05-Feb-07 17:13:05

thank god lol,
ive got bad flu and harmany has chicken pox so next week is brilliant for me but im goin gaway on wednesday so either monday or tuesday afternoon? u pick the day lol.

marimum Thu 08-Feb-07 12:23:53

How about Tuesday afternoon? 2ish?

sarahkent85 Thu 08-Feb-07 14:55:33

yup tuesday is great with me providing weather isnt like today!!! LOL.
i will write tuesday on calendar, could u do bit earlier on tuesdya as i have to be back for 3:30 really for when my son gets back from school.

marimum Fri 09-Feb-07 12:51:49

How about 1.30?

sarahkent85 Sat 10-Feb-07 11:43:17

1:30 is great with me!!

how do i get this cat thin gso we can arrange the place to meet?

wehre abouts on the website is the option?


marimum Mon 12-Feb-07 12:04:07

Oh i don't know...I am really new to this! Wanna meet at Costa coffee at the top of the high street tomorrow at 1.30? Sorry to be so direct. Hope you are feeling better

sarahkent85 Mon 12-Feb-07 18:05:47

LOL! yeh thats fine with me :D

i forgot my son isnt at school this week cause of half term lol so i will have all 3 with me unless i leave arren at home, if he wants to come too ill bring him with me.
look forward to seeing you tomorrow :D ill be outside with my double buggy :D

marimum Mon 12-Feb-07 18:06:58

bring them all! You can come back to my hous eif you like? I don't live far from the high street. Looking forward to it Sarah! Seeyou then

mollicat Mon 12-Feb-07 18:24:14

Hi I'm molicat,

I live in southend on sea, I have a 9 month old and a 3 year old

sarahkent85 Mon 12-Feb-07 19:13:25


ull regret it LOL, no they are all really well behaved ( they prob play up now ive said that) i dont drive so neil will probably pick me up but ill get the bus down. so i will see you at half 1 hehe cant wait.
take care and see you tomorrow :D

sarahkent85 Mon 12-Feb-07 19:14:51

hey molicat!!

hows you?? i have 3 children 7mths, 22mths and 5yrs. and i live in ongar.
tend to go southend and basildon now and again though.

look forward to getting to know you


jazzybabe Fri 16-Feb-07 11:23:35

HEY MOLICAT another southender here i have a 20 month old and 8 month old, well 8 1/2 month old must of just missed you in the hospital lol where abouts in town are you

michaelad Fri 16-Feb-07 11:36:34

Hi everyone,
I am a 37yr old mum of two little boys (aged 4 yrs and 20 months), live in Writtle near Chelmsford, with no driving license and would love to meet some new people. Am not a very "mummsy" mum which is what kept me from going to toddler groups . Anyone near by?

vicky55 Sat 17-Feb-07 22:10:39

Hi everyone im vicky 22, i live in southend and have a 14 month old little girl and expecting another baby in july!

KayVeeKayBee Sat 17-Feb-07 23:53:29

One Essex Mum here!
I live in Dagenham - close to Chadwell Heath actually (Green Lane).
DS is now 14 months old. I've been back at work for 9 months and hating every second of it. Would like to meet other mums as I am beginning to become a recluse. Don't drive and I'm quite lazy (especially when it's cold)- plus I've convinced myself that I like staying home all weekend and actually get very nervous about going out at all .

mygirlsmum Sun 18-Feb-07 10:09:04

hi everyone im jo im 28 and have 4 dds i live in stow maries nr south woodham ferrers [you might not know it cause its such a small village] blink and youll miss it anyone nr to me at all

jazzybabe Sun 18-Feb-07 22:16:23

oooh theres few appearing near or from southend helllooooo

Mummy2TandF Mon 19-Feb-07 23:54:41

Hi all - Sorry to crash this thread, I am in Romford (so not that far from you) and have a ds of 2 and a dd oof 16 weeks. I am trying to arrange a Mile For Maude. If you would be interested in joining me please let me know here

Mummy2TandF Mon 19-Feb-07 23:57:10

Oh I forgot - for those who haven't yet heard of A Mile For Maude here is more info

Mummy2TandF Tue 20-Feb-07 21:46:19

jazzybabe Thu 22-Feb-07 08:52:29

where is everyone !!!!

sarahkent85 Thu 22-Feb-07 14:34:51

hey everyone,

any exciting plans for the weekend???

the weather is so dull today hopefully better for the weekend, were thinking of taking the kids to the old ongar railway for a ride on it. im quite excited myself! lol

NessMelCads Thu 22-Feb-07 19:30:38

Hello i am new to this board but wanted to introduce myself, i am Vanessa i am 27 and live in southend on sea. I have 2 girls 26 mnths and 8 mnths. As im carless as of next week i need to find morew friends local and to chat to on line. i am a sahm at the moment but i am usually a primary school teacher.

jazzybabe Fri 23-Feb-07 07:57:23

hi vanessa, where abouts in town do you live i live off bournemouth, i also have similar age gaps i have 2 girls aged 21 months and 9 months how do you find it do you cope i do only just lol have a night mare trying to get out of the house though , have to start planning 2 hours before and even then im usually late lol
havent got any thing plannes thi weekend as were having new kitchen done and the works starting tonight actiually as in pulling out cupboards electrician coming sunday plasterer monday all i can thin of is the meeeeesssss

NessMelCads Fri 23-Feb-07 08:28:10

Hi Jazzybebe its great to hear that someone else has 2 girls a similar age gap, not easy heh. Mine are both ill at the moment so thats fun and soon i'll have no car and will be stuck in. I live off woodgrange drive. Need to find some more local groups do you know any good ones, i go to one in thorpe bay, 1 in town and one at st.peters church. not sure im gonna be able to get to them once car is gone. Christ church is near me so i may try that one. Nice chatting with you, hope to chat more soon.

jazzybabe Fri 23-Feb-07 09:46:58

hiya sorry your are illmust be a nightmare when there both ill touch wood mine have only had colds but at seperate times usually one after the other though lol i know woodgrange not far from me im down central, there was loads of girls from southend on here at one timeon another thread we all met up at the shore house dont know where theyve all gone though. Do you go to the sure start one in town !! i use to go there but when i had amberley jasmine was too old for the baby bit andit was a nght mare, i go to one on a tuesday afternoon down hobbleythick lane its in a church very good there two large halls full of toys arts and craft tea coffee bickies free only cost a pound for 2 hours also its great as its in afternoon , my two have a 2 hour nap ion mornings and most of the m and b groups are in the mornings,Havent tried any of the other groups round the area usually meet up with mums from other sites at monkey business in hockley, thats a good place to go if youve never been nt far from train station either ,roll on the summer i say hate this weather can never be bothered to go out or do much at least in the summer everyone goes out to the park or beach

NessMelCads Fri 23-Feb-07 16:43:16

What lovely names youve given your girls i like unusual names, as a teacher i see kids with all names so mine are unusual too, Melody and Cadence, they are both musical terms as i am a music specialist teacher. (well was) i used tro go ever week to the breast feeding group at sure start and creative fun on thursdays but njow withno car looks like i wont be a regular. i know 2 friendsa down central ave ones just had a new baby. Where is hobleythick lane?? have heard of it but cant figure out where it is. Great talking witrh you i do come on quite regular so i'll look out for your posts. Take care, shame about the other mums from southend, were they nice??

lak114 Fri 23-Feb-07 18:34:49

Hi Vanessa,

I dont suppose you used to work at Chalkwell School did you?
If so I was the pregnant student there this time last year - we worked together a few times!
But in case your not my name is Laura and I have a little boy William who is 7 and a half months now!

lak114 Fri 23-Feb-07 18:37:47

Oh and by the way Hobleythick Lane is a really good group I go with Lesley, Hobleythick Lane is by the road that Southend High School for Boys is on by the Bell pub.

NessMelCads Fri 23-Feb-07 20:17:40

Hi there Laura, yes i remember you and yes you did work with me. As you can see i had a girl Cadence she is 8 mnths today. Hows things? are you qualified yet?? are you gonna go to work?? whatever you do dont work at CHIS i have resigned now as want to be a mummy for a while. Small world meeting you again on here.

lak114 Fri 23-Feb-07 21:10:46

Hi Congratulations!!!!!
Well i finished my degree in Early Childhood Studies and Education but need to do the PGCE still but will do that when Will is older as I want to stay with him!
Things are good thanks how about with you?
Not much between our 2 then Will is 8 months on the 10th March so just a few weeks apart lol!
It is funny meeting you on here I read it earlier and didnt think anything of it and was re-reading it earlier this evening when I realised it might be you.
Shame you wont have your car soon you will have to let us know if you find another good baby group and maybe we could come along one day, will be nice to see you and meet your little ones!

Mummy2TandF Fri 23-Feb-07 21:28:21

Hiya everyone - I did leave a message the other day but it seems to have got lost amongst the posts - I don't know if any of you have read about the "A Mile for Maude" event that we are arranging in memory of the daughter of a fellow mumsnetter here is the info - as we are combining a few areas in Essex, we are thinking of doing the walk in a Park in Romford - if you would be interested please let me know here Or alternatively if you are unable to take part, you are able to make a donation here atA Mile For Maude Essex I hope that you are all well and hope to speak soon

jazzybabe Fri 23-Feb-07 23:44:53

how funny you two should know each other that happened tp me on another site i was talking to the woman who lives directly opposite me lol i can see her house from my lounge lol , Yeah hobbleythick lane is by the new bell carvery the church pretty much opposite, your friend down central whos just had a baby not by any chance had a boy have they and the dad has ginger hair !! as some one a few doors away has not sure of h is name but my other half always chats to him ,

jazzybabe Fri 23-Feb-07 23:45:58

mummy2tandf sorry didnt mean to ignore your post ive just bought a runnign machine and can barely walk for ten mins on it let alone anything else so i darent sign up as im not feeling too fit at mo sorry

KayVeeKayBee Sat 24-Feb-07 01:38:47

I hope I am not breaking any rules here and if I am, I will happily take a slap on the wrist. I've just started a new Hi5 Group called Essex Mums and Dads - check it out. Mumsnet is wonderful but sometimes my eyes boggle with all the various topics - and my concentration just isn't what it use to be. Plus you can share pictures and video clips. You may have to sign up to Hi5 to access. Just an idea.

NessMelCads Sat 24-Feb-07 08:30:17

Not used to this thing and keep loosing my messages. Laura werent you the one who looked 1 mnth preg when really late on in preg and i was like a beached whale, put me to shame. My frind down your road jazzy had a ginger boy but he is 8 mnths, i also have a friend who just had a baby girl down that road. would be great to meet up just name a place and time as long as walking distance i cant do buses with 2. Unless its next week coz still got the car then?

lak114 Sat 24-Feb-07 10:18:16

lol yh that was me lol only out on 17lbs in my whole pregnancy and Will was nearly 9of those lol!
Well baby group down Hobleythick Lane is on on Tuesday 1-3 (we normally get there about half 1 tho) if you fancy it Vanessa?

NessMelCads Sat 24-Feb-07 11:18:22

would have loved to but i go to 2 groups on a tues, 1 at 11 in town and 1 at 1.30 at st.peters church shoebury. I take somneone to the afternoon one so cant cancel it really. I think tues is my only day with car as well but may get it occasionally another day if dh doesnt need it. What do you do the other days??

NessMelCads Sat 24-Feb-07 11:19:59

I know a few people that go to that group im going to their little girls 1st bday today. You may know them, she has 2 girls similar age gap between them and mine.

lak114 Sat 24-Feb-07 12:04:32

Ah thats a shame!
I tend not to plan too far ahead during the week as things never seem to go to plan lol.
Tuesdays are a regular thing tho for me, Lesley also meets some other mums at a place called Monkey Business on a friday nr Hockley Station but I havent managed to make it up there myself yet even though i do drive lol!
My partner James is off Thursday and Friday this week so we will spend it together but i will work on Thursday as still do my part time job in Customer Services to pay for car insurance etc!
I only do one day a week and always on a day that James is off so I dont have to send Will to a nursery!
How about you what do you get up to during the rest of the week?
I cant imagine not having my car - what will you do without it????

jazzybabe Sat 24-Feb-07 13:37:55

would be great to meet up as dont often meet people with two AND similar age gap would of said party round mine (kids of course) but my kitchen is going under or is under demolitian at the mo it looks horrible we just took cupboards of walls tiles of and plaster off it looks like a bomb has hit it , next week pretty buzy all week what about week after maybe we could arrange something some where !! any ideas any one
Laura i can well believe you looked one month pregnant at the end as you dont really look like youve had a baby any way but im assuming that because your young unlike me who has to breath in most of the time and i too looked like a beached whale but at the begining of my pregnancy lol and am now filled with fear at the thought of goingon a beach in aug

lak114 Sat 24-Feb-07 14:11:46

lol yh i left Chalkwell at 7months lol the weight did just disappear after having will and they weight has just kept disappearing since, my mum keeps telling me off she thinks i dnt eat enough but i do lol!!!

Yh should arrange something for the wk afterbut i dnt know where lol im no use am I!

NessMelCads Sat 24-Feb-07 15:18:15

Hi ladies, you should come to mine, just had new conservatory fitted to house (hense why so skint) and its full of toys, could open up my own creche. I live in Thorpe Bay off woodgrange. (Butterys)if not then we should meet somewhere else but cant think off hand. Jazzybabe after 2 so close in age what can we expect but to have looked like beache whales. I am still struggling to loose the weight but at gym 3 times a week and bfing i thought id loose the weight, i just get so hungry after i feed her and crave choc still bit like im still preg. Did either of you breastfeed? Just been to that party and both girls were a nightmare. Melody just screamed and wouldnt sit with the others and the boys were so spiteful pushing her. Glad to be home.

glittermonster Sat 24-Feb-07 18:05:08

Hi laides - i'm in essex, I live in Hornchurch and work in Epping - although not really a mum i'm gatecrashing!

My name is emma and i'm 26 - i look after a boy of 12 months in Epping 3 days a week.

NessMelCads Sat 24-Feb-07 19:08:25

Hi Emma, would you like ababy of your own?

glittermonster Sat 24-Feb-07 21:53:05

yeah of course - not been with my OH that long (4 months) but definately one day and not too far off either!!

that's on reason I moved from a career in IT to this career - so in theory I can take my kids to work with me

jazzybabe Sun 25-Feb-07 00:06:59

hi everyone . i think laura you will be blessed with being a skinny minnie regardles of how many babys you have lol, i am still skinny its just that i have a fat tummy still lol the gym would be fantastic but i neither have the money or time to join only because i work in evenings so hence why i bought a tread mill mind you didnt realise how unfit i was till i did all of about 8 mins on it walking most of that lol its my own fault though we had kfc last night indian tonight and a bottle of wine and well be having take out tomorrow i presume as we will be busy all day lol and i moan about not loosing my tummy " i wonder why" its disgusting the amount we waste b take aways at the weekend really must stop doing it cant be tht healthy for us either !"!

NessMelCads Sun 25-Feb-07 07:27:21

i see your an early riser like me and isnt it funny how even b4 a cup of coffee i come on my boards, this and babycentre to check for messages. must be obsession. Good morning anyways. So im the odd one out then with you guys im the porky one size 14 but sometimes around the fat tum a 16. It really gets me down so please dont tell me your size 8 to 10. Id despair, supposed to be going gym today but just came on and really am NOT up for it but then i'll feel guilty the whole day long.

NessMelCads Sun 25-Feb-07 07:28:23

Change that your a late one rather thought as it said 25th you were up early, no just sad old me heh

lak114 Sun 25-Feb-07 11:08:23

Good morning, I hope thats true Lesley me staying slim no matter how many kids I have lol!!!!
I dread to think how unfit I am lol i try not to think about it!!!!!
Dont worry Im obsessed with these baby sites too always check them first thing lol but dnt msg on them till later after i've sorted Will out!

I went out clubbing with some friends last night havent been clubbing in about 2 yrs lol was really good and thankfully I feel fine today as James is working!
Vanessa - we are going for a meal at the Harvester at Rayleigh Weir on 2nd March meeting at the bar at 7:30 you should come along!?!?

Hi Emma!!!

NessMelCads Sun 25-Feb-07 12:04:05

Hi Laura is the 2nd Friday?? im being dumb. Id love to come, have you all met before or is there others that are new like me?? Cadence hasnt been well and she is going through a dont put me down stage and its driving me bonkers. Give me 30 school kids any day at the moment as 2 babies is tough.

funkimummy Sun 25-Feb-07 12:09:55

mygirlsmum - I'm 28, have a boy and a girl and live in Burnham on crouch - so only up the road from you!

lak114 Sun 25-Feb-07 12:33:06

lol yh it is a friday.
Some of us have met before but there are new ppl too!
30 schools kids werent too bad we could give them back when we'd had a bad day with them, lol.
No i didnt b.feed Will i did try but he was constantly hungry so we put him on formula and was drinking 9oz of normal formula every 1 and a half hrs at 3 weeks old so we put him on hungry baby formula and had to wean him early too lol he loves his food, but hes quite a big baby - he sounds like a little chunk wen i tell ppl about him but hes not fat just so solid, lol!
Ah will gets a bit like dnt put me down wen hes not well or teething but must be difficult when you have 2!
Is Cadence crawling?

NessMelCads Sun 25-Feb-07 12:48:34

Yes she is crawling everywhere usually has been for a mnths now but this week she has been on my lap and thats it. Great to meet you guys and ive asked dh if hes using car and hes not so friday night would be good.

lak114 Sun 25-Feb-07 13:40:25

its a plan then u can come along n meet us all!!!
Ah will will be crawling soon I cant wait for a month now he has been up on his hands and knees bouncing and rocking but just cant move lol!

mygirlsmum Sun 25-Feb-07 16:25:13

hi funkimummy its nice to hear from some one local on here, started to think i was the only essex mum in this area

funkimummy Sun 25-Feb-07 16:32:28

mygirlsmum, no you're not the only one. You are however, the only one I've managed to find that lives anywhere near where I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

funkimummy Sun 25-Feb-07 16:33:22

Sorry- just misread that - am busy typing out contracts and eyes are blurry!!!!!!!!! Yeah I think we're the only one's in this area, as far as I know. It's coz we're out in the sticks!!

mygirlsmum Sun 25-Feb-07 16:36:52

i know we must b the only country bumpkins

mygirlsmum Sun 25-Feb-07 16:41:08

funkimummy how old r your los

funkimummy Sun 25-Feb-07 16:43:23

Oh yeah, definitely carrot crunchers in Burnham!! My DS1 is 4 and My DS2 is 10 months. What about yours?

mygirlsmum Sun 25-Feb-07 17:00:16

i have 4 dds 10yrs 9yrs 4yrs & 2yrs
we always said we would stop at 2 but couldnt resist trying again for a boy and still never got one,
thankfully we have given up now and im more than happy with my 4 girls

funkimummy Sun 25-Feb-07 17:08:30

I'm one of three girls, and find it a shock to the system having a boy!!!!!!!!!!!

mygirlsmum Sun 25-Feb-07 17:30:11

im 1 of 3 girls 2 so should of half expected it must be a family thing im the youngest how about u

funkimummy Sun 25-Feb-07 19:27:02

I'm the very eldest!!!!!!!!!!

jazzybabe Sun 25-Feb-07 22:16:10

hi guys my hose is a mess boo hoo there is a thin layer of dust every where we didnt realise how dusty today was going to be its every where even though we blocked up the door plasterer is coming tomorow so im of out hitting the shops for summer clothes for the girls. looking forward to friday HAVENT GOT A CLUE WHAT Im wearing nicky asked me as shes bought a new top hmmm i havent bought any thing maybe ill look tomorrow lol vanessaim a size 12 even though i may not look it i used to be an 8 a looooong loooong time ago who cares any way we are what we are and in my case what we eat we went to harvester tonight as kitchen was too dusty lol what an excyuse for a meal out and the girls behaved them selves well jasmine got a bit excited at amberley sitting over the other side of the table and started shrieking much to andys embarasment but i seen it all before and am used to it lol god im tired think ill go to bed i go on baby centre too love the site it was the first one i joined .

jazzybabe Sun 25-Feb-07 22:16:29

my hose !!!!! i mean my house

NessMelCads Mon 26-Feb-07 08:36:07

Good morning all look its me the early poster. Hope i can come friday its just we are a bit on the skint side at the mo having to cut down on all spending but 1 meal should be ok its just convincing dh as i told him to cut down on going out. Never been skint b4 even back when i was a student always seemed to have some money but id rather be skint than back at work and not be with my lovely dds.
Now i feel really fat and i never went to the gym at weekend so feel really guilty about that. I am sorry im being really negative, just started monthly thingy 1st since sept 2005 so its making me a bit hormonal me thinks

jazzybabe Mon 26-Feb-07 08:57:36

thats the one thing i loved about being pregnant for so long together i didnt have a period for years lol now there back i usually feel like ripping osme ones head off lol think they biult up over the time i havent had one lol well the sun is shinning im off shortly to buy some summer clothes lol any excuse to go shopping besides the plasterers are here and dust ois starting to seep undeer the door

NessMelCads Mon 26-Feb-07 09:38:15

I feel so stressed with this monthly though just like you said want to rip someones head off, got no patience with the girls bless them just want to be left alone. Gosh summer clothes if im skint how will i be able to buy any boo hoo. Anyway you enjoy your retail therapy, do you go shopping with the 2 girls on your own? i wish i lived nearer town, as in walking distance as its hell getting them in the car and out. And soon i wont even have the car BOO HOO again

lak114 Mon 26-Feb-07 10:59:21

goodmorning everyone what are you all up to today?
We only got up at 10:15!!!!!!!!!! Was lovely lol
Sorry I am a size 8 and still going down its terrible my mum is going mental at me but dnt know wots happening or where the weights going?!?!?!?!?
Its not like i run around all day after Will cos he cant move!!! LOL
My mum n dad had building wk done on their house 3 yrs ago Lesley and they still find dust now from it lol!
Baby group tomorow? I need to get out!
Enjoy your shopping wish i had money too my car isurance is due on the 1st but going to be driving James car then not mine as he has the van so we r both being insured on his car and putting mine on the drive just incase he finds a new job cos he hates Sky!

NessMelCads Mon 26-Feb-07 11:25:17

morning laura size 8 well thats it im not coming friday then. im off to a friends today to eat parsnip soup, oh its really gross like baby puree she did it once b4 and it was yuck. i just hope she has bread this time as i can fill up on that and say oh im stuffed. just waiting for Cadence to wake had to take dog round block to get her off she has started not wanting to go in cot in the day which is bummer. Hope you all have nice days i shall be back on later if the girls let me. hehe

michaelad Mon 26-Feb-07 11:35:04

Me again, still looking for anyone near in and around Chelmsford...c'mon, you must be out there
Just had the weekend from hell with my husband and my 20 month yr old both down with chickenpox! My baby also developed tonsilitis on top of it and had 40 degrees temperature..am slowing going crazy!

Emskilou Mon 26-Feb-07 15:37:12

hello all, some you have 'met' me some have not so thought I'd say hello oh and post this link too it would be good if you could all join in, the more poeple who sign up the more money we raise and the more fun and memorable the day will be cheeky arent I!

breie Mon 26-Feb-07 17:16:57

Hello all
my name is Denise and i have 2 daughters of 14 & 3 i live in shoebury just off maplin way, I cannot believe i missed this site, is it part of netmums, I think i have just put this somewhere else doh i just put in search engine ofr essex mums and this come up, wish i knew about it before, recognise a few names form the other site.
god im starving my daughter and I are trying to lose 7lbs each, 1st day and im losing it lol
speak soon

NessMelCads Mon 26-Feb-07 17:22:40

Well done for trying to loose weight, i am Vanessa, just found this site too and joined the other one netmums as well. i live off woodgrange in Thorpe bay so not far atall. very stressed at moment my dd 8 mnths has been the biggest pest this afternoon just sooooooooooooooo tired and wanting to breast feed every second, ive had enough i tell you im going to scream. i also have a dd 26 mnths who keeps wanting her playdo put into a ball ball as she calls it while at the same time other dd screams, i am ignoring it as you can tell and writing on here, im a terrible mummy. better sort her out. Are you going friday?

NessMelCads Mon 26-Feb-07 17:45:02

Michaelad you poor thing with all that illness around, i find when my dh is ill its the end of the world. My 2 dds have both been poorly too and i know how stressful that is. 1 is still very poorly and just cant be put down for more than 5 mins. oh she screaming again, make that 2 mins then.
Just made banana muffins and ate 3 already want another but thats just plain piggy. Off swimming tonight at shoebury pool so hopefully burn the cals from the muffins. Sorry not in Chelmsford but if your ever down this way let us know Southend that is

breie Mon 26-Feb-07 19:14:26


yes all being well i am going on friday, hopefully i can share a cab with somebody, i saw on another thread you live in the butterys, i looked round there a couple of years ago while house hunting its nice, how do you feel living in a cul de sac, loads of kids here kicking there stupid balls and hitting all the cars so annoying! anyway rant over, dh in shower with d/d so best be quick five mins peace at last.........oh spoke too soon.


NessMelCads Mon 26-Feb-07 19:20:30

Hi Denise think im obsessed with these boards but then anything non mummy is nice for a bit heh. where do you live off Maplin somewhere near bishopsteinton? my bro and sis live off bishopsteinton. Actually you wouldnt believe it but in butterys well my side i rarely see kids. there isnt many young kids about. seems older people (apart from me 27) and kidless couples are round my bit. Its really quiet apart from building work going on over the back of us. Trains arnt too much of a bother make me feel not so alone in the world. I want to get a cab if its not too pricey

lak114 Mon 26-Feb-07 19:53:08

how was your parsnip soup vanessa?
maybe if we ring a can company we can find out how much it will cost shouldnt be too bad if quite a few of us share it!?!?!
How many of us want to share a cab is it 4?
Lesley, Vanessa, Denise and me? is that it?

NessMelCads Mon 26-Feb-07 21:38:15

Hi there back from my swimming class (aerobics that is) I am up for the cab, my dh knows a bloke who does cabs and may be cheaper, what time and where is the first pick up is it shoeburyness 1st?
The parsnip soup was suprisingly nice but this time sweet potato, onion and carrot was added so palitable. I hope i dont sound ungrateful but its so funny when i tell my frinds the parsnip soup story, its either that or crackers with marmite. Shes a good friend really. she just keeps laddling more and more in b4 you have the chance to say NO MORE.

jazzybabe Tue 27-Feb-07 09:54:07

mm mrmite and crackers yum ounskey fieeeeelo watsappeing to myey oarit not typingnything

jazzybabe Tue 27-Feb-07 09:59:23

my keyboard is playing up ggrr im up for cab im in town so cab would have to go to shoebury first then mine then lauras shall i phone cab and arrange or has someone else done it ! there is dust every where and my kitchen is damp and smelly with wet plaster its hoooooriiiiidddddd want it all to be over
Hi emskilou i know ive met you but cant put face to name are you the one from leigh with brooke and taylor !

Emskilou Tue 27-Feb-07 10:06:55

Yep thats me!! Havent been around much have, bit crap really I do look a little different now and I am using a smaller pram

NessMelCads Tue 27-Feb-07 10:09:02

Morning Lesley, my dh was gonna ask about his mates cab but hes not that reliable i guess ill ask him when hes back from work and if he hasnt bothered we still have a few days to book unless you would rather get it sorted now. Getting really confused who will be picked up 1st? Someone in shoebury is that Denise or Gill?????? I think Gill is taking her and her friend so it must be Denise, then i guess its me in t bay, then you then Laura right????
Off to my 2 groups today so i'll be back on later. have a nice time at your group today.
Cadence has cut 2 teeth within just over a week and seems to be teething today as well so its grizzle day again. bless her those bl**dy teeth. Melody had none until 10 mnths but Cadence has 5 already first at 4 mnths. Not good when your bfing

jazzybabe Tue 27-Feb-07 11:19:57

oooh sounds painfull lol right have pmd you on net mums gill making her own way there if she comes cab will pick denise up first then you then me then laura lol and finally well get some food and drink at the end lol
waiting in for work surfaces today so nto going any where going some where for lunch tomoroow but havent got a clue where they live yet lol
emskilou how come you look different !! i got a smaller narrower pram now too got fed up lugging a double one around the shops, do you see any of the others still i see donna occasionally at mother and baby group sometimes cant remeber her screen name joels mum or something like that !

michaelad Tue 27-Feb-07 12:06:33

Hi Ness, will definitely let you know when we're next near Southend! Things are slowly improving here, thank God. They both just look soo bad! It will all be over in another couple of days, I know..but until then I would quite happily stuff myself with banana muffins too if I had any do you work, Ness?

breie Tue 27-Feb-07 13:16:29


Shall i arrange a cab then seeing as im first!, and vanessa do you want to pm me your address, actually best all of you otherwise i will look a right pleb, getting in the cab, right where are you going madam er dunno and don't know the people either lol.
looking foward to it!.
right best go ans my lo is climbing all over me!

lak114 Tue 27-Feb-07 15:37:20

lol im confused whos arranging the cab?

NessMelCads Tue 27-Feb-07 17:42:52

This is sooo funny had afriend say today that she thought i was mad getting in this cab with you lot. Im presuming that only intelligent, outgoing, friendly, fun people would post on here let alone decide to meet up in a cab full of people they havent met. Maybe we are crazy but we'll be the ones having fun heh! Im gonnam ask dh if he has spoke to his friend tonight and if he has leave it with me but if not then i'll let you know tonight. Never get cabs so if dh hasnt sorted it then i'll leave it to one of you.
Michealad no i dont work at the moment i was a school teacher but now just at home with my girls hence why im so skint. Tlking of muffins i forgot i had them in me cake tin.

NessMelCads Tue 27-Feb-07 17:44:10

Wouldnt it be better if we put our email addresses up and tell each other addresses on there. My e mail is nedndave@btinternet.com

breie Tue 27-Feb-07 18:00:01


Mine is dbguinea1@hotmail.com,

I have not told anybody about going out only d/h, as i think peeps would think im mad! or madder lol!

Just ate fish and chips good for my diet!
I sneaked a packet of crisps out the cupboard last night or so i thought, my daughter flew down the stairs i chucked them and she body searched me good this diet lark, i got cross in the end, she said go on then get fat!

lak114 Tue 27-Feb-07 18:51:35

lol dnt worry we rnt weirdos i know lesley n iv met u too vanessa so thats ok just denise i havnet met lol!

My email address is laurakirkland8@hotmail.com

NessMelCads Tue 27-Feb-07 19:13:09

Ok so just e mailed Laura and Denise and Gill, just need to know address for Lesley and have message back from Denise. Dh will get cab booked with his mate tomorrow, im hoping it will be cheaper. What time am i getting him to take us back home???? Also i will need to get cab to pick me up at 7 as i bfeed Cadence and dh cant exactly do that for me (wish he could though)

NessMelCads Tue 27-Feb-07 20:12:12

Finally a decision Lesley is booking the cab, at least we are clear on that one.

wurlywurly Tue 27-Feb-07 20:14:43

just wanted to say hello to all the other essex mums,

<<<<waves madly>>>>

I'm corrina and I live in dagenham. Have 2 ds one who is nearly 8 and the other who is nearly3.

NessMelCads Tue 27-Feb-07 20:38:28

Hi Corina nice to here from you, hows things with 2? i am Vanessa and i have 2 dds 1 is 26mnths and other is 8 mnths so like you got my hands full. I live in southend

jazzybabe Tue 27-Feb-07 22:28:39

right im booking cab tommorow or today depends when youl read this i need your addresses so if you can e mail me them my e mail is lesley.1@blueyonder.co.uk the first pick up will be 7 at shoubury then thorpe bay then southend then westcliff we cant be that late off 7 30 as the others are getting there about that time and we need to get in and book table other wise well be there till midnight waiting for a table big enough to accomodate that.!

NessMelCads Wed 28-Feb-07 08:16:19

Hi Lesley im really sorry but my e mail is playing up and is not sending any messages. B4 it started playing up i managed to e mail Laura so she has my address. Im wondering if maybe i should just drive now, its just my dd is up twice a night again started last night and normally means thats the way forward for every night now and if i drink too much shell be in a right state. Im really p*ed off about it, i wish id never bfeeded i formula fed dd1 so why didnt i just do that. She just wont take a bottle now. Also im the only one who can put her to bed and i really dont want to hold the cab up or make us late. If you have already booked it then Denise can just tell them the next stop is yours Central Ave. Really wanted a drink as well boo hoo

jazzybabe Wed 28-Feb-07 08:29:54

well ill leave it that itl pick denise up at 7 ish then let us know if you want to cme in cab or drive on friday morning then denise will now wether to cme straight to mine or yours

NessMelCads Wed 28-Feb-07 13:42:58

Great i will see how Cadence is over the next couple of nights as she is being a pest, got her 7th tooth coming and shes only 8 mnths. Melody didnt get a tooth till 10 mnths. If she has some bad nights i shouldnt drink too much so i'll drive and i'll try to get there for 7.30 but if im a few mins late it won't matter. I may still get cab but i'll let you guys know b4 fri

jazzybabe Wed 28-Feb-07 15:26:57

its ok to be late just that we got to book table when we get there for the amount of girls coming otherwise we wont sit all together, should be good as a few cominng

lak114 Sat 03-Mar-07 14:32:33

nobody else here yet no -just me avoiding the housework lol.

jazzybabe Sun 04-Mar-07 07:47:03

im here waiting lol

lak114 Sun 04-Mar-07 10:28:53

lol i cant write n e thing horrible wot if ???? finds the site?!?!

NessMelCads Sun 04-Mar-07 16:57:52

Hi there i was thinking same thing code name: Berty??
Anyway, Berty's friend was on the other one wasnt he i didnt know his name LOL oh dear seems he will be posting on there but Berty hasnt which is good. Got the message do you think?

breie Sun 04-Mar-07 17:06:05

that is sooooo funny you rotting lot!! lol

breie Sun 04-Mar-07 17:22:44

oops i thought that word looked mis-spelt i mean rottern (is that right still)??

lak114 Sun 04-Mar-07 17:57:00

isnt it spelt rotten??? lol hark at us lot not knowing how to spell
LOL BERTY yh i wonder maybe his dp has been nagging him to stay off the computer lol

jazzybabe Sun 04-Mar-07 21:46:08

I see weve all moved over to the dark side lol well howdy all, i think berty got the message lol how funny this is reminds me of being at school and doing something naughty lol

lak114 Wed 07-Mar-07 10:40:21

have we all had a dose of guilty consciences (sp?)lol

jazzybabe Wed 07-Mar-07 11:08:25

lol looks like it

lak114 Thu 29-Mar-07 10:21:47


lak114 Thu 29-Mar-07 10:21:58


jazzybabe Thu 29-Mar-07 21:49:51


Marc30 Mon 10-Jun-13 20:22:57

Hello, I am looking for a childminder in the burnham on crouch, essex area. Can anyone help please?

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