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Any mums in the Hayes (Kent) or West Wickham areas like to meet?

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Tootiepegs Wed 10-Jan-07 09:58:01


I'm mum to a wonderful 10 month old DD who loves other children and would really like to make new friends to play with.
Me, I'm in need of fellow coffee drinkers who love to shop and chat who live in/near West Wickham or Hayes (the Kent one, not the Middlesex one!!)
So if you fancy a meet get in touch soon....I don't know how many more episodes of Noddy I can take...!!!!

Beksmum Sat 03-Feb-07 00:42:06

Hi Tootiepegs, have responded on another of your threads, but thought I'd post here just in case.

I live in Bromley and have two ds's one aged 15mths and one aged 5yrs, so would love to make some new friends for my youngest.

If you fancy meeting for a coffeee, just give me a shout


Tootiepegs Sat 03-Feb-07 11:59:38

Hi Beksmum

Would def like to meet for a coffee and a chat.
You free Monday morning about 1045-11ish for a cuppa in Bromley??

samfree Sat 03-Feb-07 16:42:31

Hi i live in west wickham too and have a 9 month old daughter

I'd be intersted in meeting up i am back at work part time so alternate wednesdays and every Friday would be good for me


Tootiepegs Sat 03-Feb-07 19:12:10

Hello samfree!

Is this week one of the Weds you can do? If so then maybe we could arrange for a few of us to meet on Weds afternoon in Bromley...does that sound better to you Beksmum?
Margo1974, if you're reading this thread then I'll be giving you a call to see if you're up for this meet too!!!

margo1974 Sat 03-Feb-07 19:27:41

My ears are burning!

Yes - would love to come

Beksmum Sun 04-Feb-07 09:59:36

Hi ya, yep Wednesday would be fine for me, I can do any time that day but need to be back in time for the school run, at 3pm.

Where to meet is the next question I suppose? There is Giardino's on the upper floor or there is a coffee shop downstairs by Boots that I can think of off the top of my head, what do you ladies think?


Tootiepegs Sun 04-Feb-07 12:48:41

Glad you can make it Beksmum.

Shall we say, 1pm at the coffee shop next to Boots on the ground floor of the Glades?

samfree and Margo1974 is this good for you??

margo1974 Sun 04-Feb-07 16:31:49

Good for me - (sorry Tootiepegs, my mobile is currently charging if you've tried to contact me)

Beksmum Sun 04-Feb-07 20:26:02

Girls, sorry my fingers were working this morning but my brain wasn't. I've just realised I can't do this Wednesday as my ds's school is shutting at 1:30pm for parents evening and I am picking up one of his friends too, so won't inflict both of them on you.

Please let me know when you are meeting up next so I can come to that one, my enthusiasm got the better of me this time. Beks

Tootiepegs Sun 04-Feb-07 20:51:40

Beksmum...would Thursday be any better for you??

Margo1974, could you do Thurs if Beksmum could?

samfree....are you out there???!!!

margo1974 Sun 04-Feb-07 21:44:03

Thursday is okay with me

Tootiepegs Mon 05-Feb-07 21:16:31

Samfree and Beksmum..see the last messages....would Thurs be good for you???

Tootiepegs Tue 06-Feb-07 09:51:02


For samfree and Beksmum!

Tootiepegs Tue 06-Feb-07 17:22:12

Bump again!!

Are you there???

Tootiepegs Tue 06-Feb-07 19:58:34


Just to say Margo1974 ans I are now meeting on Weds (same time and place) to try and avoid the snow on Thurs!

samfree Tue 06-Feb-07 21:26:05

Hi sorry girls been busy at work this week
I am working weds this week and Caitlin has swimming lessons on Thursday.

next week i am only working Mon& Tues so Weds or Friday would eb great for me

sorry to be a pain!!


Tootiepegs Wed 07-Feb-07 09:58:32

Stop press!

Now cancelled for Weds and on for Thurs...this is so confusing!
Samfree will speak to Margo1974 tomorrow and arrange a date for next week...will let you know.
I'm just off to swimming lessons with my DS...do you go to West Wickham aswell...???

Tootiepegs Wed 07-Feb-07 09:59:44

DS..Ithought I had a DD...bad spell day!

ej11baker Wed 07-Feb-07 19:03:41

Hi my name is emma and i live in croydon and i was wondering if i could gate crash your meet. I have not lived here long so don't no anyone so would love to meet some people i have an 8 yr old son and am 32 wks pregnant, a bit confused as to when you are meeting so if you don't mind me coming could you let me no where and when thanks

samfree Wed 07-Feb-07 19:10:37

Hi tootie pegs

Caitlin goes swimming at Flippers off oakley road, its in a private pool and they teach them underwater swimming

Its brilliant really nice pool & changing facilities and the waters a lot warmer than WWP or so my dad tells me hes the technical manager at WWP!!


samfree Wed 07-Feb-07 19:11:27

Hi Emma

I dont mind at all!!

I'm also a bit confused about when we are meeting prob next eds or Friday, they are the days i can do next week


margo1974 Wed 07-Feb-07 19:13:56

O.K. this week we are meeting tomorrow

1pm by the cafe at Boots

can you make this Emma?

margo1974 Wed 07-Feb-07 19:16:53

shall we meet also for next week?


samfree Wed 07-Feb-07 20:00:03

Yep that sounds good to me, where are we meeting Bromley or west wickham?


margo1974 Wed 07-Feb-07 20:56:58


Tootiepegs Wed 07-Feb-07 21:17:41

Have just logged on...sorry if I caused confusion over the days we are meeting only we chopped and changed a bit!

Would anybody mind if we made the meet next week about 11ish?

Tootiepegs Wed 07-Feb-07 21:18:49


I take it providing we don't have too much snow our meet is still on for tomorrow?
DH may look after Hannah as he's off, hence the 1pm meet!

margo1974 Wed 07-Feb-07 21:28:35

Yes - may even leave LOs with my Mum as she is off tomorrow along with my bro & dad

margo1974 Wed 07-Feb-07 21:29:35

Will probably take Olivia though (thinking about it a bit more)

Must turn off MN now and go to bed!

Tootiepegs Wed 07-Feb-07 21:30:47

See you tomorrow ...will give you a call in the morning if weather is really bad x

ej11baker Wed 07-Feb-07 22:50:55

ok sorry still a bit confused as to wether meeting tomorrow or nt lol. I am actually going to pregnancy water aeroics tomorrow at 2 so will be pushed to meet at 1 so let me no when next week and i will be there. My msn is ne14me-11@hotmail.com if any of you have msn or can email me direct to let me no i get lost on these message boards
hope to hear from you soon.

Tootiepegs Fri 09-Feb-07 12:14:06

Hello All...

Next meet up - Weds 14th Feb (How romantic!!!)...11am (ish!) at Druckers Cafe (which is on the ground floor of the Glades next to Boots!

Hopefully see you all there!

(I will try and remember to bump this thread to the top of the list over the weekend for all to see. If I forget (which is likely!) someone else do it...please!!

Tootiepegs Fri 09-Feb-07 13:25:21


I have just gone to write next weeks meet in the diary and have seen the "Hannah - 1030 swimming" reminder for me for Weds.

Could I be really really cheeky and ask that we make it another day....I promise to get the coffess in!
Would everybody be able to make Thurs or Fri....please?!

Lynsy Fri 09-Feb-07 13:56:30

Hello Everyone

I wondered if you would mind if I came along, I have a 14month dd, and live in Bromley, would be really nice to meet some mums.

Tootiepegs Fri 09-Feb-07 16:54:32

please do...the more the merrier! keep checking this thread and hopefully we'll sort something out for next week

Tootiepegs Sun 11-Feb-07 14:03:57

Dear All

Next meet - Friday 16th Feb, 11ish at Druckers cafe (ground floor of the Glades next to Boots)

Hopefully see you all there!

Tootiepegs Mon 12-Feb-07 13:30:41


Tootiepegs Tue 13-Feb-07 09:50:09

And again!

Beksmum Tue 13-Feb-07 22:24:18

Oh drat!!! Sorry Tootiepegs have just had a chance to catch up and was well pleased with a meet up on wednesday as dh & ds1 or off out for the day only to see it's been moved to Friday 16th instead and I can't make that one - good excuse though as meeting up with a mumsnet friend from my postnatal group in Greenwich!

I'll keep watching the thread and hopefully I'll be able to make the next one, as it's bound to be in term time. Hope you have a great meet up Beks

Lynsy Wed 14-Feb-07 11:21:57

Hi Everyone

Really sorry but I am unable to make Friday, when you all meet again would love to come so will keep checking to see if anything is arranged - hope you all have a nice time.

Tootiepegs Wed 14-Feb-07 13:54:27

Sorry you ladies can't make it.... if you can stick on here the days/times that are best for you I'll take them along on Friday and we'll try and arrange a meet that suits everyone!

Beksmum Thu 15-Feb-07 11:21:28

Tootiepegs, normally any day is good for me, just unlucky with the last two dates. Hope you have a good meet up tomorrow Beks

Lynsy Thu 15-Feb-07 14:11:08

Tuesday and Thursdays are good for me.x

Tootiepegs Fri 16-Feb-07 14:14:23


We did well today...there were 4 of us so the group is growing!
We are hoping to have another meet up next week, possibly in West Wickham...as soon as it's sorted I'll post the details on this site and hopefully you'll make it.

SunshineandDiamonds Tue 28-Aug-12 21:36:40

Please text/SMS - 0794 362 4622

If you're looking for a little bit of part-time evening work - Childcare (Hayes/Bromley area).

Daily 5.40-7pm, Monday to Friday.

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