When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

any mums in orpington, bromley, sevenoaks infact anywhere please get in touch!

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mandalay Fri 26-Mar-04 17:20:59

Hi if there's anyone out there?

I'm relatively new to the area after moving out of london with a dd of 11 months and desperate to meet some mums out there. All our neighbours seem to be over 60 so if there's any friendly mums who live locally it would be lovely to have a few new friends.

Jimjams Fri 26-Mar-04 17:26:48

used to live in bromley..... sorry not much use! I can recommend monkey music as a friendly way to meet people

mandalay Fri 26-Mar-04 17:30:38

Thanks Jimjams. I might try that...where have you moved to now?

LIZS Fri 26-Mar-04 18:04:00

Isn't there a large soft play area in Bromley - ds was invited to a party there once - think at a sports centre. They may have specific toddler sessions and once your dd is more mobile you could hang out there to meet mums with kids of a similar age (go mornings if it is open to avoid the larger kids). Otherwise you could try your library for a list of mums and tots groups and classes in the area.

Jimjams Sat 27-Mar-04 09:31:03

Devon mandalay

There's a huge soft play opposite the glades (across the road). It's good, but better to go with a group rather than by yourself.

The sports centre in Beckenham holds good toddler sports sessions. Again better to go with someone.

gold123 Sat 27-Mar-04 10:19:39

Hi mandalay - I used to live in Tunbridge Wells and work in Sevenoaks - I know thats no help at all - but just wanted to say hi. Dh sisters live in Dartford I will ask them about places to go and get back to you.

Twinkie Mon 29-Mar-04 10:58:26

I live in Sidcup and sure there are a few other mumsnetters who live near me!!

Marina Mon 29-Mar-04 12:47:31

Twinkie is absolutely right, mandalay, I'm in New Eltham. Technically London not Kent but only round the corner from her.
You've specified quite a big part of North Kent in your subject line...I know Bromley better than Orpington or Sevenoaks. I would guess all these areas have NCT branches and that can be a good way into the parent network locally.

Stargazer Mon 29-Mar-04 13:08:09

Hi Mandalay - I live in Bromley and know it quite well. Have a DD 2½ and DS 8. The Adventure Kingdom (the one Jimjams mentioned) is okay, but can get very busy at the weekend. It's a popular place for birthday parties. I also take my DD to Sproggs - nice creche in the Glades - and there are lots of nice places to drop into with the kids - ELC allow you to play and the Library has some nice sessions. Hope this helps.

mandalay Mon 29-Mar-04 15:42:04

Thanks everyone...it's really nice to know that some of you are out there. I'm quite new to mumsnet as well but I think it's brilliant although highly addictive.

Everythings fairly daunting as we moved house shortly after DD was born. (Don't ever do it! It was a nightmare!!!) and so I don't get to see my friends as often as I like. Plus my closest friend had a baby 2 months earlier but now she's moved to NY.

I find it's quite difficult to make the leap from recognising a few mums and saying "Hi!" and becoming good enough friends to visit each other's houses. Maybe that comes with time.

Also I think it will get easier as DD gets older...then we'll be able to do more things without her getting so tired.

scrummy Tue 06-Apr-04 13:58:57

There are a few mother and toddler groups around the Orpington area. They always welcome people with babies as well. There are normally notices up at the doctor's surgeries. The NCT group is also a good way of meeting people.

Runner Thu 08-Apr-04 20:03:06

Hi - I live in the Beckenham area and have a 6 month old daughter. Have met local mums through joining the NCT / through pregnancy yoga classes (obviously bit late for that until the next!). I think also be possible via Beckenham spa with their parent and baby swimming - very popular. Am looking into Monkey Music as hear it is v.good. Anyway if in the Bromley area and fancy a coffee, give us a shout.

Miriam2 Sat 10-Apr-04 15:10:06

You can get a list of mother and toddler groups through your GP, Tumble Tots is alive and well in the area, not sure of minimum age, and when the weather a bit more predictable, Kelsey Park in Beckenham has it all, lake, lots of ducks, cafe, playground, lots of grass for picnics, often have puppet shows in school holidays etc. Spent lot of time there over the years on those days when you just have to get out of the house.

bambi06 Sun 30-May-04 00:33:17

beckenham mom with 2 under fives looking for local momsnetters to pass the time of day with, meets up in the park, anyone up for a walk in kelsey park..weather permitting?help my sanity please!!

amysoph Sun 30-May-04 00:45:16

Mandalay, I am in Grove Park, if that helps? It's on the same train line as some of the places you mentioned. Have lived here for 1 and half years, having moved from N London, and agree, it can be hard to make leap from simply recognising people.....since I had dd2, 2 months ago, have found it easier to get chatting to people, because no-one can resist a baby!!

Anyone else in the area - how about a meetup? I am new to MN, really enjoy reading it and posting the odd message - it would be nice to put faces to names!

judetheobscure Sun 30-May-04 00:57:29


I'm an active NCTer so if you need any of the contact details for NCT groups in Bromley, Orpington, Beckenham, Sevenoaks etc. just do the "contact another talker" thing. There's a new hall group starting in June in Orpington, and Bromley aslo run a hall group, plus we all have bumps & babies groups meeting at people's houses.

I'm also up for a meet-up.

amysoph Tue 01-Jun-04 01:43:07

Judetheobscure - thanks for the contact details for NCT. Also, Jude, Runner, Bambi and Mandalay - shall we try to organise a little meetup in Bromley? I am away for next 2 wks, but I'd be happy to organise it when I come back, if interested?

BatLady Fri 01-Oct-04 10:25:04

Hi I'm 5 months pregnant and live in Sevenoaks - are any of you still out there? Would be great to meet some other mums and have some plans for socialising when I become one...

clairemarie Fri 08-Oct-04 14:54:56

hello, Any one in the Beckenham area wanting to meet? I'm a mother of a nine month old baby and am new to the area so would like to get to know some other mums.

poppyh Sat 09-Oct-04 14:40:41

Hi there,im in Sydenham with 19 mth old dd.
Would love to meet up with Beckenham mums as its local to me.
Am checking out Beckenham Tumble Tots next week.

Portly Sat 09-Oct-04 21:34:02

hello. I'm having my first baby in December and live in Bromley - anyone want to meet up sometime?

clairemarie Mon 11-Oct-04 20:09:30

Hello Poppy, Hello Portly,
It would be good to meet. I think my little one is too little for tumble tots at the moment but anything would be good.

Does anyone know of any other baby groups in the area good for a crawler as we don't go to any at the moment and I feel like she's missing out.

poppyh Tue 12-Oct-04 13:43:38

Hello Claire marie,
I dont know that area well, but they do Tumble tots for crawling babies.Check out their website.
How old is your little one?

bambi06 Fri 15-Oct-04 19:50:53

its me again in beckenham, has anyone got a daughter similar age to mine(3 1/2 yrs) as she thinks she`s a boy i swear and hasnt made any girlfriends at playgroup as she only knows boys from her older bruv and now totally relates with boys only and i`d desperately like her to have a few girl friends and for me of course!!!!any body>>???

poppyh Sun 17-Oct-04 18:35:01

Hi there Bambi06
My Dd is 20 mths old but is a tomboy too.She has 10 yr old brother and only wants to play with the bigger boys too.
Ive taken her to loads of playgroups but she only follows the older boys around and they dont like it!
So I understand!

clairemarie Mon 18-Oct-04 20:14:02

Hello everyone, My little one is coming up to 10 months and is currently an only child so rules the roost. I think we will try ouy the baby tumbletots as she needs to get rid of some of her excess energy without getting so many bruises! Does any one know about monkey music as that is something else i'd like to try.

socialite Wed 20-Oct-04 08:35:26

hello, my son is also coming up to 10 months and we have recently joined caterpillar music which is fun...for him!!! I moved into the orpington area when he was born and so I don't know too many people either, I did join an NCT meeting when he was first born but I found it quite difficult, I now wish I'd stuck to it!! I never thought of myself as a shy or quiet person but I guess this whole mummy thing changes you a lot! I now would really like to be more sociable and meet up with other mums in my area. I'm sure hb would love to meet other children, I'm sure I get a bit boring!!

flowers Mon 25-Oct-04 16:06:48


Im 31 years old with a little boy zack who is almost 19 months old. I have been to a few groups and currently take Zack to a soft play group in Swanley. However, I have not really met anyone to meet up with before or after for coffee e.t.c. I am not the most outgoing of people but have come out of myself a little since having Zack~(he is the life and soul of the party-with lots of enery)I would love to hear from anyone in my local area or surrounding areas who is feeling a little lonely and would like someone to moan to or have chats with.....look forward to hearing from you...

judetheobscure Mon 25-Oct-04 16:40:43

Anyone who wants contact details for NCT groups in these areas (Orpington, Beckenham, Bromley & Chislehurst, West Wickham & Hayes, Sevenoaks) just CAT me and I'll let you know.

socialite - we'd be really happy to welcome you back. CAT me and I'll give you details of our baby and toddler groups. Plus there is a hall group on Tuesday mornings which you might find less intimidating than people's houses.

clairemarie Mon 25-Oct-04 19:58:15

Hi, I'm intersested in NCT but I thought it was only for brand new mums. Please excuse my ignorance but I'm not sure what CATting is! Or how to do it! But if NCT is available to other mums and babies I'm very interested.

Jule5ky Wed 17-Nov-04 11:11:53

I live in North Kent (Belvedere) and have my first baby due end of December. I'd like to find a yoga-natal class in my area if anyone knows of any. I'm close to Woolwich/Bexleyheath/Dartford if there is anyone out there who'd like to get in touch/even meet up.

jenm Sat 20-Nov-04 20:15:51

Hi I live in Sevenoaks and have an 8 month old. None of my close friends have kids. I have met a few other mums but they are already "coupled" up with other mums that they knew from antenatal and not really into letting others into their circle. I moved here a couple of weeks before the birth so all my antenatal friends are elsewhere.

socialite Wed 24-Nov-04 13:45:03

Jenm, you should join aquatots at the sevenoaks hospital. I am sure that you would meet people there!

EFJ Thu 09-Dec-04 15:11:57

Hi everyone, I live in the Bromley area (closer to Petts Wood) area I don't know anyone. My first baby is due on 6th Jan. I am hoping to know if there are any mother and baby group or similar groups that I can join and meet other mums and attend classes, etc.
Thanks in advance!! :-)

Portly Sun 12-Dec-04 20:06:57

Efj- I am also expecting first baby in about a week and live in Bromley - there seem to be quite a few clubs about- if you look at netmums.com it gives the times/places of lots of Bromley area mums and baby groups.

Wishywashy Tue 21-Dec-04 21:49:38

Hi EFJ, I just noticed your posting.

Wow you must be so excited and looking forward to having your baby...
Not long to D-Day. Hope you got your bag packed and your TENS machine booked!

My baby is now 7 months. It's gone so fast. All I'll say is value the time you have and enjoy the newborn stage cos it goes v quickly.

I don't come from this area originally either. I'm local to you and have met loads of people since being pregnant and going to post-natal classes.

If you wanna chat pls change your profile to allow 'talk'. Pls feel free to ask anything and I'll do my best to assist.

KristmasBear Tue 21-Dec-04 21:55:28

Jule5ky - Another person from sunny Belvedere here! Hello! Good luck for the main event - keep us posted.

sad36 Tue 28-Dec-04 09:58:45

I live in Tunbridge Wells and don't know many people with babes so always ready to meet up. Sevenoaks is no prob jenm. My DD is 16 mths

jenm Sun 02-Jan-05 20:23:37

Hi Sorry I haven't checked this earlier. I am still looking for people to meet with. You aren't too far away which is good!

BEKsmum Mon 24-Jan-05 17:31:38

Hello I'm new to this site so pls bear with me, & I hope you won't mind me joining in but I have a db who will be three in March.

I have read the other messages on the board & noticed that no-one seems to have mentioned the CIS (Childrens Information Service) which is based in Bromley. I've found them a complete lifesaver regarding local information.

They can send you out lists of mother & todder groups, activity groups and even the list of local nurseries in the area.

Their number is 020 8464 0276 & their web addres is childcare.information@bromley.gov.uk

From their lists I can definitely recommend Music for Little People, Head Over Heels & Micropsorts!!!

As you can see my ds has a very active social life, a lot more active than mine!

My little one is at nursery three afternoons a week now but I've found these groups invaluable and we still go to Music & Micosports each week, just to wear us both out!!!

Hope the information helps.

toomanypushchairs Wed 16-Feb-05 20:55:49

Hi Flowers. Are you still checking this posting? quite new to mn. Its addictive! I'm 31 (for another month!) and live in Eltham, not too far from swanley. I have twin boys who are 2, are you still looking to meet up with people? We know lots of little girls but no- one has boys.

Mel31 Fri 13-Jan-06 16:57:43

I live just outside of Sevenoaks. I have two boys, ages 2 and 4 months. I would LOVE to hear from some other mums as I am feeling seriously isolated.

Noidea Fri 13-Jan-06 20:26:08

Hi everyone, not too far from Sevenoaks and love walking around Knole Park. Anyone fancy a meet up there? I have a dd of 18 months by the way.

Noidea Fri 13-Jan-06 20:26:11

Hi everyone, not too far from Sevenoaks and love walking around Knole Park. Anyone fancy a meet up there? I have a dd of 18 months by the way.

Noidea Fri 13-Jan-06 20:27:54

Isn't it embarrassing when your computer tells you that you haven't done anything and then you find you've posted twice!!

Mel31 Fri 13-Jan-06 21:39:12

Would be nice to meet up in Knole. Great way for the kids to burn off energy. You can contact me at melmum31@yahoo.co.uk

OleMama Sat 21-Jan-06 14:13:19

Dear All

I live just outside sevenoaks and my daughter will be 1 next saturday. Would be interested in meeting up or if anyone can let me know of any good mother and baby groups that would be good.


jenweber630 Mon 23-Jan-06 09:38:07

Hi - if you don't mind a bit of a drive, we have a fairly active group of mums in southeast london. We typically meet up in Greenwich park (we've got a meet up tomorrow at 12:30 at the tea house at the top of Greenwich park across the drive from the Observatory) and you're welcome to join us.

Kentmum Sun 19-Feb-06 01:17:58


I live in Bromley. I actually own my own site www.kentfamilies.com that just got up and running. I meet up with local mums quite regularly with the children and often go out, just the grown ups too. Would love for some new members if you are interested


OleMama Sun 26-Mar-06 15:04:12

Hi all

If there is anyone fairly near Sevenoaks that would like to meet at Knowle Park, now the weather is getting better, perhaps it would make a nice couple of hours out. Perhaps we could arrange something.

OleMama Fri 14-Apr-06 13:33:50


pooka Fri 14-Apr-06 14:05:08

This is so funny - didn't realise so many mumsnetters near me! I live in Bickley. Have dd 2.9 and ds 7 months.
Head over Heels great. Gambados in beckenham brill but pricey now adult entry fee introduced.
EFJ - I have to say that I met most people from the post-natal group organised by the local HVs - all of us had babies born in June and July and most have had or are having their second babies now. So definitely go if the HV suggests it. It was a reason to get up, dressed and out of the house for 10am and made me feel sane.

EarthMaiden Wed 25-Oct-06 14:36:44

Hello, I live in Belvedere and my first baby is due in May 2007 - does anyone know of any pregnancy yoga (evening) classes in the surrounding areas?

Charlie3 Wed 01-Nov-06 12:17:16

Hi everyone, I am new to Mumsnet and also new to the area, I am expecting a baby in 6 weeks and would love to meet anyone in the same situation, and would welcome any inside information on the area. IE, are there any nice classes I can attend before the birth, or after, music groups or coffee mornings? Any advice gratefully recieved! Thanks.

Charlie3 Wed 01-Nov-06 12:33:02

OOps. Just realised I didn't put which area I have just moved to!!! I think they call that "placenta head"!! I live in Orpington, but am happy to travel.

mwt1985 Tue 07-Nov-06 09:42:46

HI. I live in orpington and am hoping to meet some other mums in the area to meet for a coffee and a chat and perhaps take the children out for the morning or afternoon. I have a little boy who's almost a year old and very inquisitive. Also if any mums on here know of any mother and baby groups in the orpington or bromley area as these internet search engines are showing up nothing. look forward to hearing from you. my e-mail is michaelawt19@yahoo.co.uk xx

Charlie3 Wed 08-Nov-06 11:35:45

Hi there MWT1985, as I said below, my baby isn't due for another 5 weeks but I would love to meet for a coffee and a chat on the high street maybe? I too have been looking for playgroups or mother and baby groups and stumbled upon one in the library last Wed morning, looked like a song and rhyme time, you'd have to check the times though. Also found "June's Mother and Baby Group which is held within the Highway Primary School. hope these are of some help. I haven't been to either to check them out of course so can't personally recommend or anything but at least it's a start?? Charlie

silvuple Thu 09-Nov-06 13:23:54

Hi, I am Silvie, me and my husband live in Bromley, near Bromley South station. We have a lovely 10 months old boy, called Yannick. We go for rhyme mornings every friday to the local library and we go for swimming too... is there any friendly mum nearby who want to meet up?
I'm from Czech Republic and as a housewife I need speak English with someone or I'll be useless soon ;-)))
Or is anybody in Chislehurst or any friendly group of mums? We will be moving there very soon.
Thanks, we'll look forward to meet you!

mwt1985 Fri 10-Nov-06 20:28:39

hi there. both of you have mentioned the bounce and rhyme at the local libarary. I can say it is wuite goold as i have been there with my little one.

helly123 Mon 13-Nov-06 20:36:42

Hi we are a small private fitness clinic in Beckenham. We have no joining fees or monthly fees, you just 'pay as you go'.
All of our fitness trainers are highly qualified and insured.

We are currently thinking of starting a post-natal class for new mums (baby would be invited too) the class would last 1 hour and cost just £5.
Afterwards we would provide coffee, tea or fruit juice to give new mums a chance to chat.

If you think this is something you would be interested in, or have any other ideas please let us know at emailus@definefitness.co.uk
our website can be viewed at www.definefitness.co.uk directions are provided on our website.

supermommasam Thu 23-Nov-06 22:52:21

hello....im in longfield and I can get to bromley, its only 4 stops on the train from me,

Im going there for the first time in 2 weeks if anyone wants to meet up??

I have 4 children but only taking 2 as the others are at school full time

MrsLoveToChat2U Wed 06-Dec-06 12:44:40

Hello to all you girlies out there, Does anyone of you live in near SIDCUP in kent. Im 34yrs old, have a DS who is 3 on new yrs eve and a 19mth old DD. I would love to meet up with any mums in the area, as the winter draws closer in to gloomy days, I thought it would be good to be able to meet up for coffee or just take the children somewhere.x
Hope to speak to anyone who feels the same.x
speak soon.xx

DEBD Mon 08-Jan-07 20:14:53

Hi there,

Just discovered this thread.

I live in Bromley/Downham and would love to meet up with some other local Mums. Although my daughter is 11 months i haven't really met many other mums to have coffe and a chat with (I must be going to the wrong places)

margo1974 Sun 14-Jan-07 16:06:31

DebD - I live on Bromley / Downham borders too. I have 2 girls dd1 = 2yrs and dd2 = 1 month.

I think i have been going to the wrong places too


Tootiepegs Mon 15-Jan-07 09:49:20

At last! Someone from this neck of the woods!
I am mum to DD of 10 months and am very keen to meet more local mums. We live in Hayes (about 2 miles from Bromley), so could easily make it there if you fancy meeting up.

margo1974 Mon 15-Jan-07 17:37:47

we were going to move to Hayes but our house sale fell through

Would be good to meet!!

Tootiepegs Mon 15-Jan-07 21:13:15


Where did you move to after the sale in Hayes fell through? Closeby?
I'd definitely be interested in meeting up for a coffee and a chat? Bromley, West Wickham, Hayes ...we're within walking distance of all of these.
If you fancy a meet next week I'll send you my e-mail address and maybe we can go for a cuppa.

margo1974 Mon 15-Jan-07 21:24:43

Mounthurst Rd, Marden Avenue, any houses round there.

I am feeling brave - I would like to meet. (I have a 2 year old and a 5 week old!!!)

I tried to CAT you - you can CAT me if you want.

Any day except Tuesday!!!

Margo x

Tootiepegs Tue 16-Jan-07 09:17:48


Sounds good. Would you be able to get to the coffee shop in Hayes quite easily? (That's if you did actually end up moving to the area). I think it's called the Village Cafe, Between the library and the George Pub. I'm free Mon and Thurs ...let me know.

margo1974 Tue 16-Jan-07 21:15:49

monday will be good - will leave dd1 with dh (one less to worry about)

11ish sound good to you?

Tootiepegs Wed 17-Jan-07 09:54:13

Excellent. Will see you there.
Check this thread on Mon morning just to make sure there haven't ben any last minute disasters, otherwise, see you Monday.

Tootiepegs Sun 21-Jan-07 09:47:48

Hi margo1974

Just checking we're still on for tomorrow.
DH has taken the day off of work so Hannah may or may not be with me, but I'm still on to meet.
I'll probably be wearing my beige fleece and look very windswepped as I tuck into my large latte! Hannah, if she's with me, will be the one wingeing because the food isn't getting to her mouth fast enough, or throwing her lunch across the cafe!
Still want to meet ...???!!! See you tomorrow!

margo1974 Sun 21-Jan-07 20:43:41

Yes. Will only have my 5 wk old. I'll be the one who looks like she's not capable of dressing, bags under eyes - you know - the usual new mum look.

I am a spectacle wearer and will probably be wearing black (with baby sick on the shoulders)

See you tomorrow

margo1974 Mon 22-Jan-07 22:47:07


just wanted to say thanks for this morning. your dd is beautiful and has a wonderful smile!

Looking forward to Friday

Margo x

Tootiepegs Tue 23-Jan-07 11:08:01


It was good to meet up...DD2 is a real sweetie and i can't wait to meet DD1 on Friday! Maybe when we meet on Fri we can sort out a spot of lunch for next week or a bit or retail therapy...???

Tootiepegs x

jinnalx Fri 06-Mar-09 10:46:54

hi everyone, i live in bromley common and have a 12 month old son! i cant seem to find any groups for me and my son to go to so if anyone can help or if anyone would like to meet up and chat that would be great x

CrushWithEyeliner Fri 06-Mar-09 10:54:52

Hi I am in Bromley and have been trying to arrange a meet-up for ages. Good to know there are others out there finally...lets organise something...x

CrushWithEyeliner Fri 06-Mar-09 10:57:09

just seen how old this thread is lol but jin I have a two YO and would be happy to meet up for coffee if you fancy..

jinnalx Fri 06-Mar-09 16:21:52

lol i no i didnt realise how old this thread was till after i wrote on it, yeah would be great to meet up! whenever ur free we will do it! my son isnt even crawling yet so would be great for hes lazy bum to see another baby walking around lol! let me no when ur free x

kentDee Fri 06-Mar-09 22:16:32

Hi. Im interested in meeting up too. Am in Bromley common area too with a 7m old.

jinnalx Sat 07-Mar-09 08:52:29

hi kentdee, we will all have to arrange something! were abouts in bromley common do u live? i live on turpington lane x

CrushWithEyeliner Sat 07-Mar-09 09:01:54

I am free most days smile shall we arrange something next week? xx

jinnalx Sat 07-Mar-09 09:10:22

yeah sounds good, would be easier for me if it wasnt monday or tuesday, is any other day good for u? x

elle23 Fri 20-Mar-09 20:16:41

SO THIS IS WHERE U'V ALL BEEN HIDING!! lol had no idea there were soooo many of u near me! I'm in Bromley - well Downham I suppose - near Bromley/Downham/Grove Park....I have a son (4) and 2 daughters (2.5 & 1.5) would love to meet up with some of u - im going crazy at home alone, there IS such a thing as TOO MUCH cBeebies u know! grin

elle23 Wed 25-Mar-09 23:28:22


kentDee Tue 31-Mar-09 22:59:19

Lets arrange a meet up then ladies? Whereabouts on turpington lane are you Jinnalax?

elle23 Thu 09-Apr-09 10:07:37


pssst! where have u gona ladies???

Hi im 22 and would like to meet up with mums in bromley i live in turpington lane

elle23 Tue 14-Apr-09 22:59:26

hi CRYSTALSANGEL! how many LOs do u have? & how old? Im 23 & would luv to arrange a meet-up ... im going crazy stuck at home! grin

jinnalx Wed 15-Apr-09 09:28:31

hi ladie's, i live at the top of turpington lane ( turpington close )! going mad stuck at home lol! so lets sort something out! sorry its taken so long to reply but last time i checked it said this thread had been deleted x

TheNatty Wed 15-Apr-09 10:19:07

hello! im in bromley/lewisham end, would love to meet up!
i have a DS 3 and a DD 2 and i have a baby due in july

Id love to meet up with any mums in the bromley area

jinnalx Thu 16-Apr-09 09:29:19

hi crystalsangel, you live on my road, your always welcome to pop up for a cuppa or something x

TheNatty Thu 16-Apr-09 10:01:43

shall we arrange a meetup everyone then?
next week when the older kids are back at school?

yes sounds like a good idea jinnalx iv got a 12 month old little girl

TheNatty Thu 16-Apr-09 10:06:35

crystals angel do you fancy meeting up at some point? weekend maybe? we can go for coffee

jinnalx Thu 16-Apr-09 10:09:01

ive got a 13 month old son so were both at the same stage then! were abouts on turpington are you?

weekends are a bit hard for me my parner only off wofk at weekends so we nomaly stay in but im free all week

the big tower block you cant miss it lol

jinnalx Thu 16-Apr-09 10:10:41

oh and next week sounds good! what day was you thinking of thenatty?

jinnalx Thu 16-Apr-09 10:13:30

no i havnt missed it lol! well im passing you later cause gotta go chatterden so if your about or need to go to the shops then we should have a meet-up!

what sorta time

jinnalx Thu 16-Apr-09 10:24:20

no exact time really as only gotta get my money out! proberly about half 1-2, is that good for you?

yer send me a message when ur leaving

jinnalx Thu 16-Apr-09 10:30:42

o.k will do, c u then!

jinnalx Thu 16-Apr-09 13:14:11

im leaving in about 10 mins x

ok il meet you at the bottom of my tower

jinnalx Thu 16-Apr-09 13:31:04

o.k x

TheNatty Thu 16-Apr-09 15:07:34

i was thinking maybe monday? what do you think?
bromley costa for coffee do you think?

jinnalx Thu 16-Apr-09 15:24:10

yeah sounds good! really fancy a costa coffee now lol! thanks again 4 all the food x

thats ok would love to meet up on monday were abouts is costa?

jinnalx Thu 16-Apr-09 15:30:46

i think its at the top of the highstreet by the glades entrance!

elle23 Thu 16-Apr-09 16:41:20

oh pleeeeease can i come????? sad
have been following this thread for ages but nobody's been posting!! lol i have a 4 year old son, a 2.5year old daughter & 19mth daughter..

jinnalx Thu 16-Apr-09 17:02:38

yeah of course you can! sounds like uve got your hands full with 3 lol!

TheNatty Thu 16-Apr-09 18:21:41

yes thats where its is near the abby national, and the argos (little one not the big one)

shall we say midday? i will be bringing sarnies for the kids as sandwiches in costa are stupidly priced, but im sure i will stretch to a slice of cake for me

elle i think i have you on my msn. of course you are welcome to come, more the merrier!

yeah sound good see you monday

TheNatty Thu 16-Apr-09 18:33:47

jinnalx that good for you?
anyone else??

elle23 Thu 16-Apr-09 20:56:22

oh fab! im looking forward to it, thanx! c u monday x ps,r we meeting inside or outside? how will i recognise anyone??! hmm may prove too much for me, so will prob not bring all 3 monsters children grin

TheNatty Thu 16-Apr-09 22:17:23

i will reconise you i think, we have msn.

i have piccs on my profile for those wanting to know me

(ps ill be the one with the screaming tantruming 2 year old, and the hyper 3 year old, and the big bump...)

kentDee Fri 17-Apr-09 11:15:43


Can I meet up with you lot too? Been trying to meet new mums on here for ages!

jinnalx Fri 17-Apr-09 12:11:28

yeah thats good for me! costa's arnt gonna no whats hit them with all these babys lol!

kentdee how many LOs you have?

TheNatty Fri 17-Apr-09 19:09:15

kentdee i did hijack your cyst in pregnancy thread to invite you wink

im still coming guys but the bank have taken 30 quid off me with no warning and wont give it baack, so i wont be eating or drinking, you will have to hide me in amoungst the babies lol!

jinnalx Sun 19-Apr-09 14:11:30

hi girls just 2 let u no im not able to make tomorrow as was told on friday that my dads friends funeral is at 1 so sorry but let me no if you arrange another meet up and i will deffo come x

cant make tomorow bank says i got 55 in but wont let me get it out i can meet up later this week

CrushWithEyeliner Sun 19-Apr-09 17:23:11

what time are you guys meeting tomorrow? I have been trying to arrange something for ages! x

jinnalx Sun 19-Apr-09 18:03:26

i can do anyday after tuesday if your free!

yer im free wednesday

yer im free wednesday

crushwitheyeliner how many los you have

elle23 Sun 19-Apr-09 20:15:42

CRUSHWITHEYELINER we r meeting tomorrow at noon in Costa Coffee in Bromley - the one near Glades entrance where little Argos is & Abbey National...yr welcome to join us, I think they'll only be 3 of us now xx

CrushWithEyeliner Mon 20-Apr-09 07:58:39

I have one DD 2 - who has just come down with the worst fever/ cold ever last night. Would have loved to meet up seeing as I have been trying to find other Mums in the area for so long! Will come to the next one xx

TheNatty Mon 20-Apr-09 09:50:38

im still coming, heading out soon, going to do a bit of window shopping lol..

hope SOMEONE meets me there, as you all seem to be crying off lol!

will try to make wednesday to, but i have an appointment. where are we meeting?

anywere thats good for you was realy looking forward to today but not got a penny to my name

I can't believe I missed this thread, I am in Bromley and would love to meet some more mums DS is 1 - but work mondays and Tuesdays, and have the ILs visiting this week, so can't make it later in the week either.

If anyone wants to meet next week, on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, please let me know!

I can meet next week my lo is 1

CrushWithEyeliner Mon 20-Apr-09 12:38:38

I will b e up for next friday Angua! x

GREAT, next Friday it is, just to confirm, thats Friday the 1st of May! (can you tell I am at work and actually have a calander in front of me?)

What time works for everyone? How about 1 o'clock in a coffee shop in town? I don't really mind which one.

Or do people fancy doing something like Gambados or another soft play area? Means the kids can run around a bit while we try to catch them chat?

coffee shop sounds good to me

TheNatty Mon 20-Apr-09 16:50:06

no one came

cue me sitting on my tod, for half hour.

oh well...

maybe a park next time? we can bring coffee still there is a playground behind church hill theatre. i just dont want another wasted journey!

sorry about that thenatty if id known no one else would go i would have gone maybe we could arange a meet up next week

TheNatty, oh no, how horrible, how about next Friday? I am very happy to do the playground behind the churchill (as DS will go mad in a coffee shop).

Chyrstalsangel, does that work for you?

What time suits everybody?

yer that good for me i dont evan drink coffee lol and any time

elle23 Mon 20-Apr-09 20:05:20

OMG!! where were u??? i was there from 11.30 til 12.15! was sitting inside near window but as we were there so early my LOs were getting rather restless. Didnt think anyone was coming so we went 4 a few rides on those car things & then i chased them 2 bus stop!! lol
not sure if any of u know but on thursday 30th April Netmums have a meet-up @ Gambados so there's cheap entry, 3.50 for 1 adult 1 child or 5.50 for maximum 2 adults 3 children. anyone interested??? im going 2 rascals in bellingham on wednesday from about 12.30/1 if anyone wants to join me...pretty busy the rest of the week but open 2 offers 4 next week wink

TheNatty Mon 20-Apr-09 20:38:44

ah i was late, didnt get there till about 12.15, my bus was late

bloody buses.

we must swap numbers elle!
if u can, come online on msn tonight?

never been to rascals how is it my girl is only 1 and i worry she mite get pushed down

TheNatty Mon 20-Apr-09 20:52:59

it depends on how busy it is. to be honest you will have more trouble with her not being able to reach anything as shes only little, my nearly 2 year old dd spends the whole time asking me to lift her up onto things...

but other then that its kool, just a bit on the expensive side.

yer il what a bit for that lol when do you want to meet and go to the park?

thenatty u should add me to ur msn vickiecoyle21@aol.com

jinnalx Tue 21-Apr-09 08:55:39

im really confused now lol! so vickie are we meeting up tomorrow and is everyone meeting up next friday?

yer and yer lol

jinnalx Tue 21-Apr-09 09:02:39

o.k, 2 early for me to be thinking lol! were do you wanna meet tomorrow then???

bromley going to take los to park

jinnalx Tue 21-Apr-09 09:07:21

sounds good! who else is coming that u know of?

elle is coming not shore if anyone else is i just hope the weather stays the way its been and dont go back to normal british weather lol

jinnalx Tue 21-Apr-09 09:14:10

yeah i no, would be just our luck ay lol, what time and were?

about 12 that ok for you

jinnalx Tue 21-Apr-09 09:32:20

yeah thats fine, is it churchill park?

is it the one by the library im not sure what its called

jinnalx Tue 21-Apr-09 09:53:46

yeah thats the churchill theater park, o.k ill see you both there then x

elle23 Tue 21-Apr-09 13:59:30

isnt it Church House gardens?? hmm
i have playgroup til 11.30 2mro so wil prob b there by 12 but mayb a little later x where in the gardens r we meeting?
cant make the meet-up on the 1st as ive already planned to go to Buzz @ The Walnuts leisure centre x

jinnalx Tue 21-Apr-09 14:10:27

im not sure just no its by churchill theatre so thats why i call it that. i will proberly be sitting outside the library but ive seen your pics so hopefully i will recognise you elle.

elle23 Tue 21-Apr-09 14:38:18

oh god i forgot i had those pics on here blush

c u 2mro grin

ok see you at the library

jinnalx Tue 21-Apr-09 14:57:25

oh just 2 let you both now i mite be abit late cause my sons feed is normally about half 11 but wont be much later!

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Tue 21-Apr-09 15:12:28

Theres also a playgroup on Wednesday mornings in St Augustines Church (starts at about 10 IIRC) Southborough Lane

elle23 Tue 21-Apr-09 18:38:59

ok ladies - should we swap numbers?? who has msn or facebook? elle23 AT live dot co dot uk

jinnalx Tue 21-Apr-09 20:22:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Tue 21-Apr-09 22:51:58

Crystal and Jinnalx, I hope you don't mind but I've asked HQ to delete your posts as I worry that your mobile numbers arehere for all to see. You may get some strange person ring you in the middle of the night. [old fogey emoticon]

elle23 Wed 22-Apr-09 07:46:55

thanx margo! didnt think they would leave their numbers on here!! LOL thats y i left my email addy - so they could send them 2 me that way grin
will u b joining us in church house gardens 2day margo?? we're meeting outside bromley central library at noon-ish xxx

jinnalx Wed 22-Apr-09 08:44:49

no thats fine margo, wasnt gonna leave it on here 2 long but forgot and went 2 bed lol! thanks x

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Wed 22-Apr-09 10:15:23

Thanks for the invite elle. My mil is coming round today so I'm going to get a bit of gardening done.

thats ok margo was not thinking had to sell my puppy yesterday and was really upset

kentDee Thu 23-Apr-09 13:51:06

Oh nooooooooo. I have missed the meet up. sad

elle23 Thu 23-Apr-09 16:22:10

kentdee there is a meet-up arranged by mums of another site on thurs 30th april 10am onwards at gambados in beckenham. there's a special rate for those mentioning the meet-up - much cheaper than usual entry prices which are extortionate! grin

anyone able to make it???

jinnalx Thu 23-Apr-09 16:26:00

im gonna try, went on 2 the net mums site and saw the thread so fingers crossed i should be able 2 go!

kentDee Thu 23-Apr-09 17:12:39

My little one is only 9m though. Think that place is for older kids isnt it???

my 13 and id probley be running arond after her the whole time lol

elle23 Fri 24-Apr-09 09:17:08

not just 4 older children - there are areas specifically 4 babies. several women who go to the meet-ups have newborn-18mth children.

elle23 Sat 25-Apr-09 06:31:10

i'll be at gambados on thursday if anyone wants 2 join me...can't make the meet-up on friday 1st though. anyone fancy meeting up the following week?

jinnalx Sat 25-Apr-09 08:33:03

elle what are you doing up at half 6 in the morning lol! how much is it on thursday?

elle23 Sat 25-Apr-09 20:11:59

for one adult one babe is 3.50 - usually about 12 quid!! shock

i was up from 5.15 and couldnt get back to sleep grin

how do you get there

elle23 Tue 28-Apr-09 19:37:33

it's on copers cope road. not sure what would be best for you crystalsangel - i usually go to savacentre in sydenham and get a bus from there - takes about 5 minutes...

Hello again all, my parents in law have now left and sanity has once more returned.

Does anyone fancy meeting tomorrow morning? In the park by the churchill?

elle23 Mon 04-May-09 18:48:56


where have you all gone???

elle23 - I am still here, do you fancy meeting up some time?

elle23 Tue 05-May-09 10:54:14

ooh yes please! how many DC do u have? weather's a bit rubbish at the moment. what did u have in mind? smile

elle23, I have one DS - who is 13 months old, what about you?

I don't know what you fancy, I know what you mean about the weather, however it mostly seems to be not raining.

Do you fancy something like the churchill gardens? and then we could always retire to a coffee shop and stuff them full off chocolate have a hot drink if the rain starts?

When works for you? I am free Thursday afternoon or Friday morning this week.

elle23 Thu 07-May-09 20:48:15

sorry Angua haven't had access to MN for a couple of days - rubbish internet connection!
i have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning at 10 so not free im afraid, what about saturday? coffee in Bromley?

elle23 - I'm afraid I am busy this weekend, and work Mondays and Tuesdays - How about Wednesday morning?

hi ladies would like to meet up next week

Sorry, can't do Wednesday anymore, How about Thursday afternoon?

yer that should be ok

elle23 Sat 09-May-09 09:26:40

Thursday afternoon is perfect for me...where are we meeting? grin

Can it be somewhere they can run around? DS is 13 months and having coffee in public is simply impossible!

elle23 Sat 09-May-09 17:36:19

well if the weather's nice we could do Church House gardens...or how about Adventure Kingdom? I haven't been before but it's meant to be quite good?

Angua, I know exactly what you mean about coffee in public! definitely a no-no with LOs grin

sound good to me my LOs 13 months to and does not like being in her pram for to long lol

elle23 Sat 09-May-09 21:29:22

OK Ladies...Buzz Zone @ Adventure Kingdom is on Stockwell Close next to the Civic Centre -do we all know where that is? Adults are FREE grin as far as I can work out from the website it will be £3.60 for each of our LOs...how are we all fixed for cash?
Looks like it's open from 10 til 4....

Anyone know what the weather will be like next week, if it's nice we could picnic in Church House Gardens?? smile

dont know what the weather will be like and is buzz zone good for the tiny LOs?

elle23 Sun 10-May-09 18:35:57

well yeah it's supposed to be - that's the whole point behind soft play, it's suitable from birth - especially good from 6mths...my LOs only ever experienced soft play from 12mths but it's helped my now 20mth old with co-ordination, balance and confidence.

good i just worry about the older kids knocking her over

chrystalangel, I took DS from about 6 months, you do end up sitting with them in the baby's bit - i.e. the ball pool, and that keeps them safe.

The Buzz Zone sounds good, what time suits you all (I can do any time after about 12) How about 2 O'clock?

elle23 Sun 10-May-09 21:34:11

2pm sounds good to me smile
are we meeting outside AK then? I haven't been before but if the price of food is anything like Gambados then I will be sneaking in my own food grin

yer 2 sounds good

cant do tomora my sisters staying a few days and not seen her in months

elle23 - are you still up for meeting tomorrow? I hope you see this message and can confirm, if I don't hear anything, I will be there outside Adventure Kingdom at 2 as arranged.

elle23 Thu 14-May-09 00:50:21

I posted a new thread!! lol don't think anyone else saw it! grin
I will still be going to Adventure Kingdom tomorrow, so I'll see you there at 2pm! smile

elle23 Thu 14-May-09 12:23:14

Angua I'm so sorry I'm not going to be able to make it today - I apologise for such late notice...I'm sick sad

I hope you see this before you set off for AK.
I'm terrible sorry, I was so looking forward to today sad
Hope we can rearrange...?

jinnalx Thu 14-May-09 13:22:18

hi peeps, im back lol! let me no when your next going ak because would love to take little one !

elle23 Thu 14-May-09 19:03:25

Hi JINNALX smile
I've never been to AK before,I was really looking forward to it sad
I hate being sick sad

Angua/jinnalx could we rearrange? How about going to AK one day next week? When's good for everyone else because I'm flexible grin

I'm going to Bromley on Saturday, would anyone like to meet for coffee?? smile

jinnalx Fri 15-May-09 09:21:26

yeah im in bromley saturday at some point so would be great 2 meet up! what time do u wanna meet? i can do thursday or friday next week if everyone else is o.k with that!!!

elle23 Fri 15-May-09 12:23:17

Thursday or Friday next week is good for me too smile
Saturday: I'll be in Bromley from about 11am so anytime after that is fine with me, I'm in no rush to get home grin

elle23 - I'm afraid I didn't see it, but DS did get to run around AK, and really enjoyed himself.

I am so sorry you were sick, I hope you are feeling better.

Saturday is DH's birthday, so not available, but could probably do a day next week?

elle23 Fri 15-May-09 19:20:53

Angua I'm glad your DS enjoyed himself
So sorry I couldn't make it - I feel lots better now though, thanks smile

How about AK again next week? Thursday afternoon? Or do any of you have any other ideas?

jinnalx what time would you like to have coffee Saturday? Do you have anywhere in mind?

elle23 Fri 15-May-09 19:22:31

crystalsangel will you be joining us tomorrow? smile

jinnalx Fri 15-May-09 21:24:27

any were is good for me and is about 12 o.k for u both?

no cant sorry dd is away for the weekend so got my pantner to myself for once lol

elle23 Fri 15-May-09 23:43:41

jinnalx 12 is ok smile
I need to pick up a book in WHSmith, how about I meet you outside?

wotulookinat Tue 19-May-09 10:26:02
AngeCam Tue 09-Jun-09 21:07:30

Hi,I'm a mum living in Orpington, looking for a dance partner to have a bit of a laugh with and perhaps learn something new on Wednesdays nights. I started going to beginners ballroom dancing classes with a friend in January but unfortunately she can't commit to going every week so has stopped. I continued for a few more weeks on my own but it's not the same not having a partner. I'm looking for someone who is happy to take it in turns dancing the male steps and wants to have a bit of fun. Let me know if anyone is out there. It's much more fun than aerobics.

marghe72 Fri 13-Apr-12 10:34:26

Hi there, this is may first time in mumsnet!
I live in Orpington, we moved here 2 years ago and used to live in London where all my friends are unfortunately...
I've tried a couple of mums and baby group in the are but always up to meet up new people.
My daughter is 7 months.
btw: the average age of my neighbours is 80! So i totally understand!
Keep in touch

sheree13 Sat 28-Apr-12 23:26:59


hi i live in sevenoaks and have 3 daughters my oldest is 5yrs and twins are 7months.
i would be interested in meeting up if you would like to

pamdam Fri 04-May-12 15:07:12

Hi everyone! I live 10min from Bromley (in Penge) and I also have twins (they're 8months)

Jwindus Fri 23-Nov-12 09:54:33

Hey, I am new to mumsnet and this is my first post. I recently had my DS and am finding now all the visitors have calmed down and my husband is back at work it can be quite a lonely long day. I moved to Orpington 5 years ago but I work in central London, went gym in my spare time so never had time to make friends in my area.
I am interested in joining baby groups, although I am still rubbish with finding my way round Orpington and don't really know where these groups are taking place! I would also be interested in meeting up with new mums. Please get in touch if interested in meeting up for a coffee or something. Thanks

issypiggle Thu 29-Nov-12 23:18:20

I've just moved to Orpington with my lil girl, (well shes nearly 3 so I dunno, slightly little girl). I've just been looking for parent and toddler groups. We already go to a local dance class but some of the children in the class are a lot older than my daughter. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some good places for parent and toddler groups.

S. x

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