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Brighton Meet in May

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Who's up for? What date? Where to go?

Saturday's are: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th.

18th suits me best and my birthday is the 20th and I want to get drunk

My poor head was very sore the following day...when's the next one? wink

Aren't you organising the next one Hels?

I had my hangover at 2am, so was mostly okay the next day! Well, apart from lack of sleep caused by dickhead housemate. We moved to a new place last night after last weekend's mayhem!

It's only been a week, I'm already looking forward to the next meet though grin

I had vague recollections of volunteering but not sure if I imagined it!

Haha, it was something to do with your birthday I believe!

Possibly, although I think DH might be a bit upset if I went out with you atrocious cunts rather than him!

You could always come out with us a week before/after? grin DP and I still haven't gone out for my birthday, we're going camping when he finishes his exams in a couple of weeks I think confused

MABS Thu 27-Jun-13 18:02:27

just started a new thread to see if anyone can do Sat 6 July, I am free and in Brighton that day smile xx

Bumping for the Christmas Meet on the 14th of Dec:

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