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Brighton September meet up!

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SirBoobAlot Fri 03-Aug-12 17:57:31

MABS has said 15th or 22nd and I can't do the middle two weekends. So on that selfish basis, how is the 22nd?

ancienthistrionics Sun 23-Sep-12 14:49:02

Looking forward to the next one already smile

DoreensEatingHerSoreen Sun 23-Sep-12 15:59:50

Great to see you all, congratulations Hels smile

MABS Fri 28-Sep-12 15:43:40

Hi from Dubai gals xx

SESthebrave Fri 28-Sep-12 22:05:40

MABS - envy

Ses chants to herself.... I am not jealous, I am not jealous, I am not jealous (and repeat!)

MABS Fri 28-Sep-12 22:49:09

X x x

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