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Sydenham, Forest Hill, Crystal Palace and Dulwich

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smiling Fri 04-Nov-05 12:05:34

I'm a new mum with a 7 week old DS. I'm used to working in Central London in quite a stressful job and so am all new to this SAHM stuff. Wondered if there were any other mums in the area who would like to meet up?

Belo Fri 04-Nov-05 12:40:10

Hello, I live in Crystal Palace. I've got a 16 week old and a 3 year old and am currently off work on maternity leave. Going back in January to a rather stressful job...

I've been taking dd2 to a baby yoga class on Thursday mornings which is brilliant and I can highly recommend. Its run by Gipsy Hill surestart so you need to live in their area. Where exactly are you? I can't think of much else to recommend for a little one as most of the things I do are dictated by the 3 year old.

smiling Fri 04-Nov-05 17:10:17

Hi Belo, I live on Lawrie Park Road, just down the road from Crystal Palace. In fact I took DS for a walk there today as the weather was so gorgeous and I'm not sure how many more days of that we have left! How young is the youngest baby at baby yoga? My DS is prob a bit too young for that at the moment! How do you find being a SAHM?

Belo Sat 05-Nov-05 10:36:34

Hard work! 1/2 of me is looking forward to getting back to work. The 1 o'clock club in crystal palace is really nice. We've been going there on a Friday afternoon. There is a baby area, but 7 weeks may be a bit too young.

The youngest baby at baby yoga at the moment was born mid August. I first took dd2 when she was 5 weeks, she enjoyed a bit of it, but wanted to do lots of feeding. Each week she has enjoyed it more and more. Now she loves it, and so do I as she sleeps for 4 hours afterwards!

smiling Mon 07-Nov-05 09:21:42

I popped into the one o clock club last week whilst I was taking DS for a walk - there were only three mums in there and all had much older children. Don't think DS would get much out of it. I like the idea of baby massage though - although as I don't live in the Gypsy Hill area I'll prob have to find one in my borough (Lewisham).

pootlepod Mon 07-Nov-05 09:32:44

Smiling, I used to enjoy ths story/song sessions at Forest Hill Library on Tuesday morning-10am. It's probably meant for older babies and toddlers but they are very accommodating for smaller ones. You don't have to attend the whole session either!

smiling Mon 07-Nov-05 11:42:04

Hi P, I already go to a mother and baby group on Tuesday mornings at the Grove Centre on Jews Walk - typical - all the good ones happen on the same day! . Will def look into other story groups though when DS is a little older. If anyone knows of any other groups for babies and mums, or indeed wants to meet up some time for a coffee, I'd be happy to arrange it.

Raindog Mon 07-Nov-05 11:57:08

Hi Smiling
I live in Forest Hill and have a 6 month old DD (Gosh! I can't believe she has grown so quickly!). I haven't been to Forest Hill library yet, but I know the storytime is also held on thursdays at 2-3pm.

Then there is swimming at the Bridge Leisure Centre (near Sainsbury's Savacentre at Bell Green) on Mondays and wednesdays, and several music groups too.

Whereabouts are you based? The Horniman Museum is also a good place for coffees etc and is very baby-friendly. Maybe we should have a meet up there?

smiling Mon 07-Nov-05 16:22:51

Hi Raindog - sorry it's taken so long to reply - have been out of the house. Do you know the average age of the Thursday story group? I'd love to hear more about the music groups too. Be happy to meet up with you - and anyone else who would like to come along - The Horniman cafe usually does great cakes!! This week is pretty chocabloc for me, but how about next week?

aloha Mon 07-Nov-05 16:25:09

When you have a seven week old baby outings are for YOUR benefit, not the baby's! He'll be happy anywhere with you. So don't worry about age appropriate playgroups for him, worry about your social life! Happy mummy =happy baby as they say.

smiling Mon 07-Nov-05 20:42:05

Couldn't agree more aloha! Any opportunity to get out of the house!

aloha Mon 07-Nov-05 20:42:45

Where do you live?

smiling Tue 08-Nov-05 13:14:50

Aloha aloha. I live on Laurie Park Road in Sydenham. Whereabouts are you?

aloha Tue 08-Nov-05 13:15:17

E Dulwich

motherinferior Tue 08-Nov-05 13:15:45

I'm in Catford.

smiling Tue 08-Nov-05 13:26:07

Looks like there are a few of us in the same area - hello to motherinferior too. How would we all feel about meeting up one morning or afternoon in Horniman's cafe? Any day next week particularly good or bad for people?

Belo Wed 09-Nov-05 20:26:45

I would be up for meeting up.

As to activities, I've been taking the older dd to a music class and the younger dd gets dragged along. It didn't occur to me that the little one would enjoy it, but she does. She loves it. They do a baby class. It's in West Norwood. I can CAT you details if you want.

smiling Thu 10-Nov-05 09:19:09

Hi Belo - glad you're up for meeting up. What does 'CAT' mean btw? Everyone else, what would be the best day for you? We could make it the week after next if that's easier for people - I know it can be hard sometimes to get a chance to log on and see what's happening! .

Belo Thu 10-Nov-05 12:49:01

CAT means 'contact another talker'. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are best for me.

Non25 Thu 10-Nov-05 22:37:44

Hello Smiling

I'm in the Crystal Palace/W Norwood area and logged onto Mumsnet ages ago. My first visit to the site in a while.
The Salavation Army in Crystal Palace run a baby/toddler group on a Wed and Thurs morning (10-12) - it's very good (includes a baby area). If your meet-up includes toddlers let me know (my DD's 2) as I'd be interested in joining. Enjoy your maternity leave.

smiling Fri 11-Nov-05 09:41:24

Hi Non25, as far as I'm concerned, everyone is welcome! I'll def look into the group in Crystal Palace. In the meantime, I suggest the meet-up for a week on Wednesday - so that would be *Wednesday 23nd Nov* - gives everyone a chance to have logged on and seen the date! How about the cafe at *Hornimans park - 10am*? I only say 10am as this is the time that most baby groups start in the mornings so I'm assuming that most mums and babies are up and at'em at this time! Let me know if you're all up for it!

Belo Fri 11-Nov-05 12:56:07

23/11 is good for me. dd1 will be at nursery, so it will just be dd2.

smiling Fri 11-Nov-05 17:37:10

That's great Belo - look forward to meeting you and the little one. Anyone else? Non25, can you make that date?

smiling Mon 14-Nov-05 11:09:03

Hi all, just wanted to bump this up the list for anyone who has missed it and would like to come along to the meet -up at Hornimans Park Cafe

smiling Mon 14-Nov-05 19:05:30


smiling Thu 17-Nov-05 18:39:37

bumping again

smiling Fri 18-Nov-05 13:33:55

Just a quick reminder to everyone about meeting up next Wednesday 23rd at Horniman's Park cafe - 10am. So far Belo and I will be going with our LO's. Aloha, motherinferior, pootlepod and Non25 - are you all up for it?

pootlepod Fri 18-Nov-05 14:20:05

Smiling, good luck with the meet, I have since moved away from sarf London so won't be there!

smiling Fri 18-Nov-05 14:39:36

hey pootlepod - where did you move to? DH wants to move away from SL once little bub is old enough for schools - but at only 8 weeks,I can't even think about all that yet - but you know how men can get! ha ha!

pootlepod Fri 18-Nov-05 14:49:42

Up North!!! We moved for work reasons though, and couldn't really afford any sort of house there. Loved living there (was there about 7 years) but don't think about it much now . Miss the Horniman cafe and Provender- just shows what priorities I had!

smiling Sun 20-Nov-05 10:55:18

Ah Pootlepod - Provender cafe...mmmm...! Belo - you still OK for Wednesday? Anyone else? The more the merrier

Non25 Sun 20-Nov-05 23:56:31

Hi Smiling. Thanks for the invite but afraid I can't make Wednesday as I take DD to the C Palace playgroup (which she loves). But do let me know if you organise another meet-up. By the way Belo, is the music class you go to B's Baby Music? I ask as I've just booked into a trial session.

smiling Tue 22-Nov-05 13:39:04

Ah, that's a shame Non25 - I willof course let you know if we organise something else. Belo and everyone else, I'll be at the Horniman Cafe at 10 tomorrow - I'll leave a bright pink scarf on the table so that you'll know it's me! Look forward to seeing you

Belo Tue 22-Nov-05 20:44:24

See you tomorrow Smiling. I'll have a baby with me dressed as a rabbit!

Non - yes, it is Bea's baby music. Were you there on Monday with Eve?

Non25 Wed 23-Nov-05 22:16:35

Hi Belo.
Yes, Eve and I were there. What a coincidence. Also, my mother lives in the Gipsy Hill area and I think you live in the same road as her as you look v familiar. Your older DD obviously enjoys B's music - it was lovely seeing her have so much fun. I'm not sure yet whether I'll go back. I stopped working a couple of months ago to look after Eve full-time and am still trying out new things.

smiling Thu 24-Nov-05 12:21:50

Belo, it was lovely meeting you and Bessie yesterday, hope the explosions calmed down a bit! If anyone else would like to organise a meet-up, I'd be happy to come along. I may come and check out the music group once we get back from Center Parcs next week.

Belo Mon 28-Nov-05 16:56:09

Hi Smiling. It was nice to meet you and your ds too. I do apologise about dd2's bottom's behaviour!!! I will CAT you numbers for swimming/music/baby yoga. Hope you had a good weekend and were able to make good use of the creche!

Non25, I can't recall seeing you around. Where does your Mum live? If you're looking for things to do and you live in the Surestart area, the stay and play on a wednesday morning is very good. I also love their art class on a Saturday morning.

Non25 Tue 29-Nov-05 19:38:07

Hi Belo. I've heard about the Wednesday stay and play, but we're usually busy that day. I was planning on trying out the saturday art session - so might see you there. My mum lives in Whiteley - I've seen you a couple of times when dropping Eve off, although you could just be passing thro!

Belo Wed 30-Nov-05 11:34:02

Yes, we're on Whiteley. Do I know your Mum?

We should be at the art class on Saturday dd1 loves it.

Belo Fri 02-Dec-05 10:12:20

Smiling - I tried to CAT you the numbers, but you have requested not to receive messages from Mumsnet, so I couldn't. You need to change your preferences, or CAT me and I'll email you back.

kitegirl Sat 03-Dec-05 09:11:51

Hi guys, just saw this board - I live near Horniman Museum, have recently become SAHM to ds 20 months. Would love to join you for your next meet-up!

smiling Sat 03-Dec-05 17:15:23

Hi Belo - have just logged on for the first time since CenterParcs - which was absolutely lovely! We made good use of the babysitter - had a fantastic meal in the revolving restaurant - but we didnt put Luca in the creche in the end because he was still feeling ill and we decided to keep him with us. DH got a good insight into what life is like with a baby on a daily basis! I think he got quite a shock and he didn't even have to cope with DS on his own all day! I'd definitely recommend CP to anyone wanting to go away with babies or small children. I've changed my settings so you should be able to CAT me now - be great to hear about the baby yoga etc. Kitegirl - hi! If anyone is up for another meet up - I'd be happy to go along. This week is pretty busy for me, but I could be around some time the week after.

Non25 Sun 04-Dec-05 23:38:02

Hi Belo. Don't know if my mum knows you, although if she spots you walking down the road with your little one in a rabbit outfit I can't guarantee she'll coo over her.
Smiling: I'm happy to suggest a venue for a 2nd meet-up. Who else would be interested?

smiling Mon 05-Dec-05 15:31:04

Non25, I'd be happy to come along. This week is totally out for me but sometime next week or week after should be ok.

kitegirl Mon 05-Dec-05 18:37:57

I'd love to come! early next week best or week after but am flexible

Non25 Mon 05-Dec-05 22:32:10

Do either of you know Rascals at Bellingham Health Centre? It will entertain the toddlers and there's a cafe area from where we can watch the little ones play (there's a separate ball-pool for babies). The play area's great and although the cafe's basic it's fine (DD doesn't sit still for long so it's difficult going to"normal" cafes). It's close to you Smiling and if you don't drive Kitegirl I can give you a lift. I can do a.m Monday/Tuesday next week, or a.m Monday the following week.
Belo: just spotted a typo in my message to you !!! Meant to say "...I CAN guarantee she'll coo over her".

kitegirl Tue 06-Dec-05 08:23:53

I don't know it but googled and it looks fab! My DS will go bonkers at a sight of a ball pool! I can drive/give lifts. Mon/Tue am next week is all good for me, or am Mon the week after

Belo Tue 06-Dec-05 19:47:12

I'm up for another meet up. I can't do Monday a.m.s as we go to Bea's baby Music. I can normally do Tues a.m, but can't do next week. Also I would feel very guilty going somewhere with a ball pool without dd1. She loves things like that. She's at nursery Tuesday - Thursday. How about a Friday morning? Or failing that a Tuesday morning is fine, I'll just have to make sure I don't tell dd1 what dd2 has been up!

Smiling, sorry, I haven't sent you a CAT yet with the numbers. Don't know where my days go to. Promise I'll do it soon!

pogface Thu 08-Dec-05 17:32:48

hello all, i just found this thread, i can hardly type im so excited to find mums in my area . i have a 5 week old son, as a SAHM its amazing how quickly you lose track of the real world and whats going on with other people, so Id love to meet up - i m in Forest Hill.
Im interested in the Bea's Baby music - could someone give me the details - i know mines a bit young yet pprobably but he loves music already..

Smiling - do you , or anyone else in lewisham borough, know of surestart stuff in our area? or specific mum and baby (rather than mum and toddler) groups?

p xx

podkin Thu 08-Dec-05 17:37:48

Sorry to hijack this thread, I was just browsing and noticed that a couple of you mentioned Whiteley - I used to live on that street ! Lived in the area for many years and although now in Sussex, often think about the good times I had there.

Non25 Thu 08-Dec-05 19:49:15

Firstly, Podkin: nice to hear from you. It's strange to think we might have bumped into one another as I lived in Whiteley for a very long time - it's changed a lot.
As for a meet up, I'm afraid I can't do a Friday before xmas and I now can't make Tuesday.
Kitegirl: I take my dd every Monday morning so if you want to join us next Monday (12th) please do - I get there around 10.30.
Belo: in case you can be persuaded I went after B's music class - it's a 15/20 min drive. Also, on Friday 16th there's a story telling of Eloise at Norwood Library. I'm going with a couple of friends and your dd1 might enjoy it.

pogface Thu 08-Dec-05 21:33:15

where is bellingham? how far from forest hill?

(too tired to go find the a-z..)

webchick Thu 08-Dec-05 23:29:56

pogface, its near the Sainsburies Savacentre in lower Sydenham, towards the A21

Belo Sun 11-Dec-05 11:05:08

Non25, maybe we will come along tomorrow after Bea's. DD2 hasn't been very well at all, but it looks like the anti-biotics are kicking in so we should be able to come. If she's still not well though, we'll give it a miss. I'll have a look at the www and try and find directions. What time do you think you'll be there until?

Details of Bea's baby music here . I think it's better for the younger ones then the older ones. DD2 is normally hypnotised by the class. When I attempt to sing the songs to here at home she instantly starts to giggle.

Belo Sun 11-Dec-05 11:05:33

Oooh - that was my first ever successful link!!!

smiling Mon 12-Dec-05 08:43:41

Hi everyone! Wow, excellent to see some new people have joined this thread since I last logged on! Sorry I haven't been on for a while - xmas and everything else seems to have taken up masses of my time recently. Belo, hope all is well with you and lo - just had a look at the link for Bea's music - looks great but I think DS is a little bit young for it at the moment (though he is growing REALLY fast!). Hi to Kitegirl, Raindog and Pogface. If you all go to Rascals this morning, I hope you all have a great time - We're not able to make it this morning - have spent the weekend doing our 'family christmas' with my half of the family near Bristol and I'm exhausted! I'd love to meet up with people for a coffee or whatever. The best time for me this week would be Thursday am or anytime on Friday. Pogface, I think our lo's are the closest in age - DS is 12 weeks old. As next week is the last before christmas I know it may be hard for people to meet up, but if anyone would like to, I could probably make it.

smiling Mon 12-Dec-05 08:48:14

Oops - forgot to add - Pogface, I don't think there is any surestart stuff in our area -grrr- but I go to a very nice baby/toddler group on Tuesday mornings at the Grove Centre on Jews Walk in Sydenham. It's 10-12 and has just finished for the christmas break. I'm slowly getting to find out about other groups too -I'd be happy to meet up with you if you're finding it hard to get used to being a SAHM - trust me, I felt the same and it does get easier!

pogface Mon 12-Dec-05 17:32:14

hi all
smiling - a coffee on friday would be lovely - perhaps at the horniman or do you know somewhere better - and of course anyone else who'd like to join in..?

re surestart - a friend in southwark is going to sign me up under her address , cos their's is brilliant - she gets free massage and goes to baby swimming, breastfeeding support, and theres a baby interaction room with fibre optics and lights and crash mats to roll around on...

the group in sydenham sounds good - i'd like to come along when it restarts. perhaps i can get the details off you when we meet?

sorry i didnt make it to rascals everyone - i had a bit of a nightmare day, DP's dad was finally moving out of our house and it was chaos. and just perfect conditions for trying to get a baby to sleep...not.

anyway...bye4now. x

smiling Mon 12-Dec-05 18:52:20

Ah - good move! I need to find someone in a surestart area! I can't believe Lewisham doesn't have it! Re Friday - I think I can make it - should know more by Wednesday. Horniman cafe would be great. Anyone else around?

Non25 Mon 12-Dec-05 20:15:08

Belo: I've had no internet access for a few days and DD hasn't been well so I didn't make it to Rascals this morning. I hope you didn't either as I don't want you to think I cried off without telling you! If you (or anyone else) fancy giving it a go before xmas I can do Monday or Tuesday next week. Just let me know.

I'm not free this Friday for a meet-up, so have fun.

Belo Tue 13-Dec-05 13:28:09

We didn't make it either Non25. DD2 was very miserable yesterday. There is no Bea's next week so I'm definitely up for giving it a go then. What time are you planning on going for?

I can't do a meet up this Friday. It's the Christmas play at the nursery! Thanks for telling us about the Norwood library show Non25. That would have been good, but dd1 is needed at the nursery.

Smiling/Kitegirl/Pogface, would you be up for Rascals next week?

smiling Wed 14-Dec-05 20:03:22

Hi all. I won't be able to make Friday as I have to wait for a delivery (after spending all day at home today waiting for it only to be told it will be Friday afterall - grrr!). Belo, I won't be able to make Monday at Rascal's either - it's all gone mentally busy before Christmas - lots of people have stopped working for the holidays and want to come and visit DS etc. Pogface, the group starts again in Jan and I'd be happy to meet you there if you were nervous about turning up on your own. It looks like I won;t be around for a meet-up until Jan, but it would be great to meet you all then! If you do all meet up at Rascals on Monday, have a lovely time, and if I don't get a chance to log on again until after Christmas, everyone have a fantastic one!

pogface Thu 15-Dec-05 11:43:53

sorry all, dont think i can make monday, xmas duties call... no worries about friday - i am going to take baby swimming instead! it would be nice to have that coffee in the new year when the post xmas blues hit. (ie when you realise that winter's got a long way still to go and theres not much going on to look fwd to ..god listen to me, i sound depressed already! not really.)
have a lovely xmas everyone and a happy noo yirr!
p x

Non25 Fri 16-Dec-05 00:01:47

Hi Belo. I'll be at Rascals on Monday morning btw 10.30 and 11. It'd be good if you can make it - let me know if you need directions (it's opposite Bellingham Station, on Randlesdown Rd). If you're driving don't go past the health centre as you'll miss the entrance to the car park. If Monday comes and you can't make it then we can rearrange something for the new year.

Non25 Mon 19-Dec-05 20:12:32

Belo: As usual, I drove to Rascals this morning and it was closed . Hope you didn't make it.

Belo Sat 24-Dec-05 16:04:06

We didn't make Non25, but that sounds as if it was just as well! Are you at your Mums for Xmas? Maybe see you on Whiteley!

corblimeymadam Sat 07-Jan-06 18:47:50

My dd is 8 weeks and she is my first. Live in West Norwood - could we come along to any meet ups? Getting cabin fever and in need of contacts!

pogface Sun 08-Jan-06 17:47:11

hi all
hope you had a good xmas and new year..ours was necessarily quiet (or rather, noisy in all the wrong places!)
If anyone fancies it, i'd love to meet up for a coffee this week - i was thinking perhaps at the horniman cafe on thursday? if that suits anyone - if not, feel free to suggest another time...
btw, do you all know about the watch-with-baby screenings every friday morning at Ritzy cinema Brixton? theyre only £3.50 and they show decent adult films, wooh! last week was brokeback mountain and matchpoint. im so pleased to have found a cinema that lets you take babies into non-u cert films.
p xx

corblimeymadam Tue 10-Jan-06 20:11:11

Would love to in theory but dd has first jabs on Thursday - am dreading it!!! Next week?

smiling Tue 10-Jan-06 20:41:18

Hi everyone - glad to see this thread is staying alive! Pogface - Would love to meet up with you and the others - this week is out for me though, but could do next? Belgianbun -welcome. Dont' worry about the jabs - when DS had his (he's 17 weeks now), I just made sure that I had a feed to give him immediately after the jabs and that helped a lot! Greenwich Picturehouse cinema also does baby screenings - went to see Matchpoint last Friday. Was a great experience, going to the flicks with all the mums, but a not such a great film!

Belo Tue 10-Jan-06 21:09:16

Hello all. I'm going back to work a week on Monday so I don't think I'll be able to meet up. dd2 is doing her 'settling-in' period at nursery and she'll be having a couple of full days next week. If you arrange a date/time, and we can make it I will come.

smiling Tue 10-Jan-06 21:21:52

Hi Belo - good luck for next week! Will of course let you know if we do meet up.

pogface Thu 12-Jan-06 10:48:48

next week is fine for me. how about thursday, maybe 2 ish? or any other time that suits people, it doesnt really matter to us :-)
horniman cafe is nice, but there are also a couple of quite baby friendly cafes in brockley, jam circus and moonbow jakes, if thats better for people...
hope the jaBs went ok - ds had his a coule of weeks ago, was fast asleep and woke up screaming for about 30 seconds! ideal. got the next lot coming up very soon tho...not sure im going to be able to engineer that situation again. interestingly the nurse suggested not holding him while it happened, then picking him up and comforting him immediately after, to distract him, that way he still feels that in mummy's arms everything is ok, rather than, i was in mummy's arms and it still hurt.
seemed to work last time, but we shall see...!

corblimeymadam Thu 12-Jan-06 11:41:06

Jabs are this afternoon - dd has woken up with sniffles and a bit of a cough this morning, will they still do them? Am trying to time it so I have a full boob to put her way as soon as they're done. BTW I'm up for next Thursday, don't mind where but Horniman is a bit nearer for me. Don't mind though, would be nice to venture a bit further from home!!!

kitegirl Thu 12-Jan-06 11:44:47

hi pogface - great to see you on tuesday, hope your lovely little boy is doing well!

i'd love to come next week but we are away, so will definitely make the next one!

smiling Sun 15-Jan-06 11:49:55

Hi everyone - is there a meet-up happening next week? I'd be up for it. DS is feeling much better now. Horniman's cafe would be good for me.

smiling Sun 15-Jan-06 11:49:55

Hi everyone - is there a meet-up happening next week? I'd be up for it. DS is feeling much better now. Horniman's cafe would be good for me.

pogface Mon 16-Jan-06 21:46:44

yes i think we should meet up on thursday, all those who can make it, do, if not no worries. the more the merrier but if no-one shows up, thats ok, i live near enough to enjoy the stroll to `horniman! i shall be there at one...my little boy will be wearing a green dragon suit, just so's you know who i am!! that place is baby-crazy and going round every group of mums asking if theyre from mumsnet is a lil awkward (i know, ive done it!).
see you at 1 ish.
p x

smiling Mon 16-Jan-06 22:42:53

Hi pogface - could we possibly make it a bit later? It's just that DS usually has his nap from 12-2. 2.30 would be great for me.

pogface Tue 17-Jan-06 12:14:15

yep 2.30 is fine for me. x

corblimeymadam Tue 17-Jan-06 22:32:14

Bum - wanted to come along but have a friend in hospital and can only go thursday.... will have to meet you another time .

smiling Wed 18-Jan-06 21:41:54

Hi Pogface - someone smashed the side of our car (and completely obliterated the wing mirror! ) at the weekend and so I've to wait for the garage guys to come and collect it tomorrow as my husband has got to go into work - he was going to wait in for them originally! Sorry for the short notice - this is the first chance I've had to get online today. I will definitely be around for the next meet-up - if you guys are still up for it! I hope you see this before you go!

pogface Thu 19-Jan-06 10:59:58

ay well, t'was not to be then! never mind. seems like there is the will for a meet up, and where theres a will theres a way, but life intervenes! so...over to someone else to suggest the next one...am feeling strangely rejected! sniff!
p xx

smiling Thu 19-Jan-06 19:01:27

Ah! Pogface! Don't feel blue! We WILL meet up! Next week could be a bit busy for me - but lets put one in the diary for the week after. People, lets get this together! Tuesdays and Thursday mornings are not good for me, but other than that I should be able to do any day (afternoons after 2-2.30 are prob best for me...

corblimeymadam Sat 21-Jan-06 09:11:46

I'm free any day but Tuesday...

pogface Tue 24-Jan-06 12:53:32

how about next week then, thursday afternoon?
p x

babyonboard Tue 24-Jan-06 15:21:20

hi..coming into here late, but i am up for a trip to the horniman.
me and dp lovwe it, we went three times pre-baby and cant wait to take the little guy there.
my ds is 8 weeks old, and i can get there in 20 minutes or so on the train.
please cat me if you finalise some plans

corblimeymadam Wed 25-Jan-06 10:19:11

Thursday 2nd Feb? or is it 1st? Yep count me in!

smiling Wed 25-Jan-06 10:32:39

Cool. I'll be there at around 2.30 next Thursday - I am putting it in my diary right now! I'll wrap a bright pink scarf round the handle of the buggy so you can recognise me!

smiling Fri 27-Jan-06 19:08:57

Are we all still on for next Thursday?

corblimeymadam Mon 30-Jan-06 11:23:08

Think so!!

smiling Mon 30-Jan-06 14:44:30

Great. Hey BB - did you find a nursery? Have just started looking myself - what a nightmare!

corblimeymadam Mon 30-Jan-06 22:36:35

Found one today with an 18mth waiting list!!!! How crazy to have to put your childs name down before you even think of TTC!!! Going to try to have a look at one near West Dulwich station this week and have loads of childminders to phone. SOOO expensive though and I prefer to have word of mouth recommendation. Seems like anyone who is any good has no vacancies! Looking forward to Thursday. Is pogface coming? What about babyonboard? She wanted to be CATed... not sure how to do that!

pogface Wed 01-Feb-06 17:33:44

sorry for the silence - yes i will do my best to come for 2.30 - jem has his jabs tmr morning but that shouldnt prevent us coming, hopefully!
see you all there - once again, j will be in a dragon suit so you can make us out amongst all the millions of other mums and babs.
p x

kitegirl Wed 01-Feb-06 17:38:21

bb, have you tried Asquith Court nursery on Chancellor Grove in West Dulwich? My son goes there and it's wonderful.

corblimeymadam Wed 01-Feb-06 19:17:40

Thanks KG!!! Have been trying to get hold of manager there for 2/3 days now. REally good to hear how pleased you are with it! Just hope they have a place. See everyone tomorrow!

smiling Wed 01-Feb-06 20:47:30

BB - I'm going to have a look at Asquith Court on Monday - will let you know what I think! Although it could be a bit of a pain for me to get to as I'd have to drive to drop off DS every day! hmmm - not sure I want to tackle the South Circular 3 mornings a week! Anyway, I'll be there tomorrow and will be picking all your brains re nurseries and childminders! Looking forward to it - will keep my eyes peeled for the dragon suit!

smiling Thu 02-Feb-06 18:54:06

BB and PF - was lovely meeting you and the lo's today - sorry I couldn't stay longer! The nursery I went to see wasn't that nice but def feel better for having seen yet another nursery! Lets def do this again - next week is a bit hectic for me, but how about the Wednesday after at the same time same place? Anyone else also fancy it? BB - good luck with ASquith's tomorrow - let me know what you think!

bambi06 Thu 02-Feb-06 19:24:10

can i be included in your next meet up? my two are at school now but i look after a little one of 12 months 3 days a week so i will have a liitle one with me if that counts?...i live borders of anerley/beckenham so just down the hill

corblimeymadam Thu 02-Feb-06 21:57:50

Great to meet you two too!! Would definitely be up for a repeat at some stage soon - the more the merrier bambi! Think dd has second jabs week after next but not sure what day. Will be in touch!

pogface Thu 02-Feb-06 22:27:41

really glad i got to meet up with you two, bb and smilng. your little ones are gorgeous. next time hopefully jem will make a bit more of an appearance (then i'll be wishing him back to sleep, no doubt!) the wed after next sounds fine for me.


corblimeymadam Fri 03-Feb-06 22:15:45

Anyone else going to NCT nearly new sale at St Faiths, Red Post HIll tomorrow? 11-1... Only shopping I can afford at the mo!

smiling Sat 04-Feb-06 08:16:29

Yup! May see you there BB!

corblimeymadam Mon 06-Feb-06 14:58:49

Smiling - how did you find Asquith? I thought it was ok but really untidy in the classrooms. Manager seemed really on the ball. Baby room nice but would be very cramped if full. No places anyway! I was handed a flyer for a nursey called cherubins today (www.cherubinsnursery I think!). Very new with really good ofsted report. Going to see it friday am. Will let you know.

smiling Mon 06-Feb-06 19:48:08

Hi BB - mmm... I liked it, but agree with you about it being a bit cramped and the drive was a pain in the bum for me! And that wasn't during a rush hour! I'm off to see Clive Hall in Clive road tomorrow morning - will let you know. Be interested to hear about cherubins. Did you get to the NCT sale? We got there at half ten and the queue was HUGE! Waited nearly an hour and came away with a baby back pack (the metal frame ones) for a fiver - which was a bargain - and a piece of scrummy chocolate brownie!! Next week is out for a meet-up for me - DH has got three days off work. How about the week after ladies?

corblimeymadam Mon 06-Feb-06 20:14:59

Q was a nightmare and bugaboo far too big for that hall!!!! Completely overwhelming! I got there around 10.45, persevered and got a baby bouncer for a fiver as well. DD loves it! I think she may be too small for it really but her head is stable so I put her in for a few minutes at a time. Big cheesy grins!!! From her that is! Can do meet up whenever. How about you pogface? Does anyone know how to CAT? Babyonboard was interested... And bambi06?

corblimeymadam Fri 10-Feb-06 13:46:56

Smiling - just registered dd at Cherubins Day Nursery! They are wavering registration fee for February and have spaces as they have just opened a second baby room. Good Ofsted. Really nice staff and building - I liked it more than anything else I've seen. Not cheap (£215 f/t babies, £50 a day) but I reckon it's worth paying to get something you are happy with. Check out website www.cherubinsdaynusery.co.uk. ONly thing it is might be a bit far over for you - just past the Tulse Hill one way. Not that much further than Asquith though. Good luck! Are we meeting up next week, people?

smiling Sat 11-Feb-06 08:10:40

BB - sounds lovely! But alas - that really is a bit too far for me to think about everyday. But glad you've got LO sorted - must be a weight off your mind. Next week is out for me as DH is at home most of the week - yay! But how about the week after? I can do any afternoon...

bambi06 Sat 11-Feb-06 09:32:28

we`re away for half term with my two.i`m getting out to the country to try and kill off all these bus we`ve got!!! so am back for week of 20 th ..any good?

smiling Wed 15-Feb-06 21:45:43

Ok girls - shall we try and sort it out for next week? Can't do monday but pretty much the rest of the week is free - at the moment...!

corblimeymadam Thu 16-Feb-06 08:50:56

I'm going away Tues for a week! Taking Dd to see grandparents. You may have to do this one without me. Sorry!

pogface Thu 16-Feb-06 12:28:51

sorry ive been incommunicado guys! internet problems..this week is hectic for me, but im free anytime next week...whens good for all of you? wed afternoon/thursday?
p xx

pogface Thu 16-Feb-06 12:31:33

and presumably CAT is just the Contact Another Talker button at the top of the screen ...

Kimmy1974 Tue 21-Feb-06 14:05:33

Hi everyone

I first registered on here about a year ago but havent been back much since! I'm from around this area but it looks like I've missed out on a lot of meets!!!! I have a 17 month old and another one on the way (due beginning of June). Anyone else with a toddler???

Looking forward to sticking around this time and getting to know you!!!

Kim xx

corblimeymadam Wed 22-Feb-06 12:25:18

If you're not meeting this week..... I GET BACK NEXT WEDNESDAY AND COULD DO THURS OR FRIDAY?! Oh sorry to shout - but would love to get together again before I go back to work at end of March !!!!

smiling Thu 23-Feb-06 08:00:51

BB! Relax a vous! Of course we can arrange a meet before the onslaught of work (poor you)! How about next Friday afternoon people? Horniman's Cafe - 2.30pm? All welcome!

smiling Thu 23-Feb-06 20:43:27


pogface Fri 24-Feb-06 11:51:21

i have baby swimming on fridays at 3 so no can do im afraid - can do thursday tho if that suits everyone? i presume you meant next week, too rather than today?
p xx

redjulieb Tue 28-Feb-06 15:31:09


I'm in West Norwood and you guys seem to be my nearest meet-up. I work Mon - Wed and Thu at home (so could meet for a bit in West Norwood area). Or Fridays at the Hornimann some Fridays. Anyone planning on meeting up this week or next week?
I have a bb boy 20months.

smiling Tue 28-Feb-06 16:07:30

Ok - Thursdays are not good for me. How about as many people as poss try to meet next Friday - that's the 10th of March - at 2.30 at Hornimans? BB, Pogface, Non 25, Kitegirl etc (sorry if I've missed anyone out!) Belo, if you're watching, how's it going being back at work? Hope it's all going well!

smiling Tue 28-Feb-06 16:08:53

Ok - Thursdays are not good for me. How about as many people as poss try to meet next Friday - that's the 10th of March - at 2.30 at Hornimans? BB, Pogface, Non 25, Kitegirl etc (sorry if I've missed anyone out!) Belo, if you're watching, how's it going being back at work? Hope it's all going well!

kitegirl Tue 28-Feb-06 16:25:25

i would be able to make 10th at 2.30pm! and hornimans is just around the corner from my house so even better....

Non25 Tue 28-Feb-06 16:49:41

Hi everyone. Friday 10th is good for me and it'd be good to meet some new faces. My DD's two so doesn't sit down for long but I'll certainly stay for as long as she lets me!

redjulieb Wed 01-Mar-06 08:36:40

I'm being dozy - can't do 10th either. How about Fri 17th ? I bet you are that jolly bunch I've seen in the Horniman when me and D are struggling with our baked potato!

corblimeymadam Wed 01-Mar-06 17:48:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twirl Wed 01-Mar-06 21:16:14

Hi, I'm another one from the area with a 22 month old dd and another due this summer. Would love to meet up with other mumsnetters if I can join you?

smiling Wed 01-Mar-06 21:31:29

The more the merrier! So - are we meeting next Friday at 2.30? I'll be there and will wrap a pink scarf around DS's buggy so you'll know who I am - BB, Pogface, if you can make it then you'll already recognise me! Look forward to meeting you all.

corblimeymadam Thu 02-Mar-06 09:26:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

redjulieb Thu 02-Mar-06 11:58:21

Hiyya - seems most people are meeting on 10th. I can't do that date but I can do tomorrow, Friday 3rd?

Anyone up for that?

corblimeymadam Thu 02-Mar-06 12:58:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

redjulieb Thu 02-Mar-06 14:59:16

ok belgianbun - lets have a west norwood meet up tomorrow!
have you been to the salvation army play group (sounds scary but it's ok actually). I think it's at 10am near Tulse Hill. Or the library? Can't think of anywhere else can you?

corblimeymadam Thu 02-Mar-06 18:13:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smiling Thu 02-Mar-06 21:15:39

BB - what are you like?! I'm meeting whoever turns up next Friday - the 10th. Have fun tomorrow girls if you're meeting up in West Norwood / Dulwich. and I will be at Horniman's cafe next Friday at 2.30 - pink scarf tied round the buggy - which is a brown McClaren! Have fab weekends girls.

redjulieb Fri 03-Mar-06 08:33:24

I'm not gonna be able to make today - we've had an awful night and the only place were are going today is the doctor. Hope to meet up soon, I'll logon again soon. Keep well.

corblimeymadam Fri 03-Mar-06 08:42:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Belo Fri 03-Mar-06 12:23:04

Hi All, Lots of activity here. Yes, Smiling I'm back at work and I'm sort of enjoying it. Good to use my brain again! Am missing dd2 though who is growign so quickly.... Don't miss dd1 so much. She is hard work! If I get a Friday off in the near future I'll log on and see if there's any meet ups.
West Norwood Mums, there's a brilliant art class on a Saturday morning run by Surestart if you're in the area. My elder one loves it, and dd2 loves sitting in the baby area watching the bigger ones.

smiling Wed 08-Mar-06 12:33:08

Just checking to see if anyone is going to make it on Friday afternoon... I'm still up for it if you are

smiling Thu 09-Mar-06 15:00:06


Clements Thu 09-Mar-06 16:09:31

Hello mums,

I have just moved to the area (between Forest Hill and Honor Oak) and was wondering if you could help me with info on mum and tod groups or gatherings??

corblimeymadam Thu 09-Mar-06 17:11:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twirl Thu 09-Mar-06 19:14:46

Hello. I have got my scan tomorrow so sadly won't be there. Hopefully meet you all at the next meet up. x

smiling Thu 09-Mar-06 21:37:38

Hey girls, no worries - will leave it until next time! Welcome Clements - how old is / are your lo's? I mostly know about groups in Sydenham, but I do regularly go to 'Baby Bounce' at Lewisham library on Thursday mornings which is lots of fun for the bubs - it's at 11.15. Also, there is a story/song session at Forest Hill library on Tuesday mornings at 10am (I think) - havent' been to that one yet so can't tell you much about it. If you give Lewisham town hall a ring they should be able to send you a leaflet with a list of all the baby/toddler groups in teh area.

Twirl Fri 10-Mar-06 13:17:26

Hi Clements. Welcome to the area . Forest Hill Library run a baby and toddler session on Tues at 10 and Thurs at 2. Dulwich Library runs a baby and toddler session on Thursday at 10.30 and 1.30. There is a very good mum and toddler group at the Baptist Church on Perry Rise on a Tues and Thurs morning but there is a waiting list, phone the church to contact the woman who runs it. There are some more around Honor Oak but I'm afraid I don't personally know them. Like Smiling said, phone the council and they will send you the list. There are lots of music groups in the area too - The Tickle Shop, Monkey Music, Hickory Jig, Music for Little People, Caterpillar music, Sing and Sign - try googling them for class details. Also, you could try searching mumsnet as people are always chatting about activities and you might find some information on an old thread. Good luck!

Clements Sat 11-Mar-06 08:55:18

Thanks for all the info . My little boy is 12 months and the next one is due later in the year. I look forward to seeing some of you at these groups over the coming weeks.

corblimeymadam Fri 17-Mar-06 14:23:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smiling Sat 18-Mar-06 11:25:57

BB - be lovely to catch up. Will check diary and let you know when a good day for me is. At the mo it looks a bit chocca but will double check!

corblimeymadam Sun 26-Mar-06 14:12:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smiling Mon 27-Mar-06 10:22:06

BB - sorry I~'ve been so slack! Yes, lets arrange something - get this thing back on track! Bummer about you going back to work - but great for your bank balance!Why don't we try and put a date in the diary? Everyone?

redjulieb Mon 27-Mar-06 12:29:30

Hello, I'm up for it. Haven't made it to a meet up yet so it would be great to meet a few people. Would Friday 31st suit anyone? Haven't been to Dulwich Picture House (is it the Gallery), but willing to give it a go!

corblimeymadam Mon 27-Mar-06 13:21:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smiling Tue 28-Mar-06 09:47:58

How about next Tuesday afternoon? That's TUESDAY 4th OF APRIL say, 2.30 at Horniman's cafe? Come on people! Lets get this together before our kids graduate from university

corblimeymadam Wed 29-Mar-06 22:31:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smiling Mon 03-Apr-06 09:45:39

Ok BB, shall we try for this Friday?

corblimeymadam Mon 03-Apr-06 11:57:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smiling Mon 03-Apr-06 21:18:41

Ooh! Rather you than me! Fingers crossed she'll be fine. DS was a lot better after the second lot than when he had his first. Anyone else up for a meetup on Friday? 2.30 @ Horniman Cafe...

smiling Wed 05-Apr-06 09:10:43

BB! Not sure that I'm going to be able to make Friday - sorry - there is a possibility that I'll have to go into work for a 'discussion' about my return to the job - really don't want to be thinking about all that yet but what can you do? They can't confirm until this afternoon but wanted to warn you! May have to leave it until next week - are you around?

corblimeymadam Wed 05-Apr-06 10:18:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

corblimeymadam Wed 19-Apr-06 21:46:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smiling Thu 20-Apr-06 20:16:40

Well hello BB! Glad someone is still out there! Fancy trying to org a meet up next week sometime? how's it all going anyway? You back at work now?

corblimeymadam Thu 20-Apr-06 21:47:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pulga Thu 04-May-06 20:40:29

Hi there, I've got a 21 month old daughter, I'm now working now from Mon-Thurs in central London, got Fridays off, wld love to meet up with other mums.... wonder where you all meet and does it ever happen on Fridays?

corblimeymadam Sat 06-May-06 20:14:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

corblimeymadam Sat 06-May-06 20:14:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pulga Sat 13-May-06 09:35:34

sounds great -shame I missed it last Friday if you met, actually I'll be having a picnic next Friday at Dulwich Park with 2 other mums, let me know if you are around...will be nice to meet up

nessmc Sun 28-May-06 14:43:33

hello, we are planning to move at the end of july(to any landlords out there we're looking to rent a two bedroom garden flat-very good long term, house proud tenants, non smokers!), we're looking at areas like norwood, sydenham, dulwich and peckham. what are the best primary schools in these areas? i am jumping the gun as my girl is only six months but i guess i need as much background info as possible..many thanks, nessmc

Palacemama Thu 01-Jun-06 15:32:32

Just wanted to say hello! I am due my first baby on Saturday (June 3) though I doubt it's going to arrive - not a twinge! I would love to meet up with some other Mamas in a few weeks time. I live just off Thicket Rd, SE20 - right over the fence from Crystal Palace station!

corblimeymadam Fri 02-Jun-06 09:51:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Palacemama Fri 02-Jun-06 11:43:38

Well I'm up to about 3 stone, it's due tomorrow and not a sign!! I reckon a visit to Palace Spice in Crystal Palace might be in order!!

Am definitely up for meeting some mums and babes in a few weeks time - I will keep checking in!

smiling Mon 05-Jun-06 15:13:15

Hello everyone! I know, I know, it's been AGES!!! Well the sun has decided to come out now and so why don't we try and arrange another met-up? BB, Thurs afternoons are good for me or Friday pretty much anytime. Up for it anyone?

FloatingOnTheMed Mon 05-Jun-06 18:06:26

Hello can i join in, i live in crystal palace too, 1st time i've noticed this thread!

Meet ups bit touch & go for a while though because i'm starting potty training on wed. I have 1 dd who is 2.9.

do any of you go to the playgroup at the Phoenix Community Centre Tue & fri ams?

Non25 Tue 06-Jun-06 13:23:28

Hi Floating on the Med. I haven't logged on for ages but just spotted your mail. My DD's a month younger than yours and I'm planning to start potty training tomorrow (I keep putting it off!). I sometimes go to the phoenix on a Friday. I won't be there this week but I'll let you know next time so we can say hi.
Happy to join the next meet-up if one's been arranged.

corblimeymadam Tue 06-Jun-06 13:53:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FloatingOnTheMed Tue 06-Jun-06 15:36:05

Wow non25 - i wonder who you are!
I have talked to someone whose dd is a month younger i think! I generally don't talk to ppl much there, just the odd snippet. I won't be there either this Friday and the following week depends how potty training goes! not looking forward to it but i think i'm just stressing out unnecessarily about it!

FloatingOnTheMed Tue 06-Jun-06 16:33:09

Non25 - just scrolled down & saw that your dd's name is Eve. Really rings a bell but can't put a face to it!

smiling Wed 07-Jun-06 18:17:34

BB!! Yes - am def up for next Thursday. But DH's parents have our car at the moment (long story) so could we make it Horniman's Cafe - not sure I can face the walk to Dulwich (or trying to get on the bus!) DS is doing great - he's crawling around commando style at the moment and getting into everything!

Palacemama Sat 10-Jun-06 17:17:28

Hello again,

Just to let you all know, I had a baby boy on Thursday June 8th! Born at home in Crystal Palace, and I got my waterbirth! He weighed 8lb 13oz, I had no pain relief (other then TENS and water) - despite it taking 24 hours to get from 4cm to his birth! We have called him Jude - and I really look forward to meeting with some of the local mums/dads and babies very soon!

corblimeymadam Sat 10-Jun-06 19:48:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smiling Sun 11-Jun-06 20:58:55

Ditto to that Palacemama! Huge congrats! Look forward to meeting the LO at some point when all the newborn mayhem has calmed down a bit. So BB and others - does this mean that we are on for this Thursday at Hornimans?

corblimeymadam Sun 11-Jun-06 22:58:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Non25 Sun 11-Jun-06 23:00:05

Hi. If you meet-up at the Hornimans on Thursday let me know what time and I'll try and join you. Although mine will probably be a very brief stop as DD's not great at sitting down in cafes and I'll have to take her to the park afterwards.
And Floating: I don't recall chatting to someone at the Phoenix with a DD of a similar age, although I'm good with faces so will probably recognise you. Hope the potty training's going well. I'm still persuading my DD to give it a go!

shoobaloo Wed 14-Jun-06 16:12:14

3.30 on Thursday is cool. I won't be able to stay long as I have to babysit for a friend around 5 but would be great to see you!

corblimeymadam Wed 14-Jun-06 16:26:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smiling Wed 14-Jun-06 21:03:49

BB - sorry to hear about your LO - I'm sure she'll be fine. Not sure I'm going to be able to make it tomorrow as I've got a health visitor coming round to do DS's health check. She's said she'll be here at 2pm but if it's anything like the last time, I could still be waiting for her at midnight! If I don't get there, will DEF be there for the next one!

smiling Thu 15-Jun-06 15:20:14

Hi there, BB, sorry about today = it's 3.20pm - HV has only just left! Hope you had a good one and let me know when you are next around for us to try again!

corblimeymadam Thu 15-Jun-06 17:24:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pulga Thu 15-Jun-06 23:02:04

will try and join you on 23rd. big congratulations to the new mama! suddenly jealous of anyone who has a newborn -ohhh so sweet, mine is so big now, maybe I should get on the case and try for the second one.

Aussiemama Tue 20-Jun-06 19:10:11

Hello, just found this thread, have just moved to Crystal Palace and am due to have my first baby in mid-August. Just wanted to say hi!

smiling Wed 21-Jun-06 20:14:33

Are we meeting on Friday then? I'm up for meeting at Horniman's in the afternoon - say 2.30???

corblimeymadam Thu 22-Jun-06 08:53:41

I'll be there smiling - bet your ds has changed enormously since we last met! What happened to pogface?

Looking forward to meeting some new mums too!

smiling Thu 22-Jun-06 20:15:45

Yikes! BB - really sorry but won't be able to make it tomorrow - DS has got a photo shoot. It starts at 2.30 and could be over in a flash or could go on a bit. If we're out of there before 3.30 I'll drop by the cafe as the shoot is only in East Dulwich - obv will understand if you're not there! How about next week though? Are Friday's the only day you can do? REally want to catch up with you!

corblimeymadam Fri 23-Jun-06 08:06:58

Oh B**r!!!! I can do Tuesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday! Don't worry too much - am expecting a new bank card to arrive today and it would be sod's law that they would turn up while I was out! Hope ds enjoys his photo shoot! sounds very exciting! Take care and we will meet up soon!

Is anyone elso planning on coming? I will be there if others are coming but otherwise will leave it! Speak now girls??????

smiling Fri 23-Jun-06 19:05:14

Hi BB - next week Would be good. DS is up for a poss shoot next week but won't know until next week when it will be (typical - usually only get last minute notice). Also, this could be the last time I get to use the net for a few days as DELL are having to reboot my whole system (or summat like that) tonight as laptop is up the spout!!! I can't LIVE without the net!! So not sure as to what to do. DELL are ringing in about 5 mins so if you don't hear from me over the next few days it's not because I don't want to meet up next week - it's because I can't contact you! Will check in as soon as I can.

smiling Tue 27-Jun-06 14:35:28

BB - hi there, hope you're still speaking to me! This week is looking diff - DS has got castings tomorrow and on Thursday with a poss shoot on Friday - will know more by Thursday eve. AS you can see, I'm back on-line - hoorah!

corblimeymadam Thu 29-Jun-06 16:48:23

OMG smiling - quite clearly ds is a star already!!!! How exciting! Dd is perfecting rolling and raspberries... sitting on a good day!! This week manic for me anyway so lets try next week or the week after! Would be good to see you whenever!

corblimeymadam Tue 25-Jul-06 15:05:52

Anybody out there?

PumpkinPi Thu 27-Jul-06 13:41:06

I'm a new member - but I admit I've been lurking for a while now, so I hope you all don't mind me joining in. I live in Forest Hill - near the Horniman, and I desperately need new mums in the area for company!! I have an eight week old DD, and we are both getting cabin fever. Help!!

Twirl Tue 08-Aug-06 10:56:14

Hi Pumpkinpi, sounds like we are neighbours as I am in the same area. I have a 6 week old ds and 2 year old dd. If you fancy a coffee in the horniman let me know as I too am getting cabin fever !

corblimeymadam Tue 08-Aug-06 11:16:33

Hello pumpkinpi and twirl. I would love to meet up. I'm going away next week till end of the month but will be back first week of september!

milkmaid1510 Sun 13-Aug-06 23:01:41

hi there - i'm a new member and like twirl and pumpkinpi, i am getting cabin fever as well! i live by the horniman as well, so could meet up at a drop of a hat really! my ds is 8+ weeks.

Twirl Mon 14-Aug-06 22:59:29

Hi Milkmaid1510 and Pumpkinpi.
This is great , if there are the 3 of us living so close to each other with babies so close in age we should definitely get together. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are good for me as my toddler is at nursery so I can actually have conversations with people without running round after her!!! Shall we arrange a date?

milkmaid1510 Tue 15-Aug-06 09:02:51

then at the moment tuesdays are best for me out of your suggestions.

next tuesday then in the afternoon at 2pm? or we can meet at the forest hill library in the morning at 10am for the baby/toddler sing along and then have a chat after at the horniman?

anyone else out there in forest hill/dulwich area who would like to join us next tuesday 22nd aug for sing/song and/or meet at horniman cafe at 2pm?


Twirl Tue 15-Aug-06 15:51:46

Sorry milkmaid, tues 22nd is the only one I can't make. I can do wed 23rd or tues 29th or wed 30th if any of these are any good....
I can't believe you are already in the swing of baby activities... I don't think I made it to a library session for about 4 months with my first. Think I was still in shock!!!

milkmaid1510 Tue 15-Aug-06 15:56:14

sure - any dates are honestly ok for me! i meet up with some other mothers from the gp at the horniman on wednesdays in the early afternoon, so hard on wednesdays unless before 1.30pm.

let me know - i'm ok with any.

emismum Tue 15-Aug-06 16:04:32

Hi Twirl, Pumpkinpi, Milkmaid etc... I'm a new member, based in Beckenham with a 10 month old. would love to meet up as this summer cabin fever is getting too much for both of us. When's your next meet? Susie M.

emismum Wed 16-Aug-06 08:26:05

To: T,P & M. Girls, I've just re-read your past messages and now realise that your babies are much younger than mine, so if you're not keen to meet no worries, we won't be offended. Susie.

milkmaid1510 Wed 16-Aug-06 11:23:05

shall we try and meet at the sing along at the forest hill library on the 29th aug at 10am? then for others who can't make it we can meet them at the horniman cafe at 11.30am, after the sing along? how does that sound?

emismum and others - feel free to join us!

emismum Wed 16-Aug-06 11:46:28

Milkmaid, the singalong on 29 Aug sounds great, we'll be there. What do you look like, i.e. how will we recognize you ? Susie M and little Emily.

milkmaid1510 Wed 16-Aug-06 16:43:06

i'm easy to recognise - i'm the little filippino lady with short black hair and the black mountain buggy urban! =) so if you are ever in the forest hill area and the horniman that's me!

emismum Wed 16-Aug-06 17:25:17

OK Milkmaid, we should recognize you. I'm blond, short and usually wearing pink. DD is very very very blond and usually travels about in a very pink flowery stroller (on sunny days) which we call the pink peril ! See you on 29th. Suz.

milkmaid1510 Wed 16-Aug-06 20:19:03

am also happy to try meet up next week tues if anyone is available?

emismum Wed 16-Aug-06 22:10:26

Milkmaid, would like to but the car is going in for a service so will not be mobile for Tuesday and Wednesday. Sorry.

milkmaid1510 Sat 19-Aug-06 13:47:43


Twirl Sat 19-Aug-06 19:00:29

I'll be at the cafe on 29th, but probably won't make it to the library.

PumpkinPi Mon 21-Aug-06 17:06:38

Hello everyone...How rude of me to suggest meeting up - then forgetting to keep an eye on the action . Well it doesn't look like I've missed anything yet, so I'll keep the 29th free for the singalong and coffee. I haven't lived in the area very long, so could someone tell me where the library is?

milkmaid1510 Mon 21-Aug-06 17:30:22

hi pumpkinpi -

the library is on Dartmouth Road...

coming down the hill on London Road (as i assume you are coming from that direction if you live close to the horniman museum,)turn right at Barclays bank.

stay on that side of the road and keep walking until you see no more shops - the last one is the organic food store Provender. keep walking about 30 yards or so - you will pass the closed down swimming pools. the library is just beyond there on the corner of Dartmouth Road and Thorpewood Ave.

to get into the children's section with your pram/stroller, turn the corner and go through the back entrance - ring the bell. =)

i'll be there tomorrow 22nd aug if anyone can make it. otherwise, see you all next week! melinda

PumpkinPi Mon 21-Aug-06 19:05:14

Thanks Milkmaid. I know where the swimming pool is, so I'll able to find it. I'll try to pop along tomorrow.hopefully see you then.

milkmaid1510 Thu 24-Aug-06 18:30:22

bump - just in case there are others out there...

emismum Sun 27-Aug-06 08:36:55

Hi all. Still hoping to make the singalong on 29th, but may have to settle for just coffee at Horniman, as my dd's breakfast time is getting later and later and we're coming from Beckenham. Suz.

Twirl Mon 28-Aug-06 21:36:45

Are we still on for tomorrow? I will be at the Horniman cafe at 11.30 but won't make it to the library.

DelphRB Wed 06-Sep-06 22:49:22

Hi - Any mums who have children in Goodrich School interested in sharing pick ups @ 3:30pm ? Any nanny share or childminders suggestion ? Any ideas welcome... Thanks - Delphine

DelphRB Wed 06-Sep-06 22:51:16

Hi - Any mums who have children in Goodrich School interested in sharing pick ups @ 3:30pm ? Any nanny share or childminders suggestion ? Any ideas welcome... Thanks - Delphine (delphine_remy-boutang@uk.ibm.com)

6hrslabour Tue 26-Sep-06 18:04:43


Twirl Tue 26-Sep-06 22:12:57

Hi 6hourslabour. There are parent/baby/toddler sessions at Dulwich library on a Thursday morning and afternoon; an NCT bumps and babes coffee morning on a Friday 9.30 at St Faiths Church, Red Post Hill; and if you get in touch with the NCT they will put you in touch with a 'tea group' of other mums and babies of a similar age. Hope this helps! I have metup with Milkmaid and Pumpkinpie from this thread so perhaps we can have coffee again soon and you can join us? We all have 3/4 month olds too.

booboobunny Wed 27-Sep-06 18:39:22

i am in beckenham with a 3 month old bundle of joy. i am feeling a bit abandoned after the initial post-birth rush of friends. any chance i could butt in on your little party??

emismum Fri 29-Sep-06 21:42:20

Hi Booboobunny, there's a very good NCT mums, babies and toddlers group on Mondays, 10am to 11.30am at the methodist church hall on Bevington road (no religious connections). No need to be an NCT member to come along, I'm not and we've been going every week for the past few months (excluding the summer closure). Its very well structured with a lovely and friendly soft play corner for the 0-6 months old babies. Entry is £1.00 until they are 1 yr old then it goes up to £1.30 !! See you there maybe.

emismum Fri 29-Sep-06 21:48:31

Milkmaid, I must appologise for not turning up after all the chat in August. My car has let us down big time and we have been stranded in Beckenham since mid August while it goes back and forth to the garage. I still live in hope that the problem will soon be sorted and we will be mobile again.

6hrslabour Sun 01-Oct-06 17:27:07

does anyone know any in Dulwich area? mum baby groups??

hannah1984uk Thu 05-Oct-06 15:01:24


Is there anyone here in the Catford area? I moved to Catford just before I had my 17 week old so don't know anyone around here. I don't drive so not that easy for me to get around but would be great to meet up with people. Does anyne know of any mum/baby groups?


RTKangaMummy Thu 05-Oct-06 15:16:25

Does anyone know Gordonbrock School????????

motherinferior Thu 05-Oct-06 15:21:10

Yes I am from Catford and yes I know Gordonbrock.

RTKangaMummy Thu 05-Oct-06 15:39:57

Is it a good school???

Where do boys tend to go on to from there?

Which senior school?

hannah1984uk Thu 05-Oct-06 18:27:01

Hi motherinferior. Thanx for your message. Do you know any mother and baby groups in the area? Or other places to meet mums?

hannah1984uk Thu 05-Oct-06 18:27:02

Hi motherinferior. Thanx for your message. Do you know any mother and baby groups in the area? Or other places to meet mums?

motherinferior Fri 06-Oct-06 16:41:52

Don't know all that much about it, Kangamummy: I assume boys go on to the same as the other Lewisham boys' options like Forest Hill Boys, which is a pretty good school by all accounts.

I'm sorry but I don't know much about baby groups in the area. There are a few, I know: try the church on Perry Hill?

kukimom Tue 05-Feb-13 17:48:43

Hi there I have 10mth old baby & am looking for advise/tips for baby groups in the area? live in sydenham. also, if any mommies & babies with similar age groups are interested to meet up would love that too smile

kukimom Thu 07-Feb-13 10:32:10

hey mommies out there! pls help! need advise for babygroups/activities for 10month + baby! also, if any mommies & babies would like to meet up for juice/coffee smile live on LPG, sydenham, thanks smile x

Erin2010 Sat 09-Feb-13 16:59:17

Hello I am 33 and have a 3 month old little boy. First baby and loving being a mummy but worked full time in fashion and arts for years so finding the change in lifestyle a bit bewildering. Really keen to meet new mums in CP. There doesn't seem to be much out around the triangle for new mums (unless I'm missing a trick) so if you are keen to get together message me.

kukimom Mon 11-Feb-13 14:58:31

hey Erin2010
i have a 10+ month old
would love to catch up over..we r in sydenham,

any other mums interested atall?

Amber007 Tue 12-Feb-13 00:38:48

Hi mums, I am living in Sydenham too, I've got 2 boys, 4 years old and 8 months. I would be happy to meet up!!!!

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