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Has your beauty been criticised? Your shape? Hair? Fashion sense or style?

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ChloeBarcroft Tue 29-Mar-16 11:22:44

Hi there!

I'm working on a big international beauty campaign and am on the hunt for women who've been criticised for their expression of beauty, or for their natural beauty, to take part - age range 20 - 60. This is a positive campaign though so they should love their own look!

I'm looking for women in London, Montreal, New York and Berlin.

Here are the sort of areas I'm covering:
- Women criticised for having tattoos / piercings
- Women criticised for having an 'alternative' dress sense (vintage / retro / gothic etc.)
- Women criticised for their makeup or hair style, including women who have gone grey naturally and women with natural afros
- Women criticised for their body shape (big boobs, no boobs, skinny, plus sized, hourglass, tall, short).

If you're interested please send me an email telling me how you've been criticised and how you reacted to it to chloe.browne@barcroftmedia.com


Chloe Browne

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