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Re: CASTING - Parents to be Brand Ambassadors

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TACasting Sat 26-Mar-16 09:21:31

Dear mumsnet users,

I want to share with you great brief I'm working on, sourcing male and female Brand Ambassadors for an international car manufacturer. It will be a fantastic job for the chosen people - loads of fun and great rewards.

Looking for individual parents from all over Europe to front a new campaign (for a well loved global brand) who challenge the conventions of being 'active with the family'...

Mums or dads with impressive careers, accomplished businesses or interesting vocations who have exciting interests and pursuits that can be communicated via the campaign.

They could be into a whole range of activities - sporting, creative or cerebral, but importantly the chosen people will be engaging and intelligent with a compelling story to tell.

Although not 'celebrities', we are looking for successful people who are well respected in their field of work, however niche.

I'm keen to receive a diverse range of candidates from across Europe, so it would be great if you could share this brief far and wide or even suggest people you think fit the bill!

Full details can be found here - tacasting.tumblr.com/

Many thanks.


Thomas Adams

noeuf Sat 26-Mar-16 14:42:23

There is no way I would buy a car because someone an ad campaign thought should be my role model fronted it. Get a few mummy bloggers in - sounds like the fan base you are aiming for.

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