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Home education

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viclamp Wed 16-Mar-16 18:53:20

Hello everyone.
I'm a reporter with ITV News Anglia and I have a friend who's decided to home school her daughter. I am also waiting to find out if my little boy has got into our local primary school.

It got me thinking about doing a report on home education and the reasons why people decide to do it. I have also got figures that show there's been an increase in the number of children who are being educated at home.

I am trying to find a family in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Suffolk or Norfolk who would be willing to share their experiences of home schooling and talk on camera about their reasons for doing it.

It's not as scary as it sounds. It would be me and a cameraman who would come and see you. We would have a little chat on camera about the benefits of home schooling and film you and your child/children. It's pre-recorded so any mistakes can be edited out!

If any of you think you'd like to take part then please get in touch.

My email address is victoria.lampard@itv.com

Many thanks for your time.


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