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Fee paid for ANON interview: Did IVF end your relationship?

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Mum29 Tue 15-Mar-16 12:03:20

Hi All,
I’m writing a feature on the realities of IVF for YOU magazine, as we’re campaigning for IVF to become safer and more affordable. I am keen to speak to anyone based in the UK whose relationship ended during or after IVF, due to the strain of going through treatment. Can be completely ANONYMOUS - no names or photos. It needs to be someone who went on to have a child afterwards. For instance:
-you then got pregnant using a sperm donor or known donor
-you got pregnant with a new partner
-you adopted a child
-you became a step-mum
Please do get in touch if you’ve had any of the experiences above and are happy to help with the feature. I’d need to speak to you briefly over the phone. If your story is published I can pay you £50 as a small thank you for your time. Please contact me asap on emmaelms@fastmail.fm if you’d like to find out more. Feel free to circulate this request.
Many thanks! Emma
Freelance writer and editor

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