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Split/ Divorced Mums - BBC London want to hear from you about introducing new partners to children

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Gr1ffe01 Mon 14-Mar-16 14:45:10

We're doing our phone-in today on how difficult it is to move on to a new relationship after splitting from your children's Dad.

We're specifically looking for London Mums to speak to us.

We're talking about bringing your new partner to meet your children and how and when you decide to do that

We're also talking about it from the other side, ie. how difficult it is when your ex has met someone else and how you felt about that, how difficult it is seeing this new person spending time with your kids.

If either of these sound like you please get in touch for this evning's programme.

It would only be a few minutes on the phone speaking about your experiences

BBC Radio London would love to hear from you and speak to you. Please call or text producer Elsa on 07872 413 195 or email elsa.griffiths@bbc.co.uk

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