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drayabb Tue 08-Mar-16 16:21:52

Are you unhappy with your body and has it affected your self-esteem?

Have you found it difficult to adjust to a 'post baby' body and are struggling to get the weight off?

Is it affecting your relationship?

If you can relate to any of the above, we would love to hear from you.

The Garden Productions, makers of 24 hours in A&E, Inside Claridge's and The Midwives are making a 2nd documentary series with Anne Robinson for BBC 1, looking at Britain's views on body image in the modern age.

We are looking for people who are open and willing to discuss their personal views on body image.

If you would like to find out more, please contact on Andrea on 0207 261 1252 or email image@thegardenproductions.tv

Thank you!

LineyReborn Fri 11-Mar-16 13:30:08

You've already posted this.

How is it not exploitative?

phequer Fri 11-Mar-16 13:33:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tiggeryoubastard Fri 11-Mar-16 13:39:46

Waiting for that Haiku......

EmpressOfTheVulvaCupcakes Fri 11-Mar-16 13:47:33

I've done a double haiku on their other version of this thread.

LineyReborn Fri 11-Mar-16 13:48:38

I hate my body
And the red-haired lady winks
at me. It is strange.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Fri 11-Mar-16 13:51:39

No but if you do a show about bodies that are ok and do a good job of sustaining consciousness, imagination and thought I'll be there!

Vixxfacee Fri 11-Mar-16 13:53:04

How much would I be paid to expose my body to the nation?

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Fri 11-Mar-16 13:53:42

Hate your body? No?
Why not? Here are all the things
wrong with it. Let's look.

HoppingForward Fri 11-Mar-16 13:54:16


OnlyTheStones Fri 11-Mar-16 13:56:25

doesn't sell. This show wants us
to hate our bodies.

OnlyTheStones Fri 11-Mar-16 13:57:31

grin MovingOnUp

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Fri 11-Mar-16 13:59:06

Funny how it's with Anne Robinson. She's had a shed load of plastic surgery hasn't she?

magratsflyawayhair Fri 11-Mar-16 14:17:23

Do you want to tell me what a 'perfect' body looks like so I know if I should be worried about mine? I'm not right now but maybe I should be hugely concerned?

Gingermum Tue 22-Mar-16 19:27:04

Milktwosugars re Anne Robinson, she's had two facelifts and a fair few syringes of Botox.

Why can't she present the programme? What a load of nasty, hypocritical bollox.

mmmmmmmmmmcake Tue 22-Mar-16 19:32:19

<marks place for hilarious replies>

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