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Women In The Women's Institute

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Eimear1981 Tue 08-Mar-16 15:43:24

For a positive article, in a weekly magazine, on the continued popularity of the WI, I am looking for women aged 18-40 who joined it in the last five years (approx) for a particularly emotional reason.
For example, in memory of a member (eg their mum/best friend/sister) who had passed away, to help them overcome a personal tragedy or loss, to help them as they recovered from an illness/mental health problem/addiction...open to all emotional reasons for joining up.
For a short phone interview and photos.
All case studies will get a full readback of their interview before it goes to press.
If you can help with this request, or would like some more info, please contact me on eimearohaganfreelance@gmail.com

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