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Problems in the house, need fixing but haven't got around it.

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daniLondon Sat 05-Mar-16 12:33:35

Prescription Agency and Channel 4 are looking for families to be part of a feature on primetime TV.

Dou you have a problem in your home that needs fixing, but you just haven't got around to it?

Would this small home improvement make a big difference to your daily life? Then we want to hear from you.

Prescription Agency together with Channel 4 wants to help you. Be it finally putting up that blind, wallpapering the lounge or getting some new garden furniture so you can now enjoy that family BBQ. No matter what it is, we want to know. Please get in touch for more info:

fixit@prescriptionagency.com 0207042 7719

Hennifer Sat 05-Mar-16 12:44:24

You have to contact MNHQ to advertise like this and there is a fee

FruStefanOla Mon 07-Mar-16 18:09:17

It's a 'Media Request' though, Hennifer. I think that's allowed.

Not that I'm interested - even though I think we need to 'fix' loads of stuff at home!

Hennifer Tue 08-Mar-16 07:34:16

It was initially posted in Property and DIY and looks like it's been moved smile

Hennifer Tue 08-Mar-16 07:35:08

Thanks for making me look stupid though MNHQ grin

FruStefanOla Tue 08-Mar-16 07:51:33

Ah. Apologies to you then Henn!

MNHQ usually posts on the thread saying "we're moving this to X topic" - odd that they didn't this time.

Hennifer Tue 08-Mar-16 07:58:34

No worries! It made me do a double take smile I reported it under the spam heading so that they didn't have to reply to me (I hate social interaction with important people!) and so I can't be sure I didn't stupidly report a thread already in MR however I think I remember this one quite clearly.

Not that I have too much time on my hands or anything grin

I think they didn't post on the thread as it's not a personal thread.

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 08-Mar-16 11:51:50

Sorry Hennifer! We did move the thread, Henn isn't just winding everyone up grin

Hennifer Tue 08-Mar-16 12:01:36

Thank you Becca, that's brill smile

<passes tenner under desk>

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