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Emetophobia - calling for case studies for a broadsheet

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genius6691 Fri 19-Feb-16 15:30:36

Hello, I’ve been commissioned to write a feature for a broadsheet on emetophobia and am looking for some case histories to talk to. Being a moderate emetophobe myself, I promise to deal with this sensitively if you, or any one you know, is happy to be interviewed about your fear of v* (I will also be getting expert comment about this debilitating condition). The case history must be a woman, ideally in her 40s, but age flexible. You can suffer a lot or a little - I am trying to get a spread. You/they must be wiling to be photographed (a home-based photo shoot would be set up). I am afraid my editor hasn't mentioned a case study fee, but I am happy to broach it you will only do it paid. Please email me at angela@angeladowden.co.uk with a head shot if you can help. Thank you very much.

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