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Request for mums to discuss extreme boundaries they will push to secure good school place!

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traceykim Mon 15-Feb-16 18:10:10

I am a Leicestershire-based freelance journalist commissioned by Trinity Mirror to research an article into how “parents cheat at school” and would appreciate your help please!
The Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph have published recent stories about the extraordinary lengths some parents go to – bending the rules and even breaking the law – to secure a place in a good school for their children.
I understand the number of investigations into suspicious school applications has risen dramatically.
I am looking for new and interesting case studies.
If there are any Mumsnetters out there who would be happy to talk about their experience, preferably on the record, and to highlight the growing school places problem, it would be very helpful.
You can email me: traceykandohla@btinternet.com & I am happy to call you to discuss further. This is for an article to hopefully run in a new-to-be launched Trinity Mirror daily paper in April to coincide with national school place allocation date. Need case studies within next two weeks please!
Many thanks
Tracey Kandohla

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