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Thoughts about growing up with ADHD; children, teens & parents.

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tpmedia Thu 11-Feb-16 18:50:17

Hi everyone,

I work for a small production company called TP Media up in Manchester. I'm currently working with a leading charity on a campaign to raise awareness of ADHD, reduce the stigma attached to the condition and try to educate people what living with ADHD is really all about.

We're looking for families with one or more children or teens who have ADHD who would be willing to take part in a short film, telling us what it's been like for them living with / growing up with the condition.

You're under no obligation to take part by getting in touch, but if you'd like to have a chat and see whether this is something you feel you could get involved in, you can contact me on office@tpmediaarts.co.uk or 07762846191.

The welfare and wellbeing of all the families who take part in this project will come first at all times.

Best regards,

Mat Sims

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