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Seeking women who've been judged on their appearance!

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ChloeBarcroft Mon 08-Feb-16 11:09:57

Good morning ladies! I am on the hunt for women who have been judged on their appearance for an advertising campaign.

The idea is that women are judged on appearance far more than men. From being criticised on their weight, to having boobs that are too big or too small, being told to dye their natural grey hair, told they dress too provocatively or look too attractive - it never ends!

I specifically need women with anecdotes of how they have been judged with a positive story about how they have reacted or fought back against it. I have some wonderful women already 'in the mix' but am on the lookout for more. I am also short on older ladies - for instance women who are proud of their grey hair, or having longer hair at an older age, despite being told they shouldn't, or women who have embraced their wrinkles.

But really, any sort of judgment (freckles, being too pale, too thin, too old to wear a bikini etc. etc.) could fit the brief.

Please let anyone who's interested know to email me at chloe.browne@barcroftmedia.com ASAP.

Thanks ladies and have a great Monday!

Chloe x

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