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Are you 30+ & selfie obsessed? Or know someone who is? BBC4 & Reef TV want to hear from you npb@reeftv.com

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NoBodysPerfect1 Mon 01-Feb-16 15:42:30

Reef Television are looking for contributors to participate in a BBC FOUR documentary exploring identity fronted by Alison Lapper, and artist with a disability and internationally renowned photographer, Rankin.

Both presenters will explore the relationship between image and identity and what we mean when talking about beauty.

In a world where we all take selfies, we are looking for people who take more than most of us and those who might even think it’s beginning to become a bit of a problem!

If you are interested in potentially being part of this film, or know someone who might and would like to find out more, please contact Cat at NBP@reeftv.com

The well-being of those who agree to take part will be treated as paramount.

TannhauserGate Mon 01-Feb-16 15:48:38

In a world where we all take selfies?
No, we don't!

LaPharisienne Mon 01-Feb-16 16:55:50


Don't you mean BBC3?

EmpressOfTheVulvaCupcakes Tue 02-Feb-16 18:46:21

Why have you posted two messages with different titles?

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