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Mail On Sunday: Looking for mother who spends £10k or more on private tutor

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MEDIA: amyoliver1234 Wed 28-May-14 13:33:49


I'm looking to interview a mother who spends £10k or more on a private tutor for her daughter with a view to getting her into a good prep/senior school.

We're ideally after a British mother but would consider an international family living in Britain.
Unfortunately we're only looking for a daughter in this case, but if we really can’t find one and you have a son and are willing to do the piece then of course, we will consider it.

Ideally your child will currently be in a tutoring regime. That said, if this all happened to you a couple of years ago we would certainly consider your story too.

Again, the ideal scenario is of a mother who is spending £10k or more on the tutor over a year or two-year period. However, if the amount is slightly under then we'd be happy to consider it.

We'd also like the mother and ideally her daughter to be on the record and to pose for pictures.
I would be happy to discuss a fee for your family's time.

This subject is one that triggers much debate - especially here on Mumsnet - but we’re of the mind that parents should be allowed to spend as much as they like on their child without being criticised if they wish. A child's education is often a matter of pride rather than a taboo in other countries so why not in Britain?

We are looking to run the piece in this Sunday’s paper so would need to conduct the interview on Thursday or Friday at the latest.

Please drop me an email if you are interested or know someone who might be interested.


Amy Oliver

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