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MEDIA: Freckler Tue 27-May-14 21:18:46

Hello MNers!

I am a journalist currently looking for case studies for a feature on gentrification in London.

The piece will focus on stories from people who have been forced to move away from the place they consider “home” because of rising prices/gentrification.

I am looking to speak to anyone who has lived in Zones 1 or 2 in London and has now been forced to move out to Zones 4/5/6. The move would have ideally taken place in the last three years or so.

I would really love to chat to you if you feel you have been affected in any way by this issue.

In particular I would like to speak to:

1.People who have been forced to move out of council or housing association properties in inner London and have been rehomed in outer London

2.Families who have been forced to move away from inner London to afford to buy in outer London. Have you left support networks behind? Do you miss your old area? Do you now have to travel miles to get to work or get the children to school?

3.Families renting who have been forced to move out because of rising rents.

This feature will form part of my journalism MA but I have previously had things published in the national press and aim to do that with this once I have some good case studies on board. I'm afraid I can't offer payment for your time, but I would certainly buy you a coffee!

If you are prepared to share your story with me please drop me a message at or post below and I will DM you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Freckler Wed 28-May-14 10:27:34

Friendly bump for today!

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