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All Under One Roof - Would you live with your extended family?

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MEDIA: Plimsoll Productions Mon 19-May-14 15:26:20

Have you ever dreamt of…

Living in a mansion, with paddocks and a swimming pool?

A greener, more affordable way of life?

A live in baby sitter?

With Grandparents, Parents and Siblings selling up and moving in together, multi-generational living is becoming the modern and affordable way of life.

Are you part of a multi-generational family who have considered living together but are yet to give it a go?

Would you like the chance to live in the house of your dreams with your extended family?

Plimsoll Productions are looking for a family of 3 generations or more to take part in a brand new television series. A Multi-generational family will be given the chance to live in a house of their dreams and make it a reality, showing just what can be achieved when resources are put together and families live - All under one roof.

For more information and your chance to take part please contact:

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